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How many Doctor Who actors has there been

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Who Has Played The Doctor In The Show? – While there will soon have been 15 numbered Doctors, the number of actors to have played The Doctor on screen (as in, in a BBC production) is over double that figure. It all started with William Hartnell in the ’60s, who was replaced by Patrick Troughton due to his worsening health, leading to the idea of regeneration as an in-universe explanation behind the revolving door of different lead actors.

We then had Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann, capping off the ‘Classic Who’ era. Then ‘NuWho’ continued the show with Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Jodie Whittaker, Tennant (again), and, as of late 2023, the fifteenth Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa,

That totals out 14 actors playing 15 ‘official’ Doctors. However, a much higher number of 31 actors have played The Doctor during the show’s 60 years on air. In the Fourth Doctor serial The Brain of Morbius, eight crew members lent their likeness to pre-Hartnell incarnations in a brief slideshow. Those eight were Christopher Barry, Robert Banks Stewart, Christopher Baker, Philip Hinchcliffe, Douglas Camfield, Graeme Harper, Robert Holmes, and George Gallaccio,

In the Fourth Doctor’s final episode, we also had The Watcher, a manifestation of The Doctor’s impending death. He was played by Adrian Gibbs. The First Doctor would also be recast for The Five Doctors due to William Hartnell’s passing, and Richard Hurndall took the role. We then had Michael Jayston as the Valeyard, an amalgamation of The Doctor’s dark side, in the Sixth Doctor’s last season.

Toby Jones later appeared in Amy’s Choice as the Dream Lord, another manifestation of The Doctor’s darkness, this time created by psychic pollen. John Hurt played The War Doctor, a hidden incarnation between Eight and Nine; Michael Jones played a younger First Doctor during the episode ‘Listen’; David Bradley was the fourth actor to play the First Doctor in Twice Upon a Time and The Power of The Doctor.

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Who has the shortest time as Doctor Who

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12. Paul McGann – Eighth Doctor – (Image credit: BBC) The Doctor with the shortest time on our screen, McGann took part in a 1996 TV film which was meant to relaunch the franchise. Sadly, US audiences didn’t take, though it was popular in the UK. The idea for a new series was scrapped, but it didn’t stop McGann.

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What is the Doctor’s real name in Gallifreyan?

Behind the scenes – Indictment against ∂³Σx² known as ‘ The Doctor ‘ ( PROSE : The Trial of Doctor Who )

PROSE : The Trial of Doctor Who is the only valid story, as this Wiki defines it, that explicitly confirms that “∂³Σx²” is the Doctor’s true name.

However, this name has not been widely accepted. The Doctor’s name is a contentious subject with aplenty of conflicting names and aliases, including “Theta Sigma”, “Doctor Who”, and simply “The Doctor”. Moreover, despite the few sources revealing that “∂³Σx²” is the Doctor’s name, how to pronounce it, or even the relevancy of it, is undefined. So it simultaneously answers one of the largest questions in Doctor Who while also resolving absolutely nothing. It is technically possible to pronounce each character in the name: ∂ can be dee/doh/die, ³ is cubed, Σ is sigma, x is ex, and ² is squared, so therefore a pronunciation of the name could be dee-cubed-sigma-ex-squared, though this is unlikely. Theta Sigma (ΘΣ) is given as the Doctor’s name in TV : The Armageddon Factor, This is retconned to be the Doctor’s “nickname at college” in TV : The Happiness Patrol, The names ∂³Σx² and ΘΣ both contain the Greek letter sigma (Σ). The Doctor’s real name was spelled as “d³ᓬx²” in Marvel Premiere #57, Due to the non-narrative structure of that source, this Wiki does not acknowledge it as part of the DWU.

In TV : Regeneration, the regeneration unit that the name is inscribed upon is implicitly linked to the Doctor, with hints that the Doctor was the one who installed it. “∂³Σx²” is written on the cover of the 2015 anthology The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who,

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Is Clara Oswald immortal?

Clara Oswald (Immortals)

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The Impossible Girl

  • Oswin Oswald
  • The Doctor
  • Clara Pink

23/11/86, Blackpool, UK, Earth Omniverse: Doctor Who Omniverse: Immortals

Let me be brave. — The Last Words of Clara Oswald.

Clara Oswald (Immortals) was a companion to The Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors. After an incident where she was killed the Twelfth Doctor rescued her by pulling her out of her time stream using Gallifreyan technology, she found out later that she had no heartbeat and was technically immortal, in order to save Clara the Doctor’s memory was temporarily erased, Ashildr, a fellow immortal joined Clara as they used a spare Tardis initially in the shape of a diner to explore the universe before returning to Gallifrey and facing her end.