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Are Layton and Mel still together

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As one of only two couples to finish MAFS season 10, it’s clear Layton and Melinda are one strong couple. And as they find their groove in life after the experiment, we’re looking back at their journey on the show! WATCH: Married At First Sight 2023 couples on their way to first dinner party.

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Are Ollie and Tahnee still together

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Married at First Sight star Ollie Skelton has called out a fellow cast member for being “two-faced” with his partner Tahnee Cook, The reality star made the comment during an episode of his Tosser podcast, alluding to tension behind-the-scenes among the 2023 MAFS cohort. Hanna Lassen // Getty Images Related: MAFS couple Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James reveal relationship update “I’ll tell you one thing that I hate the most, right?”, he continued. “If somebody doesn’t like you and they say they don’t like you, depending on the person you could be, like, that sucks.” Ollie went on to share his dislike for “inauthenticity” and “trying to play both sides”, adding that “two-faced” behaviour upsets him “the most”. Channel 4 Related: MAFS star Alyssa Bermonde reveals reason she moved to Australia “It’s all well and good if you don’t like someone, to say I don’t like you and then you know where you stand with that person. But make it seem like everything’s okay and then, through the grapevine, all this stuff gets back to them.” While Ollie didn’t name the person in question, he did send a clear message to them in his sign-off. Channel 4 Related: MAFS couple Jules and Cam reunite with matchmaker Mel Schilling The reality star’s public address came about after a listener asked Ollie to share his verdict on a reported feud between MAFS brides Melinda Willis and Claire Nomarhas,

Ollie and Tahnee are one of two MAFS Australia couples from 2023 still together following the latest series. Ollie relocated to Sydney to be with his MAFS wife shortly after the series aired. Melinda and Layton are the second original pairing from the show still dating. Meanwhile, MAFS stars Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis (who were matched with different people on the show) confirmed their relationship back in May and have since moved in together.

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK. Interested in talking about Married at First Sight ? Visit our dedicated sub-forum Acting Deputy News Editor, Digital Spy Emily is an experienced entertainment writer and editor, reporting on all things TV, film, soaps and showbiz, An NCTJ-qualified journalist, with a First Class Honours degree in Journalism from the University of Sussex, Emily has previously worked at Hello magazine, BBC South News and GoodtoKnow,

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What mental illness does Alyssa have on MAFS

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Married At First Sight bride Alyssa Barmonde has slowly emerged as an unlikely ‘villain’ of this year’s season. The 35-year-old single mother has hit rocky waters with her TV ‘husband’ Duncan James, accused of failing to communicate her concerns effectively while brutally shutting him out.

  1. Their ongoing challenges came to a head at Sunday’s commitment ceremony, when Alyssa broke down in tears while the couple talked to the MAFS experts about their issues, which for Alyssa, revolve around Duncan being unable to relate to her struggles as a solo parent.
  2. While Duncan said he was more than willing to try to understand, Alyssa became overwhelmed with emotion, before fleeing the room and rejecting Duncan’s attempts to comfort her.
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In a lengthy social media post, Alyssa has revealed her behaviour was down to suffering a “panic attack” in the moment, and that she’s suffered with anxiety for over 20 years. “When a panic attack comes on suddenly – your only thought is your need for survival,” Alyssa wrote on Instagram,

  • For me – I need to be alone so I can focus, get into fresh air, slow down and breathe.
  • Having a panic attack on the couch is something that happened to me a few times.
  • But this time I wasn’t strong enough to manage it head-on.
  • I took time.
  • Stepped away.
  • Calmed myself down.
  • And returned to a hard conversation.

She added: “I wish I felt better understood sometimes, or that I can explain how I feel a little better, but don’t we all?” On Monday night’s episode, Duncan, 36, appeared to have reached his own breaking point in the relationship. After the controversial couple swap challenge, which saw Duncan move in with bride Evelyn Ellis for three days, the cyber security sales director returned home to Alyssa, eager to make her feel at ease after their rough patch.

  1. But Duncan’s romantic gesture, which involved posing for a hilarious photo shoot with Alyssa’s beloved KitchenAid stand mixer, brutally backfired.
  2. Carrying on from their previous disagreements, Alyssa said she felt Duncan would “never understand” the pressures she faces as a single mother.
  3. Duncan asked her to help him try to understand.

