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Why Tyler is the monster in Wednesday

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Tyler’s character explained: why is he a monster? – The secret that Sheriff Donovan Galpin hides from his son Tyler is that his mother is an outcast from Nevermore. She was a Hyde monster too, and she married who later became Jericho’s Sheriff. The Sheriff is ashamed of this secret and has always tried his best to protect his son from the consequences of this truth.

Is Tyler evil in Wednesday?

Tyler Could Be Redeemed in Season 2 – Netflix The good news is we know a Wednesday season 2 is coming. According to Tudum, the co-showrunners (Miles Millar and Alfred Gough) of Wednesday’s debut season, said, “We can’t wait to dive headfirst into another season and explore the kooky, spooky world of Nevermore.

We just need to make sure Wednesday hasn’t emptied the pool first.” We know for a fact Tyler is not the type of evil he’s been painted as being, which raises the issue of whether Wednesday season 2 will allow for his redemption. On one hand, Tyler may be saved if he manages to overcome what has been done to him and is shown to be a better person than we thought during the first season.

But, on the other hand, the psychological harm Thornhill caused him could already be too great to repair, making Tyler’s redemption unachievable. Although the character could undergo a redemption arc in a second season of the show, it’s unclear what more, if anything, Wednesday has in store for Tyler.

What creature is Eugene in Wednesday?

” Are you interested in the ancient art of beekeeping? ” -Eugene Ottinger Eugene Ottinger is a psychic student at Nevermore Academy and the son of Sue and Janet Ottinger, a close friend of Wednesday Addams. He has the power to control bees, and he is a supporting character in the Netflix series Wednesday,

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Is Tyler really the monster Wednesday

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Who Is The Hyde Monster In Wednesday? – In season 1, episode 7 of Wednesday, “If You Don’t Woe Me By Now,” fans learn that Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), is the Hyde monster. While Wednesday is one of the best horror TV characters, Tyler is great too, as he takes an interest in her and seems to understand her in a way that no one else does.

  1. This is a shocking and fun reveal that proves why the Netflix series became so popular so quickly.
  2. Since Tyler’s mother was a student at the memorable school Nevermore Academy as well and she was a Hyde, it seems like Tyler had no choice in the matter, as this is part of his dark and gruesome family history.

This is an important detail that suggests that perhaps Tyler didn’t want to hurt or kill anyone, but he couldn’t help it as this has been predetermined. Wednesday makes changes from The Addams Family movies, and that includes adding a vicious monster to the series.

The monster serves two important purposes: gives Jenna Ortega’s character a purpose and also adds a compelling layer to her growing feelings for Tyler. While Wednesday isn’t sure that she will like Nevermore, she wants to learn more about her connection to her ancestor Goody Adams and save as many students as she can.

And even though it’s fair to say that this famous and iconic character never needs a love interest, it’s still interesting watching the chemistry between these two characters since it adds something new and different.

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Who was controlling Tyler in Wednesday

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Biography – When Tyler was young, his mother, whom he was very close to, suddenly died of a mysterious illness. This caused an emotional change in Tyler, to which the Hyde part of him began taking over his mind, making him a delinquent. He harassed the Jericho children and some Outcasts from the school Nevermore Academy.

  • His father, the Sheriff of Jericho, decided to send him off to a military school to change his behavior, where Tyler became much more in control of his emotions and became a kind, helpful, and somewhat introverted, young man.
  • He even got a job as a barista at a coffee shop called the Weathervane.
  • Sometime after getting this job, however, Tyler begins talking with a regular at the shop named, a teacher at the local Nevermore Academy for children with magical abilities.

Unbeknownst to him, Laurel was the presumed dead daughter of the outcast hating Gates Family, who kept tabs on all the monsters of Jericho, including Tyler’s own mother. Laurel had plans to use Tyler’s powerful Hyde form to gather body parts for a necromancy séance.

