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What is the pain under the breast bone

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Causes of Sternal Pain –

  • Sternum pain is usually caused by problems with the muscles and bones near the sternum and not the sternum itself.
  • Pain felt just behind or below the sternum is called substernal pain and is sometimes caused by gastrointestinal problems,
  • Some of the most common causes of sternum and substernal pain are:
  • For more detail on specific causes, see lists below.
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Can the liver cause pain just under the right ribcage

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Is cirrhosis painful? – Yes, cirrhosis can be painful, especially as the disease worsens. Pain is reported by up to 82% of people who have cirrhosis and more than half of these individuals say their pain is long-lasting (chronic). Most people with liver disease report abdominal pain,

Pain in your liver itself can feel like a dull throbbing pain or a stabbing sensation in your right upper abdomen just under your ribs. General abdominal pain and discomfort can also be related to swelling from fluid retention and enlargement of your spleen and liver caused by cirrhosis. Pain can come both from the diseases that lead to cirrhosis and/or cirrhosis can make the pain from existing diseases worse.

For instance, if you have non-alcohol related fatty liver disease and have obesity, you may also have osteoarthritis and cirrhosis makes your bone and joint pain worse. Cirrhosis also causes an inflammatory state in your entire body. Inflammation and your body’s reaction to inflammation can cause general pain.

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What organ is behind the right ribs

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We do the research so you can find trusted products for your health and wellness. The right upper quadrant of the ribs covers the pancreas, right kidney, gallbladder, liver, and intestines. Pain under the ribs in this area can indicate a health problem affecting one of these organs. Gastrointestinal problems, such as indigestion, can cause RUQ pain. RUQ pain can result from gastrointestinal issues, such as indigestion or gastroesophageal reflux disease ( GERD ). Symptoms of GERD can include:

frequent heartburn chest painnauseavomitinga sore or burning sensation in the throat

Maintaining a healthful lifestyle, avoiding trigger foods, and taking antacid medications can often help with managing GERD. Antacid medications are available for purchase online. An infection in the right kidney can cause pain in the RUQ. Other symptoms of a kidney infection can include:

pain in the groin and back fever and chillsa frequent need to urinatepain when urinatingblood in the urinedark or cloudy urine that may smell foulnauseavomiting

Bacteria or a virus may be responsible for this infection, and it can spread from the bladder. Anyone who suspects that they have a kidney infection should see a doctor right away. They may receive a prescription for antibiotics, If the infection is severe, a person may need to stay in the hospital to receive intravenous fluids and, possibly, further treatment.

blood in the urine, which may appear red, pink, or brownfever and chillspainful urinationa frequent need to urinatelow levels of urinean inability to urinate

If a person suspects that pain results from kidney stones, or if they have other symptoms of the condition, they should see a doctor right away. Treatment may involve removing the stone or breaking it into pieces that the body can pass easily. The gallbladder sits in the RUQ underneath the liver.

sharp pain in the RUQ that lasts for hoursfever and chillsbrown urinelight-colored stoolsyellowing of the skin and eyesnauseavomiting

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If a person experiences any of these symptoms, they should see a doctor right away. If left untreated, gallstones can block the bile ducts and cause complications. One treatment for gallstones involves removing the gallbladder, which is not an essential organ.

fever and chillsunintentional weight lossnausea and vomitingyellow skingrey stools

Treatment typically involves a procedure to drain the pus. If the infection is bacterial, antibiotics can often help fight off the infection. Pain in the RUQ can stem from other liver conditions, such as cirrhosis, fatty liver, and liver cancer, Symptoms to look out for include:

a sensation of fullness in the RUQ under the ribsa loss of appetite or feeling full quickly after eatingunintentional weight lossa swollen abdomenyellowing of the skin and eyes fatigue itchingblood vessels showing on the abdomenpain in the abdomen and right shoulder

If a person notices any of these symptoms, they should see a doctor. Preeclampsia is a complication that develops in 5–8% of pregnancies. It tends to arise anytime between 20 weeks of gestation and 6 weeks after delivery. Preeclampsia results from a sudden rise in blood pressure, and it causes swelling, mostly in the face, hands, and feet. Other symptoms can include:

pain in the RUQ that may spread to the shoulder and lower back headache weight gain of over 3–5 pounds in 1 weekchanges in visionshortness of breathnausea and vomiting

A doctor needs to monitor blood pressure with regular prenatal checkups. High blood pressure can indicate preeclampsia, even when no other symptoms are present. A woman with any symptom of preeclampsia should receive immediate medical attention because the condition can become serious if it remains untreated.

steady or sharp pain in the upper abdomenbloatingnauseavomitinga loss of appetite

If a person has symptoms of pancreatitis, they should see a doctor right away because the condition can be severe. Mild pancreatitis may go away within a few weeks. However, if pancreatitis becomes severe, a person may require medication and intravenous fluids in the hospital.

shingles a hernia bruising of the ribsinflamed cartilage of the ribs, known as costochondritis

Share on Pinterest A person should see a doctor if they experience unexplained weight loss, black stools, or yellowing of the skin or eyes. People with mild or reoccurring RUQ pain should see a doctor and discuss any other symptoms. If a person experiences any of the following symptoms, they should see a doctor right away:

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unexplained weight lossyellowing of the skin or eyesswelling of the abdomenblack stoolsblood in the stools or urinesevere pain in the right sidecoughing or vomiting bloodcoughing up a substance that looks like coffee grounds

Also, seek immediate medical attention for any symptoms of preeclampsia or a kidney infection. These conditions can be dangerous if a person does not receive treatment. Pain under the ribs in the RUQ can result from various conditions that affect the organs or surrounding tissues in that area of the abdomen.

What is area below breast called?

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Inframammary fold
Cross section of the breast of an adult, female human
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Anatomical terminology

In human anatomy, the inframammary fold (IMF), inframammary crease or inframammary line is the natural lower boundary of the breast, the place where the breast and the chest meet. The choice of the term depends on the prominence of the feature. It is also sometimes called the inframammary ligament,

  1. From the cosmetological point of view, it is an important aesthetic component of the breast which should be taken into consideration during various kinds of breast surgery,
  2. Histologically, the inframammary fold is an intrinsic dermal structure consisting of regular arrays of collagen held in place by a specialized superficial fascia system.

The fold is formed by the fusion of the superficial and mammary fasciae,

What does pain in right breast area mean?

Pain – breast; Mastalgia; Mastodynia; Breast tenderness Breast pain is any discomfort or pain in the breast. The female breast is either of two mammary glands (organs of milk secretion) on the chest. Breast pain can be due to many possible causes. Most likely breast pain is from hormonal fluctuations from menstruation, pregnancy, puberty, menopause, and breastfeeding. Breast pain can also be associated with fibrocystic breast disease, but it is a very unusual symptom of breast cancer.

Should I be worried if my right breast hurts?

When to See a Doctor for Breast Pain – Although most cases of breast pain are minor problems, it’s important to talk to your doctor about your concerns. “If you have persistent breast pain, you should be evaluated,” says Wright. “And anyone who has a lump — painful or not — should see their doctor for an exam to make sure there isn’t a problem.”