“I don’t think I can agree to that. Full stop,” she said. Alyssa then left the couple’s apartment with her suitcase, arguing she needed time to herself. A teary Duncan then gave a heartbreaking interview in a piece-to-camera. “I feel like I am trying to be positive, trying to give reassurance, but it feels like there are a lot of sentences from Alyssa about why this won’t work,” he said.

  • It was combative.
  • She wants to now leave.
  • I feel like I am shooting in the dark sometimes.
  • I feel more rejected in this relationship than any relationship I’ve been in.
  • I can’t believe I’m crying.” The MAFS experts pointed out to Alyssa what a catch Duncan was at the commitment ceremony, with Mel Schilling saying he was the most “emotionally intelligent man in the room”.

But it didn’t appear to register with Alyssa, who revealed her card with ‘Stay’ written on it, before saying, “Can we get off the couch now?” Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7.30pm on Nine.

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Is ines on Married at First Sight 2023

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Married At First Sight Ines Basic addresses returning to the show in 2023 The truth FINALLY revealed – by

  • Fans are convinced that star Ines Basic is making a return to the show after her first appearance in 2019,
  • The new trailer, which was recently released by Channel 9, includes an image of somebody who looks similar to the previous bride.
  • WATCH: Married At First Sight 2023 first look

Fans quickly took to social media to point out how similar the brides looked, with other fans convinced that it was Ines Basic herself. One person commented, ” Am I the only one who thought that was Ines?”. Another wrote, “You’re not the only one. I literally looked three times”.

  1. A third comment read, “I totally saw Ines too”.
  2. WATCH: Olivia Frazer lashes out at Married At First Sight viewers
  3. Ines confirmed that it is not her in the new trailer and that she will not be returning for the latest season of MAFS,
  4. The look-alike is actually Bronte Schofield, a Perth-based micro-influencer.
  5. Sources have said that the brunette is going to be part of one of the most explosive pairings in MAFS history.
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You can find the complete list of brides and grooms right, There been speculation that Selina Chhaur may return.

  • In regards to the location, we won’t know the locations until the season hits screens.
  • However, according to the Daily Mail, a hen’s night was reportedly filmed in Sydney’s $15 million Crossways estate at Centennial Park.
  • WATCH: MAFS’ Domenica fires back at Jess in heated exchange
  • In the past, the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies have taken place in a warehouse in Sydney’s Lilyfield, while the city’s SKYE suites have served as accomodation for the married couples.

: Married At First Sight Ines Basic addresses returning to the show in 2023

Is Duncan dating Evelyn?

Married At First Sight’s Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James confirmed their relationship in May of 2023. When asked if they were dating by 9Entertainment, Duncan replied, ‘Yes I am!

Are Belinda and Layton still together?

Are MAFS Australia Melinda and Layton still together? – It’s fair to say things didn’t get off to a good start for Melinda and Layton as there wedding day was less than perfect. Firstly, Melinda wasn’t impressed by Layton’s physical appearance and then after his wedding vows hinted he was “from money”, she found herself turning away from her new husband already.

Inside Married at First Sight Australia star Layton Mills’ huge net worth Married at First Sight Australia Adam Seed: Here’s where you’ve seen him before How to watch: Is Married at First Sight Australia on every night?

As their story unfolds on screen, Melinda and Layton are still be together and going strong – you can find out all about their relationship after the show here, In her most recent Instagram post, she had nothing but praise for her hubby as she confirmed they had a special routine together. Melinda Willis has thanks her TV husband for his support on Instagram. Picture: Melinda Willis/Instagram Holly Willoughby loses it over MAFS Australia twist

Why did Jack and Dominic break up?

Why Domenica and Jack broke up – The final couple on the couch are Dom and Jack, who left Final Vows as a couple but arrived at last night’s Dinner Party single. When asked by the experts what happened, they both had different reasons for calling it quits.

Dom says that Jack wasn’t there for her enough after filming, while Jack says Dom’s uncertainty about the future kept playing on his mid. “After Final Vows, I don’t think we were in the strongest place, but we vowed to each other we would try,” Dom says. “I really feel as though I reached out to Jack and tried to keep communication.

but for me I feel it wasn’t reciprocated as much as I would have liked, which is a little bit disappointing,” she says. Jack admits he “didn’t reach out as much”. “I think I had a lot of time to reflect on the last tail end of the experiment, we did get to a point, you were still uncertain about how you felt,” he says.

Is Domenica and Jack still together?