  • Laurel used a plant chemical to brainwash Tyler slowly but surely to be able to mentally weaken him, eventually reveling to Tyler that he and his mother were Hydes.
  • Tyler also discovered that his mother died because the Nevermore Academy doesn’t accept Hydes and doesn’t teach them how to control their powers.

This proved to be enough of a mental trauma attack that it unlocked Tyler’s Hyde form, which makes the user transform into a huge, violent, powerful, humanoid werewolf-like creature that bonds and obeys a master. Unlocking his Hyde form, Laurel kidnapped Tyler, locked him up in a cave, and tortured him until he allowed Laurel to be his Hyde master, and he started to serve her voluntarily.

  • The unlocking of Tyler’s Hyde made him more aggressive in nature, causing his father to hire a psychiatrist named Valarie Kimbott to meet with him.
  • Every night, Tyler would consistently shift into a Hyde and prowl the woods, killing anybody who would wander around or approach him.
  • From there he would gather the necessary body parts from his victims and return them to the old Gate’s house, where Laurel would store them.

He would also attack outcast children, as those were the people that both he and Laurel hated the most. One day while working at the Weathervane, he encountered Wednesday, a new student at Nevermore. She had escaped from a meeting with Dr. Kimbott, Tyler’s same psychiatrist.

After fixing a faulty coffee machine, Tyler took interest in her, and went to Nevermore that night to see her. However, Wednesday encounters a vision of her friend Rowan being killed, so she runs after him into the woods, with Tyler turning into a Hyde shortly afterwards. In actuality, Rowan was attempting to kill Wednesday, so Tyler in his Hyde form kills Rowan, saving Wednesday.

She becomes determined to discover the monster’s identity after this incident. From then on, Tyler by day would meet with Wednesday, and by night would transform into a Hyde to prowl the woods. On the night of the Rave’N dance, Tyler seemingly becomes hurt after Wednesday asked out fellow Nevermore student Xavier Thorpe (although she did this because she thought he was the Hyde, not out of romantic interest).

After Xavier finds out that Wednesday was only using him, he cancelled and Wednesday decided to steak out the Hyde’s cave with her friend Eugene Ottinger instead. But Wednesday’s friend Thing writes an invite to the dance from Wednesday to Tyler, forcing Wednesday to go to the Rave’N dance. Eugene meets Wednesday and Tyler at the entrance of the party and asks about the plan to steak out the Hyde’s cave but understands that Wednesday had decided to go to the Rave’N dance and leaves to spy on the cave alone.

Upon hearing about this plan, Tyler texts Laurel to warn that the Hyde hide out was found out, so Laurel goes to the woods and sets fire on the cave. After a prank set off by local delinquents, Tyler leaves dance to turn into a Hyde while Wednesday encounters a vision of Eugene being attacked.

  1. Wednesday runs into the woods to look for Eugene, but Tyler attacked him first, leaving him heavily injured, but not dead.
  2. Wednesday and Tyler continue to meet and discuss information about the Hyde killings, when one night, their information leads them to the Gates’s House, where the two, along with Wednesday’s roommate Enid, investigate the house.
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Enid and Wednesday go upstairs while Tyler stays downstairs and transforms into a Hyde. He begins chasing the two throughout the house, but they escape. To look innocent, Tyler scratches himself and transforms back into a human. Xavier shows up and he, Wednesday and Enid go back to Tyler’s house to heal him.

Suspicion from Wednesday leads her to believe that Xavier is the monster, and after seeing forged evidence planted by either Tyler or Laurel, she reports Xavier and gets him arrested. She also suspects Dr. Kimbott of being Laurel Gates, but Laurel commands Tyler to kill her before she can get a confession out of her.

Later that night, Wednesday visits him in the Weathervane, where they kiss. This instantly causes Wednesday to experience another vision, this time of Tyler killing Dr. Kimbott, confirming that Tyler was the Hyde all along. She rushes out of the store and later confronts him with several other Nevermore students.

