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Is the doctor in love with Donna

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Donna Noble
Doctor Who character
A publicity shot from the episode ” The Unicorn and the Wasp “.
First appearance ” Doomsday ” (2006)
Last appearance “The Giggle” (2023)
Portrayed by Catherine Tate
Duration 2006, 2008–2010, 2023
In-universe information
Affiliation Tenth Doctor Fourteenth Doctor
Family Geoff Noble (father) Sylvia Noble (mother)
Spouse Shaun Temple
Children Rose Noble
Relatives Wilfred Mott (grandfather)
Home Earth
Home era Early 21st century

Donna Noble (later Temple-Noble ) is a fictional character in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who, Portrayed by British actress and comedian Catherine Tate, she is a former companion of the Tenth Doctor ( David Tennant ).

Originally appearing in the closing scene of the show’s 2006 series and as a special guest star in its following Christmas special, ” The Runaway Bride “, Tate was not expected to reprise her role as Donna; for series 3 (2007), the Doctor travelled alongside medical student Martha Jones ( Freema Agyeman ).

However, Tate expressed interest in returning to the role, and she returned as Donna for the duration of series 4 (2008), and in a subsequent 2009–2010 Christmas and New Year’s special, On 15 May 2022, it was announced that Tate would reprise the role for the series’ 60th anniversary specials in 2023.

  1. Within the series’ narrative, Donna begins as an outspoken Londoner in her mid-30s, a temp worker from Chiswick whose view of the universe is small in scope.
  2. Although she at first finds alien time traveller the Doctor terrifying, their initial encounter leaves her unsatisfied with her normal life and she decides to travel alongside him when the next opportunity arises.

Donna becomes an asset to the Doctor on his adventures and it is she who ultimately saves the universe in the series 4 finale, although tragically at the cost of the memories of her travels with the Doctor. In a contrast to the Tenth Doctor’s prior companions, who both harboured romantic feelings for him, Donna and the Doctor shared a strictly platonic relationship ; and she did not feel the need to prove herself to be allowed to travel with the Doctor, who refers to her as his “best friend”.

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Why did Donna leave Dr Who

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Here’s What Happened to Donna Noble in DOCTOR WHO When it comes to Doctor Who ‘s modern companions, Donna Noble (played by the remarkable Catherine Tate) remains a fan favorite with a controversial arc. She started off as a rather annoying temp from Chiswick but her platonic chemistry with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and sharp wit made her a beloved companion.

  • Donna became a very important person in the universe, discovering her own power and worth while traveling in the TARDIS.
  • However, she saw some pretty heartbreaking things and her companion arc ended on a very sad note (more on that later).
  • Donna Noble is returning for Doctor Who ‘s but some people have probably forgotten what happened to her years ago in the series.

Any Doctor Who fan who knows Donna Noble cannot forget her heartbreaking fate in Journey’s End, Thanks to her touching the Doctor’s severed hand, she gained all the knowledge of a Time Lord. The “DoctorDonna” used this to stop Davros and save many planets in the process; however, she couldn’t save herself.

The Doctor’s knowledge is simply too much for a human so the Tenth Doctor made the decision to wipe her mind. As he explains, this will keep her mind from burning up and killing her. All traces of her time with him left her memory in an instant. That scene is still a highly emotional and controversial moment among Doctor Who fans.

But some fans may have forgotten Donna’s brief return in “The End of Time” in 2009. (It was approx.2010 on Earth, considering Rose Tyler’s year away from home threw off the timeline a bit.) The Tenth Doctor Christmas special is his epic swansong that loops her back into the mix. BBC Towards the end of the episode, the Doctor saves her grandfather Wilfred, which triggers his regeneration. He holds off and sees Donna one last time as we see her marrying Shaun Temple. The Doctor also left her a winning lottery ticket to ensure her financial future.

So that’s what happened to Donna Noble in Doctor Who, As we moved on with a new Doctor and showrunner, those previous companions like Donna, Martha, and Rose went off to live their lives until now. Rose is still on parallel Earth and Martha could still be a freelance alien hunter. We will never know. But we are getting a glimpse into Donna’s life once again.

