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What happened to Annabelle Collins in Brookside

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Departure – On 8 April 1990, Sloane died following being diagnosed with cancer. Sloane continued to work despite her diagnosis and had been responded well to her cancer treatment. At the time of her death, Sloane had filmed up to five weeks of additional episodes as Annabelle.

Sloane did not publicise her illness and only told those in production who needed to know. Production and stories were not compromised because of this and an exit storyline could be worked on. Sue Johnstone and Brookside creator Redmond also paid tribute to Sloane, with the latter stating “we are all going to miss the support, enthusiasm and professionalism Doreen gave us from the very first day of Brookside.” Sloane’s final episode she filmed aired on 9 May 1990.

The episode featured the continuation of Annabelle’s plans to adopt Louise Mitchell (Jenny Hesketh), despite her misbehaviour bringing up Annabelle’s affair and breaking plates. Following Sloane’s death, producers decided to write the entire Collins family out of the series.

  • The Collinses departure storyline featured them moving to the Lake District,
  • Mona had married her friend Gerald Fallon (Bryan Matheson) and already moved to the Lake District one year previously.
  • Wiggins later discussed his time on Brookside, stating that it upset him to talk about Sloane.
  • He added that a memorable moment was filming camping scenes with Sloane in the Collinses garden.

The rainy weather caused them to slip on-set and the tent collapsed with Sloane inside. In 1994, it was revealed that Annabelle, Paul and Mona were still living in the Lake District and were running a small guest house. Gerald had died in two years previously after having a heart-attack.

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Who were the families in Brookside

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The Dixon family, first consisting of mum DD, dad Ron and children Mike, Tony and Jacqui, arrived in Brookside in 1990 and along the way more partners and children were added to the mix.

Why did Roger leave Brookside?

Departure – “Roger was a wimp. I didn’t enjoy playing him. I think Brookside is the best soap on television, but if you do a series like that you’ve got to like the character. I liked Roger for about a month.” —Spendlove’s opinion of Roger. (1990) Roger was written out of Brookside after only one year.

  • His final stories feature Sydney intervening in the Huntington marriage.
  • Roger and Heather discuss a potential reconciliation.
  • Heather ultimately decides that their marriage is over and Roger leaves Brookside Close permanently.
  • Roger made his final appearance on 25 October 1983.
  • When Brookside was approaching the end of its first production year, Redmond began negotiating new contracts.

Spendlove wanted to remain in the series and a new contract was offered. He soon changed his mind and informed Redmond he wanted to leave. Redmond stated that Spendlove received another job offer which required him to leave immediately at the end of his contract.

Spendlove has claimed he was bored of playing Roger after one month of filming and did not enjoy playing him. Brookside faced many technical issues during its early months of production that made his experience “dodgy and ropey”. He told Stuart Gilles from Western Daily Press that Roger “was a wimp and I didn’t enjoy him.

I got fed up with the role.” Spendlove also received hate mail from female viewers who were annoyed at Roger’s treatment of Heather. He considered quitting then but chose to stay longer. Spendlove eventually grew tired of the attention he got from acting in a soap opera and looked for work elsewhere.

  1. Spendlove was informed that Roger would not be killed off because the character Gavin Taylor had died earlier that year.
  2. He added that producers wanted the possibility of Roger and Heather reuniting in the future.
  3. Spendlove’s request to leave as soon as his contract expired worried Redmond.
  4. He believed that if any reshoots were required, Spendlove would be unavailable.

He decided to rewrite scripts and quickly end the Huntington marriage. His plan was for Roger to be written out prior to Spendlove’s contract expiring in case they needed to film additional content. Redmond helped to write the first 90 episodes of Brookside.

The final storyline he wrote for the show was the breakdown of Roger and Heather’s marriage. His final four episodes all featured Roger and Heather’s marital drama. But Redmond believed that his writing team did not have the time to spare to change the scripts. Redmond had one week to rewrite the episodes himself without their help.

