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What is the funniest death in Stranger Things

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How did Jason die in Stranger Things? – Netflix LOL. So, in perhaps the greatest, and certainly the funniest death in Stranger Things history, Jason is still out on the ground when the post-Vecna Upside Down fissures hit Hawkins. We later hear this reported on the news as a massive earthquake, but we see with our own eyes that it’s the Upside Down busting through.

  1. In this moment, Jason either is not awake or is too frozen with fear to move, and the fissure goes right beneath him, splitting his body in two and melting him from the middle out as he screams in horror.
  2. The way the camera pans up, following the fissures busting through the floor and Jason just, like, happening to be in the way, is incredible.

It’s very nonchalant, very gruesome, and, honestly, quite disturbing. Everyone loved it. This content is imported from twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. This content is imported from twitter.

  • You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.
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  • You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.
  • That Jason death was so satisfying to watch.

Idc if it’s spoilers nobody fucking liked that bitch — 🥵 (@Mrs_McQueen95) If you listen close enough, you can probably hear the laughs of the Duffer Brothers behind the camera. This moment is essentially the pair saying “yeah, fuck that guy.”

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What is the most hated Stranger Things episode

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“The Lost Sister” episode of Stranger Things season 2 is divisive, but the hate towards Kali is misplaced; the real issue is the writing problem. The episode feels disconnected from the rest of the season, but it serves as a crucial turning point for Eleven ‘s character arc.

Kali’s lesson about confronting pain is key to the survival of Eleven and the other characters in Stranger Things season 5. It’s no secret that Stranger Things season 2’s “The Lost Sister” episode is the series’ most divisive outing and, as a result, Kali Prasad, a.k.a. Eight, is one of the most disliked characters.

The hate some viewers harbor for Kali ( Linnea Berthelsen ) is somewhat misplaced: the real issue with “The Lost Sister” boils down to a writing problem. Wedged into the episode 7 slot of Stranger Things slow-burn sophomore season, the tangential outing sees Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown ) following her vision to.

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Who is inside Vecna?

How did Vecna get to the Upside Down? – One/Henry Creel asks Eleven to join him after explaining his point of view and his goal to restore balance to the world by wiping out humanity. However, El would never go for that, as she has lived as a human and wants to protect the world. (Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix) While falling into the dark dimension, One/Henry is struck by lightning, disfiguring him. He’s also weakened, and it takes him a while to fully recover. Sometime between being banished ahead of the events of Stranger Things around 1983, and reemerging in Hawkins in January 1986, he also grows extra appendages à la the spiders he respects.

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Is Vecna a hero or villain

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” You see. humans. are a unique type of pest; multiplying. and poisoning our world, all while enforcing a structure of their own: a deeply. unnatural structure. Where others saw order, I saw a straitjacket: a cruel, oppressive world dictated by made-up rules.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades! Each life, a faded, lesser copy of the one before! WAKE UP, EAT, WORK, SLEEP, REPRODUCE, AND DIE! Everyone. is just. waiting. Waiting. for it all. to be. over. All while performing in a silly, terrible play, day after day, but I could not do that.

I could not close off my mind and join in the madness; I could not. pretend. Then I realized. I didn’t have to. ” ―Vecna Henry Creel, also known as One under Hawkins Labs’ experiments, infamously known Vecna, is the main antagonist of the horror/sci-fi web series Stranger Things.

Is Max Dead in Stranger Things?

Is Max alive at the end of Season 4? – Physically, yes. Lucas tells his friends that Max is in a coma, and we see her wearing casts on her arms and legs. The Duffer brothers have also that at the end of Season 4, Max is alive yet “brain dead, blind, and all of her bones are broken.” The big mystery is where the redhead is mentally.

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Is Eddie OK Stranger Things

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Battling Vecna – Eddie at Skull Rock as he learns of a way to the Upside Down. Once again on the run on March 26, Eddie stole a radio from a construction site and hiked to Skull Rock to hide. There, the Party finally reunited with him after hiking through the woods to find him.

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Eddie told them about the chase and Patrick’s murder, and was clearly still traumatized by Chrissy’s and now Patrick’s death. As his watch had stopped after being soaked the previous night, Eddie could accurately mark the time of the murder as being 9:27 PM, and with this knowledge, the Party confirmed that the culprit had been Vecna.

