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Analyzing the Meaningful Lyric

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The lyrics of “How Great Thou Art” are deeply meaningful and rooted in Christian faith. Each verse of the hymn presents a reflection on the greatness of God and His creation, and expresses the worshipper’s awe, gratitude, and trust in Him.

The first verse begins with the words “O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder,” setting the tone for the hymn. It acknowledges the personal relationship between the worshipper and God, recognizing Him as their Lord and emphasizing the intimate connection. The phrase “awesome wonder” conveys a sense of overwhelming admiration and astonishment in the presence of God’s immense power and majesty.

The second verse brings focus to the natural world as a testament to God’s greatness. It describes the beauty of nature, with “forests and woods, birds and mountains” all declaring the glory of God. This verse invites the listener to contemplate the wonders of creation and marvel at the God who brought them into being.

In the third verse, the hymn takes a more personal turn, expressing how God’s greatness is evident in His care and provision for humanity. The lyrics proclaim, “When through the woods and forest glades I wander / And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees,” highlighting the comfort and peace that comes from communing with nature and experiencing God’s presence. The verse also acknowledges God’s redemptive work, with the line “And when I think that God, His Son not sparing, / Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in.” This reference to the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ underscores the believer’s gratitude and awe at God’s love and mercy.

The final verse culminates in a heartfelt expression of praise and surrender. It declares, “When Christ shall come with shout of acclamation / And take me home, what joy shall fill my heart!” This verse speaks to the believer’s hope and anticipation of being reunited with God in eternity, where they will experience ultimate joy and peace in His presence. The hymn concludes with a resounding affirmation of faith, stating that the believer will forever proclaim God’s greatness, singing, “Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee: / How great Thou art, how great Thou art!”

The lyrics of “How Great Thou Art” resonate with many individuals, as they encapsulate the profound awe and reverence felt towards God. The hymn’s portrayal of God’s greatness through nature, His redemptive love, and the believer’s ultimate hope serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement to all who sing it.

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Exploring the History and Origin

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The beloved hymn “How Great Thou Art” has a rich history and fascinating origins. Originally written in Swedish as “O Store Gud” in 1885 by Carl Boberg, a Swedish pastor, it quickly became popular in Sweden and eventually made its way to other countries.

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Boberg was inspired to write the song after witnessing a dramatic thunderstorm in the countryside of Sweden. The storm was followed by a calm and peaceful sunset, which led Boberg to reflect on the greatness of God in creating such majestic natural phenomena.

The hymn was originally published in the Swedish songbook “Sanningsvittnet” (The Witness of Truth) in 1891. It gained popularity among the Swedish population and was later translated into various languages, including English.

In 1925, English missionary Stuart K. Hine discovered a Russian translation of “O Store Gud” while visiting Ukraine. He was captivated by the powerful lyrics and melody of the song and felt compelled to create his own English version.

An additional set of lyrics was added by Hine in 1949, inspired by his experiences of the Swiss Alps and the beauty of God’s creation. These English lyrics became the most widely known version of the hymn.

Over the years, “How Great Thou Art” has been translated into numerous languages and has become one of the most beloved hymns worldwide. It has been performed by various artists, from traditional church choirs to contemporary musicians, and continues to be sung in churches and gatherings of worship to this day.

Influential Recordings

The popularity of “How Great Thou Art” has been further magnified by influential renditions of the hymn throughout the years. Some notable recordings include:

  1. Elvis Presley: The King of Rock and Roll recorded a powerful version of the hymn in 1966, which became a signature song in his live performances.
  2. Mahalia Jackson: The renowned gospel singer released her rendition of “How Great Thou Art” in 1967, showcasing her unparalleled vocal abilities and emotional delivery.
  3. Carrie Underwood: The country music superstar performed the hymn at the Grand Ole Opry in 2005, leaving a lasting impact with her stunning vocals.

These influential recordings have helped introduce “How Great Thou Art” to new audiences and have contributed to its enduring popularity.


“How Great Thou Art” is a hymn that has transcended time and language barriers to become a beloved song of worship for people around the world. Its origins in Sweden and subsequent translations and adaptations have allowed it to touch the hearts of millions. As we continue to sing this hymn, we are reminded of the power and greatness of God, and the beauty of His creation.

