Asked By: Bruce Garcia Date: created: Jan 24 2024

Who is Mike Lee of Hope Community Church

Answered By: Gavin Harris Date: created: Jan 24 2024
  • I am the Lead/Teaching Pastor as well as the Founder.
  • Hope Community Church was established by Mike Lee, who also serves as the church’s senior pastor.
  • Over the course of more than 35 years, he has provided lively, up-to-date, and intelligent instruction on the Bible.
  • His hope is that people all throughout the globe, including those in the Triangle area, would come to know and love Jesus, and that the Word of God will rejuvenate their minds.
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Who is the pastor of Hope Community Church

Answered By: Donald Rogers Date: created: Mar 13 2024
  • Lee established the non-denominational Hope Community Church in Raleigh in 1994.
  • Since then, he has expanded the church’s reach to the point that it now has approximately 10,000 members across three locations in Raleigh, Apex, and Morrisville.
  • He is presently serving as the senior pastor there.
  • The church’s spiritual and biblical growth is directed by the pastors and elders who serve in leadership roles.

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Why did a fallen pastor leave his church

Answered By: Isaiah Lopez Date: created: Nov 07 2023
  • An excommunicated pastor who was kicked out of his church in shame has opinions that are at odds with those of the church on his departure and the circumstances surrounding the grave sin that led to it.
  • Because of the pastor’s words, the church has been compelled to explain publicly the reasons why he departed, which is something that they had previously and sensibly wished to preserve inside the confines of their church family.
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Is Hope Church delivering on its promise

Answered By: Samuel Moore Date: created: Jan 17 2023

According to these sources, Hope has not taken any action in public since it released its reaction online in the fall of last year. Many people have the impression that the church has failed to live up to the promise that it makes to women of providing them with a safe community and therapeutic services.