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What is save the cat story

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Why is it called Save the Cat? – Good question. The title originates from Blake’s screenwriting book, in which he tells screenwriters that if you have an unlikeable hero on your hands, you’ve gotta do something early on in the story to get the audience on the hero’s side.

The hero has to “save a cat” (like from a tree or a burning building, or a shelter). Okay, they don’t have to literally save a cat, but they have to do something that redeems them or warms them to the audience, regardless of how unlikeable they might be. Like think about the scene early on in the animated film, Aladdin where Aladdin steals a loaf of bread from a market stall (not exactly a likeable thing to do).

Then gets chased by the cops, wreaks all sorts of havoc in the marketplace, making him even more dislikable. But in the end, what does he do? He gives his half of the bread to a starving mother and her child. Instantly, we’re on his side. This is a perfect example of a Save the Cat! Scene or moment.

(If you want to learn more ways to save a cat, I’ve got a whole list of them here !) So, no you don’t need to save an actual cat, but I’d just like to point out that on the very first page of the Hunger Games (a scene that also appears in the movie adaptation), Katniss relays the story of how she tried to drown the stray cat that Prim brought home because it was another mouth to feed, only to be stopped by Prim’s relentless begging.

And so yes, Katniss saved a cat. This quick backstory serves an important purpose, to show us right off the bat, how close Katniss is with her sister. And if you’ve watched The Night Of on HBO, you might remember some very poignant Cat saving by the lawyer, John Stone.

What happens in the Dalai Lama’s cat book?

In her exotic new home, the Dalai Lama’s cat encounters Hollywood stars, Buddhist masters, Ivy-league professors, famous philanthropists, and a host of other people who come visiting His Holiness. Each encounter offers a fresh insight into finding happiness and meaning in the midst of a life of busy-ness and challenge.

Is cats appropriate for an 11 year old?

Parent reviews for Cats June 2, 2020 WOW!! This movie really is the bees knees, I never thought I could cry so hard during a movie. The ending is so emotional and deep, UGH I LOVED IT. The CGI is incredible it’s really amazing how far CGI has come. I was a big fan of the CGI used in the live action Aladdin and I never though anything could ever top it, but yet here we are.

  1. Cats is an emotional roller coaster I wouldn’t even call it a movie it’s like a documentary about what real cats are like.
  2. It will not only give humans something to relate too but cats are the main demographic, and I think they will be very pleased about how they are represented in the media.
  3. I’ve never seen my cat happier then he is watching this movie, my god he loved it.

Cats is an experience for the ages and something that will go down in history as a movie that is out of this world, who know the aliens of Mars are probably watching it as you read this and they are probably having the time of their lives, CATS REALLY ACT LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE!! It’s crazy how accurate it is, my cat inspires to be Rum Tug Tugger he is so inspiring and I feel like I really got to know his character.

If I could just sit down and have a bowl of milk with this exotic beast that would be great. Overall Cats is a 10/10 experience I would highly recommend both for children, adults, teen and most of all cats. Ariana Grande was the purrfect choice for the lead role of Victoria and her performance is Oscar worthy.

I can’t wait to get buy this movie on DVD and play for my cat everyday!!! WHAT A GOOD FILM!! This title has: Great messages Great role models 2 people found this helpful. : Parent reviews for Cats

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Why are Dr. Seuss books so popular with children

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4 life lessons I learned from reading Dr. Seuss books A student and tutor celebrating Read Across America Day When it comes to children’s books, Dr. Seuss is one of those authors who has maintained a spot on bookshelves across generations. His unique literary style remains relevant to new generations of kids and in hearts of their parents and grandparents, too.

  1. A big reason for this success is probably because his books are simply fun to read, with their rhyming phrases, made-up words, and quirky illustrations.
  2. However, another reason they’ve continued to be popular is that teachers, librarians, and parents all agree his books teach important life lessons.
  3. Honestly, I hadn’t really thought about how many lessons one can take home from his books until recently.

When I was reading books like The Lorax and The Cat in the Hat as a kid, I focused on the fun, silliness of the books: the wacky characters, colors, and rhymes. Not realizing the deeper meaning I was interpreting. Now looking back on some of my favorites, I see the powerful ideas sprinkled throughout.

What age is the book cat for?

