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Who lives at Leeds

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Live at Leeds – Wikipedia This article is about the live album by The Who. For other uses, see,1970 live album by the Who Live at Leeds by Released11 May 1970 ( 1970-05-11 ) Recorded14 February 1970Venue, Leeds, UK Length 37 : 43,

  • The Who


(1969) Live at Leeds (1970) (1971)

from Live at Leeds

“” / “” Released: June 1970

Live at Leeds is the first by English band, It was recorded at the on 14 February 1970, and is their only live album that was released while the group were still actively recording and performing with their best-known line-up of,, and, The Who were looking for a way to follow up their 1969 album, and had recorded several shows on tours supporting that album, but disliked the sound.

  • Consequently, they booked the show at Leeds University, along with one at the following day, specifically to record a live album.
  • Six songs were taken from the Leeds show, and the cover was pressed to look like a,
  • The sound was significantly different from Tommy and featured arrangements that were typical of the band’s live shows.

The album was released in 11 May 1970 by and in the United States, and by and in the United Kingdom. It has been reissued on several occasions and in several different formats. Since its release, Live at Leeds has been cited by several as the best live rock recording of all time.

Where did the Who play Live at Leeds?

On the 14th of February, 1970 The Who performed a show Live at the University of Leeds Refectory. When The Who stepped on stage, they were at the top of their game musically. They had just returned to England from touring in support of “Tommy” abroad and had successfully brought the idea of “a concept album” to the masses.

  • The tour they had just completed had earned them a reputation for being one of the greatest live bands of that era.
  • According to biographer Chris Charlesworth, “a sixth sense seemed to take over”, leading them to “a kind of rock nirvana that most bands can only dream about”.
  • However, there was still dissatisfaction amongst the group since they hated the fact that “Tommy” had been promoted as “high art” by their manager Kit Lambert.

They wanted their stage show to have equal importance to that album’s rock-opera format so they sought to destroy that impression and made it a point to move away from the album’s rock-opera format that had been a staple with these concerts. So, when the band returned to England at the end of 1969, their immediate desire was to release a live album, which highlighted the concerts that were recorded earlier.

Pete Townshend soon realized what a daunting task this would be as he would have to listen to all the live recordings that came from that tour, and decide which would make the best album. Based on an account provided by Chris Charlesworth, Pete instructed sound engineer Bob Pridden to burn the tapes and he would soon label this decision as “one of the stupidest decisions of my life.” Instead, The Who decided that they should play a live concert in the UK and have that recorded for the live album.

Two shows were booked specifically for this idea, one at the University of Leeds and the other in Hull. For these performances, Pete chose the Gibson SG as his weapon of choice and that was coupled with a Hiwatt amplifier that allowed him to get a variety of tones simply by adjusting the guitar’s volume level.

When did the Who play Live at Leeds?

Recorded on Valentines Day, 14 February 14 1970 at Leeds University, Live at Leeds was released in the UK in May 1970 on Track Records (2406 001), as a CD in the 1980s by Polydor (825 339-2) a Polydor remastered CD with additional tracks (527 169-2) in 1995, as a Deluxe Edition in 2001 (Polydor 112 618-2) and as a

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How many inserts are in the Who Live at Leeds

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Label: Track Record – 2406 001, Polydor – 2406 001
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Black Lettering 1st Edition
Country: UK
Released: 1970
Genre: Rock, Blues, Pop
Style: Blues Rock, Rock & Roll, Hard Rock, Rock Opera, Classic Rock


A1 Young Man Blues Written-By – M. Alison * 4:45 A2 Substitute Written-By – Townshend * 2:05 A3 Summertime Blues Written-By – Cochran *, Capehart * 3:22 A4 Shakin’ All Over Written-By – J. Kidd * 4:15 B1 My Generation Written-By – Townshend * 14:27 B2 Magic Bus Written-By – Townshend * 7:30

This is the first UK pressing (300 copies made), with the black stamp on cover (blue and red came later). It contains a set of 11 inserts + a poster. The set was originally stored in a greaseproof-bag, where the inserts were held inside the pocket into the gatefold cover (see pic).

