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Who did Belle push and kill in Emmerdale

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Who did Belle Dingle kill in Emmerdale? – Back in 2014, teenager Belle Dingle accidentally killed friend Gemma Andrews (Tendai Rinomhota). Belle and Gemma were embroiled in a tense row over friend and love interest Sean Spencer (Luke Roskell), having argued over boys in the past.

Originally, Belle was dating Tom (then played by Mark Flanagan), Sean’s best pal. But soon after their rollercoaster relationship, Sean showed an interest in Belle and the pair hit it off. But as Belle and Sean were about to have sex, Gemma’s dad Dom Andrews (Wilbert Charles Johnson) ruined the mood by storming over – to announce that Gemma was pregnant with Sean’s baby.

A livid Belle burst into the Andrews house, demanding to know why Gemma had betrayed her, calling her a ‘tart’. Plenty more tense scenes between the two followed, with Belle ignoring Gemma at the bus stop and later declaring that Gemma had an abortion to their class – prompting Gemma to push Belle off a school desk.

  1. Eventually, Belle and Gemma confronted each other in a heated exchange on a dark night.
  2. It’s not my fault he likes me,’ Belle said.
  3. Gemma, I’m not a mindreader, I didn’t know you liked him.’ Gemma retorted: ‘Doesn’t excuse the fact that you’re a selfish cow and a rubbish friend.’ An angry Belle then replied that Gemma had given Sean ‘everything he wanted’ but that he ‘still wasn’t interested’ in her.

The fight turned physical – Gemma responded by slapping Belle in the face, and Belle then pushed Gemma to the ground. Viewers heard a loud crunch sound as Gemma’s head whacked off a rock. She was able to struggle up, grabbing her head in agony and seeing blood on her fingers, but told Belle – now concerned about Gemma’s wellbeing – to get away from her.

Gemma got to her feet and screamed ‘I hate you’ – with Belle clapping back: ‘Suits me, have a nice life’ before storming off. Injured Gemma tried to make it home, but was stumbling, and collapsed on her way back. She was found the next morning unconscious and rushed to hospital, but didn’t make it. During the funeral, Belle turned herself into the police and was sentenced to three years for manslaughter in a youth facility – but ended up serving one year after a successful appeal.

Gemma’s death had a huge impact on Belle. She began to believe Gemma was talking to her, with the voice eventually telling her to do bad things – which led to Belle’s schizophrenia diagnosis, MORE : Emmerdale spoilers: Moira’s car crash terror, Liam’s sex twist and Belle reveals a death MORE : Emmerdale spoilers: Tom stunned as Belle confesses to a killing MORE : Big Emmerdale legend returns to ‘get married in huge summer wedding’ Follow Metro across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Share your views in the comments below

Who did Lachlan kill in Emmerdale?

Who has Lachlan White killed on Emmerdale? – Actor Thomas Atkinson was chosen to join the line-up as the treacherous villain. Lachlan began his killing spree on Emmerdale when he caused his mum and granddad, Chrissie and Lawrence White, to crash into an oncoming lorry.

After finding out Chrissie had interfered into his relationship with Belle, Lachlan broke down and spun the steering wheel into traffic. In May 2018, Lachlan struck again, horrifying fans by bludgeoning fan-favourite Gerry Roberts to death after he discovered his former cellmate’s secret. His aunt Rebecca, who suffered brain damage in the car crash, discovered her nephew’s killer alter-ego when she walked in on him attempting to murder Liv Flaherty and Robert Sugden,

While he was still in the Dales, many fans of the ITV soap speculated Lachlan could kill his aunt Rebecca and although he did try to stranger her to death, she managed to survive her ordeal. Rebecca was held hostage and, sadly, Lachlan’s attempt on her life left her with brain damage.

