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Who are the touring members of the WHO

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Current touring members

Name Years active Instruments
Loren Gold 2012–present keyboards backing vocals
Jon Button 2017–present bass guitar backing vocals
Billy Nicholls 1989 1996–1997 2019–present backing vocals
Keith Levenson 2019–present music coordinator conductor

Where is foreigner touring in 2023?

With 10 multi-platinum albums and 16 Top 30 hits, FOREIGNER is universally hailed as one of the most popular rock acts in the world with a formidable musical arsenal that continues to propel sold-out tours and album sales, now exceeding 80 million. Responsible for some of rock and roll’s most enduring anthems including “Juke Box Hero,” “Cold As Ice,” “Hot Blooded,” “Waiting For A Girl Like You,” “Feels Like The First Time,” “Urgent,” “Head Games,” “Say You Will,” “Dirty White Boy,” “Long, Long Way From Home” and the worldwide #1 hit, “I Want To Know What Love Is,” FOREIGNER still rocks the charts more than 40 years into the game with massive airplay and continued Billboard Top 200 album success.

Audio and video streams of FOREIGNER’s hits are approaching 15 million per week. With more Top 10 songs than Journey and as many as Fleetwood Mac, FOREIGNER also features strongly in every category in Billboard’s “Greatest of All Time” listing. At times, the band’s weekly catalog sales have eclipsed those of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Aerosmith, and most of their Classic Rock peers (Source: MusiConnect ).

FOREIGNER’s catalog sales were recently celebrated in Business Insider as hitting the Top 40 among the Best Selling Music Artists of All Time. FOREIGNER’s founder is Songwriters Hall of Fame member Mick Jones, a visionary maestro whose stylistic songwriting, indelible guitar hooks, and multi-layered talents continue to escalate FOREIGNER’s influence and guide the band to new horizons.

Jones reformed the band after a 2002 hiatus and selected lead singer Kelly Hansen to help write an inspired new chapter in the history of FOREIGNER. One of rock’s greatest showmen, Hansen is among the most respected, consummate professionals in rock and roll. With a 40-year career that spans almost every area of music, from the role of lead vocalist to producing and engineering, Hansen has led FOREIGNER into the digital age while inspiring a whole new generation of fans.

FOREIGNER’s lineup also includes noted Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson, Michael Bluestein on keyboards, guitarist Bruce Watson, Chris Frazier on drums and guitarist Luis Carlos Maldonado. An unprecedented new level of energy led the group to a re-emergence of astounding music that speaks to FOREIGNER’s enduring popularity.

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Who is the most popular singer 2023

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The Weeknd is officially the world’s most popular artist Share Abel Tesfaye, more commonly known as The Weeknd, is statistically the most popular musician on the planet, and no one else even comes close. The 33-year-old Canadian singer’s success has seen him set two new Guinness World Records titles:

Most monthly listeners on Spotify – 111.4 million (as of 20 March 2023) First artist to reach 100 million monthly listeners on Spotify

The Weeknd currently has almost 30 million more monthly listeners than second-placed Miley Cyrus (82.4 million). He is also comfortably ahead of (81.6 million), Ariana Grande (80.6 million), Taylor Swift (80.2 million), Rihanna (78.5 million), and his closest male challenger, Ed Sheeran (77.5 million).

  1. YT The Weeknd’s surging streaming figures come on the back of the release of his “Die For You” remix featuring Ariana Grande, which went viral on TikTok.
  2. The track peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the seventh number-one hit for both The Weeknd and Grande respectively.
  3. Prior to its release, Grande teased the song by posting a TikTok video of herself in the studio, accompanied by the caption, “wrote and recorded a verse for my friend after a 14-hour day on set.