The set was composed as follow: 01) The Large ‘MARQUEE’ Poster (the “LIVE AT LEEDS” one cames later); 02) The ‘KINGS AGENCY’ insert (‘hole punched’ to the left, later ones aren’t); 03) The Small ‘DELIVERY NOTE’ insert (thin ‘typewriter’ paper, later ones are thicker normal paper); 04) The ‘MY GENERATION LYRICS’ typed insert (with handwritten annotations and THREE handwritten ‘*’ – stars – two on the right & 1 on the left, later ones only have two); 05) The Small ‘NOTICE’ Insert (‘hole punched’ to the left, later ones aren’t); 06) The ‘NEW ACTION LTD’ insert (folded along the central line, later ones are NOT); 07) The ‘HIGH NUMBERS’ typed payment insert (made in the CORRECT Yellow Colour, later ones aren’t, and folded along the central line, later ones aren’t); 08) The ‘PREMIER TALENT ASSOCIATES’ Contract Insert (made in the CORRECT Yellow Colour, later ones aren’t); 09) The ‘EMI RECORDS’ correspondence insert (made on CORRECT thinner paper, later ones are thicker); 10) The ‘MARQUEE CLUB’ payments insert (‘hole punched’ to the left, later ones aren’t); 11) The Small ‘PICTURE OF THE WHO’ photograph insert (every face & eyes of EVERY Who member are FULLY visible and 100% clear, later ones were badly printed, much darker, and lack detail); 12) The ‘GUITAR OVERHEAD’ insert (with ‘handwritten text’ on the reverse.

The writing is PERFECT in COLOUR & DETAIL and most importantly in the EXACT shade of ‘biro blue’ and looks absolutely EXACT. All later ones are obviously (& badly!) printed in black). Copy with runout variant 3 includes the original polyline “Plastic Bags” Polydor inner sleeve dated May 1970 (0570), see detailed pic.

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Matrix / Runout (Variant 1, Side A runout stamped): 2406001 A//1 1 1Matrix / Runout (Variant 1, Side B runout stamped): 2406001 B//1 1 1 Matrix / Runout (Variant 2, Side A runout stamped): 2406001 A//1 1 1 3Matrix / Runout (Variant 2, Side B runout stamped): 2406001 B//1 1 1 3Matrix / Runout (Variant 3, Side A runout stamped): 2406001 A//1 1 1 1Matrix / Runout (Variant 3, Side B runout stamped): 2406001 B//1 1 1 1Matrix / Runout (Variant 4, Side A runout stamped): 2406001 A//1 1 2 1 2Matrix / Runout (Variant 4, Side B runout stamped): 2406001 B//1 1 1 9Matrix / Runout (Variant 5, Side A runout stamped): 2406001 A//1 1 1 4Matrix / Runout (Variant 5, Side B runout stamped): 2406001 B//1 1 1 4

Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
Recently Edited Live At Leeds (LP, Album) Polydor 2482025 New Zealand 1970
Live At Leeds (LP, Album, Stereo, Gloversville Pressing, Gatefold ) Decca, Decca DL 79175, DL-79175 US 1970
Recently Edited Live At Leeds (LP, Album, Blue Lettering ) Track Record 2406 001 UK 1970
Recently Edited Live At Leeds (8-Track Cartridge, Album, Stereo) Decca, Decca 6-9175, 9175 US 1970
Recently Edited Live At Leeds (LP, Album) Polydor 2406 001 Australia 1970