They also discovered that they knew where Vecna attacked from: the Creel Home. Clearly distracted by something else, Dustin mentioned that his compass was throwing them off and suggested that there must be a gate nearby, strong enough to mess with the magnetic field.

  1. Eddie, along with the group, left Skull Rock in search of the gate, which they eventually found in Lover’s Lake.
  2. Meanwhile, Jason rallied the town citizens of Hawkins, urging them to hunt down Eddie and his Hellfire Club and convincing them that Eddie had been responsible for the series of killings.
  3. At Lover’s Lake, Eddie, Steve, Robin and Nancy all boarded the boat to find the gate.

Dustin wanted to go, too, but Eddie refused to allow him. Once the quartet arrived at the gate, Steve dove in and found it at the bottom of the lake. But when he surfaced to tell the others of his discovery, he was grabbed by a tentacle from the Upside Down and was dragged through the gate. After finding him under attack on the other side of the gate, Eddie, Nancy, and Robin proceeded to save Steve from Vecna’s bats, who were viciously attacking him. Once they had freed him, Eddie began to curse in distress after realizing the severity of the situation.

After they had all calmed down, they began their journey to the Wheeler home, but stopped in the middle of the forest due to Steve having to take a breather. Noticing the tension between Steve and Nancy, Eddie took off his jean jacket and threw it to Steve for his “modesty.” When they began to walk again, Eddie and Steve had a moment to speak alone, and Eddie complimented Steve by saying he was “like Ozzy Osborne,” due to Steve killing Vecna’s bat.

They moved on to discuss the jealousy they had had for one another due to them both being role models for Dustin. Eddie then addressed his issues with his fear, and not truly knowing himself where Steve empathizes for Eddie, saying that Eddie needs to give himself a break.

  • Eddie also points out that Nancy and Robin have a true care for Steve, and especially Nancy due to her jumping in first for Steve.
  • Shortly after their conversation, they arrived at the Wheeler home, where Nancy, Robin, and Eddie entered Nancy’s room to fetch the guns.
  • Unfortunately, they realized that they were in 1983 in the Upside Down version of their home, and thus the guns were non-existent.

Before they could react, Steve altered them to the fact that Lucas, Dustin, and Max were all downstairs speaking to Erica in the real world while they were in the same home. Hopeful that they could reach them through the lights, the teens discussed their options.

When Eddie tried signaling “S.O.S” through the chandelier, Erica was the first to notice and alerted the boys next to her. Dustin was able to decrypt the simple message and the two groups went up to Nancy’s room to exchange information. When he heard that the water gate was guarded, Dustin suggested they use another gate to leave the Upside Down, and the teenagers ended up using the Wheelers’ bicycles to bike to the nearest gate, located in Eddie’s trailer.

After they entered the trailer, they noticed one of Vecna’s fissures in the ceiling and were at first scared by Dustin jamming a hole through it to widen it. But the two groups coordinated and the younger teens managed to create a safe landing pad for Eddie and the others to escape the Upside Down.

Robin entered the portal first, followed by Eddie. But as Nancy attempted to leave, she fell under Vecna’s curse just as she hit the mattress waiting for her on the other side. Steve desperately attempted to wake her up, but her vision lasted long enough for Vecna to tell her exactly what he planned on doing to Hawkins if he killed a fourth victim.

Nancy awakened and warned the group that Vecna planned to destroy their town. Safely united again, the group conferred and hatched a plan to defeat Vecna and save Hawkins from the fate Nancy had described. After stealing a trailer for transportation and arming themselves with a variety of weapons acquired at The War Zone, the group dropped off Max, Lucas, and Erica at the Creel House. Eddie plays “Master of Puppets” Once inside, they split up. Steve, Nancy, and Robin walked to the Creel House through the woods, while Dustin and Eddie remained at his trailer to lure the Demobats away from the house. Eddie succeeded in drawing the attention of the bats through playing a solo of Master of Puppets by Metallica on his electric guitar.

  1. However, as the Demobats came in swarms, Eddie and Dustin dashed into his trailer as the bats tried to break in.
  2. For a minute, they thought they were safe, but when the bats found their way in, the boys realized they had to leave the Upside Down through the gate if they wanted to make it out alive.
  3. Dustin successfully escaped through the gate, but Eddie refused to follow, knowing the barricaded door would not hold the swarm.
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Instead, he ran out of the trailer and lured the Demobats away from both the gate and Dustin. When they knocked him off his bicycle, Eddie pondered the option of running. However, thinking back on the actions he had taken in the previous days – specifically the shame he felt leaving Chrissy’s body after her murder, and his own claims that he was not a hero – Eddie decided to make a change and stand his ground.

