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How old is Conrad in The Summer I Turned Pretty

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How old is Conrad in The Summer I Turned Pretty? Jenny Han’s beloved YA novel The Summer I Turned Pretty has been adapted into a TV series by Video. The Summer I Turned Pretty focuses on Isabel ‘Belly’ Conklin (played by Lola Tung) and the summer of her 16th birthday when she is finally noticed by her friends Conrad Fisher (Christopher Briney) and his brother Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno).

  • Conrad is described in the books as being two years and a quarter older than Belly, which would make him 18-years-old.
  • By the time readers get to the end of Han’s trilogy, Conrad is 26 in the epilogue of the third novel.
  • However, in the show, he is 17-years-old and is going through an awkward adolescent phase.
  • Those wondering about younger brother Jeremiah, he was born in 2005 and is 17 at the time when the books are set.

Conrad Fisher is played by Christopher Briney in The Summer I Turned Pretty (Image: GETTY • AMAZON) The Summer I Turned Pretty features a cast of rising stars (Image: GETTY) The Summer I Turned Pretty stars Christopher Briney (Image: AMAZON) Christopher Briney plays Conrad in The Summer I Turned Pretty (Image: GETTY) Speaking about getting into character as Conrad, Briney said he had to “a lot of work” to prepare for the role. The actor said: “I read the book and I read the script and I was like, ‘Conrad, why don’t you just tell somebody how you feel? Why don’t you just ask for help?’ “And then I had to backtrack and be like, ‘Okay, he’s 17, he’s an older brother.

  1. He’s used to having a lot of weight on his shoulders and being the strong man in the family, especially with his dad being who his dad is.
  2. He just needs to learn.'” The rising star went on to say: “I think when I understood that he had a lot to learn, it freed up the chance for me to be like, ‘Okay, you can make mistakes.

Now you can say things you shouldn’t say and be mean whether it’s intentional or not.'” READ MORE:

  1. He hailed his co-star Tung, telling Seventeen she was “wonderful to work with” as the pair built a bond.
  2. The Summer I Turned Pretty marked Briney’s first TV acting role and Tung’s first-ever job, with the two having a firm friendship and were keenly aware of the weight of expectation from fans of the novels.
  3. But Briney said he had Tung to bounce off with the pair speaking candidly while working on the show.
  4. In between takes, they would discuss their performances and support one another.
  5. Briney said it “meant a lot” to have Tung by his side as they filmed season one.

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Is Belly 15 in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’: Lola Tung, Chris Briney and Jenny Han Break Down Belly and Conrad’s Intimate Fireplace Scene This article contains spoilers for “” Season 2. All interviews with actors were conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike. It’s not summer without “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” ‘s hit teen drama has returned for Season 2.

  • The first three episodes, which dropped on July 13, re-introduced its rabid fanbase to the world of 16-year-old Belly Conklin (Lola Tung), who spends summers with her family and friends at an idyllic house in Cousins Beach.
  • Caught in a love triangle between two brothers, Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) and Conrad Fisher (Chris Briney), Belly navigates romance and friendship — and, in Season 2, grief, for the first time.

A New York Times bestselling series written by, “The Summer I Turned Pretty” debuted on Prime Video in 2022, where it became on the streaming service in its debut weekend. Han is also the co-showrunner of the series, alongside Gabrielle Stanton in Season 1 and Sarah Kucserka in Season 2.

Besides Tung, Casalegno and Briney, the cast also includes Sean Kaufman as Steven, Belly’s brother; Jackie Chung as Laurel, Belly’s mother; Rachel Blanchard as Susannah, Jeremiah and Conrad’s mother; and Rain Spencer as Taylor, Belly’s best friend. The Season 1 finale included the reveal that Susannah has been re-diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

But Season 2, which takes place about a year after Season 1, almost immediately sets the tone by revealing that Susannah died during the school year, leaving Belly, Jeremiah, Conrad and their families grieving in the wake of her death. In addition to mourning Susannah, Belly is also grappling with a breakup with Conrad.

  • Season 1 ended with the two kissing on the beach, but through flashbacks, we learn that the two decided not to pursue a relationship right away.
  • Over the course of the school year, however, they spend more time around each other and eventually travel to Cousins Beach in the winter, where they witness snowfall by the ocean.

