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Who is leaving Emmerdale 2023

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Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) – Bernice Blackstock sits in thought on Emmerdale. ITV When is Bernice Blackstock leaving? 2023. Long-running Emmerdale favourite Bernice Blackstock will depart the soap again later this year. According to The Sun, Giles is calling time on her fourth stint on the show, with the actor set to depart at an as-yet-unspecified time before the year is out.

She has previously quit the show on three previous occasions, first in 2002, then again after a brief return in 2004, and most recently in 2019 after she returned to the Dales in 2012. “Bernice Blackstock has been in and out of Emmerdale village more than they change the barrels at The Woolpack,” a source was quoted as saying.

The comment continued: “She’s always welcomed back with open arms by ITV and fans alike, but it’s now becoming a bit of a running joke. “It wouldn’t pay to bet on whether Samantha will one day be back, but for now she will leave the soap later this year.” ITV declined to comment when approached by about this story.

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Who recently died in Emmerdale

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Emmerdale actor Meg Johnson dies aged 86 The soap opera stalwart Meg Johnson has died at the age of 86 after having had dementia “for the last few years”, it has been confirmed. The death of Johnson, who had played Pearl Ladderbanks in since 2003, was announced in a joint statement from her family, the talent agency Jorg Betts Associates and the ITV show.

  1. It said: “It is with great sadness that we announce that actress Meg Johnson passed away peacefully yesterday evening surrounded by her family.
  2. Meg was a kind and wonderful lady, full of warmth and always with a twinkle in her eye.
  3. Meg had an outstanding career that ended with her playing Pearl Ladderbanks in Emmerdale from 2003.

Meg had dementia for the last few years, but battled on personally and professionally regardless. “She will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her.” A host of soap stars paid tribute to Johnson on social media, including Danny Miller, best known for playing fan favourite Aaron Dingle in the long-running ITV soap.

  • Miller, who was crowned king of the I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here! castle in 2021, tweeted: “Truly devastated to hear this.
  • Pearl was a fair way to describe our lovely Meg.” He added that she was “a loved soul throughout the building.
  • Shared many laughs with her.” Gemma Oaten, the former Emmerdale star who played Rachel Breckle from 2011 to 2015, said late castmates Shirley Stelfox, Freddie Jones and Richard Thorp “will take good care of her up there”.

“Sending so much love to the Emmerdale family and family of the late and great Meg Johnson. A beautiful woman inside and out, who was always so kind to me during my #Emmerdale days,” she wrote on Twitter. She added: “Such a sad loss, but what a life and what a treasure she was.

She was always so kind (and wickedly funny!).” Before joining Emmerdale, Johnson played Brigid McKenna in the Channel 4 soap opera Brookside. In the early 1980s, she starred as Eunice Gee in ITV’s, a character she briefly reprised in 1999. She was also part of the cast of Victoria Wood As Seen On TV alongside the late comedian as well as Dame Julie Walters and Celia Imrie.

In 1997, she took to the stage in the original cast of the London revival of Chicago, playing the prison warder Matron “Mama” Morton for more than a year, and can be heard on the London cast recording of the musical, singing When You’re Good to Mama, Me and My Baby and Class.

Who died in Emmerdale spoilers?

Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale has killed off Charles Anderson’s father Victor in a shocking cliffhanger. Tuesday’s (August 29) dramatic episode centred around Victor being suspected of stealing the family heirloom Manpreet was about to return to Jai Sharma. When Jai turned up to pick up the necklace, they all realised it was missing and the first suspect was Charles’ wayward father Victor. ITV Related: Emmerdale reveals Lydia Dingle’s devastating storyline in 22 new spoiler pictures Claudette pleaded her husband’s case until she was horrified to find the necklace was indeed in Victor’s pocket, leading Manpreet to call the police. Victor went on a runner rather than face arrest from PC Swirling.

