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Why doesn t Doctor Who do Christmas specials anymore

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Doctor Who’s New Year Specials Were Supposed To Refresh The Show – In a podcast interview with Radio Free Skaro, Chibnall revealed the thinking behind moving the Doctor Who specials to New Year’s Day. While fans felt shifting Doctor Who out of the Christmas Day slot was a sign of a lack of faith in the show, it was actually the reverse.

  1. In the interview, Chibnall points to the fact that New Year’s Day is usually when BBC launches its most popular dramas.
  2. Over the years, big shows like Sherlock and Luther have premiered on New Year’s Day, so the shift to New Year’s specials was an attempt to bring Doctor Who in line with modern drama.

Rather than ruin Christmas for Doctor Who fans, Chibnall was driving the show into new territory at the behest of BBC executives who felt there had been too many Christmas specials. This same mindset led the BBC to air Doctor Who on a Sunday, rather than Saturday, capitalizing on a captive audience as the weekend drew to a close.

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Will Billie Piper return to Doctor Who

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Billie Piper is returning as Doctor Who’s Rose Tyler for three new audio adventures in September – and some new story details have just been revealed by Big Finish. According to a synopsis, the episodes will join Rose as she finds herself trapped in a strange and dangerous reality after a disastrous dimension jump.

  • It continues: “Rose’s mission is to save the multiverse – but first, she must save herself!” By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy,
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  • The episodes are collectively titled Trapped and form the third volume of the ongoing series Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon.

They will also feature Camille Coduri as Rose’s mother Jackie, while Em Thane joins the cast as Danni, a mysterious character who “will form a close bond with Rose”. The individual stories are titled Sink or Swim, The Lower Road, and The Good Samaritan, and are written by Lizzie Hopley, Tim Foley and Helen Goldwyn respectively.

Doctor Who boss teases “unannounced” guest star for “crucial” scene Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who episode almost brought Autons back

Meanwhile, producer Emily Cook explained how this third volume of audio adventures for Rose differs from the previous two. “While The Dimension Cannon – Other Worlds followed pretty much the same format as the first volume (i.e. each episode took Rose and co to a different parallel Earth), we wanted to mix things up with volume three and do something a little different,” she said.

  • We ended Other Worlds on a cliffhanger – what happened to Rose? – and in Trapped we pick up straight after that.
  • Wherever Rose went, she’s now trapped there for the duration of this series.
  • And this reality is stranger and more dangerous than anywhere she’s been before.
  • This series is essentially Rose’s quest to get herself back so she can find the Doctor.” Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon – Trapped is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition box set (on CD + download for just £19.99) or digital download only (for just £16.99), exclusively from,
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When was the last Christmas special of Doctor Who

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Written by Steven Moffat

Episode Title Premiere Date
Last Christmas 25/12/2014

Is Henry Cavill the new master?

Henry Cavill Cast as New Master in Doctor Who

Henry Cavill will be joining the cast of Doctor Who as the new Master, it has been announced today.Cavill, best known for his roles as Superman in the DC Extended Universe and Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, will be taking on the iconic role of the Doctor’s arch-nemesis.The character has appeared on the show since the 1970s and has been played by several actors over the years.

Speaking about his new role, Cavill said: “I’m incredibly excited to be joining the Doctor Who family. It’s a British institution, so it’s a real honour to be a part of it, especially as Doctor Who prepares to celebrate its 60th year. The Master is such a complex and interesting character, and I can’t wait to see what Russell has in store!” Showrunner Russell T Davies added: “Henry is going to be super in every way! We can’t wait for him to witcher us away to new heights of villainy in the Doctor Who universe! He is a fantastic actor with incredible range, and we know he will bring a unique take to the role.

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Who is Doctor Who’s granddaughter

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Susan was the Doctor’s granddaughter and as such shared a unique relationship with the Time Lord. He looked after her in 1960s England where she received part of her schooling, but both their destinies lay beyond Twentieth Century Earth Susan was a strange, unearthly mixture of ‘normal’ teenager and preciously talented alien.

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She enjoyed pop music and sometimes resented adults telling her what to do – just like any other young person! But in a flash she could demonstrate her otherworldly qualities, idly discussing societies on distant planets or chatting about time travel as though it was as normal as catching a bus. Little wonder she aroused the curiosity of two teachers who followed her home and triggered a series of incredible adventures “Susan Foreman She’s a genius! Susan would invariably look to the Doctor for guidance and usually sided with him in any argument.

But just as he looked after her, she was fiercely protective of him and would often act as a peacemaker when his waspish personality stung others into hostility. Their bond was a firm one but the Doctor knew that one day, she must find her own way During a battle with the Daleks on Earth in the 22nd Century, she fell in love with the brave resistance fighter, David Campbell.

