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Did Max die in Stranger Things 4

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Is Max alive at the end of Season 4? – Physically, yes. Lucas tells his friends that Max is in a coma, and we see her wearing casts on her arms and legs. The Duffer brothers have also that at the end of Season 4, Max is alive yet “brain dead, blind, and all of her bones are broken.” The big mystery is where the redhead is mentally.

Who all died in Stranger Things 4 Vol 2?

Alive: Vecna – The ultimate battle of season 4, after all that hype and all those theories, doesn’t end in a victory. A new favorite is now gone, my personal favorite character hangs on by a thread, and the border between the Upside Down and Hawkins is gone.

  1. The final shot shows the ever-present ashes of the mirror dimension raining down on Hawkins, as the vegetation dies and smoke rises out from the cracks in the earth.
  2. Vecna’s still out there.
  3. Though Steve, Nancy, and Robin did set him on fire and blast him with a sawed-off shotgun, his body disappeared, in a direct homage to another ’80s villain, Freddy Krueger in Halloween,

He’s gravely injured, but even Will can still feel him. We also now have confirmation that Vecna controlled the demo-creatures’ hive mind. (Cue the Wandavision soundtrack: IT WAS VECNA ALL ALONG!) As soon as the Big Bad has recovered, there will likely be an army of dogs, bats, and any other demo-creatures heading through those cracks to take over the world. Netflix Quinci LeGardye is an LA-based freelance writer who covers culture, politics, and mental health through a Black feminist lens. When she isn’t writing or checking Twitter, she’s probably watching the latest K-drama or giving a concert performance in her car. : Who Died in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4, Volume 2?

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Who dies in Stranger Things Season 4 episode 9

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Stranger Things fans highlight ‘tragic’ detail about heartbreaking season 4 episode 9 moment

  • viewers have been left heartbroken over one particular death in the season four finale.
  • The fourth season concluded with a second volume that was released on Friday (1 July), and viewers were worried their favourite character wouldn’t make it out alive.
  • *Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

Sure enough, there are deaths. In episode eight, Matthew Modine’s Dr Martin Brenner seems to actually meet his maker, having initially thought to have perished in season one. But it’s the death in episode nine that has moved fans: Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn).

  1. Fans are feeling especially moved by to the fact that, all season long, the residents of Hawkins hunted down Eddie, believing him to be responsbile for Vecna’s murders.
  2. A witchunt was led against the character, which didn’t prevent him from dying to save everyone – and what’s worse is his fellow residents don’t even know it.
  3. “Eddie died to protect a town that will remember him as a murderer,” one fan wrote, with another adding: “My guy risked his life for a town that dragged his name through the DIRT.”
  4. “Nah eddie didn’t deserve to go out for a town that hated him,” one fan stated.

Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) in ‘Stranger Things’ (Netflix) Meanwhile, another viewer added: “It’s so tragic that eddie died to save the town and even after that, people were still blaming him for everything that happened. they will never know about his sacrifice, he will just be remembered as a murderer.” Stranger Things is available to stream on,

Who kills Eddie in Stranger Things?

How Does Eddie’s Death Set Up Season 5? – Eddie’s death in Stranger Things season 4 is also crucial to season 5, as it suggests that more major characters could die. With a huge battle between Eleven and Vecna and the creatures of the Upside Down coming, the stakes are high, and anyone could lose their life in the last few episodes.

  1. There are theories that Eleven, Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), and Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) will all die.
  2. Eddie’s moving final scene points to the Duffer Brothers repeating this type of plot line once again for one epic conclusion.
  3. The planned Stranger Things season 5 time jump also suggests that the other main characters will go on an emotional journey just like Eddie’s.

The exact number of years that the show will skip isn’t known, but Eleven and her friends will definitely be several years older, perhaps in their last year of high school. Eddie moves past his fears and embraces things about himself that he doesn’t enjoy.

The others will likely do the same by the last episode, turning flaws into the perfect way to beat Vecna and the other creatures of the Upside Down. It seems likely that there will be some brief nods to Eddie in the Stranger Things series finale. As the group faces the evil in their town once and for all, they will lean on each other and remember Eddie’s strength.

Maybe there will be a moving montage of Eddie and Dustin’s friendship and the former’s talented guitar playing. Eddie dies sacrificing himself and the other characters all feel the impact of what he has done. It’s easy to imagine a final season of Stranger Things that will aim to be as emotional and impactful as Eddie’s final moments in the Upside Down.