  • Soon, Charles arrived home and was horrified to find out what his father may have done.
  • Don’t say I didn’t want you.
  • I knew this was coming,” Charles told his mother.
  • Maybe you’ll see him for what he really is now, finally?” Charles set off to find his dad by heading to the church, where he noticed dad slumped over in one of the church pews.

The vicar bragged that he’d always seen his father for the trickster he is, but when he put his hand on Victor’s shoulder, Charles realised his dad was dead. ITV Claudette soon entered and was trying to get Victor to go along to the police station before she too realised he was dead. “No, it can’t be. Not my Victor,” Claudette cried out. The soap had foreshadowed that Victor could die at any time when he revealed that he’d been diagnosed with an unruptured aneurysm, though Charles had suspected his dad was lying. Night News Editor Justin has been with Digital Spy since 2010, and in that time, has covered countless major news events for DS from the US. He has worked previously as both a reporter and sub editor for the brand, prior to taking on the position of Night News Editor in 2016.

Over more than a decade, he has interviewed a wide-ranging group of public figures, from comedian Steve Coogan to icons from the Star Trek universe, cast members from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and reality stars from numerous Real Housewives cities and the Below Deck franchise. As a US contributor to Digital Spy, Justin has also been on the ground to cover major pop culture events like the Star Wars Celebration and the D23 Expo.

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Why is Richie leaving Emmerdale?

As Emmerdale fans recover from Rishi’s shock death last night the actor who played him says he did not want to leave the soap. Beloved character Rishi Sharma knew he needed to be at the church for his son Jai’s wedding (played by Chris Bisson) despite their feuding.

  1. He started to get ready for the big day – but he didn’t make it in a shocking episode twist.
  2. Rishi dies, leaving a cloud of sadness through the village.
  3. Bhasker Patel, who has played Rishi for over 12 years, has now revealed it was not his choice to exit the soap.
  4. In a heartfelt message to fans on Twitter, Bhasker thanked fans and the Emmerdale team, saying it had been a “fantastic journey”.

However, speaking to Christine Lampard on ITV’s Lorraine this morning, Bhasker admitted he was “killed off”. Read more: Emmerdale’s Rishi Shama actor Bhasker Patel’s emotional message to devastated fans after shock death Bhasker appeared alongside co-star Chris Bisson on Lorraine.

Bhasker said he got a call from an ITV producer to say they were “killing him off” as they “wanted a big story line”. He added: “Getting a job like this was a god send. I do a lot for ITV. So, when I was killed off, I thought that part of my life is over.” An exclusive clip showed the moment after Jai’s weddings, when he finds his dad dead.

“Poor Baska had to play dead for two days,” Chris added. The pair laughed and spoke fondly about their time together on the show, spanning over a decade. Bhasker described Chris as “cheeky” on set. Emmerdale star Bhasker Patel, who plays Rishi Sharma, posing in the soap’s village – cited as one of the programme’s best features Fans on Twitter shared their disappointment of Rishi no longer being on the show. @geordiegalg said: “I’m still so sad about Rishi this morning and wish the writers hadn’t done it to be honest.

Such a much loved character, we’ll really miss him.” @Mr_Goomantash said: “It wasn’t his decision to go? #Lorraine #Emmerdale.” Taking to Instagram, after the shocking scenes aired, Rishi star Bhasker, 67, posted the following caption on a picture of Jai star Chris Bisson: “#neversaynever #neversayneveragain @chrisbisson @emmerdale @ itv @itvxofficial @itvstudios @unitedagents @joebrowns.” Soap watchers were quick to reply to the post as they declared they were “not happy” over the twist and insisted that his character “get up off that damn floor”.

One person said: “Now Rishi’s death is definitely one of the saddest Emmerdale deaths.” How would you leave Emmerdale? Take the quiz to find out how you would exit the show! Another added: “Ah no! Rishi a brilliant character. You are going to be so missed by many many viewers of Emmerdale – a funny, brilliant and wise character who brought a lot to Emmerdale over the years.

