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Who did Mac have a fling with in Emmerdale

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Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and estranged husband Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) fell back into each other’s arms in tonight’s Emmerdale (23rd August), despite his relationship with Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland). Mack cheated on Charity with Chloe, who fell pregnant. Mack and Chloe could be in trouble. ITV Tonight, Chloe relented and asked Mack to speak to Charity, and Charity agreed to host the christening party. Although defensive over Chloe, Charity understood the importance of the occasion after Reuben’s health scare.

  • But she soon became emotional when the conversation turned to the family set-up she once had with Mack.
  • Charity told Mack that her confused son Moses had asked whether the baby was his brother, also telling him that Moses had won a special prize for his volcano project.
  • Mack tried to put the volcano to the test, but it wasn’t long before things got out of hand and he and Charity were kissing, with their encounter leading to a full-on fling just as the volcano erupted in the background.

By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, You can unsubscribe at any time. Later, the pair were left awkward and unsure of how to deal with what had happened, and Mack rushed away as Charity confirmed she would still help with the christening.

Back at home with Chloe, Mack struggled to keep his composure as Chloe wondered where he had got to, as she assumed that Charity had been horrible to him and thanked him for ‘grovelling’ to his ex. Meanwhile, Charity was still in shock, as Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) unwittingly told her gran she was glad that she was over Mack.

But as Charity and Mack came face to face again at the pub, Charity suggested they get the christening out of the way before discussing what went on between them. As Mack told Charity that she continued to amaze him, is this a sign that the pair could be about to reunite? Read more:

Emmerdale boss to step down after Super Soap Week 5 Emmerdale spoilers next week: Victor caught out and danger for Nate Emmerdale finally brought Charity Dingle back to life in tense special episode

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Who did Mack cheat with on Emmerdale?

Emmerdale spoilers see Mack back to his cheating ways as he sleeps with ex-wife Charity just hours before his son’s christening. As viewers know, Mack’s secret son with Chloe was born just minutes after he tied the knot with Charity Dingle. It didn’t take long for Charity to find out about his and Chloe’s fling, and the fact he was her son’s father. Emmerdale spoiler sees Mack cheat on Chloe hours before baby son’s christening It’s clear Mack still loves Charity and a new spoilers for next week reveal the pair find themselves getting passionate once again, just hours before little Reuben’s christening.

Chloe is anxious about finding godparents for her little boy and things get worse as the venue falls through. Charity offers them the Woolpack in a serious gesture and Chloe soon realised that it might be their only choice so Mack is forced to crawl round and grovel to Charity to take her up on her offer.

As Mack goes to visit Charity after she allows him and Chloe to use the pub to celebrate the christening, things take an unexpected turn. The pair share a steamy kiss, just after Mack has reassured Chloe she is the one for him. You can vote for Emmerdale’s biggest shock of all-time below.

  • You can also vote here Chloe and Mack are left feeling awkward about it all, as he rushes out.
  • Charity can’t help but hope for a reunion, while things become tense on the day of the ceremony.
  • After confiding in his sister Moira, she warns him he could lose his son if he reveals the truth, The Mirror reports.

Mack is under pressure as he is forced to come to a decision about who he wants to be with. Charity admits to pal Chas that she slept with Mackenzie, but will she tell Chloe as the christening gets underway? LeedsLive has launched a WhatsApp community and anyone who joins will get the latest breaking news and top stories sent direct to their phone.

Did Mack sleep with Chloe?

Emmerdale’s Mack has ‘unfinished business’ with Charity ahead of super soap week Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd will be left torn over Chloe Harris and ex Charity Dingle once more in the coming weeks, ahead of the characters featuring in huge scenes Emmerdale: Model volcano erupts as Charity and Mack kiss ‘s Mackenzie Boyd looks set to become torn in another love triangle between current flame Chloe Harris and ex Charity Dingle, after he slept with the latter character in a recent episode.

Viewers of the soap know that Mack is now with Chloe, the mother of his son Reuben, after a recent fling scandal in the village. Until a few months ago, Charity and Mack were happily married – while he was hiding something huge. Mack had slept with Chloe the previous summer and she fell pregnant with his child.

Chloe welcomed baby son Reuben in April, and then a major health scare led to Charity learning her husband was the father. While Mack is now with Chloe, Wednesday’s episode saw him sleep with Charity – with it not yet known if she will spill the beans about their moment of passion ahead of Reuben’s christening.

  1. But it seems the love drama will only continue ahead of big scenes later in the year.
  2. It’s been teased a love triangle will continue towards the end of the year, possibly into 2024.
  3. It’s also been hinted Mack and Charity could take centre stage during the soap’s annual super soap week in October.
  4. Now, it’s claimed Mack and Charity have “unfinished business” that could cost Mack his romance with Chloe, as well as a relationship with his baby son.

A source told TV Times magazine: “There is unfinished business between Charity and Mackenzie. Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd looks set to become torn in another love triangle ( ITV) “Mackenzie wants to step up as a dad and believes being with Chloe is the right thing for Reuben.

  • But is it the right thing for Mack who still has feelings for his ex? If Mackenzie chooses Charity he could lose Reuben.
  • But rejecting Charity again could make his life hell.” It comes as fans think they have rumbled the upcoming super soap week plot and have “figured out” a huge DNA twist amid the Charity, Mackenzie and Chloe love triangle.

Only recently, Charity star Emma Atkins confirmed her character will be at the “centre” of the super soap week, as well as Mackenzie and Chloe. Viewers will recall that every year in October the show pulls out all the stops to deliver nail-biting storylines and stunts set across the week.

  1. The most recent super stunt week included the, where several villagers lost their lives.
  2. Soap watchers have since been speculating what the theme for October 2023 could be with many thinking it could be a huge DNA twist and that Mackenzie isn’t actually the father of Chloe’s baby.
  3. Taking to social media, one person said: “Charity is not a girl to be messed with.

Still don’t think Macs the father.Why hasn’t anyone done a DNA test”, a different account put: “Charity will have the last laugh” while another added: “Chloe has been annoying me for ages, why doesn’t Mack get a DNA test, pretty sure the baby isn’t his.

She is very dodgy.” It comes as Charity star Emma teased about the upcoming super soap week to : “I’m very excited! Some super soap weeks I don’t manage to be part of, which is just the way it goes. So to be at the centre and for it to be quite a big storm brewing – not literally a storm, we’ve done that! I just know that it’s going to be spectacular in one way or another and we’re due to get the scripts shortly, but it’s going to be quite big.” Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

You can find this story in Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. : Emmerdale’s Mack has ‘unfinished business’ with Charity ahead of super soap week

Do Charity and Mack stay together?

Emmerdale spoilers – Charity Dingle left furious after rejection from Mackenzie Boyd

  • spoilers follow.
  • Charity Dingle has been rejected by Mackenzie Boy in dramatic Emmerdale scenes.
  • earlier this week and even, despite the fact Mack has been trying to build a life with baby Reuben’s mother, Chloe.

Mack turned to his sister Moira Dingle in Thursday’s (August 24) episode for some advice about what to do about his love triangle. As he admitted to sleeping with Charity behind Chloe’s back, that he risks losing a relationship with his son if he’s still hung up on Charity. ITV

  1. Related:
  2. Meanwhile, Charity felt she had to open up to someone, so she also confided in Chas Dingle about the one-night stand with Mackenzie.
  3. The whole situation looked ready to explode as Chloe gathered with the Dingles and other Emmerdale residents at the Woolpack for Reuben’s Christening.
  4. Charity kept trying to secretly pull Mack away so they could discuss their future, only to be repeatedly interrupted.

When Mack got a moment alone with Moira, he confided in his sister that he’d chosen Chloe and would let Charity down gently after the party. Yet, Charity didn’t need to be told the truth because she could see the love between Mack and Chloe while they gave their toasts at the Christening party. ITV Related: “We couldn’t be prouder parents,” Chloe beamed. Mack then told Chloe: “I want to thank you for being such a special person, for putting up with me and being my rock. You and Reuben mean everything to me. I’m the luckiest man in the world.” Charity couldn’t contain her anger, so she slipped away to the backroom of the pub, where she was followed by an empathetic Moira.

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What did Mac do to Edna in Emmerdale

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Dodgy builder Mack does a runner with the cash raised to repair the village hall roof – and breaks Edna’s heart. ‘Edna feels a complete fool,’ says actress Shirley Stelfox, who plays the woman who thought of Mack as a son. ‘She just can’t believe he could do such a thing.’

What happened to Mack and Sidney in Emmerdale?

Sydney ‘Syd’ Woolfe first appeared in Emmerdale in March 2002, as a builder working alongside Jerry ‘Mack’ Mackinley, Upon his arrival, Syd caught the eyes of many female residents due to his good looks and his charming nature. Syd moved in with local mechanic Scott Windsor and his girlfriend Chloe Atkinson,

After Mack left the village Syd remained there to continue work. He became best friends with Scott, but found himself attracted to Chloe. However, initially he didn’t let his heart rule his head and decided to keep his feelings to himself, in the meantime enjoying flings with Angie Reynolds and Nicola Blackstock,

However, Syd found it increasingly difficult to keep his feelings to himself and eventually he and Chloe began sleeping together. While they were having sex one day while Chloe was looking after baby Jean Tate, Jean fell from her car seat and Chloe and Syd covered up any signs of an accident.

However, Jean’s mother Zoe Tate noticed that Jean was crying repeatedly and took her to hospital where she found that Jean had broken ribs. Syd, feeling guilty, revealed what had happened, leading to Scott eventually finding out about their affair leading to several fights between him and Syd. Eventually, Syd moved out of Scott’s house and moved in with Chas Dingle, but continued his affair with Chloe.

However, Chloe didn’t take the relationship as seriously as Syd and the pair ended up having a number of arguments over this, before Chloe eventually left Syd, who then reconciled his friendship with Scott. Syd continued his escapades when he went to a lap dancing club with Scott and Robert Sugden.

