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Why did Rings of Power change Sauron

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Celebrimbor’s Rings Of Power Change Makes Sense – The Rings of Power ‘s Celebrimbor had a dark streak within him. He was frantically ambitious and obsessed with matching Fëanor’s legacy and skill. That kind of jealousy is more akin to how Tolkien described the race of Men, not the Elves. Though Tolkien never took the time to provide a history outlining Celebrimbor’s true importance in Middle-Earth lore, he stated that Celebrimbor did not inherit Fëanor’s darker qualities.

The Rings of Power ‘s change to Celebrimbor’s character was a necessary choice, however, as it can explain how and why he might allow himself to be fooled by Sauron’s Annatar disguise in The Rings of Power season 2. The forging of the Rings was one of the most pivotal moments in Middle-Earth’s history.

In Tolkien’s books, Sauron donned the disguise of Annatar and tricked the Elves of Eregion into forging the rings so that he may secretly imbue them with his malice and create the One Ring. In The Rings of Power, however, Galadriel, Elrond, and potentially Celebrimbor were aware that Sauron had infiltrated Eregion, even helping them figure out how to mold Mithril.

What is the big reveal in The Rings of Power?

The identity of the Dark Lord has come to light. The Season 1 finale of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power revealed that Sauron has been in plain sight all season long — in the form of Halbrand ( Charlie Vickers ), the so-called “King of the Southlands.” Halbrand first met Galadriel ( Morfydd Clark ) in the middle of the ocean, and since then the two have developed a close bond and traversed from sea to land, Numenor to Middle-earth.

  1. But it turns out that Galadriel’s new ally is actually her nemesis.
  2. In The Rings of Power Episode 8, Galadriel attempts to fight Halbrand after discovering that he is Sauron.
  3. The Dark Lord easily overpowers her, and after Galadriel rejects his proposal to join him, he traps her in illusions and leaves her to drown in the water.

Charlie Vickers spoke to TV Guide about when he discovered that his character is Sauron, how he prepared to play the Dark Lord, and how “it might be a surprise” to Halbrand when he learns that Galadriel is alive. The actor also addressed his character’s relationship with Adar and, of course, being called “Hot Sauron.” The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Amazon Prime Video At what point did you learn that Halbrand is Sauron? Charlie Vickers: I learned when I was about to start filming the third episode. We filmed the first two episodes, we had a hiatus because of COVID.

  • And then it was kind of two months before I started my bits for third episode, so I was really excited — the showrunner sat me down and told me.
  • But I would be lying if I said I didn’t already have a big inkling that I was going to be Sauron by that point.
  • My last two audition speeches were a Richard III speech, and then a poem from Paradise Lost where I was literally reading it as Satan.

So I had an inkling that there was some darkness within the character already. After you learned, how did you approach your character differently when filming? Vickers: It was interesting, because I was still wholeheartedly performing as Halbrand. It was more of the subconscious work that I did.

  1. The research that I was able to do — The Silmarillion, I read the really relevant parts to Sauron.
  2. Rather than making my way through it as a whole, I reread the parts that are really relevant to him.
  3. Tolkien talks a lot about his intention behind the character in his Letters,
  4. He also talks about him a lot in Morgoth’s Ring.

So I did all my reading and basically let that inform my performances on the day, because I still have to fully embody Hal, because I think Sauron is fully embodying Halbrand in order to convince people like Galadriel that he’s just a regular dude from the Southlands.

During their confrontation, Halbrand makes a pitch to Galadriel that he will make her his queen. What was he trying to do here? Vickers: I think he’s trying to get her to join him. I think he’s dropped his act as Halbrand, and Sauron has this intention to heal Middle-earth, and to rehabilitate and reorganize Middle-earth certainly during this period of his return to power.

And I think he’s making that pitch to her. He’s saying, “This world, I can turn it into an independent paradise, somewhere that’s even nicer than Valinor, nicer than heaven — as long as everyone listens to me.” And in her, I think he sees a way into the Elves and a way into the trust of these people. Morfydd Clark and Charlie Vickers, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Can you share more about Halbrand’s relationship with the Elves? Vickers: I think he has a long and storied past with the Elves, all based off the First Age. You look at a story like when captures Finrod and he has a singing battle with Finrod — literally like a sing-off, and he puts him in a pit with Beren, although Beren’s a human.

