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Will Max return in Season 5

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Who will star in Stranger Things season 5? – Netflix announced during its 2023 TUDUM event that actress Linda Hamilton—another ’80s icon—will be joining the cast for season 5. MAJOR. Terminator actress Linda Hamilton—another ’80s icon—will be joining the Stranger Things cast for season 5.

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Did Eleven heal Max

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How Did Eleven Bring Max Back To Life? – There are many questions about Eleven, like whether Eleven created The Upside Down, and in the season 4 finale, she brings Max back to life. Eleven uses her telekinetic powers to get into Vecna’s mind and battle him herself. It seems that because Eleven has a dark and special connection to Vecna, since they have known each other for such a long time, she is the only one who would be able to do something like this.

Eleven seems to be able to accomplish great things when she concentrates and focuses really hard, and that seems to be how she brings Max back to life. It’s an incredibly powerful storyline and makes it even harder to wait for season 5. Some of the scariest Stranger Things scenes are when Vecna tries to kill Max twice, and the show does a great job of upping the stakes.

Even though it’s clear that Eleven will do her best to help Max, it’s not always clear that she will succeed, which makes season 4 fairly terrifying. Eleven and Max have always had a special friendship on Stranger Things, and this is why it’s smart to have Eleven bring Max back to life.