This is a fan-favorite scene that first appeared in the book; however, for the television show, Han added one very crucial scene that doesn’t exist in her original novels. In the second episode, it’s revealed that Belly loses her virginity to Conrad by the fireplace in the house at Cousins Beach after the snow at the beach scene.

“I felt like that’s where Belly was in her journey,” Han tells Variety, “These two characters were very much in love and had known each other their whole lives. I felt like they had really been through something together, and we had been with Belly through many first-times. It was important for the audience to be with her for that one.” “I thought no matter what happened in the future, this will always be a moment that she shares with her first love,” she adds.

“I approached the show in some ways as if I was writing a story in this moment in time. That’s what I would have done if I was writing it today.” When asked about filming the scene, Tung says that she and Briney talked with an intimacy coordinator individually and together on set while filming the scene.

Briney concurs, saying that there was an “intense focus on comfort and making sure everybody’s comfortable.” “It’s a closed set situation,” he says, adding that the sex scenes are generally “very choreographed.” Belly makes this decision, Tung says, because “she is really in love” with Conrad.

“For her in that moment in time, it is the the right thing and something that she wants to do and something that I think they both want,” she adds. “So it feels right to them. They both have a lot of love for each other, and they feel safe together too.

So it’s familiar, and it’s comfortable, but also new and exciting for them.” As for Conrad, Briney says, “He’s really terrified. He maybe has never cared about something more in his life and is afraid of ruining it or overstepping or being insensitive. He’s in uncharted territory of his own in how much he cares about it and that scares him.” This moment of intimacy is embedded in the grief that Belly experiences in the aftermath of their breakup, which happens on her prom night.

Conrad, devastated by his mother’s deteriorating condition, retreats into himself and pushes everyone away, leaving Belly by herself (and without a corsage) at her own prom. Then, at Susannah’s funeral, Belly makes the situation worse by lashing out at Conrad, telling him, “Go to hell.” So when Jeremiah calls her weeks later to tell her that his brother has gone missing, Belly knows it’s her shot at redemption and, possibly, healing.

How old is Jeremiah?

Jeremiah’s age in The Summer I Turned Pretty – In the first book/first season of the series, Jeremiah is 16. This is arguably why you see him flirt with everyone—and it is everyone as he is a bisexual character. He makes it clear that he wants to have fun, but that doesn’t stop him from falling hard for Belly as the season goes on.

  • What is the age gap like between Jeremiah and Belly? Well, it turns out there isn’t one.
  • Belly is also 16 in the first season of the TV series.
  • Lola Tung, who plays the main character, was 19 at the time of filming the first season, so she’s not playing a character that much younger than herself.
  • You can like the two characters together as the age gap won’t give you an icky feeling.

As the seasons (and books) progress, we pick up a summer later on. This means the characters only age by a year in the story. There isn’t that much change between the ages of 16 and 18, is there? The Summer I Turned Pretty is available to stream on,

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: How old is Jeremiah in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