We now know that Donna is still, Besides her child’s name, which is an obvious homage to Rose Tyler, Donna’s mind still has remnants of her TARDIS traveling days. In the anniversary specials trailer, she admits to her mom that she feels like something special is missing from her life.

What happened to Donna on Doctor Who?

Donna Noble Other realities Gallery Appearances Talk

Donna Temple-Noble (née Noble ) was a companion of the Tenth Doctor, Despite her humble beginnings, she was described by both Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor as being the most important woman in all of creation, due to the fact that she saved the whole of reality from the Daleks and Davros,

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Does Donna become the doctor

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The Adventures of the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble – Image via BBC Noble technically makes her first appearance in the Doctor Who revival Season 2 finale, “Doomsday,” as “The Bride.” It’s not until the 2006 Christmas special, “The Runaway Bride,” that her first true story with The Doctor unfolds. Noble was unwittingly drawn into a plot involving the Racnoss Empress and Donna’s fiance, hence her first appearance in a wedding dress.

While Donna declined The Tenth Doctor’s first offer to become his companion, it would not be the last time they meet. Donna and The Doctor were drawn together once again in the opener of Season 4, “Partners in Crime” while they were both investigating a potential alien connection to Adipose Industries.

It turns out the company’s shadowy figurehead, Miss Foster, was using a miracle weight loss drug to secretly seed humans with alien young, called Adipose. If accelerated, the morphogenesis of the young could be fatal to humans. The Doctor and Donna foiled the plot, and this time, Donna was ready to travel the cosmos with the Time Lord.

  1. The Doctor and Donna shared many adventures.
  2. They reluctantly brought about the destruction of Pompeii by causing the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, freed the Ood from subjugation, solved a murder mystery with Agatha Christie, and battled the Daleks and their creator, Davos.
  3. In the Daleks’ latest plot, they absconded 27 planets, including Earth, into a pocket universe to power a “reality bomb” to erase all life and existence, except for themselves.

In the Season 4 finale, “Journey’s End,” Donna and The Doctor managed to stop all that. Donna inadvertently absorbed all The Doctor’s knowledge during the conflict, essentially making her part-human, part-Time Lord; a “Doctor Donna.” Image via BBC Multiple factors made The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble an excellent Doctor/Companion pairing, which became one of the most beloved partnerships of the franchise since its 2005 revival. Tennant and Tate had excellent chemistry onscreen, and they played off each other tremendously well.

  1. Tennant’s Doctor has a wild, manic energy, and Tate is so wonderfully charismatic that she could match the more outgoing aspects of The Tenth Doctor’s personality.
  2. Besides the actors’ electric chemistry, from a writing and storytelling standpoint, they balanced each other well as characters.
  3. Donna was unmatched in her compassion for others in need and sentient aliens who were mistreated, such as the Ood.

During her travels with The Doctor, she typically acted as a conscience for the Time Lord, helping him see the reason and the compassionate side when The Doctor didn’t want to get involved. In the Season 4 episode, “The Doctor’s Daughter,” Donna was the one who named The Doctor’s genetic offspring, Jenny, and encouraged The Doctor to recognize Jenny as his daughter.

Donna Noble served as the moral compass for The Tenth Doctor when he needed it most. Conversely, The Doctor showed Donna the moral dilemma he constantly faces making impossible decisions. In “The Fires of Pompeii,” Donna is forced to realize that there is no way to avert the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and save the Earth from an invasion by the Pyroviles.

The Doctor doesn’t make these choices lightly, but Donna understands that The Doctor doesn’t make these decisions out of a sense of cruelty or malice. It’s simply a matter of how “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Sometimes, The Doctor has to make a terrible sacrifice that comes at the cost of others to stop a terrible menace,

  • If there is a fixed point in time, nothing can be done to change it.
  • However, Donna still convinced The Doctor to save one family from Pompeii’s destruction which became a crucial moment much later on during the journey of The Twelfth Doctor ( Peter Capaldi ).
  • Donna’s influence on the Doctor left reverberations for multiple lifetimes of the time-traveling Gallifreyan.
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It was nice to see such a wonderful, platonic friendship depicted onscreen. Before The Doctor and Donna went off on their adventures, the show established that their relationship was not romantic. The Tenth Doctor is not Donna’s type, since she likes macho, stronger men.

