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Is gardening an antidepressant

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Getting down and dirty is the best ‘upper’ – Serotonin – Getting your hands dirty in the garden can increase your serotonin levels – contact with soil and a specific soil bacteria, Mycobacterium vaccae, triggers the release of serotonin in our brain according to research.

Serotonin is a happy chemical, a natural anti-depressant and strengthens the immune system. Lack of serotonin in the brain causes depression. Ironically, in the face of our hyper-hygienic, germicidal, protective clothing, obsessive health-and-safety society, there’s been a lot of interesting research emerging in recent years regarding how good dirt is for us, and dirt-deficiency in childhood is implicated in contributing to quite a spectrum of illnesses including allergies, asthma and mental disorders.

At least now I have a new insight into why I compulsively garden without gloves and have always loved the feeling of getting my bare hands into the dirt and compost heap.

What the very best relationship has a gardener?

The very best relationship has a gardener and a flower, the gardener nurtures and the flower blooms.

What do most gardeners charge per hour?

Gardener cost estimator per hour A gardener’s hourly rate could be determined by their level of experience. A new gardener with basic experience typically charges $20 to $30 per hour, whereas a gardener with years of experience who specializes in garden planning may charge as much as $60 to $88 per hour.

What age are most gardeners?

Gardener demographics research summary. Zippia estimates gardener demographics and statistics in the United States by using a database of 30 million profiles. Our gardener estimates are verified against BLS, Census, and current job openings data for accuracy. Zippia’s data science team found the following key facts about gardeners after extensive research and analysis:

There are over 28,706 gardeners currently employed in the United States.43.6% of all gardeners are women, while 56.4% are men, The average gardener age is 41 years old. The most common ethnicity of gardeners is White (56.7%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (28.0%), Black or African American (7.8%) and Unknown (4.2%). Gardeners are most in-demand in New York, NY. The media industry is the highest-paying for gardeners. 3% of all gardeners are LGBT,

How can I make my garden look romantic?

Go for drama This has to take the prize for the most romantic addition to a garden. Just imagine having a candlelit bath under a shady screen of willow on a warm summer’s evening. If a bath is a bit extreme, you can still create the same sense of drama by fashioning a little hidden grotto in your outside space.

  • Allow roses to ramble A white picket fence covered with rambling roses is an instant shortcut to a classically romantic garden.
  • When set against the neat lines of the fence and ordered rows of lavender, the wild roses look decadent and beautiful.
  • Bring the indoors out Enjoy all the style and comfort of your living room in your garden with a decadent covered patio area.
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Climbing ivy, romantic lanterns, rattan furniture and billowing linen drapes all add up to a seriously romantic garden room. Paint woodwork Breathe new life into a tired shed or garden house by giving it a fresh coat of cheerful colour. Soft greens and warm reds create a lovely backdrop for classic planting.

Choose romantic blooms Plant peonies, roses and foxgloves against a backdrop of dry-stone walling for pretty, country garden style. The warm stone not only acts as a backdrop to the pretty flowers, but serves to encourage wildlife, such as bees and butterflies. Create a secret garden A hidden door leading from one section of a garden to another adds a whimsical, fairy-tale feel to an outdoor space.

Painting the woodwork a soft, deep green colour will allow it to blend into the landscape and add to the element of surprise. Check out more secret gardens Add layers of bold colour Create the effect of a wild flower meadow by planting a mix of classic English country flowers and mixing up colours and shapes.

  • Eep a structure in mind when planting, though, making sure tall plants are at the back while little delicate plants take pride of place at the front.
  • Cover wooden fencing Use trailing plants to hide wooden fencing and lend a romantic feel to a decked or paved garden space.
  • This will also help to block out noise from passing traffic and make even a city garden feel like a lush retreat.

Include a private hideaway Tuck a garden house or shed at the end of the garden and screen it with flowers and trees to create somewhere you can escape to when you need a little peace and quiet. TELL US What do you do to make your home a peaceful hideaway?

What is most precious gift of nature?

Water is the most precious gift of nature. It has no taste, no smell and no color. It is found everywhere and the other name of it is life. We find it in tanks, ponds, wells, rivers and springs.

What is nature biggest gift?

Water is the greatest gift of nature. Humans have exploited this natural resource to a level where controlling water pollution is impossible. Here are some important reasons why water is considered as a precious natural resource.

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What is the most beautiful gift of nature

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The most beautiful gift of nature is that it gives one pleasure to look around and try to comprehend what we see. – Albert Einstein – | Instagram.

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What is someone who loves plants

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Anthophile (plural anthophiles)

What is a gardeners best friend?

Why Are Earthworms Good for Gardens? – Earthworms are invertebrates that live in the soil. They are wiggly, slimy animals who are a key player in your garden soil health. In simple words, earthworms break down old plant material into fertile composts,

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What are practical gifts to give

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58 Actually Useful Gifts All Practical People Will Appreciate A bag hook, tiny vacuum, no-tie shoelaces, and so many more handy gift ideas. April 19, 2023 Courtesy of the brands / Wesley Hall It’s hard to know what the best useful gifts for your loved ones are, especially if they have unswervingly utilitarian tastes or tell you they just don’t want more stuff. That’s why giving them a gift they’ll actually use is wise.