Who died the saddest in Stranger Things?

Eddie Munson – Of all the fan-favorite characters who have been introduced in Stranger Things, only to die in the same season, Eddie Munson’s death is the most tragic. Determined not to be cowardly anymore and run from danger, Eddie chooses to stay in the Upside Down and take on the demobats by himself to buy Steve, Nancy, and Robin more time.

While he holds them off for a bit, the bats eventually get the upper hand attacking Eddie until he bleeds to death. He eventually succumbs to his demobat injuries in the arms of Dustin. Before passing, he shares his final words to Dustin to take over and watch out for the Hellfire Club. Like Bob, Eddie’s death was entirely avoidable had he followed Dustin to safety.

But, in the end, the year 1986 was his year, and he died a hero, making it the most impactful death in the series by far. Sadly, many fans also feel he died in vain since Hawkins still thinks he was behind the murders. NEXT: 10 Most Emotional Quotes From Stranger Things Season 4, Vol.1

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Who is Max Mayfield boyfriend

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Dislikes – Quarreling, her Stepfather, her stepbrother (formerly), Stepfamily’s abuse, murder, her friends in danger, allergies, being called Maxine. Source Maxine “Max” Mayfield is one of the main protagonists of the Netflix web series Stranger Things,

  1. She comes from an abusive home, constantly tormented by her Stepfather and stepbrother.
  2. A newcomer to the Party, Max becomes best friends with Jane “Eleven” Hopper and helps her friends fighting supernatural threats in Hawkins, Indiana.
  3. She forms a romantic attachment with Lucas Sinclair and ultimately, becomes his girlfriend.

She is portrayed by starring cast member Sadie Sink and her you’ve self is portrayed by guest starring cast member Jacey Sink.

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Does Max lose her eyes

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In the battle against Vecna, Max dies. But Eleven — and the power of love — brings her back. It’s ultimately part of one of the show’s greatest strengths, and also one of its greatest weaknesses: showing friendships in various forms. Like so many stories before it, Stranger Things 4 indulges the idea that the power of love is the greatest weapon of all, stronger than all the Molotov cocktails, nails, and guns that the Hawkins kids got from the supply store (ah, the ’80s). Photo: Netflix That includes Max, although the move comes a bit too late to fully keep her safe. After serving as bait for Vecna, she becomes his “final sacrifice,” getting her bones broken and losing her vision during a low point. Once the fight is over, she dies in Lucas’ arms, unable to see or feel anything as Eleven looks on from her mindspace.

But then Eleven resolves to fix it: “No. You’re not going,” she says, reaching out to Max’s heart. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, focusing on the good times they’ve had — the first time they met, their first sleepover, reading comics, shopping, singing, high-fiving about how there’s more to life than “stupid boys,” and how Eleven is more than just what Hopper or Mike wants her to be.

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The flashbacks are a reminder that Eleven and Max shared a deep friendship. So it’s a bummer that this is the first time in Stranger Things 4 that Eleven or Max got to communicate how notable that friendship still is to them. With such a big cast, Stranger Things has no choice but to mix and match who hangs out with who — it’s an apocalypse! You go where you can be helpful, no matter who’s on your team (just ask Steve “Babysitter” Harrington). Photo: Netflix Max and Eleven are a wonderful example of that. They have the kind of loving, meaningful bond that forms between two girls and can’t really be understood by the boys in their life. Their time as friends was brief — though she was introduced in season 2, Max didn’t really warm to El until season 3, giving them just a season of friendship before Eleven carted off to California with the Byers.

  1. But it was clearly significant, and not just to the plot of Stranger Things 3,
  2. The problem is, it’s the only time their bond is really mentioned this season.
  3. Though Eleven was featured in Max’s “Running Up That Hill” memories from Stranger Things 4 part 1, the montage focused more on Max’s lingering feelings about Lucas.

Indeed, as both girls have been going through it in season 4, their stories dovetailed into how they felt about their romantic interests, While Eleven struggled to connect with her new home and losing her powers, and Max dealt with survivor’s guilt and grief over losing Billy, their relationship didn’t get the same attention that Will and Mike’s did; neither mentioned having written to or called the other.