She was never attracted to The Doctor in that way. Meanwhile, The Doctor was not looking for a romantic partner at the time. As The Tenth Doctor hilariously explained to Donna, “I just want a mate.” He didn’t want “to mate,” he wants a “mate” – a friend. The Doctor needs a partner, not in the romantic sense, but someone who can see the details that he can’t, someone who can see the forest from the trees and the big picture when he is unable to connect the last two dots.

As The Doctor also pointed out in “The Fires of Pompeii,” “Sometimes I need someone.” Donna more than fulfilled that role. Yet, their love for each other was unquestionable. They forged a special bond that is rarely matched between Doctor and Companion,

Does the Doctor kiss Donna?

The Shocking Kiss – Many fans liked Donna Noble very much – not only because she had the tendency to say whatever she meant, but also because she didn’t fall for the Doctor. These two remained great friends instead. The only kiss they shared was hilarious and not the least bit romantic.

Does the Doctor love Martha?

Why Martha Flew Under The Radar – Part of this is due to timing. Martha replaced the previous companion, Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper. Rose had been on the show two seasons, traveling both with the Tenth Doctor and Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor, She served not only as a human companion who helped ground the Doctor to Earth, but as the Doctor’s love interest, creating a bond that audiences easily got invested in.

Her exit from the show was heartbreaking for her, the audience, and the Doctor. Martha developed romantic feelings for the Doctor during her time traveling with him; however, they were not reciprocated and barely acknowledged by the Doctor, who was still pining over his lost love. Some Doctor Who fans had a problem with this storyline, believing either that she was being brought in to replace Rose as a love interest, or that the companion-falling-for-the-Doctor storyline was played out and being done again too soon after Rose’s departure.

These are valid points; however, Martha as a character was more than just her feelings for the Doctor.

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Why can t Donna remember the Doctor

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RTD has hinted that Donna’s return to Doctor Who will not be easy. Her reunion with the Doctor in the 60th anniversary special could be deadly. Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble is returning for the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special, but it’s been hinted Donna may not survive the reunion. Donna was first introduced during Tennant’s reign as the Tenth Doctor, in season 2, episode 13, “Doomsday.” As a companion, Donna balanced out the Doctor’s temperament with her very down-to-earth attitude but, despite this, she was still described by Ten and Rose as ” the most important woman in all of creation.

” Donna’s importance was shown in one episode, “Turn Left,” where her minor driving decision changed the fate of the world, and also when she saved the whole of reality from the Daleks and Davros. In Donna’s final episode, season 4’s finale “Journey’s End,” Donna absorbs all the Doctor’s knowledge and becomes part human, part-Time Lord, making her Doctor Donna,

To save Donna from burning up and dying, the Doctor wipes her memories of him and leaves her behind, claiming if she were to ever remember she would die. However, trailers for the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special show Donna feeling like she is forgetting something about her life as well as her eventual reunion with the Doctor.

Is Donna part Time Lord?

Donna Noble is returning to Doctor Who, but her reunion with the Doctor raises one major question: will the series finally explore her true nature? Doctor Who returns to television screens this November for the sci-fi series’ 60th anniversary. Three specials are due to mark the occasion and they will be the first episodes of returning showrunner Russel T Davies’ new era. Davies isn’t coming back to Doctor Who alone, though.

Before Ncuti Gatwa, takes over as the Doctor, fan-favorite actor David Tennant is returning for the specials, this time as the Fourteenth Doctor. Tennant will also be reunited with his old companion, Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble, who originally had her memories of the Doctor erased. Tennant’s return as a new incarnation of the Time Lord raises a host of questions, but Donna’s return might just raise even more.

When she was last seen in Doctor Who, not only was Donna completely oblivious to the fact she had ever traveled with the Doctor, but the Time Lord had warned Donna would die if she ever remembered him. The mind wipe was made necessary when Donna became part Time Lord, but was unable to withstand a Time Lord consciousness.