ul> Rare perhaps, but I too am not convinced about this particular version being one of only 300. My copy has all 12 inserts still contained within the original grease proof bag. All are in perfect shape, as is the bag. Purchased my copy a few years back from a guy who had owned it from new and appears to have done no more than slit open the bag to look at what was inside and put the album on a turntable a few times. What is up with the weird liner note in early CD versions that says “”Recorded February 14, 1970, except for “Young Man Blues” recorded December 26, 1968.” Young Man Blues is from Leeds, and the Who didn’t even perform on Dec.26th 1968. The Who played on the concert 34 tracks. Too much for a vinyl. (I have the complete concert on mp3). Looking for information on this version I’m looking at. Everything matches MG 712420 (including the sleeve & inserts.) but this one has Matrix “R104025” is also printed on the ring, just underneath “MG 712420”. There is also a small rectangular clear sticker on the bottom left of the outer sleeve with “R104025” Side 1: R10 4025A 2S A1 Side 2: R10 4025B 2S A2 Is there a way I can post pictures here? Or should I just submit add a release? This is my first Discogs post so please go easy on me if this isn’t the right place for format.:) Oggi giornata proficua, oltre Who’ Next, ho trovato “Live at Leeds” che contiene 5 brani bellissimi. Sulla facciata 2 vi sono ” Magic Bus” e la mitica “My Generation”.l Sulla 1a facciata “Summertime” è composta da Townshend, le altre 3 da Mose’ Allison, Cochran and Heath.1970 GRANDI WHO. Avevo acquistato gli album degli Who su cd ( erano i primi anni duemila ), il vinile non era ancora risorto. Poi un bel giorno vidi il doppio “Tommy” in edizione da 180 gr. completamente rivista la copertina trifold diventa gatefold, la posizione dei brani sui 2 vinili cambia,comunque il vecchio tenuto bene in mio possesso come suono mi soddisfò maggiormente. Edited 2 years ago I don’t agree with the black labels being primarily the first pressings, auction site hype I’m afraid, I have a red label front cover, with a black track records label inner cover, full paperwork with wax paper envelope, correct photos and docs, Matrix / Runout (Variant 1, Side A runout stamped): 2406001 A//1 1 1 side b 2406001 b/1 1 1,blue biro record label text, this copy is much rarer than the black copy, try finding a copy with opposite coloured labels. How can the first press (300 copies) excist in +1000 collections? The best live performance of its era. Magic Bus and My Generation.wonderful. It is very rare that you’ll find all 12 inserts in the black sleeve for sale on here, so the inclusion of the grease proof bag to make the complete set is really nit picking. I’ve never seen the elusive bag, not even a shredded one and I have had lots of copies of this lp pass through my hands.

Have: 2170 Want: 928 Avg Rating: 4.09 / 5 Ratings: 134

Last Sold: Sep 22, 2023 Lowest: €14.89 Median: €122.31 Highest: €350.00

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Do any celebrities live in Leeds

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There’s nothing like the surprise you get when you catch a celebrity as you do your shopping or take your bins in. Despite being famous and partial to a red carpet, celebrities are still like us and have to make a trip to Tesco for their food shop, or enjoy the local sights and sounds when they have time off.

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Why do people live in Leeds

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To put it simply, I think Leeds is one of the best student cities in the country. This is down to three main reasons: a low cost of living, great nightlife and a fantastic student culture. The city is well known for its textile industry, but it’s now also home to nearly 800,000 people and is the cultural, financial and commercial heart of West Yorkshire.

Why was Live at Leeds cancelled?

BBC Radio 2’s annual live music festival has been cancelled following the Queen’s death, it has been announced. The event was due to take place at Temple Newsam in Leeds on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September. Organisers said they were stopping the festival as “a mark of respect” following the Queen’s death.

Ticket holders will be issued with refunds via the ticketing provider,” organisers added. The concert, usually held in London’s Hyde Park, was due to feature Robbie Williams, Nile Rodgers and Chic, Tears for Fears, Kaiser Chiefs and George Ezra among others. Follow BBC Yorkshire on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,

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Where is the Live at Leeds in the Park

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The car park is located off a junction off the M1 and A63. For sat nav location of the entrance search ‘Temple Newsam Park – Event Road’ and then follow the yellow festival signage once approaching the site. No cars are to be left overnight.

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What guitar did Pete Townshend play on Live at Leeds?

In this video we check out the tone of the classic ’70s 100W Hiwatt/ ’67 Gibson SG Special guitar rig Pete Townshend used with The Who on for instance the ‘Live at Leeds’ album.

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Did 1975 play at Leeds

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When will The 1975 be performing at Leeds Festival? – As we mentioned, the 1975 will be performing on the Main Stage West on Sunday, August 27. Their set will start at 7.40pm with lots of fans sure to get down early. Others performing on that stage ahead of the 1975 will include Jamie Webster and Knucks.

When did Queen play Leeds?

Queen Concert Setlist at Elland Road, Leeds on May 29, 1982 |

Who was playing at Leeds Festival?

Leeds Festival 2023 is about to get underway and the set times have been announced for the event. Bramham Park will be home to the festival from August 25 to August 27 with headliners arriving from around the country and the world. Billie Eilish, Sam Fender and The Killers are all set to headline on each day of Leeds Fest.

How many people are in Leeds Festival?

Leeds Festival sees around 80,000 people attend the three day event, taking place over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

How many people does the Leeds Uni Refectory hold?

The University of Leeds Refectory is a 2,100-capacity music venue located on the University of Leeds main campus in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

Where do rich people live in Leeds?

