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Where can I watch Doctor Who 2023

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Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Specials Will Stream on Disney+ in November – As mentioned, the recent report from the BBC confirms that Doctor Who will be arriving on Disney+ in November, with the release of the three 60th anniversary specials: “The Star Beast,” “Wild Blue Yonder” and “The Giggle.” The report confirms that each of the specials will be an hour long.

Interestingly, the report also refers to the specials as part of Doctor Who ‘s 14th season, possibly suggesting that the anniversary specials and Christmas special will be more closely connected to the upcoming Season 14 than fans may have thought. The report previously stated that Season 14 would begin in the Spring of 2024, though the mention of its release date has since been removed.

Previously, Doctor Who has aired on BBC America in the US. The move to Disney+ will mark the first time American audiences – and audiences in many other territories – will have the option to watch new episodes of Doctor Who at roughly the same time they are aired in the UK.

  • While BBC America was already broadcasting new episodes the same day they were shown in the UK, time differences meant UK audiences got to see the episodes five to eight hours before US audiences.
  • Now, viewers around the world can watch Doctor Who ‘s 60th anniversary specials in unison.
  • By foregoing a traditional release in favor of going directly to streaming on Disney+, Doctor Who can be made available to global audiences at the same time as it airs on BBC One in the UK.

With Disney’s involvement helping transform Doctor Who into the global franchise it has always had the potential to be, a simultaneous or near-simultaneous international release can help bring the fanbase together in a shared global viewing experience.

Who is the Toymaker in Doctor Who 2023?

Neil Patrick Harris is heavily rumored to be playing classic Doctor Who villain, the Celestial Toymaker, opposite David Tennant ‘s Fourteenth Doctor in 2023’s 60th anniversary specials. The Toymaker has only appeared once in the history of Doctor Who, but he left a lasting impression on fans.1980s executive producer John Nathan-Turner ‘s desire to bring back the Toymaker for season 23 was foiled by the show’s brief cancelation in 1985.

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Is there a Doctor Who Christmas special 2023?

The Doctor Who Christmas special 2023 will be the first full adventure for our 15th Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa. All eyes might currently be on the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials, but there’s another treat coming to the Whoniverse this year. Russell T.

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Did Disney buy Dr Who

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‘Doctor Who’ Heading to Disney+ in Landmark Streaming Deal Disney has acquired the streaming rights to cult favorite, Under the landmark deal, will exclusively stream all upcoming seasons of the show outside of the U.K. and Ireland, where they will remain with the BBC.

The announcement, which had been rumored for months, was made by incoming Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa during an appearance on Live! With Kelly and Ryan, with the first episodes from the new partnership expected in November 2023 (in the U.K. and Ireland) to coincide with the series’ 60th anniversary. “I love this show, and this is the best of both worlds — with the vision and joy of the BBC and Disney+ together we can launch the TARDIS all around the planet, reaching a new generation of fans while keeping our traditional home firmly on the BBC in the U.K.,” said returning showrunner Russell T.

Davies, who succeeded Chris Chibnall. “For Doctor Who to have the backing of two of the most innovative and respected media organizations in the world is a testament to the unique drive and vision at the heart of this show,” said Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner, executive producers and co-founders at Bad Wolf, who are co-producing with the BBC.

“Bad Wolf are beyond delighted to be once again working with the genius that is Russell T Davies and, with the exciting new partnership between the BBC and Disney, we can together reach to even greater heights, producing from Wolf Studios Wales ambitious stories through time and space for audiences across the globe.” Added Alisa Bowen, president of Disney+: “We’re excited by the opportunity to bring new seasons of this beloved franchise exclusively to Disney+ and introduce the show to the next generation of audiences in more than 150 markets around the world.

The series is a perfect addition to our ever-growing catalog of global content that continues to make Disney+ the home for exceptional storytelling.” Although Gatwa’s official run as the 15th Doctor will kick off in late 2023, before then David Tennant will return to the TARDIS for three specials.

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Is Disney going to buy Doctor Who

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“This is the best of both worlds,” Russell T Davies said when the news dropped that Disney Plus would be the new home for Doctor Who internationally, “with the vision and joy of the BBC and Disney Plus together we can launch the TARDIS all around the planet, reaching a new generation of fans while keeping our traditional home firmly on the BBC in the UK.” The message was meant to excite and reassure.