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Is Rose Donna’s daughter

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Doctor Who confirms long-rumoured fan theory about Yasmin Finney’s character Rose

  • A about ‘s character has been confirmed.
  • The Heartstopper star, 20, will feature opposite returning Doctor, as well as ‘s Donna Noble, in three special episodes of the sci-fi series in November.
  • The mini-series marks the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, and will see Tennant return to the role of the Doctor before Ncuti Gatwa officially takes on the role from the festive period.
  • In May 2022, it was announced that Finney would be joining the show as a character called Rose.
  • The name instantly attracted the attention of fans, who questioned if it was a reference to Rose Tyler, ‘s character who was a companion to both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant’s Doctors.
  • While the nature of new Rose’s identity had been kept under wraps, many Whovians had theorised that she is the daughter of Donna and her partner Shaun (Karl Collins).
  • This was finally confirmed on Wednesday (30 August), in a social media post marking Finney’s birthday and confirming that Rose is Donna’s daughter.

The description reads: “When we last saw Donna, the Doctor had to wipe her memory. So the question is, what happens when Rose meets one of her mum’s oldest friends?

  1. “It is a mystery for now, but what we do know is that just like her mother, Rose stumbles across something alien and from that point her seemingly ordinary family is never quite the same.”
  2. In Donna’s final episodes in Doctor Who in 2009, all memories of the Doctor were wiped from her mind.
  3. The Doctor then warned her grandfather Wilf (the late Bernard Cribbins, who was seen on set of the anniversary episodes before his death), that “if she ever remembers me her mind will burn and she will die”.

Access unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video Sign up now for a 30-day free trial Access unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video Sign up now for a 30-day free trial In May,, called “The Star Beast”, “Wild Blue Yonder” and “The Giggle”, arrived. David Tennant will return to the Tardis with Russell T Davies back at the show’s helm The clips gave fans a glimpse of Tate’s return as Tennant’s sidekick Donna, as well as a mysterious new character played by Neil Patrick Harris.

In a recent interview, Tennant that he wanted to play the character again before he got “too old”. “The specifics of coming back to Doctor Who took a bit of wrangling,” he told the Radio Times, “But we were always receptive to the notion. Initially, it was a casual conversation going, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to do a one-off?’ “Then Russell was back running the show and suddenly it could be something bigger.

But there’s really no pressure. It’s a victory lap, in a way – you get to enjoy something that had meant so much to you, one last shot before you get too old to do it again.” Doctor Who returns in November on BBC One in the UK and Disney Plus in the US.

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Can Donna Noble regenerate

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Theory: Donna Noble will regenerate into the Fifteenth Doctor – One of the more bizarre, yet strangely plausible theories, comes from the Twitter user @DimensionsInJen: Imagine if the Doctor dies as the Fourteenth Doctor. Then Donna gets her memories and stuff.

She then lives as the Doctor Donna and then it kills her but twist she regenerates into the Fifteenth Doctor. Just imagine. Hence the hand jar thing in the trailer. Just imagine. — Jenny (@DimensionsInJen) May 1, 2023 This would be an absolutely mind-boggling plot twist. And, bizarre as it sounds, it might actually work.

Although Doctors are always a bit shaken-up post-regeneration, it would make the Fifteenth Doctor’s “Could someone tell me what the hell is going on here?” from the trailer make even more sense. It would also set Who up for some really interesting future stories.

Does Donna ever become partner?

How Donna Leap-Frogged from Secretary to COO – Image via USA To recap, in the episode where Donna becomes COO, she asks her love interest and boss, Harvey Specter ( Gabriel Macht ), for a promotion to Senior Partner at the law firm. Harvey is hesitant as she is not even a lawyer but promises to consider her request after she states her case on the sacrifices she has made for both Harvey and the firm.

With the day having gone by and no response from Harvey, she is nervous and reaches out to Gretchen ( Aloma Wright ). Gretchen tells her that she should have shown her commitment by handing Harvey a check, a requirement for making Senior Partner. We later learn that she did give Harvey the check from her conversation with Louis Litt ( Rick Hoffman ), where she asks him to give away control of the associates.

