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Who played the doctor in the 1986 TV movie

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For the character who appeared in two theatrical Dr. Who films, see Dr. Who (Dalek films),

156 – Doctor Who: The Television Movie
Doctor Who television film
1996 promotional poster

  • Paul McGann – Eighth Doctor
  • Sylvester McCoy – Seventh Doctor

Daphne Ashbrook – Grace Holloway


  • Yee Jee Tso – Chang Lee
  • Eric Roberts – The Master
  • John Novak – Salinger
  • Michael David Simms – Dr. Swift
  • Eliza Roberts – Miranda
  • Dave Hurtubise – Professor Wagg
  • Dolores Drake – Curtis
  • Catherine Lough – Wheeler
  • William Sasso – Pete
  • Joel Wirkkunen – Ted
  • Jeremy Radick – Gareth
  • Bill Croft – Motorcyclist Policeman
  • Mi-Jung Lee – News Anchor
  • Joanna Piros – News Anchor
  • Dee Jay Jackson – Security Man
  • Gordon Tipple – The Master on Trial
Directed by Geoffrey Sax
Written by Matthew Jacobs
Script editor None
Produced by Peter V. Ware Matthew Jacobs (co-producer)
Executive producer(s) Philip David Segal Alex Beaton Jo Wright (for the BBC )
Music by John Debney John Sponsler Louis Febre
Production code 50/LDX071Y/01X
Series Television movie
Running time 89 minutes
First broadcast 12 May 1996 (Canada) 14 May 1996 (USA) 27 May 1996 (UK)
← Preceded by Survival (serial) Dimensions in Time (charity special) Followed by → ” Rose ”

/td> List of Doctor Who episodes (1963–1989)

Doctor Who, also referred to as Doctor Who: The Movie or as Doctor Who: The Television Movie is a 1996 television film continuing the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, It was developed as a co-production between Universal Studios and BBC Worldwide,

  • It premiered on 12 May 1996 on CITV in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 15 days before its first showing in the United Kingdom on BBC One and two days before being broadcast in the United States on Fox,
  • It was also shown in some countries for a limited time in cinemas.
  • The film was the first attempt to revive Doctor Who following its suspension in 1989.

It was intended as a backdoor pilot for a new American-produced Doctor Who TV series. It introduced Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor in his only televised appearance as the character until ” The Night of the Doctor ” in 2013 (though McGann has portrayed the Doctor also in various audio productions).

It also marks the final appearance of Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor until his cameo appearance in ” The Power of the Doctor ” in 2022, the only appearance of Daphne Ashbrook as companion Grace Holloway, and the only onscreen appearance of Eric Roberts ‘s version of The Master, although he has since reprised the role in audio dramas for Big Finish Productions,

Although a ratings success in the United Kingdom, the film did not fare well on American television and no series was commissioned. The series was later relaunched on the BBC in 2005. The only Doctor Who episodes between the film and the new series were a 1999 spoof, Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death, and a 2003 animation, Scream of the Shalka,

Is there a documentary about Doctor Who?

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Doctor Who Am I
Directed by
    • Vanessa Yuille
    • Matthew Jacobs
Produced by
    • Vanessa Yuille
    • Matthew Jacobs
    • Carol-Jeanette Jorgensen
    • Maria Marchetti
    • Colin Vaines
    • Daphne Ashbrook
    • Nicholas Briggs
    • May Charters
    • Ken Deep
    • Carl Zohan
    • Cat Hyaesia
    • Paul Booth
Cinematography Dylan Glockler
Edited by Vanessa Yuille
Music by Mark Leggett
Running time 1 hour 20 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Doctor Who Am I is a 2022 American documentary film about the legacy of the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie, its writer, Matthew Jacobs, and the American Doctor Who fandom, Vanessa Yuille and Jacobs directed and produced the documentary, and Daphne Ashbrook, Nicholas Briggs, Paul McGann, Eric Roberts, Paul Booth, Carl Zohan, May Charters, Ken Deep and Cat Hyaesia starred in it.

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Is The Doctor Who movie canon

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Paul McGann’s portrayal is therefore ‘canon’ and provides a certain link between the classic and new series. That being said many plot point introduced in the movie, such as the Doctor being half human, are ignored in the series. Is Paul McGann and his role as the 8th Doctor considered Canon? Yes.

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Who was the doctor in 1996

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On 27 May 1996 Doctor Who returned to the BBC for the first time in seven years. The 1996 revival was a feature length episode and – after the death of the Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy – introduced viewers to the Eighth Doctor, the dashing Paul McGann.

Doctor Who the Movie, as it came to be known, was greatly anticipated by fans deprived of the show for so long. It attracted nine million viewers and was generally welcomed by critics. When the Controller of BBC One, Michael Grade, cancelled Doctor Who in 1989 it was suffering from greatly reduced budgets and Grade judged it to be “tired”.

The revival was a lavish co-production, written by Matthew Jacobs, with a script that pointed to the future development of the Doctor’s character. As such it featured his first on-screen kiss, with Grace Holloway, played by Daphne Ashbrook. When Doctor Who finally returned in 2005, the Doctor was played by Christopher Eccleston, with no part for McGann.