Product information

Publisher ‎Faber & Faber (November 23, 2021)
Reading age ‎ 7 – 9 years
Grade level ‎2 – 3
Item Weight ‎1.19 pounds
Dimensions ‎6.25 x 0.75 x 10.25 inches

How old is Jim Qwilleran?

Main characters – James Mackintosh Qwilleran is the main human character in the books. Qwilleran (Qwill to his friends) is a man who goes from late forties to mid fifties over the course of the series. He is often described as looking melancholy or brooding, but he is witty and enjoyable company.

  1. His most distinguishing feature is his “luxuriant moustache.” ” Kao K’o-Kung ” is the full name of the Siamese cat who is almost always referred to as Koko,
  2. He is named after a 13th-century Chinese artist whose name is usually written in modern Pinyin as Gao Kegong,
  3. He has the appearance of a prize-winning show-cat and an obstinate attitude toward anything he does not like.
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Yum Yum is also Siamese, and had a troubled past. Yum Yum is named after a character in the opera The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan who is also the ward of a man named Ko-Ko. Yum Yum is described as being smaller than Koko, and far more affectionate. Her beautiful violet-blue eyes are slightly crossed.

Has a cat ever written a book?

Purchase options and add-ons – World’s first mystery novel written by a cat – a joke book, prank gift, gag book, gag gift, perfect gift for all cat lovers (that crazy cat lady you know)! Disclaimer: Seriously, an actual cat wrote this by walking across and laying on the keyboard, therefore you need to be a cat to be able to read this jiberish! By buying this book you are supporting and encouraging Meoo Meoo’s addiction to cat treats (he’s always hungry).

Thank you! Check out the intense chapter No.5 “Staring into the abyss” resulting in Meoo Meoo sitting on the keyboard for a few minutes (asking for treats). This mystery novel was ever so slightly edited (for ease of reading) by Andrej Maver. Meoo Meoo the Cat is an aspiring artist (a cat), living in Slovenia, who strives for greatness as a master lounger, vocal coach, beauty guru, storyteller and a patrol officer with a sharp nose for danger.

His true dedication made this mystery novel come to life.

Does the Travelling cat Chronicles have a sad ending?

Horses? Those things ? I’d seen them on TV, but this was my first time seeing the real thing. On TV, they looked much bigger. – These light touches are all over the book, because although Arikawa has some serious things to say about the relationship between people and animals, not to mention about human love and friendship, she knows that these episodes make the book warmer and more human.

  • The book has an almost folkloric aspect, too, because it’s about those uncomplicated human traits such as friendship, loyalty, and even sacrifice, not just on the part of Nana, but from Satoru and Noriko, too.
  • In spite of the ostensibly sad ending, this is a positive book because it suggests continuity over transience.

“My story will be over soon,” Nana observes at the end, “But it’s not something to be sad about.”

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Does Save the Cat work for novels

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Using Save the Cat! with Scrivener – The Save the Cat! story structure is fine on paper, but it’s even better in a Scrivener project. When starting your novel, you can create a new project with each of the 15 beats of Save the Cat! in the Binder, You can then examine this structure in Scrivener’s Outliner, or in the Corkboard, as in the screenshot at the top of this article.

  1. You can flip back and forth between the Binder, Outliner, and Corkboard, depending on how you want to view your project.) I created folders for each of the 15 beats, and I can now start writing in new text files in each folder.
  2. You may want to change the names of the folders to match your story, to make your project more personal, and as you progress, you may want to add more folders to break your story down into smaller elements.

The Save the Cat! story structure is a good way to plan a novel, or to revise a first draft. It’s not the only way to envisage a story structure, and it may not be right for every story, but if you’re starting out on your first novel, it’s a great way to work with a framework that you can build on.

How did the cat survive the ending?

Pete Docter’s Soul offers a compelling look at Pixar’s ideas on the meaning of life, but the entire plot hinges on a major plot-hole involving a cat. Pixar’s latest movie Soul sees the main character accompanied by a cat through a big part of the movie, but how did the cat survive the ending if its soul was seen on the stairway to the Great Beyond? Since its first movie, Toy Story, released in 1995, Pixar has explored different themes in its movies, always with its signature level of quality, humor, and characters who more often than not have tragic backgrounds and one big lesson to learn.