During his time there he seduced and had sex with lap dancer Yolanda. When Chloe found out about this she was instantly jealous, and when Syd realized this he constantly wound her up about it. Syd was also happy to let Danny Daggert and Katie Sugden move in with him and Chas. Syd and Chas’ friendship remained strong but Syd found himself falling for her and he took her away on holiday for a couple of nights, although nothing transpired.

Syd was left feeling down when Chas began a relationship with newcomer Carl King, and once again chose to keep his feelings to himself, in the meantime anyway. One night Syd, Danny, Robert Sugden and Paul Marsden take Andy Sugden out on a stag night for his wedding to Katie but the night ends in disaster when Andy and Robert get into a fight.

Later in 2004, Scott’s younger sister Donna was left traumatized when convicted rapist Frank Bernard Hartbourne approached her to help her fix her motorbike. Scott enlisted Syd’s help and together they gave Frank Bernard a severe beating which left him in hospital. While Scott seemed pleased about what he’d done.

Eventually, the pair were found out and faced criminal charges, and Syd was shocked when Scott failed to own up to what he’d done. Syd decided to do the right thing and confessed that he had taken part in the beating of Frank Bernard. However, he was let off with a police caution.

  1. Shocked at the way Scott had behaved Syd confronted him and the pair have a fallout.
  2. Syd eventually received a job offer in Manchester but was left contemplating whether to take it or not.
  3. He was struggling whether to tell Chas, one of his closest friends, how he really feels about her.
  4. Eventually, after they both start drinking together Syd tells her how he feels and tries to make a pass at her.

However, Chas gently knocks him back and subsequently, Syd decides to take the job in Manchester. Before leaving he bids farewell to Edna Birch and while walking past Scott he spits on his shoes in response to Scott’s behaviour. Syd then says a tearful farewell to Chas before leaving in his van for Manchester.

Who killed Katie Sugden?

Storylines – Katie is first seen when she meets Andy Sugden when they are in detention together and soon begin dating. Andy’s brother, Robert ( Karl Davies ), is jealous and tries to come between them by telling Katie that he cannot afford to take her out for dinner.

  • However, Andy is given counterfeit money by Cain Dingle ( Jeff Hordley ) and takes Katie for a romantic meal at Chez Marlon restaurant, ruining Robert’s plan.
  • In September 2001, Katie, Andy, Robert, Eve Birch (Raine Davison), Marc Reynolds ( Anthony Lewis ) and Ollie Reynolds ( Vicky Binns ) and Donna Windsor ( Verity Rushworth ) go to a nightclub but miss the last bus home.

To impress Katie, Andy steals a car for them to drive home in but on the way home, Marc, who is driving, knocks down and kills their headmistress, Jean Strickland ( Alex Hall ). Terrified of the consequences, they leave the body and burn the car but feeling guilty, they eventually confess.

Marc is jailed and Katie and the others receive community service. Whilst their friends enjoy their youth and freedom, Katie and Andy settle down and decide to prove that they are old enough to have an adult relationship by having a baby, Katie falls pregnant but miscarries before leaving to stay with her mother, Caroline (Daryl Fishwick).

She eventually returns and she and Andy reconcile. Andy then proposes to Katie and she accepts. When her father Brian ( Martin Reeve ), moves away for a new job, Katie chooses to stay with Andy and moves in with the Sugdens. When Andy turns 17, he takes over the tenancy of Butler’s Farm and he and Katie move into together but the farm becomes Andy’s priority.

  1. Atie is also put out when Andy’s half-brother Daz Eden ( Luke Tittensor ) moves in with them and the couple struggle to deal with his delinquent behavior.
  2. Andy begins to neglect Katie so she is persuaded to have an affair with Robert.
  3. Daz sees Robert and Katie together and tells Andy.
  4. Desperate to keep the affair secret, Katie persuades Andy to put Daz back into care but ends the affair and marries Andy in February 2004.

She fights her feelings for Robert and tries to make her marriage work but is jealous when Robert dates her friend Donna, in order to expose her true feelings. The affair starts up again but the couple are caught by Robert and Andy’s younger sister, Victoria ( Hannah Midgley ).

Robert convinces Victoria to keep quiet and in frustration, Katie shouts at her, leaving her too scared to speak. Eventually, Katie is fed up with living a lie and plans to leave Andy. He finds her goodbye note and confronts her and she and Robert admit their affair, leaving him heartbroken. Donna is also enraged when she finds out and tries to attack Katie in the pub.

Katie moves into a caravan with Robert. When everyone turns against her, Katie leaves for a while and gets engaged to Robert on her return. Katie gets a job working as a personal assistant for the King family. However, unbeknownst to Katie, Robert has an affair with Sadie King ( Patsy Kensit ).

Cain finds out and tells Andy, who tells Katie. When she does not believe him, he attacks Robert and tries to force him to tell the truth but Robert insists that Andy is lying. However, Katie learns the truth when she finds text messages from Sadie on Robert’s phone. Heartbroken, Katie ends their relationship and throws a drink over Sadie in the pub.

Donna also forgives Katie and they repair their friendship, united by their hatred of Robert. Katie then has a one-night stand with Andy, after discussing their marriage and Andy suggests reconciling but Katie refuses, choosing instead to join her father, and they part on good terms.

Atie says goodbye to Donna and Robert begs her to stay but she leaves with Cain’s sister Chas ( Lucy Pargeter ). In February 2006, Katie and Brian are involved in a car accident and the police inform Andy as he is her next of kin. Brian is killed but Katie survives and she stays with Andy until she recovers.

Her mother, Caroline, tries to convince Katie to move to Greece but she decides to give her marriage another go. Angry with Katie about the way she treated Andy in the past, Daz is unhappy with Andy and Katie’s reconciliation and tries to convince Andy that she will be unfaithful again, even trying to seduce her himself.

Sadly, they are seen by lodger Jo Stiles ( Roxanne Pallett ), who blackmails Katie and begins an affair with Andy. Katie struggles to cope with looking after Andy’s daughter, Sarah, and Katie later thinks she is pregnant but it is a false alarm. Andy eventually tells Katie about his affair with Jo and she throws them out but she has to move out as Andy holds the lease.

Katie later sleeps with David Metcalfe ( Matthew Wolfenden ) which ends his relationship with Del Dingle ( Hayley Tamaddon ). In April 2007, Andy and Katie separate. Katie goes into business with Perdita Hyde-Sinclair ( Georgia Slowe ) and develops feelings for Perdita’s husband, Grayson Sinclair ( Christopher Villiers ).

Grayson’s mother, Rosemary King ( Linda Thorson ), is delighted and encourages Katie, hoping for grandchildren as Perdita can’t have children. Katie offers to be a surrogate mother for Perdita but regrets it when she realises how unstable Grayson and Perdita’s marriage is. However, Katie gets pregnant but threatens to have an abortion when Perdita leaves Grayson for Sadie’s ex-lover and their brother-in-law Matthew (Matt Healy).

Katie stays with Grayson and their relationship becomes more intimate. When Perdita finds out, she attacks Katie and fears that she has caused Katie to miscarry and she gets medical help. Perdita then tells Katie that Grayson is bisexual and had had an affair with Paul Lambert ( Mathew Bose ) causing Katie to doubt her relationship.

  • When Katie learns that Grayson has been supporting Perdita and lying to her, she cons money from him.
  • Atie gives birth to a baby boy in the back of Matthew’s car and after signing parental rights over to Perdita, she gives Perdita the money she had conned from Grayson, in order to start a new life in London.

Grayson is enraged when he finds out and holds Katie at gunpoint, demanding Katie tell him where Perdita is. Katie refuses to tell him, even when Grayson ends up taking Matthew and his brothers hostage; Grayson ends up shooting Matthew’s youngster brother Carl ( Tom Lister ), but their older brother Jimmy ( Nick Miles ) helps Matthew overpower Grayson – who is consequently arrested.

In November, Katie grows close to Andy again after Jo, his ex-wife, throws him out after he has been subjecting her to domestic violence. Katie takes pity on Andy and gives him a job at the stables but he later attempts to kiss her. When he reacts aggressively to her rejecting him, she sacks him. Katie visits Jo and the two women make peace over their differences and Katie convinces Jo to leave the village in order to escape from Andy.

In December, Katie helps Matthew with his ill-fated wedding to her friend Anna De Souza ( Emma Davies ). However, the ceremony is ruined when Carl – upon discovering that Matthew is partly the reason why their family’s company is now under liquidation – confronts him and exposes his brother’s involvement in the death of Anna’s father Donald ( Michael Jayston ), who recently died of a heart attack.

This prompts Anna to flee, and Katie follows her to comfort whilst Matthew and Carl end up fighting each other shortly afterwards. As Anna struggles to come with the terms of discovering how her father died, Katie urges her to talk to go back to Home Farm and talk to Matthew about it. She reluctantly does on, only to run into Carl upon arriving there.

In the moment Anna confronts Carl with demands to know how her father died, they are interrupted by Matthew as the latter attempts to run down Carl in revenge for destroying his wedding and killing their father. However, Matthew – upon seeing Anna standing with Carl – swerves the vehicle and ends up injuring himself as a result; despite Jimmy calling an ambulance with Katie’s phone, Matthew dies in Anna’s arms.

  • The following day, the Kings are kicked out of Home Farm after being declared bankrupt; Anna later departs the village after attending Matthew’s funeral and bidding Katie farewell in respect of their friendship.
  • When she reappears at Home Farm in January 2009, Katie is escorted off the premises by security.
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New owners, Mark ( Maxwell Caulfield ) and Natasha Wylde ( Amanda Donohoe ), arrive and allow Katie to keep her business at Home Farm. Mark and Katie soon become friends but Natasha is wary until Katie starts dating gamekeeper Lee Naylor ( Lewis Linford ), unaware that Nathan Wylde ( Lyndon Ogbourne ) is attracted to her.

He uses his position at Home Farm to manipulate them as Katie prefers Lee. After an argument, Nathan and Katie spend a night together but he makes it clear that he doesn’t want a relationship with her. However, he objects when she asks Lee to move in. This doesn’t last when Katie realizes that Lee repeated things that she told him in confidence so she ends things with Nathan and asks Lee to move out.