He recalled in his autobiography titled “Midterm Report” that the process took around five days to complete. The episode featuring Heather discovering Roger’s affair took him four hours to write and was the fastest he had ever wrote a script. Redmond chose to break Roger and Heather up so Burton could remain in the series.

  • Redmond commented that “the end of that first year was my personal golden age of Brookside.
  • That was when we had the breakdown of Roger and Heather’s marriage and that meant a lot to me personally because I wrote those scripts, too.” Redmond stated in his autobiography that two of Roger’s final scenes were all time favourite Brookside moments.

These scenes were Sydney telling Roger that he did not love his mother, Margaret but made a vow to stay with her. The second was Heather discovering his affair and throwing him out of the house.

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Why did Heather leave Brookside

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Second marriage and departure – Heather’s next relationship is with an architect, Nicholas Black ( Alan Rothwell ). The two meet after Nick has a minor collision with Heather’s car. He takes Heather’s address and later calls around to sort the damage to the car.

Heather is decorating her house with Joyce Harrington (Gil Brailey) and Nick invites himself inside to help them. He ends up convincing Heather to let him stay over and complete the decorating in one night. He manages to finish by morning and Heather develops a bond with him. They begin dating, Redmond described Nick as “no Paul Newman ” but Heather was not concerned about good looks.

Nick is portrayed as “cheerful and optimistic in an almost childlike way” and Heather is left falling in love with him. Nick draws silly cartoons for Heather and he is honest about his family life. Nick had previously been married to Barbara Black ( Brenda Elder ), but their marriage ends when she comes out as a lesbian.

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They have three children together, Ruth (Joanne Sidwell), Scott (Philip Glancy) and Adam Black (Toby King). Polite Adam is the easiest of Nick’s children for Heather to bond with. She finds it difficult to cope with awkward Scott and then causes problems for Heather and Nick because she is jealous of their relationship.

In addition, writers introduced Nick’s best friend Charlie Dawson ( Philip McGough ). Heather takes an instant dislike to Charlie, but Nick stresses that Charlie is harmless and they have a long friendship. Despite basically living with Heather, Nick refuses to give up his flat which he uses to meet with Charlie.

Writers once again created relationship turmoil for Heather, who had become a firmly established as an unlucky in love character. Heather discovers that Nick had been cashing in cheques amounting to hundreds of pounds but could not explain where the money went. As an accountant, Heather uses her knowledge to take control of his finances.

She excuses his behaviour, believing that Nick is just an eccentric person. She goes ahead with their wedding day and marries Nick with their friends and family in attendance. But Nick continues to hide away with Charlie in his flat. Heather presumes that Nick and Charlie are gay and are having an affair.

  1. Heather decides to go to his flat and confront them, only to find that Nick has overdosed on heroin.
  2. Nick survives and it is revealed that Nick and Charlie are long-term functioning heroin addicts who have managed to get by in life.
  3. Heather decides to give Nick another chance if he promises to stop taking drugs.

Barbara warns Heather that Nick will never change. Heather loves Nick and thinks she can change his behaviour. She confiscates his cheque book and he steals Heather’s jewellery and sells it to purchase heroin. Heather confronts Nick, who laughs in her face.

  • She visits Barry Grant ( Paul Usher ) for advice because he his ex-girlfriend was addicted to heroin.
  • He tells Heather to leave Nick, or else she will end up an addict.
  • Heather decides to give Nick an additional chance but later finds him drugged up and they argue.
  • Nick tries to convince Heather to take heroin with him their argument ends with Nick leaving their home.

Nick is found dead on a bench in Sefton Park, and it is determined that he fell asleep having smoked heroin and died from hypothermia. In 1986, Burton decided to leave Brookside after four years to pursue other acting projects. Heather decides she can no longer live on Brookside Close where she has experienced so much trauma.

She gives Barry her house keys, gets into her car and leaves without any of her belongings. A solicitor later auctions off the house and its contents. Heather initially moved back to Ireland and never returned to Brookside Close. In the 1994 book, Phil Redmond’s Brookside – Life in the Close, it was revealed that Heather spent three years in Ireland and then moved to Derbyshire in England.

