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Is Mel and Layton still together

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As one of only two couples to finish MAFS season 10, it’s clear Layton and Melinda are one strong couple. And as they find their groove in life after the experiment, we’re looking back at their journey on the show! WATCH: Married At First Sight 2023 couples on their way to first dinner party.

Who is in MAFS 2023?

21 September 2023, 21:00 Married At First Sight couple Nathanial and Ella argue on honeymoon Married at First Sight UK series eight is underway and fans are getting to know the couples who said ‘I do’ to a complete stranger, including newlyweds Paul and Tasha. After Married at First Sight UK 2023 kicked off with eight single men and women, including the perfect salespeople pairing Luke and Jay, former Geordie Shore star Nathanial and the show’s first transgender contestant Ella, viewers are about to get to know even more couples.

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But what happened after the wedding, are Paul and Tasha still together now? Paul married Tasha after never having met her. Picture: E4

Are Miles and Karen still together 2023?

The Big Picture –

Karen Landry confirms in an emotional interview that she and Miles Williams have officially split. Karen feels that her portrayal on Married at First Sight was unfair and that she was the one committed to the relationship, not Miles. The couple has been struggling for a while, with cancelled trips and a lack of effort and accountability from Miles contributing to their downfall, according to Karen.

The Married At First Sight franchise has given its fans plenty of content over the years and with that, numerous couples have become beloved. As is the case with many reality dating shows, there’s the show that we see play out on screen and then there’s the show that takes place afterward as seen through the lens of social media.

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Is Duncan still with Alyssa

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” Alyssa and Duncan married on the show but after many ups and downs, Duncan cut off their relationship at the final vow ceremony. Since then, Duncan has moved on with fellow series ten contestant, Evelyn Ellis, and the pair confirmed their romance on 9Entertainment earlier this week.

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Are Dominique and Clint still together

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Did Domynique & Clint Turn A Surprising Kiss Into A Relationship? – Domynique and Clint are both divorced from their Married At First Sight partners. In terms of whether they stayed together after their smooch, it’s very hard to say, mostly because Clint Webb keeps his Instagram profile private, and Domynique, who’s been accused of immaturity, deactivated her IG when her season aired.

It’s possible that they’re lying low because the scandal surrounding the kiss was so intense. However, it was just a kiss, so it’s unlikely the pair moved on to marriage, or even something serious. Clint ‘s Facebook account doesn’t include an, “in a relationship” status, although he’s added information about his job.

That missing status may mean something. Also, Domynique and Clint just married and divorced other people. If the reality alums are together, they’re certainly keeping things quiet, and piquing curiosity. If they really were dating, news of them being together would probably have leaked by now, but nothing has surfaced to date.

Now that Married At First Sight season 16 is over, MAFS’ relationship success rate is still less than dazzling. There are so many good reasons to question the social experiment, and the logic behind the pairings. Sometimes, data used to pair seemingly like-minded people just isn’t enough. There’s a magical element to falling in love, and it happens, or it doesn’t.

In Domynique and Clint’s case, there was chemistry, but probably not enough to keep them together, especially when they were dragged for cheating on their original MAFS partners. Sources: Clint Webb /Instagram, Clint Webb /Facebook

Are Miguel and Lindy still together?

‘Married at First Sight’ Season 15 Alums Lindy and Miguel Split After 1 Year of Marriage: ‘It’s Impossible to Stay Married If Both People Are Not Equally Committed’ Courtesy of Lifetime It’s over. alums Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago-Medina after 1 year of marriage. When it comes to reality TV couples, it’s not easy to make a relationship last – but many from Married at First Sight have proven that they could do just that! The Lifetime series follows multiple couples who are paired up by relationship experts and agree to tie the knot upon their first meeting.

  1. The Lindy announced the breakup on Monday, February 13.
  2. It is with great heartbreak Miguel and I are announcing our divorce,” she said in a statement to Us Weekly,
  3. Sadly, It’s impossible to stay married if both people are not equally committed to the success of the marriage.
  4. Marrying a stranger on national TV has been a very painful, overwhelming & confusing process.” The pair married in early 2022 on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight,

They hit it off right away after, so fans weren’t surprised that Miguel and Lindy were still going strong at the end of the season. They were even still together after the cameras left and the cast reunited months later. “I did get the man that I asked for, that’s for sure!” Lindy said during the season 15 reunion episode, which aired in November 2022.

  • Neither of us regret getting married at first sight and are happy we experienced a genuine connection.
  • While it has been difficult, and it didn’t work out for us, we are incredibly grateful for this experiment and opportunity,” Lindy explained in her statement on Monday.
  • The reality series, which launched in 2014, features a group of relationship experts making matches.
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The couples meet at the altar on their wedding day, having never seen or spoken to each other before the ceremony. Baby boom! These successful Married at First Sight couples didn’t stop at just tying the knot, but began growing their families after their nuptials.