After Faye ( Kim Thomson ) and Ryan Lamb ( James Sutton ) move to the village, she gets to know Ryan and they start dating, despite his mother’s objections. Mark tells Faye that Katie is a nice girl that can be trusted but Gennie Walker ( Sian Reese-Williams ) tells Faye about Katie being a surrogate mother so Faye invites her to dinner and questions her about her past, much to Ryan’s embarrassment.

He insists Faye apologize and Ryan and Katie are happy until Ryan discovers he has feelings for Maisie Wylde ( Alice Coulthard ). Not wanting to cheat on Katie, he ends the relationship and starts dating Maisie. However, they reconcile after Maisie and Ryan learn that they are half-siblings. Nathan, however, tells Katie about Ryan and Maisie’s “inappropriate” relationship, leading Katie to end things with Ryan again.

Andy and Katie later become close once more when she discovers that he is suffering from anger issues which ended his relationship with Adele Allfrey (Tanya Vital). When Andy crashes his landrover, he begs Katie for help and she convinces him to see a counselor.

Andy later blames Katie and her affair with Robert for his anger issues and when she defends herself, he smashes a mug against the wall, witnessed by Sarah. He later apologizes and he and Katie sleep together again but Katie insists that it was a mistake and they should stay friends. After he investigates the theft of two horses from her stables, Katie begins a relationship with police officer Nick Henshall ( Michael McKell ), despite Andy’s reservations.

When Andy interferes in their relationship causing Katie to dump him, Nick makes silent calls to Katie’s house phone and burgles her home, stealing a bracelet her father had given her. Andy is blamed for the incidents and following another confrontation with Andy in the street following a romantic meal with Katie, Nick tries to frame Andy further by starting a fire that kills Terry Woods ( Billy Hartman ) and Viv Hope ( Deena Payne ).

  1. Nick ensures that Andy is blamed due to his previous conviction for arson and manslaughter and convinces Katie that Andy was responsible.
  2. When Nick discovers that his colleagues are onto him, he convinces Katie to come away with him.
  3. Atie learns that Nick started the fire when she discovers her stolen bracelet at his house.

She also finds newspaper clippings revealing that his wife died in similar circumstances. Nick explains that he was unable to save his wife after their house was petrol bombed by some criminals he had imprisoned. He then tells Katie that he had started the fire and committed the burglary and silent phone calls because he had wanted her to need him to rescue her and keep her safe.

When Katie tries to escape Nick panics and takes her hostage at gunpoint. Nick considers killing Katie and himself but she convinces him to spare her and he commits suicide, shooting himself allowing Katie to flee the house unharmed. Katie is traumatised by the events and feels guilty that she ignored Andy’s warnings.

She asks him for a reconciliation but he turns her down, hurt that she had believed that he was responsible for the fire. Katie leaves to stay with her mother in Greece whilst she recovers from her ordeal. After briefly dating Nikhil Sharma ( Rik Makarem ), Katie becomes interested in Declan Macey ( Jason Merrells ) and his ex-wife, Ella Hart ( Corrinne Wicks ), tries to warn her off but Katie and Declan begin dating regardless.

When Declan’s daughter, Mia ( Sapphire Elia ), dies in a car crash, he reveals that he was not her biological father and Katie supports him through his grief. Declan proposes twice to Katie but she turns him down on both occasions. However, she does move in with him at Home Farm and they are happy together until Declan’s half-sister, Megan ( Gaynor Faye ), visits and takes an immediate dislike to Katie.

Megan helps Declan organise a music festival and Katie works hard to convince Megan that she is with Declan because she loves him, and is not after his money as Megan believes. Megan tells Katie about Declan’s money troubles being the reason he had contacted her and asked for financial backing with the festival, causing them to argue.

  • Atie leaves briefly but Megan apologises and asks her to return.
  • Atie supports Megan when she reveals that she gave her son, Robbie Lawson (Jamie Shelton) up for adoption when she was younger.
  • Declan finds Robbie and he moves into Home Farm as well.
  • Robbie flirts with Katie and tries to persuade her to leave Declan for him but when she rejects him, Robbie starts making her feel uncomfortable.

In retaliation, as Declan refuses to ask him to leave, she manipulates a situation in which Robbie tries to kiss her and uses the CCTV to film him attacking her, wanting to expose his true colours. Declan believes her but Megan suspects the truth and blackmails Declan into allowing Robbie to stay, making Katie move out.

  1. However, Declan apologises and he proposes again.
  2. This time Katie accepts, much to Robbie and Megan’s disapproval, and Declan plans to keep all the festival profits for himself and Katie agrees to help him.
  3. Megan interrupts Katie and Declan’s wedding when Robbie tells her what has they had done.
  4. However, she leaves and the couple marry but at the reception, Megan pushes Katie’s face into the wedding cake.

When the couple return from their honeymoon, Katie falls out with her friend Gennie when she reveals that Chas, her half-sister, had been having an affair with Cameron Murray ( Dominic Power ), leading to Carl, Chas’s ex-boyfriend, being killed on Katie’s wedding day.

  1. After Katie rejects Gennie’s attempts to patch things up, she tells Megan and Robbie about Katie setting Robbie up for attacking her.
  2. Declan is angered by Katie’s actions and begins to mistrust her.
  3. He blames her for losing him his family and rides off on a quad bike alone.
  4. Atie follows him on another quad and accuses him of changing her for the worst due to his cold, unfeeling demeanor and ruthless nature.

Katie rides off angrily but crashes the quad bike and falls down a disused mine shaft. She initially lands on a ledge but Declan’s attempts to rescue her fail and the ledge gives way and she falls the rest of the way down to the bottom of the shaft. Trapped and badly injured, Katie crawls through the tunnels in the darkness as a full scale rescue operation is mounted.

  1. After days of searching, Declan begins to lose hope of finding Katie alive.
  2. She is eventually found by Sam Dingle ( James Hooton ) in a shaft under the moors in a critical condition.
  3. Atie is hospitalised in a critical condition and goes into cardiac arrest but is resuscitated.
  4. When Katie finally regains consciousness, she recalls her argument with Declan from before the accident.

The couple apologize to each other over their respective actions and Katie returns home, initially walking on crutches. Katie later collapses and is returned to hospital where she is discovered to have damage to her ovaries caused by her injuring her pelvis during the accident.

  • She if left infertile and unable to have children.
  • Declan tells Katie that is doesn’t matter but he is secretly disappointed as he had wanted a son to inherit his fortune.
  • Atie begins to regret marrying Declan and she decides to leave indefinitely after talking to Andy about her problems.
  • Atie returns the following week, hoping to mend her marriage, unaware that Declan had slept with Charity Sharma ( Emma Atkins ) in her absence.

Declan is initially hesitant about a reconciliation but takes her back and they leave for a weekend away. The couple also begin to consider IVF. Katie later considers accepting Steve Harland ‘s ( Tom Mannion ) offer to invest in a racehorse, but Declan buys it for her instead.

However, Katie tells Declan to return it to Steve when he buys the land Declan had hoped to use for another festival. When the body of Alex Moss (Kurtis Stacey) is found on the site Declan and Megan cover up the discovery. Katie is horrified by this and tries to convince them to confess, even though that would risk them going bankrupt or getting arrested.

Whilst confiding this to Chas, who knows about Declan’s fling with Charity, Chas jumps to conclusions and asks who Declan is sleeping with. Katie questions Chas about her reaction and she is forced to reveal to Katie about Declan and Charity’s one night stand.

Wanting revenge, Katie throws a party at Home Farm to “celebrate” the festival and invites Charity and her husband Jai Sharma ( Chris Bisson ). There, she reveals to the guests about Declan and Charity’s fling. Afterwards, she slaps Charity and throws a drink over her, before packing her bags and leaving.

Katie moves in with Chas and Cameron, now her boyfriend. After discovering that they are having money problems with their joint bank account, Katie moves in with Andy. Katie later tells Chas that she felt in the way as Andy had enough problems involving his ex-girlfriend Debbie Dingle ( Charley Webb ) and their children.

Adam Barton ( Adam Thomas ), Andy’s housemate, then invites Katie to move back in with him and Andy. They begin flirting and when Declan enters the pub and sees them together, he calls them pathetic when they toast to being “young, free and single.” They go home, late and drunk, but Adam sleeps on the sofa.

In the morning, they continue their flirting until Adam leaves and Andy warns Katie, telling her to tell Adam they are just friends as he had just come out of a relationship with Victoria. Katie later runs into Declan who tells her that he believes she will learn to forgive him.

After meeting Adam at the pub again, they continue to flirt. They later left the pub together and return home. Katie calls Declan and tells him to come to Andy’s so that they can talk. Declan walks in on Katie and Adam, having sex on the sofa. Katie reveals that she had set it up to prove to Declan that they were finished and that there was no future for them.

Adam is angry with Katie for using him to hurt Declan. Declan is devastated by this and threatens to evict Andy for helping Katie hurt him. Andy tells Katie that she had changed and she had to do what she could to help him and his children. Katie goes to see Declan and convinces him to give her another chance, explaining that the only thing keeping them apart was the dead body on the estate.

  1. She tells him that for them to stand a chance of a reconciliation, he had to tell the police about the discovery.
  2. Andy remains unsure of Katie plan.
  3. Atie meets Declan before the launch of the festival, and confesses that there was no hope of a reconciliation for them, that she had never wanted him back and had lied to him about wanting another chance.

Declan admits that he had not told the police about the body and had no intention of doing so. Katie threatens to report Declan and the body discovery to the police herself, but decides against it, knowing Declan could afford to bribe the workers to cover up the incident.

  • Despite this, Declan is still suspicious of Katie and fears that she will reveal his secret and he later tells Megan that she had been right about Katie all along.
  • Atie is shocked to discover Declan had ordered his secretary Nicola King ( Nicola Wheeler ) spy on her.
  • Later, Katie walks in on Declan flirting with two girls he had met at the launch, Erica and Helen in order to make her jealous.