  1. Yes, Disney Plus would – from November 2023 – be the platform on which the rest of the world could watch Doctor Who, but this wasn’t a takeover by the Mouse House, oh no.
  2. Doctor Who, to UK viewers, would still be a BBC programme, screened on BBC One, as it has been for the past 59, soon to be 60 years.
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Even Charlotte Moore, the BBC’s Chief Content Officer, went out of her way to refer to Doctor Who as “this very British show” when talking up the deal. “Joining forces with Disney.” she said.”.will elevate the show to even greater heights and reach new audiences so it’s an extremely exciting time for fans in the UK and across the world.”

Doctor Who ‘is critical to the BBC’, says boss Charlotte Moore

This, then, is a very different proposition to when George Lucas sold Star Wars to the Walt Disney Company in 2012. Yet the fear then was similar to some of the more hysterical reactions to last week’s Who news, that it would lead to Star Wars’ rougher edges being smoothed out, and that somehow Disney’s parentage would end up ‘kid-ifying’ Star Wars (not like it was ever Solaris to begin with, mind).

  1. Of course, that never happened.
  2. Under Disney’s auspices, we’ve had Rogue One (surely the bleakest Star Wars movie ever), the risk-taking The Last Jedi and the adult-skewed Andor,
  3. So much for Luke Skywalker suddenly adopting a wisecracking womp rat.
  4. So, let’s be clear, Disney don’t now own Doctor Who.
  5. Instead, it’s a deal between the BBC and Disney Branded Television, one that will provide a platform for the series overseas, and one that should, in all likelihood, bring in a lot more dough for the programme.

By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, You can unsubscribe at any time. “There’s certainly a lot more hands on the show now one way or another, with the BBC, Bad Wolf in which Sony has a stake, and Disney all having a seat at the table,” says The Guardian’s Martin Belam.

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What year is the next doctor set in

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The Next Doctor: It’s Christmas Eve in 1851 in The Next Doctor and Cybermen stalk the snow of Victorian London.

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Is The Time of the Doctor a Christmas special

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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241 – “The Time of the Doctor”
Doctor Who episode
Promotional poster

Matt Smith – Eleventh Doctor


Jenna Coleman – Clara Oswald


  • Orla Brady – Tasha Lem
  • James Buller – Dad
  • Elizabeth Rider – Linda
  • Sheila Reid – Gran
  • Mark Brighton – Colonel Albero
  • Rob Jarvis – Abramal
  • Tessa Peake-Jones – Marta
  • Jack Hollington – Barnable
  • Sonita Henry – Colonel Meme
  • Kayvan Novak – Voice of Handles
  • Tom Gibbons – Young Man
  • Ken Bones – Voice
  • Aidan Cook – Cyberman
  • Nicholas Briggs – Voice of the Daleks & Cybermen
  • Barnaby Edwards, Nicholas Pegg – Daleks
  • Ross Mullan – Silent
  • Dan Starkey – Sontaran
  • Sarah Madison – Weeping Angel
  • Karen Gillan – Amy Pond
  • Peter Capaldi – Twelfth Doctor
  • Daz Parker – Cyberman (uncredited)
Directed by Jamie Payne
Written by Steven Moffat
Script editor Derek Ritchie
Produced by Marcus Wilson
Executive producer(s) Steven Moffat Brian Minchin
Music by Murray Gold
Series Specials (2013)
Running time 60 minutes
First broadcast 25 December 2013
← Preceded by ” The Day of the Doctor ” Followed by → ” Deep Breath ”

/td> List of Doctor Who episodes (2005–present)

The Time of the Doctor ” is an episode of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who, written by Steven Moffat and directed by Jamie Payne, and was broadcast as the ninth Doctor Who Christmas special on 25 December 2013 on BBC One.

It features the final regular appearance of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and the first full appearance of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor following his brief cameo in the previous episode ” The Day of the Doctor “. The episode also features Jenna Coleman as the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald, plus several enemies of the Doctor, including the Daleks, Cybermen, Silence and Weeping Angels,

The episode addresses numerous plot threads developed over the course of Smith’s tenure, including the prophecy of the Silence, cracks in the universe, and the Doctor’s fate on the planet Trenzalore, while also dealing with the regeneration limit established in the 1976 serial The Deadly Assassin,