  1. Was hoping you were alive but then saw the open eyes.
  2. So sorry wish you all the best.
  3. Emmerdale won’t be the same without you.” Another follower wrote: “Good luck in your next chapter Bhasker! Emmerdale won’t be the same without Rishi so not over tonight’s episode so emotional.” LeedsLive has launched a WhatsApp community and anyone who joins will get the latest breaking news and top stories sent direct to their phone.
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Why was Richie killed in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale’s Rishi Sharma’s cause of death has been revealed and dubbed “sinister” by fans. Watchers were left in shock last week when actor Bhasker Patel revealed on Lorraine he was “killed off” the soap after 12 years, Last week, as Jai Sharma and Laurel Thomas celebrated their wedding together with their family and friends, Rishi was not present.

  1. He decided he couldn’t miss his son’s wedding, despite their problems, but fell down the stairs at home.
  2. After getting married, Jai found his dad dead at the bottom of the stairs.
  3. Soap watchers had been quick to speculate Rishi’s cause of death.
  4. Many have questioned if he fell down the stairs or if he had a heart attack due to his past heart issues, Mirror Online reports,

Read more: Helen Skelton confirms break as fans issue ‘TV’ plea However, some viewers predicted a more sinister twist and that Rishi could have been pushed down the stairs as they questioned who could be a suspect. Despite viewers’ speculation, Rishi’s cause of death was revealed on Friday’s episode as accidental fall.

  1. Jai told new wife Laurel: “Dad’s body has been released.
  2. The coroner has confirmed the death as accidental fall.” To which Laurel replied: “Oh Jai, I know you thought it was his heart so that’s a huge weight lifted.” Jai added: “Yeah, it is, now I can concentrate on giving him the best send off that I can.” Jai told of how he plans to give his dad a send off in Indian.

Rishi star Bhasker, 67, got teary over his emotional ITV soap exit and revealed on Lorraine that producers decided to kill his character off. He said: “When the producer rang me and said: ‘I need to talk to you and we’re killing you off because we want a big story and it’s going to be a big surprise.’ Emmerdale star Bhasker Patel, who plays Rishi Sharma, posing in the soap’s village – cited as one of the programme’s best features “Because my 12 years at ITV, they let me do a lot of other work, so I felt a part of ITV, a part of Rishi, but at the same time.

  1. I was working in London as well.
  2. So when the producer said ‘we’re going to kill you off’, I was like: ‘Okay, that part of my life with this guy is over and I’m going to move on’.” To which guest host Christine Lampard said: “It’s brutal though: ‘we’re going to kill you off’ what a sentence to hear!” Later on the show, Christine, 44, decided to read out some messages from fans, which left Bhasker emotional as he wiped away tears.

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Is David Metcalfe leaving Emmerdale?

David Metcalfe is set to leave Emmerdale in the coming weeks and the ITV soap appeared to hint at the character’s exit storyline on Wednesday night Video Loading Video Unavailable This Morning: Matthew Wolfenden confirms he’s leaving Emmerdale Emmerdale ‘s David Metcalfe was delivered a devastating blow on Wednesday night ahead of his exit from the ITV soap. Only recently, actor Matthew Wolfenden confirmed that he’s leaving the ITV soap as David after 17 years after it was reported last month he was set to leave,

  1. And Wednesday’s episode appeared to hint at the character’s exit storyline as David learnt that ex-girlfriend, Victoria Sugden, had been asked on a date by a former heartthrob from her school days.
  2. As Victoria excitedly gushed about meeting up with her former handsome classmate, who she used to fancy, David was seen getting jealous over his ex moving on.

It comes as David star Matthew, 43, revealed that Victoria is the reason his character leaves the village in upcoming scenes. Speaking on This Morning last week, he said there could be a resolution between David and Victoria: “There is a resolution of sorts.

