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Who does Christina Ricci play in the new Wednesday

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Christina Ricci came to fame at just 10 years of age when she took on the role of Wednesday Addams in 1991’s “The Addams Family.” She gave the character a deadpan aura and the actress is still best-known for this sardonic wit. Ricci reprised the role in 1993’s “Addams Family Values,” where she solidified her take on the character, who was 12-13 years old in the movies, as the defining one.

Three decades later, she returned to the world of “The Addams Family” in Netflix ‘s “Wednesday “— but not as Wednesday Addams. Instead, that role went to Jenna Ortega, who is re-defining the character, now age 16, with her uber-popular performance. The comedy series sees Wednesday enrolling at Nevermore Academy.

Ricci plays Marilyn Thornhill — Nevermore Academy’s science teacher and Wednesday’s dorm mother. At first, it seemed like Marilyn would be a neat little cameo-like role for Ricci that would satisfy fans of the original movies. But as the series went on, it became clear that the show, which was directed in part by Tim Burton, was intent on putting Ricci’s acting talents to good use.

  1. By the season finale, Ricci was a core part of the show’s runaway success.
  2. Spoilers ahead.
  3. Ricci’s Marilyn was revealed to be Laurel Gates, a descendant of Joseph Crackstone.
  4. It was Laurel who manipulated Tyler ( Hunter Doohan ) into killing his victims, which was part of her scheme to revive Joseph and get rid of all outcasts.

Laurel is eventually successful in her endeavor, killing Gwendoline Christie ‘s Principal Weems in the process, but is later defeated by Wednesday and Enid. Ricci excels in what is essentially a dual role. As Marilyn, Ricci is colorful and quirky and shines in contrast to the darkness and dinginess of Nevermore.

  1. Then, Ricci has the time of her life playing the villainous and vicious Laurel.
  2. Ricci shows she can play the sweet and sour just as well as the other and again proves she is an accomplished actress.
  3. And critics agree.
  4. Samantha Graves ( Collider ) called Ricci “a brilliant actress” and thought her villain arc in the show is the “best part” about “Wednesday.” She wrote: “Ricci exceeds well at playing intense and wacky characters (Misty Quigley anyone?), so to see her step into a similar role here is brilliant, and she does it masterfully.” She continued: “Perhaps what made the twist and ultimate reveal work so well is how good Ricci is at building her characters and her own magnetic charm that makes everyone she plays have a likability about them.

Ricci’s performance as Thornhill was no exception. Her quirky, bright nature is such a stark juxtaposition to Wednesday’s (and the rest of the school’s) more dreary, broodish vibe.” Brian Tallerico ( The Playlist ) observed: “There’s a supportive adult ally in Marylin Thornhill, played excellently by Christina Ricci, who probably compared notes with Ortega between takes—Ricci played Wednesday in a pair of ’90s films.” Jordan Williams ( Screen Rant ) observed that it was a welcome return for Ricci to the franchise and that the actress has a “talent for playing sadistic characters.” He wrote: “In the world of ‘The Addams Family,’ Ricci has now gone from beloved, sadistically-minded Wednesday to the character’s biggest foe, which is a great way to pass the torch from Ricci to Ortega.” That last line from Williams is key.

It’s this narrative of Ricci passing the torch to Ortega that could help propel Ricci further up our odds list in the Best Comedy Supporting Actress category (more on that later). Because here’s what Ricci’s role really means: a legacy actor, who brings with them the millions of fans of the original movies, returning to the same world she found her stardom in to support a new, upcoming star in a series that is also building its own fandom.

This combination of the old and the new makes for a powerful narrative and voters may feel the same way that fans do — that Ricci’s involvement is a touching tribute to a proven actress who has rightly earned rave reviews for her performance in the show.

It’s a full-circle moment for Ricci — and an Emmy nomination would be a fitting way to recognize that moment. Voters won’t have another chance to do so, either, as her character died at the end of season 1, so those filling out ballots will want to take this opportunity to reward this actress and this narrative while they can.

Currently, however, Ricci is well outside of our predicted eight nominees for Best Comedy Supporting Actress: Sarah Goldberg (“Barry”), Lisa Ann Walter (“Abbott Elementary”), Juno Temple (“Ted Lasso”), Alex Borstein (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”), Ayo Edebiri (“The Bear”), Janelle James (“Abbott Elementary”), Hannah Waddingham (“Ted Lasso”), and, in first place, Sheryl Lee Ralph (“Abbott Elementary”).