This certain exception had to be made.” ⭐️🌙 It is the duo’s fourth collaboration, following “Love Me Harder” (2014), “Off the Table” (2020) and the remix of “Save Your Tears” (2021). The original “Die For You” was released in 2016 as part of The Weeknd’s Starboy album, and has finally topped the charts six years later. These aren’t The Weeknd’s first Guinness World Records titles. In 2016 ; one for the most streamed album on Spotify in 2015, and another for the most consecutive weeks in the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 by a solo male artist, The album was Beauty Behind the Madness, which, led by the single “Can’t Feel My Face”, propelled The Weeknd to global superstardom. The Weeknd has released five studio albums since debuting with Kiss Land (2013). His latest release, Dawn FM (2022), is his most critically acclaimed project to date. “Blinding Lights” from The Weeknd’s fourth album, After Hours, remains the most streamed track on Spotify, with over 3.4 billion streams as of February 2023.

The song ousted Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” which had held the top spot since September 2017. Want more? Follow us across our social media channels to stay up-to-date with all things Guinness World Records! You can find us on,,,,, and – including our in-depth series. Don’t forget, we’re also on ! Still not had enough? Follow the to buy our latest book, filled to the brim with stories about our amazing record breakers.

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What was the best concert by The Who

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The Who’s Live Performance Highlights – Concertgoers consistently rave about The Who’s live shows, leaving glowing reviews and fond memories. Many fans have shared that The Who’s live performances are truly a nostalgic experience, as they transport them back to the golden age of rock and roll.

  • One of the highlights of The Who’s live performances is the band’s dynamic stage presence.
  • The Who concert review: The greatest live act of their g-g-generation? – The Arizona Republic — Fortunate Fall (@fortunatefall03) October 31, 2022 Lead singer Daltrey commands the stage with his charismatic presence and remarkable ability to bring life to the bands lyrics, while Townshend shreds away on his guitar, jumping and spinning like a true rockstar.

The band’s chemistry is undeniable and their energy is contagious. Another highlight is the band’s impressive catalogue of hits that spans almost 6 decades. Fans can expect to hear classic songs like ‘My Generation’, ‘Baba O’Riley’, and ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’, as well as newer material from their latest albums,

The London rockers’ setlist is always a crowd-pleaser and audiences can expect to sing along and dance to their favourite tunes. — American Blues Scene (@AmeriBluesScene) October 20, 2022 For those who have never seen The Who live, concert footage and live recordings are available online, giving audiences a taste of the band’s dynamic live performances.

For fans who have been lucky enough to see The Who in concert, their live memories and nostalgia are sure to last a lifetime.

Who is touring with Harry Styles 2023?

Love On Tour

End date 22 July 2023
Legs 7
No. of shows 169
Supporting acts Blood Orange Madison Cunningham Madi Diaz Gabriels Ben Harper Inhaler Koffee Jenny Lewis Mitski Arlo Parks Orville Peck Jessie Ware Wet Leg Ny Oh Wolf Alice Annie Mac
Harry Styles concert chronology

Is Taylor Swift having a tour in 2023?

Taylor Swift Finishes 2023 U.S. Tour With Six Sold Out Shows In L.A. INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 09: EDITORIAL USE ONLY. Taylor Swift performs onstage during “Taylor, Swift | The Eras Tour” at SoFi Stadium on August 09, 2023 in Inglewood, California.

Photo by Kevin Winter/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management) Getty Images for TAS Rights Management August 9, 2023 was the final show this year of Taylor Swift’s tour across the United States. She won’t be back until late 2024 for some recently added shows in Miami, New Orleans and Indianapolis.

It wasn’t just a concert; it was a tent show revival held in Los Angeles in the stunning SOFI Stadium. Given all the noise and posturing surrounding this tour in which government officials proposed legislation and investigations into why there weren’t enough tickets for everyone (demand exceeded supply), it was nice to see the U.S.

Tour conclude, and watch as the rest of the world acted more reasonably. Most people understand that when demand exceeds supply for a big concert tour, it’s literally musical chairs. Some people get to go, others do not. No amount of peacocking or TikTok postings will change the simple math of there are only so many seats and they are already taken.

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INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 09: EDITORIAL USE ONLY. Taylor Swift performs onstage during “Taylor, Swift | The Eras Tour” at SoFi Stadium on August 09, 2023 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management) Getty Images for TAS Rights Management There’s a certain formula for big room concerts these days: visuals keyed to the play list run in the background while the act plays.