  • They kidnap him and chain him to a chair, then Wednesday nearly tortures him to see if he will transform.
  • The police arrives and Wednesday gets caught and arrested for this.
  • At the police station, Tyler privately confesses everything to Wednesday, saying that he actually gained control over his Hyde form after some time (maintaining his awareness while transformed) and takes pleasure in his killings.

He also looks satisfied with the current outcome of Wednesday’s defeat and Laurel’s win. After Wednesday gets expelled, Tyler waits at the train station, hoping to intercept her there and kill her, but Wednesday never goes to the station because she discovers Laurel’s true identity as Marilyn Thornhill.

  • Tyler returns to Nevermore and meets Wednesday in chains after she had been captured by Laurel.
  • He teases Wednesday about the fact she is the one who is now in chains.
  • Laurel tells him to wait in the woods and conducts the seance with the harvested body parts and revives her ancestor,, who begins attacking the school with magic.

Later, Wednesday escapes and Tyler attacks her in the woods. Before he can kill her, however, he is suddenly attacked by Enid in her werewolf form. The two fight, with Tyler being stronger and nearly killing Enid, but Sheriff Galpin shoots at Tyler, distracting him long enough for Enid to knock him unconscious.

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Who is the real villain in Wednesday

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Thornhill Was Always The Real Villain Of Wednesday, Not Tyler – As much of a villain as Tyler might be, it doesn’t change the fact that the real villain of Wednesday was always Laurel Gates a.k.a. Christina Ricci’s Marilyn Thornhill, While Tyler was killing people as the Hyde, he did so under Thornhill’s orders for her plot of reviving Joseph Crackstone to destroy Nevermore and kill all the outcast students.

None of that excuses Tyler’s actions, but at the same time, he shouldn’t be treated as the biggest villain in the show, especially with the circumstances behind why he became a villain, in the first place. As revealed in the Wednesday season 1 finale, Tyler was manipulated and tortured by Thornhill until his mind was twisted to the point that he began to like killing people.

Not only does that only add to Thornhill’s villainy, but it works to make Tyler a victim because he had no choice in becoming the way he is. As divisive as Tyler may be, Tim Burton’s Wednesday does make it clear that he should be sympathetic to some degree, and as such, it doesn’t make sense to focus so much on his negative actions when Thornhill was the reason he did them in the first place.

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Was Xavier the monster in Wednesday

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So who is the monster on Wednesday — and who is the monster’s master? – Wednesday takes her theory all the way to the police and has Xavier arrested. Later when Wednesday kisses Tyler (Hunter Doohan), she gets a terrifying vision: Tyler is actually the Hyde, not Xavier. VLAD CIOPLEA/NETFLIX It turns out that Tyler’s mother was also a Hyde, and her beast was triggered by her postpartum depression. She passed the condition on to her son, Tyler. As for the monster’s master, it turns out that Nevermore teacher Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci) is actually Laurel Gates, a relative of Garrett Gates — the man Gomez Addams was accused of murdering at Nevermore when he was a student.

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Does Wednesday actually care about Enid

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The Drastic Differences Between Them Help the Relationship Shine on ‘Wednesday’ – Image via Netflix When we first meet Enid, it seems there is absolutely no chance that Enid and Wednesday could ever develop a friendship given their respective outlooks on life (and decorating). Everyone knows Wednesday is a no-holds-barred realist, while Enid is the personification of the sun.

She is cheerful, optimistic, and full of pep, while Wednesday is a walking storm cloud. She’s gloomy, pessimistic, and cannot spare the energy to talk to another person unless they are being a complete imbecile, and she can shame them for it. Their room, with the line drawn down the center, shows that they are night and day, and it causes the two to clash on many occasions as the investigation into the Hyde heats up.

Though, throughout the season, their differences repeatedly show that Enid is the perfect partner in crime for Wednesday. As their beautiful friendship grows, their immensely different personalities no longer become a conflict between them, but begin to compliment one another.