  • Among the other featured funny women hoping for a bid are Cecily Strong (“Saturday Night Live”) and Jessica Williams (“Shrinking”).
  • Plus, Ricci would have to compete against her own “Wednesday” co-star Christie, who is also on 100/1 odds.
  • However, with two previous Emmy bids, Ricci has already proved that she is Emmy-caliber so there is no first-time nomination trickery to navigate.

In 2006, she was nominated for Best Drama Guest Actress for “Grey’s Anatomy” but lost out to Patricia Clarkson (“Six Feet Under”). Ricci was nominated again last year for Best Drama Supporting Actress for “Yellowjackets” but she lost that race to Julia Garner (“Ozark”).

She may have lost both of these bids, but the actors’ branch clearly appreciates and are willing to nominate this actress, who has worked amongst them for over three decades. This would be a career nomination as well as a narrative nomination for Ricci. Plus, let’s not forget about the aforementioned “Yellowjackets.” The fact that she is also in the awards mix for another popular show helps immensely.

Her name will stick in voters’ minds as she strives to make Emmy history with nominations for both shows. Appearing in two talked-about series can be a big boost to potential nominees. Gillian Anderson won Best Drama Supporting Actress in 2020 for “The Crown” while also starring in the beloved “Sex Education.” Fiona Shaw reaped dual bids for “Killing Eve” (Drama Supporting Actress) and “Fleabag” (Comedy Guest Actress) in 2019 thanks to the popularity and critical success of both series.

  1. And Christine Baranski earned the exact same pair of nominations as Shaw for “The Good Wife” and “The Big Bang Theory” in 2015.
  2. So Ricci’s roles in both “Wednesday” and “Yellowjackets” will help her out with a potential bid here.
  3. Even if she doesn’t get both nominations, the popularity of one may help the other.

And her return to the world of Wednesday Addams is too good a story for Emmy voters to miss, this writer thinks. Make your predictions at Gold Derby now. Download our free and easy app for Apple/iPhone devices or Android (Google Play) to compete against legions of other fans plus our experts and editors for best prediction accuracy scores.

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Why didn t Christina Ricci play in Wednesday?

Netflix’s Wednesday creators reveal that season 1 nearly didn’t include the former Addams Family star, Christina Ricci, and how they resolved it. The involvement of former Wednesday Addams star Christina Ricci was a big draw for Netflix’s hit show Wednesday, but series creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough revealed that it nearly did not happen. Based on The Addams Family characters created by cartoonist Charles Addams, Wednesday saw the latest incarnation of the titular character played by rising star Jenna Ortega.

The show’s cast also included Ricci, who first rose to fame playing Gomez and Morticia’s daughter in the 1991 film The Addams Family and its 1993 sequel Addams Family Values, In a recent interview on the Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum podcast, the show’s creators revealed that scheduling issues almost prevented Ricci from becoming involved.

Explaining that the show ultimately had to adjust its shooting schedule to accommodate Ricci’s pregnancy and her work on Yellowjackets, the series ended up filming all her episodes toward the end of their production window. Check out their comments below: Miles Millar : “It was hard because she was pregnant, so we had to work out scheduling so that she could come and shoot all of her episodes all the way at the end.

Who is ms thornhill in Wednesday?

Former Addams Family actress Christina Ricci plays Marilyn Thornhill in Wednesday, and her big reveal is the most meta part of the series. Christina Ricci’s casting in Wednesday was already pretty meta, but her role as the villain proved itself the most meta part of the show. Ricci joined the cast of the Addams Family spin-off with Jenna Ortega starring as the titular character. Ricci appeared as Marilyn Thornhill, Wednesday’s encouraging teacher who, unlike everyone else, didn’t look down upon the teenage girl.

  • Mrs. Thornhill was a normie and had a sunny presence, which went well with her role as a botanical sciences teacher.
  • She was also Wednesday and Enid’s dorm mom.
  • Her role was strictly to be someone for Wednesday to rely on.
  • However, Wednesday’s friend Eugene, who was attacked by the monster, revealed that he saw a woman at the scene of the crime wearing red boots.

Mrs. Thornhill’s red boots were emphasized throughout the series, making it clear she was involved in the monster attacks. Mrs. Thornhill’s real name was Laurel Gates, and her brother was Garrett Gates, who Morticia Addams murdered in self-defense as a student at Evermore Academy.

What episode is Christina Ricci in Wednesday?