Is the Doctor’s real name Theta Sigma?

Behind the scenes – Indictment against ∂³Σx² known as ‘ The Doctor ‘ ( PROSE : The Trial of Doctor Who )

PROSE : The Trial of Doctor Who is the only valid story, as this Wiki defines it, that explicitly confirms that “∂³Σx²” is the Doctor’s true name.

However, this name has not been widely accepted. The Doctor’s name is a contentious subject with aplenty of conflicting names and aliases, including “Theta Sigma”, “Doctor Who”, and simply “The Doctor”. Moreover, despite the few sources revealing that “∂³Σx²” is the Doctor’s name, how to pronounce it, or even the relevancy of it, is undefined. So it simultaneously answers one of the largest questions in Doctor Who while also resolving absolutely nothing. It is technically possible to pronounce each character in the name: ∂ can be dee/doh/die, ³ is cubed, Σ is sigma, x is ex, and ² is squared, so therefore a pronunciation of the name could be dee-cubed-sigma-ex-squared, though this is unlikely. Theta Sigma (ΘΣ) is given as the Doctor’s name in TV : The Armageddon Factor, This is retconned to be the Doctor’s “nickname at college” in TV : The Happiness Patrol, The names ∂³Σx² and ΘΣ both contain the Greek letter sigma (Σ). The Doctor’s real name was spelled as “d³ᓬx²” in Marvel Premiere #57, Due to the non-narrative structure of that source, this Wiki does not acknowledge it as part of the DWU.

In TV : Regeneration, the regeneration unit that the name is inscribed upon is implicitly linked to the Doctor, with hints that the Doctor was the one who installed it. “∂³Σx²” is written on the cover of the 2015 anthology The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who,

Does the Doctor have a gender?

Is it actually accurate and appropriate to say that the Doctor is now a woman? – The first thorny question suggested by Whittaker’s casting is one that challenges the basic premise that anything has really changed at all: Is it actually accurate and appropriate to say that the Doctor is now a woman? The most obvious answer, of course, is yes.

  • Jodie Whittaker is a cisgender woman, and it is clear that she, Chibnall, and the other writers intend for us to accept that the Doctor is now a woman.
  • And the show has largely addressed this change in the most empowering way: by almost completely ignoring it.
  • Throughout Whittaker’s first season, Chibnall and the other writers have treated the Doctor’s being a woman as no big deal, barely even waving at the issue in their scripts.

They clearly decided that the best way to make the point that a woman can be a hero was by simply letting her get on with being a hero. This, it seems to me, was precisely the right way to handle it. Though watched and enjoyed by all ages, Doctor Who is primarily a children’s show.

  • In addition, the Doctor is a deliberately enigmatic character, whose inner life the show rarely seeks to explore.
  • I don’t know that it would be possible, appropriate, or useful for the show to attempt to explicitly investigate some of the more complicated gender-related conundra suggested by Whittaker’s casting.

Nonetheless, as someone both obsessed with the pedantic minutiae of Doctor Who and interested in the ever-evolving nuances of conscious language, I find myself wondering: Is the Doctor now a woman?

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Why is there no 8th doctor

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Eighth Doctor | Explore “Four minutes? That’s ages. What if I get bored, or need a television, couple of books? Anyone for chess? Bring me knitting.” After a great many adventures away from the screen, the Eighth Doctor was last seen trying to avoid fighting in the Time War.

  • He was killed in a spaceship crash on Karn, and temporarily revived by its Sisterhood, who begged him to save reality by offering him a choice of regenerative elixirs.
  • But who would he be? Fast or strong? Wise or angry? With a universe at war no longer needing a doctor, he chose to become a warriorAfter dying on the operating table, the Doctor regenerated into his eighth form in a hospital morgue, on December 31, 1999.

Mercurial, frenzied and prone to bouts of amnesia, the Eighth Doctor teamed up with Grace Holloway to save the world from being pulled inside-out by the Master’s hijacking of the TARDIS. : Eighth Doctor | Explore

Is Doctor Who Based on a true story?

The BBC’s long-running time-traveling sci-fi series ‘Doctor Who’ may seem like fiction (OK, it is fiction), but many of its stories come from very real scientific theory.

Is Yaz in Doctor Who?

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Yasmin Khan
Doctor Who character
Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan
First appearance ” The Woman Who Fell to Earth ” (2018)
Last appearance ” The Power of the Doctor ” (2022)
Portrayed by Mandip Gill
Duration 2018–2022
In-universe information
Species Human
Affiliation Thirteenth Doctor
Relatives Hakim Khan (father) Najia Khan (mother) Sonya Khan (younger sister) Umbreen (maternal grandmother)
Home Earth

Yasmin “Yaz” Khan, is a fictional character created by Chris Chibnall and portrayed by Mandip Gill in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who, In the show’s eleventh series, starting with the first episode, Yasmin serves as a companion of the Thirteenth Doctor, an incarnation of the alien time traveller known as the Doctor (portrayed by Jodie Whittaker ); she would part ways with the Doctor in ” The Power of the Doctor “, the Thirteenth Doctor’s final episode, and was the last person with her before she regenerated on her own.