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Is Jeremiah or Conrad older

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Characters –

  • Isabel “Belly” Conklin: The narrator, and protagonist of the series. She is the daughter of Laurel and the younger sister of Steven. She is known to have had a crush on her friend Conrad since she was young, but her relationship with him falls apart at the end of It’s Not Summer Without You after the two become a couple for a short time. She then starts a relationship with his brother, Jeremiah, after he kisses her; making his feelings known to her. In We’ll Always Have Summer, which chronicles their two-year relationship, Belly discovers at a frat party that Jeremiah cheated on her with a sorority girl. She slaps him across the face and spends days in bed, crying. To prove his regret, Jeremiah proposes to her, which she hesitantly accepts; however, a result of ongoing fights with her mother (who is furious with her for choosing to marry so young), she stays at Cousins Beach. Because of this arrangement, her old feelings for Conrad, who is staying there as well, begin to slowly resurface. Toward the climax of the novel, Conrad confesses his love for her. Although Belly blows up at his confession, saying he was too late, her feelings for both brothers are called into question. She and Jeremiah, in the end, call off their engagement and break up for good after realizing they are not meant to be. In the epilogue, Belly has not heard from Conrad for two years, before receiving her handwritten letters from him “each and every month” throughout the rest of her college years. Eventually, she begins to stay in contact with him. Conrad shows up at her college graduation, resulting in them getting back together as a couple. He proposes to Belly a little over a year later.
  • Conrad “Con”, “Connie” Fisher: The eldest son of Susannah and Adam Fisher, and older brother of Jeremiah. He is known to push away his loved ones and to keep all his emotions and feelings inside. In the first book, his character is something of a jerk, having spent the summer at the beach getting drunk or locked in his room. It is suspected, though, that he has developed feelings for Belly; he is shown several times as either overly protective or jealous of boys flirting with her. At the end of the novel, he and Belly become a couple. However, the relationship is short-lived when Conrad once again slips back into his emotional old ways. At the beginning of the second novel, he runs away from college to protect the beach house once he finds out his father intends to sell it. In the end, Laurel shows up and makes a deal with Mr. Fisher that Conrad and Jeremiah can personally keep the house if Conrad returns to college and passes all his exams. The adults leave and Belly and Jeremiah help prepare Conrad for his exams. Things seem to go well, but take an abrupt turn for the worse when Conrad walks in on Belly and Jeremiah kissing. Conrad, however, tells his brother he is over Belly and it is okay if the two get together. In We’ll Always Have Summer, which takes place two years later, it is revealed that Conrad lied when saying he was over Belly and has always been in love with her. He spends time throughout the novel fighting his true feelings and pretending he does not care for her. However, once he discovers at Jeremiah’s bachelor party how he cheated on Belly, Conrad becomes furious and leaves. When Belly later comes across him, Conrad confesses his long-hidden love for her before begging her not to marry his brother and to be with him, breaking down into tears. Belly turns him down, claiming he is too late, breaking his heart. The next day, Conrad apologizes to Belly because he was “too drunk” during his confession, but Belly knows he is lying. After Jeremiah finds out about his brother’s feelings for Belly, he goes missing on his wedding day. Conrad finds him at their mother’s garden. They fight and Jeremiah soon disowns him as his brother, saying that he is “dead” to him. Conrad bids Belly goodbye, and gives her back his infinity necklace, saying it “always” belonged to her and “always will”. In the epilogue, Conrad has not contacted Belly for two years before sending her his first handwritten letter, which then come “each and every month” through the rest of her college years. He then shows up at her college graduation, and they get back together. This all leads up to his marriage proposal two years into their relationship. The series ends with Belly marrying Conrad, and the couple starting a new life together.
  • Jeremiah “Jere” Fisher: At the outset of the series, he is the “golden” boy, the one who appears to be untainted in the eyes of everyone. He is a good friend to Belly and a loving brother to Conrad. He steps aside as Conrad pursues Belly, even when he came to realize his own feelings for her. In It’s Not Summer Without You, he grows tired of burying his feelings for Belly and abruptly kisses her while sitting in a car with her; she kisses back, only for Conrad to discover them. Despite being near furious of what he caught the two doing, Conrad gives Jeremiah permission to have his chance with Belly. In We’ll Always Have Summer, his character has gone through an ugly transformation from golden boy to frat boy, even cheating on Belly with the “sister sorority slut”. He proposes to Belly to prove his remorse, but is shown to have dramatically changed for the worse. He remains jealous of Conrad and Belly’s friendship and even uses his engagement to Belly to spite Conrad. However, when he discovers that Conrad confessed his feelings for her, he takes off the night before the wedding and fails to show up on the day. Conrad finds him and confronts him about who loves and deserves Belly more. After reading a letter for “him” from their mom, and discovering it was actually meant for Conrad, Jeremiah disowns Conrad as his brother. In the epilogue, he is seen at Conrad and Belly’s wedding and brings a new girl along.
