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Is Rishi in Emmerdale dead

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Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale has revealed the cause of Rishi Sharma’s death. The whole Sharma-Thomas clan have been rocked following a tragic turn of events where Rishi was found dead on son Jai and Laurel’s wedding day. Jai has been consumed with guilt about whether stress had triggered Rishi’s well-known heart condition, as father and son had been rowing for weeks about Jai’s secret adoption as a child, ITV In Friday’s episode (August 4), Jai received some much-needed closure when the coroner’s office confirmed that Rishi’s heart condition was not a contributing factor in his death. “The coroner has confirmed the death as ‘accidental fall’,” Jai shared with Laurel. ITV “Please do not tell me to slow down, okay? Dad didn’t deserve any of this. I’m not going to let him down,” Jai insisted. Laurel begged her husband not to shut her out because she wanted to contribute to Rishi’s funeral as well. Later, Jai got upset when Suni made a joke about his own dad. ITV Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX. Read more Emmerdale spoilers on our dedicated homepage If you identify with the themes in this article, the NHS has resources available to help with grief counselling and other support in the UK. In the US, the CDC also has resources available for those grieving. Night News Editor Justin has been with Digital Spy since 2010, and in that time, has covered countless major news events for DS from the US. He has worked previously as both a reporter and sub editor for the brand, prior to taking on the position of Night News Editor in 2016.

Over more than a decade, he has interviewed a wide-ranging group of public figures, from comedian Steve Coogan to icons from the Star Trek universe, cast members from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and reality stars from numerous Real Housewives cities and the Below Deck franchise. As a US contributor to Digital Spy, Justin has also been on the ground to cover major pop culture events like the Star Wars Celebration and the D23 Expo.

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Who crashed in Emmerdale

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Emmerdale spoilers follow. Dramatic scenes are set to air on Emmerdale soon, as a clifftop car crash has been filmed in the past week. As reported by The Sun, ITV crew were spotted in Yorkshire filming the jaw-dropping footage, which is said to involve Chloe Harris as well as Mackenzie and Charity Boyd, ITV Related: Emmerdale star Flo Wilson teases Claudette’s shock discovery over Victor The dramatic storyline is expected to air in October for the annual Super Soap Week episodes. Emma Atkins, who plays Charity, recently told Digital Spy : “I’m very excited! Some Super Soap Weeks I don’t manage to be part of, which is just the way it goes.

So to be at the centre and for it to be quite a big storm brewing – not literally a storm, we’ve done that ! “I just know that it’s going to be spectacular in one way or another and we’re due to get the scripts shortly, but it’s going to be quite big.” Discussing the Charity, Chloe and Mackenzie story, executive producer Jane Hudson also told Inside Soap : “I think with that story, it’s safe to say the viewers know we do Super Soap Week in October.

If there is ever a plot to explode around that time, it’s a love triangle that involves Charity. So, I would watch this space for another couple of months.” Hudson recently announced that she is standing down from her position as executive producer next month. Reporter, Digital Spy George is a freelance writer who specialises in Movies and TV. After graduating with a degree in Film Studies and Journalism from De Montfort University, in which he analysed the early works of Richard Linklater for his dissertation, he wrote for several websites for GRV Media.

Who is leaving the soaps in 2023?

Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) – BBC Status: Leaving When: 2024 More info: Casualty legend Charlie Fairhead bows out from the show in 2024, with a fitting final storyline after 37 years in the show. Derek Thompson, who plays Charlie, commented: “The time has come for me to hang up Charlie’s scrubs after the most wonderful 37 years.

Charlie Fairhead was inspired by a real nurse – Pete Salt. Together with the writers and producers, I have tried to bring to Charlie the compassion, kindness, heroism and sound judgement that we all see and love in Pete and I want to say thanks to Pete and everyone else over that time who has inspired me in bringing this character to life.” Casualty ‘s executive producer Jon Sen added: “Derek and I would often joke that, after such a long and dramatic career in the NHS, there was almost nothing that Charlie hadn’t seen.

So it was an amazing surprise to me when Derek arrived with a brilliant idea for Charlie’s exit as part of an upcoming storyline, which was too good to pass up. “We will all miss Derek enormously. Over nearly four decades, Derek has crafted an iconic character who is woven into the fabric of British TV history. Daniel has been writing about soaps on Digital Spy since 2004 and took over as Soaps Editor in 2010. He has interviewed hundreds of soap stars over the years, from Bill Roache to Lacey Turner, and regularly visits the sets of Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks for behind-the-scenes trips and press events.

Is Jacob leaving Emmerdale?