The way the plot is structured around Eleven, Mike was her sole concern about life back in Hawkins. In that vacuum, neither was able to bring up how being some 2,000 miles from their closest female friend would impact their ability to cope with bullying or loss. It’s certainly a strength of Stranger Things that the relationship could still seem meaningful, even after a season without seeing or really mentioning each other.

But as the friendship montage played, it seemed obnoxious that almost all the Eleven and Max scenes were from season 3 (and mostly early season 3 at that). The show still struggles to fully pierce the depth of the girls’ friendship in the way it does the boys’.

Is Max permanently blind?

Is Max Blind In Stranger Things? – When Max falls into Lucas’ arms after Vecna’s curse is broken, she opens her clouded eyes and reveals that she can’t ” see or feel anything,” Moments later, Max died as Lucas screamed in agony for help. While Max was certainly blind in this instance leading up to her death, the Stranger Things season 4 ending didn’t confirm whether Eleven’s powers to resurrect Max also revived her sight.

Did Eleven die?

Hopper and Eleven reunited in the woods at the beginning of season 2 of Stranger Things, but how did he know Eleven was alive? Here’s what we know. The Stranger Things season 1 finale ended with the apparent death of Eleven, and season 2 revealed she was alive and living with Hopper – but how did he know she survived? Throughout its four-season run, Stranger Things has left a number of mysteries that are still waiting to be solved, but there are some others that have been forgotten by audience as there have been more interesting and exciting things happening in Hawkins, especially following the Stranger Things season 4 ending,

  1. Among these forgotten mysteries is how the Hopper and Eleven reunion happened after Eleven survived the Demogorgon’s attack in season 1.
  2. At the end of season 1, the Demogorgon went after Eleven and the rest of the group at Hawkins Middle School.
  3. Mirroring the Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 finale, the original crew built their own sensory-deprivation tank.

Dr. Martin Brenner and company arrived to take Eleven back to Hawkins Lab, and the agents were killed by the Demogorgon and Brenner was attacked, but he’s said to have survived. The monster then went after Eleven, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, and so Eleven stepped up and “sacrificed” herself in order to defeat the Demogorgon, which disintegrated.

  • However, in hindsight, the Demogorgon likely survived and was only transported to the Upside Down, as its “disintegration” looked highly similar to how Eleven disposed of One – also known as Stranger Things season 4 villain Vecna – following the massacre as Hawkins Lab.
  • After the Demogorgon’s defeat, Eleven also disappeared and was believed to be dead, but at the end of the Stranger Things season 1, Hopper was shown leaving waffles in a box in the woods, implying that he either knew or hoped Eleven was still alive.

Indeed, Stranger Things season 2 revealed that Eleven wasn’t dead, and was instead sent to the Upside Down. She escaped from the other dimension and came back to the human world a couple of hours later, but by then, the school was surrounded by policemen and the kids were being interrogated.

With no place to go and with agents all over the place looking for her, Eleven hid in the woods, where she survived on eating squirrels for weeks – though this was practically a vacation compared to Eleven’s then-repressed childhood experiences at Hawkins Lab, Eventually, this led to the first Hopper and Eleven reunion, and they lived together in Hopper’s cabin in the woods.

Before that, he had been leaving food for her in a box, and the series never really explains how Hopper knew Eleven was alive. However, one of the flashback scenes might offer a clue as to how Eleven and Hopper reunite.

Who is Vecna?

It’s time for your suffering. to end.

Vecna is the main antagonist from the fourth season of Stranger Things, He is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower as an adult and by Raphael Luce as a child. A fearsome entity aligned with the Upside Down, Vecna had humble origins as the human Henry Creel,

After moving to a new home in Hawkins in 1959, the young Henry discovered he had remarkable psychokinetic abilities and could manipulate the perceptions of others. Motivated by a misanthropic and nihilistic philosophy, Henry used his powers to psychologically torture his family, eventually killing his mother and sister,

After Henry’s father, Victor, was falsely presumed to be the killer, Victor was imprisoned and driven further into madness. These events would draw the interest of Dr. Martin Brenner, who took Henry to Hawkins National Laboratory to be studied; he was designated 001, becoming the laboratory’s first child test subject,

  1. Brenner implanted “Soteria” into Henry’s neck, a miniature device that suppressed his powers and apparently tracked his movements; in Henry’s own words, he had become a ‘prisoner’.
  2. In time, Henry became one of several orderlies who assisted Brenner and attended the lab.
  3. Brenner would go on to replicate Henry’s powers in seventeen other child test subjects, who also had their movements and lives restricted to the lab’s confines.

