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Should eyeliner go on top or bottom

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Kind of how the wands choose the wizard in the world of Harry Potter, everyone has a liquid liner applicator that works for them. “Some people do better with a brush, others like a felt-tipped applicator,” says Stewart. “Everyone’s hand is slightly different.” She suggests experimenting with a few different kinds of applicators to figure out which you’re most comfortable with—and while that sounds time-consuming (and expensive), it’s worth it if you’re serious about getting a perfect cat eye.

Felt-tipped pens like Make Up for Ever Ink Liner ($23, ) are best for beginners, since they offer the most control. Mistake #4: You only line your lower lash line “Using a dark liner on the bottom without a liner on the top makes the eye feel unbalanced and bottom-heavy, dragging the eyes down,” explains Stiles.

Plus, if you sweat or rub your eyes throughout the day, you could end up looking like one of Marc Jacobs’ goth girls, “Keep the liner to the top lid for a more lifted, youthful effect.” If you really, really want to go after your bottom lash line, Stiles recommends using a lighter color there than you’re using on the top.

This will still give you definition, but feels softer and more flattering,” she adds. Mistake #5: Closing your eye when you’re drawing on a cat eye Here’s the annoying thing about cat eyes: You can draw them perfectly on both eyes and then realize that they’re totally uneven. Much of this comes down to placement.

The solution? Keep your eyes open. “When the eye is closed, you can’t see where the crease at the corner of the eye falls,” says Stewart. Assuming your eyes aren’t lopsided, this will help keep your liner even on both sides. (But when in doubt, we’re fans of this brilliant cat-eye hack,) Mistake #6: Wearing black liner in your waterline Lining the waterline is probably the most under-appreciated makeup trick ever.

  1. It’s an easy way to brighten up the eyes or get a super-precise look—but that’s only if you’re strategic with the colors.
  2. I love a dramatic eye, but very often black liner in the waterline can make your eyes look smaller,” says Stiles.
  3. Instead, Stiles suggests using a softer color, like bronze, gray, or bronze, and swears by taupe.

“It still gives you a sultry look without closing up your eyes and making them look smaller,” she explains. Another color that works? Pale gold, like how Gigi Hadid wore it here, Mistake #7: Winging it when you’re trying to wing your eyeliner We know, we know: nobody’s got the time for a 10-step eyeliner application.

  1. But if you planning on being photographed or have a big event, it could be worth taking a more methodical approach to creating a dramatic look.
  2. Stewart suggests tilting your head back and looking into a mirror (with your eyes open!) to give you full visibility of your eyelid and keep your lashes out of the way.

Then, line up a brush with the outer edge of your lower lashes at a 45-degree angle. Draw a dot as far as you want your wing to go. Then, connect the dot to your outer corner. You can then continue to draw the line towards the center of your lower lash line.

Should I use pencil or liquid eyeliner?

Upping the drama – In pretty much all cases, liquid eyeliner is darker and more richly pigmented than pencil. Because of this, a stroke of eyeliner delivers bold, look-at-me lines. Perfect for dramatic looks. Team liquid with a pencil eyeliner to build intensity for a smokey eye.

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Where should you not apply eyeliner

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Eye Doctor Reveals Why You Should Never Apply Eyeliner on Your Waterline

  • An eye doctor has revealed why you should never apply eyeliner directly to your waterline.
  • and, if you grew up in the 90s or 2000s, you probably layered it on with a vengeance.
  • But Dr Brittani Carver, an optometrist from North Carolina, has posted a TikTok video warning that it can,

The clip, shared on Thursday and already watched more than 2.9 million times, was captioned “Why not to wear eyeliner on your waterline.” In the footage, Carver says: “This patient has worn eyeliner on her waterline since she was a teenager. “The reasons eye doctors do not recommend to wear eyeliner on the waterline of your eye is because there are specialized glands there that produce and excrete oil.

  1. The video shows Carver using a metal tool to squeeze the skin in the area, to treat a blockage known as Meibomian gland dysfunction.
  2. The eye health website AllAboutVision describes Meibomian gland dysfunction as “one of the most common eye problems you’ve never heard of.”
  3. Numerous factors can contribute to its onset, such as

However, the AllAboutVision page also stated: “Wearing eye makeup is another contributing cause of MGD. Eyeliner and other makeup can clog the openings of Meibomian glands. This is especially true if you don’t thoroughly clean your eyelids and remove all traces of eye makeup before sleep.” On her TikTok page, Carver, who works at Better Vision Optometric Center in Fayetteville, explained that there was a treatment available for patients with clogged eye glands.