  • Susannah “Beck” Fisher: The rock that everyone seems to cling to. Even in death, her calming force is referenced and used by all as they navigate the different situations in their lives. She dies of cancer between books one and two, but is heavily remembered by her family and friends throughout the course of the series. It is revealed that she left letters to “the summer kids” in the final book (although we only get to read the one she gave to Belly). She is shown to be very friendly, loving and compassionate. Her death hits everyone hard and life without her seems near impossible; it takes everyone almost a year to pull themselves together and form a life without her existence.
  • Mr. Fisher: A man who is known to have his way no matter what it costs or who it hurts. He is Susannah’s husband and the father of Conrad and Jeremiah. After Susannah dies, he turns to whiskey, He drives Conrad away after Conrad saw how badly he began treating Susannah, such as cheating on her and running away when she got cancer. He tries to sell the summer house in It’s Not Summer Without You following Susannah’s death, and is barely stopped in time by Laurel and Conrad. In the final book, he tries to mend his relationship with his sons and pays for Jeremiah and Belly’s wedding, despite not agreeing with them getting married at such a young age.
  • Taylor Jewel: Belly’s best friend despite being her polar opposite. Unlike Belly, she is boy crazy and shallow, though by We’ll Always Have Summer, she grows up and has something wise to say for once. In the first book of the series, as seen in flashbacks, she goes for all three boys (Steven, Conrad and Jeremiah) almost at once, determined to hook up with one of them. She is seen desperately trying to pair Belly with boys, even though her friend endlessly protests. She and Belly have a falling out towards the climax of It’s Not Summer Without You after Taylor accuses Belly of being “a crappy friend” when Belly does not want her to come to a party at the beach house. By We’ll Always Have Summer, they make peace, and Taylor can be seen throughout the course of the book supporting and helping Belly with her wedding. She confronts Conrad after suspecting he said something to Belly to upset her and warns him to leave her alone. Although she admits that Belly told her a part of her will always love Conrad, and knows he loves Belly too. She asks him to “be the good guy Belly says he is” by letting her go.
  • Laurel Dunne: Belly and Steven’s mother as well as Susannah’s best friend. She is rigid and desperate to have the relationship with Belly that her daughter had with Susannah. She seems to always make the wrong choices as far as Belly is concerned, but her desire to be close to her daughter is prevalent and admirable. The two women come head to head in We’ll Always Have Summer when Belly and Jeremiah announce their engagement. Laurel is furious, saying the couple are far too young for such a commitment, even going as far as refusing to show up for the wedding, which leaves Belly devastated. After seeing her upset one night at Cousins Beach, Conrad talks to her and manages to convince her to make amends with Belly. It is shown in the final book that the relationship between Conrad and Laurel is very close and even resembles the relationship between Conrad and Susannah. In the epilogue of We’ll Always Have Summer, it is implied that she helped Belly pick out her wedding dress for Belly’s wedding to Conrad, and helped plan the ceremony.
  • Steven Conklin: Belly’s older brother, a good friend and supportive brother. Though we see little of him, his truthfulness is a springboard for Belly to make difficult but wise decisions. He appears throughout Belly’s flashbacks, making fun of her and teasing her endlessly, but despite such teasing, he is shown to have a protective side. He even says to Belly herself in We’ll Always Have Summer that while Jeremiah was like a brother to him, Belly was his “little sister and came first”, something that surprises her.
  • Cam: He only appears in The Summer I Turned Pretty as a summer fling of Belly’s. It is said that he had a crush on Belly throughout grade school but never had the courage to approach her. He leaves one final voicemail for Belly, asking if she wanted to stay in contact after the summer, but if not, “it was nice hanging out with her”. He is mentioned twice more in the series, as one of Belly’s summer memories.
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Is Belly 16 in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Isabela ‘Belly’ Conklin is 16 on The Summer I Turned Pretty. The actress playing her is 20. Portrayed by Lola Tung, Belly is the protagonist of the series.