  1. Sometimes there are dancers on stage to add color.
  2. Occasionally, the lead singer interacts with the crowd, but usually it is just two hours of a carefully paced set list and done.
  3. Taylor Swift did not put on a concert.
  4. She brought two opening bands who played the enormous stage in concert style: Gayle and Haim.

They played their hits while the audience found seats, drinks and settled in for the evening. That was the “concert” portion of the evening. INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 03: EDITORIAL USE ONLY. (L-R) Alana Haim, Danielle Haim and Este Haim, of HAIM perform onstage during “Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour” at SoFi Stadium on August 03, 2023 in Inglewood, California.

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management) Getty Images for TAS Rights Management When the clock began to tick down the two and a half minutes until Swift came on, displayed at full scale on the stage’s screens, the room changed from a concert venue to a fully immersive happening.

The Beatles would have been jealous of the velocity of noise filling the massive space. This audience, already in full Taylor inspired dress, draped with friendship bracelets, and made up in ways to pay homage to their hero was more than ready. When the clock hit zero and the dancers made their way halfway down the stage to the giant center point of the stage extension the fans were shaking with anticipation.

  1. Inglewood, CA – August 07: Taylor Swift performs during The Eras Tour at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood,
  2. Monday, Aug.7, 2023. (Allen J.
  3. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) Los Angeles Times via Getty Images The dancers, working with large fabric extensions of themselves huddled into the middle of center stage as Taylor ascended from beneath.

As she appeared the room felt like a cork had just evacuated a champagne bottle. After months of waiting, and more than two hours on site gathering merchandise and watching the two solid opening acts – Gayle and Haim – it was time. Taylor was here and there began the nearly four hour journey through all the Eras of her career.

Once Taylor’s portion of the show started, you could immediately understand the level of planning which went into the fine details of the staging, lights and effects. This show underlined the difference between artistry and artifice. There was nothing false about what went on. Taylor for the most part was in the middle of the room, moving freely along the massive stage runner which split SOFI nearly in two.

She sang her songs and spoke to the audience. While she did, effects went off which enhanced and elevated the crowds’ engagement. Everyone who entered the stadium was given a wrist strap which contained a multicolored light which flashed in accordance with signals sent from cameras positioned throughout.

These lights were keyed to create colors which enhanced the mood of nearly every song, and from time-to-time patterns such as a big red heart would appear filling an entire section of the stadium. Taylor Swift’s stage on August 9, 2023 at SOFI stadium in Los Angeles, CA Eric Fuller The staging elements were not fancy, except for the way in which LED screens made up the floor and background of the staging, making it possible for every space where performers moved to become interactive.

It was not the first time that lighting, hydrogen, fire and fireworks, movable stage elements, props and costumes have been used to enhance a show, but this was one of the best executed examples of how to do it perfectly. Watching the parade of costumed dancers moving downstage when Taylor sang from center stage while a scissor lift moved her seemingly 15 feet into the air, then back down again as beams of light danced around the stage perimeter made the event more visually engaging.

It made me think about what was happening here, where music was the lead, and the design elements were meant to add to the experience. It struck me that the $2.4 billion Sphere which is getting ready to open in Las Vegas is likely doomed. What engages a crowd is not perfect sound, SOFI certainly had echoes and noise leak.

It’s not becoming insignificant in the face of an all-encompassing screen. What has made this specific tour such a global success is that Taylor Swift figured out how to use social media to build community, then strengthened that community by continuing to put out new music, online posts, photos, and every other facet of keeping her fans unified.

Even during this specific performance, there were little cues to let everyone feel like an insider. You would watch Swift singing on the giant screen, then she’d mouth something unrelated to the song and it read like a personal message to each fan in attendance. The global effect of Taylor Swift’s tour has been staggering.

When she comes into a city, it is an economic force which lifts their economies. Hotels are full and fully priced, restaurants and bars do well, clothes are bought, and drinks are sold. It has often been said about how golf tournament attendance moved that Tiger Woods didn’t move the “needle” he was the needle.