Emmerdale spoilers follow. Jacob Gallagher has confirmed his future in Emmerdale following his recent exit plans. The teen had been planning to move into student housing when he went to university this autumn, but those plans were derailed this month due to his mum Leyla Cavanagh’s health problems. ITV The double bill on Thursday (August 18) saw Jacob steadfast in his refusal to go off to university as planned, no matter which of his loved ones tried to convince him otherwise after getting three As in his A-Levels. Even Manpreet Sharma got involved because of Jacob’s recent volunteering at the hospital, but the teen once again insisted it was best for him to stick around for now. ITV Naomi’s words definitely gave Jacob pause to reconsider his rash decision. Later, he announced he’d come up with a compromise that surprised Victoria and Manpreet. ” convinced me the best thing I can do for Leyla is to make her proud of me,” he said.

Who is making a return to Emmerdale?

An Emmerdale star is set to make a huge comeback to show after 24 years, but there’s a huge twist. The actor staging a comeback is Robert Beck, who has appeared in almost all of the major soaps in the UK.

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Why was Rishi in Emmerdale killed off

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Emmerdale was full of emotional scenes on Friday night as Rishi Sharma’s cause of death was revealed after several viewers worried there could have been a “sinister” twist Video Loading Video Unavailable Emmerdale’s Rishi dead at bottom of the stairs Emmerdale ‘s Rishi Sharma’s cause of death was revealed on Friday’s episode after fans had feared a “sinister” twist. Last week, as Jai Sharma and Laurel Thomas celebrated their wedding together with their family and friends, Rishi was not present, having fallen out with his son over lying about who his father really was.

  • In an emotional speech, Jai spoke of celebrating absent friends, as he thanked his dad Rishi for always supporting him and vowed to talk to him soon and tell him how much he meant to him.
  • And, in true soap style, the camera then panned to see Rishi lying dead at the bottom of the stairs in a heartbreaking twist with his body discovered by Jai last Friday,

Emmerdale’s Rishi Sharma’s cause of death was revealed on Friday’s episode ( Image: ITV Plc) Soap watchers had been quick to speculate Rishi’s cause of death with many wondering if he fell down the stairs or if he had a heart attack due to his past heart issues.

However, some viewers predicted a more sinister twist and that Rishi could have been pushed down the stairs as they questioned who could be a suspect. However, despite viewers’ speculation, Rishi’s cause of death was revealed on Friday’s episode as accidental fall. Jai told new wife Laurel: “Dad’s body has been released.

The coroner has confirmed the death as accidental fall.” To which Laurel replied: “Oh Jai, I know you thought it was his heart so that’s a huge weight lifted.” Jai added: “Yeah, it is, now I can concentrate on giving him the best send off that I can.” It comes after Emmerdale’s Bhasker Patel broke his silence after his much-loved character, Rishi, died in a shock twist after 12 years in the village.

  • Appearing on Lorraine with co-star Chris Bisson, who plays Jai, Rishi star Bhasker, 67, got teary over his emotional ITV soap exit and revealed that producers decided to kill his character off.
  • He said: “When the producer rang me and said: ‘I need to talk to you and we’re killing you off because we want a big story and it’s going to be a big surprise.’ Because my 12 years at ITV, they let me do a lot of other work, so I felt a part of ITV, a part of Rishi, but at the same time.

I was working in London as well. So when the producer said ‘we’re going to kill you off’, I was like: ‘Okay, that part of my life with this guy is over and I’m going to move on’.” To which guest host Christine Lampard said: “It’s brutal though: ‘we’re going to kill you off’ what a sentence to hear!” Later on the show, Christine, 44, decided to read out some messages from fans, which left Bhasker emotional as he wiped away tears.

Is Chloe leaving Emmerdale 2023?

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Chloe Harris
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Jessie Elland
Duration 2021–present
First appearance Episode 9132 20 August 2021
Classification Present; regular
Introduced by Jane Hudson
In-universe information


Chloe Harris is a fictional character from the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, played by Jessie Elland. She made her first appearance on 20 August 2021. Chloe was introduced as the sister of Gemma Harris, a dead teenager whose heart was given to Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) in a transplant.

Elland was attracted to the role as she felt that Chloe is a well-written character and she felt a responsibility to do the role justice when she was cast. Chloe is characterised as a sweet and genuine person who is secretly struggling with feelings of sadness, anger, and frustration. This is initially explained through her grief for her dead sister, but later into her tenure, it is revealed that she has a controlling father who is in prison.

Chloe’s family home is installed with several cameras and her father hires numerous people to watch over her. Eventually, Kerry Wyatt ( Laura Norton ), her housekeeper, helps her to escape and invites her to live with Kerry in Emmerdale village. Elland has since hinted that her father could be cast on the series in the future.