In 1979, Henry tricked test subject Eleven into removing the Soteria chip with her powers. In a fit of rage, Henry used his restored powers to brutally murder the other test subjects and workers, and attempted to do the same to Eleven. However, Eleven stood her ground and ultimately overpowered him, sending him through a gate to the Upside Down; there, he gradually transformed into the being known as Vecna,

  • He became an explorer of the realm, discovering an exotic, storm-like mass of particles, and used his powers to reconstitute it into a giant, spider-like entity ; a being that would come to be known as “the Mind Flayer”.
  • In 1983, Eleven accidentally opened a second, non-temporary gate at Hawkins Lab when she was forced to make contact with the hive mind.

Vecna, acting through the Mind Flayer and the hive mind, made two separate attempts to eradicate humanity in 1984 and 1985; he first possessed Will Byers and sent a army of adolescent Demogorgons to attack Hawkins Lab, before going on to possess a large group of humans and using their flesh to create a gigantic spider-like monster in the image of the Mind Flayer.

In both instances, Eleven and her allies ultimately thwarted Vecna’s plans by closing the gates to the Upside Down. In 1986, Vecna resurfaced, taking a more direct approach in his attempts to destroy humanity. He began murdering a host of Hawkins residents, tormenting his victims with his curse power and using their deaths to open a series of new gates,

Dustin, Nancy, Max and others began investigating the murders, nicknaming the murderer ‘Vecna’ after a character from Dungeons & Dragons, The group’s efforts to defeat Vecna culminated in a dual assault; Eleven used psychic projection to confront Vecna within his own mind, while Nancy, Steve and Robin traveled to the Upside Down version of the Creel House to attack his real body. Vecna is the main antagonist from the fourth season of Stranger Things. He is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower as an adult and by Raphael Luce as a child. What are Vecna’s origins? Vecna had humble origins as the human Henry Creel. After moving to a new home in Hawkins in 1959, the young Henry discovered he had remarkable psychokinetic abilities and could manipulate the perceptions of others. What happened to Henry’s family? Motivated by a misanthropic and nihilistic philosophy, Henry used his powers to psychologically torture his family, eventually killing his mother and sister. His father, Victor, was falsely presumed to be the killer and was imprisoned. What happened to Henry after his family’s death? Dr. Martin Brenner took Henry to Hawkins National Laboratory to be studied. He became the laboratory’s first child test subject and was designated 001. Brenner implanted a device called ‘Soteria’ into Henry’s neck to suppress his powers and supposedly track his movements. What happened in 1979? In 1979, Henry tricked test subject Eleven into removing the Soteria chip with her powers. He used his restored powers to brutally murder the other test subjects and workers, and attempted to do the same to Eleven. However, Eleven overpowered him and sent him through a gate to the Upside Down, where he gradually transformed into the being known as Vecna.

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Did Eleven create the upside down

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Did Eleven create the Upside Down? – Image: Netflix The first known human contact with the Upside Down was in 1979 during Eleven’s fight with Vecna. During the match, Eleven was able to overpower Vecna, using her psychic abilities to keep him pinned to the Rainbow Room wall as his body disintegrated.

But before he could disintegrate completely, she unintentionally opened a gate to the Upside Down behind him, which Vecna then fell through. There’s been debate as to whether or not this scene implies that Eleven created the Upside Down or merely opened the first gate to it. But according to Millie Bobby Brown, the Upside Down existed before El ever meddled with it.

“I don’t think that she created the Upside Down,” Brown told Variety in June. “No, I think that it was always there, I think she just created a gate to it which no one could before.” Brown is likely right in saying that no one created the Upside Down and that the parallel dimension has always existed.

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Does Nancy end up with Steve?

They ultimately end things the next day with Nancy being unable to answer if she loves him. This causes Steve to be heartbroken but in the end He does the nice thing and let’s her go.

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Will Max be in season 5

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Despite Max (Sadie Sink) being left in a coma at the end of season 4, she will be returning for season 5. The actress appeared on Today with Hoda and Jenna, where she opened up about the last season of the show. She told them why it was going to be ‘sad and scary’ explaining: ‘It’s going to be awful.