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Is Taylor Swift having a concert in 2024

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Taylor Swift is all set to rock and roll with her Eras Tour in 2024. The previous concerts which took place under the Eras Tour were nothing short of a magical experience for all the fans. The tour will be held in various places including Florida, New Orleans and Indianapolis, Toronto, Asia and others.

How much is Taylor Swift worth in 2023?

Question: How much is Taylor Swift’s net worth in 2023? Answer: As of 2023, Taylor Swift’s net worth is estimated to be around whopping USD 740 million.

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When did The Who stop touring

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Concert tours and performances –

Year Duration Shows
1962–1963 July 1962 – 29 December 1963 (England) 166
Then known as the Detours, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, and John Entwistle perform with varying personnel in and around the London area.
1964 2 January 1964 – 31 December 1964 (United Kingdom) 193
The group becomes the Who (and for a short period, the High Numbers), performing strictly in England. In May, drummer Keith Moon joins Daltrey, Townshend, and Entwistle, completing the band’s classic lineup. They release their first two singles, ” Zoot Suit/I’m the Face ” (as the High Numbers) and ” I Can’t Explain “.
1965 1 January 1965 – 24 December 1965 (Europe) 263
The band performed mostly in the United Kingdom, with a few dates in Paris and a short tour of Scandinavia. Supported releases include ” Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere “, ” My Generation ” and the album of the same name,
1966 1 January 1966 – 31 December 1966 (Europe) 222
Performances mostly in the United Kingdom, with various short tours around Continental Europe. Supported releases include ” Substitute “, ” I’m a Boy “, My Generation, and A Quick One,
1967 6 January 1967 – 30 December 1967 (Europe, North America) 217
Performances in the United Kingdom and Europe, as well as the band’s first trips to North America. Supported releases include ” Pictures of Lily “, A Quick One, and The Who Sell Out,
1968 1 January 1968 – 21 December 1968 (Worldwide) 156
Dates in the United Kingdom and tours of Australia/New Zealand and North America. Supported releases include The Who Sell Out and ” Magic Bus “.
1969 18 January 1969 – 19 December 1969 (Europe, North America) 113
Various dates in the United Kingdom and three separate trips to North America; the group also performs its first opera house shows later in the year in support of Tommy,
1970 16 January 1970 – 20 December 1970 (Europe, United States) 74
Opera house dates in Europe, as well as various dates and tours of the United Kingdom and the United States, supporting Tommy, The live album Live at Leeds was recorded in February.
1971 4 January 1971 – 15 December 1971 (United Kingdom, United States) 73
A series of performances at the Young Vic in London for the Lifehouse project, as well as tours of the United Kingdom and the United States supporting Who’s Next,
1972 11 August 1972 – 14 September 1972 (Europe) 17
A five-week European tour promoting Who’s Next,
1973 10 March 1973 – 23 December 1973 (Europe, North America) 27
One TV live special in the Netherlands early in the year, with tours of England and North America later in the year in support of Quadrophenia,
1974 9 February 1974 – 14 June 1974 (Europe, United States) 15
A tour of France, sporadic dates in England, and four shows in New York, supporting Quadrophenia,
1975 3 October 1975 – 23 December 1975 (Europe, North America) 43
Tours of Europe and North America supporting The Who By Numbers,
1976 27 February 1976 – 21 October 1976 (Europe, North America) 36
Two tours of North America and sporadic dates in the United Kingdom and Europe, supporting The Who By Numbers, The group’s last tours with Keith Moon.
1977–1978 15 December 1977 – 25 May 1978 (England) 2
Two special performances in London filmed for The Kids Are Alright documentary, marking Keith Moon’s last performances before his death.
1979 2 May 1979 – 28 December 1979 (Europe, United States) 35
New drummer Kenney Jones and keyboardist John “Rabbit” Bundrick joined the band for a brief run of shows throughout Europe in the summer and fall and the New York metro area in September. These shows serve to reestablish the Who as a band. In the late autumn, the band undertake a short tour of the Midwest and Northeast promoting The Kids Are Alright and Quadrophenia films. Eleven fans died prior to a 3 December show in Cincinnati,
1980 26 March 1980 – 16 July 1980 (Europe, North America) 43
European warm-up dates and two tours of North America, supporting Who Are You,
1981 25 January 1981 – 28 March 1981 (Europe) 27
Tour of the United Kingdom and an appearance on the German TV program Rockpalast, supporting Face Dances,
1982 10 September 1982 – 17 December 1982 (England, North America) 42