When Chloe moves into the village, she forms a relationship with Noah Dingle (Jack Downham). She eventually loses interest in him and has casual relationships with Jacob Gallagher ( Joe-Warren Plant ) and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter). This led to a stalking storyline for Chloe when Noah forms an unhealthy and sexist obsession with her.

Elland praised Emmerdale for covering a storyline about misogyny and sexism, a topic she described as “such a relevant conversation”. She also felt privileged to be given a topical and issue-led storyline. Later storylines have seen Chloe discover that Kerry is her biological mother, as well as having a baby with Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) behind his wife’s back.

Who is the bad girl in Emmerdale?

Claire was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, and raised in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England, with her brother and sister. Bradford-born King played the dastardly Kim Tate on Emmerdale originally for 10 years from 1989. She left the soap in dramatic fashion in 1999 and went on to star in a number of TV dramas over the next decade.

  1. These included her role as Karen Betts in ITV prison drama Bad Girls for four years.
  2. She also proved a hit on the dancefloor, finishing sixth in the 2006 series of Strictly Come Dancing.
  3. Claire also appeared in Coronation Street, where she played Erica Holroyd between 2014 and 2017.
  4. Erica was a friend of Liz McDonald in the show and had a colourful love life on the cobbles, being linked to Kevin Webster, shop owner Dev Alahan among others.

She left in 2017 as Erica went back to Spain. King returned to Emmerdale for a special week of episodes in 2018, before coming back permanently to cause trouble in the soap in 2019.

Who is injured in Emmerdale?

EMMERDALE fans have spotted a huge blunder with Caleb Miligan’s life-threatening injury. They previously ripped into a “ridiculous and far-fetched” hospital scene as Caleb (William Ash) woke up from his coma. 3 Emmerdale fans have spotted a huge blunder with Caleb Miligan’s injury Credit: ITV His son Nicky (Lewis Cope) revealed he was the person who pushed him over a cliff and left him for dead at the bottom. The businessman soon came round from his sedation and has had a rather speedy recovery. But another disagreed, replying: “I don’t find it far fetched. It depends how bad his injuries were. He was in hospital for a while plus a broken leg doesn’t mean being tied to bed.” Caleb’s plan to take down Kim Tate was exposed and left many residents feeling betrayed, which resulted in Caleb being pushed off a cliff edge by another village resident.

  • The next day, Caleb was left for dead and found lying unconscious at the bottom of a cliff.
  • The identity of the attacker had remained a secret to viewers.
  • But a recent episode saw the killer at Caleb’s bedside while he was in a coma.
  • Chas and Charity Dingle were arguing about who was to blame for Caleb’s life-threatening injuries.

Chas accused Charity for been the cause as she slept with Caleb making Mack retaliate by seeking revenge on Caleb. However, the real killer soon walked in acting concerned about his dad’s health, Nicky Milligan. When alone with his comatosed dad, a tearful Nicky said: “I thought I killed ya.” It appeared that Caleb got a glimpse of his attacker as he turned around before he was pushed off the edge of the cliff. With no one suspecting Nicky at the moment, it remains to be seen whether he will get away with his dad’s attempted murder. Emmerdale airs on ITV1 and is available on ITVX. 3 Caleb remembered it was his son Nicky who had pushed him over the edge Credit: ITV 3 Caleb forced him to be apart of his revenge by marrying Gabby Thomas Credit: ITV

Is Faye pregnant?

Storylines – Faye is introduced to Eddie ( Steve Huison ) and Anna Windass ( Debbie Rush ) by her social worker, Hilary Pugsley (Caroline Pegg). After several visits, Faye begins to like the Windasses but the adoption is threatened by the revelation that their son, Gary ( Mikey North ), has been discharged from the army and will be living with them.

Despite this, Faye stays the night at the Windasses’ for the first time in February. When Faye visits in March, she is annoyed to discover that Eddie and Anna have been searching her bag and she storms out in a mood. Gary, however, speaks to Faye and convinces her that they can be trusted. When Faye stays overnight, Eddie accidentally washes Faye’s blanket, she is furious and tells him that it is the only thing that she has to remember her mother by before insisting on returning to her foster home.

Faye later moves in with the Windass family permanently. When Faye and Anna visit neighbour, Fiz Stape ( Jenny McAlpine ) and her baby Hope, Faye steals a bag containing £500 that Fiz is keeping secret from husband, John ( Graeme Hawley ). Faye gives Anna the bag as a gift but Anna finds the money and insists Faye tell her where she got it from.

Faye admits that she stole it and a box of chocolates from The Kabin and earrings from her foster home that she also gave Anna, making Anna and Eddie worry about Faye’s behaviour. Soon after, Anna and Eddie learn from Hilary that Faye’s mother has died from a heroin overdose and she urges them to tell Faye.