This infuriates Louis who is just learning of the promotion, prompting him to protest. Harvey learns of the argument and defends Donna, saying he is the one making decisions at the firm after Jessica’s ( Gina Torres ) departure. They leave the scene with Louis accepting Harvey’s decision-making including Donna’s Senior Partner promotion.

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However, when Katrina ( Amanda Schull ), who rejoined the firm hoping to make senior partner tells Harvey that Donna’s promotion takes the shine off the position, Harvey rescinds the promotion. When he informs Donna of his decision, she asks for the COO role. She argues her case and Harvey eventually agrees.

And, in a matter of hours, Donna has moved from secretary to senior partner to COO. Even though Suits remained captivating, this particular scene marred one of the show’s finest characters’ organic development.

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Does Donna come back

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Harvey is able to prove that Daniel was responsible for creating and planting the fake memo and orchestrating the fraud case against the firm. In the end, Daniel is fired, Jessica is brought back as managing partner and Donna is reinstated as Harvey’s assistant.

Who locked Donna in the TARDIS?

Plot – Inside the TARDIS, the Tenth Doctor is regenerating, He halts the transformation by transferring the remaining energy into his severed hand. The regeneration has progressed enough to enable the Doctor’s body to heal, but not change his physical appearance.

  1. Gwen and Ianto find safety in an impenetrable time lock and Sarah Jane is saved from Daleks by Rose ‘s ex-boyfriend Mickey and her mother Jackie,
  2. The TARDIS is captured by the Daleks and transported to their flagship the Crucible,
  3. Sarah Jane, Mickey, and Jackie surrender themselves to get aboard.
  4. The Supreme Dalek orders the TARDIS to be destroyed, with Donna Noble locked inside; in the process, Donna touches the severed hand, enveloping her in regeneration energy and causing a new, cloned Doctor to form, who saves the TARDIS from destruction.

Davros, creator of the Daleks, explains that the stolen planets form a “Reality Bomb” which would destroy all matter in every universe. To stop the bomb, Martha threatens to destroy Earth, and Sarah Jane, Mickey, Jack, and Jackie threaten to destroy the Crucible,

  • The Supreme Dalek transports both groups in front of Davros.
  • The clone Doctor and Donna also arrive and try to use a device to refocus the bomb onto the Daleks.
  • Davros blasts them both with electricity.
  • Donna becomes imbued with Time Lord knowledge that she gained during the clone Doctor’s creation and disables the bomb and the Daleks.

The two Doctors and Donna relocate the missing planets, but the control panel is destroyed before Earth can be relocated. Motivated by Dalek Caan’s prophecy of the Daleks’ extinction, the new Doctor destroys the Daleks and the Crucible, The original Doctor offers to save Davros, who refuses.

The companions flee into the TARDIS and “tow” the Earth back into its original orbit using the Cardiff Rift as a “tow rope”. Sarah Jane returns home; Martha and Mickey leave with Jack; and the Doctor returns Rose and Jackie to the parallel universe in which they were previously trapped. He also sends the clone Doctor into the parallel universe to accompany Rose, as the cloned Doctor is part human and will grow old along with her.

After departing, Donna’s human mind becomes overwhelmed by the Time Lord knowledge and starts to deteriorate. The Doctor wipes her mind to save her life against her wishes and takes her home. The Doctor tells Donna’s family that she must never remember him or she will die and subsequently leaves on his own.

Is Clara River Song’s daughter?

The Clara mystery: Theories and wild speculation. – Courtesy of BBC America Season 7 of Doctor Who has increasingly coalesced around the mystery of Clara, neatly summed up by the Doctor in the clip below. Now that we’re more than halfway through Season 7, Part 2, with only three episodes left to go before we arrive at the finale—tantalizingly titled ” The Name of the Doctor “—it’s time to put on our speculating hats.

Let’s review where we are in the Season 7 mystery of Clara (otherwise known as the Search for Clara Prime ) and where we might be going. The Mystery The Doctor has encountered the same human being in three very different eras: Oswin Oswald (Future Clara, for our purposes), an entertainment director on a starship in the far future; Clara Oswald (Past Clara), who lives a double life as a barmaid and a governess in London in 1892; and Present Clara, the Doctor’s ongoing companion this season, who seems to be from 2013.

