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How did Island Boys get rich

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Island Boys Alex and Franky Venegas are known for their viral ‘I’m an Island Boy’ TikTok. The twins made their combined $2 million net worth as YouTubers and rappers. Many companies on MoneyMade advertise with us.

Why did the Island Boys go to jail?

Kodiyakredd of the TikTok duo Island Boys was recently arrested over an alleged domestic battery incident in Florida, As first reported by TMZ, Kodiyakredd—whose real name is Franky Venegas—was arrested at an Airbnb in the Pompano Beach area on Saturday and charged with domestic battery.

According to the report, a woman described as Venegas’ girlfriend alleged that he slapped her and pushed her into the shallow end of a pool at the residence following an argument. That argument, the report further alleges, saw the unidentified woman telling Venegas she would end their relationship, citing his alleged physical abuse.

A separate report from regional outlet Coral Springs Talk cites police records as showing that officers observed bruises on the woman’s “chin, legs, and arms” in connection with the alleged incident. The woman, per that report, hit her head when Venegas allegedly pushed her into the pool.

She reportedly spoke with police at a local hospital, Venegas has since addressed the arrest on social media, claiming in a post shared to Instagram that this is “not what it seems.” He has also changed his profile pic on the platform to his mugshot. Complex has reached out to reps for the Broward Sheriff’s Office for additional comment on the case.

This story may be updated. In February of last year, the TikTok duo made headlines after a man accused of murdering an eight-year-old girl was arrested at their home. Neither Kodiyakredd nor Flyysoulja were implicated in the related investigation.

Do the Island Boys have parents?

Who are the Island Boys’ parents? Their mom appeared in a documentary about them. – The Island Boys were born on July 16, 2001, in South Florida. They were raised by a single mom as their dad passed away when they were just 6 years old from a heart attack.

Both of their parents are Cuban. Growing up, they got into trouble and often gave their mom a hard time. In the TikTok below, which is footage cut from Trolled, a February 2023 documentary about the Island Boys, their mother makes an appearance to talk about their childhood. Article continues below advertisement In one scene, she recounts the tragic moment in which one of her boys almost died from a Percocet addiction.

“Grabbed him, took him to the hospital, held him, prayed,” she said while tearing up. In another scene, one of the Island Boys explained that they weren’t the easiest sons. “We gave our mom hell when she was just trying to do good for us and we were just trying to be bad.” “I had just lost control of everything,” their mom is heard saying in another clip.

Police were always in my house.” Article continues below advertisement As for what the brothers were getting in trouble for, they previously elaborated on their criminal histories during an episode of the podcast No Jumper, where they shared that they both had gotten in trouble for burglaries, robberies, and stealing cars.

Franky also noted he had a few drug charges against him. Things got so bad that their mom kicked them out when they were 18. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it helped them reassess their lives and who they wanted to be. To learn more about the Island Boys’ mom, you can stream Trolled on,

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Are the Island Boys mixed

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How old are the Island Boys? – The twins are reportedly 20-years-old and were born on 16th July 2001. Alex and Franky have hispanic heritage as both of their parents were born in Cuba, but they are American by nationality.

Which island boy has a daughter?

Flyysoulja Daughter Kaliya Venegas Was Born In 2021 – Flyysoulja daughter Kaliya Venegas was given birth by Toxiicfaiiry in early 2021. Although her actual birthdate is vague, the rapper started uploading adorable glimpses of his girl in 2021. From this, we can know that the man welcomed his daughter around two years back.

He has shared a few pictures and video clips of his daughter on his social media handles. Fans found it hard to believe its his kid but with series of more posts like these, we are convinced about this. Based on those uploads, it seems Flyysoulja is working hard to become a good father and provide for a good upbringing.

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Kaliya seems to be over one year old and might be celebrating her second birthday in early 2023.

Do the Island Boys have rich parents?

The Island Boys Say Being Raised By A Single-Mum Caused Them “To Do A Lot Of Bad Things” The have stated that being raised by a single-mum had caused them “to do a lot of bad things”. Alex Venegas, who goes by the name of on, recently took to the platform to answer a fan’s question: “How rich were your parents?” The social media star revealed in the clip that being raised without a father was the reason why the twins previously racked up related to burglary, robbery, vehicle theft and, according to him.

