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Can you see other people’s liked songs Spotify

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How to Share Spotify Liked Songs as a Playlist: 2 Easy Ways The easiest ways to turn your Spotify Liked Songs into a shareable playlist Have you noticed that there’s no “Share” option on your Liked Songs list on Spotify? You’re not alone! But don’t worry—it’s easy to share your Liked Songs with friends.

If you’re using a PC or Mac, you can use the Spotify desktop app to copy your Liked Songs to a playlist that’s shareable. If you’re using the Spotify mobile app, a Chromebook, or the web app, you can use a free tool called Share Liked Songs that creates a shareable playlist for you. You can even make your new Liked Songs list public so it’s visible on your profile.

This wikiHow article will teach you the easiest ways to share Liked Songs on Spotify with friends.

  • The Liked Songs list is not shareable as it is, but you can copy the songs to a playlist and make it public and shareable.
  • If you’re using a computer, you can select all Liked Songs in the desktop app and drag them to a new playlist.
  • It’s not possible to select all Liked Songs on the mobile or web app, but you can use a free tool called Share Liked Songs to create and share your Liked Songs list.
  1. 1 Go to in a web browser. If you’re using Spotify on your phone, tablet, or in a web browser, it’s not possible to copy Liked Songs to a new playlist like, Share Liked Songs is a free tool developed by a Spotify listener to help users create a playlist from their Liked Songs that’s easy to share, even if you’re not using the desktop app.
    • You can get to this free tool using any web browser on your computer, Android, iPhone, or iPad.
    • If you only want to share a single liked song, you can just click or tap the three dots on the song title, select Share, and choose a sharing method.
  2. 2 Click Continue with Spotify, This opens a page that describes the access Share Liked Songs will need to create your shareable playlist.
    • If you’re not already in your web browser, enter your login information when prompted to sign in now.


  3. 3 Review the terms and click Agree, To use Share Liked Songs, you’ll need to give the app permission to access your Spotify account data. This won’t give the app developer your passwords or any of your personal information, and you can always remove these permissions later.
  4. 4 Click Get Your Playlist, Share Liked Songs will now generate a new playlist containing the songs from your Liked Songs list. When the playlist is ready, its URL will appear at the bottom of the page.
    • If you’ve liked more than 10,000 songs, Share Liked Songs will only be able to access the first 10,000.
  5. 5 Click the URL to open your new playlist. You now have a playlist called Liked Songs that’s easy to share!
    • Your new playlist is by default. If you want it to be private or only visible to people you share it with, click the three dots at the top of the playlist, then choose Make private,
    • To share the playlist, click or tap the three horizontal dots at the top of the playlist, choose Share, and then choose a sharing method.
    • For example, if you’re on an Android or iPhone, you can share your Liked Songs in a text message, on Twitter, or virtually anywhere else.
    • You can also click or tap Copy link (on mobile) or Copy link to playlist (on a computer) to copy the playlist’s URL to your clipboard so you can paste it anywhere.
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  1. 1 Open the Spotify app on your PC or Mac. The trick is to make sure you’re using the official PC or Mac Spotify desktop app, as the web version of the app won’t allow you to select all of your Liked Songs at once. If you normally use in your web browser, you’ll need to the Spotify desktop app, which you can get from,
    • If you’re using Spotify on your Chromebook or just don’t want to install the desktop app, you can use to create your playlist instead.
    • Creating a playlist is easy, even if you don’t have,
    • If you only want to share a single liked song, you can just click the three dots on the song title, select Share, and choose a sharing method.
  2. 2 Create a new playlist for your Liked Songs. To do so, just click + Create Playlist in the left panel. This creates a with a generic name, like “My Playlist #73.” You’ll probably want to click the generic playlist name and give it a name like “Songs I Like.”
  3. 3 Click your Liked Songs, You’ll see it near the top of the left panel. It’s the purple-and-white heart icon near the top of the left panel. Now you’ll see all of those Liked Songs you haven’t been able to share until now.
  4. 4 Click any of your Liked Songs once to select it. This highlights the song.
  5. 5 Press Ctrl + A (PC) or ⌘ Cmd + A (Mac) to select all songs at once. This keyboard shortcut will highlight all of the songs in your Liked Songs list, including those that aren’t visible on the screen.
  6. 6 Drag the highlighted songs to your new playlist in the left panel. Your newest playlist should be at the top of your playlists in the left panel. Dragging the highlighted area will copy all of the songs from Liked Songs to your new playlist.
  7. 7 Share your new playlist. Once you’ve copied the songs, click your new playlist in the left panel to check it out—all of your Liked Songs should be there!
    • To make your Liked Songs playlist public so it appears on your profile, click the three dots at the top and choose Make public,
    • To copy the link to your Liked Songs playlist so you can share it with others, click the three dots, select Share, and then choose Copy link to playlist,
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: How to Share Spotify Liked Songs as a Playlist: 2 Easy Ways