Two warm-up shows in Birmingham, England, followed by two tours of North America, supporting It’s Hard, Tim Gorman serves as the keyboardist for the year, while the group intended at the time for this to be their last tour. The live album Who’s Last is recorded in North America.
1985 and 1988 13 July 1985 – 8 February 1988 (England) 2
The band reunited for short performances at Live Aid in 1985 and again for the 1988 BPI Awards, their last appearances with Kenney Jones.
1989 21 June 1989 – 2 November 1989 (North America, England) 50
Reunion tours of North America and England with drummer Simon Phillips and several other supporting musicians and singers, including lead guitarist Steve Bolton, The live album Join Together and part of the Tommy and Quadrophenia Live DVD were recorded.
1996–1997 29 June 1996 – 16 August 1997 (Europe, North America) 72
The group reunites again for a charity show in Hyde Park with drummer Zak Starkey and a number of other support musicians for a full-scale performances of Quadrophenia ; tours of North America and Europe followed. Part of the Tommy and Quadrophenia Live DVD was recorded.
1999 29 October 1999 – 31 December 1999 (United States, England) 8
The band played as a five-piece for the first time since 1982, including two acoustic shows for the Bridge School Benefit and two charity shows in Chicago, followed by two Christmas shows in London. The live albums The Vegas Job and Blues to the Bush were recorded.
2000 6 June 2000 – 27 November 2000 (United States, United Kingdom) 38
Tours of the United States and England, the last charity date at the Royal Albert Hall in London was released as a live album and DVD,
2002 27 January 2002 – 28 September 2002 (England, North America) 32
Five shows in England early in the year marked the group’s final performances with John Entwistle, A North American tour commenced at the Hollywood Bowl with bassist Pino Palladino a few days after Entwistle’s death. The Encore Series 2002 includes all but two shows from the North American tour.
2004 22 March 2004 – 9 August 2004 (Worldwide) 18
A series of dates in the United Kingdom and the United States in addition to the band’s first trip to Japan and their first shows in Australia since 1968. Supporting the Then and Now compilation album, which included two new songs. Shows are chronicled in the Encore Series 2004,
2005 11 June 2005 – 2 July 2005 (Europe, North America) 3
Charity acoustic performance in New York and an appearance at Live 8, the latter with bassist Damon Minchella and drummer Steve White filling in for Pino Palladino and Zak Starkey.
2006–2007 7 June 2006 – 1 December 2007 (Europe, North America) 113
Tours of the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States, supporting Endless Wire, Shows are chronicled in the Encore Series 2006 and 2007
2008–2009 13 April 2008 – 21 May 2009 (Worldwide) 30
Various shows in England and the United States as well as tours of North America, Japan, and New Zealand/Australia.
2010 4 February 2010 – 30 March 2010 (United States, England) 3
The band was the featured act for the Super Bowl XLIV halftime show. They also performed Quadrophenia for their Teenage Cancer Trust concert in London.
2011 13 January 2011 (England) 1
A short performance in London for the Killing Cancer charity.
2012–2013 12 August 2012 – 8 July 2013 (North America, Europe) 52
The Who toured North America for the first time since 2008, (their first appearance in North America since their Super Bowl XLIV performance). They performed Quadrophenia in its entirety, as well as an encore set of Who classics such as ” Who Are You “, ” Behind Blue Eyes “, ” Pinball Wizard “, ” The Kids Are Alright “, ” Baba O’Riley “, ” Won’t Get Fooled Again “, and “Tea & Theatre”. Daltrey and Townshend were once again joined by drummer Zak Starkey, bassist Pino Palladino, guitarist and vocalist Simon Townshend, as well as first-time touring members Chris Stainton (keyboards), Loren Gold (keyboards/backing vocals), Frank Simes (musical director, keyboards, backing vocals, percussion), and a 2-piece horn section.
2014–2016 23 November 2014 – 29 May 2016 (Worldwide) 69
The group undertook its “long goodbye” with its first ever appearance in the United Arab Emirates followed by a UK leg.2015 saw dates in Europe and two long legs in North America. The personnel from the previous tour was retained, minus the horn section.
2016 11 June 2016 – 16 October 2016 (Europe, North America) 13
A continuity of the previous tour, consisting of concerts in Europe and North America. The tour was announced on 3 May 2016. The personnel from the previous tour was retained.
Tommy 2017 30 March 2017 – 12 April 2017 (United Kingdom) 7
A British Tommy (plus hits) 7-date concert tour.
2017 13 July 2017 – 1 October 2017 (North America, South America) 19
A 19-date North & South American concert tour.
2019–2021 7 May 2019 – 29 March 2021 (North America, United Kingdom) 56
A 56-show symphonic concert tour of North America and the U.K., partially supporting their album Who,
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Did Roger Daltrey leave The Who?