It was also detailed that Heather was in a long-term relationship with a general practitioner but did not want to marry him. Later discussing her time in Brookside, Burton told Emily Bearn from The Daily Telegraph that “It was a wonderful training, I was still quite naïve when I joined the programme but I learned so much from it.

Why was Gavin written out of Brookside?

Introduction – In her backstory, Petra’s mother died when she was a child and their father Davey Jones ( Ian Hendry ) was a drunk who was unable to care for them. This forced Petra’s sister, Marie Jackson ( Anna Keaveney ) to look after Petra and their younger sister, Michelle Jones (Tracy Jay).

  • Pigg told Geoff Baker from Birmingham Mail that “Petra’s just an ordinary typist who desperately wants a baby.” Writers made Petra aged twenty-four, unlike Pigg who was four years younger.
  • In a character profile published in TVTimes, Petra was described as being the “attractive wife” of Gavin, who has to suffer his “roving eye” when shows interest in other women.

It added that Petra and Gavin have marriage problems. In the book, Brookside: The Official Companion, show creator Phil Redmond profiled Petra as a “typist at a large insurance office who always seemed to be on the verge of a good long sulk.” Her characterisation is mostly formed around her problematic relationship with Gavin and their struggle to have their own child.

  1. Redmond described Petra as finding “solace” in her home décor, which was filled with Waring & Gillow furniture.
  2. He also called her a “tragic” character.
  3. Petra moves into number ten Brookside Close with her husband Gavin.
  4. The house would later gain infamy for being the centre of various tragic stories and down-on-their-luck characters residing there.

Petra and Gavin’s tragic stories set the tone for future occupants of the household. Redmond wrote that it was “almost as though the house had been built on restless graves.” Prior to their arrival, Petra and Gavin’s front garden was strewn with old kitchen cookers.

Upon their arrival, they moved their belongings into Brookside Close on a meat truck. The couple also memorably owned a silver BMW car with the slogan “Gav + Pet” stuck to its front windscreen. Following their introduction, writers created a feud between the Taylor’s and their neighbour Roger Huntington ( Rob Spendlove ).

They also portrayed a difficult marriage between Petra and Gavin owed to Petra’s desperation to have a child of their own. The issue causes their sexual relationship to deteriorate. Petra also does not approve of Gavin’s business selling pre-owned cookers.

  1. Petra keeps trying to become pregnant but they are unsuccessful.
  2. They later discover that Gavin has a low sperm count which has been preventing pregnancy.
  3. En Irwin from Daily Mirror reported that Brookside producers offered Webb an eight month extension to his initial three month contract.
  4. Webb refused the offer and production implemented a death storyline they had created for Gavin.

Irwin confirmed that Pigg would remain in the show and Gavin’s death “brings the warring neighbours of Brookside estate a little closer.” Show creator Phil Redmond later confirmed that Gavin’s death became a plot device to bond the remaining characters.

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Why did Jackie Corkhill leave Brookside

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1991-2001: Life in Brookside Close – Although they were estranged when Jimmy moved onto Brookside Close in 1986, they got back together in 1991 when she joined Jimmy at his house there. In 1995, Jimmy bought No 10 and Jimmy, Jackie and their daughter Lindsey Corkhill moved in.

When Jackie discovered that Jimmy had bought the house using drug money, she began to mistrust him. Jackie then later had an affair with neighbour Ron Dixon, Jackie was distraught when her son ” Little Jimmy ” was murdered by drug dealers in 1996 after he fled France to escape his debts with them. Jackie, now in her forties, later has a baby son called William.

Following Jimmy’s subsequent depression, the two eventually split up and Jackie left Brookside Close in 2001, The couple later divorced and Jimmy bought her half of the house and stayed on there until the Close was finally abandoned two years later.

