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How do I certify my degree UK

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Who can certify a copy of your degree certificate? – To certify a copy of your degree certificate, you will need to get it signed and dated by a professional person. You could ask the following if they offer this service:

Bank or building society official Councillor Minister of religion Dentist Chartered accountant Solicitor or notary Teacher or lecturer

The person you ask should not be:

Related to you Living at the same address In a relationship with you

You should always check with the organisation that needs the certified copy as they may have specific rules for who can certify a document.

How do I attest a certificate in the UK?

Notarization: Firstly, solicitor or a notary public in the UK notarize your original UK certificate. The notary will verify the document’s authenticity and attach a notarial seal. Legalization: After notarizing the document, you need to have the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the UK legalize it.

How do I attest a degree certificate in the UK?

What is the UK degree attestation process? – Preparing your degree for use abroad is either a two or three-stage process, depending on the country you intend to use it. In all cases, you will require the degree certificate (and transcript, if required) to be notarised and then apostilled at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,

  • Often, this is sufficient and the apostilled degree certificate is then ready to use.
  • However, in some cases, you will then also need the document to be legalised at the consulate of the country in which you intend to use the degree certificate.
  • Countries which also require legalisation at the consulate that we often deal with include China, UAE, Qatar, Vietnam and Thailand.
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We offer a full notarisation and consular legalisation service. Unsure what level of degree certificate attestation you need? Call 0208 907 2699 or contact us via enquiry form,