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The Elves are the main enemy to Morgoth and he in the First Age. I think those kinds of grudges never truly die, even if he is genuinely trying to be a better person. When we spoke before the season started, it was in our interview that Morfydd told you the meaning of “shipping.” And of course, a lot of viewers have been shipping Halbrand and Galadriel.

How would you describe their relationship from the start of the season to now? Vickers: Yes, I remember very well. I like to think of it as a cosmic connection, in that he has spent a lot of time by himself — a long, long time. And I think when he meets her, he’s finally meeting someone that’s on his level closer to him, who has been around for a very long time.

  • They’ve had this real connection, and he sees in her an opportunity.
  • While I don’t think it’s romantic, I think it’s really interesting and cool that a lot of people read into it like that, and that’s the beauty of making things like this — there’s no right answer.
  • But I think it’s more on the level of, we’re two very experienced people who know a lot more than most other people we meet.

And also, I think when it comes down to it at the very end of the season, he thinks he can use her to get what he wants, as sad as that is. It’s like a bit of a toxic relationship. Why did he let Galadriel live, knowing that she could expose his identity? Vickers: I think he sends her into the water to drown her.

I’m not necessarily thinking that he thinks she’s going to live, although he probably has a strong idea. I mean, Elrond saves her in the end because she’s drowning. It might be a surprise to him in the future that she does live. But I also don’t think he minds because he probably knows that deep down, there will be some people that she may not tell because of her humiliation at bringing this evil back.

It’s whether or not she can face that, and she can face that being public knowledge. And I also think that there is something within him of, he now has a foe, which for him is really exciting. Or maybe he also thinks that she can join him further down the line, that if he has another crack at it he will be successful at it this time. Charlie Vickers, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Amazon Prime Video I’m also curious about the confrontation between Halbrand and Adar from earlier in the season, when Halbrand asks if Adar remembers him. What can you say about the history there? Vickers: They have a checkered past and a long history together.

  • Adar was one of his most fearsome lieutenants and for whatever reason, which we will find out — I have to tread carefully because I don’t want to spoil anything for the second season — but we will find out more about their past.
  • But there’s a lot in that interaction.
  • And I think it’s interesting when Halbrand says, “Do you remember me?” There’s a huge part of him that wants Adar to feel some recognition.

And I think perhaps he does, when Adar says, “Who are you?” as Halbrand exits the barn. It’s just like, come on man, even though I don’t look the same, surely you must feel something. Finally, I have to ask — before the season started, there was a lot of speculation about “Hot Sauron” being revealed in the show.

How does it feel knowing that fans are giving you that title after watching the finale? Vickers: It’s flattering. I feel very privileged to be able to play Sauron during this era because we have seen him on screen and in a lot of adaptations without physical form. And we all know in the lore, and this is something I’m really excited for for next season, is you see him manipulating, you see him doing things in this form of a beautiful man.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 is available to stream on Prime Video. Season 2 is in production, but it might be a while before it is released,

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Why is Sauron so weak in Rings of Power

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The One Ring Made Sauron Weaker – Kind Of – On one hand, Sauron forging the Ring was a terrible idea. He poured his malice, cruelty and power into an inanimate object – and then proceeded to lose it. In his battle with Gil-galad and Elendil, Sauron was all but defeated when Isildur cut the damning piece of jewelry from the Dark Lord’s finger.

Because Sauron lost his Ring, his power severely diminished, and it took him thousands of years to rebuild his power. Even after Sauron declared himself again, his sole focus was on finding the Ring, not on solidifying his dominion. From that perspective, the One Ring made Sauron vulnerable, but it also gave him some advantages.

Some fans don’t understand exactly how the Ring worked. They think that Sauron had his power put in a ring and that was that. But things were a bit more complicated than that. For one, the One Ring worked as a focusing agent and took Sauron’s natural power and amplified it through Morgoth’s original evils that were inside Mount Doom.