Season 1 stars Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have been open with their fans about their baby plans since wrapping the reality show, sharing both the good and the bad. The Lindy continued: “It is our hope that viewers understand you see very little of our lives during the short duration of filming. While it is easy to cast judgment and make assumptions, please remember we are just regular people who decided to take a leap of faith.

Thank you for going on this insane journey with us, and for respecting our privacy while we continue to heal and grow as individuals.” One of the only major conflicts viewers saw was, Miguel wanted Lindy to take his surname, and it remained a point of contention in the reunion.

  • I don’t know if it’s an ego thing, if it’s a macho thing, but in my mind, your wife takes your last name,” the scientist said.
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  • Oh, the drama! Dating shows provide unrelenting amounts of entertainment in their most basic form.
  • Add in nudity, a ticking timeline and the opportunity to explore a connection with multiple people, and there’s enough content to keep audiences on their toes forever.

With odd formats come surprising romances. Bachelor in Paradise contestants Carly Waddell and Evan Bass Lindy had, however, hyphenated her name. “I feel so confident being your wife, so it was an easy decision for me when I realized I was ready to take your last name,” she revealed.

Who is Miles new girlfriend from Australia?

Made In Chelsea’s Miles Nazaire admits ‘cheesy’ way he went official with Amélie Esquenet. Made In Chelsea star Miles Nazaire has opened up about the kitsch way he asked Amélie Esquenet to officially be his girlfriend.

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Is Christina and Henry still married

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Christina Crochet and Henry Rodriguez were possibly the worst Married at First Sight season 11 pairing, and it’s time to talk about what they’ve been doing to since they split up. From the moment they met, their incompatibility was evident to their family and friends, as well as viewers at home.

Their connection was off, and fans could not quite figure out why. However, as the season progressed, fans realized what it was. Near the end of this season, accusations were thrown from each side of the marriage battlefield, with Christina accusing Henry of being gay, and Henry accusing Christina of being homeless.

Unsurprisingly, they got divorced. Christina and Henry were undoubtedly a terrible match. They fell victim to the expert’s theory of opposites attracting, but this wasn’t the case. If anything, they repelled each other. Henry was more reserved, while Christina was more outgoing.

11/10/2022by Nesta Kupemba

Who is married with Miles?

Why Do People Ship Miles And Gwen? – Yes, but it’s certainly not as well-developed as the budding romance the Spider-Verse films have teased. In the comics, Miles and Gwen meet during the ” Spider-Verse ” event, but they aren’t romantically involved. Later, Miles and Gwen meet up again on Gwen’s Earth and end up on another universe-traversing journey.

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Are Josh and Lyndall together

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Married at First Sight ‘s Lyndall Grace has finally opened up on her fling with co-star Josh White. The reality star confirmed that the two “made out” and kept in contact for some time after the show reunion, with Josh flying out to visit her in Perth, before things came to an abrupt end.

Lyndall revealed details of the fling in the latest episode of the Back to Reality podcast, hosted by Selina Chhaur, also of MAFS fame, and Love Island ‘s Taku Chimwaza. “The Josh thing was so long ago now,” she begins. “It was after reunion, we’d just finished filming and I think there was 11 or 12 of us that went out for dinner after publicity.

We just went to a club and got really drunk, and there was a nice man who showed me some affection for the first time in months and I got a little bit carried away. Channel Nine “We made out, it was not in front of anyone,” she added, clarifying that it wasn’t in front of her fellow castmates, as other publications previously reported, “A few days later I’d gone back to Perth and we spoke on the phone for a long time about the fact there’s a bit of an age gap, everything that had happened on the show and that it really wouldn’t look good for either of us,” she continued. Channel 4 According to Lyndall, things changed in January when Josh confessed to having “feelings for her”. “He drunkenly booked a flight to come over for the launch,” she said, with Josh joining family and friends at Lyndall and co-star Bronte Schofield ‘s viewing party for their joint wedding episode. Channel Nine It was Lyndall’s housemate who stepped in to tell Josh she wasn’t interested in pursuing anything romantic with him. “She went to the pub and said look Lyndall has been talking to this person, nothing has progressed and that’s why, and maybe you need to step back,” Lyndall recalled.

“He was pretty upset and he flew out the next morning and that was the last time we spoke.” Digital Spy reached out to Josh for comment, who offered his own take on events. “We first kissed at Ivy Pool after dinner and then moved onto Universal Nightclub together as a group,” he told us. “Lyndall and I spoke a few days after the kiss.

We ended the 3-hour video call by both saying there was a connection between us and we should continue to explore things. Channel 4 Related: MAFS UK star Adrian Sanderson shares verdict on 2023 cast “From the time we started talking until when I ended things at the end of January, we would message all day and video call each other on average 2-3 hours every night,” he added.

