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Where can I watch Doctor Who Season 1

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Streaming, rent, or buy Doctor Who – Season 1: – Currently you are able to watch “Doctor Who – Season 1” streaming on Max Amazon Channel, Max, Britbox Apple TV Channel, BritBox or buy it as download on Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, Apple TV, Microsoft Store.

Is Doctor Who Season 1 good?

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Prev Next Aug 1, 2023 A lot of nostalgia for this season. Everytime I rewatch I worry that it won’t live up my childhood experience. But it never fails to impress and astound my even today. Christopher Eccleston is lightening in a bottle as the Doctor, he helped thrust the show into the 21st century.

Stellar! Jul 2, 2023 Such a shame Chris left after just one season, but the perfect reintroduction of the show to a then-modern audience Jan 6, 2023 Despite several plot holes and some questionable writing here and there, Season 1 of the newly rebooted Doctor Who was a great start for the 2005 show, helping it find its feet and become a shining star amongst the variety of television shows available.

Nov 15, 2022 Christopher Eccleston makes for an entertaining doctor and a nice first, and only season for the 9th doctor. Oct 1, 2022 A really fun season to watch filled with scenes that will make you laugh and cry. Sep 14, 2022 All credit to RTD and CE and team. Jul 26, 2022 It set the stage for new who. I loved every episode and have watched it over and over. Just love it! May 10, 2022 As the first season of the New Who, this took a bit of time to get itself sorted. It didn’t have as much of a budget or graphics as it really needed, and was the sadly only season that Christopher Eccleston was in. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Bad Wolf story arc, but this season rebooted the show and did it well. May 9, 2022 It was STRANGE seeing this Doctor, but still FUN. The effects are really “old” but the show was FUN. FUN i tell you! FUN! In 2022, all I can say is that the went woke, bad and dumb instead of FUN. This is why I treasure those old times. Our old Doctors and our old tales.

  • They were FUN! And I loved it all.
  • Apr 24, 2022 This doctor who actor plays part excellently story lines well written and was honestly just exciting.
  • Shame he only did one season.) Apr 24, 2022 There’s simply nothing like it.
  • It can go anywhere, anywhen and be anything.
  • Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper shine bright as the Doctor and his friend Rose take us on the trip of a lifetime.

Russell T Davies was considered mad to resurrect a show, thought 17 years dead, about a 900 year old alien traveling through time and space in a battered old police box. His passion and determination paved the way for the continued delight of millions of people for 17 years and counting! Apr 14, 2022 I really like this season of Dr. Mar 30, 2022 the best television show ever made, although it may not always be perfect the wide variety of genres possible in this show never make it boring. Jan 29, 2022 This season the one that started it all was and is still one of the best seasons of the show and a crowd please from the start to finish. Christopher Eccleston was brilliant as the Ninth Doctor and we wouldn’t have David Tennant and all the other future doctors if it wasn’t for him.

  1. Series 1 was fantastic.
  2. Jan 9, 2022 Childhood favorite revived.
  3. Three of my all time favorite episodes: Father’s Day, The Empty Child, and The Doctor Dances.
  4. Oct 9, 2021 A rather fantastic start to push the series back off in the right direction from being dormant for 30 years.
  5. Also, Rotten Tomatoes, you have the wrong picture for the season! It literally says series 7 at the bottom, how do you mess that up? Aug 29, 2021 Perfect way to bring back this classic series.
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Apr 4, 2021 It was my first season of Doctor who. I watch it in 2005 and I love to re-watch it. So interesting stories. Apr 1, 2021 man i love this program i saw this on netflix (now it has been delated) but it’s so good Christopher Eccleston while i respect his choice i wish he was in it way more he was a amazing doctor and i wished he was in it more. But no show is perfect and this in my opinion is when Rose comes into play not that she’s a bad character i mean she’s alright but her choices and the way she has been done as a character she has to be the worst sidekick (in my opinion),

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Should I start from Season 1 of Doctor Who

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Hint: Not at the beginning – It’s only appropriate that the best way to start watching the time-travelling saga of Doctor Who is to take a non-linear, non-chronological path through the nine seasons since the 2005 reboot. The Doctor isn’t limited to living life in the same order as the rest of us, and he admits to using his TARDIS to skip the boring bits.

  1. We can take the same approach to binge-watching the show.
  2. Rules of the road: For the sake of brevity, I’m going to assume that you want to watch Doctor Who and don’t need any additional persuading.
  3. I will not include any spoilers — you can read this entire guide without learning anything critical.
  4. And right now I’ll give you the bare minimum of backstory as an initiation.

Pay attention to the episode titles as well as the numbers. There are Christmas Specials for most years (slightly longer episodes that were first broadcast on Christmas Day) and there seems to be no agreement whether they are the last episode of the season or the first episode of the next one.

When was Doctor Who Season 1?

Doctor Who (season 1) Season of British television series This article is about the 1963–64 season. For the 2005 series, see, Season of television series Doctor Who Season 1 Cover art of the Region 2 DVD release for the first serial of the season Starring

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Country of originUnited Kingdom No. of stories8 No. of episodes42 ()ReleaseOriginal network / BBC1 Original release23 November 1963 ( 1963-11-23 ) –12 September 1964 ( 1964-09-12 ) Season chronology Next → The first season of programme was originally broadcast on between 1963 and 1964.