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What happened to Doreen Corkhill in Brookside?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Doreen Corkhill
Brookside character
Portrayed by Kate Fitzgerald
Duration 1985–1987, 1989–1990
First appearance 27 August 1985
Last appearance 14 September 1990
Classification Former; regular
Created by Phil Redmond
In-universe information


Doreen Corkhill is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Brookside, played by Kate Fitzgerald, The character debuted on-screen during the episode broadcast on 27 August 1985. Doreen was introduced as part of the new Corkhill family consisting of herself, husband Billy Corkhill ( John McArdle ) and their two children Tracy (Justine Kerrigan) and Rod Corkhill (Jason Hope).

  • Doreen was portrayed as the aspiring housewife who wants to buy her own home.
  • Billy risks financial ruin to help Doreen get her ideal home on Brookside Close.
  • She is characterised as competitive and wants to portray a positive family image to her neighbours.
  • She is a shopaholic and over spender, a trait writers used to get the Corkhills into debt.

Her behaviour causes her family many problems, Billy begins committing fraud and robberies to fund their lifestyle. Fitzgerald decided to leave Brookside in 1987, citing exhaustion and issues with Doreen’s characterisation. Writers created a dramatic exit story for her in which her marriage ends and abandons her children.

  • In 1988, producers requested that Fitzgerald return to the show.
  • She eventually agreed to a later invitation and Doreen returned in July 1989.
  • Doreen’s personality had been changed and she acknowledges that her earlier behaviour was wrong.
  • She wants to resume her marriage, but Billy began a relationship with Sheila Grant ( Sue Johnston ) in her absence.

The character was once again written out of the series following Doreen being unsuccessful in her aims to resume her marriage. Fitzgerald branded her departure a mistake and she believed that she had let real women like Doreen down. Television critics have praised Doreen’s realism, Gareth McLean from The Guardian opined that Doreen and Billy were a true representation of the Liverpudlian “aspiring lower-middle-class”.

What happened to Marie in Brookside?

Anna Keaveney recently appeared in ITV comedy Doc Martin Actress Anna Keaveney, who appeared in Brookside, My Family and A Touch of Frost, has died of lung cancer aged 55. Keaveney, who played Brookside’s Marie Jackson when the Channel 4 soap began in 1982, died on Saturday.

  • Born in Runcorn, Cheshire, she also starred in numerous films including 1989’s Shirley Valentine.
  • She played Nellie in Mike Leigh’s latest film Vera Drake, which won the Golden Lion prize for best film at this year’s Venice Film Festival.
  • Cameo role And most recently she appeared alongside Richard Wilson in ITV’s King of Fridges and with Martin Clunes in Doc Martin.

Other TV appearances included the part of Matron in ITV drama Footballers’ Wives and a cameo role as Tom Farrell’s mother Sheila in BBC comedy Gimme Gimme Gimme. Keaveney’s career also included stage performances in Neaptide for the National Theatre, Private Lives and The Rise and Fall of Little Voice. SEE ALSO: RELATED INTERNET LINKS: The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites

What happened to the Jacksons in Brookside?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

George Jackson
Brookside character
Portrayed by Cliff Howells
Duration 1983–1984
First appearance 2 February 1983
Last appearance 30 October 1984
Classification Former; regular
Created by Phil Redmond
In-universe information


George Jackson is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Brookside, played by Cliff Howells. The character debuted on-screen during the episode broadcast on 2 February 1983. George was introduced as the brother-in-law of established character Petra Taylor ( Alexandra Pigg ), following the death of her husband, Gavin Taylor ( Daniel Webb ).

Writers soon introduced viewers to the remainder of The Jackson family, including his wife Marie Jackson ( Anna Keaveney ), their sons Little George Jackson (Allan Patterson), Gary Jackson (Steven Patterson) and his sister-in-law Michelle Jones (Tracy Jay). George, a firefighter, is portrayed as a easygoing and unassuming.

Producers featured George in a criminal injustice storyline in which he is imprisoned for a warehouse robbery he did not commit. George is framed for the crime by a gangster, Tommy McArdle ( Malcolm Tierney ) and his associate Victor Scott (Robbie Dee).

