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Is David Tennant coming back to Doctor

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David Tennant’s Prep for His ‘Doctor Who’ Return Involved Michael Sheen’s Impressions David Tennant is making history with his return to, He’s the first actor in the show’s 60-year run to reprise the role of the Doctor after parting ways with it, and he’s the first to play a completely different incarnation.

Yes, Tennant’s 14th Doctor will be a different person than the 10th Doctor, who he played for nearly five years starting in 2005. Tennant’s new Doctor might share the same face (and penchant for saying “What?!”) as the 10th Doctor, but he carries all the key memories and personalities of the past three doctors.

Which must mean Tennant went back to watch the seasons of Doctor Who led by Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, and Jodie Whittaker, right? Not quite. “When we were filming Good Omens, I just acted out key moments from the other doctors in between, and that was his research, wasn’t it?” Michael Sheen tells Inverse in held prior to the SAG-AFTRA strikes.

That was enough!” Tennant adds. “Michael’s Jodie is particularly good. It’s excellent.” Apparently, Tennant makes a habit out of not preparing for a role, per Sheen, who joked that his Good Omens co-star hasn’t even read Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s original 1990 book. (Tennant insisted he has.) David Tennant returns as the 14th Doctor, but will play him like the 10th Doctor.

BBC But for the three 60th anniversary specials in which Tennant is set to star, he might not need to do such extensive research. The specials, called “The Star Beast,” “The Blue Yonder,” and “The Giggle,” seem to exclusively deal with either or from the 10th Doctor era.

“Why did this face come back? To say goodbye?” the 10th Doctor’s former companion, Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), wonders in for the anniversary specials. That seems to be the case. Tennant and Tate were one of the most popular Doctor-companion pairings in the franchise’s long history, and the anniversary specials’ focus on them seems to indicate that they’ll wrap up their tragic parting.

Tennant doesn’t need to know everything Smith, Capaldi, and Whittaker did just so the Doctor can say goodbye to Donna Noble again. Then again, it wouldn’t hurt.

When did David Tennant do Doctor Who?

David Tennant shares simple reason he decided to reprise Doctor Who role

has shared the very simple reason he chose to return to for the show’s 60th Anniversary specials, which will air later this year.The Scottish actor, 52, made his Time Lord debut in the 2005 reboot of the classic British sci-fi series as the tenth incarnation of the Doctor.To the delight of many Doctor Who fans, Tennant is making his return to the BBC series as the Fourteenth Doctor in November.Speaking to in a recent interview conducted before the ongoing actors’ and writers’ strike, the Good Omens star gave a simple response as to why he decided to revisit the beloved show once again.

“The real answer is that I still love it,” Tennant said. “You do spend your years away from Doctor Who, always watching it. Always thinking of ideas. Thinking about how I would expand it, thinking of stories. It never goes away. “I have been inventing stories in my head ever since I was about six.

  1. So when I left the show, that doesn’t stop.” Tennant will make his return this November for the show’s three 60th anniversary episodes, titled “The Star Beast”, “Wild Blue Yonder”, and “The Giggle”.
  2. Of his forthcoming reprisal, the actor quipped: “I just hope I look as fast as I did in the 2000s.” David Tennant in ‘Doctor Who’ Tennant will be rejoined by Catherine Tate as his old companion Donna Noble, while.
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The Staged actor’s reprisal of the role was a long-rumoured surprise for fans, as Sex Education breakout Ncuti Gatwa had already been announced as the new Doctor. Access unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video Sign up now for a 30-day free trial Access unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video Sign up now for a 30-day free trial In Jodie Whittaker’s final episode as the Thirteenth Doctor, which aired in October 2022, the Time Lord didn’t regenerate into Gatwa as expected.

Rather, the Doctor turned back into Tennant, who looked confused and repeatedly asked: “What?” Following Tennant’s return as the Fourteenth Doctor will be Gatwa, who makes history as the show’s first Black lead. Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor will be joined by along with Jonathan Groff. Both of these castings have sparked Doctor Who ‘s 60th anniversary specials are scheduled to air on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ in the US this November.

Gatwa’s first episode as the 15th Doctor will air over the 2023 Christmas period, followed by the rest of the season airing in 2024. : David Tennant shares simple reason he decided to reprise Doctor Who role

Who was the Doctor for the shortest time?

12. Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor, 1996) – The Eighth Doctor is a bit of a tricky one because he was on our screens for the shortest amount of time. Played by Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor appeared in a TV film which was intended to relaunch the series, but McGann’s role was short lived when the new series was scrapped.

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Who will replace David Tennant as the Doctor

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At a Glance: –

Doctor Who ended the eras of both Chris Chibnall as series showrunner and Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor in 2022 with ” The Power of the Doctor,” bringing to a close a three-season, three-special run.Whittaker’s replacement is returning star David Tennant, He will play the official 14th incarnation of the Doctor under returning showrunner Russell T. Davies, who revived Doctor Who in 2005 and managed the series until 2009. Tennant will appear in three specials in November 2023 to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who on November 23.He’ll be joined by returning characters Donna Noble and Wilfred Mott, who were played by Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins in season four of Doctor Who, Neil Patrick Harris will play a new villain, while Heartstopper ‘s Yasmin Finney will play a character named Rose.Tennant will be succeeded by Sex Education ‘s Ncuti Gatwa as the 15th Doctor. His announcement in May 2022 makes him the first Black male actor to play the character on-screen.Gatwa will star in Doctor Who ‘s 14th season, set to air some time in 2024.Millie Gibson will co-star as the 15th Doctor’s companion, Game of Thrones star Indira Varma will play a mysterious character known as “the Duchess.” Doctor Who ‘s beloved tradition of doing a Christmas Special —no more New Year’s Day Specials, in other words—will return in 2023, with another confirmed for 2024. Comedian Sooz Kempner will star in Doom’s Day, a new transmedia Doctor Who campaign tied into the anniversary, She’ll play Doom, the titular intergalactic assassin, who has found herself hunted by Death itself—and must use a purloined vortex manipulator with a day’s worth of time-jumping charge to find the Doctor and save herself.

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Are Michael Sheen and David Tennant friends?

FAQs – Q1: How did David Tennant and Michael Sheen first meet? A1: Tennant and Sheen initially met on the set of the film “Bright Young Things” in 2003. Q2: What is the key factor contributing to the stability of their friendship? A2: According to Michael Sheen, their friendship remains stable because they rarely argue.

Q3: In which series did David Tennant play the Doctor and Michael Sheen play the Master? A3: They portrayed these iconic characters in the series “Doctor Who.” Q4: What is the name of the Amazon Prime Video series based on Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s book, featuring David Tennant and Michael Sheen? A4: The series is called “Good Omens,” where Tennant plays Aziraphale, and Sheen plays Crowley.

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Did David Tennant regenerate twice

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How Many Doctors Has David Tennant Played? – David Tennant has played four incarnations of the Doctor. He portrayed the Tenth Doctor, a second version of the Tenth Doctor, the Meta-Crisis Doctor and the Fourteenth Doctor. The Tenth Doctor is the only Doctor to have regenerated twice – but the first time he regenerated in Series 4, Episode 13, “Journey’s End,” he kept the same face.

Therefore, while he was still the Tenth Doctor, the character was another regeneration. The Tenth Doctor first appeared in the Series 1 finale “The Parting of The Ways,” which saw Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor regenerate after absorbing the energy of the Time Vortex. The new Doctor arrived on Earth just in time for the Sycorax invasion in the 2005 Christmas special “The Christmas Invasion” and despite spending the majority of the episode recovering from in bed, he still managed to save the day (although he lost a hand in the process).

The Doctor had adventures with Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Donna Noble, battling creatures across the galaxy. However, he was shot by a Dalek in Series 4, Episode 12, “The Stolen Earth.” The Doctor regenerated afterward – but instead of changing his face, he channeled the excess regeneration energy into his spare hand, eventually leading to the creation of the Meta-Crisis Doctor.

  • There was much debate among the fandom as to whether this counted as an official regeneration, but the 2013 Christmas special “The Time of The Doctor” confirmed that it was a regeneration.
  • The Meta-Crisis Doctor was a half-human, half-Time Lord clone of the Doctor.
  • This Doctor ended up living on the parallel Earth with Rose Tyler, leaving only one Tenth Doctor in the main Doctor Who universe.

The character lived on in audio dramas and Jenny Colgan’s short story “The Turning of the Tide” revealed that two years after “Journey’s End,” Rose was pregnant with his child, Meanwhile, the Tenth Doctor regenerated completely in the 2009 Christmas special “The End of Time, Part Two.” He died of radiation poisoning after a battle with The Master and Rassilon, sacrificing his life so that Wilfred Mott could live.

Why did Doctor Who last so long?

On November 23rd, 2013, the BBC is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who – its seminal science fiction TV series about an alien known as the Doctor who travels throughout all of time and space in his spaceship, the TARDIS, which looks remarkably like a 1960s-era British police box.

  1. Once upon a time, Doctor Who was actually missing from TV.
  2. The show ran continuously from 1963, but was cancelled in 1989.
  3. There was an ill-fated attempt to revive the series in 1996 with a TV movie, but that, too failed.
  4. Like the Doctor himself, though, the show proved resilient, finally beginning anew in 2005.

The rebooted series has proved to be a remarkable success – it’s still going strong, and also managed to accomplish what the “classic” Doctor Who series never did – building a huge fanbase in America. It’s currently the number one show on BBC America, and its viewership is growing.

As I was driving in L.A. once, I saw a huge billboard of the Doctor shown from behind in silhouette, with just a small ‘Doctor Who’ written in the corner. It’s a testatment to how aggressive the marketing for the rebooted show is that they expect audiences to know who the Doctor is.” Those words were spoken to me by Dr.

Piers Britton of the University of Redlands in California. Dr. Britton is a native of the U.K., and in addition to his usual courses in art history, he’s currently teaching a class on Doctor Who this semester in celebration of the 50th anniversary. He’s also written a book called TARDISbound, which examines the Doctor as he’s appeared in various media incarnations, including novels, TV, audiobooks, and comics.

  1. And in that study, how does he explain the longevity of the character? “The character is helped because he can be played by a limitless number of actors.
  2. The longevity of the character is assured because it thrives on the basis of character, even as popular culture changes.
  3. That idea of change – being able to reinvent itself – is central to Doctor Who,” Dael Kingsmill, who has a video series on Greek Mythology on Felicia Day’s ‘Geek and Sundry’ YouTube channel, agrees with this assessment.
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“Like The Doctor, the show is able to constantly reinvent itself and become the ultimate survivor. It’s not constrained by time, or genre, or even cast, so it never gets old, but at the same time, it manages to hold onto that quirky quality which we all know and love.” One of the reasons why Doctor Who has been so successful, and what differentiates it from more traditional sci-fi fare like Star Trek, is that the Doctor always travels with one or more companions.

There have been dozens of companions, but most of them are humans from the present time of the Doctor. “Part of the show’s appeal is that the Doctor travels with people that you might know,” Dr. Britton told me. “An access point through contemporary world is part of its appeal.” One interesting thing about the show, Dr.

Britton notes, is that the way the companion is used by the show changed remarkably after the 2005 resurrection. “In the Classic series, companions were there as audience surrogates. What we have now, though, are characters who are the driving element in the narrative.

We engage with because they’re fascinating in and of themselves.” Neil McNeil, who also has a video series on Geek and Sundry, also credits companions for the show’s longevity. “I think the series has gone on for so long because it’s a new take on the fairytale genre, something that people can picture themselves being a part of.

The show examines human existence while still bringing viewers to fantastic, faraway places they never could have imagined.” Another aspect of the show that may turn out to be a surprising aspect of its appeal to audiences is its quintessential British-ness.

  • All of us who grew up with Doctor Who are in some way influenced by it.
  • It’s unavoidable.
  • Doctor Who is part of the grain of British culture, and my world is better for it,” science fiction and comics writer Warren Ellis told me. Dr.
  • Britton concurs with this idea.
  • Even we did science fiction, it never looked like Doctor Who.

That’s because it’s so strange and odd from the start. After we started to get American imports like Star Trek, for a long time the oddity tickled the British fancy. The eccentric English-ness of it is also part of its popularity.” That eccentricity extends to the Doctor himself, who Dr.

Britton describes as a “wonderfully enthusiastic amateur who’ll fix things in unforeseeable ways. Doctor Who is about someone who improvises at the spur of the moment in both funny and infuriating ways. And his child-like enthusiasm is matched by an adult cunning.” Perhaps the best way to explain the appeal of Doctor Who, though, comes from The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson.

In a 2011 episode that featured a guest appearance by the actor currently playing the Doctor, Matt Smith, Ferguson wrote a song celebrating Doctor Who, in which he said that “It’s all about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.” As a long-time fan of the show myself, I think that sums it up best.

Was David Tennant a good Doctor?

4 The 10th Doctor – David Tennant – Surprisingly, the legendary David Tennant isn’t in the top three for most Redditors, although he was voted as the best Doctor of all time by the Scottish Daily Express, The reason Tennant made his way to the top four is his charm – there’s no denying that the actor possesses incredible charisma.