Can someone see when I visit their Spotify?

No, Spotify does not notify who viewed your profile, and even if you follow their playlists it will be completely anonymous. Only if you follow their profile will they be aware that you were looking at it. What is the Spotify app?

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Can I check who liked my playlist

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How To See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist: Is It Possible?

  • You cannot see who has liked your playlist on Spotify.
  • If you suspect someone has liked your playlist, you can either ask them directly or visit their Spotify profile.
  • You can view how many people liked your playlist (but not their identities) on Spotify’s computer or mobile app.

You cannot see who has liked your playlist on Spotify. Just as you cannot see who has followed your playlist on Spotify, you cannot see who has liked it either. After all, Spotify uses these two terms interchangeably. If you really need to know if a certain person likes or follows your playlist, there are a few things you can try: Advertisement

  1. 1 Open If you haven’t already, install the Spotify client on your PC or Mac. Of course, you can also visit the Spotify website instead.
  2. 2 Select a playlist from the lefthand sidebar. Located along the lefthand side of your Spotify client is a list of your playlists. Click on one that you have created personally.
  3. 3 Look for the number of likes. Just beneath the title of the playlist is a series of information: the playlist’s creator(s), the number of likes, and the length of the playlist.
    • You cannot click on the number of likes to reveal who is behind them.
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  1. 1 Open the Spotify app. If you haven’t already, download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. 2 Open one of your playlists. You may see one on your “Home” tab if you were listening to it recently. Otherwise, tap Your Library and open one of your personal playlists.
  3. 3 Look for the number of likes next to the globe icon. Located just beneath the title of the playlist is a globe icon. If anyone has liked your playlist, you will see “X like(s)” to the right of the icon, followed by the duration of the playlist.
    • You cannot tap on these likes and find out who is behind them.
    • If your playlist is collaborative, you will see all the collaborators listed above. Note that these are not necessarily people who have liked your playlist.
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Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 23,203 times. : How To See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist: Is It Possible?

How do I see my Spotify playlist likes 2023?

Threading the grey areas: The new method of unveiling the identity of those who liked your Spotify playlist – You don’t need the world to have your back when you’re still an amateur in the game. Building a great relationship with your first 100 Spotify listeners can help you grow as an artist. The people who like your song on Spotify and follow you there are your real music fans not the ones on social media.

Go to your library and tap/click on your profile icon. Pick ‘view profile’ and navigate to ‘playlists’. Tap playlist. Check the total likes count under each playlist.

When people like your playlist, it means they are interested in your sound. More often than not, your most active followers on social media would not mind following your playlist. After introducing your playlist to them via your DM or comment section, you should follow up by checking if they actually like your playlist or followed you on Spotify.

  • To eliminate the guesswork, you can search for their profile on Spotify and check if your playlist is part of the ones they like.
  • One more fastidious approach to getting them to like your playlist is by creating a birthday playlist, especially for them, or a zodiac sign playlist.
  • You can always update their birthday playlist every year.

We do not recommend jam-packing your playlist rapaciously with only your own songs. It is best to feature artists whose music styles are similar to yours, meaning that you are trading a position on your playlist for a feature on another artist’s playlist.