Rather than running, he drew his makeshift shield and spear, and faced the hoard of Demobats which swarmed around him. He managed to kill several before they overpowered him and pinned him to the ground, gnawing at his skin. Dustin, who had re-entered the Upside Down in search of Eddie, found his friend in the middle of the swarm of Demobats.

When the hive mind was injured due to both Murray Bauman torching Demogorgons with a flamethrower as well as Vecna being severely injured, the Demobats died and fell to the ground. In this moment, Dustin rushed to Eddie’s side and cradled him, assuring him that they would get him to a hospital.

Eddie, however, was too injured from the bites and was unable to rise from the ground. Blood running from his wounds, he made Dustin promise to take care of “those little sheep” for him, referring to Hawkins High’s outcasts. Eddie remarked that with his death, he was finally graduating, and with his final breaths, he told Dustin that he loved him.

Crying, Dustin told him he loved him, too, and with that, Eddie died in his arms.

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Is Eddie’s death the saddest

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Billy Being A Hero Makes Eddie’s Stranger Things Death Sadder – Although both Billy and Eddie died valiantly in Stranger Things to protect Hawkins from perishing, their sacrifices shouldn’t be categorized as the same. Stranger Things season 4, episode 4 “Dear Billy” glamorizes Billy to the point he’s given an almost heroic legacy, tragically contrasting Eddie’s villainous one.

The show absolves Billy’s sins, focusing on his final act of saving Eleven from the Mind Flayer in the Stranger Things season 3 finale and forgetting that he was previously a terrible brother to Max and a bully to the others. Comparatively, Stranger Things season 4 doesn’t offer Eddie the same courtesy and ends his arc without clearing his name.

Despite his innocence, Eddie dies as the boy who murdered Chrissy, Fred, Patrick, and Max which is grossly unfair when compared to Billy’s legacy and the public perception that he died tragically in the Starcout Mall fire. As an eccentric and misunderstood individual, Eddie’s death going down in Hawkins history as justice for his “crimes,” while Billy’s was a tragic accident, makes Eddie’s heroic final act in the Upside Down and subsequent Stranger Things death all the more tragic.

What is the bloodiest scene in Stranger Things?