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What did Vecna say to Eleven

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A massive series-long mystery has been unlocked. Stranger Things 2 Warning: This article contains spoilers from Stranger Things season 4, Volume 2, Everything on Stranger Things leads back to One, a.k.a. Henry Creel, a.k.a. Vecna ( Jamie Campbell Bower ). It was true in the sense that a young Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown ) first opened a portal to the Upside Down during her showdown with the psychic prodigy at Hawkins Lab years ago, but the season 4 finale in the two-part Volume 2 drop on Friday came with a new revelation that connects a major series-long thread.

  1. While doing battle with El in the astral plane of Max’s (Sadie Sink) mind, Vecna constrains his opponent and gets to monologuing more of his backstory.
  2. He explains how he’s secretly been the one pulling the strings in Hawkins since at least season 2, but the mystery goes back further to season 1.
  3. Vecna is the Mind Flayer.

The Mind Flayer is Vecna. Stranger Things Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) has a connection to the very beginning of ‘Stranger Things.’ | Credit: Netflix After his first battle with Eleven, One found himself in the Upside Down. He became an “explorer,” he says — and he discovered “something that would change everything.” One came across what looked like a living black cloud wizzing about in the air, similar to the swirling, buzzing mass of Upside Down particles Joyce ( Winona Ryder ), Hopper ( David Harbour ), and Murray ( Brett Gelman ) found contained in the Russian prison’s lab.

  • I saw a means to realize my potential to transcend my human form, to become the predator I was always born to be,” Vecna tells El.
  • We then see One use his powers to mold the cloud into the spindly shape of the Mind Flayer.
  • Vecna did say he had a fondness for spiders, particularly Black Widows.
  • The Mind Flayer is the creature that first took notice of Will Byers ( Noah Schnapp ) when the kid became trapped in the Upside Down in season 1.

It then went on to possess Will in season 2 and Billy Hargrove ( Dacre Montgomery ) in season 3. It’s the entity that could command the demogorgons, the tendrils, and virtually all the terrors from the Upside Down. It was really One/Henry/Vecna this whole time.

“All I needed was someone to open the door, and you did that for me without even realizing it,” he tells El, referring to when she opened a portal to the Upside Down back in season 1. But after she fought to close the gate and the ones that would follow, One/Henry/Vecna sought to create his own portals.

Stranger Things The Mind Flayer as seen terrorizing Hawkins in ‘Stranger Things’ season 2. | Credit: netflix We learn from the first episode of Vol.2 that Vecna just needed to kill four individuals in his Freddy Krueger-like way in order to completely break the barrier between the world of Hawkins and the world of the Upside Down.

  1. And he succeeds: the finale sees the Upside Down crashing into the small town in a massive earthquake, leaving what hell lies in that parallel dimension free to now roam across America.
  2. Vecna is also still alive by the time the end credits roll.
  3. When Will steps foot back in Hawkins, those strange feelings start to creep back.

He can feel Vecna’s presence, though the creature was severely hurt when Steve ( Joe Keery ) and Robin ( Maya Hawke ) set him on fire and Nancy (Natalia Dyer) popped a few shotgun rounds into him. At least the real threat in Stranger Things now has a face — even if it’s one that needs moisturizer like yesterday.

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What did Nancy throw at Vecna

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Stranger Things season 4 episode 9: Stopping Vecna on all fronts – Both of the attacks from Hopper and Eleven weaken the hive mind so the vines in the Creel house that free Steve, Nancy, and Robin. Because they are now free, phase four can commence and that is throwing some Molotov cocktails at the tranced Vecna. STRANGER THINGS. (L to R) Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley, Joe Keery as Steve Harrington and Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 The bats disperse now that Vecna is on the defensive so Dustin gets to Eddie but his friend is too hurt to move.

Eddie, who knows what is coming, has Dustin promise to look over the young ones because it is his year. The leader of Hellfire then dies in Dustin’s arms but dies as a hero. Erica runs up to the attic to find Lucas screaming for medical help. Max can’t see or feel anything and exclaims she is too scared to die.