  • The series began on 23 November 1963 with and ended with on 12 September 1964.
  • The show was created by head of drama to fill the Saturday evening timeslot and appeal to both the younger and older audiences of the neighbouring programmes.
  • Formatting of the programme was handled by Newman, head of serials, writer, and producer,

Production was overseen by the BBC’s first female producer and story editor, both of whom handled the scripts and stories. The season introduces as the of, an alien who travels through time and space in his, which appears to be a British on the outside.

  • Is also introduced as the Doctor’s granddaughter, who acts as his alongside her schoolteachers and, portrayed by and, respectively.
  • Throughout the season, the Doctor and his companions travel throughout history and into the future.
  • Historical stories were intended to educate viewers about significant events in history, such as the and the ; futuristic episodes took a more subtle approach to educating viewers, such as the theme of pacifism with the,

The first eight serials were written by six writers: Whitaker,,,,, and, Webber also co-wrote the show’s first episode. The show was developed with three particular story types envisioned: past history, future technology, and alternative present; Coburn, Lucarotti, and Spooner wrote historical episodes, Nation and Newman penned futuristic stories, and Whitaker wrote a “filler” serial set entirely in the TARDIS.

  • The serials were mostly directed by junior directors, such as,,,,,, and ; the exception is experienced director, who directed the first four episodes of,
  • Filming started in September 1963 and lasted for approximately nine months, with weekly recording taking place mostly at or the,
  • The first episode, overshadowed by the the previous day, was watched by 4.4 million viewers; the episode was repeated the following week, and the programme gained popularity with audiences, particularly with the introduction of the Daleks in the second serial, which peaked at 10.4 million viewers.

The season received generally positive reviews, with praise particularly directed at the scripts and performances. However, many retrospective reviewers noted that Susan lacked character development and was generally portrayed as a, a criticism often echoed by Ford.

Does it matter if you watch Doctor Who in order?

Where Should I Start? – The simple answer is: wherever you want. You probably want to start at the beginning of a season, as the modern trend is to work a bigger storyline through the episodes, but you should pick a Doctor that interests you and go onwards. Image credit: BBC The First Modern Doctor You could start with Christopher Eccleston’s season as the Ninth Doctor, the first modern season. Eccleston was an acclaimed actor before he joined the series, and his talent allows for a great depth of character and a slow reveal of the Doctor’s dark past.

This run of the show was specifically meant to demonstrate what the new version of the series could do, so it’s a great starting point. In this series there are 13 episodes that culminate in a big showdown. You get futuristic science fiction as well as historical cameos (I love the bit where the Doctor confuses Charles Dickens by telling him he’s a big fan in ‘The Unquiet Dead’).

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There are also alien invasions, a brand-new take on the Daleks, philosophical questions (should someone, given the chance, go back in time to save their father?), and the pansexual, life-loving Captain Jack (John Barrowman). The Best Modern Doctor Image credit: BBC David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor, is a favorite of mine, as he can do comedy, drama, adventure, and silliness. Some of the very best episodes were part of his run, including:

The Girl in the Fireplace, in which the Doctor meets Madame de Pompadour while encountering her at various times in her life. Blink, introduced the most recognizable modern villains, the Weeping Angels, statues that move when you’re not looking at them. Silence in the Library, a science fiction take on a slasher movie, where characters die one by one. This episode also gave us River Song (Alex Kingston). Human Nature, a heart-breaker where the Doctor becomes human in 1913 England to hide from a family of monsters. School Reunion features one of the very best companions from Classic Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Smith, played by Elisabeth Sladen. Plus, Anthony Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) plays an evil school headmaster.

The Classic Doctors If you like retro TV and want to sample the classic version with its dodgy special effects, slower pacing, and stagier direction (I find it all charming), then try these Doctors. The Best-Known Doctor Image credit: BBC Tom Baker was the Fourth Doctor, the one best known in the US before the modern series restarted. He played the role the longest, seven years from 1974-1981, and his distinctively elongated scarf gave his version of the Doctor a certain whimsy.

  1. Part of Baker’s run veered into gothically tinged horror stories, and it was also during his run that much of the continuity about Time Lords and his home planet of Gallifrey was established.
  2. He captures the blend of wacky uncle and weird alien well.
  3. The Action Doctor If you like retro-flavored James Bond-style action, the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, is your man.

This version of the Doctor was, for the first part of his run, stuck on earth, without the ability to travel in time and space, so his adventures were structured around facing off against the Master (Roger Delgado), his Moriarty. Plus, Pertwee adored gadgets and vehicles, so you’ll get to see car chases and hovercrafts.

Is Doctor Who suitable for an 8 year old?

Doctor Who is a wonderful series featuring a protagonist that relies on his wits rather than violence; a nice respite from Marvel/DC/Star Wars. Many of the episodes are great for the 10+ crowd but some are definitely NOT. Some of the monsters are extremely scary and there can be a lot of tense creeping around.

Where can I watch all seasons of Dr Who?

In The USA: HBO Max – All modern Doctor Who series are currently available on the HBO Max streaming service, from series 1 with the Christopher Eccleston era right to the most recent episode, ‘The Power of the Doctor’.