I can’t give too much away. Victoria is the reason why he leaves the village. put it that way! He leaves because of Victoria in a way, I can’t give too much away!” Emmerdale’s David Metcalfe was delivered a devastating blow on Wednesday night ahead of his exit from the ITV soap ( Image: ITV) Elsewhere, after watching his best bits on Emmerdale, Matthew got teary as he said: “That made me really emotional! I am so nervous about leaving, nearly 20 years, almost two decades.

It feels like the right time, the door has been left open – they’re not killing me off, I’ve been promised. Who knows, I might be back, Yeah, but we will see.” Matthew then struggled to speak as he got choked up again, saying: “I’m still really emotional watching that” to which he was given a tissue, he added that Emmerdale is a “massive” part of his life.” He continued: “I met my wife on the show, we’ve had three kids, so not only has it given me 18 years of an amazing job, it’s given me a family so to leave it, it’s been a big part of my life and the most wonderful 18 years.” Later in the interview, Matthew revealed his next role, announcing he will be playing Buddy in Elf The Musical at the Dominion Theatre over Christmas.

Has Richie died in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale’s Rishi dead in tragic scenes as actor quits role after 12 years Emmerdale aired heartbreaking scenes this evening as Rishi Sharma died and actor Bhasker Patel bowed out of his role on the ITV soap after over a decade and 800 episodes Emmerdale’s Rishi dead at bottom of the stairs has aired the heartbreaking death of Rishi Sharma – as Bhasker Patel quits the role after 12 years.

  • In tragic scenes at the end of tonight’s episode, Rishi was seen lying lifeless at the bottom of the stairs after failing to show up to Jai and Laurel’s wedding.
  • The pair tied the knot with all their family and friends there including Georgia but he was notably absent.
  • As the final scenes played out, fans were horrified to see Rishi dead as Jai and Laurel celebrated their wedding day and future together, they were none the wiser about what had happened to Rishi.

Earlier in the episode, Rishi had admitted that his brother had had an affair with Georgia, and that the brother was Jai’s real father. “I was his secretary, very young and very stupid,” Georgia admitted as Rishi explained: “We were friends and well I was worshipping from afar, I really loved your mother, but him being my younger brother, I felt I had to protect him too.

  1. So when I found out she was pregnant, I thought it was the honourable thing to prevent – our family was very conservative.
  2. You can’t imagine the scandal!” Rishi and Jai had a blazing row the last time they spoke ( ITV) As Rishi continued to explain why they decided to cover up the true identity of Jai’s father, he admitted that he had kept it a secret for the sake of his mother, after vowing to her that he would never tell about the real identity.

Jai and Rishi were locked in a furious row, as Jai told him to take some responsibility for his lies with Rishi angrily saying this was the gratitude he had got for a lifetime of caring for him. Jai said: “If you want to come into that church and pretend to be my dad, then you need to act like one.

You don’t get to guilt trip me, not today.” “You’ll be welcome at the wedding, but only if you could do it with good grace and drop the stink of burning martyr,” Jai said as Rishi angrily replied: “I hope you both have a wonderful day and maybe one day you can show me the videos.” Jai’s parting words to Rishi were “you’ll need to live a long time,” as Rishi left the house and returned to his own.

Later, Georgia asked if Rishi was invited, but Jai didn’t seem keen – but he eventually relented and asked his mum to contact Rishi and invite him too. You can find this story in Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. : Emmerdale’s Rishi dead in tragic scenes as actor quits role after 12 years

Which soap star died recently?

‘The Young and the Restless’ star Billy Miller died at the age of 43. The death of 43-year-old Billy Miller, an actor best known for his role in the soap opera ‘The Young and the Restless,’ was due to suicide, his mother has confirmed.

Who got the girl pregnant in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale: Dan and Amelia both collapse after accident – Amelia (played by Daisy Campbell) has had her confidence knocked recently on Emmerdale, with Chloe Harris (Jessica Elland) making remarks about how she looked for the Valentine’s Day ball at school.