Pixar’s newest adventure, Soul, is no exception, touching on a more philosophical topic with jazz music as a companion. Soul follows Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), a middle school music teacher who just as he books his biggest gig and potential break as a jazz musician, falls down a manhole and his soul ends up in the “Great Beyond”, and after resisting to go towards the light, he finds himself in the “Great Before”.

There he meets soul counselors and a lot of young souls training to finally go to Earth, among those 22 (Tina Fey), who has spent a lot of time in the Great Beyond as she doesn’t want to go to Earth. Soul explores the concepts of the afterlife, pre-existence, and the journey of finding one’s true purpose and passion, and during Joe and 22’s journey, there was an unexpected player who ended up creating a plot hole: a cat, called Mr.

Mittens. When Moonwind (Graham Norton) shows Joe and 22 where Joe’s body is on Earth, he impulsively jumps to Earth and accidentally pulls 22 with him, but this doesn’t turn out as planned and 22 ends up entering Joe’s body and Joe enters the body of the therapy cat that was chilling with him at the hospital.

When Joe asks himself how was that possible, the movie quickly cuts to the stairway to the Great Beyond, where the cat’s soul is seen casually sitting there, ready to go towards the light. Unlike Joe, Mr. Mittens doesn’t even move nor tries to escape, so it’s understood that it crosses over and dies. As both Joe and 22 left their bodies (Joe’s and Mr. Mitten’s), with 22 staying behind in the Great Before and the cat’s soul crossing over through the light, it makes no sense that the cat was alive and well when Joe returned to his body. It’s a completely unnecessary plot hole that could have been easily avoided by not showing Mr.

  • Mitten’s soul on its way to the light, as this also represents another problem: if Mr.
  • Mittens made it to the Great Beyond, then the stairway must have had a bunch of animal souls too, not just human.
  • The easiest way to explain the cat’s revival is through reincarnation: as Joe jumped back to his body, one of the young, new souls that jumped at the same time as he could have landed on Mr.

Mitten’s body, thus giving it a new life. Surely, it would have been sad (and it would have raised many questions) if the cat died on the subway while Joe got a chance to return and keep living, but at least that wouldn’t have created a plot hole. The cat isn’t seen for the rest of Soul, so the reincarnation explanation might be the best way to solve this unnecessary plot hole.

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What is fun and games in Save the Cat?

The Promise of the Premise: Fun and Games Flash-forward to several years ago. Inspired by audio fiction juggernaut Welcome to Night Vale, we decided to chart our own audio odyssey in the horror and science fiction space as writers and producers. The result is NPRmageddon, which you can listen to,

Our premise is right there in the title. NPRmageddon is what National Public Radio will sound like after the apocalypse. We based our storytelling on how modern media operates and what National Public Radio sounds like now. But how could our film school Save the Cat! education inform our writing of the series? In fact, as we set out to craft our first sketches, we mined the original book for any nuggets of wisdom.

We eventually drilled down into a portion of the Beat Sheet that allowed us to discover a Grand Unified Theory for how our public radio satire could function. And it all comes down to fun and games. As Save the Cat! devotees know, Fun and Games encompasses the portion of the story that you see on the movie poster—the part that makes you say, “Wow! That looks cool!” It’s the essence of the thing—the raison d’être, if you will.

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Is the Dalai Lama’s cat Based on a true story

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I got curious about whether the Dalai Lama really has a cat ( HHC is a fiction.)

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What is the Buddhist story about cats

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The story – A poor Japanese artist sends his housekeeper out with a few small coins to buy food. Instead, she brings home a cat from the village, stating that the house is “lonely”. The painter is very unhappy with this choice, as he is hungry. He remarks that he cannot even remember what rice cakes taste like, and states that cats are devils.

However, he is somewhat consoled when he notices that the cat’s white coat actually has, which is considered lucky. The unusually good behavior of the cat causes the painter to feel more affectionate, and he names the animal “Good Fortune”. At breakfast, the painter notices that the cat appears to be paying homage to the image of the Buddha, and he reflects on his own lack of prayer because of the hard times he has lived through.

Soon after, he notices the hungry cat catch, and then gently release, a small bird. The cat behaves very well, even removing itself from the room when it cannot be useful, and following proper social behavior. Almost completely, the painter is given a commission by the priests at the local temple.