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Are Belly and Jeremiah the same age

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Jeremiah is the same age as Belly on the series, but according to a May 2022 interview with V Magazine, Gavin is 23 IRL.

How old was Belly when she kissed Jeremiah?

Trivia –

Jeremiah was Belly’s first kiss, abruptly kissing her during a game of Truth or Dare at fourteen years old. Belly had been furious since he stole her first kiss, which she wanted to be special, and he had only done so as a joke and to make Taylor jealous. The two did not have sex during their two year relationship. While Belly came close to believing she was ready to give her virginity to Jeremiah, even seriously considering consummating their relationship during a trip to the beach house one time, she ultimately decided against it. Jeremiah later implies during the couple’s break up that their lack of sexual intimacy was a problem for him. The moment Jeremiah saw Belly as a “girl” and developed feelings for her was during their summer meet up after Belly and her family arrive at Cousin’s Beach in the very beginning of The Summer I Turned Pretty, It was shortly after this when Jeremiah saw Conrad checking Belly out as she walked away to get a pop from the house that he also experienced “crazy jealousy” and realized he liked Belly. The two remained friends after their break up. Jeremiah admits in the final novel that deep down he always knew that Belly and Conrad still loved each other. However, he still dated Belly regardless of it because he loved her and, initially, wanted a relationship despite it. Belly indirectly and unintentionally ruined the brotherly relationship between Jeremiah and Conrad. In the final novel, Jeremiah was jealous of her and Conrad’s lingering feelings for each other. After being fed up with Conrad lying about his true feelings for Belly as well finding out about his secret love confession to her, Jeremiah disowns him. This results in the two not talking to one another for an extended amount of time. When Belly and Jeremiah entered their college years together, this proved to be when they began to meet the rough times of their relationship when seeing their “non-summer” selves and the conflicting parts of their personalities. Whenever the couple ate together, Jeremiah would frequently steal bits of food from Belly’s plate. This heavily annoyed her as she does not like it when people do that, even playfully. While the two got along great during their non-romantic relationship and even had romantic tension together, their college years as a couple proved to be rather unstable and emotionally hard. After they ended their relationship together, it is implied their general relationship smoothed out again. Belly disliked Jeremiah’s habit of not taking things seriously anymore during their relationship and found this trait to be annoying, especially during their engagement and plans for a married life together. As children, they practiced an “ESP connection” where they would sit and try to read each other’s minds. Belly believed Jeremiah could read her mind when, actually, he was able to read her based on her facial reactions. However, they grew to know each other well enough to accurately guess what the other was likely thinking and began to simply call it their “ESP connection”.

: Belly and Jeremiah (Book Series)

How old was Belly in season 1?

Isabela aka ‘Belly’, played by Lola Tung – Lola Tung is Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty. Picture: Getty Character age: 16. Lola is 20 years old in real life, but on screen she plays 16-year-old Belly, who actually turns 16 during her vacation. Lola has just finished her second year of university.

Is Jeremiah in love with Belly?

20 July 2023, 17:45 Watch new The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 trailer Belly and Jeremiah still have chemistry in The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 but do they end up together? Jelly shippers assemble! The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 is finally airing.but do Belly and Jeremiah end up together? Ever since the first season of The Summer I Turned Pretty aired last year, fans have been divided as to who Belly ( Lola Tung ) should end up with. Do Belly and Jeremiah get together in The Summer I Turned Pretty? Here’s what happens in the books. Picture: Prime Video

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Is Jeremiah old or new

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The Book of Jeremiah, also called The Prophecy Of Jeremias, one of the major prophetical writings of the Old Testament.

Did Jeremiah ever marry?

He was denied participation in the ordinary joys and sorrows of his fellowmen and did not marry. He thus could say, ‘I sat alone,’ with God’s hand upon him. Jeremiah had periods of despondency when he expressed the wish that he had never been born or that he might run away and live alone in the desert.

How old was Jeremiah in season 1?

How old is Jeremiah? – Jeremiah is 16 in The Summer I Turned Pretty, The actor portraying him is 23. The easy-going Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) has the same age as Belly. He’s a longtime friend and love interest of Belly. Even though he wants to have fun, he still can’t help but develop romantic feelings for Belly.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is executive produced by showrunners Han and Sarah Kucserka. The adaptation of the books by Jenny Han also stars Sean Kaufman, Rain Spencer, David Iacono, and Jackie Chung, among others. Season 2 will also introduce Elsie Fisher and Kyra Sedgwick in recurring roles. The sophomore season premiered on July 14, 2023.

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What is Conrad and Belly’s age gap?

Conrad is ‘ two years a quarter ‘ older Belly. Conrad is shown to be rather protective of Belly at times.

Does Jeremiah marry Belly?

Belly Chooses Conrad In The Summer I Turned Pretty Books – Although The Summer I Turned Pretty ends with Conrad and Belly together, It’s Not Summer Without You, the second book, discloses that they break up shortly after they start dating. Susannah’s health keeps declining, and Conrad isn’t able to show up in a romantic relationship with Belly like he is supposed to.