  • This has made her feel she is unloved and no man will ever be interested in her, despite striking up a friendship with Samson Dingle (Sam Hall).
  • As Noah (Jack Downham) shows her some attention in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, it seems things could be on the up for the village youngster.
  • However, the consequences of her actions could see her carrying a secret as she could be expecting a baby.
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The drama begins during next week’s episodes of the weeknight serial drama as Noah continues to pine after his love interest, Chloe. In recent weeks, she has been growing closer to Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) and the pair will sleep together in a shock twist in the tale.

It won’t be too long before Noah discovers the truth and he will be deeply hurt by hearing the girl he thought was going to be his girlfriend has betrayed him. Seeing the young man bruised from a distance, Amelia takes it upon herself to offer him a shoulder to cry on as she says she will join him on a walk.

Earlier this year, a bond between the two characters appeared when Charity Dingle’s (Emma Atkins) son offered his neighbour some kindness. READ MORE: Call the Midwife double death rocks Nonnatus House? Emmerdale pregnancy as Amelia Spencer discovers she’s expecting Noah Dingle’s baby? (Image: ITV) Emmerdale spoilers: Noah Dingle finds out Chloe Harris betrayed him (Image: ITV) Ever since she has held a torch for Noah and so she would be seeing this walk as her chance to make him more interested. Hurt by Chloe, the Dingle man could be thinking of ways to get payback and this could include sleeping with Amelia as she is showing him some attention.

Unfortunately, although this could make the young woman’s dreams come true, it could be a spur of the moment thing for Noah. After sharing the experience together, he could become cold and distant towards her, which would leave the schoolgirl heartbroken. However, she could have bigger problems ahead as she realises she is beginning to show signs of morning sickness, indicating she is pregnant.

Invalid email We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you’ve consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More info Emmerdale spoilers: Amelia Spencer realises Noah Dingle is upset (Image: ITV) There will be a new arrival Jane Hudson At first, Amelia could simply write off the sickness as a way of her body telling her she was suffering from heartbreak. On getting a test, however, she could discover she is having a baby and with Noah being the only person she has slept with, she would know he is the father.

The dilemma would come from knowing the young man is not interested in her and a pregnancy would not change his mind. If anything, she could fear realising the young woman is having his baby would push him further away and he would tell her he would want nothing to do with it. As she becomes drowned in fear, Samson could realise she is deeply upset and would offer her a shoulder to cry on this time around.

DON’T MISS. Charley Webb ‘not keen’ as she’s left in quiet house after farewell Matthew Wolfenden told Chemmy Alcott about her Dancing On Ice error Claire King health: Emmerdale star, 60, on her ‘invisible disease’ Emmerdale spoilers: Amelia Spencer offers to go on a walk with Noah Dingle (Image: ITV) Knowing she needs to confide in someone, Amelia could pout her heart out to her friend about her one-night stand with Noah. Telling him she is pregnant, the young woman could be surprised when Samson takes her in his arms and gives her a hug rather than running for the hills.

As he begins to think about his friend’s situation and having built up a bond with her, he could come up with a plan. Not wanting Amelia to go through this on her own, the young man could say they should become a couple and tell everyone the baby is his. He could tell her he is willing to bring up the child with her and he wants to be a father to the baby, regardless of whether he is the biological father.

Although the expectant mother could agree to the plan, she might not necessarily see Samson as someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with. As they spend more time together and she sees how amazing the young man is, she could begin to fall in love with him.

By the time she gives birth to the baby, she could believe everything is going to work out for the better but will Noah ever discover he is the child’s father? Speaking to and other media recently, executive producer Jane Hudson said there were going to be some new arrivals in the village.

The soap boss explained: “There will be a new baby arriving in Emmerdale before the end of the year.” “I think that’s not giving anything away as there are so many female characters in the show, but there will be a new arrival before the year is out,” she added.

“There’s probably going to be a birth in the anniversary month perhaps! Babies in soaps are either born on programme celebrations or Christmas so there’s going to be one of those happening.” Although there are not nine months between February and October now, Amelia could give birth to the child prematurely.