Previously speaking on the No Jumper podcast, Venegas explained how he and his fraternal twin would always get in trouble with the law while they were growing up in Florida. Venegas revealed the answer to the fan-query: “Well, to answer your question, my parents weren’t even rich. “I grew up without a dad, he passed away I was four years old.

My mum, she tried to do her best to take care of me and my brother. “Of course, you know how it goes when a mum is single. She did what she could, and the most that she could and we had a lot of freedom, me and my brother,” he revealed. “And that us to do a lot of bad things in life,” he admitted.

  • And we had to learn the hard way cause we were hard-headed.
  • We’re here now from everything that I learned and know what not to do, and what to do.” Check out the video below: The video about being raised by a single-mum comes as the were recently criticised for a resurfaced video, in which one of the pair were reported to assault a woman and then began crying after she retaliated.

Fans took to the comments section of Venegas’ most recent video, writing comments like “I’m a cryland boy” in order to tease the TikToker for the resurfaced clip. Others wrote, “who saw the vid of him crying” while another asked, “so is it you or your brother who hit that girl and then started crying when she hit you back”.

How much do Island Boys make on OnlyFans?

Diversifying Their Income Streams One significant source of their earnings in 2023 has been from OnlyFans. Between May and July of that year, they raked in a whopping $389,000, with June alone accounting for over $200,000. Read More: Who Are The Island Boys?

Why did the Island Boys walk out?

The Island Boys start feuding with Jake and Logan Paul after storming off Logan’s podcast in December 2021 – On December 14, YouTuber Logan Paul posted episode 305 of his podcast “Impaulsive,” titled “The Island Boys Interview.” About 30 minutes into the interview, the pair clashed with co-host George Janko, who suggested they invest their earnings in case their music career didn’t work out.

The brothers responded that they didn’t need financial advice, with Alex saying, “I probably make more money than you.” The brothers walked out of the recording. Before leaving, Alex can be heard saying, “You know me from Island Boys but you know I’m thugging, bro, right?” Paul, Janko, and co-host Mike Majlak continued their conversation.

“It’s a shtick, the whole thing’s a fucking shtick,” Paul said. Several days later, Logan’s brother and YouTube star Jake Paul fought professional boxer Tyron Woodley in a boxing match in Tampa, Florida. It appeared the Island Boys and Jake were on good terms — the twins even sang a version of “Island Boy” called “Boxer Boy” in support of Jake.

A post shared by Jake Paul (@jakepaul) But their attendance at the fight appeared to cause trouble. Online commentator Keemstar posted a tweet saying the pair were “kicked out for throwing shoes.” The brothers posted a response on TikTok on December 20, where they denied throwing shoes or getting thrown out.

They said there was a lot of “commotion” and that a beer was thrown at a police officer, adding, “They thought that it came from us, but it actually came from one of the guys we were hanging out with.” On the next “Impaulsive” episode, Jake Paul discussed the fight.

  1. Co-host Majlak said that when the Island Boys entered the boxing arena, they were “booed, getting stuff thrown at them, people were chasing them with their fists drawn back like ‘how dare you walk off ‘Impaulsive?'” “I love to see the stupid shit that they say,” Jake replied.
  2. For you to have the audacity to stand up to George Janko, the nicest guy in the world, and say ‘I am thugging,’ you’re a fucking punk.

With the palm trees coming out of their head? Like, shut the fuck up.” Jake went on to say that if he’d been there during their episode, “I would have smacked the shit out of them,” and added they needed to “humble” themselves. The Island Boys have not returned to “Impaulsive” since.

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Who is the island boy dating his brother

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The Island Boys’ Flyysoulja is letting people know that he and his brother Kodiyakredd have no romantic feelings towards each other despite kissing on the lips in a viral video. The Florida natives shared a clip earlier this week that showed them embracing and kissing.