  • Thousands of people commented on her video, expressing shock that their makeup could cause this problem.
  • Jess_Lynne joked: “Me getting out of bed to go wash my make-up off.”
  • Bats Babeyyy wrote: “New fear unlocked.”

Not everyone was convinced, however. Krista Lee Argall posted: “I mean this in the most respectful way, I’m still doing it.” Carver offered eyeliner lovers some hope too, explaining that applying it on the “lash line is fine.” Newsweek has reached out to Carver for comment. File photo of a blue eye. An optometrist has posted a TikTok video showing how eyeliner can block glands in your eye. Olga Ignatova/Getty Images : Eye Doctor Reveals Why You Should Never Apply Eyeliner on Your Waterline

Should you not wear bottom eyeliner?

Wearing Eyeliner On the Bottom of The Eye – Wearing eyeliner on the bottom of the eye can brighten the eye, create a smoky look full of sex appeal and drama, or add light definition. However, if overdone, this same look can give the eye a heavy, sagging appearance. Related Articles

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To brighten the eyes : Choose a white or light peach liner and line either underneath the lashes or, if you’re comfortable, the water line of the eyes to give the illusion of extended whites of the eyes, or bigger eyes. This will make you look more awake and alert.

If you’re lining the water line, make sure that you choose a formula that is safe for that area. Never use a liquid liner there, and regular pencil liners may be too harsh. Try a kohl or gel liner. For sex appeal and drama : To create a smoky eye makeup look with liner, line the outer one-third or two-thirds of the lower lash line with kohl liner, then smudge the edges with the darkest shadow color you used on the upper lid.

For an even more gradient, smudgy effect, use the medium shade to blend the edges of the dark shadow color out. For light definition : Use a medium brown pencil liner to barely go over the bottom lash line, two-thirds of the way in. Make sure the line isn’t too sharp by smudging with your little finger or a cotton swab.

For drama without being too obvious, line the water line with black, navy, or plum and lightly smudge downward into the lashes. The dark color will contrast with the whites of your eyes for a brightening effect. Dragging a thick band of color across the lower lash line rarely works and can close off the eye.

Liner that is too thick on bottom will give the illusion of baggy bottom lids, which can be aging. Keep the lines relatively thin and apply most of the product toward the outer corners, tapering it in as you move one-third or two-thirds of the way in.

Where not to put eyeliner?

Avoid The Inner Corner When Lining The Eye. – Using a black liner in the inner corner of the eye has the effect of “closing” the eye and making it appear smaller, which is the opposite of what you want. Instead, lightly draw a gentle line right below your bottom lashes to keep the area light. This will give you the definition you want without changing the size of your eyes.

Does eyeliner go on first?

Mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner: in what order should they be used? Eye makeup is a subtle and complex art that can be difficult to master, especially if you don’t know in what order to apply the different products. In this article, we will guide you step by step to help you achieve perfect eye makeup by using the products in the right order.

How to make up your eyes step by step? Mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner: in what order should they be used? First stage : Applying the eye shadows to create flawless eye makeup is to apply the eye shadows.

Start with an eye shadow primer to help prevent shadow from building up in the creases. Then, apply the main eyeshadow color, working from the outside of the eye and working inward. You can also add a darker color in the outer corner of the eye for a more dramatic look.

The success of your make-up lies in the choice of, How to make a line of eyeliner for beginners? Second step : Apply eyeliner. Start at the outer corner of the eye and draw a thin line towards the inner corner. For a softer look, you can blend the line with an eyeliner brush. On the other hand for a more dramatic look, you can create a thicker line.

There are also several types of eyeliner: liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, and felt eyeliner. The choice of eyeliner will depend on your personal preference and the effect you want to achieve but we recommend eyeliner for beginners and an impeccable result for sure.

Third step : Apply mascara. Mascara is a product that can make all the difference in your eye makeup. It is recommended to choose a mascara that suits your needs, such as the or the, Apply the mascara using the zigzag technique starting from the base of the eyelashes to the tips. Apply several coats if necessary, but avoid applying too much to avoid clumps.