This could be her first challenge as a mother as she has to really take care of the child knowing it was born early. Will she be able to hide the truth from Noah forever or will her conscience get the better of her as she knows he needs to play a part in the baby’s life? Emmerdale currently airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode airing on Thursdays at 8pm.

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Is Chris Bisson leaving Emmerdale

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Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson says goodbye after ‘highs and lows’ on soap. Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson has said an emotional farewell after ‘highs and lows’ of filming the long-running soap.

Why did Grace Cassidy leave Emmerdale?

Inside Emmerdale’s Hannah Barton star Grace Cassidy’s life years after soap exit

  • character Hannah Barton made soap history when he returned in 2018 as the show’s first transgender character and actor.
  • But before took on the role, Grace Cassidy played Hannah for three years, having joined the cast in 2009 when she was 16.
  • Grace starred in over 200 episodes taking on some high drama storylines, including ill-fated relationships with Andy Sugden, Alex Moss and Isaac Nuttall.
  • The now 28-year-old left the soap in 2012, citing her ambitions to move to new acting projects.

Get exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photoshoots straight to your inbox with OK!’s, You can sign up at the top of the page. Actress Grace Cassidy at the 2012 British Soap Awards (Image: Getty)

  1. Speaking about her decision to quit the long-running ITV show, Grace said: “Working on Emmerdale has been one of the best periods of my life.
  2. “After three years, I have made so many friends here, and I am going to miss them so much.
  3. “However, I felt the time was right to move on as I still have so much to learn.

Hannah Barton found herself in the middle of several dramatic storylines (Image: ITV)

“I can’t thank Stuart and the team enough for making me feel so welcome. I will never forget the opportunity I was given.” The actor has since achieved several television and film credits and continues to work in front of the camera. In 2012, she appeared in the Casualty episode The Blame Game as the character Jodie Ross. Former brunette Grace Cassidy now sports lighter blonde hair (Image: Grace Cassidy / Twitter)

  • She also took on the role of Simone Murray in the television crime drama Father Brown in 2015.
  • Then in 2016, she appeared in the romance movie The Lonely Italian.
  • Grace has also learned her craft behind the camera, studying filmmaking at the highly prestigious RADA, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Matty Barton was recast with transgender actor Ash Palmisciano (Image: ITV)

  1. Grace’s character made a return in 2018 recast by actor Ash Palmisciano.
  2. When Hannah returned to the village, the character had transitioned in his years away from the Dales.
  3. The 30-year-old is the first-ever transgender actor to appear on Emmerdale, and his character Matty is also the first character written into the show to have transitioned.
  4. In January 2020, he also presented a titled Why Your Truth Is Your Superpower about his experiences of being a transgender actor.

: Inside Emmerdale’s Hannah Barton star Grace Cassidy’s life years after soap exit

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Is Jay’s dad in Emmerdale dead

Answered By: Isaac Coleman Date: created: Apr 23 2023

Jai has a big decision to make when he’s asked to contact Amit, his biological father (Picture: ITV) Jai Sharma ( Chris Bisson ) is tasked with making contact with Amit, his biological father, in Emmerdale next week by an unsuspecting Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana).

  • The long-serving mainstay, as viewers know, discovered earlier this week from dad Rishi ( Bhasker Patel ) that his uncle Amit is actually his biological father, a revelation which led to a huge showdown between the two.
  • Rishi, however, tragically died in subsequent scenes, before Jai was able to make things right with him and tell him how much he loves him.

We’re still not over it. The aftermath of the tragedy continues next week, starting with Jai and Laurel breaking news of Rishi’s death to the children, including Archie Breckle (Kai Assi), who is particularly upset, with Jai subsequently snapping at him, struggling to process the fact that his father is gone.