  • That way, you are introducing cross-playlisting, well-thought tactics that can help your listeners stay and listen longer to your playlist.
  • It’s a win-win for you and the artists involved.1.
  • Go to their public playlist.2.
  • There, you will see their liked playlists in their list of public playlists.3.
  • Go to their profile and enlarge their playlist.

You will be shown their favorite playlists, but if they are fans of lots of playlists, yours might not be part of the displayed playlists as Spotify only displays a handful of playlists per user (not all). : How to check who liked your Spotify playlist in 2023

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Do you get paid for Spotify playlists

Answered By: Evan Jackson Date: created: Jan 14 2023

So, how much do a Spotify playlist maker makes? – The idea of getting paid by doing something you love is quite tempting, isn’t it? Great, let’s talk numbers. It is important to highlight that there isn’t a specific amount of money for this question to be answered, for many reasons.

  • First, Spotify playlist curators can work for very different amounts of money, depending on how they are working as curators.
  • Yes, sounds kind of confusing, so let’s unpack that: There are many ways in which someone can become a Spotify playlist curator, therefore, there are different amounts of money someone can make out of this job.

Spotify offers the opportunity of working directly for them; that is one of the options that offer more revenue, but it’s also the most difficult one to achieve. Other streaming platforms like Apple Music and even big record labels have in-house curators, who work making successful and popular playlists.

  • This job can also generate a lot of revenue and help you get paid.
  • Generally speaking, a professional playlist curator for a big company, call it a streaming service or a record label, can make anywhere from $24K to $40K a year.
  • As you may imagine, getting in contact with such big companies is quite difficult, and it’s already mentioned that technology has evolved into making things a bit easier, and that’s true.

Luckily, there are more ways in which playlist curators can make money out of making a playlist. That’s by becoming a curator for platforms that offer song reviewing services to artists, contacting them to playlist curators, and paying for that service. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels At SoundCampaign, playlist curators earn money on a level-based system. The lowest level gets $1 per song reviewed, while the highest level gets $14 per song reviewed. The level will depend on how many points the curator has gained, and the points are rewarded based on the number of followers they have on their Spotify playlist, as well as the added value these playlists provide to the artists.

Is there a limit to liked songs on Spotify?

We’re here for you. There is no limit on how many songs you can add to your Liked Songs, but this the limit of items you can add to your playlist remains 10,000. More information on this can be found Hope that helps.

Can people see your saved playlists on Spotify?

How to remove a playlist from your Spotify profile – As with all actions you perform on Spotify, there are two ways to remove playlists from your profile: one for mobile and one for desktop. Here’s how to remove a playlist from your Spotify profile:

  • On mobile: Open the playlist, and click the three dots (.) at the top. Select Remove from profile.
  • On desktop : Click the three dots (.) at the top of the playlist (or right-click the playlist), and select Remove from profile,

Remember: even if you remove a playlist from your Spotify profile, people will still be able to find it in Spotify search. That means anyone can listen to your playlist and share it with others. (Your playlists are that good.)

Why can’t I see someone’s followers on Spotify?

How is this possible? Under Settings > Privacy and Social, users have the option to show or hide their followers, who they’re following, their listening activity, and recently played artists. The person you followed likely has these hidden.

Did Spotify change 2023?

Why you should think about starting an artist podcast on Spotify – The Spotify Update 2023 also brought changes to the podcasting universe. Spotify has announced a strategic partnership with Patreon. The funding platform is already a big favourite among podcasters in order to gather monetary support from fans.

  1. For a small amount of money each month (most subscriptions start with 5 $) you get premium access to your favourite podcasters’ content.
  2. For example, a lot of creators offer an early release of new episodes or tonnes of bonus material.
  3. With the Spotify Update 2023, you can now offer Patreon-member exclusive content straight up on Spotify.

This comes in really handy because it means that your podcast listeners won’t need to leave Spotify in order to access their special content. This is crazy, you can totally start a podcast as a musician or band and profit from the support Spotify gives to podcasters.

Can Spotify artists see who likes their playlist?