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You can also use a clean mascara brush to comb the lashes and remove any clumps. In summary, the order of application of mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner is important for successful eye makeup. Start with eyeshadow to create a color base, followed by eyeliner to define your eyes and finally mascara to open up your eyes.

By following these steps, you will get an elegant and perfectly done eye makeup. It is important to remember that these steps can be adapted to your preferences and your personal style. It is recommended that you practice and experiment with different techniques and products to find what works best for you.

In the end, the most important thing is to have fun and feel confident in your look. Want to take over ALL TIGERS? Nothing’s easier : and make your voice heard. We consult with our community at every key brand milestone. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR! : Mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner: in what order should they be used?

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Does eyeliner make you look older or younger

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Mistake #04: Using black eyeliner – Applying a thick, black eyeliner makes your eyes appear really small and beady — making you look older than you are. An easy solution to this problem is to switch your back eyeliner with a brown one for a softer and more youthful appearance. Additionally, a thin flick of a lightly smudged brown liner helps open up your eyes and adds more depth to the eyes, making you look younger. BB picks:

Should eyeliner be thick or thin?

All Eye Shapes – Imaxtree The options are endless for eyeliner for all eye shapes. If your basic skills with an eye pencil or eyeliner brush could use a little improvement (aka your ability to get the line straight is lacking), try the connect-the-dots method or smudging the liner out for a smokey shadow look. Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise Skinny $8.00 Shop FAQ

How do you apply winged eyeliner for deep-set eyes? If you have deep-set eyes, your eyes sit back into your brow bone when you look at your profile from the side. Winged eyeliner looks great on deep-set eyes —as long as you follow a few rules. Use a liquid eyeliner to apply a thin line just above your lash line. As you come to the corner, make it a bit thicker and add a thin winged line going up. In general, keep the eyeliner thin, as thick eyeliner will make your eyes look more deep-set. To further open up your eyes, don’t put eyeliner on your bottom lid. Should you put eyeliner on your bottom lid? Yes, but sparingly. Use a light hand to apply liner to the outer portion of your eyelid. Don’t apply thick liner all the way across as it can make your eyes appear heavy and smaller. Use a beige eyeliner on your waterline to further brighten and open up your eyes. An eye pencil is easier to use than a gel or liquid liner, as the line doesn’t need to be perfect.

Should I let my 13 year old wear eyeliner?