  • Suni, meanwhile, can’t help but feel guilty over not returning to Holdgate on the night of the wedding, with Laurel Thomas ( Charlotte Bellamy ) reiterating that what happened to Rishi is simply not his fault.
  • To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video Jai, who is still processing the fact that Suni is actually his brother and not his cousin, resolves to keep the truth about his parentage from the newcomer, but things soon become complicated.
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Suni pleads with Jai to ring Amit to arrange the funeral, unaware of the big secret, but Jai ultimately becomes stressed out over the whole situation, lashing out at his secret brother. Jai recently discovered that Rishi wasn’t actually his biological father (Picture: ITV) Will Suni start to work out the truth? If so, how will he feel about Jai being his biological brother? The two are incredibly close, but will this bring them closer together? Or push them further apart? One to watch:Monday July 31 at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

Who is Jay’s real dad in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale Jai’s biological dad’s identity unveiled after wedding bombshell The identity of Jai’s biological father was revealed on Emmerdale this evening as he and Laurel prepared to tie the knot, following Rishi’s previous admission that he had adopted Jai and wasn’t his biological father The identity of Jai’s biological father was revealed on Emmerdale this evening as he and Laurel prepared to tie the knot, following Rishi’s previous admission that he had adopted Jai and wasn’t his biological father The truth about the identity of Jai’s biological father was revealed on tonight.

Fans have been speculating who Jai’s biological dad is after Rishi admitted he had adopted Jai. The revelation about the adoption was made when Jai was hunting out some paperwork after him and Laurel got engaged. It was then that he discovered some dusty paperwork and old photos, which in fact confirmed that Rishi was not his father.

Since learning of Rishi’s deceit, Jai has been freezing out him from the family, and at one point, even refused for him to attend the wedding. He later backtracked on that, and said Rishi could attend for the sake of Jai’s children. As they got ready for the wedding, Rishi and Georgia came to visit Jai and Laurel at their home, where Rishi apologised for what had happened over the last few days whilst Georgia implored him to tell the truth about Jai’s dad.

Is it just me or could we talk about this on – I don’t know – another day?” Laurel asked, as Jai stepped in to say: “Believe me, I’d be happy to, but once again they come in here and make it all about them.” Jai has been struggling after learning Rishi wasn’t his biological father Georgia then chimed in to say Jai had made it clear yesterday that neither of them were welcome at the wedding if he didn’t know the truth, but Jai fumed at them as he said they were still no further on in knowing what had happened.

Rishi told Georgia he couldn’t reveal the man’s identity as he had made a promise, but Georgia insisted he needed to tell the truth. “Who is it, who is it?” Jai shouted, as Rishi admitted: “It’s my brother. He had an affair with Georgia and he’s your real father.” Chris Bisson – who plays Jai – previously teased how the secret about his father was “life-changing”.

“Laurel mentions the divorce certificate, Jai needs to go find the divorce certificate from Megan,” he told The Mirror and other press, “Because Tom King has moved into Holdgate with Rishi, Rishi has moved loads of stuff around and piled boxes and all sorts of stuff into one room and has seemingly mixed up Jai’s old paperwork with his old paperwork and all the stuff is just in the one place.

“Jai goes to find this divorce certificate, knocks over a box and finds some old photographs. Also contained within that box is a very long-standing secret. It’s one that’s life-changing for Jai. He had no indication of it before now.” You can find this story in Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right.

What happens to Lloyd in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale’s Dan’s exit ‘sealed’ amid more devastating news after Lloyd death Emmerdale’s Dan Spencer recently pleaded guilty in court without knowing Lloyd had died from his injuries after he punched him last month Emmerdale: Dan is confronted and is told that Lloyd has died ‘s Dan Spencer’s life was turned upside down again on Friday night as he received more devastating news after Lloyd’s death.

Fans will recall that Dan recently landed himself in serious trouble with the law after he punched his daughter Amelia Spencer’s online stalker, Lloyd, which resulted in the latter being left in a coma in a hospital with a serious head injury. Dan, who has been arrested and charged over the incident, headed to court on Thursday where he pleaded guilty to the charges against him in a shocking twist.