Katie tells him that she hates him and wanted a divorce, throwing her wedding ring at him. When Katie discovers Declan had let her horses out of the stables and free into the village, she enlists Adam’s help to round them back up and apologizes to him for using him, but her forgives her and reveals that he did not mind as he was attracted to her.

Adam convinces his mother Moira ( Natalie J Robb ) to allow Katie to keep her stables at Butler’s Farm. Katie then tells Declan of her intentions and he tears up her business contract for Home Farm and tells her that is glad to be rid of her. Victoria (now Isobel Hodgins ) returns from a holiday intending to reunite with Adam and Declan tells her about Adam sleeping with Katie.

Victoria moves in with Andy and her animosity towards Katie due to her affair with Robert, is reignited when Victoria orders Katie to move out, and Andy defends her. Katie attends Brenda Walker ( Lesley Dunlop ) and Bob Hope ‘s ( Tony Audenshaw ) “handfasting” ceremony.

  1. After Gennie is killed in a car crash, Katie gives Brenda flowers and offers her condolences.
  2. Atie also makes her peace with Victoria and later comforts Chas over her loss.
  3. Declan finds Katie mourning Gennie alone and offers his comfort.
  4. He tries to make amends with her, but she mistakenly believes that was only showing concern as he wanted to know if she would tell anyone about the body and she leaves angrily.

Nicola offers to get Katie’s belongings from Home Farm for her, but she refuses, deciding to go herself. Nicola attempts to get Declan to rehire Katie and allow her to bring her business back to Home Farm, but he refuses. Katie tells Chas about the body and Chas advises her to keep it to herself in case she implicated herself in the cover-up.

  • Still upset over Gennie’s death and after reminiscing to Brenda about Gennie, Katie makes an anonymous phone call to the police and reports the dead body.
  • Fearing that Declan would attempt to implicate her in the cover up, Katie leaves the village.
  • Whilst she is away, the police, investigating Alex’s murder, suspect Declan of killing her in order to silence her over Alex’s death.

Katie returns for Alan Turner ‘s ( Richard Thorp ) funeral. She is happy to see Andy again but is unnerved by Declan’s hostility towards her. Katie stays with Declan briefly at Home Farm before demanding he help her find a new home and she moves into Debbie’s old house, Tug Ghyll.

Declan later gives Katie some papers, telling her they are just finalisations of their divorce but Robbie tells her that since her name is on the deeds to Andy’s house, her signing the papers would give Declan permission to sell the property. Katie arranges a meeting with businessman Gil Keane ( David Easter ) who wants to buy all the properties that Declan is selling and refuses to allow the sale of Andy’s house.

Without the full set of properties, Gil withdraws his offer. Upon discovering this, Declan is enraged and confronts Katie and threatens her but leaves when Diane Sugden ( Elizabeth Estensen ) comes in. Katie flirts with Ross Barton ( Michael Parr ) after meeting him at Home Farm.

  • Declan sees the together and accuses Katie of helping Ross when he discovers that Ross had been stealing cars from guests at a wedding event he was hosting.
  • Ross later meets Katie again and she tells him that she knows he had stolen Declan’s car and the others, but she doesn’t care as Declan deserved it.

They flirt and have a drink together but it doesn’t go any further. Katie goes on a date with Adam and Victoria admits that she is okay with them seeing each other. However, when two men invite Katie and Victoria to go to a casino night at Home Farm, Diane convinces Katie to go and look out for Victoria.

  1. Whilst there, Katie and Robbie witness Declan hit Megan.
  2. Atie goes to Butler’s Farm to make sure Adam is unhurt after being beaten up by some loan sharks at the farm.
  3. Atie continues to be pursued by Ross until he eventually bets Adam that he can’t seduce Katie.
  4. Adam accepts the bet and buys Katie a drink, later taking her home where he listens to her concerns about Declan lashing out at Megan.

Accepting his comfort, she kisses him, and they sleep together. Afterwards, Ross walks in on them, paying Adam and revealing the bet to Katie. Disgusted with Adam, she leaves. Adam later finds Katie in the Woolpack where she forgives him as she had used him to hurt Declan and now he had used her, making the quits.

Adam insists that he likes her and Andy encourages Adam to ask Katie out. She turns him down, indifferent. Katie later clears the air with vet Vanessa Woodfield ( Michelle Hardwick ), who previously accidentally caused the death of Katie’s favourite horse. Vanessa convinces Katie to make a go of things with Adam and just have fun.

Katie tells Adam that she likes him and asks to be friends. However, when they end up bonding at Butler’s Farm, they end up kissing. They are interrupted by Ross but Katie makes him leave and kisses Adam again. The next morning, Moira and Zak Dingle ( Steve Halliwell ) learn that Katie had spent the night with Adam.

Adam and Katie begin dating, but Adam is jealous when he discovers Katie flirting with his cousin Pete Barton ( Anthony Quinlan ). He eventually tells her that he doesn’t mind if their relationship is nothing more than a bit of fun, but wants where he stands. Katie makes dinner for him and apologises for making him feel insecure.

He asks to move in with her, but she refuses, telling him that she had only just got her freedom back. He moves in with Andy instead. When Chas returns from a holiday in France, Katie helps repair her relationship with Adam’s uncle, James Barton ( Bill Ward ).

When Adam discovers that James is his father, he goes on a downward spiral. After getting drunk, he causes an accident on the farm in which Andy is injured. Katie looks after Andy whilst he recovers and Sarah. Andy is unable to forgive Adam for causing his injury and when Adam accuses Andy of using his injury to gain sympathy and reminds of his previous nervous breakdown and his domestic violence towards Jo, Katie is angered by Adam’s insensitivity and demands that he apologize.

Adam refuses and accuses Katie of still having feelings for Andy. Katie then finishes with him, calling him childish and pathetic. Andy and Katie grow close once more as she helps him recover from his injuries. They end up kissing, witnessed by Andy’s current girlfriend Bernice Blackstock ( Samantha Giles ).

Bernice attacks Katie in the street and Andy finishes with her. Andy tracks Katie down and asks if they can get back together. Katie agrees but decides on keeping it a secret initially. On Katie’s 28th birthday Andy proposes to her and she accepts. In October, Robert (now Ryan Hawley ), returns to the village and moves into Home Farm with his new fiancée Chrissie White ( Louise Marwood ).

Andy and Katie are not happy to see him and an argument breaks out in which Andy punches Robert when he insults Katie. Katie is confused by her old feelings for Robert but when he flirts with her in the stables, she tells him she hates him and he disgusts her.

Chrissie’s father Lawrence ( John Bowe ), who dislikes Robert and wants to get him out of Chrissie’s life offers Katie to rent the tenancy of Wylie’s Farm for a lower price for her and Andy if she helps him expose Robert as a cheat by seducing him in a honey-trap. Katie considers the offer but when Andy finds out he is furious and confronts Lawrence, telling him to stay away from him and Katie.

Lawrence apologizes and offers to give them the farm for free. Andy and Katie agree to the offer. Diane later offers to give Katie and Andy her and Andy’s adoptive father, Jack ‘s ( Clive Hornby ) wedding rings for the ceremony. Robert is furious about this and steals the rings and pays for them to be engraved.

On Christmas Day 2014, Andy and Katie marry, for the second time. During the wedding ceremony, Katie discovers that Robert had engraved insults on the rings, referring to Andy as “village idiot” and Katie as “village bike”. Enraged Katie orders Robert, who had been attending the wedding after calling a truce with Andy, to leave the church with Chrissie.

When he tries to apologise for sabotaging the rings, Katie swears revenge on him. She later tells Andy that she wants rid of Robert from their lives but he tells her not to let him get to her and that they should focus on their future together and moving into Wylie’s Farm.

Atie is later suspicious when she discovers that Robert had left Chrissie’s son Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) alone whilst he had supposedly gone on a business meeting, during which time Lachlan had collapsed after overdosing on a legal high. Believing him to be having an affair, she later looks at his mobile phone and discovers texts from someone with a name beginning with “A”.

Katie accuses Robert of having an affair with Alicia Metcalfe ( Natalie Anderson ) but is later proved wrong and is humiliated. Chas later convinces Katie to give her cousin Belle Dingle ( Eden Taylor-Draper ) a job at the stables. Katie sympathises with Belle, who has a manslaughter conviction after accidentally killing one of her friends, Gemma Andrews (Tendai Rinomhota) in a fight, and tells Belle of her own experience with her involvement in Miss Strickland’s death.

  1. Belle and Katie become close and Katie discovers that Belle is suffering from delusions and hearing Gemma’s voice in her head.
  2. When she comforts Belle and convinces her to tells her parents, Belle attacks Katie, biting her and locks herself in Katie’s car.
  3. Atie informs Belle’s parents Zak and Lisa Dingle ( Jane Cox ) and they convince Belle that she needs help.
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When Andy and Katie visit Chrissie and Robert in order to finalise the purchase of Wylie’s Farm, Chrissie attempts to clear the air with Katie, telling her that they could be friends but Katie warns her that Robert is cheating on her and that he will never change.

She also warns Robert that she is keeping an eye on him. When Katie overhears Robert making a phone call for a hotel booking, she is convinced that he is arranging a night away with his secret lover and convinces Chrissie to follow Robert with her to the hotel to catch him in the act. When Chrissie confronts Robert, he tells her that he had been arranging a romantic night away for the two of them.

Chrissie is furious with Katie and warns her to stay away from them. Andy also asks Katie to give up her vendetta against Robert, but Robert later visits Katie and threatens her, warning her that she will “get burnt if she plays with fire”. When Katie threatens to befriend Chrissie again and get close to him so she can find out what he is up to, an enraged Robert torches the caravan Andy and Katie are staying in whilst awaiting the move to Wylie’s.

Atie accuses Robert of starting the fire but he laughs off her concerns and she is forced to back down. Andy grows despairing of Katie and considers ending their marriage and she begs him for another chance, and apologizes to Robert for her behavior. Despite this Robert convinces Chrissie to back out of the deal with Wylie’s Farm and Robert takes pleasure in informing Katie of this.

When Katie attempts to talk to Chas about her suspicions and frustrations over Robert, Chas is skeptical and she and Katie fall out when Katie makes a remark about Gennie. Chas’ son Aaron Livesy ( Danny Miller ) then tells Katie that he knows Robert is having an affair and tells her to come to Wylie’s Farm the next day, the day of Robert and Chrissie’s wedding.

  • When Andy discovers that Robert and Chrissie have pulled out of the farm deal, he furiously confronts Katie and tells her not to attend the wedding and considers moving out and ending their marriage.
  • Atie goes for a ride on her horse and receives a text message from Aaron telling her to go to Wylie’s Farm.

Katie arrives to discover Robert and Aaron kissing and is shocked to discover that Aaron is the person Robert has been having an affair with. Katie takes a picture of them on her mobile phone. Aaron leaves and Katie confronts Robert, happy to have the upper hand on him.

He pleads with her not to tell Chrissie and offers to give her and Andy the farm again for free but she refuses his offer and makes to leave, telling him that she intends to tell Chrissie about him and Aaron and show her the picture. Robert turns aggressive and snatches Katie’s phone off her but the keypad is locked.

Robert refuses to let her leave until she agrees not to tell Chrissie about his affair. Katie charges at him and he pushes her to the ground forcefully. The floor gives way and Katie falls to her death. Robert checks the body and calls Aaron back to the scene.

Asked By: Morgan Wood Date: created: Jun 28 2023

What happened between Diane and Mack in Emmerdale

Answered By: Raymond Perez Date: created: Jun 30 2023

Jerry “Mack” Mackinley was a builder who lived in Emmerdale for about a year in the early 2000s, during which time he embarked on a relationship with Diane Blackstock, Mack and Syd Woolfe turned up in the village in March 2002, to work on Café Hope, the café Viv Hope was wanting to open in the village.

Viv, who had recently been fighting with her husband Bob, instantly tried to make Bob jealous by turning on her charm. Mack later had a date with Diane Blackstock, and at the start was not too happy about Diane’s plans for a relationship. After a talk about their relationship, Diane felt upset after Mack’s rejection, but soon he regretted his decision, after Brian Addyman started to get designs on Diane, and tried to get back with her.

In May 2002, Mack moved into the B&B, partly to be closer to Diane. But later Mack started to get worried again, wondering if he and Diane were getting a little too serious with nights in. Syd, not to keen on the idea of Mack and Diane tried to break them up by inviting an ex of Mack’s, Miranda, to go out with him, Mack and another girl on a double date.

After a serious of misunderstandings, reconciliation’s and other things too Mack and Diane finally parted ways. Now free and single, Mack and Syd bet over which of them would sleep with Angie Reynolds first. Syd managed to sleep with Angie first. In 2003, Mack slept with Nicola Blackstock, after telling her that he loved her – just a trick to get her into bed.

Then not too long after that Mack moved in with Syd, Scott Windsor and Chloe Atkinson but was kicked out after Syd found out that Mack had been trying to take over his job. Edna Birch took pity on Mack when she found him sleeping in his truck. He took advantage of her generosity by taking her biscuit-tin savings replacing it when he got the first instalment on the village hall repairs payment from Jarvis Skelton,

Asked By: Neil Jackson Date: created: Jun 21 2023

Who is Chloe’s baby daddy in Emmerdale

Answered By: Oliver Mitchell Date: created: Jun 24 2023

Emmerdale fans reckon they’ve sussed out a huge twist in store for Chloe Harris and Mackenzie Boyd. Fans of the ITV soap will be well aware that Mackenzie cheated on Charity Dingle with Chloe, which lead to her falling pregnant with baby Reuben. Despite his affair with Chloe, Mack eventually tied the knot with Charity on the same day baby Reuben was born.

  1. After finding out about Mack’s infidelity Charity ended their relationship, and he has now committed himself to Chloe and baby Reuben.
  2. However, in a shocking twist, Charity and Mackenzie shared a steamy night together earlier this week just hours before Reuben’s christening.
  3. Actress Emma Atkins has confirmed that her character will be at the centre of a huge storyline with Chloe and Mackenzie during super soap week.

Fans predict that part of the plot could be a DNA twist proving that Mackenzie isn’t the biological father of baby Reuben. The Mirror reports that prior to Chloe sleeping with Mackenzie, she had romantically pursued Noah Dingle, Jacob Gallagher and Nate Robinson. Lawrence joined Emmerdale back in 2020, with his recent storyline seeing Mackenzie become the father of Chloe’s son Reuben. (Image: ITV) Taking to social media, fans speculated whether Noah, Jacob or Nate could be the dad in a shock twist. One person tweeted: “It’s going to all kick off when it turns out the father of Chloe’s baby is Nate.

Emmerdale”, a different account put: “#Emmerdale Chloe’s baby looks like Noah” while another viewer added: “The child still could be Nate’s there has been no DNA test Chloe just told Mack he is the dad she could be wrong.” Elsewhere, a different account put: “Charity is not a girl to be messed with.

Still don’t think Macs the father.Why hasn’t anyone done a DNA test”, another said: “Charity will have the last laugh” while another added: “Chloe has been annoying me for ages, why doesn’t Mack get a DNA test, pretty sure the baby isn’t his. She is very dodgy.” It comes as Charity star Emma teased about the upcoming super soap week to Digital Spy : “I’m very excited! Some super soap weeks I don’t manage to be part of, which is just the way it goes.

So to be at the centre and for it to be quite a big storm brewing – not literally a storm, we’ve done that! I just know that it’s going to be spectacular in one way or another and we’re due to get the scripts shortly, but it’s going to be quite big.” Teasing further details, Emma added: “I think the future will very much be about her confronting those issues, because it’s left her quite broken.

At the moment she’s too broken to deal with anything, but she’s just letting people know it’s in her arsenal, it’s there, it’s not going away, it’s not dying down. She was hoping very much for it to do that and it’s not, it’s got worse.” Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on STV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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Is Chloe pregnant in Emmerdale

Answered By: Gabriel Rivera Date: created: Mar 15 2024

Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale ‘s Chloe Harris turns to her sister Amy Wyatt for support in Monday’s episode (September 25), Chloe confides in Amy when she thinks that she might be pregnant, just six months after the arrival of her and Mackenzie Boyd’s son Reuben, ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Dingle family triumph with Inside Soap Awards win Mackenzie is speechless and asks what’s going on, forcing Chloe to explain the tell-tale signs that she might be expecting another baby. Much to Chloe’s surprise, Mackenzie’s joy goes into overdrive as he excitedly looks forward to becoming a father again.

  1. He’s particularly thrilled over his chance to enjoy the aspects he missed out on first time round, when he was keeping a distance from Chloe.
  2. Chloe’s recent doubts over Mackenzie’s commitment are finally stamped out as he spontaneously proposes to her, but is he doing it for the right reasons? Jessie Elland, who plays Chloe, recently explained: “Chloe loves Reuben but is definitely overwhelmed with the experience of being a new mum, so her initial reaction to the baby news is one of worry – not only about how she will cope, but if it will put a strain on her relationship with Mackenzie.

But I think ultimately she would want a sibling for Reuben.” ITV Related: Emmerdale reveals new baby drama for Chloe Harris in 18 spoiler pictures On Mackenzie’s proposal to Chloe, Jessie continued: “It definitely takes her by surprise because she had convinced herself that Mackenzie would not react positively to the pregnancy.

“She loves Mackenzie and does want to marry him – in her eyes that’s the perfect ending for the family she has started.” Emmerdale bosses have already confirmed that Chloe will discover she’s not pregnant after all, in scenes airing later this week. This sparks further doubts for Chloe, as she fears Mackenzie will no longer be interested in their engagement once she shares the truth with him.

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Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX. Read more Emmerdale spoilers on our dedicated homepage Daniel has been writing about soaps on Digital Spy since 2004 and took over as Soaps Editor in 2010. He has interviewed hundreds of soap stars over the years, from Bill Roache to Lacey Turner, and regularly visits the sets of Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks for behind-the-scenes trips and press events.

Do Mac and Chloe get together in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale ‘s Mackenzie Boyd proposes to Chloe Harris next week after learning that she might be pregnant again. Mack becomes determined to prove his commitment to Chloe when it seems that their new family set-up will be expanding further. ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Charles Anderson attacks Tom King in dramatic scene Although Mack is taken by surprise, it’s clear that he’s delighted as he goes on to pop the question. Chloe is elated and accepts the proposal. As the week continues, Mack and Chloe share their news with more of their closest family and friends. ITV Related: Emmerdale star Joe-Warren Plant responds to Matthew Wolfenden exit news Later, Chloe reveals to Amy that she isn’t pregnant after all as her period has arrived. She prepares to break the news to Mack, but can’t do it when he talks lovingly about their unborn child.

Emmerdale star Joe-Warren Plant confirms new romance for Jacob Gallagher Emmerdale ‘s Lydia Dingle confronts Craig Reed in new scenes Emmerdale ‘s Victoria Barton sacked by Gabby Thomas after Jacob incident Emmerdale reveals first look as EastEnders star appears in Gail storyline 9 huge Emmerdale spoilers for this week Emmerdale star Lewis Cope reveals real-life friendship with Rosie Bentham Emmerdale star Flo Wilson responds to shock death storyline

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX. Read more Emmerdale spoilers on our dedicated homepage Daniel has been writing about soaps on Digital Spy since 2004 and took over as Soaps Editor in 2010. He has interviewed hundreds of soap stars over the years, from Bill Roache to Lacey Turner, and regularly visits the sets of Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks for behind-the-scenes trips and press events.

What were Mack and Bobbi hiding?

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: What are Bobbi Morse and Mack really after? Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Read at your own risk. Are there more Hydra traitors in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s midst? During Tuesday’s midseason return of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Viewers finally learned part of the secret Bobbi Morse (Adrianne Palicki) and Mack (Henry Simmons) have been keeping from Coulson (Clark Gregg) and his team: They’re searching for Nick Fury’s toolbox.
  • Does that mean they’re actually working for Hydra? “It’s not wrong to assume it,” executive producer Jed Whedon says.

“We’ve all been burned by Hydra before. We’re a little shell-shocked.” But Palicki insists it might not be so black and white. “They do have a secret, but whatever they’re doing, they think is the right thing,” the actress says. “It’s not necessarily malicious, but you have to keep an open mind.” Interjects co-star Nick Blood: “Hitler thought he was doing the right thing.” “Good point,” Palicki replies.

Whatever their intentions may be, Simmons says, “This secret that they have is gonna have quite an impact on the team.” That will be particularly true when it comes to Bobbi and Hunter (Blood), who have just started to rekindle their relationship. But Bobbi lied point-blank to Hunter during Tuesday’s episode, explaining that the secret they’ve been keeping is that they’re members of a support group.

“He knows her too well to believe anything she says, really,” Blood says. “He’s always on guard, always suspicious. With most people, and probably particularly with her, he’s been let down too many times in the past to take it on face value. When you care about someone, you want to believe that they’re telling you the truth.

Who is Mack to Moira?

Mackenzie ‘Mack’ Boyd is the long-lost younger brother of Moira Dingle, the father of Reuben Harris, and the husband of Charity Dingle.

Asked By: Harold Lopez Date: created: Jun 19 2023

Who is Mackenzie’s lover in Emmerdale

Answered By: Fred Harris Date: created: Jun 21 2023

Emmerdale actor Lawrence Robb quickly won fans over when he first arrived on screen three years ago back in 2020. His character, Mackenzie Boyd, has had his fair share of dramas ever since he was introduced as Moira Barton’s long-lost younger brother.

More recently he’s become embroiled in a love triangle after cheating on Charity Dingle with Chloe Harris, Liverpool Echo reports, Shortly after Mackenzie and Charity said “I do”, it was revealed that Mackenzie had actually fathered Chloe’s baby, Reuben. Thankfully for Mackenzie star Lawrence, his real life is a far cry from that of his soap alter-ego.

The 31-year-old, who hails from Kilmacolm, Scotland, is believed to be loved up with actress, writer and director Joanne Thomson, OK! reports. Throughout her career, Joanne has starred in a number of TV series including as DS Lisa Harvey in BBC One drama The Victim, ITV ‘s In Plain Sight and BAFTA-winning BBC drama The Suffragettes.

The couple frequently share photos of each other on Instagram, especially on their holidays abroad. They have been sailing on a yacht in Croatia, as well as had trips to Edinburgh, Venice and California. Lawrence also regularly posts snaps of his adorable dachshunds named Peaches and Pip on his social media feeds.

In addition to his acting skills, Lawrence is also a talented singer after he studied musical theatre and has shared an acoustic cover of Stand By Me to his followers which saw him playing the keyboard while covering the Ben E. King hit. Interestingly, Lawrence originally wanted to pursue a career in music and was professionally trained in musical theatre before being bitten by the acting bug.

Who is Mack sleeping with?

Episode 9763 | Airs Wednesday 23 August 2023 at 19:30 on ITV1 Mackenzie heads round cap in hand to grovel to Charity to take up her generous offer. When they both end up emotional, Mackenzie and Charity fall into a passionate embrace. After the event, they are both a little embarrassed and Mack dashes out, leaving Charity to process the afternoon’s activity.

Asked By: Raymond Smith Date: created: Jul 07 2023

Does Charity find out about Mack cheating

Answered By: Herbert King Date: created: Jul 10 2023

Emmerdale viewers are convinced Mack and Charity will officially get back together as he is set to cheat on Chloe with his ex-wife. In upcoming episodes Mack appears to be back to his cheating ways as he sleeps with Charity just hours before his son’s christening.

As viewers know, Mack’s secret son with Chloe was born just minutes after he tied the knot with Charity Dingle. It didn’t take long for Charity to find out about his and Chloe’s fling, and the fact he was her son’s father. READ MORE: Emmerdale fave Charley Webb confirms ‘that’s a wrap’ as she concludes filming mysterious new TV role It led to them splitting up and Mack decided to start a romantic relationship with Chloe.

Things look to be going in the right direction for the couple as they have decided to have Reuben christened. It’s clear Mack still loves Charity and new spoilers for next week reveal the pair find themselves getting passionate once again. ITV have now shared new spoiler pictures where Mack and Charity can be seen locking lips.

  • Crouchlvr commented: “I hope they put charity back with Mack.
  • Him and that girl don’t belong together and these writers need to do one.” You can vote for Emmerdale’s biggest shock of all-time below.
  • You can also vote here @Simonelivesey93 wrote: “I lack the requisite words to describe, just how happy I am that charity and Mack are growing close again & away from that boring drip, Chloe.” @Tracey.ll said: “Put Charity back with Mack Chloe is so controlling.” @wardmaggie commented: “Yeess, Mack and Charity together again Please let it happen.” While @martine5martin added: “Oh love it charity and Mack make a great couple, Chloe isn’t the one for him.” LeedsLive has launched a WhatsApp community and anyone who joins will get the latest breaking news and top stories sent direct to their phone.

To join click here Story Saved You can find this story in My Bookmarks. Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right.

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Who does Charity end up with

Answered By: Isaac Long Date: created: Feb 08 2023

‘The Bachelorette’ recap: Charity’s journey ends with engagement to Dotun Charity Lawson’s journey as “The Bachelorette” concluded on Monday night with her engagement to Dotun Olubeko. The couple spoke to “Good Morning America” following their engagement, with Dotun sharing, “It couldn’t have went down better.” Reflecting on their epic proposal, Charity said, “I did black out a little bit, It’s a crucial week in Fiji as Charity navigates the surprise of Aaron’s return and introduces two men to her family. A live studio audience watches as Jesse Palmer sits down with Charity and her final three men to watch the conclusion of her journey.

  1. The road to their engagement was fraught with heartbreak though, as Charity had to say goodbye to Joey Graziadei in what was one of the most gut-wrenching eliminations Bachelor Nation has ever seen.
  2. Charity’s family instantly “connected” with Joey for his “genuine” responses to their questions and the importance of family in his life.

His final date with Charity left him even more confident that he would be placing a ring on her finger. Dotun’s meeting with Charity’s parents, on the other hand, was a little rocky, with her mother noting in a confessional that his “manner” and “swag” had a similarity to type of men Charity tended to gravitate toward in the past, and ultimately broke her heart. It’s a crucial week in Fiji as Charity navigates the surprise of Aaron’s return and introduces two men to her family. A live studio audience watches as Jesse Palmer sits down with Charity and her final three men to watch the conclusion of her journey.

However, the news wasn’t all bad for Joey, who was revealed as the new Bachelor, and told host Jesse Palmer during Monday night’s episode that he’s looking for “someone that’s themself that can I can be truthfully be a partner with, someone that challenges me, someone that I can challenge, I want someone to do life with.” “I just want someone to be my person and know that at the end of the day, regardless of what we face, we’re gonna be more than happy enough together,” he added.

Also during Monday’s live “Bachelorette” season 20 finale, the news was announced that for the show’s 32nd season. : ‘The Bachelorette’ recap: Charity’s journey ends with engagement to Dotun

How did Edna leave Emmerdale?

Storylines – Having lived in the village for many years, Edna first appears when she opposes the matching of local vicar Ashley Thomas ( John Middleton ) and pub landlady Bernice Blackstock ( Samantha Giles ). Edna is pleased when her teenage granddaughter Eve Birch (Raine Davison) comes to live with her, however, Eve becomes involved in a hit-and-run accident with her boyfriend, Marc Reynolds ( Anthony Lewis ), which kills her teacher.

  1. Eve manipulates Edna into believing Marc is a bad influence and Edna refuses to believe stories of Eve’s misbehaviour until her friend Betty Eagleton ( Paula Tilbrook ) spots Eve kicking Edna’s beloved dog Batley (Bracken).
  2. Finally seeing her true colours, Edna sends Eve back to live with her father, Peter Birch ( Philip Bird ), in France.

Edna is heartbroken when Batley becomes ill and has to be put down ; she struggles with his death. When vet Paddy Kirk ( Dominic Brunt ) finds a homeless dog, Tootsie (Sky/Dusty), he asks Edna to care for her. Despite her initial reluctance, Edna agrees and she brings happiness into her life. Edna is accidentally run over by Sam Dingle, Edna befriends Len Reynolds ( Peter Martin ), who develops feelings for her. She does not reciprocate these feelings and tells Len, although she is displeased when he begins dating Pearl Ladderbanks ( Meg Johnson ).

  1. Edna struggles to warm to Pearl, but is the only person to defend the couple when Pearl’s son, convicted rapist Frank Bernard Hartbourne (Rob Parry), comes to live with them.
  2. Pearl and Edna bond over the trouble they have with their respective sons and become close friends.
  3. When Len dies, Edna is devastated and briefly falls out with Pearl over Len’s feelings for Edna.

After learning that her grandmother was a prostitute, Edna becomes ashamed and briefly goes into hiding. Whilst walking Tootsie, Edna becomes the victim of a hit-and-run accident, falling into a ditch and breaking her hip. Her lifeless body is discovered by Shadrach Dingle ( Andy Devine ) who steals from her purse.

  1. The blame initially falls onto Cain Dingle ( Jeff Hordley ) as his car was involved, but Sam Dingle ( James Hooton ) later admits responsibility.
  2. After needing a new boiler, Edna accepts a loan from local businessman Tom King ( Ken Farrington ) to buy one.
  3. To pay the loan back, Tom suggests that she become his personal assistant as he would prefer someone efficient rather than the glamorous yet incompetent young women favoured by his sons.
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Edna and Tom soon become close friends and he often turns to her for advice. Edna sometimes found the company challenging to manage, causing her to clash with Tom’s sons, Jimmy King ( Nick Miles ) and Matthew King (Matt Healy), and quit when Tom retired.

Edna joins Tom when he starts Home Farm Estates. While she does not always agree with Tom, Edna believes he is a good person and soon falls for him; she is consequently disappointed when he marries Rosemary Sinclair ( Linda Thorson ). Peter later arrives in the village to ask his mother to attend Eve’s wedded blessing in France.

Edna refuses as she resents Peter’s rejection of her faith and believes that she failed to care for Eve properly. Edna is persuaded to attend the blessing, where she reunites with her estranged sister, Lily Butterfield ( Anne Charleston ). Back in the village, Edna confides in Tom that Lily is Peter’s biological mother and she adopted him as a baby.

  • Tom uses this information to blackmail her into not revealing his family’s involvement in the show home disaster, ending their friendship.
  • Consequently, Edna tells Peter the truth about his parentage, but he does not respond well and rejects Edna.
  • She then resigns from her job working for Tom.
  • Despite this, she is sad to learn of his death soon after.

Months later, Tootsie begins to feel unwell and is examined by vet Hari Prasad (John Nayagam), who finds her close to giving birth. Edna is surprised but Tootsie gives birth to two healthy puppies. Lily arrives in the village and begins to grow cannabis in Home Form’s polytunnel, having found it more effective for her arthritis than prescription medicines.

The police invade Edna’s home and arrest Lily, so Edna evicts Lily in disgust. Lily later returns and during an argument, Edna admits that she resents her sister for being adventurous; they reconcile. Lily and her colleagues win a car worth £15,000 but Peter returns and makes Lily feel guilty, so she gives him the winning ticket.

Edna asks Peter to pay back the money but he refuses and explains that he feels that Lily owes him. Edna then tells Lily that he has agreed to pay the money back, but instead, she withdraws the money from her savings. Weeks later, Edna becomes suspicious of the relationship between Lily and Rodney Blackstock ( Patrick Mower ), especially when they disappear together.

  1. Rodney informs Edna that Lily has a brain aneurysm and has fled hospital before surgery.
  2. Although she is hurt over her sister’s secrecy, Edna convinces Lily to have the operation and asks her to move in with her while she recuperates.
  3. However, Lily soon feels smothered and moves back in with Pearl.
  4. When the King brothers start their own haulage business, Edna offers her help to receptionist Scarlett Nicholls ( Kelsey-Beth Crossley ).

However, she impresses Jimmy, who asks her to work for them; Edna agrees and they get along well. Jimmy needlessly worries that Edna has a crush on him. Edna and Scarlett bond and they bake a pie together for Scarlett to give to her boyfriend Daz Eden ( Luke Tittensor ).

  • Edna soon realises that she has lost her wedding ring, which Daz finds in the pie.
  • Despite Daz initially thinking that Scarlett was proposing marriage, Edna retrieves her ring.
  • After learning that the church will be closing, Edna and other villagers start a choir.
  • She also takes in Nicola De Souza ( Nicola Wheeler ) when she becomes homeless, but kicks her out after discovering that Nicola, David Metcalfe ( Matthew Wolfenden ) and Eric Pollard ( Chris Chittell ) have been plotting to sabotage the choir and buy and demolish the church.

Edna has to miss the choir competition to be with Lily at the hospital and despite their win, Bishop George informs the choir that the church will still close. Edna, a reformed Nicola and other parishioners are furious and stage a lock-in on Christmas Day, convincing Eric and David not to buy the church.

  1. Mark Wylde ( Maxwell Caulfield ) and Natasha Wylde ( Amanda Donohoe ) buy the church but gift it to the village.
  2. Sally Spode ( Siân Reeves ) begins lodging with Edna after being evicted by Ashley.
  3. Sally explains that she is terrified of her husband, vicar Vincent Spode (Antony Byrne), who beats her, so Edna suggests that Sally move in permanently.

Sally smashes Edna’s window and claims that Vincent did it, horrifying Edna, who later discovered the truth. When Sally accuses Ashley of abusing and torturing her, Edna informs Bishop George, who suspends Ashley pending investigation. Sally’s true colours are revealed, so Edna apologises to Ashley and confronts Sally, accusing her of torturing Ashley not vice versa.

  1. Sally later trashes the vicarage, shocking Edna and Ashley.
  2. Edna hates being fooled by Sally and confides in Betty, but she spreads the story around the village.
  3. Eve (now played by Suzanne Shaw ) returns to the village to live with Edna, delighting her.
  4. She struggles to find work, so Edna arranges her to start work as a farmhand at Moira Barton ‘s ( Natalie J.

Robb ) farm. The following year, Edna, Pearl and Betty are involved in a fire which runs through the village. Eve later leaves the village to start a life in Mexico, which pleases Edna. After Tootsie is diagnosed with spleen cancer, Jimmy encourages Edna to retire and spend time with her, which she decides to do.

  • Having stopped working and spent lots of money on Tootsie’s vet care, Edna struggles financially, peaking when Jimmy finds her unconscious due to not being able to afford heating or food.
  • Edna tries to hide her financial issues, but recovers after support from the community.
  • Ashley’s father, Sandy Thomas ( Freddie Jones ), becomes her lodger after needing a new home and to give Edna an income source.

They become close and are joined by Ashley and Edna’s relative, Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton), when she moves to the village. Following the death of his daughter Gemma Andrews (Tendai Rinomhota), Edna befriends and supports Dominic Andrews ( Wil Johnson ).

  • When Edna wins money on a scratch card, she anonymously leaves Dominic an envelope of money, which he uses to leave the village.
  • Edna develops a friendship with Aaron Livesy ( Danny Miller ), who is openly gay, and reveals to him that her dead husband, Harold Birch, was also gay and married her out of “convenience”, since homosexuality was a crime in the United Kingdom at the time.

She explains that Harold had a lover, Lawrence White ( John Bowe ), and she is jealous that Harold could never love her in the same way. Edna then admits to Sandy that she reported Lawrence to the police and he killed himself in prison. Sandy tries locating Lawrence’s grave in hope of giving Edna closure, but is shocked to discover that Lawrence is still alive.

Lawrence visits Edna and they make peace, although she struggles when he and his family move to the village. Edna is devastated to find her house robbed and her pension missing. It emerges that Belle Dingle ( Eden Taylor-Draper ) stole the money in a schizophrenia episode. Edna goes to stay with Lily in Bournemouth to conceal the fact that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer,

A few months later, Ashley receives a phone call from the hospital informing him that Edna’s condition has worsened. Ashley and Laurel then go to the hospital and return with Tootsie, breaking the news that Edna has died. Her death devastates her friends, particularly Sandy who is annoyed that he could not say goodbye.

Why did Edna leave Emmerdale?

Edna Birch. Edna Birch (Nee Burrows) was a long running character in Emmerdale. She first appeared in w:c:emmerdale:Episode 2697 (24th May 2000) although she had lived in the village for most of her life beforehand apart from a few years as a married woman.

She has a fiery temper but a good heart and is an w:c:emmerdale:Annie Sugden type matriarch of the village. She is now retired and lives at w:c:emmerdale:Woodbine Cottage with her pet dog w:c:emmerdale:Tootsie, Edna was played by actress w:c:emmerdale:Shirley Stelfox, In December 2015, Shirley Stelfox died after a short illness.

She had already filmed her last scenes as Edna even though she hoped to return to the show once she was better. In w:c:emmerdale:Episode 7492 (3rd May 2016) Edna died off-screen after a battle with ovarian cancer.

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When did Mac leave Emmerdale

Answered By: Diego Johnson Date: created: Nov 23 2023

Jerry ‘Mack’ Mackinley

Jerry ‘Mack’ Mackinley
Portrayed by Rob Dixon
Duration 2002–2003
First appearance 25 March 2002
Last appearance 16 April 2003

Who is Matty dating on Emmerdale?

Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale ‘s Ash Palmisciano has discussed his character Matty Barton’s romance with girlfriend Amy Wyatt following Matty’s shock revenge against Suzy Merton. Palmisciano has opened up about the state of Matty’s relationship with Amy, revealing that “he doesn’t really do well with communicating his feelings”. ITV Related: Emmerdale star on future of baby storyline “He’s quite a closed character in what he’s really thinking so I think he would rather deal with this himself than talk to Amy about it. “She senses something is wrong as she always does, and tries to offer support, but he’s like a one-man wolfpack, he wants to deal with it on his own,” he explained. ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Amelia Spencer addresses questions over child’s father “They make such a sweet couple, and she is such a good support to him. I do think they are soulmates, and they have each other’s best interests at heart, but you never know.” Last year, Matty made a big decision regarding the next stage of his gender affirmation and revealed to those closest to him that he’s booked an assessment for lower surgery.

Palmisciano hopes to see Matty go through with the surgery eventually but revealed that he is in no rush and “when the time is right, it could be something really exciting to explore”. “I think it will be cool to do because it’s never been done in a soap before or on TV really in a drama.” Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.

Read more Emmerdale spoilers on our dedicated homepage

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Who was Scott’s girlfriend in Emmerdale

Answered By: Clifford Brooks Date: created: Jun 08 2023

Character casting and development – Nuttall was eighteen when she was cast in the role. Whilst interviewed by the Metro, Atkinson has stated that she didn’t get Chloe’s maneater label, adding: “It’s funny because all my headlines include the word ‘maneater’ and I have only snogged two, no three, members of the cast on-screen.

  • I’m a bit fed up of being called a soap siren.” Nuttall would sometimes get stopped in the street by viewers shouting at her regarding Chloe’s behaviour.
  • On Chloe’s sexy image, Nuttall believed that she did not wear “outrageously sexy clothes”.
  • She was also thankful that the costume department never gave her mini skirts to wear.

Chloe begins a relationship with Scott Windsor ( Ben Freeman ). Off-screen Nuttall and Freeman were in a relationship. The actress told Ruki Sayid from the Daily Mirror that when they filmed Chloe and Scott’s first kiss, the director guessed that they were romantically involved.

  1. One storyline depicts Chloe starting an affair with Scott’s best friend Syd Woolfe ( Nathan Gladwell ).
  2. Chloe becomes annoyed with Scott’s illegal car scam business.
  3. Syd then orchestrates the affair after he lodges in Chloe and Scott’s home.
  4. When Scott discovers their infidelity he rages at Chloe.
  5. But Gladwell told Steve Hendry from the Sunday Mail that “There’s no doubt he blames Syd”.