Overview – With the band’s first hit single (” I Can’t Explain “) and record deal in early 1965, Townshend began writing original material and Daltrey’s dominance of the band began to decrease. The other members of the Who fired Daltrey from the band in late 1965 after he beat up their drummer Keith Moon for supplying illegal drugs to Townshend and Entwistle, causing him to re-examine his methods of dealing with people.

  • A week later, Daltrey was admitted back to the band, but was told he’d be on probation.
  • He promised that there would be no more violent outbursts or assaults.
  • Daltrey recalled, “I thought if I lost the band I was dead.
  • If I didn’t stick with the Who, I would be a sheet metal worker for the rest of my life.” The band’s second single, ” Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere “, was a collaboration between Daltrey and Townshend.

As Townshend developed into one of rock’s most accomplished composers, Daltrey gained a reputation as a singer and front-man. The Who’s stage act was energetic, and Daltrey’s habit of swinging the microphone around by its cord on stage became his signature move. Daltrey onstage with Pete Townshend, 1976 By 1973, Daltrey was experiencing considerable success with his solo projects and acting roles. While other members of the band worked on recording the music for Quadrophenia, Daltrey used some of this time to check the Who’s financial books.

  1. He found they had fallen into disarray under the management of Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp,
  2. Lambert was also Pete Townshend’s artistic mentor, and challenging him led to renewed tension within the band.
  3. During a filming session (in an incident that Daltrey claimed was overblown) Townshend and Daltrey argued over the schedule.

Townshend hit Daltrey over the head with his guitar, and Daltrey responded by knocking Townshend unconscious with a single blow. With each of the Who’s milestone achievements, Tommy, Who’s Next, and Quadrophenia, Daltrey was the face and voice of the band as they defined themselves as the ultimate rebels in a generation of change.

  1. When Ken Russell ‘s adaptation of Tommy appeared as a feature film in 1975, Daltrey played the lead role, and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for ” Best Acting Debut in a Motion Picture ” and appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine on 10 April 1975.
  2. He afterward worked with Russell again, starring as Franz Liszt in Lisztomania,

Daltrey worked with Rick Wakeman on the soundtrack to this film. Daltrey (right) with Pete Townshend, 2004 The Who continued after the death of their drummer Keith Moon in 1978, but tension continued to rise as Daltrey felt that new drummer Kenney Jones was the wrong choice. The Who broke up in 1983 when Townshend felt that he was no longer able to write for the band.

  1. The Who returned in 1989 with their 25th Anniversary Tour, which was also the 20th anniversary of their rock opera Tommy,
  2. The tour featured a large backing band, and guest appearances by Steve Winwood, Patti LaBelle, Phil Collins, Elton John, and Billy Idol,
  3. In spite of an abdominal hemangioma (later removed by surgery), Daltrey managed to complete the tour.
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In 1996, Pete Townshend was approached to produce Quadrophenia for the Prince’s Trust concert at Hyde Park, London. Daltrey agreed to help produce a one-off performance. The opera was performed with a large backing band. On the night before the show, Daltrey was struck in the face by a microphone stand swung by Gary Glitter,

The accident fractured his eye socket and caused considerable concern that he might not be able to perform safely, but Daltrey donned an eye-patch to cover the bruises and completed the show as scheduled. Afterward, Townshend decided to take the production on tour in 1996–97 as the Who. After the success of their Quadrophenia tour, the band returned as the Who in a stripped-down, five-piece line-up for tours in 1999–2000.

