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Why is Doctor Who losing ratings

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What is the least viewed Doctor Who episode? – This was when the Doctor Who ratings went into a decline that they never recovered from, at least during the Classic run. Colin Baker’s last story ‘The Trial of a Time Lord’ opened with just 4.9 million viewers, hitting a low of 3.7 during its opening segment ‘The Mysterious Planet.’ And even the introduction of a new Time Lord in the shape of Sylvester McCoy couldn’t win back the gaze of the viewing public, although one important factor in this decline is the fact that Doctor Who – for the first time in its history – was scheduled opposite Coronation Street, Battlefield Of course, the Doctor Who ratings saw a surge when the programme returned under the guidance of Russell T Davies, with 10.8 million tuning in for the Ninth Doctor ‘s first episode. After this, we see a few ‘exceptions to the rule’ when it comes to the ratings.

Certainly, Doctor Who saw some of its best ever scores during the RTD era, but many of these were for Christmas specials such as ‘Voyage of the Damned’ which had a rating of 13.1 million, the highest New Who rating to date (matched by the subsequent special ‘The Next Doctor’) and the second highest viewing figure in the whole of 2007.

Then there are other specials such as ‘The End of Time’ parts one and two which performed excellently, with 11.6 million and 11.8 million apiece. And although these were Christmas and New Year specials, it’s likely that they’d have performed well anyway as they were the last to feature the Tenth Doctor David Tennant. The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End Incidentally, the lowest figure in the RTD era was for the Series Two episode ‘The Satan Pit’ which saw 6.1 million people tuning in. Meanwhile, the Doctor Who ratings began strongly for the Steven Moffat era in 2010, with 10.1 million tuning in for Matt Smith’s debut ‘The Eleventh Hour.’ As with Tennant, the viewing figures rose for the Christmas specials such as ‘A Christmas Carol’ (12.1 million) and ‘The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe’ (10.8 million.) Matt Smith ended his run with ‘The Time of the Doctor’ – a Christmas special that saw 11.1 million people tuning in.

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At the same time, the Matt Smith era possibly had the most impressive Doctor Who ratings of all time with 12.8 million people watching the 50th anniversary special ‘ The Day of the Doctor,’ although the final figure is probably much higher than this as it was simulcast around the world and screened in cinemas.

Indeed, the episode won a Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest ever simulcast of a TV drama, being shown in 94 countries simultaneously. Steven Moffat continued to oversee the programme into the Peter Capaldi era in 2014, and the Doctor Who ratings remained strong for the actor’s debut in ‘Deep Breath’ with some 9.2 million people tuning in. The Magician’s Apprentice As the Twelfth Doctor’s era progressed there were a couple more dips, with 4.7 million tuning in for the Series Ten episode ‘The Eaters of Light,’ which (at the time) was the lowest figure of New Who. However, the Doctor Who ratings improved for Peter Capaldi’s final story ‘Twice Upon a Time’ – which was also the last for showrunner Steven Moffat – with viewing figures of 7.9 million.

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Did David Tennant enjoy Doctor Who

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To a whole generation of Doctor Who fans, David Tennant is the Doctor. Not the Tenth Doctor or the Fourteenth Doctor, THE Doctor. And there’s good reason for that. Not only is Tennant an excellent actor, of course, but he’s just as much a fan of the show as we all are.

In fact, he even has a lot of us beat because he’s loved Doctor Who with a burning passion since early childhood. Tennant recently shared an anecdote to the Radio Times about his earliest TV memory and it was, ya guessed it, a scene from Who, A regeneration to be exact: “Doctor Who—watching Jon Pertwee turn into Tom Baker.

It’s weirdly specific, especially considering things that have happened in my life since. I remember thinking, ‘That man just turned into another man. That’s wild.’ It’s so utterly unpredictable the way things worked out, it’s so fantastically unlikely.

Why was Rose Tyler written out of Doctor Who?

Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) has always been very open about her reasons for not wanting to return to Doctor Who on a full-time basis, but now she’s opening up about why she left the series in the first place, back when both she and the show were at the peak of their popularity.