What’s the Right Age to Start Wearing Makeup? A Guide for Parents and Kids

  1. 1 Your child might start wanting to wear makeup in middle school or when they’re 11-13. At that age, it’s natural for your kid to want to copy older adults. However, you won’t be alone if you still feel like 11-13 is too young. Some parents don’t approve of young people wearing makeup until they’re 14 years old or older. It really comes down to what feels right and appropriate for your lifestyle and situation.
    • For instance, school rules or dress codes might influence how people wear makeup, while wearing makeup at a young age might be totally normal for certain activities like dance team or cheer.
  2. 2 It’s okay for your child not to wear makeup at all! They might feel pressured to wear makeup, but remind them that who they are on the inside matters more than what they look like on the outside. Instead of focusing on their appearance, help your child build skills, pursue their passions, and praise their effort when they try something difficult. Most of all, model body confidence by speaking positively about your own features.
    • Praise your child’s effort and choices by saying something like, “I can see how much work you put into folding your clothes, and I love that you picked out a shirt that shows off your personality.”
    • Instead of criticizing yourself in front of your child, model positive body image.
    • For example, say something like, “I love my legs and hips because they’re strong enough to pick you up and carry you! I love my smile wrinkles because they remind me how often you make me smile and laugh.”
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  1. 1 From a health standpoint, the right makeup is fine for kids’ skin. Just be sure to research ingredients before using new products so you can make sure they don’t contain kohl, talc, BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), urea, sulfates and phthalates. Those chemicals may cause irritation and increased risk of cancer.
    • Use makeup as an opportunity to get kids to wear products with SPF and learn about healthy hygiene practices.
  2. 2 Makeup is fine from a psychological standpoint for most kids. You might worry makeup will cause kids to focus too much on appearance. Even though it’s tempting to adopt an “all-or-nothing” stance on whether makeup is good or bad, demonstrate having an open mind about makeup. That way, you avoid reinforcing excessive focus on appearance and sending the message that looking one specific way or another is wrong.
    • While makeup use hasn’t been studied in depth for children, some studies find that makeup might boost self-confidence.
    • If your child begins to express body image issues, start a conversation about how society, digital editing, and social media put huge pressure on people to look an unrealistic way.
    • Take your child to a counselor or psychologist if you’re concerned about body image issues.
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  1. 1 Adopt an attitude of non-judgement. Let your child know you’re there to answer any questions or concerns about makeup. Judging their makeup use might hurt their self-esteem and model negative behavior of scrutinizing others’ appearances.
    • Try asking about why they’d like to wear makeup, which can start a good conversation!
    • Say something like, “Can you tell me about why you’re interested in wearing makeup?”
    • If they’re insecure about their appearance, remind your child they don’t need makeup.
    • Say, “I like that you’re using your creativity with makeup, but I just want to remind you that you’re beautiful whether you wear it or not.”
  2. 2 Teach your child about makeup safety and skincare. Explain to them how some makeup chemicals (phthalates, parabens) are bad for their health and demonstrate looking at ingredient labels to find chemical names. Describe how oil-free and non-acnegenic products are better choices if your child is prone to clogged pores. Teach your child to wash their face and remove makeup before bed.
    • Demonstrate good hygiene habits.
    • Tell your child to wash their hands before applying makeup, throw out old products to prevent infection, and and beauty blenders.
    • Emphasize the importance of not sharing makeup or makeup brushes.
    • Tell your child to let you know if a certain product makes them feel itchy or if they think they’re having an allergic reaction.
    • Pay attention to their skin so you can spot any issues, too!
  3. 3 Set expectations and boundaries for what types of makeup you’ll allow. Just as with screen time, curfew, and chores, you’ll have to find rules that feel right for your family. Start by agreeing which products are allowed, but you might also have a conversation about whether certain looks are too mature or inappropriate for your child’s age. Check out these sample guidelines for inspiration as you decide what’s right for your child:
    • Let pre-teens and young tweens experiment with tinted moisturizer, light lip tint or gloss, and a brow pencil/pomade. Skip heavy foundation and lipstick for this age group.
    • Allow 12-13 year olds to use concealer for blemishes, eye shadow, eyeliner, powder for oily skin, and a light coat of mascara.
    • Let teens start wearing heavier coverage foundation, bronzer/highlighter, blush, and lipstick.
    • If your teen wants to go for a bolder look, advise them to go bold with either their eye makeup or their lips–not both. That way it won’t look overdone.
    • Set the rule that you’ll tell your child when they’re wearing too much makeup.
    • For instance, say, “You can experiment with makeup, but I’m going to tell you if I think it’s too much before you leave the house. After that, I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you want to take it off, and I trust you to make a good choice.”
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  1. 1 Start the conversation in a straightforward way., and ask for their opinion on it. It might feel scary to ask for something, but even if they say “no,” it probably won’t be “no” forever! You might be able to reach a compromise.
    • “Mom, I’d like to talk to you about wearing makeup. Is now a good time to talk?”
    • “Dad, I’m interested in wearing makeup. How do you feel about that?”
  2. 2 Tell them why you’re interested in makeup. You may feel like makeup lets you be creative or express yourself. You might feel a little self-conscious about your skin (even though we bet your skin is beautiful the way it is). Or you might just want to try something new! Being honest about your feelings behind makeup can help your family understand your point of view.
    • “You know I like art. I like to think of makeup as just another form of art.”
    • “I think wearing makeup might boost my self-confidence.”
  3. 3 Act mature when you ask. Show your parents you can handle something more on the adult side, like makeup, by asking without whining or complaining. If they give you a serious “no,” even though that might feel super frustrating, accept it for the time being, and know that they might change their mind in the future!
    • If you disagree, say, “I have a different perspective on that. I think”
    • To let your parents know you hear them, say, “I can see your point of view” or “I understand what you’re saying is”
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  1. Go for a “less is more” approach if you’re not sure where to start. That way you’ll get the of applying makeup figured out, and your parents might feel more comfortable with subtle makeup. Then, as you get older or decide you want to experiment with other looks, you can try out bolder makeup.
    • Instead of foundation, try a tinted moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin and smooth out your skin tone.
    • Make sure to still wear sunscreen that has at least SPF 30 if you’re going to be outside or in the sun.
    • Try out a light lip gloss or a lip tint that can double as blush.
    • Use an eyelash curler to add a bit of flair to your lashes without having to deal with mascara or eyeliner.
  • Question I’m an 11 year old, and kids my age wear makeup, and I don’t. Should I wear makeup even if I don’t like to? Do what you want. You don’t have to do anything just because someone else does it. If you don’t want to wear makeup, don’t!
  • Question How to make yourself attractive without makeup? Get plenty of sleep, make healthy food choices, drink lots of water, exercise, and refrain from drugs, alcohol and smoking. It’s also important to have a skincare regimen.
  • Question I’m 9 years old but feel like I’m ugly. Should I wear makeup? I’m scared people might make fun of me either way. What should I do? You aren’t ugly, and at 9 years old, makeup is too much for your sensitive, young skin.

