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What season was David Tennant in Doctor Who

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Series two was David Tennant’s first in the role of the Doctor after he was cast on 28 April 2005.

How many times has David Tennant been in Doctor Who?

David Tennant may have achieved a world first by becoming the Doctor five times – in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2022! But how? (C) BBC Studios For any actor, being cast as the Doctor must surely be a career highlight, and it was certainly a dream come true for actor David Tennant when he first became the Doctor in 2005, This was especially exciting for Tennant as something of a confirmed Doctor Who aficionado, and he was (possibly) the first hardcore Doctor Who fan to ever be handed the TARDIS keys.

  • David Tennant first became the Doctor, therefore, in the closing moments of ‘The Parting of the Ways’ following the Ninth Doctor’s regeneration.
  • This was something of a low-key casting, as it hadn’t been officially announced that Eccleston would be relinquishing the role, and indeed it wasn’t certain that another series would even be produced.

David Tennant has since speculated that the production team must have had an alternative ending in the pipeline had the 2005 relaunch failed to take off – although even he doesn’t know for sure. David Tennant’s first appearance in ‘The Parting of the Ways’ (C) BBC Studios But as we know, David Tennant canonically became the Tenth Doctor in 2005, but it’s in his first adventure ‘The Christmas Invasion’ that things begin to get complicated. This is because his hand is cut off during a sword fight with a Sycorax and tumbles to Earth – only to be retrieved by his friend Captain Jack Harkness and stored in a glass jar at Cardiff’s Torchwood facility.

Later, when the Tenth Doctor and Captain Jack are reunited, it finds its way into the TARDIS console room where it remains throughout Series Three and Four. And then we come to the Series Four finale ‘The Stolen Earth’ and ‘Journey’s End.’ In the first of these episodes, David Tennant’s Doctor is shot by a Dalek and he is forced to regenerate,

However, the Tenth Doctor has no intention of changing his face and simply uses the regeneration energy to heal himself, syphoning the excess energy into his handy spare hand. Thus, David Tennant was cast as the Doctor again – the Eleventh, in fact. (Technically he’s the Twelfth if we include the War Doctor, but this blog post is timey-wimey enough already) David Tennant’s regeneration in ‘The Stolen Earth” (C) BBC Studios Anyway, we now have a severed hand bursting with regenerative energy. And when it’s touched by the Doctor’s companion Donna Noble, it triggers something called a metacrisis which fuses the pair’s DNA together, meaning that Donna becomes part Time Lord and the Doctor becomes Well, yet again, it’s complicated.

  1. Simply put, a brand new Doctor (in the shape of David Tennant) grows out of the severed hand, triggered by Donna’s touch.
  2. And he’s identical to his counterpart in every single way – even possessing the same memories – but he only has one heart, meaning he doesn’t have the ability to regenerate.
  3. So David Tennant became the Doctor once again, only in human form.
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However, it is clear that there isn’t enough room in the TARDIS for both of them, and towards the end of ‘Journey’s End’ this metacrsis Doctor opts to stay on a parallel Earth with his former companion Rose Tyler so that they can grow old together as a couple.

  1. And in a deleted scene (which may or may not be canon – you decide) David Tennant’s metacrisis Doctor is also given a ‘piece of TARDIS’ by the other Doctor so that he can grow his own Gallifreyan space-time machine and travel the universe.
  2. Over to you, Big Finish. Phew.
  3. We’ve now had three instances of David Tennant playing three separate versions of the Doctor.

And it might have stayed this way had Russell T Davies not become the new Doctor Who showrunner in 2021. As things began to ramp up towards the programme’s 60th anniversary celebrations, the announcement was made that David Tennant and Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) were returning to shoot scenes to mark the show’s 60th birthday.

  • Soon after this, a number of pictures appeared in the press showing the pair filming on location, with David Tennant wearing a brand new version of his iconic suit.
  • Russell T Davies teased Doctor Who fans with this casting ambiguity, suggesting that the return of David Tennant could be a dream or a trick or even a parallel universe.