However, what Dan didn’t realise, is at the exact same time he pleaded guilty in court, Lloyd was pronounced dead in hospital. On Friday’s episode, Dan was taken to the police station where he was told Lloyd died due to a rebleed on the brain from the injury Dan had originally given him.

  1. He was then officially charged with “unlawfully killing” Lloyd, “contrary to common law”.
  2. Emmerdale’s Dan Spencer’s life was turned upside down again on Friday night He later told Amelia that he had been charged with manslaughter, he added: “I have to face up to the fact that one way or another, I’m going to prison.

According to my solicitor, between three and eight years. it’s okay love, I’ll be fine, I can get through anything as long as I’ve got you and Esther.” It comes as Emmerdale’s Dan star,, has and baby Esther. Next week will see Amelia and Dan decide to go on the run with her daughter Esther in order to remain together as a family after their life was turned upside down by her stalker Lloyd.

Worrying about her father’s future and the serious prison sentence he could face after Lloyd’s death, Amelia suggests they go on the run to Ireland in order to stay as a family. Seeing his daughter’s fear and being overwhelmingly scared of prison, Dan comes round to the idea of running away and he asks Cain Dingle for help fleeing the country.

Later, Cain presents Dan and Amelia, who have been warned not to tell anyone – not even boyfriend Noah Dingle, with ferry tickets, an old car and a burner phone for their escape to Ireland. As everything becomes very real for the father and daughter, they share a sad smile about leaving Emmerdale and set off as a three with Esther.

But have they made the right decision and is this the last viewers have seen of them? Talking about the upcoming storyline with the press, including The Mirror, Dan star Liam, 53, said of whether this is the last fans see of Dan and Amelia: “Who knows, who knows? Maybe for a bit or maybe not at all.

I don’t know. There’s going to be some changes there without a shadow of a doubt, we’ll have to wait and see won’t we I guess!” Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays. Follow Mirror Celebs on,,,, and,

Why are the actors from Emmerdale leaving?

Emmerdale waves goodbye to a handful of cast members every year, as characters’ storylines reach a natural end and popular stars choose to move on.2023 has been no exception, with six departures so far and at least two more rumoured for the coming months. Here, we look back at the exits and how each of them came about.

Who is leaving Coronation Street 2023?

Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) – leaving – Corrie’s latest resident serial killer will be bowing out of the ITV soap on Friday, October 13, 2023, in explosive scenes. The businessman returned to Weatherfield last year as his mother Audrey Roberts struggled with her mental health in a devastating attempted suicide storyline. He made a third victim in early 2023 when he killed Rufus Donahue, As if murder wasn’t enough, Stephen also committed a string of financial crimes and drugged Carla Connor with LSD, throwing her in a downward spiral and making her believe she was no longer fit to take charge of the Underworld factory.

  1. Stephen then became engaged to Elaine Jones and Tim Metcalfe realised he was intending to scam her out of her money.
  2. And even kill her off.
  3. In most recent scenes of the Manchester-based program, Stephen finally managed to get Jenny Connor’s attention after growing secretly obsessed with her and the pair have been seen all loved-up.

But with Leo’s body being found, Stephen’s downfall is clearly well underway. The serial killer’s reign of terror is due to come to a brutal end with a live Q&A event in October, 2023, as mentioned above. Fans can get their tickets to watch it all live at a “Coronation Street Experience” on ITV’s website,

Speaking about the upcoming live storyline, Todd Boyce shared his nerves. “I can’t wait to watch our fans watch me, with me, as my storyline heads towards one of its biggest moments yet”, he said. “That said, I’m slightly nervous at their reaction – they all know what Stephen’s been up to, I’m just hoping Sharon is as good a bodyguard as I know she will be a host.” Todd Boyce celebrated his upcoming departure with his Corrie co-stars on September 13, 2023, with a leaving do at the Dockyard Pub in Manchester.

Will Stephen be caught or killed off? Could he go on the run and escape justice? 8 Chris Gascoyne is leaving the ITV soap in upcoming months Credit: ITV