  1. They break up after prom, and Susannah dies not too long afterward.
  2. The following summer is painful for everyone involved, but Belly and Jeremiah grow closer when they team up to find Conrad after he goes missing.
  3. At the end of the second book, Belly and Jeremiah begin dating.
  4. We’ll Always Have Summer picks up a couple of years after the events of the second novel, with Belly finishing her first year at college and thriving in her relationship with Jeremiah (who is also attending the same university).

They go through a bit of a rough patch when Belly finds out that Jeremiah slept with someone else while they were on a break. But they seemingly make up when Jeremiah proposes to Belly, and she says yes. However, at the end of the book, Jeremiah calls off their wedding because Belly is still in love with Conrad.

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Who did Belly lose her V card to

Answered By: Ronald Thompson Date: created: Jan 05 2024

Photos from The Biggest Book Changes in The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Jul 12, 2023 4:21 PM “I want to. I want it to be with you.” And with those 10 words, The Summer I Turned Pretty ‘s entire trajectory changed as the decision for Belly ( Lola Tung ) to lose her virginity to Conrad ( Christopher Briney ) marked one of the Amazon Prime Video TV series’ biggest departures from Jenny Han’ s books.

  1. While the pair also staged a secret visit to Cousins during Christmastime on the page, Belly and Conrad did not have sex.
  2. But in the second episode, it’s revealed that the couple are intimate for the first time in front of the fireplace.
  3. Conrad, it’s only you,” she tells a sleeping Conrad after.
  4. There’s only ever been you.” Of course, this makes their relationship—which never reached the official distinction of boyfriend and girlfriend in the book, like it does onscreen—much more serious and their eventual breakup all the more devastating.
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“That was a big change from the books,” Christopher told E! News’ Erin Lim of the sex scene. “It definitely caught me off guard.” In episode three, viewers are introduced to Susannah’s half-sister Aunt Julia ( Kyra Sedgwick ) and Conrad and Jeremiah’s cousin Skye ( Elsie Fisher ) after Belly and the boys learn that Julia is selling the Cousins Beach house.

  • The distant and cold Julia and Skye, who identifies as non-binary, are characters created for the TV series, helping to raise the stakes and tension.
  • I think I was daunted by the concept when I first heard about it, but that diminished the second I got there,” Kyra told E! News of joining the cast.
  • Everyone was so lovely.” It also helped having Elsie by her side, with Kyra adding, “We had each other to bond and be the new kids on the block.” As in season two, Belly’s brother Steven ( Sean Kaufman ) and her best friend Taylor ( Rain Spencer ) are given expanded roles compared to their book counterparts.

While they briefly make appearances in the second novel, the duo decide to hop in the car and head to Cousins to help Belly and the Fisher boys, with Steven also having the ulterior motive of wanting to spend more time with Taylor. Mom’s got problems, too.

Like her daughter, Belly’s mom Laurel ( Jackie Chung ) is struggling to process the death of Susannah, her life-long best friend. While her grief is mostly off-page in the book, the TV version of Laurel writes a memoir about her friendship—titled It’s Not Summer Without You, the same as Han’s 2010 novel that served as the basis for season two—with Susannah, which she initially feels conflicted over promoting.

“Both seasons have been different from the book because I feel like my character has been expanded so much in the series,” Jackie told E! News. “So there isn’t much of the career, life, romance in the books that I get to experience.” The infinity necklace is a piece of jewelry that has big significance in Belly and Conrad’s relationship.

He first bought it with the intention of giving it to her for her 16th birthday in season one, but never did. Fans finally got to see Conrad gift Belly with the item in the season two premiere after they decide not to become a couple to protect Jeremiah’s feelings. In the show’s recreation of the infamous prom scene, a devastated Belly gives the necklace back when Conrad breaks up with her.

And Belly stumbles upon the token while gathering items from Conrad’s dorm room. But, unlike in the book, Belly doesn’t take it, choosing to leave it on the desk. While Han previously told E! News that it was Casalegno’s “golden retriever energy” that landed him the role of Jeremiah, the actor gets to show off his more dramatic side in the new season.

Between losing his mother and watching Belly date his brother, Jeremiah is going through it in the first three episodes. While Jeremiah calls Belly asking for help to locate Conrad in the books, it’s Belly who phones Jer onscreen, with the younger Fisher brother initially trying to avoid her. Belly and Jeremiah ultimately have a confrontation about their falling out in episode two, with Belly admitting she “hates herself” for feeling like she abandoned and let down Jeremiah.