  • They balance one another, as Wednesday gives Enid a much-needed reality check and grounds her, while Enid brings a little happiness and hope into Wednesday’s life.
  • Together, they have a much better view of the world around them as they’re forced to meet in the middle and see a clearer picture.
  • They learn from each other, begin to count on one another for what they bring to the table, and true feelings of trust and comfort arise to form a real friendship.

(Wednesday’s first friendship, too, or so it seems.) They express their feelings differently, but both prove they would do anything to stay true to who they are. When Enid’s family threatens to send her to werewolf camp because she hasn’t turned yet, she stands her ground and demands respect and acceptance regardless of whether she ever fully transforms — something which Wednesday certainly gave her a little strength to do.

Meanwhile, Wednesday is constantly dealing with pressures from the outside world to stop being herself and adapt to societal expectations, but Enid doesn’t really do that. Sure, they fight over their differences at times throughout the season, but she doesn’t want to change Wednesday. Enid tries to bring Wednesday out of her shell, calls her out when she’s wrong and needs to gain some perspective (like putting her friends’ lives at risk), but accepts the parts of Wednesday that nobody else truly does.

Additionally, they would also risk everything for those they care about, as both do in the first season.

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Does Wednesday Addams have powers

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Morticia – While Morticia Addams had a vampiric style and demeanor in past Addams Family adaptations, Wednesday confirms that the matriarch is actually a psychic. Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Morticia has psychic visions similar to her daughter Wednesday, which she had helped conjure through an obsidian necklace.

  1. Principal Larissa Weems reveals that Morticia began having visions when she was around 16 years old at Nevermore Academy, and originally believed that she was ” losing her mind ” when they became more powerful.
  2. According to Weems, young Morticia Frump’s visions were ” notoriously unreliable and dangerous,” While Wednesday Addams inherited her psychic powers from Morticia, Tim Burton’s Netflix series reveals that the matriarch is a different type of psychic.
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While Wednesday is a raven, Morticia is a dove, which is based on their differing worldviews. Wednesday ‘s character Morticia has a more positive outlook on the world, which means that her psychic visions aren’t as strong or dark as her daughter’s. While Morticia’s psychic powers aren’t seen in action during Nevermore’s murder mystery, the character’s visions will likely be included during Wednesday season 2.

Was Tyler’s mom a Hyde?

Personality – Tyler is originally shown as a mild-mannered, unassuming teenager. He is not personally hostile to outcasts after being court-ordered to attend therapy. His relationship with his father is distant because of Donavan’s constant decisions to emotionally distance himself from his son as well as his uncooperativeness in answering questions about Tyler’s mother.

  • He was known to have anger issues in the past, such as when he assaulted Xavier, but whether this was due to his Hyde nature taking over or the emotional pain over his father’s chronic absence is still unclear.
  • After Thornhill revealed the truth to Tyler about his mother being a Hyde, it led to him unlocking his outcast nature.

As he was manipulated and subjugated to torture and brainwashing under Marilyn Thornhill’s plant cocktails, his primal subconscious as a hyde gained more control than he had over himself. The effects of the brainwashing as well as his Hyde persona eventually led him to not only swear loyalty to Laurel Gates but also to develop a sadistic personality, hungry for dominance and cold towards the lives of others in the pursuit of mindless violence.

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How is Rowan alive in Wednesday

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Biography – Rowan first appears during a fencing match against Bianca Barclay. Weakened by his asthma, he withdraws and goes to the infirmary where he meets Wednesday. Right after, he tries to kill her by knocking a gargoyle statue over her, though she is saved by Xavier and passes out.

He is then seen briefly in a secret bookstore, where he retrieves a book with a page that depicts Wednesday and in the middle of the burning school. Towards the end of the episode, Rowan is at the carnival and when Wednesday bumps into him, she has a vision of him being slaughtered by, As he walks away into the forest, Wednesday follows him trying to warn him of the danger he is in.

However, Rowan corrects her by saying that she is the danger and slams her against a tree with his telekinetic powers. He then explains that his mother had warned him that Wednesday would destroy the school and that he had to kill her. As he strangles the girl even more, the monster emerges and throws Rowan backwards before savagely killing him.