But this all changed when it came to the actual moment of the Thirteenth Doctor’s regeneration, when Jodie Whittaker transformed into David Tennant himself, complete with a surprise costume change, This was puzzling, at first, as the BBC had initially announced that Ncuti Gatwa was the new Doctor, but following this reveal they confirmed that David Tennant had canonically become the Fourteenth Time Lord, and Gatwa would be taking over from as the Fifteenth.

  1. David Tennant, therefore, has now become the Doctor four times: first as the Tenth Doctor in 2005, then as the Eleventh Doctor in 2008 (we’re omitting the War Doctor here), then as the metacrisis Doctor in 2008 again, and then as the Fourteenth Doctor in 2022.
  2. That’s impressive, even by Time Lord standards.

But you’ll notice that we introduced this blog post by saying that David Tennant had become the Doctor five times? Well, this is where you have to stretch things slightly, but it makes for a good headline. You see, David Tennant played an entirely different version of the Doctor in the 2007 episodes ‘ Human Nature ‘ and ‘The Family of Blood’ when he rewrote his entire DNA in order to escape the eponymous family who sought his destruction.

  1. Now, given that this was a complete body change (the Doctor literally turned himself into a human) he was entirely separate from his Tenth incarnation.
  2. So technically, he’s a fifth version of David Tennant’s Doctor – although, as we say, this stretches credulity somewhat, particularly given that this Doctor went by the name of John Smith and had a completely different personality, and had no concrete memories of his life as a Time Lord.

But hey. Human Nature. (C) BBC Studios ‘Human Nature’ notwithstanding, David Tennant’s long association with the programme is impressive, and fans are excited to see him return to their screens as the Fourteenth (Sixteenth?) Doctor for the show’s 60th anniversary celebrations in November 2023.

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Who is the youngest Doctor Who?

The Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith (First appearance – 2010) – Matt Smith (with Karen Gillan, left) Adrian Rogers/BBC/Courtesy Everett Collection Now famous for many roles — including Daemon Targaryen in HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon and Prince Philip in Netflix’s The Crown — Smith was a virtual unknown when showrunner Moffat chose him to be the successor to the hugely popular and universally-loved David Tennant.

  1. Some big sneakers to fill.) But instantly, and very instantly, the youngest actor ever to play the role (just 26 years old when cast) knocked it out of the park — and then some.
  2. Aided by Guardians of the Galaxy star Karen Gillan (also an unknown at the time), the pair helped launched the show properly in the U.S.

when their seasons aired on BBC America; even filming episodes in Utah and New York. Smith bowed out in dramatic style during the show’s 50th anniversary in 2013.

Who was the least favorite Dr Who?

12 The 6th Doctor – Colin Baker – Seemingly the only disliked Doctor was Colin Baker, which may be why he was only in two seasons. Or, he’s disliked because he was only in two seasons and people didn’t have time to warm up to him – whichever it is, he was only ranked better than Jodie Whittaker since some people placed him higher than her.

Who was Dr Who’s greatest love?

Truly, madly, deeply – Doomsday (2006) To some, companion Rose Tyler was the greatest love of the Doctor’s life. He seemed to have a closer bond with her than almost anyone he’d travelled with before, and as time went on it was increasingly clear that she was deeply in love with him.

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Did David Tennant like Doctor Who

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A lifelong fan – BBC There’s every reason to believe that, if Tennant had let himself, he would indeed have continued on for who knows how many series into perpetuity. The Doctor, however, must regenerate eventually, and Tennant decided that time should come on his own terms.

Like so many of his fellow Britons, he has been a Doctor Who fan his entire life, and being able to be The Doctor was a supreme childhood dream fulfilled. He married into a Doctor Who alumni family, for heaven’s sake. Since his series-regular departure, he has been plenty happy to return for the odd special as well as the supplementary radio dramas.

