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What is the best season of Doctor Who to start with

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The Best Starting Points and Why – BBC With all the information above, it’s time to choose a starting point. The Doctor Who TV series can be separated into two distinct periods: the original run from 1963 to 1989, referred to as ” Classic Doctor Who,” and the current revival starting in 2005, known as ” New Doctor Who,” It may seem reasonable to begin watching Doctor Who from its first episode that aired in 1963, but it can be a challenging task even for the most devoted fan of the show.

You’ll probably run into problems like inconsistent sources or be required to make additional subscriptions or rent or purchase physical media. That said, starting with the 2005 reboot is recommended, which is when the show was brought back after a long hiatus. The reboot introduced a new Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, and it is considered a great starting point for new viewers.

The reboot also brought new energy to the show and is an excellent introduction to the world of Doctor Who, Another option is to start with the most recent season, which is currently season 13, starring Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor. Whittaker is the first female Doctor, and her portrayal of the character has been well-received.

Will there be a 15th doctor?

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The Doctor

The Fifteenth Doctor
Doctor Who character
Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor
Introduced by Russell T Davies
Portrayed by Ncuti Gatwa
Preceded by David Tennant
Companions Ruby Sunday
Previous version Fourteenth Doctor

The Fifteenth Doctor will be the next incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, He is set to be portrayed by Rwandan-Scottish actor Ncuti Gatwa, Gatwa will become the first black actor and the fourth Scottish actor to lead the series.

  • Within the series’ narrative, the Doctor is a millennia-old, alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, with somewhat unknown origins, who travels in time and space in their TARDIS, frequently with companions,
  • At the end of life, the Doctor regenerates ; as a result, the physical appearance and personality of the Doctor changes.

Gatwa had previously been announced as Jodie Whittaker ‘s successor as the programme’s lead, and many reports stated he would play the Fourteenth Doctor and that Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor would regenerate into an incarnation portrayed by Gatwa. Upon Whittaker’s final appearance as the character, she instead regenerated into a form seemingly similar to the Tenth Doctor,

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Is Blu-ray better than 4K

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Resolution – Most Blu-ray discs have a resolution of 1920×1080. The resolution of 4K UHD is twice that of Blu-ray, which generally provides a better watching experience.4K resolution offers greater clarity and more details, making the experience of watching a 4K movie DVD closer to what you would see in a theater.

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Will Blu-ray last longer than DVD?

What’s the best way to store movies and images for the next 100 years? Garry Trethewey Cherryville, South Australia There won’t be one that lasts 100 years, for several reasons in my experience. The once-ubiquitous floppy discs now can’t be read by any hardware that I can afford. Old hard discs can’t be plugged into any modern computer.

  1. For just about any media (DVD, flash etc.), data will last no more than 20 years.
  2. Nor is it easy to come by software that will read Lotus 1-2-3 or dBase III files or various defunct image and video formats.
  3. I have been helping to curate ecological data collected since 1988.
  4. In that time, various software companies have “upgraded” their offerings, making them incompatible with anything else, or have gone out of business.

Now, we keep our data in the simplest and most ubiquitous formats possible: unformatted text and open-source software. We keep separate sets of backups and we copy the whole data set to new hard discs every few years.

  • Michael Paine
  • Beacon Hill, New South Wales, Australia
  • In the Three-Body Problem sci-fi trilogy by Cixin Liu, when humanity faces extinction, it is decided that rock engravings in a cave on Pluto are the best way to save important data about our civilisation for posterity.

Blu-ray discs are intended to last longer than DVDs (typically more than 20 years compared with about 10 years for DVDs). However, the big unknown is whether Blu-ray readers will be available in decades to come. Jane Lilley Newdigate, Surrey, UK A frustrated archivist said that if you want to preserve something, put it on paper or, better still, vellum.

  1. Guy Thackray
  2. Cents, Luxembourg
  3. A NFT () on the blockchain is the best option.

The world is in the early stages of a digital revolution. In 100 years, who knows how it will have evolved and what will happen to today’s technologies. Remember Betamax videotapes anyone? The that is ideal for storing digital assets such as a movie. Once this is on the blockchain, it can’t be changed, its ownership is clear and transparent, and it can’t be stolen.

  • Dennis Williamson
  • Lamma Island, Hong Kong
  • The best way to preserve “scenes” from one’s childhood is, without doubt, printed on paper or photo paper (although moving scenes are more difficult to preserve).
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The Domesday Book, a land survey of most of England and parts of Wales that dates back to 1086, is still legible today. Remember the 1986 Domesday Project that comprised a new digital survey of the UK? No? Well, that was done on LaserDiscs, but the computers needed to access them were almost immediately superseded by newer machines that couldn’t read the discs.

  1. Stick with paper, my friend.
  2. Tim Smith
  3. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Assuming you want to store the scenes electronically, recordable DVD-Rs are probably your best bet. According to their makers, their expected lifetime is a couple of hundred years. However, add in a cloud backup. This will be maintained by others and backed up on whatever schedule the cloud-maintenance company uses. It can potentially last as long as our civilisation.

  • If you want real longevity, though, you have to turn to physical media, which right now means paper.
  • Of course, ancient civilisations chiselled their messages into stone, but that is very labour-intensive, with a low information density, so would only make sense for critical information.
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Is Blu-ray still highest quality

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Blu-ray Has Superior Audio/Video Quality – If you own a HDR-compatible, 4K television and a good surround sound system or soundbar, you’ll want to experience the highest quality audio-visual content possible. Blu-ray, particularly Ultra HD Blu-ray, lets you do just that.

The formats deliver the best possible picture and sound that’ll fit onto the disc, provided the source material is top notch. Apocalypse Now: Final Cut, Blade Runner 2049, and Pan’s Labyrinth (the Criterion Collection release, not the mediocre 4K transfer) have some of the best pictures you’ll see at home.

Unfortunately, video streaming’s holes are readily apparent. Hulu ‘s 4K support is spotty, and its HDR support is non-existent. HBO Max doesn’t currently support 4K or HDR, but that’s going to change starting with Wonder Woman 1984, a movie that debuts this month.

NBCUniversal’s Peacock doesn’t support 4K or HDR at all, but likewise says that those features are coming in the future. CBS All Access supports 4K and HDR, but only on certain platforms. On the upside, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Google Play, Netflix, and YouTube do offer video streams containing these eye-catching features.

That said, there’s no promise that they’ll deliver best-in-class video and sound quality. These features require additional internet bandwidth, because the services must send streams with higher bit rates. Each video streaming service works around this in a different way.

  • Apple TV+ and Disney+ tend to stream at higher bit rates than their rivals, according to third-party testing,
  • That analysis determined that this higher bit rate is “1.5-2x” that of a vanilla Blu-ray disc, but roughly half that of a Ultra HD Blu-ray disc.
  • Netflix recently announced that it switched to new, optimized encoding that halved its 4K streams’ bit rates without changing the quality.
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Despite that contention, some people did notice lower quality 4K streams, something Netflix says is an outlier.

Will classic Doctor Who be released on Blu-ray?

The Collection – The classic-era began to receive complete season Blu-ray releases from 2018 onward, under the banner “The Collection”. In 2021, the BBC rebranded the range as “The Collection Limited Edition Packaging”, with the original “The Collection” name to be used for standard edition versions of the releases.

Complete Season Doctor Region B/UK release date Region B/AU release date Region A/US release date
Season 2 First Doctor 5 December 2022 25 January 2023 28 March 2023
Season 8 Third Doctor 8 March 2021 26 May 2021 1 June 2021
Season 9 20 March 2023 23 August 2023 11 July 2023
Season 10 8 July 2019 13 November 2019 15 October 2019
Season 12 Fourth Doctor 2 July 2018 1 August 2018 19 June 2018
Season 14 4 May 2020 15 July 2020 4 August 2020
Season 17 20 December 2021 16 February 2022 5 April 2022
Season 18 18 March 2019 17 April 2019 19 March 2019
Season 19 Fifth Doctor 10 December 2018 23 January 2019 4 December 2018
Season 20 18 September 2023 TBA TBA
Season 22 Sixth Doctor 20 June 2022 14 September 2022 18 October 2022
Season 23 7 October 2019 4 December 2019 3 December 2019
Season 24 Seventh Doctor 21 June 2021 25 August 2021 21 September 2021
Season 26 27 January 2020 11 March 2020 24 March 2020

How many Doctor Who specials in 2023?

Broadcast. Three specials are set to be aired in November 2023, marking Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary.

What is next after Blu-ray technology?

8K Movies and Bigger Games Are Coming – While Blu-ray may “only” be as fast as having gigabit fiber, the media size isn’t standing still either. At some point in the future, 8K movie media will become available and this represents four times the amount of resolution compared to 4K, which is in turn four times that of 1080p footage.

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Will Doctor Who be in 4K

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Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks will be available in 4K HDR on New Year’s Day. The Doctor Who special to be shown on New Year’s Day – 1 January 2021 – will also be available in 4K HDR on BBC iPlayer.