Violence & Gore –

Severity? 19 238 910 1,094 We were unable to submit your evaluation. Please try again later. A child is strangled to death. Not very graphic but could disturb some viewers Demodogs get inside a lab elevator full of people and attack and feast on them (the actual attack is not shown but you see the aftermath with a moderate amount of blood and dead bodies when the elevator arrives at the next floor). A man is beaten in his office. First, his head is pushed and slammed into the door, breaking his nose, and he is then repeatedly punched (we only hear this from outside the locked door) and then is thrown over his desk. After this, his finger is forced into a cigar slicer and the person beating him pushes down on it almost cutting his finger, but stops after his answers are given. He is then taken hostage, but not further hurt. His face is bloody all throughout the episode. Lots of characters are killed throughout the series, occasionally quite brutally but most of it is moderate. In a hospital, there is a chase scene which is somewhat gory. A man is stabbed with scissors – blood spurts out. One man’s nose is broken, but the blood is black. At the end, their skins melts into chunks of blood. In the early season 1 there is a monster with an appearance which is slimy and sticky but not gory. In season 3 two men die with their bodies melting and all their guts and blood moving by them self to form a monster. This can make any squeamish people watching feel very disgusted and horrified. Most of the show is nowhere near this gory though. Season 3 and 4 are the goriest seasons. Season 3 contain a decent amount of violence but Season 4 has much more violence with kids being killed in the first episode (Might be disturbing to other viewers) A character is shown with a bloody nose frequently throughout the series. A man is stabbed in the neck with scissors. Not too graphic. Monsters are pretty creepy and frightening Monsters in season 3 are made out of guts and blood and can be seen as disturbing and graphic In season 3 a character has a very graphic wound on their leg. Another character then cuts into the leg and movies his hand around under the skin. This is shown in detail and is quite graphic and pretty gory/bloody, but is mostly shown in brief glimpses with half of it focusing ont the characters reactions. In season 3, a character is thrown into something and is turned into bloody pulp. Brief but easiy seen Seasons 1 and 2 are milder in terms of brutality, and definitely less frequent in terms of violence. However, season 3 and 4 are much more violent. There are some gory and uncomfortable scenes as the series progresses. Season 4 is definitely the most violent. It includes 4 different people lifted up into the air by a supernatural force, and their body parts move in all different directions with the sound of bones breaking and eyeballs suddenly disappearing. This is a bit more graphic than usual for the show, but is more weird and frightening than outright gory. A monster attacks a group of men in a prison as they try and fail to fight back. Most of them are killed and while the deaths are quick, some are quite bloody. Season 4 is the scariest season by far and maybe the most violent. Several children are murdered by floating into the air before all their limbs snap and their eyes bleed before dissapearing with blood coming out of their sockets. The combat and shooting this season is much more intense and realistic as well. In season 4, hopper and some other Russian prisoners battle the demogorgan, it is quite brutal because the demogorgan bite their heads off and a fair amount of blood is shown. People are electrocuted in slow motion, and a pile of blood and flesh is shown. Not too graphic though. The lab massacre scene in season 4 is the most bloodiest scene in the show so far. Eleven kills several people using her powers, you see blood coming out of their eyes. Not too graphic but quite disturbing. In the season 4 finale, a teenager is shown being melted in half briefly. He screams in agony and the shot pans away A group of jocks plot to murder one of the characters due to conspiracy that he killed one of the jock’s girlfriend. They arm themselves with guns and assorted melee weapons to do so. In Season 4, 4 teenagers have their bones snapped, limbs broken, mouth fractured and eyes bleeding before their eyes get forced back into their brain. Not gory but disoriented violence Sometimes there are parts where you may sense gore coming, but it’s either a jumpscare or something comedic. Characters are injured and blood is seen coming out of them. There is gore and blood in all seasons but it is more severe in season four. In season 4, a traumatic flashback is shown in which it is implied that a baby is burned alive in it’s cradle. We don’t see the baby, but we see the burning cradle and the baby screaming. Not graphic but very upsetting. Season 4 is by far the most graphic out of the first 4. Not too much violence in first 3 season But in 4th season it has so many gore It gets gorier with each season. In season 4, a man is discussed to have slashed his own eyes years previously. The act is never shown in flashback, but he is seen with scars in present day with minor pus and clearly deep cut scars. Not insanely graphic but it is disturbing and a little freaky. The violence is usually moderate, but in some instances it can get to be severe

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Who is depressed in Stranger Things?

Stranger Things Season 4 Introduces Vecna as a Physical Manifestation of Fear – Source: Netflix A couple of months ago, Netflix finally released the highly-anticipated Season 4 which takes place eight months after the events from the previous season. Viewers get to see what the characters have been up to during those times. Joyce ( Winona Ryder ), her kids, and Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown ) are now in California; Hopper ( David Harbour ) is in a Russian prison camp; in Hawkins, the kids are officially in high school.

  1. Max is seen keeping her distance from her friends as she’s still trying to move on from what happened to Billy.
  2. She’s struggling to come to terms with the tragic event that’s been haunting her ever since.
  3. Even when she would meet up with the school’s guidance counselor, Ms.
  4. Elly, Max never reveals the full truth to her, making it difficult for Ms.

Kelly to help the struggling teenager understand her trauma. With Max isolating herself from people, losing interest in the things she used to like, and feeling lost, it’s clear that she’s going through depression, which is something that Season 4 heavily tackles through the use of Vecna ( Jamie Campbell Bower ).

  1. Season 4’s main antagonist is Vecna, also known as Henry Creel and One, and is probably the most dangerous creature that the gang has faced.
  2. Vecna is incredibly smart and is able to manipulate people, specifically those in Hawkins, and would make his victims relive their traumas until they are vulnerable enough to kill.

There have always been discussions on several mental health issues in the series, yet it’s in Season 4 where it’s done in a more allegorical way, and it’s easier to understand the purpose of Vecna through that. Vecna attacked a couple of people, but perhaps the most familiar and heartbreaking one is Max.

While there are no direct statements, it’s still clear that Max suffers from mental illnesses, such as depression, trauma, and even PTSD. These things are manifested through Vecna and Max would be haunted by them to the point where she spirals down and accept that being alive isn’t something she deserves, which is something that a lot of people can relate to in the real world.

For many, Max is one of the most grounded and realistic characters in the show because many can see themselves in her character, and as a result, they could see themselves being haunted by Vecna.