They hired him because of a ; they had put slips of paper with various artists’ names out in the courtyard, and his was the one left after the others had blown away. The artist has to paint a picture of, surrounded by animals who came to pay homage to him. The artist is given a large sum of money as a first payment, to “put his mind at ease”.

As the artist progresses with the painting, he meditates on the life of the Buddha and the Buddha’s previous lives, in order to be able to paint each part of the scene sincerely. Towards the end of the painting process, and after painting many other animals, the painter realizes that his cat, who he now sees as a truly noble being, cannot be represented in the painting.

  1. The story says that the traditional belief in his time was that cats are supposedly cursed, because of their pride and sense of superiority, which apparently caused them to refuse to bow before the Buddha in his lifetime, and that this therefore means they are barred from achieving,
  2. Consequently, the prevailing thought is that no cat may go to Heaven.

When the picture is completed, Good Fortune seems to notice and sadly protests the lack of any cat in the painting. Deeply touched by her grief, the artist finally paints a small white cat, aware however that this may displease the priests. Upon seeing that the artist has done this, Good Fortune dies of joy.

By her grave is a peach tree with a bell hanging on it; the housekeeper sings that she can hear the bell singing “Rejoice!” The painting is finally delivered, and is greatly praised by the chief priest until he notices the presence of a cat, at which point he rejects it completely and plans to burn it.

The morning brings the news of a miracle: the painter arrives to find the picture being adored in the temple. The image has miraculously changed: the dying Buddha now extends his hand in blessing over the white cat sitting right next to him.

What is the lost cat about?

Lost Cat: A Memoir (Paperback) In Mary Gaitskill’s supremely skilled hands, this book length essay about a cat’s disappearance is transformed into an artful meditation on loss, love and the double-edged consequences of close relationships.

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Why is my 11 year old cat acting weird

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Medically Reviewed by Vanesa Farmer, DVM on March 16, 2023 5 min read Aging cats may have behavior changes like forgetting where you put their litter box, being less active, or acting more aggressive. If your older cat starts acting differently, it might be a sign of an aging problem such as feline cognitive dysfunction (FCD).

FCD affects over half of cats between the ages of 11 and 15, and as many as 85% of cats over age 16. It can cause problems with your cat’s memory, awareness, and ability to learn new things. It can also affect their hearing and sight. This can cause them issues with sleeping, anxiety, and depression. Their relationship with you and with other pets in your household may change.

You should talk to your veterinarian if you think your cat has FCD. While you can’t prevent them from getting older, you may find treatments and therapies to make them feel better as they age. These can happen in several different areas of your cat’s behavior, including: Confusion or spatial disorientation

Unable to move around obstacles Wandering around without a purpose Gets lost easily, even at home Stares blankly May wander away from home

Memory and learning

Doesn’t recognize people or pets they used to know Quits using the litter box Starts using the bathroom near where they sleep or eat

General anxiety

Acts restless or upset Seems generally more irritable Vocalizations sound different or seem more urgent

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Loss of appetite Doesn’t groom as often Not interested in surroundings


Less interested in being petted or interacting with people or other pets May become overly clingy and dependent

Sleep and routines

More vocal at night Wakes up during the night Sleeps more during the day

Even if your cat has some of these symptoms, they might not have feline cognitive dysfunction. It’s important to rule out other causes of their behavior changes. For example, any condition that causes your cat pain may cause these symptoms. Arthritis can make them less active.

  1. It can also create difficulty getting into and out of the litter box.
  2. Cats with arthritis may urinate and defecate in inappropriate places.
  3. This may also happen with kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and other conditions.
  4. Nighttime vocalizations may be caused by hyperthyroidism or hypertension (high blood pressure).

If your cat is eating less, they may have gum disease or other dental issues. If your older cat twitches with their eyes wide open and suddenly starts scratching themselves repeatedly, it may signal a condition called hyperesthesia syndrome. The symptoms, which also include uncontrolled urination and frequent vocalization, are the same as some symptoms of FCD.

Certain ocular (eye) diseases, especially those that cause acute blindness, may also cause symptoms similar to FCD. Talk to your vet if you think your cat might have one of these conditions. While no cure for FCD exists, you can take steps to ease its symptoms and help your cat feel better. Certain medications may help with anxiety and depression.