The band continued to work together, making a major impact at the Concert for New York City, After Entwistle’s death in June 2002, both Daltrey and Townshend decided to continue with an already planned tour as the Who. Bass player Pino Palladino was chosen to fill Entwistle’s place.

  • The band also completed a brief tour in 2004.
  • In 2006, they released their first studio album of new material in twenty-four years, Endless Wire, leading some fans and critics to say that the much-discussed artistic tension within the Who lay between Daltrey and Townshend.
  • The band completed a world tour in 2006–07 to support this album.

In February 2010, Townshend and Daltrey, headlining as the Who, performed the half-time show at Super Bowl XLIV in front of 105.97 million viewers across the globe. In March 2010, Townshend and Daltrey, along with an extensive backing band, performed Quadrophenia at the Royal Albert Hall in London as a tenth anniversary charity benefit for the Teenage Cancer Trust,

When was the last concert of The Who?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Live from Toronto
Live album by The Who
Released 21 April 2006
Recorded 17 December 1982, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genre Hard rock
Length 106 : 43
Label Immortal
The Who chronology
Endless Wire (2006) Live from Toronto (2006) View from a Backstage Pass (2007)


table> Professional ratings

Review scores Source Rating AllMusic

Live from Toronto is a double live album by The Who recorded during the last concert of the It’s Hard Tour at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, 17 December 1982. These performances were originally broadcast live on cable TV and FM radio across the U.S.

Will Lana Del Rey tour in 2023 Europe?

Lana Del Rey is going on a limited tour

Lana Del Rey is hitting the road. Live Nation announced on Monday that the singer is heading out on a limited tour this fall. It all kicks off on Thursday, September 14 in Franklin, Tennessee and will make stops across ten cities in the US, including Austin, Texas, Tampa, Florida, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, before wrapping up at Charleston Coliseum in in Charleston, West Virginia, on Thursday, October 5. Her ninth studio album, “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd,” was released in March. Over the past few months Del Rey has been performing in the festival circuit including at Glastonbury and Lollapalooza. She also while serving coffee at a Waffle House in Alabama in July.

Tickets for her limited tour go on sale Friday, August 25 at 10 a.m. local at : Lana Del Rey is going on a limited tour

What is Freedom tour 2023?

Journey: Freedom Tour 2023 One of the most legendary rock bands of all time, JOURNEY, announces the continuation of their highly successful tour with the 50th Anniversary Celebration Freedom Tour 2023 featuring, very special guest TOTO. JOURNEY, Diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage in 38 cities across North America with their catalog of global chart-topping hits, including “Don’t Stop Believin”, “Any Way You Want It”, “Faithfully”, “Lights” and more.

  1. Presented by AEG Presents, JOURNEY Freedom Tour 2023 begins February 4 in Allentown, PA – making stops in Austin, Montreal, Memphis and more – before wrapping April 25 at the brand new Acrisure Arena in Palm Springs, CA.
  2. The 2023 run includes rescheduled dates in Washington DC, Hartford, Toronto and Quebec that were postponed earlier this year due to covid.

: Journey: Freedom Tour 2023

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Where is Lovers and Friends concert in 2023

Answered By: Alfred Jenkins Date: created: Apr 11 2024

Each GA+ ticket includes admittance to Las Vegas Festival Grounds for Lovers & Friends on Saturday, May 6, 2023, plus the following: Performances all day on multiple stages at Las Vegas Festival Grounds.