Wednesday Has a Christina Ricci Problem Christina Ricci in Wednesday (Netflix) Spoilers ahead, up to and including the final episode of Wednesday Season 1. We’re only about a third of the way into the premiere episode of Wednesday — Netflix’s Addams Family brand extension from executive producer Tim Burton and the guys who brought you Smallville — when the new Wednesday Addams meets the instrument of her own undoing.

This iteration is played by Jenna Ortega, who earned raves for her performance in the latest Scream film and is currently the bright spot of the mixed reviews of the new series. Those reviews are certainly well intentioned, as are not Ortega’s fault. She gets the sullen-teen deadpan delivery right and can stare a hole through a normie with the best of them.

But Wednesday the show does Wednesday the character no favors by placing her in the environs of a warmed-over Hogwarts, or by putting her through the paces of a rote teen mystery. And Jenna Ortega in particular is done dirty by being placed alongside Christina Ricci, who’s already established herself as pop culture’s definitive Wednesday Addams.

Ricci enters that scene in the premiere episode in a manner that can only be described as ostentatiously unassuming, like she’s doing wallflower drag. Her Miss Thornhill is the dorm mother at Nevermore Academy, come to check up on how Wednesday is getting along with her roommate, the bubblegum-cheerful werewolf (just go with it) Enid.

In the span of two minutes and about 18 lines of dialogue, Ricci commands every bit of attention on screen and without even really trying all that hard, she turns Ortega and Emma Myers (who’s otherwise pretty great throughout the series as Enid) into afterthoughts.

This was entirely unavoidable, for reasons both on and off camera. You get why Burton and creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar would want to bring Ricci into the fold. It’s a splashy casting move that would get people talking, for one thing, and a direct nod to the iteration of The Addams Family that’s most beloved by Wednesday ‘s target audience (sorry to the recent animated feature and not-quite-as-recent Broadway adaptation).

TV’s current reboot culture is awash in shows that have managed to split the difference between nostalgia and a new approach. In many ways, it feels like a strategic move to let the show have its cake and eat it too: reboot The Addams Family from square one with a new spin on the characters’ histories, while bringing Ricci along to tacitly give her blessing to this new endeavor.

Ricci was more than just a part of the two early-’90s Barry Sonnenfeld movies.1991’s The Addams Family and 1993’s Addams Family Values brought the ’60s TV sitcom to the big screen with an even sharper comedic edge. And with all due respect to the memorable performances delivered by the likes of Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd, Dan Hedaya, Joan Cusack, and the late Raul Julia, the movie turned then-11-year-old Ricci into a child star.

No one was more defined by their performance in the Addams Family movies than Ricci was. Like most child stars, her career has traveled through peaks and valleys, but she arrives at Wednesday on a serious career upswing. Her performance on Showtime’s Yellowjackets has been widely acclaimed and Emmy-nominated.

  1. She’s delivering some of the best work of her career.
  2. On paper, nabbing Ricci for a featured role ought to have been a coup for the Wednesday producers.
  3. The problem is evident once Ricci appears: you don’t ever want her to leave again.
  4. She’s a blast of offbeat charisma and opaque motives.
  5. She’s the one authority figure who isn’t immediately antagonistic to Wednesday, which makes her both a welcome presence yet also a suspicious one on a show that’s so determined to be a mystery.
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And unfortunately for Jenna Ortega, she’s a constant reminder that there was another Wednesday Addams way back when, and we loved her. More frustrating still, Wednesday doesn’t seem to have the first clue how to utilize Miss Thornhill. The narrative’s central mystery has so many moving parts, from a suspicious headmaster to a suspicious psychologist to a secret society to Wednesday’s own parents and their hidden secrets that there isn’t really time for Thornhill to do much.

  • And yet the show keeps trotting her out to make sure we don’t forget about the character, which feels like an incredibly obvious tell for anybody who’s ever watched a mystery before.
  • Every time we’re reminded that Miss Thornhill is still hanging around, we’re also reminded that Christina Ricci is just chilling out, waiting to be the most entertaining part of the show, which we’re mostly denied.

By the time Wednesday wraps up this season’s storyline in its eighth episode, the “surprise” reveal of Thornhill as the ultimate villain has long since been given away by conspicuous casting and a character who would otherwise have no function on the show if she weren’t ultimately the villain.

Ricci’s magnetic energy and playful performance are wasted on a show that doesn’t know what to do with her. There’s a way Ricci truly could have been set up to pass the torch to Ortega with a storyline that felt invested in, rather than a tossed off “shock” reveal. It’s a shame and a waste of not one but two Wednesday Addamses.