Eleven is still there watching as Max dies in Lucas’ arms. As Max dies, the Creel grandfather clock chimes four times since Vecna has claimed his fourth and final victim. This creates the fourth gate to the Upside Down that makes the visions Nancy saw at the start of episode 8 come true.

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Is Eddie’s body still in the upside down

Answered By: Dennis Patterson Date: created: Apr 17 2024

Does Eddie die in Stranger Things ? – As part of the plan to kill Vecna, Eddie and Dustin set up camp in the Munson trailer with a very loud amplifier and a guitar to draw the Demobats away from the Creel House. After Eddie gives the most metal concert of all time, the Demobats swarm the trailer.

  1. Though they fight as hard as they can, Dustin and Eddie are forced to fall back.
  2. However, at the last minute, Eddie has a change of heart and runs from the trailer, hoping to keep the Demobats occupied longer so that they won’t return to the Creel House and endanger the party members there.
  3. After riding away from the trailer on a bike, it becomes clear that Eddie won’t be able to outrun the Demobat swarm.

Instead of fleeing again, as he did in previous instances of danger, this time Eddie stands his ground and fights. It’s his last heroic act. Though Eddie manages to occupy the Demobats until the battle is over, he succumbs to his wounds. He dies in Dustin’s arms in the Upside Down, and his body is never recovered.

  1. Days later, Dustin tells Eddie’s uncle that he died a hero, fighting for the town despite the fact that everyone in it wrongly hated him.
  2. Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 is out now on Netflix! To stay up to date on everything fantasy, science fiction, and WiC, follow our all-encompassing Facebook page and sign up for our exclusive newsletter,
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How was Eddie Munson killed

Answered By: Timothy Parker Date: created: Dec 22 2023
‘ Cause I’m actually gonna graduate. I think it’s my year, Henderson. I think it’s finally my year. I love you, man. — Eddie’s last words to Dustin, March 27, 1986

Edward “Eddie” Munson, portrayed by Joseph Quinn, was a main character in the fourth season of Stranger Things, Eddie was a student at Hawkins High School, and the idiosyncratic leader of the Hellfire Club, a fringe school society oriented around Dungeons & Dragons,

He was an electric guitar player in his band Corroded Coffin, and the friend of Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair and Mike Wheeler, In 1986, Eddie witnessed the shocking supernatural killing of his friend Chrissy Cunningham, This spurred him on to seek justice for Chrissy, joining forces with “The Party” and their allies to investigate the cause of the murder.

Eddie also became the unfortunate target of Chrissy’s boyfriend, Jason Carver, who mistakenly believed Eddie to be her murderer, and rallied members of his basketball team together in an effort to track Eddie down. Ultimately, Eddie and his friends discovered that “Vecna” – a humanoid being from an alternate dimension called “the Upside Down” – was to blame for Chrissy’s death, and was continuing to murder others like her.

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Which episode Eddie dies

Answered By: Jesse Young Date: created: Oct 28 2023

What episode does Eddie die in Stranger Things? – Eddie meets his tragic demise in episode 9 of the fourth season, which is the season finale. Stranger Things season 4 episode 9 is titled “Chapter Nine: The Piggyback.” His death happens closer to the end of the episode.

What happened at end of Stranger Things 4?

Will there be a Stranger Things 5? – Stranger Things cast Netflix The season ends with Hawkins recovering from the “earthquake” that claimed 22 lives at least (and probably many more). The town is reeling, still half-convinced that there’s a satanic cult that brought this down on them and that poor old Eddie (RIP) is to blame.

  • There are some points of light.
  • At the end of the season, Hopper and Eleven are reunited at last, and more or less the whole gang come together at Hopper’s cabin to share in their experiences.
  • But something goes wrong.
  • As ash falls from the sky, plants and flowers die and rot and red lightning crackles through the smoke coming from Hawkins, Eleven realises that Vecna’s plan worked after all.

Max did die for long enough to open the gateway, and now the Upside Down – and all its monsters – is coming to the real world. This sets the stage for a truly massive fifth and final season, which may not have the same time jump and reset we’ve grown used to from Stranger Things.

Stranger Things 4 soundtrack: every song featured in the Netflix show Stranger Things 4 part 2 review: A barnstorming end to an epic season

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What is the saddest death in Stranger Things Season 4?