Writers created a fictional campaign titled “Free George Jackson”, which is started by Marie. With legal help, she attempts to have her husband freed from prison via the publicity it generates. The story was popular with viewers and Brookside’s production company Mersey Television tried to capitalise on the story’s popularity by created a real life campaign.

They funded thousands of posters, created t-shirts, badges and banners. They created an information telephone number for viewers to receive updated information on the campaign and released a commercial song via an LP vinyl and radio play. Howells left the series when George was imprisoned.

  1. He was unhappy with the campaign’s publicity and producer’s using his image on posters without his consent.
  2. Howells sought help from the actors union Equity, who helped him build a case against Mersey Television.
  3. They changed the posters and despite the campaign being well known nationally in the United Kingdom, George was not released from prison.

In the story, he is transferred to a Leeds prison and Marie and their children leave Brookside following the actors being written out. The “Free George Jackson” campaign gained infamy and become one of the show’s most recognised storylines.

Was Brookside real houses?

Development – Brookside differed from other soap operas because it was filmed in real, brand-new houses in a real cul-de-sac, situated off Deysbrook Lane in the Croxteth area of Liverpool, Built by Broseley Homes, the houses were custom-built in an attempt by the producers to add to the show’s realism.

Do people live in Brookside houses?

There are a handful of street names here in Liverpool that are famous the world over thanks to our incredible offering of music stars and TV shows. Penny Lane, Mathew Street and Brookside Close have all been immortalised thanks to their links to some of our city’s most famous exports.

But what’s it actually like to live on such a famous street? Back in February, we went to speak to the residents of Brookside Close to ask how it feels to live in a piece of soap history. These days, the former set of the Channel 4 show is a regular residential street – but for the people who live here there’s no forgetting the fact their homes provided the backdrop to some of TV’s biggest soap storylines.

Just a stone’s throw from West Derby Village, tucked away behind a neighbouring estate, sits this part of British TV history. The sign at the entrance to Brookside Close still looks exactly the same, more than 16 years on from the last episode. Walking down Brookside Close, now just called Brookside, it’s startling just how little has changed. Brookside Close, Channel Four’s soap set. Photo by Colin Lane (Image: Photo by Colin Lane)

Who lived at 5 Brookside Close?


Name ▲Duration
Barry Grant 1982 – 1989 1994 – 1995
Karen Grant 1982 –
Damon Grant 1982 –
The Rogers 1989 – 1994

What happened to Ron in Brookside?

2001-2003: Shooting & Marriage – In May 2001, after a succession of robberies at his house, Ron finally snapped and bought a gun off Sotto, an acquaintance of neighbour Tim O’Leary, which he eventually used on a burglar who had entered his house. The burglar was Clint Moffat, the brother of his daughter Jacqui’s boyfriend, Robbie Robbie.

  1. Ron did not realise who he had shot until it was too late.
  2. Robbie turned out to be the burglar; Clint was only in the Dixons’ house to get Robbie out.
  3. Ron was charged with his murder.
  4. He was released on bail but following his trial in December 2001 he was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to nine months in Prison,

He was freed four months later. After the verdict, Anthea left Ron and he found himself on his own again. In 2003, Ron married Bev and they and Josh moved away from the Close.

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Why did Sheila and Bobby break up

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Robert “Bobby” Grant was the husband of Sheila Grant, He is also the father of Damon, Karen and Claire Grant, and the adoptive father of Barry Grant, Bobby could be a domineering man over his family, and throughout the series was shown to regularly hit his son Damon for minor misdemeanours.

Bobby’s role as patriarch of the Grant family was tested in 1986 when his wife Sheila was raped. The character was a longtime friend of Matty Nolan and also endured a difficult relationship with neighbour, Paul Collins, After Sheila was raped in 1986 and the death of son Damon in 1987, Bobby and Sheila’s marriage began to falter.

The two started to attend marriage guidance and Sheila sought advice from her priest. The pair finally split in May 1988 with Bobby taking the decision to leave Sheila.

Who lived at 10 Brookside Close?