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Is Halbrand really Sauron

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Halbrand (Charlie Vickers) is revealed as Sauron in the Season 1 finale.

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Did Sauron save Galadriel

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Was Halbrand/Sauron trying to reach Valinor, or was it all a ruse? From the very beginning of the Rings of Power series, fans had several questions surrounding the identity of Halbrand. Who was this stranger that so easily abandoned his shipmates to the monster in the water, and why was he in the Sundering Seas in the first place? It felt almost too good to be true: a seemingly chance encounter between the most powerful she-elf of the Second Age, and the maiar who would later reveal himself to be Sauron.

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Nowing what they know now, after the closing of the show, fans have come up with several theories about the characters, particularly Halbrand (AKA Sauron). And among these, several involve why the all-powerful being would be in the middle of nowhere, on a raft in an ocean halfway between Valinor and Numenor.

The first possible reason is that he was on his way back to Valinor, to seek an audience with the Valar who have the power to grant both judgment and forgiveness. If Sauron actually wants to heal the world, as he tried to convince Galadriel when she discovered his secret, there is a (very slight) chance that he is approaching Valinor to try to repent for the terrible things he has done. If he had indeed given up on his plans to reform Middle Earth in his image, then it makes sense that the only place left for him to go would be back to the land that he had forsaken long ago. But this does contradict what he later says to Galadriel. He demands that she joins him to rule Middle Earth, and tells her she has no choice, or he will spread his terrible darkness all over the lands.

  • The idea that he truly wants salvation, and isn’t using it as just another manipulative tool to gain what he actually wants (power), goes fundamentally against everything that is known of his character.
  • This seems especially true when considering that he was on a ship full of other people.
  • What was the ship, and where was its voyage bound? However, several people believe that there were no others in the sea with them, and that it was all an illusion in order to ensnare Galadriel.

Sauron is the master of illusions, after all. It could be plausible that he had known that Galadriel was pursuing him all this time. Perhaps he had followed her journey from his tower in the north, right back to the moment when the high king Gil-galad was trying to send the elves back to the Undying Lands, Sauron at this moment conveniently saves Galadriel’s life and earns her trust. This allows him to insert himself into every aspect of her life, including being the reason that the Numenorians award the ships, mysteriously disappearing in the crucial moments just as the orcs brought Mordor to Middle Earth, and finally ending up in Eregion in order to convince Celebrimbor to create the three elven rings of power.

The final reason that he may be there is that he was planning a jailbreak of sorts for Morgoth. Depending on where the evil enemy fits during the compressed timeline of the Amazon series, Morgoth could either already be in the ‘void,’ where he is cast out by Eru as punishment for all the pain and suffering he causes.

Or he could be being held in the Halls of Mandos, bound by a magical chain that keeps him immobile and imprisoned. According to Tolkien’s lore, this is where he was kept after his defeat during the War of Wrath, the war that Galadriel survived and lasted for centuries.

However, it is unclear in the new timeline of the show whether Morgoth is kept in Mandos after extinguishing the light of the trees of Valinor, or if he is cast straight into the void, never to return If the former is true, then perhaps Halbrand was on his way to Mandos to try to release his master, whom he is known to be incredibly loyal to.

However, his path changes when he spots his opportunity within Galadriel. That way, he could rise to power, dominate Middle Earth, and then free Morgoth, and present the corrupted world at his feet. MORE: Rings of Power: Where Are The Other 17 Rings?

Why doesn’t Galadriel tell Elrond who Sauron is?

Why did Galadriel withhold this crucial information? Was it her shame or her need for revenge that kept her silent? During the recent Rings of Power series, audiences have seen a very different portrayal of Galadriel, the elven lady who will later become the ruler of Lorien, and an instrumental figure in the fate of the fellowship tasked with destroying the one ring in Mount Doom.

Galadriel’s character arc during the first season of the Amazon series focused predominantly on her desire to avenge her brother Finrod’s death after she mourned his body, by vanquishing the darkness of Sauron from Middle Earth forever. However, this vengeful mission of hers also came with a warning: not to become the evil she so desperately wished to eradicate.