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Should I use mascara or eyeliner?

Mascara vs eyeliner: the W&H verdict A little touch of mascara can give you a nice confidence boost on a day when you don’t want a full face of makeup, while eyeliner looks can add a nice amount of definition – and both can be worn alone or together, or layered up for a more glamorous look.

Does eyeliner make eyes look better?

Using an eyeliner, you can make your eyes appear more rounded, larger or sharper depending on your mood. If you know how to apply eye makeup well, you can lift your entire face, making it appear more youthful and energetic. This is precisely why most women (if not all) want to get bigger eyes with makeup.

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Is it OK to wear liquid eyeliner everyday

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Photo by Mihai Stefan on Unsplash – Contact lens users are particularly at risk when applying eyeliner to the waterline, as Dr Ng explains: “People who wear contact lenses are most likely to notice some problems. If they have eyeliner stuck to their lenses, increasing deposits might cause vision disruption as the lens becomes cloudier.” Other researchers had similar findings when studying the side effects of eyeliner application on the waterline.

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Do eyes look bigger with eyeliner on top or bottom

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Tip 2: Line Only Your Outer Corners – Eyeliner is a makeup bag staple for many, and applied properly, it can help make your eyes bigger-looking. One simple way to get big eyes with makeup—especially if your eyes are naturally smaller—is to apply eyeliner just to the outer third of your upper lid.

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Does eyeliner go on the top eyelid

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Download Article Learn the ins and outs of eyeliner and do your makeup like a professional Download Article Eyeliner is a makeup staple for a reason. Depending on how it’s applied, it can subtly or dramatically transform your appearance, and it looks great on pretty much everybody! Learning how to apply eyeliner can seem tricky at first glance, but we’ve assembled a guide for giving yourself the perfect look.

  • Use a pencil liner for a smudged or natural look, or liquid liner for smooth, precise lines. Use gel liner for bold, dramatic lines and cream liner for soft, natural lines.
  • If you’re a beginner, start with a pencil liner (or a cream liner in pencil form). This is the easiest type of liner to use.
  • Apply your eyeliner to your upper lash line so that it’s thinner at the inner corner and thicker towards the outer edge.
  • Apply the liner in small strokes, and fill your marks out as needed so that you have one solid, even line on your upper lash line.
  1. 1 Use a pencil liner for beginner-friendly natural or smudged looks. Pencil liners are easy to apply because you use them as you would any other pencil. Lightly apply the pencil for a subtle, natural look, or smudge your pencil to create smokey or dramatic eyes,
    • Unlike liquid liner, pencil liner won’t run into your eyes.
    • You may need to sharpen or dull your pencil depending on your desired consistency: a duller pencil will yield a more intense, smudgy line, while a sharper pencil will create a lighter, thinner line.
  2. 2 Liquid liner creates smooth, swooping lines and a precise look. You can find liquid liner in either a marker pen or in a vial with a brush. To use it, you simply draw on your lines and fill in any gaps with a second application of liner. You can create a wide range of lines from liquid liner, from thin, natural lines to dramatic looks.
    • Liquid liners can be a bit tricky to master, so if you’re new to the eyeliner game, you may want to start out with pencil liners first. (Unless you love a challenge, in which case go for liquid!)
    • Liquid liner marker pens are very easy to use, although they can get a bit messy compared to pencil liners. If you use a vial and brush, it may take some practice to learn how to use the liquid liner.
    • Hooded eyes are particularly prone to smudging due to the extra layer of skin that sometimes rests on the eyelid, but waterproof liquid liner is a safe bet for hooded eyes.