He was also involved in the car crash that caused James Barton’s death. A handful of weeks after his last murder, Lachlan claimed another life. He was first horrified when a man named Terry who claimed to be Gerry Roberts’ uncle turned up in Emmerdale. “Terry” had his hands on a comic book written by Gerry which featured pictures proving Lachlan’s guilt in Chrissie and Lawrence’s deaths.

Allowing him to run away, Lachlan was always afraid “Terry” would expose him. He eventually tracked him down and murdered him off-screen, before being seen burying a body in the woods. “Terry”, now known under his real name Paul Tozer, was confirmed to have been killed as police found his blood on a rock.

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What did Lachlan do to Belle in Emmerdale

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Belle Dingle is set to struggle in emotional Emmerdale scenes next week where she gets an update on her serial killer ex-boyfriend, Lachlan White. The soap character will be sent reeling after a call from the prison informs her that Lachlan will be getting moved to a different prison, causing her to panic.

Belle almost died at the hands of her ex just five years on from when he kidnapped her. The murderous villain was obsessed with Belle and once his crimes were exposed, Lachlan abducted her and attempted to force her to run away with him. She eventually managed to escape, but once Lachlan was apprehended he continued to make her life a misery from behind bars.

Belle has now moved on and is in a loving relationship with Tom King, but she is set to spiral after PC Swirling gets in touch with an update on Lachlan. This prompts her fears that he will try and start trouble for her again. Tom is initially in the dark about Belle’s past but demands Rhona Goskirk tells him everything, worried about his girlfriend – while Belle’s boss Jai Sharma is concerned as he’s been unable to reach her. Belle and Tom had a previous romance on Emmerdale (Image: Belle and Tom had a previous romance on Emmerdale) When Chas Dingle hears she’s gone off alone she’s worried about her mental health, and she and Tom head off to find her. Chas and Tom eventually track Belle down in the woods, but will they manage to get through to her? It’s not known what happens next with Lachlan, but Belle is clearly terrified he may find a way back into her life after targeting her following his arrest in 2018.

Murderous Lachlan killed his mother and grandfather in a car crash the same year, while his aunt Rebecca White also nearly died and was left in a coma. When Rebecca later caught him attacking Liv Flaherty and Robert Sugden, he kidnapped her and later tried to kill her. He also killed Gerry Roberts and Paul Tozer, he then attacked Sam Dingle and kidnapped Belle.

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What did Lachlan do to Belle?

Emmerdale set for new Lachlan White twist five years after serial killer’s exit Emmerdale’s Belle Dingle will get some worrying news about serial killer Lachlan White next week on the ITV soap, which leaves her reeling Lachlan White makes a very dark confession in Emmerdale

  • ‘s Belle Dingle struggles to cope next week, when she gets news about her serial killer ex Lachlan White.
  • A worrying update about his prison stay sends her spiralling as she fears for her safety, five years after she almost died after he kidnapped her.
  • Lachlan was obsessed with Belle, and when his killer crimes were finally exposed he abducted her and tried to force her into going on the run with him.
  • Belle managed to get away but the terror didn’t end there, as Lachlan terrorised Belle from behind bars and even sent his father to take revenge on her family.
  • After years of him being out of her life, Belle gets a shock next week with new spoilers revealing PC Swirling has some news.

Emmerdale’s Belle Dingle struggles to cope next week, when she gets news about her serial killer ex Lachlan White ( ITV)

  1. Belle, who is now in a relationship with her ex Tom King, is told Lachlan is being moved to another prison soon.
  2. Worried Belle opens up to pal Vinny Dingle about her anxieties around Lachlan’s prison transferral, fearing he might try something again.
  3. As the week goes on her anxieties are triggered, and as she struggles with the news Vinny does his best to comfort her when he finds her in a panicked state.
  4. Tom is initially in the dark about Belle’s past but demands Rhona Goskirk tells him everything, worried about his girlfriend – while Belle’s boss Jai Sharma is concerned as he’s been unable to reach her
  5. When Chas Dingle hears she’s gone off alone she’s worried about her mental health, and she and Tom head off to find her.
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Lachlan was obsessed with Belle, and when his killer crimes were finally exposed he abducted her ( ITV)