Anna wants to tell her after a picnic that she and Faye had planned but Eddie accidentally tells her. When Eddie leaves for Germany, Faye thinks it is her fault that he left but Anna reassures her that she is not to blame. When Katy Armstrong ( Georgia May Foote ) falls pregnant, Faye tells her father, Owen ( Ian Puleston-Davies ), making Katy think Anna told him so Anna asks Faye if she was responsible but she denies it.

In November 2011, Faye’s adoption becomes official but her happiness is short-lived when she discovers that Owen is dating Anna. Faye is scared that Owen will not want her around but Gary, Owen and Anna promise her that nothing will change. Faye is bullied by Lindsay Hayward (Eleni Foskett) for being adopted.

Anna notices that Faye is more withdrawn and on checking her computer, finds evidence of bullying and promptly takes it to the school. Headmaster Brian Packham ( Peter Gunn ) takes it seriously, but worries when he discovers the bully’s identity as Lindsay’s grandmother is head of the board of governors.

He then tries to dismiss it as childish pranks, leading Anna to remove Faye from school. Knowing what would be expected if the bully was any other child, Brian reports it and Lindsay is suspended. Brian asks Faye to give the school another chance on the promise that Lindsay will be closely watched, which she does.

Anna discovers that Faye is in touch with her birth father Tim Metcalfe ( Joe Duttine ), who she hasn’t seen since she was two years old. Neither Anna nor Owen are happy with the situation and trying to stop her contacting Tim, Owen even destroys her computer but when Tim learns of this and sees Owen’s temper in action himself, he warns Anna that if she persists in trying to keep him out of Faye’s life, he will report Faye’s family life as unsafe to Social Services.

Worried about losing Faye, Anna reluctantly gave in as she had also been advised by her social worker that there was no reason not to allow him access. Faye tells Anna she wants to live with her dad. Anna confronts Tim about it and Tim says he has no idea about the situation. When Anna comes to pick Faye up again, she refuses to budge, so Anna drags her back home, kicking and screaming.

When Faye returns, she screams to Anna and Owen that she hates them and smashes a cupboard and some ornaments. Still upset and livid at Anna, she makes a shocking allegation to Brian about Anna hitting her. However, when she gets interviewed by the police, she admits she made it up as she doesn’t want Anna going to prison.

She explains to Anna that while she will love her forever, she feels different with her father. Anna asks Tim if Faye can live with him temporarily, Tim still doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but after some persuasion, he agrees, much to Faye’s delight. Tim takes up a temporary job up in Newcastle and Faye is supposed to stay with Anna.

Unknown to Anna, Faye is staying in the flat alone. Owen soon discovers Faye on her own when Sophie Webster ( Brooke Vincent ) reveals Faye tried to shoplift. In July 2013, Faye decides to go back to Anna’s to live. Anna tells Owen to warn Tim off. Owen acts friendly but then grabs Tim’s hand and threatens him to leave Weatherfield.

In the end, Owen and Anna agree to let Tim stay, and he starts a relationship with Sally Webster ( Sally Dynevor ). Faye starts Weatherfield High School and makes friends with a girl named Grace Piper (Ella-Grace Gregoire) who appears to be innocent, but actually is a troublemaker who tries to get Faye to become like her.

However, Grace soon shows her true colours and encourages Faye to throw stones at Mary Taylor ‘s ( Patti Clare ) caravan and to torment Nick Tilsley ( Ben Price ), who has recently suffered brain damage. Grace then forces Faye to put Simon Barlow ( Alex Bain ) into a dress and films the incident.

Although Faye initially denies any wrongdoing, the video is soon found by Peter Barlow ( Chris Gascoyne ) and Faye is forced to admit the truth. When the police become involved, Faye admits that Grace has been forcing her to do things by threatening not to be her friend anymore. Faye is given a caution and tells Anna that she and Grace are no longer friends.

Anna reassures her she’ll be able to make new friends and she can start to show people she is not really a bully. Faye returns home drunk after attending a bowling party. Owen and Gary get into a conflict about the parental responsibility of Faye. Several weeks later, Owen turns bankrupt and debt collectors take the furniture from the Windass’ house.

As Christmas approaches, Faye and her family move into Peter’s old flat. In December 2014, Owen and Gary fight when Katy makes a snide comment about Gary, leading to Gary accidentally breaking Faye’s headphones, as part of a Christmas present from her family. A remorseful Gary promises to make it up to Faye by buying her some new ones.

Faye mentions to Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) that she is being bullied by some girls in her year, as she says that they mock her about her weight. She continues to miss school and starve herself, and after Audrey Roberts ( Sue Nicholls ) spots Faye in the shopping precinct when she should be in school, Anna pushes Craig to tell her what’s happening.