The clip was a promotional video for Kodiyakredd’s OnlyFans page, but fans were confused about what they were watching. It didn’t take long for fans to believe the brothers had something going on, but that doesn’t appear to be the case, according to Flyysoulja. In a statement to TMZ, Soulja claimed there are absolutely no feelings between the siblings, and they’ve done this more than once while saying they’ll do it again.

(???) “We’re both straight males, and kissing is not counted as a sexual act,” he said while also revealing the stunt had raised their OF subscriber count. There’s a deeper meaning behind the video, though, maybe. Flyysoulja said the stunt was created to tell fans how they wanted to see “how fucked up this world is.” A video of him kissing his brother got more views than any community outreach or philanthropic work they’ve done, Flyysoulja said.

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What are the Island Boys allegations?

Island Boys’ Flyysoulja responds to OnlyFans “incest” claims with brother Published: 2023-07-17T18:30:41 ❘ Updated: 2023-07-17T18:30:51 The Island Boys are a divisive rap duo.

  • Island Boys’ Flyysoulja has responded to backlash after he and his brother Kodiyakredd uploaded photos together to their joint OnlyFans account.
  • On July 5, Dexerto reported that the Island Boys had joined OnlyFans with their very own join account, risking a ban in the process due to “incest” claims.
  • Videos and pictures of the twin brothers kissing, with many calling them “nasty” in the process.
  • Now, Flyysoulja has responded to the backlash and “incest” claims in an

Article continues after ad Right as their OnlyFans page was going viral, the Island Boys’ posted a video on TikTok showing them making out with each other. In a comment to TMZ, however, Flyysoulja responded to the backlash. Saying that he has no sexual feelings for his brother, and it isn’t the first time they’ve kissed. Instagram: kodiyakredd He also mentioned that they put the clip for “another reason” though, telling TMZ they wanted to see how “f*cked up this world is.” Article continues after ad

  1. Flyysoulja went on to slam his critics, saying the video of them kissing has garnered more attention than the videos of him doing philanthropic acts like providing food to the homeless.
  2. The Island Boys began gaining popularity back in 2021 with their song “I’m An Island Boy” going massively viral throughout TikTok.
  3. They’ve since revealed their true thoughts about the popular song,

: Island Boys’ Flyysoulja responds to OnlyFans “incest” claims with brother

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Who pays the Island Boys

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How did the Island Boys make their fortunes? – The Island Boys leveraged their newfound fame to make a fortune by creating TikTok, YouTube, and Cameo accounts.These three sources of income helped them to earn a lot from their fans. In 2020, Franky, one of the twin brothers, began his musical career.

He formerly went under the name redd 4x and put out a few songs with the names “Real Right,” “Smoke,” and “9ine.” In October 2021, Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd released “I am Island Boy,” a new song. As soon as they posted the song on TikTok, it immediately became viral. The two brothers can be seen performing their brand-new song in a bathtub in the TikTok video.

The twin boys have gained fame on TikTok since the premiere of their TikTok video. After the viral video, their TikTok fans skyrocketed in number. Through TikTok and brands, the Island Boys could collaborate with various companies and make money through sponsored posts.

Are the Island Boys tattoos real?

Do the Island Boys have real tattoos? – Apart from their iconic hairstyles, the famous twins have numerous tattoos. And yes, the Island Boys tattoos are real. In an interview, Franky revealed that he started tattooing when he was 12 and always wanted many tattoos. Alex also has several tattoos on his chest, neck, face and hands, but fans are more interested in photos of Flyysoulja before tattoos.

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Are Island Boys actually brothers

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About the ‘Island Boys’ – The so-called ‘Island Boys’ are 20-year-old twin brothers whose real names are Franky and Alex Venegas. However, they prefer to go by Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja. On October 12, they posted a TikTok freestyling to their song Island Boys in a pool.

The video went viral and the song became a hit. The particular TikTok clip and the brothers got so many negative comments on several different platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, etc. The main reasons for the negative comments were their bad rapping and unusual hairstyle. The TikTok was then deleted, but the brothers released an official version of the song.