  • Soon they spot Belle in the woods, and they fear her mental health has taken a turn for the worse – but can they help her?
  • It’s not known what happens next with Lachlan, but Belle is clearly terrified he may find a way back into her life after targeting her following his arrest in 2018.
  • Lachlan caused a car crash that killed his mother and his grandfather in the same year, while his aunt Rebecca White also nearly died and was left in a coma.
  • When Rebecca later caught him attacking Liv Flaherty and Robert Sugden, he kidnapped her and later tried to kill her.
  • Lachlan also killed Gerry Roberts and Paul Tozer, while when his crimes were exposed he attacked Sam Dingle and kidnapped Belle.
  • Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

You can find this story in Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. : Emmerdale set for new Lachlan White twist five years after serial killer’s exit

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How many people did Lachlan kill

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Main development – He has been involved in some storylines; sexually assaults, accidentally shot his grandfather, his longstanding feud with Robert, being kidnapped by after Lachlan threatens to implicate Robert for sexually abusing him – during which he was involved in the crash that killed,

Following his anti-heroic stints, Lachlan’s villainous arc begin with him causing a vehicular collusion that killed his mother and grandfather Lawrence – as well as leaving his aunt Rebecca brain-damaged – before he went to proceed in murdering his best friend by injuring him in a building collapse before fatally bashing him with a rock.

Gerry had discovered a voice recording on Lachlan’s phone that would have incriminated him in the car crash that killed Chrissie and Lawrence, as well as overhearing Lachlan say “I don’t want anyone else to die because of me” when Belle went missing, and Lachlan decided he had to go.

After Doug Potts was blamed for the building collapse and Gerry’s death by his former business partner, Eric Pollard, he was subsequently fired from his job at the B&B where the collapse happened, and falsely charged with Gerry’s manslaughter. Some time later, a man (Paul Tozer) appeared in the village, claiming to be Gerry’s uncle Terry.

He promptly robbed the B&B of its money and stole Gerry’s sketchbook. After it transpired that Tozer was a conman who frequently worked his way into funerals to steal from the bereaved, Lachlan traced Tozer to another funeral, where he promptly killed him through unknown means and buried his corpse in the forest.

  • When the police found Tozer’s DNA, Lachlan exhumed the corpse and hid it in the boot of his car.
  • It was discovered by Sam Dingle, which drove Lachlan over the edge once more, knocking him out and taking Belle hostage.
  • Belle told Lachlan that Cain had a friend who could get them fake passports and possibly her schizophrenia medication so they could skip the country, but Lachlan became suspicious when she suddenly became nice to him.

Belle lied that she was pregnant and she got into the car. However, Belle quickly locked the doors before Lachlan could get in but the car cut out when Belle was reversing. Lachlan caught up and Belle swung open the door, bashing Lachlan’s leg where he had been injured by the gunshot wound.

She made a run for it, and he went into pursuit, finally catching up to her. He confronted her and realised that Belle had been playing him since the revelation, and began to believe Belle didn’t really love him. When Belle runs off, Lachlan goes in pursuit, but trips and fires the gun, making Belle go even faster in the opposite direction.

He eventually made it onto the road where he was horrified to find that she had been hit by Robert’s car and accused Robert of running Belle over for revenge. He tried to awaken Belle but armed officers arrived as well as an ambulance and Lachlan was arrested and taken to custody.

  • Lachlan demanded to know if Belle was alright but DS Sanders refused to disclose any information about her condition and told Lachlan he was no longer in control.
  • Nowing there was a search out for Rebecca, Lachlan admitted Rebecca was alive and told DS Sanders that he would disclose Rebecca’s whereabouts if he was allowed to see Belle again.

After being ratted out by his own father Donny Cairns with a wire, Lachlan was given a life sentence.