The love for Who and Whovians has never dulled. Even as he produced unrelated content in quarantine lockdown during the summer of 2020, fans noticed a to-scale replica of the TARDIS visible in his garden during a video (which he did not, in fact, take from the set in a cheeky bit of pilfering, in case you were wondering).

How much does David Tennant get paid for Doctor Who?

The 26-year-old actor has signed a £200,000-a-year deal with the corporation to appear in the science-fiction series from next year. His salary is understood to be a fraction of the sum paid to the existing Timelord, David Tennant, who is leaving the programme.

  • The pay deal comes as the BBC begins to trim the huge pay deals it uses to attract to stars amid the economic climate and the controversy over Jonathan Ross.
  • The BBC’s top-paid star on a three-year contract of £18m, Ross was suspended without pay for 12 weeks in November –losing £1.4m – for his part in leaving a series of crude messages on the answering machine of the actor Andrew Sachs.
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Graham Norton earns £2.5m a year, Gary Lineker £1.5m and Jeremy Paxman just over £1m. Fifty of the corporation’s managers are paid at least £160,000 a year, including director general Mark Thompson on £816,000 and Mark Byford, the deputy director general, on £513,000.

Mr Smith’s contract as the 11th Doctor Who ties him into the show for three years, with the option of two further years, according to The Sun. Mr Tennant, 37, a more established actor when hired for the role, was said to get £1 million a year. Producers of the series, which attracts 12 million regular viewers, were said to be keen to keep Mr Smith for as long as possible after his first appearance on screen next year.

The BBC would not discuss Mr Smith’s contract but said: “All new deals are done with the economic climate in mind.”

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Who is Doctor Who in season 14

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Doctor Who season 14 cast – (Image credit: BBC via YouTube) David Tennant and Ncuti Gatwa will star in Doctor Who season 14 as the Fourteenth and Fifteenth regenerations of the titular Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through time and space to have adventures and help anyone that may need it.

  1. Joining them in the TARDIS (the Doctor’s trusty ship/time machine that looks like a police box) as their companions will be Catherine Tate as Donna Temple-Noble and Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday, respectively.
  2. These stars will be joined by a number of guests, including some familiar faces from across Doctor Who history.

For instance, we’ll see other members of the Noble family such as Donna’s mother Sylvia (Jaqueline King), grandfather Wilf (Bernard Cribbins in his final role before his death in July 2022), and husband Shaun Temple (Karl Collins). Plus, Jemma Redgrave and Bonnie Langford return as UNIT leader Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Sixth and Seventh Doctor companion Mel Bush.

  • Aneurin Barnard as Roger ap Gwilliam
  • Yasmin Finney as Rose Temple-Noble, the daughter of Donna and Shaun
  • Lenny Rush as Morris
  • Ruth Madeley as Shirley Anne Bingham
  • Jinkx Monsoon as “The Doctor’s most powerful enemy yet”
  • Neil Patrick Harris, Jonathan Groff, Anita Dobson, and Michelle Greenidge in undisclosed roles
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Who is the 10th and 11th doctor

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Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor.

Who plays Doctor Who Season 13?

Casting – See also: The series is the third to feature as the, also returns as, Following the departures of and in “” (2021), joined the cast for the series as Dan Lewis. appears in a recurring role as Vinder. returned as the in “”, having last appeared in the episodes “” and “” (2020).

  1. Additionally reprises her role as, a recurring character alongside the and, who was last seen in “” / “” (2015).
  2. Also appearing in recurring roles throughout the series are as Vinder’s paramour Bel, Craige Els as the Lupari Karvanista, and as the villainous Ravagers Azure and Swarm, as Claire, and as Professor Jericho.

Other guest actors in the series include as the Grand Serpent, as Mary Seacole, as General Logan, Penelope Ann McGhie as Mrs Hayward, as Joseph Williamson, Nadia Albina as Diane, as Commander Riskaw and Skaak, and Paul Broughton as Neville.