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How tall is 5 10 in cm in inches

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How many inches is 5′ 10? – A person measuring 5 feet 10 inches is the same height as 70 inches. This is the same as 177.8 cm, or 1.778 m when converted into the metric system. The answer of How many inches is 5′ 10

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Is 5.10 6 feet

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Someone who is 5 foot 10 inches tall is 2 inches shorter than someone who is 6 feet tall. It’s pretty close, and about the difference between tennis shoes and dress boots.

What size is 175 cm?

Men’s clothing sizes converted to height and weight measurements – Below is a size chart for reference on how men’s clothing sizes are measured in terms of height, weight, waist, chest, and hips.

Size Height Weight Waist Chest Hips
X-Small < 5'6″ in / <168 cm 135 lbs / 61 kg 22″-24″ in / 56-61 cm < 37" in / < 94 cm
Small 5’6″-5’8″ in / 168-173 cm 145 lbs / 66 kg 24″-27″ in / 61-69 cm 37″-39″ in / 94-99 cm <34″ in/<86 cm
Medium 5’9″ in / 175-180 cm 165 lbs / 75 kg 27″-32″ in / 69-81 cm 39″-42″ in / 99-107 cm 34″-38″ in/86-96 cm
Large 6’0″ in / 183-188 cm 195 lbs / 88 kg 32″-35″ in / 81-89 cm 42″-45″ in / 107-114 cm 38″-42″ in/96-106 cm
X-Large 6’2″ in / 191-196 cm 215 lbs / 98 kg 35″-41″ in / 89-104 cm 45″-48″ in / 114-122 cm 42″-47″ in/ 106-119 cm
XX-Large 6’5″ in/197 cm+ 235 lbs/107 kg 42″ in+/105 cm+ 49″ in+ / 123 cm+ 48″ in+/121 cm+

This app was super useful for setting up size charts for a wide variety of different product types in our store. Our previous app was tag-based, which was not sustainable for our company. Kiwi uses condition-based product matching which is super easy and logical to set up; now we can leave everything be and new products will automatically have size charts with no extra work. — CKS Online

What is an attractive height for a guy?

‘Tall, dark and handsome’ has been the stereotypical criteria for what a woman looks for in a man for as long as we can remember. It’s had us all lusting for the likes of Jason Momoa and Hemsworth brothers, while also sparking insecurities among many men under the 6ft bar, but that’s all set to change, according to new research suggesting that the ideal height for a man is actually 5ft 8in. Getty Images A study by dating app Badoo has revealed the height as being the most right-swiped among their users who range between the ages of 18-30. After surveying 20,000 Brits, Badoo concluded that 5ft 8in was the most popular height for men, while 5ft 10in and 5ft 6in followed closely.

How tall should a guy be?

Learn about ideal heights for men by body weight and according to general surveys The average for males is considered to be 5.8 feet or 177 cm. Factors that may influence your height include the following: DNA: Your genetic make-up influences your height, growth plates, and hormones.

Table: Ideal height for men according to body weight

Body weight Ideal height
117 to 143 lbs 5’4″
122 to 150 lbs 5’5″
128 to 156 lbs 5’6″
133 to 163 lbs 5’7″
139 to 169 lbs 5’8″
144 to 176 lbs 5’9″
149 to 183 lbs 5’10”
155 to 189 lbs 5’11”
160 to 196 lbs 6’0″
166 to 202 lbs 6’1″
171 to 209 lbs 6’2″
176 to 216 lbs 6’3″
182 to 222 lbs 6’4″

Is 5 9 tall for a man?

The average American man is about 5 foot 9 inches.

Is 5 10 tall for a 14 year old?

You are very tall for your age. And boys can continue to grow into their early twenties so you certainly are not done growing yet. Genetics and good nutrition are the determining factors.

How tall should I be at 10 in cm?

The average height of a 10-year-old girl is 138.6 cm (4 ft 6), while for boys, it is 138.4 (also 4 ft 6).

Is 5 10 tall in india?

The average height for an Indian man is 5’8″. Even my height is also 5’8′. According to me, 5’10″ is a very good height for an Indian man(18 years old). But international surveys consider any height upto 6’3″ is attractive.

Is 5 10 too short for a guy?

5′6″ or less is short, 5′7″ to 5′10″ is medium average size not short, 5′11″ up to 6′4″ is tall.6’5″ up to 6′8″ is extremely tall.

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Is 1 cm large

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A centimeter is a fairly small unit of measurement for length. For example, a cheerio (the piece of cereal) is about 1 cm wide in diameter.

What size should a 5 10 man wear?

OUR SHIRTS: TYPICAL SIZE FOR HEIGHT x WEIGHT – All the shirts we sell are “American Slim Fit” they are typically one size smaller than Classic Fit shirts that you get in department store. The following chart provide a recommended size based on your weight and height if you don’t know your size in the brands we sell.

Height 130 -150LBS 150-160LBS 160-170LBS 170-180LBS 180-190LBS 190-200LBS 200-210LBS 210-220LBS 220-240LBS 240-270LBS 270-300LBS 300-340LBS
5’5″ XS S M
5’6″ XS S M L
5’7″ XS S M L L
5’8″ XS S M L L XL
5’9″ XS S M M L XL 2XL
5’10” XS S M M L L 2XL 2XL
5’11” XS S M M L L XL 2XL 3XL
6′ S M M L L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL
6’1″ M M L L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
6’2″ M/L L L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL
6’3″ XL 2XL 2XL 3XL 5XL 6XL
6’4″ 2XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
6’5″ 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL

This table provide a recommended size base on your weight and height based on feedback from other customers. As body shape is unique to each individual, we highly recommend to compare your best fitting shirt with the specs provided on the specific product size chart.

Is 5 10 tall or short?

5′6″ or less is short, 5′7″ to 5′10″ is medium average size not short, 5′11″ up to 6′4″ is tall.6’5″ up to 6′8″ is extremely tall.6′9″ and above is leading towards gigantism.

Is 178 short for a guy?

The average male height in the US and Canada is 5′9. So this guy is 2″ taller than average. The average woman in the US and Canada is 5′4. So if this guy is heterosexual, he will not have any height related dating problems, since he is 7″ taller than an average potential sexual partner.