MAFS’ Domenica Calarco reveals where she stands with Jack Millar today Talk about amicable exes! – by Married At First Sight viewers were crushed when fan favourites Jack Millar and Domenica Calarco announced they’d broken up shortly after the finale aired.

WATCH: Jack Millar and Courtney Stubbs’ date Jack has since moved on with star Courtney Stubbs, while Dom is living her best single life in Europe. But that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering where the former couple stands with each other today, nearly six months on from their split. While doing an Instagram Q&A on Monday, Domenica, 29, revealed she is still in contact with Jack, 28.

“Of course! We’re both super busy with our own lives now but now no matter what!” she said when asked by a follower if she still speaks to Jack. Dom also shut down whispers she finds it “awkward” that who appeared on the 2021 season of Love Island Australia.

  • “I want nothing more than for him to be happy; which he is.”
  • It isn’t the first time Dom has spoken highly of Jack and Courtney’s new relationship.
  • When the couple first went public with their romance back in June, Dom said she was “so happy he is happy”.
  1. Coincidentally, it was through Dom that Jack and Courtney met.
  2. Courtney previously revealed that she was introduced Jack at the launch of Dom’s clothing collection with retailer Showpo.
  3. In April, MAFS viewers were left shocked during the reunion dinner when Jack and Dom announced they had broken up in the weeks following final vows.
  4. “It kind of fizzled – I don’t know what happened, and I’m left very confused,” Domenica told the producers of their split after the show.
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: MAFS’ Domenica Calarco reveals where she stands with Jack Millar today

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Did Carolina and Daniel sleep together

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MAFS: Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos on the first time they had sex Published: 01:27 BST, 15 March 2022 | Updated: 01:58 BST, 15 March 2022

  • cheaters and were told in no uncertain terms they wouldn’t be allowed to re-enter the experiment as a new couple after going public at Sunday’s commitment ceremony.
  • And the pair revealed on Tuesday they weren’t too bothered by the experts’ decision, and wasted no time racing back to Carolina’s place to have sex.
  • Personal trainer Daniel, 30, proudly told they consummated their relationship on the night they filmed their last episode.

Sexy: Married At First Sight’s Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos have revealed they raced back to her apartment to have sex just moments after Sunday’s commitment ceremony

  1. He explained the sexual tension between him and Carolina, 33, was so high they rushed back to her apartment to get it on.
  2. ‘ as soon as we walked out of the commitment ceremony,’ Daniel said.
  3. Carolina added they wanted to hook up in the back of their Uber, but managed to wait until they got back home to finally do the deed.

Sexual tension: Personal trainer Daniel, 30, proudly told The Kyle and Jackie O Show they consummated their relationship on the night they filmed their last episode ‘We went back and had a drink, I looked at her in the eyes and said, “We are evicted from the experiment.

  1. Let’s have sex,”‘ Daniel said.
  2. ‘I said, “Of course!”‘ Carolina laughed.
  3. Daniel hastened to add their relationship isn’t just sexual chemistry, saying they also share hobbies including a mutual love of fitness.
  4. Naughty! ‘We went back and had a drink, I looked at her in the eyes and said, “We are evicted from the experiment.

Let’s have sex,”‘ Daniel said When asked to describe Daniel’s sexual performance, Carolina said: ‘ everything, and more than I expected.’ ‘This relationship is the real deal. I said it from the day dot. I put myself through a lot of scrutiny to pursue this,’ she continued.

  • Married At First Sight was plunged into chaos on Sunday night’s episode when Daniel and Carolina interrupted proceedings to announce they’d recoupled and wanted to continue in the experiment together.
  • Surprise! MAFS was plunged into chaos on Sunday when Daniel and Carolina interrupted proceedings to announce they’d recoupled and wanted to continue the experiment together ‘I’ve had enough for one night’: Carolina’s ‘husband’ Dion Giannarelli (pictured) left the room in protest, which prompted a group walk-out ‘We are genuine and real about this experiment and how we feel about each other.

So yes, there’s a part of us that would like to continue to experiment together,’ Daniel told the trio of experts.

  • Carolina’s ‘husband’ Dion Giannarelli then left the room in protest, which prompted a group walk-out.
  • The experts, led by John Aiken, unanimously rejected Daniel and Carolina’s request.
  • Married At First Sight continues Tuesday at 7:30pm on Channel Nine and 9Now

Sorry! The experts, led by John Aiken, unanimously rejected Daniel and Carolina’s request : MAFS: Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos on the first time they had sex