Who did Zoe get pregnant by in Emmerdale?

Who was Jean Tate in Emmerdale? – Jean is the daughter of Zoe and Scott Windsor (Ben Freeman). She was conceived during Zoe and Scott’s one night stand, and Jean’s mum has no recollection of having slept with Scott due to her schizophrenia. When she learned she was pregnant, she assumed she had been raped.

  • After considering getting an abortion, Zoe decided to carry the baby to term and give it up for adoption.
  • Born on 24th January 2003, Jean was named after Zoe’s late mother.
  • Despite having found a suitable couple willing to adopt the baby, Zoe changed her mind, set on bringing up Jean alone.
  • Meanwhile, Scott was aware of being Jean’s father but was reluctant to tell Zoe.

Things got awkward when Zoe hired Scott’s girlfriend Chloe Atkinson (Amy Nuttall) to be Jean’s nanny. Whilst on the job, Chloe left the baby unsupervised and not strapped properly to her chair, causing Jean to fall from the kitchen table. The sitter didn’t tell Zoe about the incident.

  1. After suffering another injury when a lamp fell on her head, the baby was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
  2. She recovered, though Zoe was horrified to learn her daughter had a broken rib as a consequence of her first fall.
  3. Social workers launched an investigation into Zoe’s responsibilities in Jean’s injuries, ultimately leading to Scott telling the truth and claiming Jean as his own.

Syd (Nathan Gladwell) told Zoe about how Jean got her injuries in front of Chloe, who took the blame with social workers and was ultimately fired.

What is Cathy suffering with in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale ‘s Cathy Hope struggles to cope next week after an important appointment at the hospital. Cathy seeks further support following the recent news that she may be suffering from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), with symptoms including heavy periods and intense mood swings. ITV Related: Emmerdale star Kevin Mathurin responds to shock death storyline Later, when Cathy returns to the B&B, she leaves Bob concerned by defiantly vowing to find a cure to stop her symptoms altogether. Bob points out that the doctors are the experts and that it’s not possible – with Wendy Posner and Bernice Blackstock both backing him up. ITV Related: Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw reveals future of Lydia’s big new story The worrying scenes also take a toll on Bob, who’s concerned to feel another twinge in his chest just weeks after he suffered a heart attack, Manpreet rushes in to check on him.

Cathy’s mood changes as she spots Bob struggling and she tries to help him, but Wendy warns her to leave Bob alone. Feeling that everyone is against her, Cathy rushes off while bleeding from a cut on her hand. Liam Cavanagh finds Cathy hiding out at the bandstand and he checks her hand. Cathy is relieved when Liam promises to listen to what’s bothering her, but the conversation threatens to make matters worse as she jumps to conclusions.

Check out more of our Emmerdale coverage: – Emmerdale reveals full details of Lydia Dingle’s devastating storyline – Emmerdale lines up shock attack storyline for Tom King – Emmerdale films dramatic clifftop car crash – 9 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX. Daniel has been writing about soaps on Digital Spy since 2004 and took over as Soaps Editor in 2010. He has interviewed hundreds of soap stars over the years, from Bill Roache to Lacey Turner, and regularly visits the sets of Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks for behind-the-scenes trips and press events.

What happens to Princess in Emmerdale?

Princess is a dog owned by Hazel (formerly Andrea Tate, Wendy Posner, and Meena Jutla ). Princess was dumped in a carpark before being found and rescued by Emmerdale Veterinary Surgery, When vet Jamie Tate tells his daughter Millie that Dawn Taylor is his girlfriend, Millie says she will love Dawn if they let her have Princess.