Name ▲Duration
Terry Sullivan and Michelle Jones 1985
The Corkhills (Billy and family) 1985 – 1993
The Jordaches 1993 – 1995
The Corkhills (Jimmy and family) 1995 – 2003

Who lived at 7 Brookside Close?


Name ▲Duration
Sandra Maghie, Pat Hancock and Terry Sullivan 1985 – 1987
The Rogers 1987 – 1989
The Chois 1989 – 1990
The Farnhams (Max and Patricia) 1990 – 1996

Who plays Polly in Brookside?

Janet Rawson : Polly Add a photo or add a quote.

What happened to Laura in Brookside?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jonathan Gordon-Davies
Brookside character
Portrayed by Steven Pinner
Duration 1987–1990
First appearance 6 April 1987
Last appearance 31 October 1990
Classification Former; regular
In-universe information


Jonathan Gordon-Davies is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Brookside, played by Steven Pinner. The character debuted on-screen during the episode broadcast on 6 April 1987. Pinner was cast in the series after a period of unemployment and he credited the role as being his saviour from depression.

  1. Jonathan is characterised as an upper class solicitor from a wealthy family in London,
  2. Writers created Jonathan alongside his fiancée Laura Wright (Jane Cunliffe).
  3. Together they represented the young urban professionals ( yuppies ) of 1980/1990s British society.
  4. The two characters move into number nine Brookside Close, the house previously occupied by similar upper class character Heather Haversham ( Amanda Burton ).

Writers created a wedding story for them, which was broadcast on 11 August 1987 and commemorated the 500th episode of Brookside, Jonathan was portrayed at odds with his interfering father-in-law Geoff Wright (Arthur Kelly). He would invite himself into Jonathan’s home and perform DIY home improvements to Jonathan’s chagrin.

  • His faulty repair of a light switch causes Laura to electrocute herself and fall down some stairs.
  • The story formed Cunliffe’s departure from the series after less than one year on-screen.
  • Laura was killed off in January 1988, but writers decided to develop Jonathan’s character further.
  • He gained housemates and friends when Terry Sullivan ( Brian Regan ) and later Sue Harper ( Annie Miles ) move in with him.

Jennifer Calvert was introduced as Jonathan’s new love interest, Canadian national Cheryl Boyanowsky, Producers spared no expense at creating an international love affair between the two. They filmed their first meeting in Austria, on-screen depicted as a skiing trip.

Cheryl later visits Jonathan in Liverpool before returning to Canada. Producers then ordered production to commence in the Canadian city Vancouver to further develop their romance. Pinner enjoyed portraying Jonathan’s travels and Cheryl returns to England to live with Jonathan. However, writers marred their romance with tension caused by their housemates Sue and Terry.

Their relationship culminated following Calvert’s departure and by 1990, Jonathan was portrayed as restless in his life. The character’s final stories included Terry accusing him of having an affair with Sue and selling his solicitors partnership. Pinner made his departure from the series in October 1990 and Jonathan moves to London with his new lover Helen Massey (Colette Stevenson).

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What happened to Marie in Brookside

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Anna Keaveney recently appeared in ITV comedy Doc Martin Actress Anna Keaveney, who appeared in Brookside, My Family and A Touch of Frost, has died of lung cancer aged 55. Keaveney, who played Brookside’s Marie Jackson when the Channel 4 soap began in 1982, died on Saturday.

Born in Runcorn, Cheshire, she also starred in numerous films including 1989’s Shirley Valentine. She played Nellie in Mike Leigh’s latest film Vera Drake, which won the Golden Lion prize for best film at this year’s Venice Film Festival. Cameo role And most recently she appeared alongside Richard Wilson in ITV’s King of Fridges and with Martin Clunes in Doc Martin.

Other TV appearances included the part of Matron in ITV drama Footballers’ Wives and a cameo role as Tom Farrell’s mother Sheila in BBC comedy Gimme Gimme Gimme. Keaveney’s career also included stage performances in Neaptide for the National Theatre, Private Lives and The Rise and Fall of Little Voice. SEE ALSO: RELATED INTERNET LINKS: The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites