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Why are there so few episodes of Doctor Who

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Global audiences from the 1960s to present – These snippets of missing episodes exist because, prior to the late 1970s, the BBC did not routinely archive its shows – including Doctor Who. Indeed, a global network of television archives has been crucial in maintaining the nearly 50 year history of the show.

Doctor Who episodes missing from the BBC archives have been recovered from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Africa, They were found there because the BBC sent them there, as exports for showing on local free to air channels. As recently as 2013, a large number of missing episodes were found in a remote television relay station in west Africa.

Much academic research into the viewing and reception of Doctor Who is about British audiences. How fascinating it would be to know more about the first global audiences and the viewing reactions and audiences from Hong Kong to Nigeria. Modern Doctor Who’s global audience is no less diverse.

How many episodes of Doctor Who will there be in 2023?

Russell T Davies returns as writer and showrunner, alongside David Tennant as The Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble for three hour-long Doctor Who specials, as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations for the legendary sci-fi series. T The 14th season of Doctor Who begins streaming in November as part of the show’s 60th anniversary, and will be available on Disney+ globally for fans outside of the UK.

  • When is it? Three hour-long special episodes of Doctor Who will be available from November 2023, with another episode airing over the festive period.
  • Where can I stream Doctor Who in the US? Viewers outside of the UK can watch new episodes via Disney+ ; previous episodes are available via HBO Max,
  • Watch the latest trailer below: Who is in the cast for the specials? David Tennant, who left the show in 2010, returns as The Doctor, alongside Catherine Tate, who reprises her role as Donna Noble.
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Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, MD) plays a mysterious character called the Toymaker, and newcomer Yasmin Finney (Heartstopper) also stars. Neil Patrick Harris joins the cast as the mysterious Toymaker (Credit: BBC) What are the new episode titles? In May 2023, the BBC announced that the episodes would be:

The Star Beast Wild Blue Yonder The Giggle

“The titles are just the beginning of the Doctor’s biggest adventure yet” says showrunner Russell T Davies, “Autumn is coming, with three hours of danger, Donna and disaster about to be unleashed!” Ncuti Gatwa is taking control of the Tardis later this year (Credit: BBC)

How many episodes are in season 13 of Blue Bloods?

Blue Bloods (season 13)

Blue Bloods
Season 13
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 21