Jamie tells Millie not to tell her mother about Princess, as he will and when he tells her she reacts badly saying that he is trying to buy his daughter. However the next day Jamie sees Andrea in the village walking Princess, Andrea has now completely changed her opinion on Princess, naming her Princess Sparkle Party the Mermaid and says that Princess shall live with her and Millie in Dale View,

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In June 2021 while up at Home Farm with Andrea, Princess poops in Gabby Thomas’ designer handbag. Later that month, Princess is tied up outside while Andrea, her boyfriend Charles Anderson and Millie pack for their holiday. Meena Jutla who wants to split Charles and Andrea up lures Princess into Andrea’s car and closes the door.

Princess is in the car for a longtime before passer-by David Metcalfe notices her, gets her out, then Charles arrives and rushes her to the vet’s. Vet Paddy Dingle informs the couple that Princess is suffering from heatstroke and to never leave a dog in the car on a hot day. Meena sees Charles in The Woolpack and informs him this is the second incident Andrea has had with a dog as in January 2020 Andrea drove over the Sharma family dog Tip and buried him in the woods.

Princess later makes a full recovery. After Andrea’s death, Millie moves away with her grandmother and it is decided Wendy Posner will keep Princess at Dale View. In November 2021, Wendy struggles with looking after Princess, so Meena offers to take her.

In December 2021, Meena and Princess attend an Emmerwatch meeting at Café Main Street, when the door is left open Princess runs out and escapes so a search party is formed, Meenas boyfriend Billy Fletcher then finds her wandering the roads and brings her back to Meena. In January 2022, after Meena goes on the run, Wendy becomes the owner of Princess again.

In September when Millie returns to Emmerdale, Wendy lets her look after Princess at Home Farm, as she helps her settle back into living with her granny Kim, When Millie leaves Home Farm to live with her other Grandma, Hazel, Millie is allowed to take Princess with her, despite Hazel’s allergy.

Who is leaving Emmerdale in 2023?

Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) – Bernice Blackstock sits in thought on Emmerdale. ITV When is Bernice Blackstock leaving? 2023. Long-running Emmerdale favourite Bernice Blackstock will depart the soap again later this year. According to The Sun, Giles is calling time on her fourth stint on the show, with the actor set to depart at an as-yet-unspecified time before the year is out.

  1. She has previously quit the show on three previous occasions, first in 2002, then again after a brief return in 2004, and most recently in 2019 after she returned to the Dales in 2012.
  2. Bernice Blackstock has been in and out of Emmerdale village more than they change the barrels at The Woolpack,” a source was quoted as saying.

The comment continued: “She’s always welcomed back with open arms by ITV and fans alike, but it’s now becoming a bit of a running joke. “It wouldn’t pay to bet on whether Samantha will one day be back, but for now she will leave the soap later this year.” ITV declined to comment when approached by about this story.

Who dies Cain or Al in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale has killed off Al Chapman following an armed showdown with nemesis Cain Dingle. Last week, it was reported that actor Michael Wildman would be leaving Emmerdale after three years but it was only revealed in Tuesday’s (November 1) episode that his character Al would be killed off. ITV Related: Emmerdale reveals Naomi and Nicola court drama in new spoiler pictures The episode opened with Kerry hearing the gunshot and then spotting Al’s car as she passed the barn where the men’s brawl was taking place. A cut inside the barn wasted no time in confirming Al was dead as Cain stood over his lifeless corpse. ITV Related: Emmerdale reveals aftermath of shock Kerry and Chloe twist At the farm, Cain had no choice but to surrender as the police surrounded the home with his children and Moira inside. Chas pulled up just in time to see the police arresting Cain for Al’s murder.

  1. In spite of Kerry telling the investigator that “Cain Dingle has been gunning for Al for a very long time”, Cain denied any involvement in killing Al.
  2. Cain lied to police by saying he’d simply stumbled upon the crime scene and was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  3. Unfortunately for Cain, the police didn’t pay any mind to his alternative explanation and they charged him with Al’s murder.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, and streams on the ITV Hub. Read more Emmerdale spoilers on our dedicated homepage,

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Why does Belle tuck in her dress

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Emma Watson Wanted Her ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Costumes to Reflect a Modern Belle wants you to know that Belle is not a princess. Never mind the fact that she lives in a castle, falls in love with a prince and wears a billowing yellow gown fit for royalty.