The Hawkins Lab Children – One of the most graphic and unnerving deaths of Stranger Things is the massacre that happens at Hawkins Lab in season 4. Nearly every child in the Lab is shown with broken limbs and bleeding eyes at the hands of Vecna. In fact, the scene was so graphic that Stranger Things added a warning to the episode that featured the attack.

What happened to Vecna at the end of Season 4?

Stranger Things Season 4 Ending Explained: Vecna Won – Well, well, well, it seems our heroes didn’t win the day after all. Let’s back up for a minute. Once Eleven finds her way into Max’s mind, she’s able to battle with Vecna once more. The balance of power seesaws back and forth with Eleven first taking the upper hand and then Vecna revealing that by banishing him to the Upside Down, El has made him more powerful than ever before.

  • It seems Vecna has won and Max is doomed.
  • Eddie dies buying time for his friends in the Upside Down, whom he doesn’t realize are also (with the exception of Dustin) being choked by Vecna.
  • In Surfer Boy Pizza in Nevada — where Eleven’s body is — Will (Noah Schnapp) encourages Mike (Finn Wolfhard) to be “the heart.” Mike tells Eleven he loves her and that she can do anything.

But she has to fight. This gives Eleven the strength to telekinetically push Vecna off of Max. Meanwhile, in Russia, Murray is able to torch the demogorgons and demo dogs there. This weakens the Upside Down at the perfect moment. Nancy, Steve, and Robin torch and shoot Vecna’s physical body to smithereens.

Before he dies, Vecna taunts Eleven, telling her that although she believes she and her friends have won, “This is only the beginning.” As it happens, Vecna was able to do enough damage to Max that she does die. Four bells chime and then four gates open across Hawkins. Houses are destroyed, people die, and clouds cover the town.

Eleven can’t bear losing her best female friend so she calls upon all their happy memories, hoping it will revive Max. Photo: Netflix When we cut ahead to “Two Days Later,” the Surfer Boy crew finally arrive in a devastated, but still standing, Hawkins. They learn that Max was clinically dead for a minute — thereby opening the fourth gate — but that Eleven was able to bring her back.

  • However, Max is in a full body cast and it’s unclear if she will ever come out of her coma.
  • The gang returns to Hopper’s dilapidated cabin in the woods to set it up for Eleven.
  • Hopper and Joyce arrive and are reunited with the kids.
  • All seems calm, but Will tells Mike that now they’re back in Hawkins, he can feel Vecna again.

(After all, it was Vecna who controlled the Mindflayer and Demogorgon all that time. He was looking for Eleven, using her to search for a way back to our world so he could conquer it and remake it as something he considers “beautiful.” And Will and the Mindflayer go way back.) Will says Vecna is not dead yet, but merely hurt.

  1. But they have to kill him or he’ll destroy everything.
  2. In the final moments of Stranger Things Season 4, Will feels that telltale itch on the back of his neck.
  3. An ominous black cloud emerges over Hawkins.
  4. Ash falls from the sky and everything it touches withers into a grotesque version of itself, sort of like you’d find in the Upside Down.

The four gates dividing Hawkins light up with a hellish glow. Eleven — with her friends behind her — looks down upon Hawkins. Vecna won. So, yeah, Vecna is not dead and the gates have been opened, so Stranger Things Season 5 will be all about the final showdown between Eleven and her friends and Vecnaprobably in a twisted version of Hawkins.

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Who died in season 4 elite

Answered By: Thomas Phillips Date: created: Jun 19 2023

3 Guzmán Killed Armando After He Attacked Ari In The Season 4 Finale – With new cast members joining Elite in season 4, the writers focused on a different kind of mystery to keep things fresh; for this particular season, viewers had to work out who attacked new student, Ari (Carla Días). However, that didn’t mean there wesn’t any deaths.

  • After it was revealed that Armando (Andrés Velencoso) left Ari for dead, Guzmán chased him down and shot him in the back with a flare gun (episode 8, “Before I Go “).
  • Guzmán then covered up the crime with Samuel and close friend, Rebeka (Claudia Salas), by dumping the body in a lake before leaving to travel the world.

Given that Guzmán had been heading down a dark path since Marina’s death, it did seem inevitable that he would end up becoming a killer on Elite. He had brutally attacked Pablo (Alberto Vargas), Nano and Polo in the past, and he would have certainly killed them if someone hadn’t been there to pull him back from the darkness.