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Can people see what I look at on Instagram

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How Do You Hide Your Search History On Instagram? – Actually, no one can see what you’ve searched for on Instagram unless they have access to your phone because Instagram tends to make this info private by default. If you want to err on the side of caution and delete your entire Instagram search history, you can do so quickly by following the steps provided below. Step #3 — Next, tap on “Clear All” on the top right of your screen Step #4 — Lastly, tap “Clear All” once again and all your search feature data will be cleared! You can even choose to clear just some of the recent searches you have done, by clicking on the “x” mark beside the names! Can Your Followers See What You Look At On Instagram What you’ve been up to on the platform is hidden from both your Instagram followers and the rest of the user base. So don’t fret over it, okay? There is no other way for someone to track your account activity on the platform besides in the instances where you have taken some sort of action there, such as liking someone’s pictures, commenting, adding a story, viewing someone else’s Instagram story, or doing something similar.

What does it look like when you restrict someone on Instagram?

What happens when you restrict someone on Instagram? – The Instagram restrict feature will hide your active status and the “read” indicator in direct messages. This is useful if you wish to avoid unwanted interactions with certain followers or users.

Will the person know if I restrict them on Instagram?

Differences between restricting, muting and blocking – Despite these options all surrounding limiting a user’s access to our Instagram account, it is important to point out the differences between muting, restricting and blocking. What’s exactly are the differences between them? ➡ ️ Access to your account.

This is the main difference between blocking and restricting. When you restrict an Instagram account, the user can still follow your profile and see everything you share without any problems. On the other hand, blocking a user means you “prohibit” them from seeing any part of your profile. This includes the posts you upload, your stories, or any content from your Reels.

➡ ️ Interaction with your profile. As we said earlier, users that you have restricted can still comment on your posts, but only you and the user can see it. It is not public. At least they can interact with your content. When you block a user, they cannot like your content, they cannot respond to your stories, nor comment on anything you post.

  • ️ Seeing content.
  • Unlike blocking and restricting, when you mute a user it is you who does not see the other user’s content.
  • You can select which content you want to mute: the posts, the stories or both.
  • That is, you do not limit the activity to another user on your profile, but rather with “mute” you will no longer see their stories or posts on your feed, unless you enter directly into their account.
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With blocking and restricting, you are choosing which content on your profile restricted users can view. ➡ ️ Knowing what has happened. When you restrict an account, the user won’t know because their Instagram feed and access will look the exact same. However, when you block someone, they do not have access to anything related to your account, not even through tagged photos of you.

  • Because of this, it is likely that if it was an account you interacted with quite a lot, they will suspect that you have blocked them.
  • What other options are there to limit content to certain users? If you are not willing to block or restrict an Instagram account, you can also hide your stories from certain users, or report an account if you feel it is necessary.

Now you know how to restrict on Instagram if you ever need to use it, regardless of whether you have a personal account, business account or are a content creator. Want to start your Instagram business strategy? This guide will become your best friend!

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How do I know if someone blocked me on Instagram

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Search the account that may have blocked you – Start by searching within the app for the account that you think has blocked you. Tap the Search icon at the bottom of the screen. Then type the name of the account.

If the account is private and you can’t find it, you’ve probably been blocked.If the account is public, and when visiting their page you can’t see their profile image, post count, follower count, or following count, and the photo grid area reads “No Posts Yet,” you have been blocked.

You can also perform this search in a browser. Type in the link (replacing the word “username” with their Instagram handle, of course). If you see this message when trying to visit an Instagram account on the desktop which you know exists, you’ve probably been blocked. Dave Johnson/Insider If you see a page that says “Sorry, this page isn’t available,” then either the individual has deleted the account or you have likely been blocked.

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How do you know if someone restricted you on Instagram

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Blocking vs. Restricting Someone on Instagram – You’ve probably heard of blocking, so how is restricting different from a full-blown block? When someone blocks you, you can’t find or access their profile at all with your Instagram account. You can’t see their posts, videos, or Stories.

You also can’t send them any messages. A user who has blocked you essentially won’t exist for you on this platform. When someone restricts you, on the other hand, you can still see the user’s profile, posts, and Stories. You can also send a message to the user. However, there are restrictions when you do these things, as described above.

One way to check if someone has restricted you is by commenting on their post and then looking for the comment on a different account. If they have restricted you, your comment won’t be published immediately like comments normally are. To do this, access the user’s Instagram profile and write a comment on a post.

Then, from your secondary Instagram account or from your friend’s account, check your newly-written comment’s status on the post. You must do this before the user gets a chance to approve your comment request. If you can see the comment from another Instagram account, your account is likely not restricted.

However, if you don’t see the comment, that’s a reliable indicator that you are restricted by that user.

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How do you know if someone has deactivated their Instagram?

1. Search for the User – The first thing you should do if you find that an Instagram account isn’t showing up in your feed anymore is to search for them on Instagram. A deactivated account will be unavailable in search results. You should search for the name and username to confirm their account deactivation or deletion.

Why can’t I see someone on Instagram?

What “User Not Found” Means on Instagram

  • If you get the “User not found” error, you’re not necessarily blocked.
  • The account may be disabled, deleted, banned, or suspended.
  • Find out if the account blocked you by having a friend look them up on Instagram.
  1. Instead of deleting their account, the user may have deactivated it. is a great way to take a break from social media, but can result in followers being confused when they get the “User not found” error.
    • Instagram does not notify people when an account has been temporarily disabled or when it will be back. In this case, the only way for you to verify this is to wait and see when the account is active again.
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  1. You may have outdated information, like their last username. It’s easy to on Instagram, which means people often change their usernames without alerting their friends.
    • To check to see if this is the issue, you can check other social media platforms like Facebook,, and, If you aren’t friends or can’t find them on other platforms, look at your friends’ followers; they might be listed there.
    • You can also to see if your conversation with that person has updated to their new username.
  1. Make sure that you have the username or real name typed correctly. Is that an “O” or a “0”? There are a few letters and numbers similar to this, like a lowercase “l”, an uppercase “I”, and the number “1,” so make sure you have them correct. Might as well try each if the first try doesn’t work when you’re,
    • If the username is stumping you, try instead.
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You can’t see someone’s profile, their likes, or their comments if they’ve blocked you. You can by having a friend look up this username to see if their account is active. If they can see the account, but you can’t, you’ve most likely been blocked.

  1. If you’re trying to find an old account, you might get the “User Not Found” error. You can confirm this by getting one of your friends who also has Instagram to look up that account. If they get the same error, you’ll know that this username either no longer exists (it was ) or is temporarily disabled.
    • To figure out if the account was deleted or temporarily disabled, you’ll have to wait and see if the account becomes active again.
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  1. If the account you’re looking for violated Instagram’s terms of service, it’s possible that they’ve been banned or suspended. Actions like inappropriate behavior, abusing other accounts, buying or comments, or using automation tools to or unfollow accounts violate the TOS.
    • Bans usually last around 48 hours, so check back to see if the account you’re looking for is active again.
  1. Sometimes Instagram glitches and causes the “User Not Found” error. The best you can do is close the app (if you’re using your phone or tablet) or the website, wait a few seconds, then try again. You can also check your Internet connection to make sure it’s working fine (or switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi to mobile data), update the app (on your phone or tablet, if that’s where you were getting the error), or reinstall the app.
    • You’ll know it’s a glitch if you see their bio, but still get the “User not found” error, or if you can see their posts, but get that error when you click or tap their profile picture.
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