Joe Reid is the senior writer at Primetimer and co-host of the, His work has appeared in Decider, NPR, HuffPost, The Atlantic, Slate, Polygon, Vanity Fair, Vulture, The A.V. Club and more. : Wednesday Has a Christina Ricci Problem

Is Xavier the monster in Wednesday?

So who is the monster on Wednesday — and who is the monster’s master? – Wednesday takes her theory all the way to the police and has Xavier arrested. Later when Wednesday kisses Tyler (Hunter Doohan), she gets a terrifying vision: Tyler is actually the Hyde, not Xavier. VLAD CIOPLEA/NETFLIX It turns out that Tyler’s mother was also a Hyde, and her beast was triggered by her postpartum depression. She passed the condition on to her son, Tyler. As for the monster’s master, it turns out that Nevermore teacher Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci) is actually Laurel Gates, a relative of Garrett Gates — the man Gomez Addams was accused of murdering at Nevermore when he was a student.

How old is Wednesday Addams in real life?

Wednesday Addams celebrates her 16th birthday during the events of the show. In real life, Jenna Ortega is 20. – Wednesday turns 16 on episode six of the series’ first season. Matthias Clamer/Netflix, Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images Ortega plays the lead character on Netflix’s hit series about the Addams’ oldest child as she gets sent to the Nevermore Academy for monsters and outcasts.

How many times has Christina Ricci played Wednesday?

Christina Ricci
Ricci in 2020
Born February 12, 1980 (age 43) Santa Monica, California, U.S.
  • Actress
  • producer
Years active 1990–present
Spouses James Heerdegen ​ ​ ( m.2013; div.2021) ​ Mark Hampton ​ ( m.2021) ​
Children 2

Christina Ricci ( REE -chee ; born February 12, 1980) is an American actress. Known for playing unusual characters with a dark edge, Ricci works mostly in independent productions, but has also appeared in numerous box-office hits. She is the recipient of Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

  1. Ricci made her film debut at the age of nine in Mermaids (1990), which was followed by a breakout role as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family (1991) and its sequel, Addams Family Values (1993).
  2. Subsequent appearances in Casper and Now and Then (both 1995) established her as a teen idol,
  3. At 17, she moved into adult-oriented roles with The Ice Storm (1997), which led to parts in several independent features, such as Buffalo ’66, The Opposite of Sex, Pecker (all 1998), Prozac Nation (2001), Pumpkin (2002), and Monster (2003).

She also starred in 200 Cigarettes, Sleepy Hollow (both 1999), Anything Else (2003), Cursed (2005), Penelope (2006), and Speed Racer (2008). In 2021, she had a supporting role in The Matrix Resurrections, On television, Ricci appeared as Liza Bump in the final season of Ally McBeal (2002), and had a guest role on Grey’s Anatomy in 2006, for which received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress,

She also starred in the ABC series Pan Am (2011–12), and produced and starred in the series’ The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (2015) and Z: The Beginning of Everything (2017). In 2021, Ricci began playing Misty Quigley on Showtime ‘s Yellowjackets, for which she received her second Emmy nomination, this time for Outstanding Supporting Actress,

In 2022, she appeared as Marilyn Thornhill in the Netflix series Wednesday, In 2010, Ricci made her Broadway debut in Time Stands Still, She is the national spokesperson for the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN). She married hairdresser Mark Hampton in 2021 and the couple have two children.

Who played Wednesday Addams the best?

1 The Reigning Ricci (1991-1993) – Nobody has been quite as successful at leaving a lasting impression than Christina Ricci’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams, subsequently becoming an iconic 90s figure, arguably having as much impact as Winona Ryder’s contribution to Bettlejuice did. In only her second feature film, the 10-year-old Christina perfectly personified the princess of darkness, so much so that fans created a petition to (successfully) secure her involvement in the Tim Burton series, Wednesday.

Under the direction of Barry Sonnenfeld, Ricci manages to turn the creep factor way up, delivering the most entertaining and sinister version of Wednesday (so far!) Ricci’s involvement in the renditions of this bizarre family’s spine-chilling story had a long-lasting effect on Wednesday’s portrayals, elevating her past the supporting role to the leading lady she has become today.

Tim Burton’s spin-off series, Wednesday, is currently streaming on Netflix, More: Should Wednesday Get A Season 2?

What did Christina Ricci think of Jenna Ortega?