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So in the final episode, when she realized that Halbrand was indeed Sauron, and that she had actually kept alive the being who had betrayed her people so long ago, why did she choose not to reveal this information to her friends, and share the truth of Halbrand’s identity in order to warn them? The answer is hinted at during Galadriel’s final confrontation with Halbrand, trapped in the recesses of her memory in the Sundering Seas. Within these two questions, we see all of the shame and guilt wrapped up in Galadriel, both in failing her own personal quest to defeat him, but also in the mistrust of her people, who are already weary of her long search for Sauron and the lives that have been lost in trying to defeat him.

  • She already feels an outcast after Gil-galad tried to send her back to the Undying Lands, and she fears that if she reveals what she has done, it will be the final nail in the coffin.
  • Instead, when Elrond pulls her from the river Glanduin, and she races back inside to Celebrimbor’s forge, she chooses to stay silent.

Elrond is already aware that something is wrong after he pulls her from the water and she holds Finrod’s dagger to his throat, demanding that he prove his identity by confirming how they met. But when he later asks her “where is Halbrand?” she chooses not to reveal the exchange that has just passed between her and the dark lord, and only says “he is gone.

  • And I doubt he will return.
  • And should he ever, none of us are to treat with him again.” They proceed with the creation of the three elven rings of power, which are forged untouched by Sauron’s evil hands, but there is no hint in the first series about where the other 17 rings are, so fans are already predicting that Celebrimbor may not heed Galadriel’s warning not to treat with Halbrand any further because he doesn’t understand the true gravity of the situation.

It is quite possible that Halbrand and Celebrimbor’s paths will cross again, and that the other rings will be forged during season two, thanks to Galadriel’s hesitation in revealing Sauron. There is already a sense that this decision is a mistake, and it is clear that she chose not to reveal her mistake to the others, but what will be interesting to see during season 2, is if this decision will mellow her character, or only make her anger and her hatred stronger. However, it would be a wiser course for her to become more cautious after her trust in Halbrand got her blindsided. She will always keep that steely determination, and it is the thing that carries her through her journey in both The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, but the later version of Galadriel is a wiser, more stoic character, and maybe she will transition into this version of herself because of this fundamental decision not to tell the others Halbrand’s true identity.

  • This is symbolized both in her giving up Finrod’s dagger at the end of the episode, and in the fact that she never uses her sword skills in LOTR because by this point in her life she has learned to fight with love rather than hatred.
  • Perhaps she feels that it was her mistake to trust him, therefore it must be her responsibility to defeat him, and right the wrongs of her past.

This is, after all, the only way that characters in Tolkien’s world ever find peace and salvation. MORE: Why The Slow Burn Of The Rings of Power’s First Season Works

Why is Galadriel so weak in The Hobbit?

Why was Galadriel so weakened? There’s no reasonable answer can be given to this just yet, at least so far as the movie canon is concerned. There is however a parallel in the books, following Gandalf’s first encounter with the Balrog in the Chamber of Mazarbul: I am afraid Balin is buried deep, and maybe something else is buried there too.

  • I cannot say.
  • But at least the passage behind us was completely blocked.
  • Ah! I have never felt so spent, but it is passing,
  • Gandalf refers this this again when the company finally see the Balrog: ‘A Balrog,’ muttered Gandalf.
  • ‘Now I understand.’ He faltered and leaned heavily on his staff.
  • ‘What an evil fortune! And I am already weary,’ It’s evident therefore that (in the books) use of power is tiring, and since (in the movies) Galadriel uses the most power against the strongest foe, it follows that (assuming the script-writers had this in mind) she would be the most drained.

: Why was Galadriel so weakened?

Why doesn t Aragorn use the Ghost Army?

Above all else, Aragorn could not know where in Mordor Frodo and the Ring were, and he dared not get the Sauron-worshiping Dead Men too close to the corrupting and deluding power of the Ring. Aragorn said that when the last of Sauron’s servants will be extinct he will release the dead army.