  • Faye tells Anna she was at the precinct to work on a school project, but Katy sees her in the park and catches her trying to smoke when a packet of cigarettes fall out of her bag.
  • Aty is worried for Faye, but sympathetic when Faye reveals she thinks smoking will make her thin.
  • Aty agrees not to tell Anna, but Anna and Owen have already found out that Faye is bunking off school.

Faye eventually confesses about the bullying, explaining she kept silent out of fear that Anna would “make a fuss about her”. After looking up Faye’s symptoms online to find out what’s going on with her weight, Craig is suspicious that Faye may be pregnant.

  1. Faye takes a pregnancy test, which confirms she is pregnant.
  2. Faye is scared and terrified, with only Craig there to support her.
  3. Faye watches a birthing video, which worries her.
  4. She confides in Craig about her plan to abandon her baby as soon as she gives birth.
  5. During her parents’ evening, Faye comes face-to-face with the father of her baby, Jackson Hodge ( Rhys Cadman ) and she runs out of the school hall, upset.

Faye has a plan to give birth in Dev Alahan ‘s ( Jimmi Harkishin ) old flat above the shop and abandon the baby as she planned at the start. Faye and Craig intend on staying in the flat until Faye is ready to give birth, but she goes into labour unexpectedly and feeling scared, she tells Craig to get Anna and Owen.

  • Sophie hears Faye crying in pain and she comes into the flat to find Faye on the floor and in labour.
  • Owen and Anna arrive in time and they discover that Faye is close to giving birth.
  • Faye gives birth to a baby girl whom she names Miley, after singer Miley Cyrus,
  • After the baby is born, Faye refuses to meet, let alone look at her own daughter.

Faye and the baby come home from hospital after Faye is interviewed by the police, who she tells about the father is a boy from school. Faye confides in Sophie, revealing to her that the father of her baby is Jackson, who she liked and was devastated to discover that Jackson never liked her back.

Faye has the courage to tell Anna about Jackson being the baby’s father and Anna arranges a meeting with Jackson and his parents the next day. After accusing Craig of getting Faye pregnant and hitting Kirk Sutherland ( Andrew Whyment ), Owen is arrested for assault after being reported. The aftermath of Faye’s pregnancy and the baby’s birth is the main gossip around the street.

Owen is let off with a caution after his attack on Kirk and he comes home the next day. Faye comes face-to-face once again with Jackson when he and his parents arrive on Anna’s doorstep. Anna breaks the news to the family that Faye has given birth and Jackson is the father of Faye’s baby.

When Jackson denies being near Faye, let alone having a one-night stand with her, Faye angrily confronts Jackson to tell the truth, but he refuses. Jackson and his family leave after Jackson’s mother makes cruel remarks about Faye. Faye receives a visit from the social worker, who asks Faye how she feels about taking on maternal responsibility of the baby, as she is very young.

Faye admits that she is not ready to be a mother and she wants her baby to be adopted, devastating Anna, who blames Faye’s outburst on Owen. As Faye comes to terms with her decisions on the baby’s upbringing, she discovers that Owen and Anna have split up for good and Owen announces to a distraught Faye that he is leaving Weatherfield to go and live in Scotland.

  • Faye very slowly learns how to care for her daughter and she names her baby girl Miley.
  • Faye continues to struggle with the responsibility of Miley, as she allows her mother to care for Miley.
  • When Tim allows Faye to go on a school trip, Faye returns afterwards and Anna arrives at the school with Miley and angrily confronts her daughter, as she tells Faye that it is time for her to get her priorities straight and focus on the upbringing of Miley.

Now, with the support of Miley’s paternal family, Faye slowly learns how to care for her daughter. At Miley’s christening, all is proven too much for Faye when she breaks down and admits to her father that she is not ready to be a mother so young. The christening is cancelled by Tim, who is offered a solution to keep Faye and Miley happy; for the Hodges to gain the care of Miley to prevent her from being adopted, as Faye no longer wants Miley to be a part of her life.

Tim and Anna discuss the options with Faye, who admits that she could never hate or blame Miley for the recent events, but she does love her and wants what is best for her. In the end, Miley’s grandmother collects her and the Windasses are devastated as Miley leaves their family for good. Miley goes on holiday with the Hodges to Canada and when they are due back, Tim tells Anna that their house was up to let.

Anna contacts Josie and eventually manages to get hold of her and Anna and Tim discover that they aren’t coming back from Canada. Anna and Tim tell Faye and they later ask her if she wants Miley back, but Faye decides that Miley should remain in Canada with the Hodges.

After keeping their relationship secret, Anna and Kevin Webster ( Michael Le Vell ) tell Faye they are dating. Faye offers to babysit Jake and her boyfriend, Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni), visits. Anna and Kevin walk in on Faye and Seb and Anna has a go at Faye. Kevin gets Anna to make up with Faye and invite Seb to join them for a family meal.