Christina Ricci praises Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams Christina Ricci has witnessed firsthand Jenna Ortega ‘s take on Wednesday Addams. The actress, who previously portrayed Gomez and Morticia Addams’s firstborn, has a cameo on Ricci told HollywoodLife how she felt watching Jenna’s performance on the filming set. ©Jenna Ortega “And then to see her performance it’s really great. It’s a really great, modern take on it. It feels more timely and appropriate. She has that sort of self-respect and dignity that really is at the core of Wednesday,” the star said. “All of her choices are so smart.

I have so much respect for Jenna, and I think people are going to love her as Wednesday.” Tim Burton and Netflix’s upcoming series will be released on Wednesday, November 23. The “Addams Family” spinoff will premiere all of its episodes on the same day. So if you love to binge-watch, you are in luck! Although Wednesday is not a remake of any of the Addams Family movies or shows, co-showrunner Miles Millar said the series “it’s something that lives within the Venn diagram of what happened before, but it’s its own thing,” he said.

“It’s not trying to be the movies or the ’60s TV show. That was very important to us and very important to Tim.” “Wednesday is currently a teenager, and we’ve never seen her as a teenager before,” Ortega said in a statement. “Her snarky, snide remarks might not necessarily sound as charming when they’re coming from somebody who should probably know better than a 10-year-old girl.

That was a balancing act.” Jenna said the character has a lot of presence, and people will finally get to see all her sides. “We didn’t want to make her sound like every other teenage girl, but we also didn’t want to make her too ignorant. And we’ve never seen her on screen this much. Any other time you’ve seen Wednesday, she’s been the one-liner, the end of a joke, she always hits it, and I think that’s what people really love about her,” the star says.

“But in this show, every scene is Wednesday. There’s an opportunity to give her a bit more dimension, and she becomes a bit more of a real person, which I don’t think we’ve ever seen before.” Get the latest on your favorite celebrities, royals, and the best beauty, fashion, and lifestyle news delivered right to your inbox! More about : Christina Ricci praises Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams

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Is Mrs Thornhill Tyler’s mom

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What happened in the final episode of Wednesday? – The season finale picks up after the shocking revelation that Tyler is in fact the hyde. To recap: at the end of episode seven, Wednesday goes to visit Tyler at the weathervane cafe and the two kiss. The kiss prompts Wednesday to have one of her visions, in which she sees the hyde attack Dr Kinbott before turning back to Tyler. VLAD CIOPLEA // Netflix Bianca uses her siren call on Tyler and the group take him to Xavier’s paint shed, where they chain him up and interrogate him. Unlike the rest of the group, Wednesday wants to use torture methods to extract a confession from him.

  • The group are pretty uncomfortable about this and leave Wednesday to tell Principal Weems about the plan.
  • Wednesday prepares to torture Tyler but is stopped by the Sheriff and is taken into the police station.
  • Wednesday avoids any kidnapping charges but is finally expelled from Nevermore by Principal Weems.

However, before leaving the police station Tyler confesses to Wednesday the truth. He tells her he is the hyde and he enjoys killing. Tyler also reveals he never had feelings for her, and it was all part of his master’s plan, who is yet to be revealed. VLAD CIOPLEA // Netflix Wednesday is seen leaving Nevermore for good but stops by to see Eugene in the hospital, as he is finally awake from his coma. During their conversation Eugene reveals he saw a person with red boots set alight the hyde’s lair. This one key detail confirms to Wednesday who Tyler’s true master is – Miss Thornhill.

  • Wednesday returns to Nevermore with Tyler to find Miss Thornhill looking after her plants.
  • There Wednesday confronts her, and Miss Thornhill reveals herself to be Laurel Gates.
  • Miss Thornhill explains she coerced Tyler into becoming the hyde by showing him motherly affection, after he lost his own mother.

Tyler’s mother was also a hyde and had attended Nevermore as a teenager. VLAD CIOPLEA // Netflix She commands Tyler to attack Wednesday, however he doesn’t as it’s revealed he is actually Principal Weems who has shape-shifted into Tyler. Before Weems can do anything about Miss Thornhill’s confession, Miss Thornhill injects Weems with nightshade poison, killing her instantly. Netflix Upon seeing Wednesday, Crackstone stabs her in the stomach and he and Miss Thornhill leave her there to die. However, Wednesday is visited by the spirit of Goody, who tells her she can save her by entering her body. Goody also reveals the way to kill Crackstone for good – stab him in his black heart. Netflix Back at Nevermore Wednesday confronts Crackstone with a sword, but is unable to match him because of his powers. Xavier attempts to save Wednesday by shooting an arrow at Crackstone, which he deflects and sends back to Xavier. However, Wednesday takes the arrow instead.