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Significance in Christian Worshi

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The Power of Hymns

In Christian worship, hymns play a vital role in expressing praise, adoration, and thanksgiving to God. Hymns are powerful tools that connect believers to their faith and enable them to express their emotions and reverence towards God.

How Great Thou Art

“How Great Thou Art” is a beloved Christian hymn with lyrics that epitomize the awe-inspiring majesty and greatness of God. The hymn carries deep significance for believers and is often sung during worship services, prayer gatherings, and special religious occasions.

Expressing Gratitude

The lyrics of “How Great Thou Art” express gratitude for God’s creation, salvation, and constant presence in believers’ lives. The hymn reminds believers of God’s unfathomable love and mercy, leading them to offer their heartfelt thanks and praise.

Uniting the Congregation

Hymns, like “How Great Thou Art,” have the power to unite the congregation in musical worship. As believers join together to sing the hymn, their voices blend harmoniously, symbolizing their unity in faith and their shared love for God.

Deepening Spiritual Connection

The act of singing hymns, such as “How Great Thou Art,” can deepen believers’ spiritual connection with God. The hymn’s lyrics enable worshippers to reflect on God’s majesty, grace, and redemptive power, drawing them into a more intimate relationship with their Creator.

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Bringing Comfort and Hope

In times of difficulty and despair, “How Great Thou Art” can bring comfort and hope to believers. The hymn’s uplifting lyrics remind them of God’s sovereignty and eternal presence, offering solace and peace in the midst of life’s challenges.


“How Great Thou Art” holds immense significance in Christian worship. Through this hymn, believers express their gratitude, unite in worship, deepen their spiritual connection, and find comfort and hope in God’s greatness. Its timeless lyrics continue to inspire and uplift believers around the world, making it a beloved hymn in Christian traditions.

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Popular Artists and Performance

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1. Carrie Underwood

One of the most notable performances of “How Great Thou Art” was by country music star Carrie Underwood. She performed the hymn during the 2011 Academy of Country Music Awards, showcasing her powerful vocals and emotional delivery.

2. Elvis Presley

Another iconic rendition of “How Great Thou Art” was performed by the legendary Elvis Presley. His version of the hymn, released in 1967, won him a Grammy Award for Best Sacred Performance. Presley’s soulful voice and passionate delivery made this performance a standout.

3. Susan Boyle

In 2009, Scottish singer Susan Boyle captured the hearts of audiences around the world with her performance of “How Great Thou Art” during her audition on the reality show “Britain’s Got Talent.” Boyle’s stunning vocals and the raw emotion she conveyed through her singing made her rendition unforgettable.

4. Alan Jackson

Country music singer Alan Jackson also delivered a memorable performance of “How Great Thou Art” during the 2004 CMA Awards. His soulful and heartfelt rendition showcased his deep understanding of the hymn’s message and touched the hearts of many viewers.

5. Pentatonix

The a cappella group Pentatonix put their own twist on “How Great Thou Art” with a harmonious and unique performance. Their version, released in 2016 as part of their Christmas album “A Pentatonix Christmas,” brought a fresh and modern sound to the beloved hymn.

6. Mahalia Jackson

Legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson also recorded a memorable rendition of “How Great Thou Art.” Known for her powerful and expressive vocals, Jackson’s performance of the hymn showcased her incredible talent and passion for gospel music.

Other Notable Artists and Performances:
Artist Performance
Aretha Franklin Performed the hymn during her 1972 gospel album “Amazing Grace”
Brad Paisley Performed a duet of “How Great Thou Art” with Carrie Underwood at the 2011 CMA Awards
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Translations and Adaptation

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How Great Thou Art has been translated and adapted into various languages and musical styles across the world. Here are a few notable examples:


  • German: The hymn is commonly known as “Wie groß bist Du” in German-speaking countries.
  • French: In France and French-speaking regions, the hymn is often referred to as “Mon Dieu, comme tu es grand”.
  • Spanish: Spanish-speaking countries have their own version of the hymn, titled “Cuán grande es Él”.
  • Norwegian: In Norway, the hymn is known as “Gud, hvor du er stor”.