Is Tyler Galpin the monster?

Who is the monster in Wednesday? Source – Hunter Doohan Instagram Tyler Galpin is the monster aka the hyde in the series Wednesday. Disclaimer: The information below consists of major spoilers for the Netflix series Wednesday. In episode seven “If You Don’t Woe Me by Now”, it was revealed that the hyde is none other than Wednesday Addams’ love interest, Tyler Galpin.

  1. As the episode begins, the Jericho police first arrest Xavier Thorpe, who Wednesday believes to be the monster.
  2. After Xavier’s arrest, Wednesday kisses Tyler Galpin who she goes on a date with, and during their kiss, Wednesday has a vision of Tyler as Hyde and realizes that he’s the Monster.
  3. Wednesday and her friends kidnap Tyler and take him to the jungle to torture him and seek confession.

Wednesday gets arrested by the Jericho police for torturing Tyler but while at the police station, Tyler confirms that he is the real monster.

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Who killed Garrett in Wednesday

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Biography – The Gates family was a prominent part of Jericho and was comfortably rich. Garrett grew up with his sister Laurel, his mother, and his father, Ansel Gates, Towards the end of his life, he and his father’s relationship got rocky, and the two were not on good terms.

  • At some point, Garrett met Morticia Frump and fell in love with her, but she did not reciprocate his feelings, and by not accepting her rejection, Garrett began to harass Morticia.
  • Morticia, along with Gomez, began to make complaints so that Garrett would leave Morticia alone, but due to the influence of the family on the police, they did not believe them.

On the night of his death, Garrett and his father, Ansel, got into an argument in the car. Ansel demands that Garrett prove himself worthy of being called his son by killing all the outcasts attending Nevermore Academy, Ansel’s plan was to have Garrett take a vial of nightshade and spike the punch bowl with it, poisoning all the students.

  1. However, Garrett never made it that far, as he got distracted after seeing Morticia and Gomez leave the dance.
  2. Filled with rage, he follows the two and chases Gomez up the stairs and out to a second-floor balcony overlooking the quad.
  3. He and Gomez get into an altercation, with Garrett wielding a sword and Gomez a lead pipe.

They fought for a few moments before Gomez was knocked to the ground and Garrett was pushed into a pillar, dropping his sword. This was the turning point in the fight, as Morticia had picked up the sword. Garrett charged towards Morticia and was promptly stabbed by the sword.

He then staggered backward and fell off the balcony to his death, landing in the quad. Larissa Weems saw him land and scream. Gomez was initially incarcerated for Garrett’s murder but was soon released. Morticia distinctly remembers the way that Garrett looked at her before she died, mentioning the crazed expression on his face and the fact that he was foaming at the mouth.

According to the investigation Wednesday did into Garrett’s death, the nightshade contained in a vial in his breast pocket poisoned him. The poison was affecting him before Morticia Addams stabbed him with the sword; therefore, his death was ruled an accident rather than a homicide.

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Is Tyler Galpin a bad guy

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Warning: Contains spoilers for Wednesday.There’s been a lot of debate surrounding Tyler Galpin in Wednesday, and while much of it is warranted, it still ignores who the real villain of the show is. Tyler has been one of the more divisive characters in Wednesday thanks to criticism of how his character has been utilized, especially through his interactions with Wednesday, herself.

Some of that involves his role as one of Wednesday’s love interests, as their romantic subplot has been derided as both a detraction from bigger plot points and underdeveloped compared to Wednesday’s relationships with other characters such as Enid or Xavier. The criticisms of Tyler’s character become further compounded by the reveal in the Wednesday season 1 finale that Tyler was the Hyde that Wednesday was hunting throughout the show.

With Tyler being one of Wednesday’s main villains who served as an unrepentant killer.