Ideally, this means finding a that isn’t merely decorative, doesn’t add clutter, and is maybe something they never knew they needed. There are many practical gift ideas that technically fall under the useful gift umbrella, such as socks, phone chargers, and gift cards. Oh, and let’s not forget basic coffee mugs, candles, notebooks, and hand-soap sets that are so meh they wind up gathering dust, regifted, or thrown in a donation box.

They’re sensible, sure, but do they inspire genuine delight and appreciation? (Arguably not.) We recommend focusing instead on truly for your family, partners, friends, coworkers, or even yourself. From time-savers to space-savers, kitchen to lifestyle to tech gadgets, we’ve scoured retailers like Amazon, Uncommon Goods, Nordstrom, Etsy, REI, and Target to round up surprisingly useful gifts that still feel special (and many of which are or ).

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1 Travah Diversion Safe Water Bottle Can There are a lot of water bottles out there, but this one is special: It’s insulated to keep water cold for hours, and there’s a stash compartment for credit cards, Apple AirPods, car keys—or any other tiny necessities that can’t be left behind. 2 Clipa2 The Instant Bag Hanger Take it from this commerce editor, this lightweight keychain hook is one of my absolute favorite products in the world—and one which I use multiple times a week when I’m at a bar or in a bathroom stall that doesn’t have a place for me to hang my purse or backpack. It keeps even my heavier belongings (up to 33 pounds) off the ground. Sometimes I also use it to latch an umbrella or water bottle to my bag!

4 Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Card Despite the fact that it’s the size of a credit card, this clever multitool somehow manages to fit scissors, a nail file, tweezers, a pen, a toothpick, a screwdriver, a ruler, a blade, and more. 5 Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager What could be more useful than a gift for stress relief? One of our health editors praised this for its knot-kneading abilities, which she said worked wonders on her neck, shoulders, thighs, calves, back, and feet.

6 Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer Pasta lovers will lose their noodles over this smart strainer, which snaps onto the top of pots, pans, and bowls—and, unlike a standard strainer, saves so much space thanks to its slim shape. 7 Zannaki Metal Moisture-Proof Weekly Pill Organizer A sleek, aluminum alloy pill box (which looks like a literal pill) keeps meds dry and organized for a week and has a screw-locking system that lets your loved one travel with the exact amount of doses they need. 8 Dorai Home Bath Stone Mat I have this and it’s magical! It dries within seconds of my wet feet touching it, looks stylish, and—most importantly—eliminates the need to wash heavy fabric mats (or to smell them, for that matter).

18 Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer Here’s a supremely useful gift: a pot stirrer. Yes, a literal pot stirrer that they can stick in a pan that contains simmering, low-heat liquid, leaving them free to do a gazillion other things (prep ingredients or pour a glass of wine, say). 19 The downside of any or tote is twofold: (1) It’s frustrating to find anything in the sea of stuff. (2) Any time they want to change totes, they’re stuck moving every single item from bag to bag, increasing the likelihood that they lose something. This nifty organizer has a multitude of pockets and slots, a zippered pouch, and comes in a variety of sizes. 20 Zafit Bedside Storage Organizer This caddy slips underneath a mattress or cushion and can be used to corral their remote, phone, glasses, or reading material.

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24 Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner As an alternative to using wipes, pooch parents can add water to this cup-like device, stick their pup’s paw into it, and twist to clean it. 25 The Tushy Classic comes highly recommended by SELF special projects director Hannah Pasternak, who it for cutting down on toilet paper usage (and doing a better job anyway). I also own a Tushy and can chime in that I will never, ever go without one again! After all, it’s not easy to clean back there without taking a shower, so how much more useful can you get? 26 Readerest Original Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Near- and far-sighted people alike know the struggle of misplacing their glasses and then having to hunt for their spectacles without any on. This magnetic holder snaps to clothing and keeps glasses, sunglasses, and IDs close.

36 Uncommon Goods Fitness Dice To add variety to their at-home workouts, they can roll six of the wooden dice in this set to determine areas of the body to exercise, and then toss a seventh die to determine the number of reps. 37 Moft Z Five-in-One Laptop Stand The Moft Z turns a laptop into a standing desk without hogging so much space. Inspired by origami, it’ll support their computer and it folds into five different heights (four for sitting, one for standing). 38 Nexpow 2000A Peak Car Jump Starter Not only can this device jump-start your car, but it also has dual USB ports so your friend can charge their phone, tablet, and other electronics. It even has a built-in LED flashlight with three modes, including flashlight, SOS, and strobe.

42 Mejuri Travel Jewelry Case To cut out the nuisance of tangled jewelry while traveling, this soft, microsuede-lined case secures their precious necklaces, earrings, and rings so that they don’t roll around. Plus, the case is monogrammable for a personal touch. 43 Biib 9-in-1 Multitool Pen A nice gift for the new homeowner (or person who’s always puttering around the house doing some little project), this versatile ballpoint pen is also a ruler, screwdriver, level, bottle opener, and flashlight. 44 The Useless Brand Reusable Paper Towels Roll (12-Pack) Cut back on paper waste with a roll of washable cotton towels that fits onto standard holders (and comes printed with pretty patterns).

57 This rechargeable headlamp is handy on a hiking trip, sure, but also during a power outage, on a late-night dog walk, or searching for lost stuff under a dresser. 58 Bloomscape Microfiber Dusting Gloves These machine-washable microfiber gloves make short work of pulling dust off of their favorite plants’ leaves.

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