  3. 3 Try gel liner if you want to draw dramatic lines. Gel liner comes in a pot along with a small brush and it’s easy to use. Its thicker formula makes it great for dramatic looks, so if you want to give yourself cat eyes or wings, gel liner is a good choice.
    • You can use other brushes with your gel liner. You may find that an angled brush works best for applying the liner.
    • Be sure to clean the brush often to help prevent eye infections.
  4. 4 Use cream eyeliner for a soft, natural look. Cream eyeliner, like gel, often comes in a little pot that you dip a brush into, but it can also come in pencil form, making it a good choice for beginners who might be more comfortable with a pencil than a brush. Cream liner is great for when you want a soft and smudgy look, and it goes on really smooth to boot!
    • Many people use cream (or crème) and gel eyeliners interchangeably, but cream liners are softer and give you a more natural-looking appearance.
    • For this reason, if you’re after a dark, dramatic smokey eye look, opt for gel over cream, as cream won’t result in as intense a line.
    • Cream liner takes longer to set and smudges more easily than other liners, meaning it may not be the best option for people with hooded eyes, as the extra layer of skin on hooded eyes tends to rub against the eyelid, which may encourage smudging.
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  1. 1 Shake the liner to make sure it’s well-mixed. Make sure that the lid is secured first and then shake the bottle for a few seconds. Stop shaking and wait a few seconds for the liquid to settle, and then unscrew the cap and pull the brush out of the bottle.
    • If the brush is dripping with liner (or has a big glob of liner on it just waiting to smear all over your eyelid), then swipe it across the edge of the liner bottle to scrape some liner off.
  2. 2 Apply liner from the middle of your upper lash line outward. Begin with either your right or left eye. Place the brush against your upper lash line so that it’s as close as possible to your eyelashes, and begin applying eyeliner, moving outward as you go, towards the outer edge of your lash line. Your first line may be somewhat rough, but you’ll fill in the gaps in the next steps.
    • If you’re worried about getting an even line, try lining your upper lash line with pencil liner first and then go over this line with liquid liner.
  3. 3 Apply liner from the inner corner of your lash line until it meets the middle. Once you’ve lined the outer half of your upper lash line, apply liner to the inner corner outward until it meets the first line you’ve drawn. Use small strokes to connect your lines and fill it out as needed so that you have one solid, even line on your upper lash line.
    • If you make a mistake, dip a cotton swab in some liquid oil and use the tip of the cotton swab to fix it. Wipe away excess liner or even out any crooked edges.
  4. 4 Create a winged look by extending your lower lash line upward. Wings are optional with liquid liner, but adding wings can intensify your look. To create a winged look, just follow the curve of your lower lash line upwards from the outer corner of your eyelid, creating a “wing” that tapers to a point. Then, fill in the wing.
    • Try creating just a small wing if you do not want to look too dramatic, or go for a longer wing for a high drama look.
    • If you’re having trouble creating a straight line for your wing, try using a business card. Just place the business card against the outer edge of your eyelid at an angle and trace along the edge with the liquid liner.
    • You can also use tape to create wings. Place some tape on your lower lash line so that it is at an angle and extends up towards your eyebrow. Tape both eyes before you apply the liner to ensure an even application.
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  1. 1 Sharpen or dull your liner pencil if necessary. The sharpness of your eyeliner pencil will affect the way that the eyeliner looks. You can create a precise, thin line by sharpening your pencil, or you can create a more rounded, thick line by dulling the pencil.
    • To sharpen the pencil, use an eyeliner pencil sharpener to make the pencil as sharp as you want it to be.
    • To dull the pencil, gently rub the tip of the pencil on a tissue until it is the desired level of dullness.
  2. 2 Warm or cool your pencil as needed to change its consistency. To ensure that your pencil liner goes on smoothly, make sure it’s at the right temperature. A cooler pencil will provide a softer, lighter application. A warm pencil, which will be soft, will provide a darker, more pigmented look.
    • To warm up your liner, turn on your hair dryer on its highest setting and aim it at your eyeliner for a few seconds. This will soften up the liner enough to give it a gel-like consistency. Then, test the liner on your wrist before you apply it to your eye.
    • To cool down your liner, try placing it in the freezer for about 10 minutes before you apply it. This will help to prevent the pencil eyeliner from crumbling.
  3. 3 Hold the outer corner of your eyelid to ensure your line is straight. Place your fingers on the outer edge of your upper lash line and pull outwards gently so that the eyelid is taut. This will help to ensure that you create a straight, even line along your upper lash line. You may also want to close your eyelid as you pull it taut.
    • Raise your eyebrows so that your eyelid doesn’t block your lash line at all.
    • For additional stability, rest your elbow on a table or countertop to keep your hand steady.
  4. 4 Start drawing at the outer corner of your lash line and work inward. Begin lining the outer corner of your eyelid and move towards the inner corner of your eyelid, keeping the line thicker toward the outer edge of your eye and thinner as it moves towards the inner corner. Go slowly and use short strokes to create an even line.
    • If you want to make your eyes look bigger and more open, consider applying a lighter color just to the inner corner of your upper lash line. For example, you could use a cream-colored liner on the inner corners and a brown liner on the outer corners. Use an angled brush for blending if you are combining more than one color.
  5. 5 Fill in the spaces between your lashes for a more natural look. If you want a really natural look, consider tight lining your eyes. To tight line your eyes, only apply the eyeliner to the spaces between your lashes on your upper lid. This will accentuate your eyes without creating a dramatic line.