Seb impresses Faye’s family and the pair later share a kiss. Faye struggles with Anna being in hospital with severe burns and she drinks alcohol. Seb tells Faye that Craig threatened him. Faye steals Pat Phelan ‘s (Connor McIntyre) phone to impress Seb and Anna is furious with Faye for taking it.

  1. Faye is taken to a gig by Gary with his girlfriend’s, Sarah Platt ‘s ( Tina O’Brien ), daughter Bethany Platt ( Lucy Fallon ).
  2. Bethany lays seductively on Gary’s bed and Faye catches her.
  3. Bethany gives Faye vodka to keep quiet, but Faye drops hints at dinner.
  4. Bethany admits to giving Faye the vodka when she is drunk.

Anna is furious when Faye spends her birthday money on a tattoo and Seb supplied her with a fake ID. Faye is taken to the hospital with Gary and Izzy when the tattoo becomes infected and Faye sees Miley and Jackson. Faye takes Jackson and Miley home to see Anna and Tim.

  1. Seb assaults Jackson, as he is jealous at his closeness with Faye, and is arrested.
  2. Anna forbids Faye from seeing Seb, but Faye’s stepsister, Rosie Webster ( Helen Flanagan ), gets Faye to talk to him.
  3. Faye is upset when Seb is sentenced to four months imprisonment and persuades Phelan to take her to visit Seb.

Anna catches Faye in Phelan’s van and Anna drives the van away with Faye inside. Faye and Anna argue about Faye’s relationship with Seb and about Phelan and Faye runs off. Anna reluctantly agrees to Faye moving in with Gary and Izzy in the short term. Anna, Tim and Kevin discover Faye has had sex with Seb when a condom wrapper is found in the bin.

Tim forces Seb to break up with Faye, but they meet up and agree to keep their relationship secret. Faye is upset when Seb breaks up with her, but they get back together when an injured Seb, claiming he has been in a fight, worries he will be sent back to young offenders and wants to be with Faye. Faye packs a bag and Seb finds out she has planned for them to run away to stop him going to young offenders, but Seb is not happy with her idea.

Anna, Tim and Kevin are worried when Faye has left her phone and is planning to go to Dublin. Seb admits his stepfather was responsible for causing the injury. Seb attempts to steal a car, but when the owners show up, he flees and Faye is caught and collected from the police station by Tim and Kevin.

  1. After weeks of Anna helping Seb with his family, Faye accuses Seb of having an affair with Anna after finding texts between the pair and when he takes Faye to see his house, they find his mother, Abi Franklin ( Sally Carman ), unconscious after overdosing.
  2. Faye and Seb are angry at Anna after social services take Seb’s brother and sister into care, accusing Anna of phoning them.

Faye is distraught when Seb falls off a ladder. Anna and Tim find out that Seb may have HIV from his ex-girlfriend, which Faye might have. Seb tells Anna that he and Faye never have unprotected sex, but a condom did split. Faye calls the police on Anna after Seb says Anna pushed him and Faye is told about Seb having HIV and that she requires a test by Anna, Tim and Sally.

  1. Faye’s result is negative whilst Seb is positive and Faye is determined to stand by Seb.
  2. Sally allows Seb to move in with her and admits she called social services, but Seb understands Sally’s reasons and decides to stay.
  3. Anna is arrested by the police again when Pat convinces Seb that she was responsible.

Prior to her bail hearing, Gary is annoyed that Faye is starting to believe Phelan and Anna is refused bail. Faye refuses to live with Tim or Gary, choosing to stay with Seb at Pat’s. Faye refuses to listen to Gary’s negative views on Phelan, but he tells Faye that Pat raped Anna once.

Gary explains that Pat forced Anna to have sex as he put their family in debt and was overworking him and Owen, but Faye does not believe it was rape. When Anna collapses in prison, she is taken to hospital but escapes when the prison guard is occupied. Faye notices Phelan’s gleeful reaction and confronts him over what happened between him and Anna.

Faye breaks up with Seb when he refuses to believe Anna did not push him, siding with Phelan. When Anna arranges to meet Gary in the park, Seb overhears and reports it to Phelan, who calls the police and Faye and Gary ask Craig to warn Anna of police presence, which Craig reluctantly does.

  1. Anna escapes and hides in Roy Cropper ‘s ( David Neilson ) flat and Faye and Gary are reunited with Anna when David Platt ( Jack P.
  2. Shepherd ) catches her there but agrees to keep quiet.
  3. Anna accidentally hits Eileen Phelan ( Sue Cleaver ) over the head when she tries to find proof at the yard that Phelan is lying and when he returns, he calls the police and Anna flees with Faye.