Alwoodley – Just outside the city ring road to the north, Alwoodley is one of the most affluent areas of Leeds. The properties that flank the golf clubs of Sand Moor and Moortown are among the area’s finest. Average property price: £336,254

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Is it ok to live in Leeds

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Leeds is one of the best places to live in the UK. That’s according to The Sunday Times Best Places to Live 2023 guide which includes Leeds among its eight best places to live in the North and North East. And the guide singles out Leeds city centre for its premier shopping and cultural offering.

It says: “For culture, commerce and joyful consumerism, there’s no finer city centre in the UK than Leeds. It’s the only place outside London with its own opera, theatre, ballet and opera houses, and as a shopping destination, it’s second to none.” Read more: Ibiza-style bar with weekly live music and bottomless brunch set to open in Leeds The guide adds: “Thanks to the eco-houses in the inspiring new riverside Climate Innovation District it’s leading the way for sustainability, too.” The best place to live in the North and North East is Whitley Bay, a small seaside town on the edge of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The guide rated Wadhurst, East Sussex as the best place to live in the UK overall. Other Yorkshire places in this year’s guide were: last year’s overall winner Ilkley, Holmfirth, near Huddersfield; Thirsk; North Yorkshire and Sheffield. Leeds is one of the best places to live in the UK, according to The Sunday Times Helen Davies, the editor of Best Places to Live 2023, said: “When times are tough, where we live matters more than ever. Attractive surroundings, good neighbours and a comfortable home are the best defences when the stresses of modern life seem overwhelming.

This guide is a celebration of towns, cities and villages that are each a fantastic place to live in 2023 from Orkney to Felixstowe, the Chew Valley to Manchester city centre. Whether you’re downsizing, trading up or getting onto the property ladder, there will be somewhere to suit you.” You can read the full guide here,

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What is the rich street in Leeds

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According to data published by Property Solvers in December 2022, the most expensive streets in Leeds are: Manor House Lane, Leeds – £2,366,666. Ling Lane, Scarcroft – £1,548,750. Alwoodley Lane, Leeds – £1,476,200.

Is Leeds expensive to live in?

1. Is it expensive to live in Leeds? – Leeds is listed as the 20th most expensive city to live in the UK on the list of all cities.2. Is Leeds a cheap place to live? Although it is still among the most costly in Northern England, accommodation in Leeds is undoubtedly less expensive than in cities like London and Edinburgh.

Why is Leeds so wealthy?

This article needs to be updated, The reason given is: needs updating to reflect recent events, Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. ( January 2014 )

Central Business District The economy of Leeds is the most diverse economy of all the UK’s main employment centres and has seen the fastest rate of private-sector jobs growth of any UK city and has the highest ratio of public to private sector jobs of all the UK’s Core Cities,

Leeds has the third-largest jobs total by local authority area with 480,000 in employment and self-employment at the beginning of 2015. Leeds is the largest legal and financial centre in England outside of London, and third largest in the UK after Edinburgh, and in 2011 its financial and insurance services industry was worth £2.1 billion.

with more than 30 national and international banks located in the city. Leeds is also the UK’s third largest manufacturing centre with around 1,800 firms and 39,000 employees, Leeds manufacturing firms account for 8.8% of total employment in the city.

The largest sub-sectors are engineering, printing and publishing, food and drink, chemicals and medical technology. Leeds is also ranked as a gamma world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network ; Over the next ten years, the economy is forecast to grow by 25% with financial and business services set to generate over half of GVA growth over that period with Finance and business services accounting for 38% of total output.

Other key sectors include retail, leisure and the visitor economy, construction, manufacturing and the creative and digital industries. Leeds’ growth has helped to change the economic geography of the United Kingdom, as Leeds is now the largest financial centres in Britain outside the capital.

  1. New tertiary industries such as retail, call centres, offices and media have contributed to a high rate of economic growth since the early 1990s.
  2. Leeds was successful in becoming the first British city to have full broadband and digital coverage during the dot-com bubble, enabling it to become one of the key hubs in the emerging new media sector.
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Companies such as Freeserve, Energis, Sportal, TEAMtalk, and Ananova emerged from Leeds to dominate the UK internet industry. Now, over 33% of the UK’s internet traffic passes through Leeds, making it one of the most important regional internet centres in the UK.

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Why is Leeds so famous

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One of the most famous cities in the UK, Leeds is known for its historical moments and its economic vibrancy. It excels in areas such as music, sports, arts, and politics. As a result, there are several things that Leeds is known for. From being the pioneer of X-ray technology to bestselling authors, a world without Leeds wouldn’t be an ideal place.