  1. Wednesday’s battle with Crackstone continues and she is nearly killed by him again after her sword breaks.
  2. However, Bianca manages to stab Crackstone in the back which gives Wednesday enough time to grab the piece of broken sword and stab him in the heart.
  3. Crackstone is finally vanquished, however there’s still Miss Thornhill to deal with.

She approaches Wednesday with a gun, but Wednesday is saved by her friends once again, as Eugene sets his swarm of bees on Miss Thornhill. The next day it is revealed school is over for the semester and Wednesday says goodbye to Enid and Xavier. Xavier gives her a mobile phone and says he already put his number in the phone.

  1. It sounds like we’re definitely going to need a to tie up all these loose ends.
  2. Wednesday is available on Netflix now.
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: This is Netflix’s Wednesday ending explained

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Is Miss Thornhill a Gates in Wednesday

Answered By: Leonars Cooper Date: created: Aug 27 2023

Laurel Gates, known by her alias Marilyn Thornhill, is the main antagonist of the first season of the 2022 Netflix TV show Wednesday.

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Is tyler the monster in Wednesday

Answered By: John Brown Date: created: Nov 19 2023

Who Is The Hyde Monster In Wednesday? – In season 1, episode 7 of Wednesday, “If You Don’t Woe Me By Now,” fans learn that Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), is the Hyde monster. While Wednesday is one of the best horror TV characters, Tyler is great too, as he takes an interest in her and seems to understand her in a way that no one else does.

  1. This is a shocking and fun reveal that proves why the Netflix series became so popular so quickly.
  2. Since Tyler’s mother was a student at the memorable school Nevermore Academy as well and she was a Hyde, it seems like Tyler had no choice in the matter, as this is part of his dark and gruesome family history.

This is an important detail that suggests that perhaps Tyler didn’t want to hurt or kill anyone, but he couldn’t help it as this has been predetermined. Wednesday makes changes from The Addams Family movies, and that includes adding a vicious monster to the series.

  • The monster serves two important purposes: gives Jenna Ortega’s character a purpose and also adds a compelling layer to her growing feelings for Tyler.
  • While Wednesday isn’t sure that she will like Nevermore, she wants to learn more about her connection to her ancestor Goody Adams and save as many students as she can.

And even though it’s fair to say that this famous and iconic character never needs a love interest, it’s still interesting watching the chemistry between these two characters since it adds something new and different.

What does 171912 mean in Wednesday?

“” You Reap What You Woe (TV Episode 2022) – Trivia – IMDb Gomez’s prison jumpsuit reads 171912, which is Charles Addams’ birthdate (January 7, 1912). Morticia brings a rose to a gravestone and does what Morticia always does with roses, she cuts off the bloom, tosses it over her shoulder and puts the thorns on the grave. A shot of the 1991 Nevermore Academy yearbook shows Gomez Addams’ entry: “Dream: I dream of juggling, throwing knives, diving for crabs, and crashing toy trains wealth through inheritance and investments. I dream of owning a swamp farm, a salt mine, a tombstone factory, and a uranium mine. Reality: My future lies in the practice of law. I love the art of argumentation, af affecting the enactment of justice for all those in need. My law practice view of a cemetery. Favorite quote: I love her not for the way she danced with my angels; but for the silence my demons. -Me, when describing the love of my life, Morticia Frump.” Other entries include an aspiring actor who quotes a movie called “The Dogmother,” a future dentist with a “gigantic collection of teeth” who once dreamed of an octopus named Stewart, and a student with an incredibly dull view of their own future. The yearbook Morticia and Gomez look through in Principal Weems’ office is dated 1991. The original Addams Family film released in 1991. The first episode not directed by Tim Burton. Suggest an edit or add missing content What is the Canadian French language plot outline for You Reap What You Woe (2022)? You have no recently viewed pages : “” You Reap What You Woe (TV Episode 2022) – Trivia – IMDb

Who is Wednesday’s dorm mom?

” Joseph Crackstone was a visionary, dedicated to protecting normies from outcasts until his life was cut short by your ancestor, Goody Addams, And then, to add insult to injury, they stole his land to build that abomination of a school. ” -Marilyn about Joseph Crackstone to Wednesday Marilyn Thornhill (born Laurel Gates ) is the main antagonist in the first season of the Netflix series Wednesday,

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Is Tyler really the Hyde

Answered By: Carlos Martin Date: created: Apr 07 2023

Biography – When Tyler was young, his mother, whom he was very close to, suddenly died of a mysterious illness. This caused an emotional change in Tyler, to which the Hyde part of him began taking over his mind, making him a delinquent. He harassed the Jericho children and some Outcasts from the school Nevermore Academy.