Anna and Faye are tracked down by the police and Faye is taken back to Gary. At Anna’s trial, Seb tells the court Anna was not responsible for his injuries, but she is found guilty and sent to prison. Seb disappears and Faye figures out he staying with Phelan’s daughter, Nicola Rubinstein ( Nicola Thorp ), and Phelan follows Faye, who tells Phelan she is seeking advice from Nicola on bullying.

Who is leaving Coronation 2023?

Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) – Todd Boyce as Stephen Reid in Coronation Street. ITV When is Stephen Reid leaving? 13th October 2023. Our latest resident serial killer Stephen Reid will be dramatically bowing out from Coronation Street this Autumn as his reign of terror comes to a close.

A live Q and A event is being held next month to mark Stephen’s exit, with actor Todd Boyce saying: “I can’t wait to watch our fans watch me, with me, as my storyline heads towards one of its biggest moments yet. “That said, I’m slightly nervous at their reaction – they all know what Stephen’s been up to, I’m just hoping Sharon is as good a bodyguard as I know she will be a host.” Stephen has claimed the lives of Leo Thompkins, Teddy Thompkins, and businessman Rufus, while also drugging Carla Barlow with LSD and sending her spiralling and committing various financial crimes too.

Viewers will have to wait and see how Stephen bows out.

Who is leaving EastEnders for good?

Late 2023. Actor and comedian Brian Conley has been confirmed to be leaving EastEnders role as Tom ‘Rocky’ Cotton later this year.

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Is Priya leaving Emmerdale

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Sharing her new life after leaving Emmerdale, Fiona Wade reveals to HELLO! her reasons for saying farewell to the role of Priya Sharma, a part she has played for over a decade. “I’ve always been ambitious, and I like to step out of my comfort zone, even if it’s terrifying. Fiona and Simon Cotton met in 2017 “In the past, I would have said period drama would have been out of the question for me, because of my ethnicity,” says 43-year-old Fiona, whose mother came to the UK from the Philippines in the 1970s. “But now, I would love to do that.

  1. With everything being so diverse, it’s wonderful.” Supporting her decision to leave Emmerdale is her husband, actor and writer Simon Cotton, 38, who starred in the film The Fall of the Krays as Ronnie and is currently touring in An Inspector Calls.
  2. Simon is a fantastic person to have by my side,” she says.

They met in 2017, when Simon had a part in an Emmerdale storyline, and they married two years later, “I’m sure I drive him crazy, but he is so good at talking me through things,” she says. The actress looks summery in her yellow patterned dress “I respect his opinion – on everything. He didn’t falter once in supporting my decision to leave Emmerdale, If I was ever having a wobble, he was always there, reminding me that it was right for me.” MORE: Princess Kate beams as she cradles Prince Louis in new Mother’s Day portrait SEE: Princess Eugenie shares adorable new photo with son August in heart-warming Mother’s Day tribute As she looks forward to her next big role, she hopes people have enjoyed watching Priya.

“She has had some feisty storylines and has been a fantastic character to play. I was very sad filming the final scenes. “It isn’t often as an actor that you’re given that amount of time to really develop a part and make it your own,” Fiona says. “I will miss that, as well as the beautiful, incredible people I worked with who will always be my friends.” To read the full article, pick up the latest issue of HELLO! on sale now.

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Why is Liv in Emmerdale leaving

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Emmerdale star Isobel Steele has opened up about her exit from the ITV soap, after leaving her role as Liv Dingle in October 2022. The 22 year old, who joined the cast of Emmerdale in 2016, exited the soap last year with her character Liv being killed off in tragic scenes. Isobel Steele has opened up about leaving Emmerdale (Image: Karwai Tang/WireImage) In an interview with, she shared an update on her next career move, saying: “I’m still auditioning plenty so it’s a funny one. They’re both very different for me in terms of what it requires me to do.

The acting, my agent’s great and they’re finding me great things to audition for. I’m doing self tapes weekly.” Isobel went on to explain that she’s now got the time to focus on her music properly and is in the process of getting her songs released while getting “better at the marketing side of things”.

She also spoke about her decision to leave Emmerdale, admitting she isn’t concerned about not being able to go back to the ITV soap. “I don’t think it makes too much difference, to be honest, in terms of me. I decided I wanted to leave the show and I’ve left the show and that’s all I need to concern myself about. She played Liv Dingle in the ITV soap Isobel added: “Whether I can go back or not is something I wouldn’t have thought about anyway, so in the current moment it’s not been affected by that decision, so I’m happy either way. It was nice to get to do dramatic scenes at the end and really go for it and really push myself.” The 22 year old revealed she’s still in contact with her Emmerdale co-stars, saying she talks to them “all the time” and “can’t wait” to see them in the near future. Isobel is now focusing on her music career (Image: Instagram) Newlywed Liv was crushed by a caravan as a wind storm ravaged Emmerdale village and her exit was an emotional one. Liv and husband Vinny Dingle were left lifeless after being crushed by the vehicle while making their way to The Woolpack to look after Paddy Kirk’s daughter Eve.