    • You can tight line your upper and/or lower lash line.
    • For an even more natural look, try tight lining your eyes with a neutral shade, such as light brown.
  6. 6 Line your lower lash line if desired. If you decide to line your lower lid, place a finger on the outer edge of your lower lid and pull it taut. Then, begin applying liner using short strokes, just as you did with the top lid.
    • Line the entire bottom lash line for a dramatic look. Lining the entire lower lash line along with your upper lash line will make your eyes look even more dramatic, though it will also make them look smaller.
    • Line just the outer half of the lower lash line for a more subtle look. You can also use a lighter shade of eyeliner for the lower lash to make the effect a bit less dramatic. For example, you could use a light brown shade on your lower lash line.
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  1. 1 Apply liner to one side of the liner brush. Gel line usually comes in a small pot, and you’ll need a liner brush to apply it. When you’re ready to apply your liner, unscrew the lid from the pot and dip your liner brush into the gel liner so that just the tip or edge is coated in gel liner.
    • Gel liner can dry out quickly, so make sure that you replace the lid as soon as you’re done using it. If the gel liner seems a little dry or stiff, warm the pot in your hands to make it easier to use.
  2. 2 Begin applying liner to your inner and outer corners. Apply liner starting at the inner lash line and moving towards the center, but do not fill it in yet. Then, apply the liner to the center of the lash line and move towards the outer corner.
    • If your eyelids tend to cover up your eyeliner, then apply the liner in an arch shape. This will help to ensure that you can see the liner when your eyes are open.
  3. 3 Run the brush back and forth across your lash line to fill it in. After you have starter lines on the inner and outer edges, then you can fill in any gaps along the center of your lash line. Use soft small strokes to create an even line along your upper lash line. To ensure that the line is even and bold enough, you may need to go over it several times.
    • Get some more gel liner on your brush if needed. You may be able to complete one eye with the amount of gel liner that you applied to your brush, or you can add more if needed.
    • Try blending some eyeshadow along the edge of the liner to create a smokey or smudged effect.
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  1. 1 Dip your brush into your cream liner and stir until the brush is saturated. Use a small, firm, angled brush when applying cream liner for best results. Swirl the brush around in the liner until it’s covered.
    • Because cream liner smudges more easily, wash your face and apply primer to your eyelids prior to applying your liner, as oily skin is more likely to cause your makeup to smear.
  2. 2 Apply your cream liner to your upper lash line, starting at the outer corner. Take your brush and apply your eyeliner in small, even strokes to form one solid line on your upper lash line. Begin at the outer corner and work your way inward, applying tiny daubs of liner as you go.
    • A lot goes a little way when it comes to cream eyeliner: you may need to reload your brush with liner more frequently as you apply it than you would with gel liner.
    • Pro tip: tilt your head back slightly so that you’re watching yourself in the mirror through slitted eyes. This will ensure your eyelids are smooth and that you have a good view of your lash line as you apply the liner.
  3. 3 Reapply liner as needed to intensify your line. Because cream liner is so smooth, it isn’t very defined or intense after just 1 coat. If you want your lines to look darker and more saturated, continue to apply coats of liner in small dabs until it reaches your desired intensity.
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  1. 1 Use neutral eyeshadow to create a base. Apply a neutral tone of eyeshadow to your eyelids up to your brows to begin and then follow it up with a slightly darker color on just your lids and crease. For example, you can use a nude shade, followed by a light brown shade.
    • Use a large fluffy brush to apply each layer of the eyeshadow all over your eyelids.
    • Check out this guide to applying eyeshadow to hooded lids.
    • Not up for a neutral look? Take a gander at this makeup guide to dolling up for a fancy party, or this tutorial on how to give yourself an emo makeover.
  2. 2 Add darker eyeshadow to the outer edges of your eyelids. Next, apply some medium brown eyeshadow to the outer edges of your eyelids. This will start to enhance your outer eyelids and create a nice backdrop for your cat eye eyeliner. Follow up the medium brown shade with some black eyeshadow over the same area.
    • Apply some black eyeshadow to the inner edges of your eyelids as well. This will help to create the smokey effect.
  3. 3 Add light eyeshadow to the center of your eyelid to highlight it. To brighten your eyes, add a bit of light, shimmery eyeshadow to the centers of your eyelids. You can use any light color that you want, such as a champagne, cream, or white color. Pat the eyeshadow onto the centers of your eyelids using a small fluffy brush.
  4. 4 Line your upper lash line with liquid or gel liner. Now that you have finished applying your eyeshadow, you can start to line your upper lash line with black eyeliner. Liquid liner or gel liner will work best because of their ability to give you a really dramatic, intense line.
    • If you’re using gel liner with a liner brush, then make sure that the brush is evenly coated and that there are no clumps of liner stuck on the brush.
  5. 5 Create your wings. Next, extend your eyeliner out past the edge of your eyelid and upwards. Follow the curve of your lower lash line to help you create the bottom of your wings. Go back over the wings to fill in any gaps in the liner.
    • When you’re done, you will have a dramatic, thick cat eye look.
  6. 6 Apply mascara and false lashes if desired. You can finish your look with some mascara and false lashes if you choose. Adding mascara will help to define your eyes and putting on false lashes will give you an even more dramatic look.
    • Try curling your lashes before you apply mascara to give them some extra volume and definition. Heat your eyelash curler with your hair dryer for a few seconds for a more dramatic curl.
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Why put eyeliner on top waterline?