Watson is largely responsible for reimagining Belle as an active heroine in ‘s 2017 adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast.” Even before the United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador arrived on set she had decided not to portray Belle as a “corseted, impossible idea of female beauty,” according to costume designer Jacqueline Durran.

Durran, who won an Oscar in 2013 for her work on “Anna Karenina,” came up with a variety of ways to reflect Watson’s vision of a modern Belle through her wardrobe. She started with the character’s village outfit, which she wears in the opening scenes.

“She doesn’t wear ballet pumps, she wears boots,” says Durran. ” She has her 18th-century pockets, but she has them on the outside of her costume so that you can see they’re like a tool belt. They’ve got useful things in them that she’ll need for doing the different things she does in the village. She tucks her skirt up into her waistband so you can see her bloomers, and she wears bloomers so that she can not be trapped by the skirt.” All of these elements serve as reminders of Belle’s will for freedom.

Instead of a corset, Belle wears a flexible bodice that ties at the side. “Nothing she wears is inhibiting,” Durran says. “She can do whatever she would want to do in any of her costumes. She rides a horse.” And most iconically, she dances with the Beast.

  • Belle’s iconic yellow gown was “the most difficult costume to do by a mile,” says Durran.
  • We tried all sorts of things.
  • We tried making a more historical interpretation, we made something that was more modern and experimental, we made lots of different versions.” In the end, the gown they chose was closer to the one depicted in ‘s classic animated version of the tale.

It t ook a crew of 10 people and 12 days — or 238 hours — to complete. Costume illustration of Belle’s yellow gown from “Beauty and the Beast.” Courtesy Durran also wanted to incorporate Watson’s into her costumes. One outfit in particular, which includes a red cape with a white edge, is eco-sustainable and organic. Even the printing on the cape was done with wooden blocks that were leftover from the set.

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Why is Belle yellow

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Belle’s ball gown

Belle’s ball gown as it appears for the first time in the original 1991 animated film,
Designer Various, including Brian McEntee
Year 1991
Type Animated off-the-shoulder golden ball gown

In the ballroom scene from Disney ‘s 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast, during which the fictional character Belle dances with the Beast to the film’s titular song, Belle wears an opulent golden off-the-shoulder ball gown with a voluminous skirt.

Producer Don Hahn claims the dress was conceived by several intoxicated male filmmakers during production of the film. Although Beauty and the Beast is set in 18th-century France, the dress’s streamlined, anachronistic design borrows inspiration from several different fashion eras, with some of its elements centuries removed from its historical setting,

Although art director Brian McEntee had always envisioned the dress as yellow and gold, representing Belle’s emotional growth into a happier, warmer character, Disney’s marketing department wanted a pink dress to appeal to young girls; McEntee convinced the studio that gold would differentiate Belle from previous Disney princesses,

The dress has been reimagined for several adaptations of the film, notably by Ann Hould-Ward for the Broadway musical in 1994, by Jacqueline Durran for the 2017 live-action remake in which the costume is worn by actress Emma Watson, and by Marina Toybina for the 2022 television special worn by singer H.E.R,

Despite some significant deviations from their animated predecessor, all designs retained the original’s signature color. The dress is considered to be one of the most famous in film history, as well as one of Disney’s most renowned outfits. Belle’s dress has inspired several iterations in various tie-in media, including toys, video games, and television, with an alternate version of the character wearing a similar costume in the television series Once Upon a Time,

Why does Belle look different?