“I kept call logs at the time, to prove the hours-long conversations for this very same point. “I told Lyndall I was coming to Perth to see her and she (like me) was excited; I did not make this decision without encouragement or without consultation with her. “I can confirm that I was upset to find out that she had a boyfriend when I went to Perth,” Josh continued.

“Lyndall paints a picture that she had set some level of boundaries around what we were and I can categorically tell you this was not the case. “I do prefer to maintain some level of privacy for myself and my family; however, in this instance, I feel it is important to address her recent comments.” Josh was matched with bride Melissa Sheppard on season 10 of the hit dating show, but the two called it quits in the second commitment ceremony.

  • Meanwhile, Lyndall was coupled up with Cameron Woods, who after a few ups-and-downs decided to part ways during Final Vows.
  • It’s not known if Lyndall and Josh have respectively moved on with other people, with both having kept quiet on their relationship statuses since Married at First Sight Australia aired.
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Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK. Interested in talking about Married at First Sight ? Visit our dedicated sub-forum, Acting Deputy News Editor, Digital Spy Emily is an experienced entertainment writer and editor, reporting on all things TV, film, soaps and showbiz, An NCTJ-qualified journalist, with a First Class Honours degree in Journalism from the University of Sussex, Emily has previously worked at Hello magazine, BBC South News and GoodtoKnow,

She joined Digital Spy as Acting Deputy News Editor in May 2023. A small and big-screen obsessive – with subscriptions to every TV and film service under the sun – Emily knows her movie stars from soap stars, and is always clued up on the latest reality show dumping, just-dropped trailer or off-screen spat.

She’s interviewed a number of celebrities over the years, with highlights including The Masked Singer host Joel Dommett and GMB ‘s Kate Garraway (who “loved” her trousers). Emily counts Sharon Horgan and Julia Davis as her TV heroes, and is a loyal Wes Anderson fan.

Who is Cam from MAFS with now?

Moving On – Just weeks after the series wrapped up, it looks like Cam is moving on. Whilst many expected he would kick off a new relationship with MAFS ‘ contestant Tayla – it seems like they really were telling the truth during the final and were just friends.

  • “Lyndall told me to do better and I tell you what, it was the only bit of advice I took from her,” he added.
  • He previously told 9Entertainment that he met his current girlfriend at an after-work party in Darwin, adding that the pair planed to go travelling together later in the year.
  • Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network and 9Now.
  • Ready to find your own fairytale romance?

: MAFS 2023: Cam slammed as “dismissive” in finale

Is Alyssa from Married at First Sight mentally ill?

Married At First Sight bride Alyssa Barmonde has slowly emerged as an unlikely ‘villain’ of this year’s season. The 35-year-old single mother has hit rocky waters with her TV ‘husband’ Duncan James, accused of failing to communicate her concerns effectively while brutally shutting him out.

Their ongoing challenges came to a head at Sunday’s commitment ceremony, when Alyssa broke down in tears while the couple talked to the MAFS experts about their issues, which for Alyssa, revolve around Duncan being unable to relate to her struggles as a solo parent. While Duncan said he was more than willing to try to understand, Alyssa became overwhelmed with emotion, before fleeing the room and rejecting Duncan’s attempts to comfort her.

In a lengthy social media post, Alyssa has revealed her behaviour was down to suffering a “panic attack” in the moment, and that she’s suffered with anxiety for over 20 years. “When a panic attack comes on suddenly – your only thought is your need for survival,” Alyssa wrote on Instagram,

  • For me – I need to be alone so I can focus, get into fresh air, slow down and breathe.
  • Having a panic attack on the couch is something that happened to me a few times.
  • But this time I wasn’t strong enough to manage it head-on.
  • I took time.
  • Stepped away.
  • Calmed myself down.
  • And returned to a hard conversation.

She added: “I wish I felt better understood sometimes, or that I can explain how I feel a little better, but don’t we all?” On Monday night’s episode, Duncan, 36, appeared to have reached his own breaking point in the relationship. After the controversial couple swap challenge, which saw Duncan move in with bride Evelyn Ellis for three days, the cyber security sales director returned home to Alyssa, eager to make her feel at ease after their rough patch.

But Duncan’s romantic gesture, which involved posing for a hilarious photo shoot with Alyssa’s beloved KitchenAid stand mixer, brutally backfired. Carrying on from their previous disagreements, Alyssa said she felt Duncan would “never understand” the pressures she faces as a single mother. Duncan asked her to help him try to understand.

“I don’t think I can agree to that. Full stop,” she said. Alyssa then left the couple’s apartment with her suitcase, arguing she needed time to herself. A teary Duncan then gave a heartbreaking interview in a piece-to-camera. “I feel like I am trying to be positive, trying to give reassurance, but it feels like there are a lot of sentences from Alyssa about why this won’t work,” he said.