Nuttall viewed it as her first notable storyline. She was also pleased to portray “a bit of naughtiness” that saw Chloe drop her “Miss Goody-Two-Shoes” image. The actress found intimate bedroom scenes with Gladwell challenging to film because of the crew and her romance with Freeman.

  • The actress revealed to an Inside Soap reporter that it was her “magic moment” because she found it “fun”.
  • She also liked that there were “lots of argument scenes” and the chance to slap Freeman.
  • In March 2004, Nuttall told Alex Tate from The People that Chloe would be embroiled in many storylines.
  • She explained that her character would become “much naughtier”.

Chloe begins by falsely accusing Syd of beating her up and developing an attraction to another character. Nuttall added that “in fact, she becomes a bit of a gold digger.” In August 2004, it was announced that Nuttall quit Emmerdale to pursue a singing career and raise her profile.

  • Her decision to quit followed a performance in front of 35,000 football fans at Old Trafford,
  • She had wanted to leave the soap opera for some time, adding “I will have been playing Chloe for four years this Christmas and although Emmerdale has been a fantastic experience, I feel that it’s time for something new.” Nuttall later explained to Lynne Michelle of the Sunday Mirror that Chloe had transformed into a psycho and confused viewers believed that she behaved like Chloe.

Teasing Chloe’s departure she stated that “I don’t quite know how it’s going to turn out for her but what goes around comes around, doesn’t it? Chloe’s got away with a lot and I hope she gets what she deserves.” In her final scenes Chloe is forced to leave the village when her deceit and lies are discovered.

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Who is Craig to Lydia in Emmerdale

Answered By: Oscar Russell Date: created: Jan 20 2024

This article contains discussions of rape and sexual assault that some readers may find upsetting. Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) threatened her attacker Craig Reed (Ben Addis) with police action in tonight’s Emmerdale (20th September), branding him a rapist.

  • Craig forced himself on Lydia earlier this month, then began gaslighting her by claiming she had wanted to have sex with him.
  • Lydia chose to keep her ordeal a secret from everyone, leading her to unintentionally push worried husband Sam (James Hooton) away.
  • Sam left for Ireland on Dingle family business, hurt that Lydia seemed to be avoiding him.

Meanwhile, Lydia ordered stepson Samson (Sam Hall) out of The Woolpack, where he was having lunch and drinks with Craig now that he was doing work experience at the man’s office. Samson was fuming with Lydia tonight, and told her to stop ruining his life.

  • Lydia then went to work as a cleaner at Craig’s office, told by his colleague that Craig would be annoyed to have missed her, as he was not there that day.
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  • You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • But Craig soon appeared as Lydia was looking through his cupboards, and she was terrified as he claimed that they wouldn’t be disturbed.

He blocked her from leaving, grabbing her arm and insisting that they needed to clear the air. Lydia was outraged when Craig referred to her problems with Sam, but she was soon scared again by his forceful behaviour. When he acted clueless, Lydia told him: “You know what you did.

  1. You raped me.” Craig denied the accusation, suggesting that she was sending out all the signals at the time.
  2. Lydia replied that she was frozen in fear and had told him no.
  3. Finally, Lydia told Craig she was quitting, and instructed him to tell Samson his work experience was over, or she was going to the police.

What will Lydia do next? Anyone affected by Lydia’s story can find support by visiting Rape Crisis, or calling our 24/7 Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Line on 0808 500 2222. Read more:

4 Emmerdale spoilers: Mack proposes to lying Chloe and Charles lashes out Emmerdale cast: who is leaving, returning to and joining the cast? What happened to Sadie King in Emmerdale? Patsy Kensit role explained

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Who played Scott Windsor girlfriend in Emmerdale

Answered By: Gabriel Wright Date: created: Dec 22 2023

1998–2007 – Two years later Scott returns, having been discharged from the army for ‘psychiatric reasons’, but it is eventually revealed this was because he was having an affair with a high-ranking officer’s wife. Scott and Kelly become closer and develop romantic feelings for each other.

  • They share their first kiss on Christmas Day 1998, just as Vic is being murdered by Billy Hopwood ( David Crellin ) in the post office.
  • Scott claims to be in love with Kelly and in 1999, as she prepares to marry Roy Glover ( Nicky Evans ), they begin sleeping together.
  • The stress of their affair takes its toll on Kelly and after discovering she is pregnant, Kelly attempts to commit suicide, leaving letters that told the truth about what they’d done.

Scott burns them but the truth is revealed by Donna who announces it in the pub and Kelly leaves for London soon afterwards. With Kelly gone, Scott tries to resume a normal life and begins dating newcomer Chloe Atkinson ( Amy Nuttall ). They move in together and, when their housemate Jason Kirk leaves, they are joined by builder Syd Woolfe (Nathan Gladwell).

  1. One night, Scott drives Zoe Tate ( Leah Bracknell ) home and, in the grip of schizophrenia, they have a one-night stand.
  2. This results in Zoe having baby Jean (Megan Pearson), whose paternity remains a mystery for months as Zoe cannot remember how she got pregnant.
  3. Scott does not tell anyone that he is the father and is horrified when Chloe becomes Jean’s nanny.

He tells Zoe that he is Jean’s father when she is seriously injured in hospital and they are horrified to learn that Jean was injured because Chloe hadn’t strapped Jean into her baby seat properly before sleeping with Syd. Zoe’s brother Chris ( Peter Amory ) furiously evicts them from Pear Tree Cottage and assumes that Scott raped Zoe as she is a lesbian.

When the police decide not to press charges, Chris launches a hate campaign against Scott, burning down the garage and having him beaten up before paying a stripper, Yolanda Howie (Charlotte Faber-Scott), to sleep with Scott and accuse him of rape. When Zoe discovers what Chris has done, she pays Yolanda to drop the charges if Scott signs away his rights to baby Jean.

Scott also dumps Chloe, unable to forgive her for cheating on him with Syd. When Chris commits suicide, Scott is delighted and is one of the few people who believes his wife Charity ( Emma Atkins ) is innocent – up to the point where he supports her story that Chris has framed her for his ‘murder’.

With Chris gone, Scott and Zoe get closer and begin raising Jean together. With Scott now working at Home Farm, Zoe begins relying on him more and more and in her loneliness, vulnerability, and her feelings that Jean should have a mother and father to help raise her, ends up kissing him. Although they try to have a romantic relationship, Zoe is obviously not attracted to Scott and ends it.

Scott becomes closer to his new stepsister Dawn Woods ( Julia Mallam ) who leaves her husband, stroke victim Terry (Billy Hartman), for Scott. When convicted rapist Frank Bernard Hartbourne (Rob Parry), Pearl Ladderbanks ‘s ( Meg Johnson ) son arrives in the village, Scott, due to a misunderstanding involving Donna, attacks Frank, and beats him up badly.

Facing an assault charge, Scott forces Dawn to lie for him – only to get his comeuppance a few days later when she retracts her statement. Scott later receives a twelve-month suspended sentence. Scott and Dawn reconcile after a short split but Scott is not in love with her and when he learns that Zoe is planning to emigrate and take Jean with her, Scott reacts badly.

He is delighted when Zoe asks him to go with them and be there for Jean, and thinks nothing of leaving Dawn but Zoe soon realises that Scott and Viv are plotting to stop them leaving. In revenge, she plots to make Scott think she is in love with him and he believes her, even proposing marriage but she refuses, claiming she would ‘rather stick needles in her eyes’.

  1. Scott, enraged, attacks Zoe and she stabs him with a syringe full of Ketamine in self-defence and stabs him a second time while he is unconscious.
  2. Paddy Kirk ( Dominic Brunt ) catches Zoe about to complete injecting Scott again and stops her but Scott is left fighting for his life.
  3. He makes a full recovery and is determined to get revenge, relishing the chance to take her to court for attempted murder.

However, his bullying of Paddy, the only witness, causes the case to collapse and Zoe is acquitted. Incensed, Scott takes Zoe, her nephew Joseph (Oliver Young) and employee Callum Rennie (Andrew Whipp) hostage at gunpoint and threatens to kill them all, including Jean.

  • Viv arrives and tries to talk Scott round, reminding him of what happened to Reg a decade before and Vic’s death.
  • Scott relents and releases the hostages.
  • He later attacks Paddy and accidentally hits Dawn while she and Marlon Dingle ( Mark Charnock ) try to restrain him.
  • Scott is arrested and sentenced to four months imprisonment.

Kelly is the only family member to attend court with him. Scott only serves half his sentence, due to good behaviour. After being paroled, Scott is horrified to discover Dawn has now moved on and is dating Danny Daggert ( Cleveland Campbell ). Scott schemes to split them up.

It works briefly but Dawn does not want Scott back and insists he moves out or she will report him to the police for punching Danny. Scott is forced to back down and vows to avenge himself. After learning Dawn has been doing various odd jobs to keep afloat, Scott reports her for benefit fraud and Dawn is arrested and consequently jailed for six weeks.

Everyone, including Viv, is horrified by his behaviour. Scott is then evicted and continues his crusade against Dawn. Dawn dies in a house explosion in July 2006 and Scott feels guilty for his shabby treatment of her and blames Dawn’s brother, Jamie Hope ( Alex Carter ) for not doing more to save her.

  1. Scott begins a relationship with his teen apprentice, Debbie Dingle ( Charley Webb ).
  2. The pair con Rodney Blackstock ( Patrick Mower ) and in revenge Rodney gets them to work on a car for a friend of his but refuses to pay them.
  3. Scott and Debbie confront Rodney in the pub and an angry Scott demands their money, but Len Reynolds ( Peter Martin ) intervenes and the couple leave humiliated.

This is Scott’s last appearance. Following this, Scott leaves the village to stay with an old army friend down in London selling stolen cars, leaving the garage in Debbie’s hands. On 4 January 2008, Scott phones Viv and tells her that he will not be returning and is putting Tug Ghyll up for sale.