  1. Piper brought Rose to life for two seasons of Doctor Who, playing against two different Doctors (Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant).
  2. Speaking on the BBC radio show Desert Island Discs, she said she chose to leave because she “didn’t like the responsibility of being a role model.” When Doctor Who returned to the airwaves in 2005, no one knew if it would be successful.
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It ended up being more popular than anyone could have foreseen, and the attention made Piper uncomfortable even though she was used to the spotlight thanks to her time as a pop singer. By that point, she already had an opinion about fame and how she wanted to live her life.

Was Rose pregnant in Doctor Who?

Appearance – A missing ad from 2005 described her as “19 years old, 5’4 ” in height, slim build with brown eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair “. ( TV : Aliens of London ) The Moment, perfectly imitating Rose, was 151 cm tall and weighed 121 pounds,

  1. She was almost never seen without her trademark hoop earrings.
  2. The War Doctor noted that she was pretty.
  3. PROSE : The Day of the Doctor ) Henry Van Statten also described her as pretty.
  4. TV : Dalek ) Her attractive appearance drew the attention of Drake Ayelbourne, who remarked that she was beautiful and became infatuated with her ( COMIC : Mystery Date ) and of William Shakespeare, who compared her to a summer’s day.

( COMIC : A Groatsworth of Wit ) Upon first seeing her reflection in a mirror when possessing her, the Lady Cassandra characterised Rose as a ” chav “, but also noted her attractive posterior, ( TV : New Earth ) as did Jack Harkness ( TV : The Empty Child ) and Toby Zed, Rose in one of her many trademark hoodies. ( TV : Rose ) Befitting her working-class background as an average shopgirl, Rose usually wore casual clothes and muted tones during her early travels with the Doctor, such as hoodies, faded T-shirts, tank-tops, baggy jeans and trainers.

( TV : Rose, The End of the World, Aliens of London, Dalek, Father’s Day, The Christmas Invasion ) As time went on, however, she became more confident and sophisticated in her clothing choices, changing from jeans to tight black trousers and favouring zip-up jackets and form-fitting tops in brighter, bolder colours.

( TV : The Long Game, The Parting of the Ways, New Earth, The Girl in the Fireplace, The Impossible Planet, Love and Monsters, Doomsday ) Occasionally, Rose made use of the TARDIS wardrobe when visiting historical periods for more appropriate feminine attire.

( PROSE : The Clockwise Man ) For her first voyage into the past, to 1869 Cardiff, she wore a ruffled ruby-red Victorian dress with a black low-cut sequined bodice, complete with stockings and petticoats and a dark shawl worn over her shoulders. The Ninth Doctor remarked she looked beautiful. ( TV : The Unquiet Dead ) She would wear a dress again on what she believed was a trip to see Elvis in the 1950s, donning a bright pink sequined dress and matching hairband, sunglasses and high-heeled shoes, as well as a cropped bomber jacket of steel blue leather and black fishnet tights.

( TV : The Idiot’s Lantern ) Her choice of apparel did not always suit the times she found herself in; on her second visit to the Victorian era, dressed mistakenly for 1979, Rose’s short denim dungarees and tights prompted Queen Victoria and her entourage to comment more than once on her “nakedness”.

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TV : Tooth and Claw ) Rose herself questioned the decision to sport a bold Union Flag T-shirt when she ended up hanging from a barrage balloon in the middle of a German air raid during the London Blitz, ( TV : The Empty Child ) Her wardrobe took on a more provocative aspect when she was possessed by Cassandra, who sought to flaunt the “curves” of her stolen figure.

Inside Rose’s body, Cassandra dumped her blue jacket to show off the patchwork blouse she had on underneath (in coloured patterns of violet, midnight blue, lilac and mauve ); which she wore with the collar unbuttoned, baring her cleavage in an effort to seduce the Doctor.

TV : New Earth ) After being restored, Rose continued to wear the blouse in such a style throughout more adventures. ( AUDIO : Infamy of the Zaross, The Sword of the Chevalier ; COMIC : Which Switch? Mirror Image ) In the rare moments where she and the Doctor would go undercover as service staff, Rose donned the uniforms of a school dinner lady ( TV : School Reunion ) and a cocktail waitress, ( TV : Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel ) much to her annoyance.

As she crossed dimensions to return to her universe in what would be her final time facing the Daleks, she dressed in a rose top under a bomber jacket of indigo leather with black trousers, reflecting her mature, battle-hardened personality following her separation from the Doctor.