Can Someone Tell If You Listen To Their Spotify Playlist? – You will not be able to see exactly who is listening to your music, but you will be able to see how many people are liking your content and playlists. You will be able to find this information below the description of your playlist.

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What is the longest playlist on Spotify 2023

Answered By: James Williams Date: created: Apr 22 2023

Fun Fact: What is the longest Spotify playlist? – Speaking of Spotify study playlists, do you know what the longest Spotify playlist is? Answer: The record for the longest Spotify playlist is held by Willis Orr, with about 10,000 songs (the maximum limit of a Spotify playlist) and over 800 hours of music.

What was the most played on Spotify in 2023?

Miley Cyrus – Flowers 1,486,799,6262,455,218 Eslabon Armado – Ella Baila Sola 882,682,3452,169,584 Bizarrap – Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol.53 786,709,8421,021,219 Jung Kook – Seven 756,664,9007,692,639 KAROL G – TQG 733,107,9361,786,173 d4vd – Here With Me 728,556,6841,302,725 Yng Lvcas – La Bebe 717,359,4392,170,841 PinkPantheress – Boy’s a Liar Pt.2 666,082,8921,208,015 Grupo Frontera – un x100to 657,362,8092,230,400 FIFTY FIFTY – Cupid 629,633,8731,620,469 The Weeknd – Die For You 623,015,7531,296,221 David Kushner – Daylight 573,529,6932,891,885 Morgan Wallen – Last Night 556,545,9821,850,594 Jimin – Like Crazy 546,784,5522,321,651 Peso Pluma – PRC 500,600,7311,076,782 NewJeans – OMG 498,543,545894,365 Feid – Classy 101 491,585,5292,472,593 Bad Bunny – WHERE SHE GOES 474,403,3722,131,186 ROSALÍA – BESO 468,675,3071,325,134 Junior H – El Azul 457,612,0991,678,027 Myke Towers – LALA 436,831,0024,254,887 Olivia Rodrigo – vampire 402,107,9423,788,900 Dua Lipa – Dance The Night 386,781,8963,270,748 Dave – Sprinter 376,499,0952,519,772 Kali Uchis – Moonlight 373,341,7371,838,677 Oscar Maydon – Fin de Semana 372,401,7141,109,753 Chino Pacas – El Gordo Trae El Mando 352,884,0511,158,466 Green Neon DJ – El Gordo Trae El Mando (Tik Tok Edit) 350,567,1181,061,637 Eladio Carrion – Coco Chanel 321,318,239971,820 Billie Eilish – What Was I Made For? 317,159,5123,073,084 KAROL G – X SI VOLVEMOS 315,178,378707,232 Gunna – fukumean 314,423,6793,036,368 Taiu – Rara Vez 313,463,371902,986 Marshmello – El Merengue 311,447,2741,232,034 Quevedo – Columbia 299,203,8053,365,024 Bizarrap – Peso Pluma: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol.55 298,878,8541,195,632 AgroPlay – Nosso Quadro 296,696,124922,958 Doja Cat – Paint The Town Red 292,476,3328,649,519 JISOO – FLOWER 284,703,895746,747 Yahritza Y Su Esencia – Frágil 283,647,7651,027,594 Calvin Harris – Miracle 279,466,163823,522 Nicki Minaj – Barbie World 278,740,5161,977,513 David Guetta – Baby Don’t Hurt Me 278,377,4001,354,349 Fuerza Regida – TQM 278,225,5751,519,946 Post Malone – Chemical 275,287,6701,425,711 Marília Mendonça – Esqueça-Me Se For Capaz 266,113,703142,970 Lewis Capaldi – Forget Me 263,191,757325,387 The Weeknd – Popular 262,565,9472,119,722 KAROL G – MIENTRAS ME CURO DEL CORA 259,648,186898,084 TINI – Cupido 259,526,683513,243 Peso Pluma – LADY GAGA 256,367,6503,471,552 KAROL G – AMARGURA 253,027,2731,464,880 Lil Uzi Vert – Watch This 249,475,961585,916 Luke Combs – Fast Car 248,686,6271,312,521 Ed