* How can this identical woman exist in (at least) three time zones? As the Doctor says, “She’s not possible!” The Clues

The Claras have some intriguing similarities: Past Clara and Future Clara both like making soufflés (see ” Asylum of the Daleks ” and ” The Snowmen “). Present Clara and Past Clara are both drawn to caring for traumatized or lost children (again, “The Snowmen,” as well as ” The Bells of Saint John ” and ” The Rings of Akhaten “). That said, they have some big differences. Future Clara is a computer genius. Present Clara is bizarrely Internet illiterate for a twentysomething in 2013. Past Clara keeps her double life as a governess and a barmaid a secret from everyone involved in each. She never explains why. The plot of “The Snowmen” doesn’t require her to be a barmaid at all. What’s going on here? It certainly suggests a facility for deviousness that may mean she’s hiding things from the Doctor. The TARDIS has some sort of grudge against Clara (see “Akhaten” and “Hide”). Present Clara contacts the Doctor across time using a phone number given to her by “the woman in the shop.” Who is the woman in the shop? Why does she want Present Clara to meet the Doctor? And why does Present Clara need a nudge to meet the Doctor, when he bumped into the other two by chance? (Unless, as we’ll explore below, it wasn’t by chance.) The Doctor has pretty comprehensively vetted Present Clara as human. He’s spied on her parents’ courtship (in “Akhaten”). He’s run her by a proven psychic (in “Hide”). Why hasn’t he checked out Past and Future Clara in the same way? He does have a time machine. Unless he has, and we just haven’t seen him do it. He hasn’t been traveling with Present Clara continuously; he could check up on her doubles without her knowing. We know that Alex Kingston will be returning in “The Name of the Doctor,” so whatever Clara is almost certainly has something to do with River Song. In the clip, even under the threat of certain death, Clara doesn’t ‘fess up to any secret agenda. So that’s proof that she’s an unwitting participant in whatever’s going on with her. Unless she was really just that sure the Doctor would save them (which, after all, he did)?

The Theories Clara’s an agent working against the Doctor for his enemies. Did the Doctor really meet Past and Future Claras by chance? He only met them because of plots by his old enemies The Great Intelligence and the Daleks. Maybe they’re in league with “the woman in the shop” (maybe Madame Kovarian of the Silence ?) to keep bringing the Doctor into Clara’s orbit so she can enact some plot against him.

In favor: Moffat used the-companion-as-trap in Season 5, and he does like reusing plot points with interesting variations. Against: “The woman in the shop” is almost certainly River, who is unlikely to be in an alliance with the Doctor’s foes. (Unless the Silence have retaken control of her? Dammit!) Clara is a future regeneration of River Song who’s had her memory erased.

River is, after all, a Time Lord. We’ve seen her regenerate before. In favor: Doctor Who has a proven record of trading in its Time Lords for younger models (see The Master in “Utopia” and, oh, every regeneration of the Doctor). And after four seasons as a frequently recurring character on Doctor Who, Kingston may be ready to move on.

Against: River works in her current incarnation because she’s a sporadic recurring character. It would be a huge change for the series for the Doctor to be traveling with a clear, unrepressed, fully requited love interest. Seems like it would make both kids and old-school fans unhappy if there was suddenly kissing and mushy stuff in every episode.

Clara is the future child of the Doctor and River who’s had her memory erased. The two Time Lords must be up to something on their nights away from River’s prison cell. In favor: See above for Moffat’s fondness for reusing plot points with slight differences.

  • This would strongly echo the Season 6 revelation that River is Amy and Rory’s child.
  • And that would make Clara a Time Lord, which would explain her numerous incarnations, apparent centuries of longevity, and ability to repeatedly return from the dead.
  • Against: Except that isn’t how Time Lords work.
  • They don’t keep regenerating into the same body, and they look different every time.

Clara is a future incarnation of the Doctor who has—you got it—had her memory erased. In favor: The often impish Moffat would love springing a surprise like this. It would also explain the frequent rumors that Smith is leaving the show and be a great way of keeping his departure a secret.