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What happens to Noah in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale has confirmed that Noah Dingle will be released from prison next week. Noah was sentenced to three months behind bars in June as a punishment for stalking Chloe Harris, but he’s now being granted his freedom early due to good behaviour. ITV ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Leyla is caught out by David in 35 new spoiler pictures Shortly afterwards, Kim and Gabby both fill in Amelia’s dad Dan about how the troubled teen has been secretly visiting Noah. Noah’s mum Charity is also surprised when she finds out what’s going on, so she quizzes Amelia for further details. ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Sandra Flaherty finds new target for money scams Noah continues to blame Charity for his prison stint, unable to forgive her for reporting him to the police and handing over evidence of his stalking. Speaking in June before the sentencing episode aired, Emma Atkins – who plays Charity – suggested that a permanent rift could develop between the two characters. ITV “I think there’s definitely elements of Noah understanding how wrong he’s been. You do see the vulnerability of this young boy, but he’s got to take responsibility for his actions because what he did was absolutely the wrong thing to do. “I think it’s really interesting for the audience to see their relationship and how it’s fractured.

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Who is the new member in Emmerdale

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Claudette Anderson – Flo Wilson as Claudette Anderson. (Image credit: ITV) Flo Wilson joined the cast of Emmerdale as vicar Charles Anderson’s (Kevin Mathurin) overbearing mother, Claudette. Claudette was certainly a force to be reckoned with as she struck up a tense relationship with Charles’ girlfriend Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) as soon as she arrived and lied about having a nasty back injury in a bid to stay at her son’s house.

Who is the new Emmerdale actor from home and away?

Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale fans will see a familiar face from the soap world appear next week, as Kyle Pryor takes on a guest role. The former Hollyoaks and Home and Away actor has landed the part of Darren, who gets involved in gambling at The Woolpack. Related: Emmerdale airs upset for Leyla as Liam asks for a divorce Ryan Stocks, David Metcalfe and Mackenzie Boyd all join the original trio. Stylish charmer Darren then arrives at the pub and also shows an interest in the game, but is it only a matter of time before Vinny’s sudden interest in poker gets out of hand? Kyle previously played the role of doctor Nate Cooper on Home and Away between 2013 and 2017. ITV Related: Emmerdale star Ash Palmisciano opens up on heartbreaking loss “The people who I’d started with, like Charlie and Isabella had gone. “It’s about moving on and seeing what the future holds. I miss it. It was such a life-changing experience for me.” In 2018, Kyle was cast as evil Laurie Shelby in Hollyoaks and played the villain for nearly a year.

Who leaves EastEnders in 2023?

When is Tom ‘Rocky’ Cotton leaving? Late 2023. Actor and comedian Brian Conley has been confirmed to be leaving EastEnders role as Tom ‘Rocky’ Cotton later this year.

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Who is the new Heath in Emmerdale

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Emmerdale spoilers follow. It’s a busy time for Bob Hope on Emmerdale this week, as he finds himself playing referee between his children Cathy and Heath. Tuesday night’s episode (January 24) saw Cathy lose her temper with her family during a row at the café, which led to her smashing up her brother Heath’s guitar as her anger escalated. Amazingly, Gabrielle and Sebastian – who are now 16 – have been part of the Emmerdale cast since they were just a few weeks old. They were supposed to play Cathy and Heath from the characters’ births, but stand-ins had to be brought in for the initial episodes as Sebastian stayed in hospital for a week longer than planned. ITV Louise told the Huddersfield Examiner in 2007: “You don’t get opportunities like this every day and it will be something for them to look back on when they are older. “I was a bit dubious at first because I wasn’t sure what my husband would think about it. ITV “I’ve been in the soap since I was 4 weeks old so it’s second nature to me. It’s one big family, everyone gets on and it’s a great atmosphere to work in. “The studio and village have been a huge part of my life along with my brother’s. Having celebrated birthdays on set allowed me to feel close with the people around me and showed me how much of a family we are.” A few years ago, it became a long-running joke among Emmerdale fans that Cathy and Heath had disappeared, as they were rarely shown on screen while they were growing up. ITV This week’s episodes will see Cathy confide in Bernice Blackstock about how she has been struggling with heavy periods. Cathy’s heart-to-heart leads to her getting the support she needs as she books an appointment with doctor Manpreet Sharma, who writes her a prescription for the pill.