The birthplace of notable people and brands. First World War Prime Minister Henry Herbert Asquith was born in Morley. In addition to these lists, Leeds is also a rich industrial city. With that in mind, let me introduce you to the top ten facts that I consider a must-know about Leeds. Enjoy! 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Leeds There’s more to the city of Leeds than you might know – stay updated with these 10 amazing facts about this brilliant city.1.

The world’s first steam locomotive was made in Leeds The oldest airworthy aircraft in the UK was made here in Leeds. Designed by Robert Blackburn in 1912 for Cyril Foggin, the Blackburn Monoplane Type ‘D’ is often called the Single-Seat Monoplane. At that time, it could only fly an individual per flight.

  • Incredibly, the aircraft is maintained in flying condition by the Shuttleworth Collection in Old Warden, Bedfordshire.2.
  • We gave the UK the internet Founded in 1998, Freeserve – the first-ever British internet service provider (ISP) – had a great role to play in UK’s renovation.
  • In the year 2000, it was bought by a French Telecom firm called Wannadoo for £1.65 billion.

In 2004, Freeserve was rebranded as Wannadoo UK plc. But today, it’s known as EE’s broadband service.3. Leeds has the oldest running commercial railway in the world Middleton Colliery Railway is the world’s oldest running public railway, situated in Leeds. 4. We helped build America’s most famous buildings Benjamin Henry Latrobe, a neoclassical architect from Leeds was one of the most impactful architects in America. Although he was British, he made several impressive works in the Washington DC, USA. His works include redesigning the United States Capitol building and America’s first Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Additionally, Latrobe’s work in the US involved several architectural projects, including town planning, landscaping, and sewage works.5. We have one of the biggest parks in Europe Roundhay Park in Leeds, West Yorkshire, is now one of the most popular parks in Europe. Created by William the Conqueror, its ownership passed on to the De Lacy family.

Succession saw ownership of Roundhay Park pass to John of Gaunt, then his son Henry IV.Located in the Northern part of Leeds, in Oakwood, it covers over 700 acres of rolling parkland with woodlands, lakes, and playground. Should you find yourself in Leeds anytime, join the nearly 1 million people that visit the park annually. 6. The world’s first-ever films were made in Leeds Undoubtedly true; cinema is one of the most notable kinds of entertainment in the world today. Over the years, there have been distinguishing upgrades in the industry. And yet, the humble beginnings of the motion pictures trace back to Leeds.

The very first motion pictures were shot in a garden in Roundhay in 1888, by a Frenchman named Le Prince. While it’s true that the origin of the film traces back to Thomas Edison and the Lumiere Brothers, historians believe Le Prince existed in the game before them.7. Leeds has the world’s largest animal armour Talking about animals, the Royal Armouries is home to incredible collections of Arms and Armor.

Among other artefacts, the elephant armour is the most impressive. It was acquired in India by Lady Clive, wife of Governor of Madras, and moved to Britain in 1801. The armour currently holds the title as the world’s biggest animal armour and weighs about 118 kilograms. 8. We pioneered x-ray technology The residents of Leeds surely have several innovative developments to be proud of; and the x-ray is one of them. Sir William Henry Bragg discovered the structure of X-rays at the University of Leeds. His works have birthed discoveries, including using X-rays to reveal hidden injury in humans and the structure of DNA.

  • In 1915, Bragg and his son William received a Nobel Prize in Physics for their invention of the X-ray spectroscope.9.
  • We designed the first country maps of England A Yorkshire surveyor named Christopher Saxton was the first person to map the Counties of England and Wales together.
  • He was appointed by Queen Elizabeth I’s right-hand man – William Cecil, Lord Burghley – as the Royal cartographer.

Using the already available information and improving its accuracy on the earth, he crafted the counties on a map.10. We have the longest-running West Indian Carnival in Europe YES! Leeds West Indian Carnival is the longest-running event in Europe and has been going since 1967. More interesting facts about Leeds • We have one of the tallest maypoles in the UK • Playwright and actor, Alan Bennett was born in Leeds • Leeds was the original motorway city • Comedy legend, Ernie Wise born in Leeds • Fizzy drinks were invented in Leeds 250 years ago • The most expensive furniture in the UK was made in Leeds Isn’t Leeds just amazing? Author Bio: Damien Downing is the Director of Techomatic Web Services a SEO & website design company based near Leeds/Bradford airport.