12/22/2022by Joshua Fox

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Who was the evil lady in Wednesday

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The reveal – Credit: Screenshot Netflix Christina Ricci is back and in her villain era, folks. By Wednesday ‘s finale, we learn that the duo behind the monster terrorizing Nevermore were in fact Ms. Thornhill (Ricci) and Tyler (Hunter Doohan). On one hand, we discover that Thornhill is actually Laurel Gates, aka Ansel Gates’ daughter, who was believed to have drowned many years ago but was in fact alive all along.

  1. On the other hand, we learn that Tyler’s mom was really an outcast and was the hyde that Faulkner discovered 30 years ago, with her genetics passing on to Tyler, whose hyde self was activated by Thornhill’s expansive knowledge of botany and chemicals.
  2. Like Crackstone, the pair have a deep hatred toward Nevermore and are determined to finally see its ending through.
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But Thornhill is clever and knows she can’t do it alone, so she enlists the power of the supernatural to revive Crackstone himself to destroy Wednesday and Nevermore. We obviously know their plans get thwarted, and Wednesday manages to save the day with the help of her peers, the spirit of Goody Addams, and her insane fencing skills.

How evil is Wednesday Addams?

Netflix’s spin-off of The Addams Family, Wednesday, has been a total success. The show follows the Addams’ eldest sibling as she adapts to her new school, Nevermore, and tries to uncover the monster that has been terrorizing the school and the town of Jericho.

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What happened to Tyler in Wednesday

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Wednesday ending explained – After weeks of setbacks and dead ends, the final moments of the seventh episode shake things up for our woeful protagonist. Wednesday arrives at the local coffee shop to meet Tyler (Hunter Doohan), finally ready to act on her growing feelings for him. Netflix The season finale picks up a few days later after Wednesday rushes out of the coffee shop and leaves Tyler confused. She confronts him, questioning him about how long he has known he was a Hyde and when Dr Kinbott unleashed the monster within him to do her bidding.

Tyler acts innocent, begging Wednesday to see reason, before asking if she confronted him alone. No, she replies, before a group of her new allies — including Bianca (Joy Sunday) — walk out. Outraged, Tyler demands to leave as the group surrounds him. Bianca uses her siren’s song on him, lulling him into complacency as they chain him up in the shed on campus.

However, when Wednesday prepares her tools to torture Tyler into spilling the truth, Bianca and the others are disgusted and go to Principal Weems, who calls Tyler’s father. The Sheriff stops Wednesday just before she hurts Tyler, taking her into custody and down to the local police station, but Wednesday avoids kidnapping charges. Netflix Before they leave the station to go back to Nevermore, Tyler confronts Wednesday alone, and confesses to everything. He is the Hyde and enjoys the kills, nearly tasting the delectable fear from his victims. His feelings for Wednesday were never real, and everything that has transpired has been part of his master’s plan.

Upon her return to Nevermore, Enid (Emma Meyers) tearfully helps her best friend pack her belongings to go home the following day. The two almost hug, but Wednesday’s revulsion from human touch wins out. When Wednesday discovers that Eugene (Moosa Mostafa) has woken up following his life-threatening experience, she arranges for Weems to bring her to the hospital before the train station.

Though Eugene doesn’t remember much about the night of the fire, he does recall a bright light illuminating the red boots of the person who set the cave on fire, officially tying everything together in Wednesday’s mind. She knows who Tyler’s master is. Netflix Instead of going to the train station, Wednesday backtracks to Nevermore to find Ms Thornhill (Christina Ricci) tending to her plants in her bright red boots. Ms Thornhill reveals herself as the mastermind behind all of the misfortune that has fallen upon Nevermore, and the lost daughter Laurel who has secretly been setting Wednesday up all along.

She is the person who coerced Tyler into becoming the Hyde by preying on the memory of his departed mother, who was actually a Hyde herself and attended Nevermore before falling in love with the Sheriff. When Tyler walks into the room, she attempts to command him to take care of Wednesday, but he doesn’t listen.

