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Is there a 14th Doctor on Doctor Who

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The 14th Doctor Allows David Tennant to Explore the Time Lord’s Growth – The journey that the Doctor has been on since the end of the Tenth Doctor’s life has paved the way for David Tennant to explore new aspects of the Fourteenth Doctor, While the Tenth Doctor was famously reluctant to face his death, his subsequent incarnations have embraced death and regeneration as a natural part of life.

  1. Each has demonstrated a willingness to let go of their time as the Doctor to make way for the next incarnation.
  2. The Fourteenth Doctor may have overcome the Tenth Doctor’s vanity and arrogance, finding peace with his place in the greater ongoing story of the Doctor.
  3. The Doctor’s development since their 10th incarnation also offers David Tennant the opportunity to play a more nuanced and mature version of the character, delivering something noticeably different from his previous work on Doctor Who,

Given Tennant’s range as demonstrated by his work on other series such as Broadchurch, Good Omens and Staged, to name but a few, playing a different Doctor would allow him to create an exciting new vision of the classic sci-fi character. With the added weight of his recent lives, the Fourteenth Doctor could be Tennant’s best version of the Doctor yet.

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Who is the Doctor Favourite companion

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Doctor Who fans name their favourite companion of the revival era D onna Noble, played by, has been named the favourite companion of the revival era by Doctor Who fans, according to a poll. The talkative and outspoken, who joined David Tennant’s 10th Doctor on his adventures through space and time on and off between 2006 and 2010, won 23% of the total vote.

  1. Noble helped to save civilisation from the Daleks during her spell on the long-running show but had her memories of her adventures in the Tardis wiped when the powers the Time Lord had given her threatened to overwhelm her brain.
  2. David Tennant and Catherine Tate (Alistair Heap/BBC Studios/PA) / PA Media The duo have reunited to film scenes that are due to air next year to coincide with the 60th anniversary celebrations of the show.
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Around 11,600 people responded to a poll conducted by between August 16 and 18 asking them to name their favourite companion of the revival era, which began in 2005. John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness, who also starred in spin-off series Torchwood, claimed a close second place with 21% of the vote, while third place went to Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler with 11% of the vote.

In joint fourth was Clara Oswald, played by, and Wilfred Mott, who was memorably portrayed by, who died in July aged 93, both with 10%. David Tennant and Billie Piper (BBC/PA) / PA Media Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan alongside Matt Smith’s 11th incarnation of the Doctor, placed last with 8% of the vote.

Morgan Jeffery, executive editor of, said: “It’s no surprise that Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble has soared to victory in this readers’ poll. “Tate’s stellar performance and her electric chemistry with David Tennant means Donna is still a clear fan favourite 12 years on from her final appearance to date on the series – no wonder saw fit to bring her back for the show’s 60th anniversary celebrations next year.

Does the Doctor ever date a companion?

10 Dr. Grace Holloway – Following a long period of galactic celibacy, the Doctor rediscovered his romantic mojo during the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie. Controversially, this failed Doctor Who reboot added a love story between Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor and his companion, Dr. Grace Holloway.

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Who is the doctors companion in Season 3

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Series 3 was David Tennant’s second series in the role of the Doctor, during which he is joined by three companions: Donna Noble, Martha Jones and Captain Jack Harkness. Actress and comedian Catherine Tate was cast as one-off companion Donna Noble for the Christmas special.

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Does the Doctor ever have a male companion

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Why ‘Doctor Who’ Needs a Male Companion Yesterday Doctor Who producer Steven Moffat announced that actress Jenna-Louise Coleman will be boarding the TARDIS in Autumn 2012. Coleman’s character, Jemma Ryan, will be replacing Amy as the Doctor’s new companion.

  • But after giving it some thought, I believe that this is a mistake.
  • The Doctor should have a male companion.
  • I know what you’re going to say: The Doctor already has a male companion, Rory.
  • But the fact is, Rory is Amy’s companion, only there because he loves “the girl who waited” (once by waiting for her for almost two millennia).
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There were other men in the Doctor’s not-too-distant past. But Mickey too was more Rose’s tag-along than a companion in his own right, and he spent his time pining over Rose, who was too busy pining over the Doctor to notice him. And only a few of us remember Adam, a forgettable character who appeared in only two episodes ( Dalek and The Long Game ) before he was banned from the TARDIS.

  1. What about Captain Jack, you say? He was a man (yes, quite a man), and he traveled with the Doctor to the end of the universe and a few points in between.
  2. He was, in fact, so awesome that he didn’t stick around; Captain Jack soon became head of the extra-terrestrial defense institute (and Doctor Who spin-off show), Torchwood.

Prior to the 1995 reboot, the Doctor had several male companions, including military man Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, conniving alien Turlough, boy genius Adric, and many, many others. But since the 2005 reboot, the only male companions that the Doctor has had are Wilf (Bernard Cribbins), Donna’s grandfather, and Craig Owens (James Corden), who also only had two episodes, much of it stuck on Earth.

  • Wilf was more than the grandfather of the Doctor’s funniest companion: a long-time star-gazer, he was brave and kind and resourceful—and the closest thing to a father the Doctor has ever had.
  • As for Craig, he was lovelorn and lucklessand a delight to watch.
  • Both these men—or someone with a similarly friendly aspect—would have been a terrific choice.

But Coleman was chosen because of gender balance. I polled my science-fiction loving friends about male vs. female companions. Mark Shainblum, Canadian writer, said it best: “Even back in the cheesy videotape-and-rubber-monster days, when the Doctor was one sort or another of asexual dotty uncle, the companions provided the sizzle and the allure for the boys.

  • Now that the doctor has been a sexbomb of his own for several years (thus guaranteeing the hetero female and gay male audience) the companion provides balance and the sexual chemistry.” Aye, there’s the rub: sexual chemistry.
  • And I can’t believe I’m saying this, because I do love, but there’s just too damned much of it in Doctor Who,
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First, Rose was smitten with the Doctor, and after a while, it seemed that he returned her affection, particularly when she was cruelly pulled into another universe. Then came Martha, an actual doctor, whose affection the Time Lord did not return. We had a break in the romantic subplot, thanks to the wisecracking Donna, but it returned with full force in the redheaded form of Amy.

  • And that’s the problem with female companions.
  • They’re too frequently used as a romantic interest, and that makes the long-running show (48 years, minus a 16-year break) too one-note, and sadly, almost repetitive.
  • Obviously the Doctor could have a relationship with a male companion.
  • Heck, Captain Jack snogged the Doctor in “The Parting of the Ways” and probably would have gone further, had he been able.

(Captain Jack is the universe’s most recognizable tri-bi-homosexual. He’ll tri anything once, and if he likes it, he’ll bi it and take it hom with him.) But companions like Wilf and Craig could give him more than a romancethey could give him a bromance.

I would love to see the BBC mix it up by giving us a male companion, perhaps with his own female tag-along. Because ever since 2005, the most prevalent subplot has been the same: the Doctor and will they or won’t they, As for a female Doctor, I’m neither for nor against it. Although I would love to see a woman in a starring role in a science fiction series (Buffy, Buffy, come back to me), I’d be afraid that the reversal would just make way for a plot where, instead of a pining female, we’d get a pining male.

And no matter how entertaining or appealing that would be, it would turn our beloved, inventive, still-fresh-after-all-these-years Doctor Who into a cliché. (Thanks to Eric Klein.) : Why ‘Doctor Who’ Needs a Male Companion