Jenna Louise-Coleman is quick-witted enough to play the Doctor. Heck, Future Clara almost is the Doctor. And maybe the TARDIS’s problem with Clara is it doesn’t like having two Doctors on board at once? Crossing time paths or whatever? So maybe this season is going to end with a surprise regeneration.

Against: Except we know from several BBC-released photos of the filming of this fall’s 50 th anniversary special that Smith is very much involved in that episode. It’s all about the leaf. A friend offers this theory based on Clara’s action at the conclusion of “The Rings of Akhaten”: “Remember when she fed ‘the most important leaf in history’ to Grandfather and the infinite possibilities it contained destroyed him and he exploded? I wondered if there might be something about that that created an explosion of infinite unlived Clara/Oswin lifetimes out into the universe.” In favor: This theory is awesome.

  • Against: If this season resolves on a plot point derived from one of the most disliked recent episodes of Doctor Who, fans will be howling in the streets.
  • Though that might be fun to see.
  • Clara is a Jagaroth, an alien from the 1979 classic series story “City of Death.” A Jagaroth can, under the right circumstances, can be splintered into identical bodies across several eras of time.
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Plus they can disguise themselves very convincingly as humans. Against: There’s basically no way Moffat builds the season finale around a one-off monster from 1979. That’s crazy. In favor: Except the Jagaroth isn’t just any one-off monster. It’s the villain from a Douglas Adams–penned story that netted the show its largest audience ever,

  • All intriguing theories but none that are completely convincing.
  • What are your theories? Let me know, and when Clara rips her face off in the finale to reveal one eye and a head full of seaweed skin well, you heard it here first.
  • Correction, Dec.4, 2014: This post originally misidentified Clara’s past incarnation’s double life.

She was a barmaid and a governess, not a nanny and a governess. ( Return,)

Science Fiction TV Doctor Who, Season 7, Part 2

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Does the Doctor love River or Clara

Answered By: Anthony Scott Date: created: May 05 2024

The Doctor chooses to stay with River – The Doctor is a wanderer, an explorer. Throughout the series, and especially in the revival era, it is said that The Doctor struggles to remain in a single location for an extended period of time without getting restless.

Travelling is in his nature. While The Eleventh Doctor briefly considers taking a break from travelling to stay with the Ponds as they ponder a life away from the TARDIS, this doesn’t come to pass. However, there is one special person for whom The Doctor proves himself willing to stay put. Beginning from her very first appearance, we know that River Song spends her final night with The Doctor at the Singing Towers of Darillium.

In T he Husbands of River Song, this night finally arrives. However, in a twist at the end of the episode, The Twelfth Doctor reveals that a night on Darillium is the equivalent of twenty-four Earth years. While those years occur off-screen, it is heavily implied that The Doctor remained on Darillium with River the entire time.

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Did the Doctor ever love anyone

Answered By: Gabriel Henderson Date: created: Jul 30 2023

Doctor Who: The many loves of The Doctor There’s a lot of hate in, The Daleks, un-anthropomorphic antagonists, feel nothing but it. There is also a frequent, terrible absence of any emotion at all. Cybermen – humans that have been shredded up, molded into metal, and forget who they used to be – feel nothing for anyone.

  • Doctor Who’s writers have always liked plot lines that rob characters of their memories, of what they used to feel for other people.
  • But if there is a lot of hate in Doctor Who, or, even worse, the horrific loss of any emotion at all, it often seems to be there to emphasize what has, for five decades, been among the show’s most consistent, resonant themes: love.

Doctor Who is big on love. In almost every episode, characters make choices because of love, for love. And perhaps the biggest lover of them all is The Doctor himself, lover of a lot of loves. He loves his wife, and he loves his other wife. He loves a French mistress and a British nurse.

  1. He loves his companions – all of them, though with different kinds of love.
  2. Most of the time, he would prefer not to be in love, because, for The Doctor, love always means loss.
  3. But he loves all the same, and all the time.
  4. So, in honor of 50 years of Doctor Who, here’s a brief list of some of The Doctor’s biggest loves from the modern series (yes, just the modern series – there’s a lot of love in five decades of Doctor Who): The Doctor and Madame de Pompadour The Tenth Doctor meets Madame de Pompadour, mistress to King Louis XV, when he steps through an 18th-century French fireplace in a 51st-century spaceship.