let’s talk about waterlines Adding eyeliner to your waterline is an easy way to change up your eye makeup. It can add darkness to a smoky eye, brighten up tired/red eyes, make smaller eyes look bigger, and big eyes look smaller. The waterlines are the area where your eyelids meet to close your eyes.

  • So, I would leave the appointment, get into my car, flip down the mirror and layer on the black liner that he so kindly made me rub off.
  • I kind of went through a “only wear black, smoky eye makeup, and black high heels” stage in beauty school.
  • Ooph.

High School. Not my best fashion moment. Anyway, my eye doctor was probably right. It’s not the safest makeup technique to do to your eyes since it can clog tear ducts and cause irritation. I’ve never had any negative effects, that I’m aware of, but I still try to limit using this technique.

  1. So: listen to my eye doctor.
  2. Do this at your own risk.
  3. Don’t come crying to me if you get an eye irritation, because, well, two reasons: 1.
  4. Crying probably isn’t helping your eye irritation.2.
  5. I’m going to tell you that I told you not to do this.
  6. Anyway, let’s get on with it.
  7. The two eyeliners I’ll be featuring in this post are, and,

In the first photo, I’m wearing absolutely nothing on either waterline. In this photo, I’m wearing the liner on both the top and the bottom waterline. The biggest difference I can see is that my eyes look bigger, but almost too “heavy” at the bottom. In this photo, I added the liner to the top, and left the liner on the bottom.

  • This adds a little bit more definition around the top lashes by making them look a little fuller.
  • Here I’m wearing black on both the top and bottom waterlines.
  • You can see the most dramatic change in the eye makeup with this technique.
  • It makes my eyes look smaller, but they pop more.
  • As you can see, from all the looks lined up together, there isn’t a huge change between all the looks.

Using liner on the waterlines is one of those subtle techniques that can add a finishing touch to an eye makeup look, depending on what you are going for. If you’ve had a long night, and wake up to red, swollen eyes, try the liner to brighten them up.

  1. If you want the smokiest of smoky eyes, line the top and bottom with or slate liner.
  2. So now that I’ve said all this and made you all interested in trying it, don’t forget about my warning above, k?
  3. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

: let’s talk about waterlines