His father, the Sheriff of Jericho, decided to send him off to a military school to change his behavior, where Tyler became much more in control of his emotions and became a kind, helpful, and somewhat introverted, young man. He even got a job as a barista at a coffee shop called the Weathervane. Sometime after getting this job, however, Tyler begins talking with a regular at the shop named, a teacher at the local Nevermore Academy for children with magical abilities.

Unbeknownst to him, Laurel was the presumed dead daughter of the outcast hating Gates Family, who kept tabs on all the monsters of Jericho, including Tyler’s own mother. Laurel had plans to use Tyler’s powerful Hyde form to gather body parts for a necromancy séance.

  1. Laurel used a plant chemical to brainwash Tyler slowly but surely to be able to mentally weaken him, eventually reveling to Tyler that he and his mother were Hydes.
  2. Tyler also discovered that his mother died because the Nevermore Academy doesn’t accept Hydes and doesn’t teach them how to control their powers.

This proved to be enough of a mental trauma attack that it unlocked Tyler’s Hyde form, which makes the user transform into a huge, violent, powerful, humanoid werewolf-like creature that bonds and obeys a master. Unlocking his Hyde form, Laurel kidnapped Tyler, locked him up in a cave, and tortured him until he allowed Laurel to be his Hyde master, and he started to serve her voluntarily.

  • The unlocking of Tyler’s Hyde made him more aggressive in nature, causing his father to hire a psychiatrist named Valarie Kimbott to meet with him.
  • Every night, Tyler would consistently shift into a Hyde and prowl the woods, killing anybody who would wander around or approach him.
  • From there he would gather the necessary body parts from his victims and return them to the old Gate’s house, where Laurel would store them.

He would also attack outcast children, as those were the people that both he and Laurel hated the most. One day while working at the Weathervane, he encountered Wednesday, a new student at Nevermore. She had escaped from a meeting with Dr. Kimbott, Tyler’s same psychiatrist.

  • After fixing a faulty coffee machine, Tyler took interest in her, and went to Nevermore that night to see her.
  • However, Wednesday encounters a vision of her friend Rowan being killed, so she runs after him into the woods, with Tyler turning into a Hyde shortly afterwards.
  • In actuality, Rowan was attempting to kill Wednesday, so Tyler in his Hyde form kills Rowan, saving Wednesday.

She becomes determined to discover the monster’s identity after this incident. From then on, Tyler by day would meet with Wednesday, and by night would transform into a Hyde to prowl the woods. On the night of the Rave’N dance, Tyler seemingly becomes hurt after Wednesday asked out fellow Nevermore student Xavier Thorpe (although she did this because she thought he was the Hyde, not out of romantic interest).

After Xavier finds out that Wednesday was only using him, he cancelled and Wednesday decided to steak out the Hyde’s cave with her friend Eugene Ottinger instead. But Wednesday’s friend Thing writes an invite to the dance from Wednesday to Tyler, forcing Wednesday to go to the Rave’N dance. Eugene meets Wednesday and Tyler at the entrance of the party and asks about the plan to steak out the Hyde’s cave but understands that Wednesday had decided to go to the Rave’N dance and leaves to spy on the cave alone.

Upon hearing about this plan, Tyler texts Laurel to warn that the Hyde hide out was found out, so Laurel goes to the woods and sets fire on the cave. After a prank set off by local delinquents, Tyler leaves dance to turn into a Hyde while Wednesday encounters a vision of Eugene being attacked.

  • Wednesday runs into the woods to look for Eugene, but Tyler attacked him first, leaving him heavily injured, but not dead.
  • Wednesday and Tyler continue to meet and discuss information about the Hyde killings, when one night, their information leads them to the Gates’s House, where the two, along with Wednesday’s roommate Enid, investigate the house.

Enid and Wednesday go upstairs while Tyler stays downstairs and transforms into a Hyde. He begins chasing the two throughout the house, but they escape. To look innocent, Tyler scratches himself and transforms back into a human. Xavier shows up and he, Wednesday and Enid go back to Tyler’s house to heal him.

Suspicion from Wednesday leads her to believe that Xavier is the monster, and after seeing forged evidence planted by either Tyler or Laurel, she reports Xavier and gets him arrested. She also suspects Dr. Kimbott of being Laurel Gates, but Laurel commands Tyler to kill her before she can get a confession out of her.

