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What is a sleeve tattoo cover-up

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Tattoo Cover-up Ideas Sleeve – The arm is a common placement area for tattoos. It’s an easy area to cover with clothing and an easy area to show off as well. So, for many people, this is the perfect ‘mix. ‘ Unfortunately, many people get tattoos on the arm and then later wish they hadn’t. What Is A Cover Up Tattoo If your tattoo is small, you could cover it with a tattoo just a little larger than the one you currently have. But most of the time, we see clients with tattoos that cover a good bit of the arm. One of the ways to fix this situation is to get a sleeve cover-up. A sleeve tattoo is exactly what it sounds like. It usually covers one’s entire arm from the top of the shoulder down to the wrist. push( ); What Is A Cover Up Tattoo What Is A Cover Up Tattoo The reason a lot of people look for tattoo cover-up ideas (sleeve) is that a sleeve doesn’t have to be one big tat. It can actually incorporate several smaller tattoos into one large piece. If the ink you have can’t be easily transformed into something else, having it camouflaged by other tattoos inside of a sleeve piece might be your best bet. Here are some awesome sleeve pieces that can be used to excite the imagination:.

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What is the process of getting a cover up tattoo

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Designing Your New Piece – The process of getting a cover up is much like any other tattoo: you find a design, talk it over with the artist and book your appointment. The real difference comes with the choice of designs you may have; depending on what you’re getting covered certain images may not fit.

  • It’s really a matter of finding what works best with the existing tattoos lines, shapes, colors, even the area where it is placed;
  • A good tattooist will want to make sure that their cover up will not only flow well with the curves of your body but will also be sure to leave as little trace as possible of the previous ink;
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The same can be said of scars: if you’re okay with some of them showing or not being covered fully, any design will do, but if you’d like them completely camouflaged, it’s best to get creative. When getting a cover up tattoo, you may have to accept that your initial idea may not work, but with perseverance, and the right tattoo artist, an awesome design will come!.

Why should you cover up tattoos?

When you think about getting a permanent tattoo design on your body. You should be very careful with what the design would be, what kind of design you are going to have on your body. Because Tattoos are not easy to erase or take off. Even if advance laser but the end result won’t really good as you think you ll be satisfy.

So be careful when you are choosing your tattoo design or tattoo studio. You must choose a good tattoo studio and should see their work as well. A good tattoo studio or artist will never let you go for cover up your tattoo.

But in most cases people usually go for cheap tattoo shops and get some shitty piece of designs and names tattoo of their loved one who become their ex now. So that kinds of tattoos must be covered up before you become the symbol of laugh or you feel embarrassment.