You can also adjust your cat’s environment so their symptoms are easier to manage. Cats with FCD need a consistent daily routine with few changes. Here are some areas and ways you can treat cognitive dysfunction in your cat: Mobility problems. Provide your cat with several litter boxes.

These should have low sides to make it easier for your cat to get in and out of them. If your cat has trouble getting around, place litter boxes on every floor of your home. It also may help to use sandy litter, which is softer on your cat’s paws. Provide your cat with ramps and other mobility aids as needed.

Confusion and disorientation. Your cat will benefit from a predictable routine and environment if they’re confused. Make sure you keep their food and water bowls and litter boxes in a consistent location. Keep their routine, including feeding times, the same every day.

  1. You may need to keep your cat in a smaller space to make it easier for them to find what they need.
  2. Disrupted sleep/wake schedule.
  3. There are several reasons that FCD can cause disrupted sleep for your cat.
  4. They may be in pain from another issue, or anxiety may make it difficult to sleep.
  5. While you work with your vet to treat any underlying issues, try to set up routines that encourage play during the day and sleep at night.

Increased vocalization. Helping your cat sleep at night will decrease their nighttime vocalizations. Try blocking noises that may wake them. A heated bed may help. You might also try music and body wraps. Give your cat extra love and attention to help reassure them.

  1. If anxiety or depression seems to cause your cat’s vocalizations, your vet may decide to prescribe meds to help them.
  2. Dietary changes.
  3. Make sure your cat is fed a diet rich in vitamin E and antioxidants,
  4. These are believed to slow the effects of aging in cats.
  5. Lifestyle changes.
  6. Reduce any stressors in the house.

Don’t bring any new pets into the home or make other changes that may stress your cat. Pheromone or drug therapy. This may help your cat feel less anxious. You can use feline pheromone sprays or diffusers in areas where they spend time. Anti-anxiety meds may help reduce their vocalizations,

You can also seek advice from a certified applied animal behaviorist (CAAB or ACAAB), your veterinarian, or a veterinary behaviorist (diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behavior, Dip ACVB). Factors that help cats live longer include advances in veterinary medicine, better food options, and living indoors.

While this is welcome news for cat lovers, older cats can have special needs. But there are steps you can take to make sure they’re healthy for as long as possible. Not all cats will have age-related problems, but most will need some lifestyle adjustments to make them comfortable as they get older.

Take your cat to the vet for routine checks twice a year, or as often as needed to treat any health conditions they have. Block out drafts. Cats like to be warm, so put their beds somewhere sheltered from cold air. Make sure they can easily reach their food, water, and litter box. A litter box with low sides is easier to use. Provide ramps and steps to help them get to their favorite spots. Brush your cat if they’re having problems with grooming themselves. Plug in a night-light if your cat has trouble seeing at night. Give your cat the emotional support they need. If your cat wants to be left alone, respect that. Reduce stress and any potential stressors in your household. Make sure your cat is fed a diet that’s healthy for them.

Can a 7 year old have a cat?

Personality Test – To find the cat who will best adapt to your household, you’ll want to consider your kids’ ages and personalities. Skittish cats don’t tend to fit in well in homes with young children. As International Cat Care explains, “very nervous and timid cats will find living with children incredibly stressful, and cats with these types of temperament should be avoided.” In these cases, will your cat often hide, this extra stress could lead to health problems like urinating outside the litter box,

Instead, opt for a cat who isn’t easily disturbed by noise and will join in on the fun. Though full of vigor, a kitten usually isn’t the best choice if you have an infant or a toddler. Like their human counterparts, kittens require a lot of training. As the Animal Friends Connection Humane Society explains, kitties are likely to be frightened by the unpredictable behavior of a toddler who sees a cat as a stuffed animal rather than a living creature.

Both young and adult cats with spirited dispositions are great for kids ages 4 and up, but not necessarily for youngsters 3 and under. Energetic adult cats may not tolerate the antics of very young children. And don’t rule out adopting a senior cat, Older cats can make great companions and will thrive in a loving home.

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Should I watch cats

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I think the message is pretty much about respecting cats just as much as human. So I would defenitly recommend this movie if you love musicals and want to see something a little different. And again for those people who’s totally sawing it to pieces, should defenitly give it a fair chance before they tend to do so.