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I guess the song became some people’s guilty pleasure in spite of all the backlash, which led the brothers to take such an action. Island Boys not a lot of fans in Tampa. Getting booed out of the building. — Mike Heck (@MikeHeck_JR)

What happened to one of the Island Boys nose?

Island Boys Star Flyysouljah Reveals Details Of Fight Which Reshaped His Face One half of the Island Boys, Alex Venegas, has revealed details about the fight which reshaped his face. Venegas, who goes by the name of on, recently took to the platform to answer a fan’s question: “How is one nostril bigger then the other “.

The social media star revealed that the reason behind his facial irregularity was because he was so young at the time of the fight, that his flexible tissue in his nose, or cartilage, hadn’t fully developed, and was thus damaged. Venegas said in the video clip: “Good question. Matter of fact, when I was a child, actually very, very young, I’d say like a toddler or whatever the case might be, I got into a fight.

“You know when you’re so young, your cartilage,” he explained, pulling on his ears and nose, “is very, very fragile, and I got into a fight, broke it, and never got it fixed.” The TikToker, however, isn’t ashamed of his differences, and refuses to call on plastic surgery to correct it: “It’s a flaw of mine that I just capitlise over.

I feel like it makes me, gives me more of that image that I like.” “I got the money to fix it, I don’t think I’ll fix it, though.” Check out the video below: states that damage to cartilage is “a relatively common type of injury”, but most often involves the tissue around the knees, hips, ankles and elbows which are more likely to be damaged either through wear-and-tear or a injury.

They also explain that minor cartilage injuries can heal on their own, but more severe injuries to the tissue may need surgery. The conversation about his childhood fight comes as the were recently criticised for a resurfaced video, in which one of the Island Boys were reported to assault a woman and then began crying after she retaliated.

Fans took to the comments section of Venegas’ most recent video, writing comments like “I’m a cryland boy” in order to tease the TikToker for the resurfaced clip. Others wrote, “who saw the vid of him crying” while another asked, “so is it you or your brother who hit that girl and then started crying when she hit you back”.

The resurfaced video has since been removed from TikTok. The two men behind the viral fame have previously been revealed to have a fairly serious, Speaking on the No Jumper podcast, Alex explained how he and his fraternal twin would always get into trouble with the law while they were growing up in Florida.

Are Island Boys rappers?

Who are the Island Boys? –

  • The Island Boys are a rap duo who have often feuded with other celebrities.
  • They were allegedly kicked out of one of boxing matches after throwing shoes at people.
  • Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd have also been slammed for using racial slurs in their songs.
  • In February 2022 their home was raided by cops who arrested their childhood friend Andrew James Thomas at the property – in connection with a drive-by shooting that killed an 8-year-old girl three days before.
  • SWAT officers found a gun that James had hidden in the brothers’ closet.
  • Thomas now faces charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder with a firearm, as well as being a felon in possession of a firearm.
  • There is no suggestion that the brothers were involved in the alleged offences.

Who is the ex girlfriend of Island Boys?

5/30/2023 12:40 AM PT – Franky Venegas, one of the twins from the viral Island Boys duo, has to make a clean break from his ex-girlfriend, he can’t contact her at all after getting busted for allegedly getting physical with her. Franky was arrested for domestic battery earlier this month and released from jail, and now he’s got a set of special conditions to follow as the case moves forward. According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Franky can have zero contact with the alleged victim in his case, ex-GF Amina Sobhi, This is standard practice in DV cases. Franky was busted for domestic battery earlier this month after Amina told cops they got into an argument by the pool of their Airbnb in Pompano Beach, FL. Instagram / @bhlasertattooremoval Franky later posted a vid outside the jail, letting his fans know he was released from custody. As we first reported, Amina’s now getting treatments to remove 3 tattoos she previously had inked in his honor. In addition to steering clear of Amina, the docs also state Franky must stay away from alcohol and drugs, submit to random drug and alcohol testing, and possess no weapons.

Where are the Island Boys from ethnicity?

What Ethnicity are the Island Boys? – The Island Boys were born in the USA, making their nationality American. However, their parents and ancestors are from Cuba. A video of one of the Island Boys on the phone with his mother confirms this fact.