Later that night, Wednesday visits him in the Weathervane, where they kiss. This instantly causes Wednesday to experience another vision, this time of Tyler killing Dr. Kimbott, confirming that Tyler was the Hyde all along. She rushes out of the store and later confronts him with several other Nevermore students.

  1. They kidnap him and chain him to a chair, then Wednesday nearly tortures him to see if he will transform.
  2. The police arrives and Wednesday gets caught and arrested for this.
  3. At the police station, Tyler privately confesses everything to Wednesday, saying that he actually gained control over his Hyde form after some time (maintaining his awareness while transformed) and takes pleasure in his killings.

He also looks satisfied with the current outcome of Wednesday’s defeat and Laurel’s win. After Wednesday gets expelled, Tyler waits at the train station, hoping to intercept her there and kill her, but Wednesday never goes to the station because she discovers Laurel’s true identity as Marilyn Thornhill.

Tyler returns to Nevermore and meets Wednesday in chains after she had been captured by Laurel. He teases Wednesday about the fact she is the one who is now in chains. Laurel tells him to wait in the woods and conducts the seance with the harvested body parts and revives her ancestor,, who begins attacking the school with magic.

Later, Wednesday escapes and Tyler attacks her in the woods. Before he can kill her, however, he is suddenly attacked by Enid in her werewolf form. The two fight, with Tyler being stronger and nearly killing Enid, but Sheriff Galpin shoots at Tyler, distracting him long enough for Enid to knock him unconscious.

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Why did Tyler betray Wednesday

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How Did Laurel Transform Tyler Into The Hyde Monster? – Wednesday met Tyler for the very first time when she was trying to run away from Nevermore Academy and, by chance, found herself in a coffee shop asking for a quad. Principal Larissa Weems had taken her for her counseling session at Dr.

Valarie Kinbott’s clinic, and finding the opportunity, Wednesday had climbed down using the pipe and escaped from the scene. Tyler seemed like an under confident and shy teenager who had a lot going on inside his mind. He spoke less, but he observed everything. Wednesday repaired his coffee machine, and Tyler was surprised to see that she knew how to do that.

Wednesday told him that she wanted to decapitate her dolls more efficiently, which is why she had one of those machines at home, too. Tyler realized that he was probably dealing with the uncanniest of all of the outcasts he had met till then. Tyler’s father, Donovan Galpin, considered Nevermore nothing less than an abomination.

He had a prejudice against Wednesday’s whole family, especially her father, Gomez Addams. He considered him responsible for the murder of Garrett Gates, even though his guilt hadn’t been proven by the authorities. When he saw that his son was hanging out with Wednesday, he was not very pleased and told him to steer clear of her.

Tyler was intrigued and interested in Wednesday from the very first day they met. He tried his best to woo her, but he couldn’t find a way around Wednesday’s curt mannerisms. Though Wednesday wasn’t the kind of girl who would have any sort of feelings, she did have a soft spot for Tyler.

  • Tyler knew more about the town of Jericho and its history as compared to Wednesday, who had recently moved there.
  • He told her that the original pilgrim meeting house was in the Cobham Woods, and by going there, Wednesday learned about Joseph Crackstone and the atrocities he had inflicted on the outcasts through her psychic visions.

The Hyde monster attacked Wednesday in the pilgrim meeting place, and she had a near escape. She followed the trail, and by seeing the footprints that Hyde had left on the wet mud, she realized that after a point, the big paws changed into human-like feet.

  1. It struck her that the Hyde monster was, in fact, a human, and it was quite possible that he was roaming freely in disguise.
  2. She met Xaviers, who was surprisingly present in the vicinity when the monster attacked.
  3. Wednesday doubted his intentions, but the lead was so cold that she also didn’t think much about it after that day.
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Tyler became a bit jealous over the time of his nemesis, Xavier, who was also showing equal interest in Wednesday. She had asked Xavier to be her partner in Rave’N, not because she wanted to, but because she was caught in a compromising situation, and she just wanted to turn the conversation around.

But it didn’t matter what the motive was; Tyler just saw that Wednesday didn’t care to ask him and was going with another guy to one of the most happening nights of Nevermore Academy. Xavier got to know that asking him for the Rave’N was just a coverup from Wednesday’s end, and so he refused to be her partner.

“Thing” wanted to set up Wednesday with Tyler, as he wanted her to go to the Rave’N. So, he, without informing Wednesday, asked Tyler to be her date. The tension could be felt in the air when Xavier came with Bianca, and Tyler came with Wednesday to the Rave’N night.

  • