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Why did the first doctor leave

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Doctor Who (2005) – On 2 April 2004, it was announced that Eccleston was to play the ninth incarnation of the Doctor in the revival of the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, The first series began on 26 March 2005. Eccleston was the first actor to play the role who was born after the series began.

  1. On 30 March, the BBC released a statement, ostensibly from Eccleston, saying that he had decided to leave the role after just one series, because he feared becoming typecast,
  2. On 4 April, the BBC revealed that the statement had been falsely attributed and released without Eccleston’s consent.
  3. The BBC admitted that they had broken an agreement made in January not to disclose publicly that he only intended to do one series.

The statement had been made after journalists made queries to the press office. Following his departure, Eccleston was replaced by David Tennant, who played the Tenth Doctor from 2005 to 2010. On 11 June 2005, during a BBC radio interview, when asked if he had enjoyed working on Doctor Who, Eccleston responded by saying, “Mixed, but that’s a long story.” Eccleston’s reasons for leaving the role continued to be debated in Britain’s newspapers: on 4 October 2005 Alan Davies told The Daily Telegraph that Eccleston had been “overworked” by the BBC, and had left the role because he was “exhausted”.

  • Eccleston later stated that he left the show because he “didn’t enjoy the environment or the culture that the cast and crew had to work in”, but that he was proud of having played the role.
  • Eccleston said in a subsequent interview, “My relationship with my three immediate superiors – the showrunner, the producer and co-producer – broke down irreparably during the first block of filming and it never recovered.” On 7 November 2008, at the National Theatre to promote his book The Writer’s Tale, Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies said that Eccleston’s contract was for a single year because it was uncertain whether the show would continue beyond a single revival series.

In retrospect, he says, it has been an enormous success, but at the time there were doubts within the BBC. Eccleston was voted “Most Popular Actor” at the 2005 National Television Awards for his portrayal of the Doctor. In July 2012, Eccleston spoke positively of his time on Doctor Who during a talk at the National Theatre,

  1. This led to speculation he was considering making a return appearance as the Doctor for the show’s 50th anniversary special, ” The Day of the Doctor “, in 2013.
  2. Matt Smith, who portrayed the Eleventh Doctor, stated that he would have loved Eccleston to return.
  3. However, after discussions with executive producer Steven Moffat, Eccleston declined his role.

In a 2018 interview Eccleston said that the BBC had “put on a blacklist ” when he left. Eccleston began appearing as a guest at Doctor Who conventions for the first time in 2018. He had previously expressed his reluctance to appear at conventions, saying in 2017 that he preferred to “just earn living by acting”.

He has since said that his experience of meeting fans at conventions “healed something in ” and made him re-evaluate his relationship to the series. On 9 August 2020, it was announced that Eccleston would reprise his role of the Ninth Doctor in audio dramas for Big Finish Productions, across four boxsets to be released between May 2021 and February 2022.

This would be the first time he had portrayed the role in 16 years. Eccleston was later confirmed to appear in a further four boxsets, releasing in 2022 and 2023, as well as an episode of the 60th anniversary audio series Once and Future, He has said that it is unlikely that he will reprise the role on television as his relationship with the BBC “has not healed”.

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Why did the sixth doctor leave

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Profile – Before being selected to replace Peter Davison as the Doctor, Baker was an established television actor. His most notable role was Paul Merroney in The Brothers, Baker also guest starred as Bayban the Butcher in the Blake’s 7 episode City at the Edge of the World,

Baker made his Doctor Who debut as Commander Maxil in Arc of Infinity in 1983. On the strength of that performance, as well as a wedding party at which he impressed producer John Nathan-Turner, he was cast as the Sixth Doctor following Peter Davison’s decision to leave the series. His era on Doctor Who began in 1984 and was interrupted by the show’s cancellation a year later.

After fan backlash, this was reduced to an eighteen-month hiatus, ostensibly because the show was moved from the spring to the autumn schedule. In the interim, Baker voiced the Doctor in the radio drama Slipback, Following the conclusion of Season 23, Baker was dismissed as the Doctor at the insistence of BBC management, who wanted to refresh the show.

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The Controller of BBC One at the time, Michael Grade, believed Doctor Who had become outdated, with overly violent, farcial storylines. Baker was asked to return for the first serial of the next season to pave the way for the next Doctor, but he declined, not wishing to miss out on other work in the meantime.

He in turn offered to do the whole season and have the Doctor regenerate at the end, but was himself rejected. An interview with The Sun in which he criticised Grade ensured he would never return. Years later, Baker would express regret for refusing the BBC’s request, claiming he was being “selfish” and “not thinking about the fans”.

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Who was Doctor Who number 7

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The Doctor

The Seventh Doctor
Doctor Who character
Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor
First regular appearance Time and the Rani (1987)
Last regular appearance Survival (1989)
Introduced by John Nathan-Turner
Portrayed by Sylvester McCoy
Preceded by Colin Baker
Succeeded by Paul McGann
Tenure 7 September 1987 – 6 December 1989
No of series 3
Appearances 12 stories (42 episodes)
  • Mel Bush
  • Ace
  • Season 24 (1987)
  • Season 25 (1988–1989)
  • Season 26 (1989)
Previous version Sixth Doctor
Next version Eighth Doctor

The Seventh Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, and the final incarnation of the original Doctor Who series. He is portrayed by Scottish actor Sylvester McCoy, Within the series’ narrative, the Doctor is a centuries-old alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels in time and space in the TARDIS, frequently with companions,

  1. At the end of life, the Doctor regenerates ; as a result, the physical appearance and personality of the Doctor changes.
  2. McCoy portrays the Seventh Doctor as a whimsical, thoughtful character who quickly becomes more layered, secretive, and manipulative,
  3. His first companion was Melanie Bush ( Bonnie Langford ), a computer programmer who had travelled with his previous incarnation, and who is soon succeeded by troubled teenager and explosives expert Ace ( Sophie Aldred ), who becomes his protégée,
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The Seventh Doctor first appeared on TV in 1987. After the programme was cancelled at the end of 1989, the Seventh Doctor’s adventures continued in novels until the late 1990s. The Seventh Doctor made an appearance at the start of the 1996 movie before the character was replaced by the Eighth Doctor ( Paul McGann ).

Who was the 1st Doctor Who?

Image caption, Ahead of the new series of Doctor Who we’ve been doing a bit of time-travelling ourselves! We’ve taken a look back at the last 13 incarnations of the Time Lord. Image source, Henrik Knudsen/BBC/PA Wire Image caption, Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker (2017-present). We’re yet to see what Jodie will be like as the Doctor. She’s the first female to play the role and the first words she said when she realised she’d regenerated as a woman were ‘Aw, Brilliant!’ We agree! Image source, Ray Burmiston/BBC Image caption, Twelfth Doctor: Peter Capaldi (2013-2017).

  1. Peter first appeared as the Doctor briefly in the 50th anniversary special episode, but played minor characters in previous series.
  2. Peter’s Doctor fought Daleks and Davros, Cybermen, Zygons, the Veil and the Time Lords.
  3. Image caption, Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith (2010–2013).
  4. Born, “still cooking”, into a crashing TARDIS, the Eleventh Doctor hurtled into the life of Amy Pond.

The Doctor and Amy battled new paradigm Daleks in World War Two, Weeping Angels by the thousand and the depression in Vincent van Gogh’s mind. Image caption, Tenth Doctor: David Tennant (2005–2010). Waking on Christmas Day in his new form, the tenth Doctor fought the Sycorax high above London.

  1. Travelling with Rose and Mickey he battled Cybermen, werewolves and possibly even the Devil itself.
  2. David was voted the nation’s favourite Doctor.
  3. Image caption, Ninth Doctor: Christopher Eccleston (2005).
  4. The sole survivor of the Last Great Time War, scarred by the terrible things he’d seen and done, the Ninth Doctor was an intense and emotional incarnation.
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He took Rose Tyler to see the end of the world, inspired Charles Dickens and showed that for once, everybody could live. Image caption, The War Doctor: John Hurt (50th anniversary episode) Although not technically classed as an official Doctor, The War Doctor’s origin is explained in the mini-episode “The Night of the Doctor” whereby the eighth Doctor wishes to regenerate as a Warrior, instead of a Doctor.

This is confirmed when he regenerates as John Hurt, whose first words are “Doctor no more.” He then joins the tenth and eleventh Doctors in an attempt to stop the war on their home planet of Gallifrey. Image caption, Eighth Doctor: Paul McGann (1996, 2013). The Doctor regenerated into his Eighth form in a hospital morgue, on December 31, 1999 and teamed up with Grace Holloway to save the world from being pulled inside-out by the Master’s hijacking of the Tardis.

Paul McGann only played the Doctor once, in a 1996 Doctor Who film, before reappearing in a special clip for the 2013 anniversary. Image caption, Seventh Doctor: Sylvester McCoy (1987–1989, 1996) The seventh incarnation of the Doctor was both a spoon-playing clown and a master of deep dark secrets.

He toppled empires in a single night, entertained in the circus of the Gods of Ragnarok and played chess with the ancient and evil Fenric. Image caption, Sixth Doctor: Colin Baker (1984–1986). The Sixth Doctor was an explosion of colours, words and emotions. Passionate and sometimes quick to anger, this was a Doctor you did not want to make enemies with.

He tangled with the corporate greed of the slimy Sil, and defeated the amoral Gallifreyan scientist known only as the Rani. Image caption, Fifth Doctor: Peter Davison (1981–1984). Clever, considered and kind, the Fifth Doctor’s world was one of fascination and science.

  • And it was in this fifth body that the Doctor was reunited with his past selves to fight in the Death Zone on Gallifrey.
  • Image caption, Fourth Doctor: Tom Baker (1974–1981).
  • From witnessing the genesis of the Daleks to preventing the death of the universe at Logopolis, the Fourth Doctor was an adventurer on an epic scale.

It was this incarnation of the Doctor that found and reassembled the Key to Time, and was invested as Lord President of the High Council of Time Lords. Tom Baker is currently the longest-serving Doctor. Image caption, Third Doctor: Jon Pertwee (1970–1974).

  1. The Third Doctor began his exile on earth with a new face.
  2. He was confident, bold and brash, but with a soft fatherly side.
  3. He helped the extraterrestrial taskforce Unit combat living plastic Autons, Sea Devils and polluted giant green maggots, as well as fellow renegade Time Lord, The Master.
  4. Image caption, Second Doctor: Patrick Troughton (1966–1969).

The Second Doctor was very different to his predecessor. A more playful attitude disguised dark undercurrents and a sharp mind. He was famous for freezing the emotionless Cybermen into their ancient tombs but he was forced into exile after being tried for interference by the The Time Lords.

Who is the 10 and 11 doctor?

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor.