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Is Jenny still alive in Doctor Who

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Appearance – When the Doctor’s time travelling TARDIS is drawn to the planet Messaline, his DNA is used by warring human soldiers on the planet in a Progenation Machine, a device that instantly creates a fully grown and educated new person, and the Doctor recognises her as his “daughter”.

  • Born a fighter, with combat skills and tactics automatically programmed, she is initially ideologically at odds with the Doctor’s pacifism, but after learning she has two hearts and is connected to the near-extinct race of Time Lords, she begins to pattern her behaviour on that of her father.
  • Named “Jenny” by the Doctor’s companion Donna ( Catherine Tate ) as she is a “generated anomaly”, she is initially received with ambivalence by the Doctor, whom she reminds of the loss of his previous family.

He eventually warms to her, and welcomes her aboard his crew as a companion. Just as peace appears to have been restored between the planet’s warring factions, Jenny is shot and apparently killed. The Doctor cradles her dying form in his arms, and is visibly distraught when she does not revive or regenerate from the wound.

  • In the episode’s closing scenes after the Doctor leaves, Jenny revives, takes a small spaceship, and takes off into the unknown to become an explorer like her father.
  • In the accompanying Doctor Who Confidential episode, David Tennant (who portrays the Doctor ) refers to her as “another member of that race, or something closely akin to it.” In the episode itself the Doctor says to Jenny, “You’re an echo, that’s all.
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A Time Lord is so much more. A sum of knowledge, a code, shared history, shared suffering”, but later accepts her as his daughter, saying “You’re going to be more than great; you’re going to be amazing”. Jenny’s ‘death’ is shown during ” Journey’s End ” when the Doctor recalls those who have died while helping him, as he did not know she revived.