Design and animation – Belle’s supervising animators were James Baxter and Mark Henn, Wanting Belle to look significantly different from and more European than Ariel, the animators drew Belle with fuller lips, narrower eyes, and darker eyebrows inspired by British actress Vivien Leigh,

  1. Appearing more statuesque than traditional Disney princesses, Belle was also inspired by Jennie Garth and Alyssa Milano,
  2. According to the Directory of World Cinema: American Hollywood by Lincoln Geraghty, Belle was inspired by actress Judy Garland’s role as Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (1939) and Julie Andrews ‘ performance as Maria von Trapp in The Sound of Music (1965).
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Belle was Henn’s second Disney heroine, after having previously worked on Ariel. He was specifically assigned to animate scenes from the studio’s Florida division, and has since animated several Disney princesses since completing Beauty and the Beast,

Henn observed that, unlike Ariel, Belle does not “fall in love at first sight”; instead “there’s an actual relationship you see grow”. Henn decorated his studio with photographs of famous women, specifically Hollywood actresses Natalie Wood, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn, for reference.

Henn claims Belle’s appearance started to form once O’Hara was cast and he heard her voice, from which point they married her performance with the designs they had already been conceiving. O’Hara found herself intimated by the photographs of “all these beautiful women”, but animator Lorna Cook reassured her that they would reference her own photo as well.

Henn hardly met O’Hara apart from rare occasions when he would travel to California for production meetings. Meanwhile, the animators dissuaded O’Hara from seeing drawings of the character until much later into production, encouraging the actress to simply let the animators draw her. Baxter based his drawings on the work story artists Roger Allers and Brenda Chapman had already done for the character, deciding to draw Belle with a rounder face in addition to making her more European-looking.

They decided the character should definitely be a brunette, a hair color Disney had seldom used since Snow White. Baxter studied the art of French impressionist Edgar Degas, a painter known for his portraits of ballerinas, whose work inspired the animator to incorporate “graceful, swan-like movements” into Belle’s performance.

Belle’s ball gown was inspired by a similar costume Audrey Hepburn wore in Roman Holiday (1953). Hahn and a team of male filmmakers designed the gown while consuming pizza and alcohol. Originally, the marketing department ordered that Belle’s dress be pink to cater to the female audience, but art director Brian McEntee convinced studio to make the dress gold in order to differentiate her from other Disney princesses, specifically Aurora from Sleeping Beauty,

McEntee also suggested that Belle be the only character in her village to wear blue, so as to emphasize the fact that she is different and an outcast. The colors Belle wears also mimic her emotions, blue being associated with sadness and loneliness. Blue was also used to symbolize good, while Gaston’s red represents evil.

Animators videotaped O’Hara’s recording sessions to capture her mannerisms, expressions, and gestures, such as her hair’s tendency to fall into her face, which they incorporated into her character’s drawings. O’Hara claims some of her family members immediately recognized O’Hara’s physical traits in Belle upon watching the film for the first time.

Actress and model Sherri Stoner served as the performance model for Belle, providing live-action reference for the animators as they drew the character. Belle’s tendency to constantly brush her hair away from her face was also inspired by both Stoner and O’Hara.

  • The animators also incorporated O’Hara’s eyes, cheekbones and the way in which she raises her eyebrow into Belle’s face.
  • O’Hara felt that Belle originally looked “too perfect”, comparing her to actress Angelina Jolie, although Jolie would not make her film debut until four years later.
  • O’Hara initially feared children would not be able to relate to her until the animators made her appear less perfect.

Writing for the Los Angeles Times, Charles Solomon observed inconsistencies in Belle’s appearance, stating, “The prettiest and liveliest Belle waltzes with Beast in his marble ballroom and weeps over his body before he’s transformed into the Prince” while “The Belle who receives the library from Beast has wider-set eyes and a more prominent mouth than the noticeably slimmer Belle who sings ‘Something There.'”

