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You know how you receive those quizzes through your Facebook feed, and you secretly do them but never share the results to the general public? Or when you do an aptitude test, and you are pleasantly surprised by the results, but you lie to everyone around you that you were meant to be a rocket scientist who’ll discover some ground-breaking vaccine for all the diseases and cancers in the world? Yeah, OK, so the last part is pure exaggeration.

I used to be very uncomfortable with who I was and what my interests were, but like some revered sage once said, “You get older, and you care less about what people think.” I can confidently say that I am very comfortable with who I am now. Given, I still bore my friends with my passion for stationery (paper teeth, ghosting and bleeding are all foreign terms to those outside of stationery land), crafting (nothing like cabling, half-double crochet, and folios for book binding), and general love of what I do for a living. Lucky, my friends are very forgiving, and I am a wealth of useless knowledge until trivia night :)

This blog will be full of random ephemera celebrating my third decade in this world. Relax, browse, comment, email, post, yell at the computer/laptop screen, cry uncontrollably (I promise this won’t happen without fair warning, or just cry at my horrific prose), whatever makes you comfortable when you read my minuscule piece of the interweb.

Happy readings :)

7 thoughts on “who me?

  1. Hi !

    Your new website is beautiful !
    I look forward to seeing new items!

    And… I really love your handwriting !
    I watch regularly your Instagram’s account ;-)

    Have a nice day


  2. You’ve inspired me! I’m relatively new to BUJO but I’m in love with the process and getting so excited to see what’s happening in the BUJO community. What you said about being authentically you resonates with me. I’m done with apologizing for having “weird” interests, like stationery and calendars. I like what I like. Keep on inspiring us!

    1. Hi Katherine! Thank you for getting in touch and apologies it’s taken me awhile to get back to you. Yes, there will be a subscription option soon =)

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