Asked By: Antonio Torres Date: created: Dec 13 2023

What happened to Adam and Janelle on mafs

Answered By: Jackson Sanders Date: created: Dec 15 2023

Are Jannelle and Adam from MAFS still together? – It’s fair to say, things get quite heated between these two as not only are they not compatible, they are also centre of a MAFS cheating scandal. To begin with, Adam’s choice of career, a start-up prize business in London, causes lots of questions from her family who believe stability and an important job is crucial for their daughter’s future.

Then, Adam confessed to cheating on his ex-fiancée with Janelle giving him the benefit of the doubt of. However, sadly, her original thoughts of “once a cheater, always a cheater” turn out to be true. As the series unfolds, Adam and fellow contestant Claire grow close and share a kiss – ultimately ending his and Janelle’s relationship.

It goes without saying they choose to leave. Read more: Is Married at First Sight Australia real? Read more: MAFS 2022: Where are the cast of season 9 now?