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Who is Iggy Pop touring with 2023

Answered By: Leonars Phillips Date: created: Nov 26 2023

IGGY POP & THE LOSERS 2023 West Coast US Tour – ALL SHOWS SOLD OUT! “Getting the shit beat out of you has never sounded so appealing,” said the AV CLUB upon hearing Iggy Pop’s EVERY LOSER, released at the very top of 2023 on Atlantic Records/Gold Tooth Records. And now, with the eagerly anticipated, completely sold-out first-ever live shows from Iggy and the Losers, several thousands of fans are going to be eagerly lining up for their own beatings.

Backing Iggy for these shows only, will be Losers guitarist Andrew Watt (Grammy Award-winning EVERY LOSER producer), bassist Duff McKagan (Guns N Roses), drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and newest recruit, guitarist Jamie Hince (The Kills). EVERY LOSER ‘s physical editions include limited-edition vinyl, cassette and CD – Available,

The album’s release featured a one-time-only relaunch of legendary fanzine PUNK Magazine from founder and editor John Holmstrom with a full Iggy issue, containing an exclusive interview with Iggy by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Iggy originally graced the cover of PUNK in July 1976.

Is Roger Daltrey on tour?

Find out more about Roger Daltrey tour dates & tickets 2023-2024 – Want to see Roger Daltrey in concert? Find information on all of Roger Daltrey’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2023-2024. Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Roger Daltrey scheduled in 2023.

Who is touring with Harry Styles 2023?

Love On Tour

End date 22 July 2023
Legs 7
No. of shows 169
Supporting acts Blood Orange Madison Cunningham Madi Diaz Gabriels Ben Harper Inhaler Koffee Jenny Lewis Mitski Arlo Parks Orville Peck Jessie Ware Wet Leg Ny Oh Wolf Alice Annie Mac
Harry Styles concert chronology
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Which singer cancels tour 2023

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Celine Dion cancels 2023-24 shows over health condition Published On 26 May 2023 26 May 2023 Pop icon Celine Dion has cancelled all her remaining shows scheduled for 2023-24, saying she was not strong enough to tour as she battles a rare neurological disorder.

Last year, the 55-year-old Canadian revealed that her condition – Stiff-Person Syndrome – was affecting her singing. list of 4 items list 1 of 4 list 2 of 4 list 3 of 4 list 4 of 4 end of list “I’m so sorry to disappoint all of you once again and even though it breaks my heart, it’s best that we cancel everything until I’m really ready to be back on stage,” Dion tweeted.

“I’m not giving up and I can’t wait to see you again!” she added. A statement released by her tour said, “With a sense of tremendous disappointment, Celine Dion’s Courage World Tour today announced the cancellation of all remaining dates currently on sale for 2023 and 2024.” Hope you get better soon.

Dion, one of the top women singers with an octave-busting voice, is the author of hits like, Because You Loved Me, My Heart Will Go On, and, Think Twice.In December 2022, she posted a tearful video on Instagram to say she had recently been diagnosed with Stiff-Person Syndrome and would not be ready to start her European tour in February as planned.She said the disorder was causing muscle spasms and was “not allowing me to use my vocal cords to sing the way I’m used to”.Sufferers commonly experience stiff muscles in the torso, arms and legs, with noise or emotional distress known to trigger spasms.The cancellations will affect her 16-country tour in Europe which was due to start in Amsterdam in August and conclude with two dates at the O2 arena in London in April next year.

Her “Courage World Tour” began in 2019, and Dion completed 52 shows before the coronavirus pandemic put the remainder on hold. She later cancelled the North American section of the tour due to her health problems. Fans online reacted with disappointment, but wished Dion well.

Love and peace and strength and healing to you. We like you just the way you are. ❤️ — Mara Dolan (@MaraDolan) “Not surprising, but no less sad. Courage to you Celine, we are with you,” wrote one fan information account @LesRedHeads. “You don’t have to apologize queen! Take care of yourself. Your health should take number one priority,” wrote @notaerz.

The youngest of 14 children, Dion was born in Quebec, Canada and got her start at 12, when her mother sent a recording of her to Angelil, who mortgaged his own home to finance her first album. She began singing in French, but started bellowing out hits in English after taking English lessons in the 1980s.