  1. When the time came for the TARDIS to leave she felt duty-bound to join her grandfather, but the Doctor already knew that his granddaughter had grown up.
  2. It was time for her to settle down with someone she loved.
  3. Heartbroken, he locked Susan out of the ship – out of her home.
  4. Eloquently, poignantly, he bid her an encouraging farewell, and continued his travels without her.

Susan remained in London with David, although she later met the Doctor again when she was kidnaped and marooned on Gallifrey. But that’s another story

Is there a Doctor Who New Year’s special?

Watch the Trailers for the ‘Doctor Who’ 60th Anniversary Specials – Doctor Who, since its 2005 revival, has made a habit of releasing Christmas or New Year’s special episodes. In 2022, there were no confirmed specials for that particular time of year, however, on Christmas Day, the trailer for the next year’s 60th celebrations was released.

The trailer gives us an instinctive sense of the direction the show will be going in, with high-budget action sequences seeming par for the course now that the show will air on Disney+. Despite Russell T. Davies debunking the rumor that the show would be receiving a budget of £10 million per episode, it is clear that much work has gone into just how cinematic the new series will be.

The trailer gives fans a new look at characters, monsters, and even the brand-new logo, with the dawning of a new age for Doctor Who just around the corner. We got a new trailer for the Doctor Who 60th anniversary on May 13, 2023, which reveals the episode titles.

According to the video, the first episode will be called “The Star Beast”, followed by “Wild Blue Yonder” and “The Giggle”. Watch it here: The BBC has steadily been releasing new clips from each of the 60th-anniversary specials on the show’s Instagram page. Here’s the one for the first special: Here’s the clip for the second special, “Wild Blue Yonder” : And finally, here’s the clip for the third special, titled “The Giggle” : Additionally, we also have new images from the ‘Doctor Who’ 60th Anniversary specials, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly,

These images (seen below) showcase Donna Noble, the Doctor, and Neil Patrick Harris ‘ mystery villain.

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What was the first Doctor Who Christmas special

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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167 – “The Christmas Invasion”
Doctor Who episode

David Tennant – Tenth Doctor


Billie Piper – Rose Tyler


  • Camille Coduri – Jackie Tyler
  • Noel Clarke – Mickey Smith
  • Penelope Wilton – Harriet Jones
  • Adam Garcia – Alex Klein
  • Daniel Evans – Danny Llewellyn
  • Sean Gilder – Sycorax Leader
  • Anita Briem – Sally Jacobs
  • Chu Omambala – Major Blake
  • Sian McDowell – Sandra
  • Paul Anderson – Jason
  • Cathy Murphy – Mum
  • Sean Carlsen – Policeman
  • Jason Mohammad – Newsreader 1
  • Sagar Arya – Newsreader 2
  • Lachele Carl – Newsreader 3
Directed by James Hawes
Written by Russell T Davies
Script editor Helen Raynor
Produced by Phil Collinson
Executive producer(s) Russell T Davies Julie Gardner
Music by Murray Gold
Production code 2.X
Running time 60 minutes
First broadcast 25 December 2005
← Preceded by ” The Parting of the Ways ” (episode) ” Doctor Who: Children in Need ” (mini-episode) Followed by → ” Attack of the Graske ” (interactive episode) ” New Earth ” (episode)

/td> List of Doctor Who episodes (2005–present)

The Christmas Invasion ” is a 60-minute special episode of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who, first broadcast on BBC One on 25 December 2005. It was written by showrunner and executive producer Russell T Davies and was directed by James Hawes,

In the episode, principally set in London, the newly regenerated Tenth Doctor ( David Tennant ) is out of action, leaving Rose ( Billie Piper ), Mickey ( Noel Clarke ) and Jackie ( Camille Coduri ) to combat the invasion of an alien race known as the Sycorax, demanding that either humanity surrenders or one third of them will die.

This episode features the first full-episode appearance of Tennant as the Doctor and is also the first specially produced Christmas special in the programme’s history which was commissioned following the success of the first series earlier in the year to see how well the show could do at Christmas.

  1. The Christmas Invasion” was watched by 9.8 million viewers, and an average of 9.4 — the second highest rated programme of the evening, behind EastEnders,
  2. This episode was the highest-rated episode of the Tenth Doctor, with final ratings at 9.84 million, up until the ” Voyage of the Damned “, which achieved an audience of 13.8 million viewers.

The episode received positive reviews from critics, who welcomed Tennant to the show and is considered one of the best Christmas specials of the show. The success of the episode led to the Christmas special becoming an annual tradition.