Aside from translations, How Great Thou Art has also been adapted into different musical arrangements and styles. Some notable adaptations include:

  • Gospel: The hymn has been given a gospel twist with lively rhythms and vocal improvisations.
  • Contemporary: Modern worship artists have recorded their own versions of How Great Thou Art, incorporating contemporary instrumentation and arrangements.
  • Orchestral: The hymn has been arranged for orchestras, featuring grand symphonic sounds and powerful choirs.
  • A cappella: Many a cappella groups have performed their own renditions of How Great Thou Art, showcasing the beauty of harmonizing voices.

These translations and adaptations have allowed How Great Thou Art to resonate with different cultures and musical preferences, making it a beloved hymn worldwide.

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How to Sing “How Great Thou Art” with Eas

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If you are interested in singing the beloved hymn “How Great Thou Art”, here are some tips to help you sing it with ease:

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1. Familiarize yourself with the lyrics

Take some time to read and understand the lyrics of the hymn. This will help you connect with the words and their meaning, which will enhance your singing performance.

2. Listen to different versions

There are various renditions of “How Great Thou Art” available. Listening to different versions will give you a sense of the melody, phrasing, and musical interpretation. Pick your favorite version and try to emulate the style.

3. Warm up your voice

Before singing any song, it is essential to warm up your voice. Engage in vocal exercises to stretch and strengthen your vocal cords. This will help you sing with more control and avoid strain.

4. Start with a comfortable key

Choose a key that suits your vocal range. Start with a comfortable key and then gradually challenge yourself to sing in higher or lower keys. Remember to stay within your range to avoid vocal strain.

5. Practice with a metronome

To improve your timing and rhythm, practice singing “How Great Thou Art” with a metronome. This will help you stay in sync with the music and develop a steady tempo.

6. Use proper breathing techniques

6. Use proper breathing techniques

Breathing is an essential aspect of singing. Learn proper breathing techniques to support your voice and maintain good vocal control. Practice deep breathing exercises to improve your breath capacity.

7. Pay attention to dynamics

“How Great Thou Art” has various dynamic markings that indicate changes in volume and intensity. Pay attention to these markings and practice singing with the appropriate dynamics to convey the emotions of the song effectively.

8. Perform with passion and emotion

Connect with the lyrics and allow yourself to feel the emotions conveyed in “How Great Thou Art”. Sing with passion and sincerity to deliver a moving performance that resonates with both yourself and the audience.

Remember, singing “How Great Thou Art” with ease is a result of consistent practice and dedication. Take your time to learn and master the song, and most importantly, enjoy the experience of singing this beautiful hymn.

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What are the lyrics to “How Great Thou Art”?

The lyrics to “How Great Thou Art” are:

What is the origin of the hymn “How Great Thou Art”?

The hymn “How Great Thou Art” originated as a poem written by Carl Boberg, a Swedish pastor, in 1885. It was later translated into English and set to a Swedish folk melody, becoming the beloved hymn that it is today.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics of “How Great Thou Art”?

The lyrics of “How Great Thou Art” express awe and reverence for God’s creation and his greatness. The song is a testament to the beauty and majesty of God’s works and acknowledges his power and sovereignty.

What are some popular renditions of “How Great Thou Art”?

There have been many popular renditions of “How Great Thou Art” over the years. Some notable versions include those by Carrie Underwood, Elvis Presley, and Alan Jackson. Each artist brings their own unique interpretation to the hymn, making it even more meaningful to their listeners.

Why is “How Great Thou Art” considered a beloved hymn?

“How Great Thou Art” is considered a beloved hymn because of its timeless message of praise and worship to God. The lyrics resonate with people of all generations and backgrounds, and the melody is both uplifting and easy to sing. It has become a staple in many worship services and has touched the hearts of millions around the world.

What are the lyrics of “How Great Thou Art”?

The lyrics of “How Great Thou Art” are as follows:

Who wrote the hymn “How Great Thou Art”?

The hymn “How Great Thou Art” was written by Carl Gustav Boberg, a Swedish preacher, and later translated into English by Stuart K. Hine.