“It was really, really bad,” a crying Jeremiah tells Belly of Susannah’s death. “I needed you and you weren’t there. You left me.” Sob! : Photos from The Biggest Book Changes in The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2

What does Conrad look like in the book?

Appearance and Personality – Conrad is shown to be very quiet, brooding and deep. He is something of a introvert, never being loud and outspoken like his brother Jeremiah. He hardly, if ever, speaks his voice and opinions; always keeping his most innermost thoughts to himself.

He is known to push away his loved ones aside and is thus seen as an “asshole” for his impassive and seemingly emotionless actions. Susannah, his own mother, has said that Conrad “always keeps everything locked inside” and that even she is often left to wonder what he is truly feeling. Physically, Conrad is described as being “dark, dark, dark” with a “smirky kind of mouth”.

By The Summer I Turned Pretty, he had grown to be tall with his hair cut short around his ears and “dark as ever”. Unlike his brother Jeremiah, he spends most of his time playing his guitar and alone rather “on the football field” although he was on the football team of his high school.

He has also said that he loved the sport and gained considerable recognition through his hometown for his talent in it. He is most popular among the girls for his good looks and being seen as hard to get. This is seen with Taylor upon her first visit to Cousins Beach when she initially wants to hook up with him, being attracted to his good looks.

Despite his usual cold give off, Conrad is eventually seen to actually being very vulnerable emotionally-speaking. Despite hurting his loved ones unintentionally, his true goal is to look out for his friends and loved ones. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy, even at the cost of his own.

  • This is most considerably seen when he lies to Jeremiah about his true feelings for Belly and pushing her toward him, trusting Jeremiah to take good care of her when knowing he currently wasn’t able to.
  • This also being done out of his belief that, if he had kept her, it would only end in him hurting her again and refusing to risk doing so yet again.

His feelings for his loved ones happiness is especially seen in We’ll Always Have Summer, This being when he keeps his actual feelings about Jeremiah and Belly’s engagement quiet due to his promise to Susannah that he would look after the both of them.

  • He does his best to do this despite how keeping his true feelings for Belly a secret greatly pains him.
  • Conrad finally speaks up about his own feelings in We’ll Always Have Summer when he grows tired of putting other people’s happiness ahead of his own and keeping his emotions tucked away.
  • This takes place after he discovers how Jeremiah cheated on Belly, going against the reason he decided to let him have her, leaving him furious.

He finally decides to confess his long hidden and repressed feelings to Belly. This, in which, is considered by fans to be one of the most emotional scenes in the trilogy. He openly cries while begging Belly not to marry Jeremiah, even tightly wrapping his arms around her while pleading for her to be with him instead, desperately asking if she still loved him at all.

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Why is Conrad acting weird in Summer I Turned Pretty

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Conrad Shut Belly Out When Susannah’s Illness Took A Turn For The Worst – After their first break-up at the end of the summer, Conrad and Belly are drawn to each other again and begin to date, however, yet another break-up ensues. During the fall, the pair begin talking on the phone, Belly from home and Conrad from Brown where he’s attending his first year of college.

Although they decided to stay friends for Jeremiah’s sake, they can’t deny their connection and end up dating. They seem to be happy for a time, and even spend some of Christmas break at Cousins, but things eventually take a turn for the worst. In the weeks leading up to Belly’s prom, Conrad begins acting strange due to his mother’s illness, and although Belly emphasizes that he can talk to her, he remains closed off.

Finally, prom arrives and Conrad is forgetful and distant. The tension comes to a breaking point when Conrad tries to leave prom early, confident that he’s only making Belly’s life worse. Despite her pleas, Conrad pulls away completely and Belly knows their relationship is over.

Is Jeremiah in love with Belly?

20 July 2023, 17:45 Watch new The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 trailer Belly and Jeremiah still have chemistry in The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 but do they end up together? Jelly shippers assemble! The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 is finally airing.but do Belly and Jeremiah end up together? Ever since the first season of The Summer I Turned Pretty aired last year, fans have been divided as to who Belly ( Lola Tung ) should end up with. Do Belly and Jeremiah get together in The Summer I Turned Pretty? Here’s what happens in the books. Picture: Prime Video