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Why is Faye leaving Emmerdale

Answered By: Harry Morgan Date: created: Dec 14 2023

Emmerdale ‘s Megan Macey had a typically dramatic soap life, suffering the loss of her teenage son, surviving abuse at the hands of her half brother and having a long-running feud with Charity Dingle. Actress Gaynor Faye decided to leave her role in the ITV soap in 2019 after six years playing Megan, making a low-key exit with her young daughter Eliza. Getty Images “I was working on Emmerdale at the time and got involved in workshopping Band of Gold and people just loved it. absolutely loved it. Then I got asked if I would be in it, but I was still in Emmerdale, so then I had to make the choice whether or not I was going to leave Emmerdale or not – and that was a big choice to make.” Confirming that she left the soap specifically to tour with Band of Gold, Faye added: “It was a big thing.

But I’m absolutely loving it. I’m having a great time – doing theatre again is just fantastic.” And although Faye struggled to say goodbye to Emmerdale and Megan, she revealed that it would have been very tough to say no to her mum. “She really wanted me in it. She really liked my version of Rose,” she explained.

“So, for her, she really wanted me to do it. But it was a big decision I had to make and I didn’t make it lightly. ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Rhona and Kim to clash over funeral “It would’ve been great for me to able to go back to Emmerdale, but I had to leave to do the theatre job, so it was a very big decision.” Gaynor isn’t the only familiar soap face in the production either, with former Coronation Street actor Shayne Ward and Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson also having roles – and Gaynor has nothing but praise for them.

“In terms of surprises, there are some incredible performances: it stars Shayne Ward who’s amazing, and people will see him in a totally different guise,” she said. “Kieron Richardson brings out an incredible performance too.” Band of Gold, which followed a group of sex workers in Bradford, aired between 1995 and 1997, with the stage version premiering in Leeds earlier this year and now embarking on a UK tour.

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What happened to Faye Corrie?

Coronation Street spoilers follow. Coronation Street airs Faye Windass’ final scenes next week as Ellie Leach bows out from the role. Show bosses are lining up a bittersweet ending for Faye, who leaves Weatherfield with Jackson Hodge and their daughter Miley, ITV Related: Coronation Street star Dame Maureen Lipman worn out by emotional exit story Faye breaks down in front of Gary Windass and admits that she wants to be with Jackson, but feels that she can’t leave her current boyfriend Craig Tinker because he knows something that could land her back in prison. ITV Related: Coronation Street – why has Fiz Dobbs left the cobbles? Faye appreciates that Craig is setting her free, so she packs her bags and leaves with Jackson and Miley. Craig feels powerless as he watches on, clearly heartbroken to lose Faye. Ellie Leach’s departure from the role of Faye was first revealed in April. ITV ITV Related: Coronation Street star Elle Mulvaney explains Amy’s big decision in Aaron story “It’s hard for Faye because it’s a question of – do you go with your head or heart? “In the final scene, Faye is in the taxi leaving and Craig is walking up the street.

  • Faye asks for them to stop the car and she goes back to Craig, telling him that she loves him, she always has and she always will.
  • It was just so, so emotional.
  • You see there are two people here who do love each other, but there are so many other factors.
  • Love isn’t always enough, and you can definitely see that in the final scene.” Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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Who did Kirin kill in Emmerdale?

Who did Kirin kill in Emmerdale? – Kirin ran over Tess Harris in a drink-driving accident in dramatic scenes on the soap back in 2016. Tess later died from her injuries in hospital. Kirin had been drinking to get over his fatherhood woes after failing to bond with his son Johnny.

  • Viewers will remember that Kirin’s father Rakesh faked DNA test results showing that Adam Barton was actually the biological father of Johnny.
  • And when Kirin eventually realised the test was fake and that he was indeed Johnny’s father, he struggled to take on the responsibilities of parenting and was eventually thrown out of the house by Vanessa.

Kirin then headed on a downward spiral and ended up hitting and killing teaching assistant Tess Harris while drink-driving down a country lane. The accident proved to be too much for Kirin, who sped off and went on the run to South America. 4 Nicola Stephenson played Emmerdale’s Tess Harris Credit: Getty Images – Getty