He falls in love. He saves her from aliens. She’s beautiful. Smart, too. There’s a connection – a literal, telepathic one. Then, as is The Doctor’s perennial misfortune, he loses her to time. In the minutes that Doctor Who spends back on the spaceship, fending off the aliens, years and years pass back where “the girl in the fireplace” is.

By the time he gets back through the fireplace and into her world, she is dead. She has also left him a letter, one that, though we never know its contents, seem to suggest that his love has been the long-running theme of her entire life. For The Doctor, it was just moments. The Doctor and River Song River Song is The Doctor’s wedded wife, and never before in television has there been a more long-distance marriage.

The Doctor and Dr. Song, a cosmic outlaw who rivals The Doctor in intellect and courage, do not get to spend much time together. That’s because River is a time traveller, too. So, this is a love story that unfolds out of order, as a collection of meetings that don’t mean quite the same thing to them at the same time, since one of the two always knows what comes next, and the other doesn’t.

  1. The first time The Doctor meets River is also the last time they meet.
  2. River knows it’s the end, but the Doctor doesn’t.
  3. In fact, he doesn’t even know who she is, and the significance of their final moments together are almost – but not quite – lost on him.
  4. The Doctor and the Tardis The Tardis is The Doctor’s other wife, or so it was imagined in Neil Gaiman’s episode “The Doctor’s Wife.” The two have, well, a troubled relationship.

The Tardis is not particularly pleased about Doctor’s often young, female companions. Actually, she really doesn’t like a lot of them. So, sometimes she locks them out. She also keeps The Doctor’s biggest, darkest secrets in her always scrambling, very scary halls.

  1. Sometimes she takes him where he “needs” to go, not where he “wants” to go.
  2. It’s a marriage.
  3. It’s complicated.
  4. The Doctor and his companions Rose is one of the Doctor’s biggest romantic loves, but, of course, the two are torn apart in a split in time.
  5. Martha loves The Doctor to no avail, and she eventually leaves him because it’s too hard to love someone that won’t love her back.

Donna and the Doctor love each other as the best of friends who make each other infinitely better as people/aliens; in one of the most heartbreaking moments in the show, Donna leaves the series losing all her memories and without ever knowing she knew the Doctor.

  • Amy has a bit of a thing for The Doctor, but she eventually chooses human love – aka, Rory, the man who would do, literally, anything for her.
  • Clara and The Doctor are just friends, with a lot of “something more” innuendo – oh, and Clara splicing herself into infinite bits to forever wander in time with her only purpose being keeping The Doctor safe.

There’s that. The Doctor and Nurse Joan Redfern In “Human Nature,” The Doctor Two is stripped of all his memories in order to hide in the quiet English countryside as a – very human – young teacher, John Smith. This John Smith is affable and cute. So, Joan Redfern, a lovely nurse, falls in love with him, and he with her.

They court, and it’s adorable, and for a while everything is very normal. But then it all falls apart, because John Smith isn’t really human, and, to his incredible dismay, he’s actually The Doctor. So, he has to go back to time travelling and saving the entire universe – and to a tough love life. Get stories that empower and uplift daily.

The Doctor and everyone There’s no getting around it: The Doctor loves everyone. He loves the universe so much that he’ll do just about everything to save it. There’s at times a sense, when watching Doctor Who, that the Doctor would be much better off, or at least have a much easier time, if he were a Dalek, or a Cyberman, or just submitted to a plot line in which he forgets how to feel.

Doing so would spare the Doctor a lot of loss and hurt (and effort). But perhaps it’s that persistent love, when not loving would be much simpler, that has kept audiences fascinated with The Doctor for over 50 years: this is a show that’s profoundly optimistic about human nature, about the choices that people will make for other people, and about the depth of feeling that people can experience.

As the Tardis says of her time in a human body: it’s “so much bigger on the inside.” : Doctor Who: The many loves of The Doctor