Could his feelings for Wednesday be real and stronger than the control she has over him? Alas, Tyler is actually shapeshifter Principal Weems, who just heard Laurel’s full confession. However, before Weems can do anything about it, Laurel injects her with nightshade poison and kills her. Netflix Laurel takes Wednesday to the crypt of Joseph Crackstone (William Houston), where her plan comes to fruition. Using Goodie Addams’ book of shadows and the jarred pieces of Tyler’s victims, she uses magic to resurrect him. Seeing Wednesday as a threat, he stabs her in the abdomen, leaving her to bleed out in the crypt as he and Laurel make their way to Nevermore to continue Crackstone’s life’s work of eradicating outcasts from the world.

Wednesday lays in the crypt, bleeding out, as she is visited by the spirit of her ancestor Goodie Addams. Goodie tells Wednesday that the way to kill Crackstone is by piercing his black heart and that she can save Wednesday’s life, but there is a cost: Goodie will disappear forever. Thus, Wednesday lives, heading out into the forest to stop Crackstone before he can enact his vengeance.

Unfortunately, Tyler finds her first and transforms. With no hesitation, he lunges at Wednesday to deliver the killing blow, but she is protected by her newly “wolfed out” friend Enid (thanks to the blood moon). She now has the ability and strength to fight Tyler. Netflix Still, it’s not enough as Tyler is completely wild, but Enid isn’t fighting alone. The Sheriff, Tyler’s father, finally accepts what his son has become and shoots him before he can kill Enid. This wounds Tyler and knocks him unconscious, turning him back into a human, while a bloody Enid heads to Nevermore to find Wednesday.

As Crackstone begins his attack on Nevermore, Wednesday arrives to duel him and the prophesied fight finally comes to pass. Like her father, Wednesday’s weapon of choice is a sword, but she’s at a disadvantage given Crackstone’s mystical abilities. In a moment of distraction, Xavier (Percy Hynes White) comes to help Wednesday and fires an arrow at Crackstone, which he simply turns back around in midair and shoots back at Xavier.

Wednesday takes the arrow in the shoulder to protect Xavier, her feelings for him now undeniable, and yells for him to leave the school. Crackstone nearly kills Wednesday again after shattering her sword, but Bianca offers another distraction by stabbing Crackstone in the back. Netflix The following morning, after all of the death and destruction, Nevermore is closed for the rest of the semester and the children are sent home but not without some cliffhangers. She receives a threatening text message and photos of herself from a stalker on her new cell phone — given to her by Xavier, who is hopeful to keep in touch during their time away — and the promise of more danger if and when she returns.

Overall, Wednesday season finale teases that there is more of this Addam’s story to tell. Wednesday’s friendships with Enid and Bianca have just reached another level, certain to bring a fair amount of growth for the introverted heroine. Her romance with Xavier is no longer torn by her feelings for Tyler.

Plus, the school needs a new Principal, which should certainly shake things up as nobody cared about Nevermore quite like Weems. Also, Tyler and Laurel still pose a threat, especially as Tyler potentially escaped from custody after transforming. The complete first season of Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.

Is the therapist in Wednesday evil?

8 Dr. Kinbott Should Be The Villain In The Addams Family’s Eyes – In a series of twists, Wednesday revealed that the titular character’s therapist was not the main villain, but one of its victims. In any other version of the Addams family, the therapist would have been a minor antagonist. Dr. Kinbott is incredibly judgmental and confrontational.

Was Xavier the monster in Wednesday?

So who is the monster on Wednesday — and who is the monster’s master? – Wednesday takes her theory all the way to the police and has Xavier arrested. Later when Wednesday kisses Tyler (Hunter Doohan), she gets a terrifying vision: Tyler is actually the Hyde, not Xavier. VLAD CIOPLEA/NETFLIX It turns out that Tyler’s mother was also a Hyde, and her beast was triggered by her postpartum depression. She passed the condition on to her son, Tyler. As for the monster’s master, it turns out that Nevermore teacher Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci) is actually Laurel Gates, a relative of Garrett Gates — the man Gomez Addams was accused of murdering at Nevermore when he was a student.