Sheeran – Eyes Closed 247,162,917682,206 NewJeans – Super Shy 245,121,6532,181,418 Cartel De Santa – Shorty Party 236,164,226542,251 Mahalini – Sial 234,614,639627,259 Tiësto – Lay Low 234,195,531913,240 Drake – Search & Rescue 229,363,230739,029 Colbie Caillat – Try 224,414,69876,942 Jimin – Like Crazy (English Version) 222,622,727693,517 LIT killah – Los del Espacio 221,095,6781,465,129 Lil Durk – All My Life 214,529,071763,371 Quevedo – WANDA 213,223,018534,803 Carin Leon – Primera Cita 211,682,4562,580,046 Lana Del Rey – Say Yes To Heaven 210,399,9191,179,171 Jimin – Set Me Free Pt.2 208,829,823549,078 Mae Stephens – If We Ever Broke Up 208,280,381573,188 Simone Mendes – Erro Gostoso 207,490,135649,146 Becky G – CHANEL 205,488,390645,253 Big One – Un Finde | CROSSOVER #2 203,966,637878,575 YOASOBI – アイドル 201,723,631830,115 Fuerza Regida – SABOR FRESA 198,070,1671,800,186 DENNIS – Tá OK 197,961,474961,139 Peggy Gou – (It Goes Like) Nanana 197,393,0191,908,800 Israel & Rodolffo – Seu Brilho Sumiu 190,607,149843,711 Zé Neto & Cristiano – Oi Balde 189,999,417539,352 Sky Rompiendo – El Cielo 189,096,9601,099,930 Grupo Marca Registrada – Di Que Sí 184,096,395552,888 Henrique & Juliano – Traumatizei 183,654,519643,966 Anuel AA – Mas Rica Que Ayer 178,179,857494,752 Peso Pluma – TULUM 177,833,9431,960,388 Guilherme & Benuto – Duas Três 176,011,570795,466 Doechii – What It Is (Solo Version) 175,716,5541,090,631 El Alfa – 4K 174,086,522188,946 Morgan Wallen – Thinkin’ Bout Me 171,426,702660,456 Sebastian Yatra – VAGABUNDO 168,681,1681,084,091 P!nk – TRUSTFALL 168,405,521480,363 Matheus & Kauan – Não Vitalício (Nunca Mais) 168,054,228542,357 TAEYANG – VIBE 167,645,111243,454 Peso Pluma – LAS MORRAS 167,436,879595,604 BTS – Take Two 166,952,707521,688 FIFTY FIFTY – Cupid 166,600,825325,715 Tainy – MOJABI GHOST 165,862,8411,366,660 Niall Horan – Heaven 165,362,738270,233 Gorillaz – Tormenta 165,038,910182,875 The Kid LAROI – Love Again 163,751,773203,123 Travis Scott – K-POP 163,134,3451,008,030 Labrinth – Never Felt So Alone 163,085,434501,140 IVE – I AM 161,052,460484,943 Shakira – Acróstico 159,214,419515,515 (G)I-DLE – Queencard 158,799,816775,919 Alberto Vazquez – Maracas 157,766,42597,417 Feid – Niña Bonita 157,702,000455,916 Junior H – El Tsurito 157,161,806774,374 Apache 207 – Komet 156,048,681449,820 Udo Lindenberg – Komet 155,600,386394,743 Chino Pacas – Dijeron Que No La Iba Lograr 155,598,339432,300 Peso Pluma – BYE 155,526,407796,210 Travis Scott – MELTDOWN 153,918,0151,379,461 Agust D – Haegeum 153,368,589529,884 Metro Boomin – Calling (Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse) (Metro Boomin & Swae Lee, NAV, feat.

Can you buy Spotify playlist followers?

9 best sites to buy spotify plays, streams and followers If you want your music to reach millions worldwide, then one of the best ways to promote it is to use Spotify. This is the social media platform for creative people that want to show their music and other creative audio projects.

But the platform is super competitive, which can make it harder for many people that are just starting out.To get some credibility and social proof on Spotify, a lot of users buy Spotify plays, streams and followers, and this guide is about that. This list can help you find the best site to buy Spotify plays, followers and streams.

List of top sites to buy Spotify plays:#1. Viralyft is one website you can consider if you want to increase the number of likes, comments, followers, views, plays, subscribers etc., on YouTube, TikTok, SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram etc. These are some of the popular platforms that you need to grow on to promote yourself or your brand, and these services may help you gain some credibility.

  • Viralyft has priced all its services at affordable rates.You do not need a very big budget for these services.
  • Also, the delivery is fast and in case of doubts, you can always reach out to customer support.
  • For $9.99, you can get 100 followers on your Spotify profile, and for $4.99, you can get 1,000 plays.

#2. You can understand from the company’s name that it offers services that can help you get your content viral on social media platforms. It ensures that clients can grow on multiple platforms by purchasing services from can buy likes, views, comments, plays, followers etc., for different popular social media platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc.

  • There are different services and packages for Spotify.
  • The price for Spotify plays starts at $6.99 for 1,000 plays.
  • For the followers, the rate starts at $9.99 for 100 followers. #3.
  • SocialPros is confident that it has great Instagram services.
  • These will provide you with real results.
  • It claims to be not a scam that will spam you with bots and fake followers.

You will get real and genuine users.Besides Instagram, you can buy stats for SoundCloud, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube etc. You can purchase Spotify plays and followers at affordable rates on this site. For plays, the beginning price is $6.99 for 1,000 plays and for followers, it is $9.99 for 100 followers.

#4. ViewsExpert #5. SocialPackages #6. Fastlikes #7. FollowerPackages #8. SocialRush #9. Spotistar Conclusion

ViewsExpert knows that purchasing stats can give you a quick boost, and you can better your presence on social media. It utilizes its big network of users to ensure that you get the results you paid for. There are different platforms that are supported by ViewsExpert, including Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.You can buy different services for these platforms and gain some social proof.

  1. If you are a musician, then you can buy stats for Spotify.
  2. You can buy Spotify plays and followers.
  3. The starting rate for Spotify plays is $4 for 1,000 plays, and for Spotify, followers are $9 for 100 followers.Let’s move on to the next website on this list.
  4. It is
  5. This is a site you can consider for various social media services.

It claims to have high-quality services that are meant to help you experience real growth on Instagram. There are many packages for other social media like TikTok, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud etc. The company is always looking forward to helping the clients.So, you can always use the chat option on the website to connect with the customer support executives in case of problems or doubts.

  • If you want to buy Spotify followers from it starts at $9.50 for 100 followers.
  • For Spotify plays, the starting package costs just $3 for 500 provides services for many social networking sites, such as Spotify.
  • Clients who attest for the services provided by the firm have developed a strong bond with it.

Fastlikes protects your data and keeps you secure from hackers and other intruders by enforcing strict privacy and security standards.To buy Spotify plays or Spotify followers, go to their website, choose the plan that best matches your needs, and pay using secure payment methods.

They accept credit/debit cards and PayPal as payment alternatives. Their prices are fair and may be accommodated by a novice’s budget. They provide you with real-time followers who interact with your profile and help you build a natural following.They provide excellent customer service and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any questions.

To buy Spotify plays, simply input the URL to your song and finish the payment, and you will see a boost in your audience within a few days.FollowerPackages gets high praise for providing excellent services with low processing costs. It is mostly used to buy Spotify plays, as well as followers and streams.

Because they provide quick delivery of your purchase, you will notice an increase in your listener metrics in a short period of time.If you have any questions about your order, they also provide customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Depending on your needs, you may buy a few hundred or thousands of Spotify plays for a few bucks.

Their prices are reasonable, and their website’s user interface is simple enough for anyone to understand.Visitors are also prohibited from listening to other songs in order to aid their song’s high rating. If you buy Spotify streams and followers from FollowerPackages, you can move ahead.

Customers are the company’s top priority; therefore, you can count on the high quality of active followers they supply. If you apply the materials on this site, you may quickly become a household name in no time.SocialRush is a popular choice among social media users. It’s wonderful for sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and Spotify is no different.