  • It was combative.
  • She wants to now leave.
  • I feel like I am shooting in the dark sometimes.
  • I feel more rejected in this relationship than any relationship I’ve been in.
  • I can’t believe I’m crying.” The MAFS experts pointed out to Alyssa what a catch Duncan was at the commitment ceremony, with Mel Schilling saying he was the most “emotionally intelligent man in the room”.
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But it didn’t appear to register with Alyssa, who revealed her card with ‘Stay’ written on it, before saying, “Can we get off the couch now?” Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7.30pm on Nine.

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Why did Duncan dump Alyssa

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Married at First Sight’s Duncan James reveals why he brutally dumped wife Alyssa Sanderson

  • “I felt emotionally rejected more times than I can remember,” Duncan admitted.
  • “Maybe it’s our personalities, maybe it’s our differing mindsets but either way the gap seems too big to bridge.
  • “I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want to continue getting hurt, so I have to say goodbye.”
  • Now James has justified his stance, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that he didn’t feel they were a match.
  • “I had a lot of time to think about it and what I think is a healthy relationship and what I’m looking for in a relationship and I just didn’t think that we were great together, even though I think Alyssa is a great person,” he said.

“I know what a really good relationship looks like and I know what being in love looks like. I’ve also had some bad relationships, and I’m going to trust myself and my gut to make the right decision for me – and for her too.

  1. “I can’t make a decision for Alyssa, but it’s not good for her to be in a relationship that’s not right if it’s not right on my side.
  2. “It felt like we had an amazing, great connection at the start of the experiment, but as the experiment went on I felt like it got worse each week.”
  3. James has also hinted he would be keen to try a dating reality show again.

“I’d definitely be open to looking at finding love in some other way. I thought it was a great experience, even though there were some hard times, and I’m definitely still trying to find the right person for me. “Who knows what the future holds? I wouldn’t say no to anything.” Married at First Sight continues on Three and ThreeNow.

Is Ollie still with Tahnee?

Married at First Sight star Ollie Skelton has called out a fellow cast member for being “two-faced” with his partner Tahnee Cook, The reality star made the comment during an episode of his Tosser podcast, alluding to tension behind-the-scenes among the 2023 MAFS cohort. Hanna Lassen // Getty Images Related: MAFS couple Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James reveal relationship update “I’ll tell you one thing that I hate the most, right?”, he continued. “If somebody doesn’t like you and they say they don’t like you, depending on the person you could be, like, that sucks.” Ollie went on to share his dislike for “inauthenticity” and “trying to play both sides”, adding that “two-faced” behaviour upsets him “the most”. Channel 4 Related: MAFS star Alyssa Bermonde reveals reason she moved to Australia “It’s all well and good if you don’t like someone, to say I don’t like you and then you know where you stand with that person. But make it seem like everything’s okay and then, through the grapevine, all this stuff gets back to them.” While Ollie didn’t name the person in question, he did send a clear message to them in his sign-off. Channel 4 Related: MAFS couple Jules and Cam reunite with matchmaker Mel Schilling The reality star’s public address came about after a listener asked Ollie to share his verdict on a reported feud between MAFS brides Melinda Willis and Claire Nomarhas,

  1. Ollie and Tahnee are one of two MAFS Australia couples from 2023 still together following the latest series.
  2. Ollie relocated to Sydney to be with his MAFS wife shortly after the series aired.
  3. Melinda and Layton are the second original pairing from the show still dating.
  4. Meanwhile, MAFS stars Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis (who were matched with different people on the show) confirmed their relationship back in May and have since moved in together.

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK. Interested in talking about Married at First Sight ? Visit our dedicated sub-forum Acting Deputy News Editor, Digital Spy Emily is an experienced entertainment writer and editor, reporting on all things TV, film, soaps and showbiz, An NCTJ-qualified journalist, with a First Class Honours degree in Journalism from the University of Sussex, Emily has previously worked at Hello magazine, BBC South News and GoodtoKnow,

She joined Digital Spy as Acting Deputy News Editor in May 2023. A small and big-screen obsessive – with subscriptions to every TV and film service under the sun – Emily knows her movie stars from soap stars, and is always clued up on the latest reality show dumping, just-dropped trailer or off-screen spat.

She’s interviewed a number of celebrities over the years, with highlights including The Masked Singer host Joel Dommett and GMB ‘s Kate Garraway (who “loved” her trousers). Emily counts Sharon Horgan and Julia Davis as her TV heroes, and is a loyal Wes Anderson fan.

Are Melinda and Marvin still together?

Unfortunately, the pair decided to call it quits and actually split before the 2021 reunion with the cast, there they explained that they had parted ways after an argument before travelling to Mexico together. Both Marvin and Melinda currently work as models.