Here you may buy Spotify streams and followers at a reasonable price. It claims to increase attention and income by increasing engagement.100 followers for $9.99, 1,000 followers for $39.99, 2,000 followers for $89.99, and 5,000 followers for $149.99 are the four alternatives available.

  • Not only are all of the follower’s actual individuals, but they also come from worldwide.
  • It offers your Spotify account a respectable and international feel, which will help you attract a more genuine and worldwide audience in the long run.There are five options to choose from if you wish to buy Spotify streams.

Streams ranging from 1,000 to 100k plays are available for purchase, with prices ranging between $4.99 and $269.99.Another of this site’s finest characteristics is that it does not force you to accept cookies, and the payment gateway is SSL secured, ensuring safe transactions.

They also offer 24-hour customer service, and if you cannot contact them for whatever reason, you may leave a note and they will respond within a few hours.In terms of customer service, Spotistar is regarded as one of the top firms. This site sells Spotify plays and streams, and it has customers who can attest to its excellent customer service.

They also ensure that the plans are affordable and that you don’t have to pay more if you need advanced features.The Spotify plays on the site are of good quality, and the delivery service is also quick. There is no danger when dealing with a firm like this that offers a retention guarantee, ensuring that the streams and plays will continue to be available in the future.

This is one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays.The website is straightforward to use and navigate. You must first go to their website and select one of the social media platforms on which you wish to conduct a promotion. Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify are all viable options. Then, from the list of available packages, select the one that you need.

You can contact their customer service if you can’t find the package you want. After that, you may complete the payment and wait for them to transfer the required promotional goods to your account, which shouldn’t take long.Well, that is the end of this post on sites to buy Spotify plays, streams and followers.

The aim of this post was to get you acquainted with some of the sites that sell these services. We hope you have more info on this topic now and wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of Fully Digital inc and do not represent the views of Times Internet.

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Asked By: Martin Alexander Date: created: Mar 01 2023

Why can’t I see Spotify followers

Answered By: David Jackson Date: created: Mar 02 2023

Under Settings > Privacy and Social, users have the option to show or hide their followers, who they’re following, their listening activity, and recently played artists.

Why can’t I see all my followers listening on Spotify?

Fixes for Spotify Friend Activity Not Working – If Spotify doesn’t update the friends’ activity for a while or it doesn’t show Friend Activity, try out the following fixes for the Spotify Friend Activity not working issue. #Fix1. Check for Updates The first solution for Spotify not showing Friend Activity is to check for Spotify updates and keep it up-to-date.

  • If there’s an available update, you’ll see a blue dot next to the menu button in the top right corner.
  • Click the menu button and select Update Available.
  • Restart Now,
  • Also read: How to Fix Apple Music & Apple Music Family Sharing Not Working #Fix 2.
  • Restart Spotify The second fix for the Spotify Friend Activity not showing the issue is to restart the Spotify desktop app.

Quit this app completely and relaunch it, then check if the Spotify Friend Activity shows. #Fix 3. Log out of Spotify and log back in When the Spotify Friend Activity does not work, you can also log out of Spotify and log back in. To sign out:

Click your name at the top right and choose Account,Choose Account overview,scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE,

Then, you’ll be signed out of Spotify across all of the devices where you’re signed into the service. Next, log Spotify on as usual. #Fix 4. Reinstall Spotify Desktop App If the Spotify Friend Activity not working issue isn’t fixed, try to uninstall and reinstall the Spotify app for desktop. To reinstall Spotify on Windows, open the Settings app, click Apps > Apps & features, scroll down to Spotify, click it and choose Uninstall, and click Uninstall again to remove it. Next, go to the Spotify website, click the Download button and you will get the SpotifySetup.exe file. Double-click on the setup file and the installer to reinstall Spotify. Alternatively, you can get the Spotify app from Microsoft Store. For Mac users, click the Finder icon, click Applications, select Spotify, choose File > Move to Trash and select Finder > Empty Trash, Next, go to the page of Mac download – Spotify and click Download to get the file. Unzip this file and reinstall the app on your Mac.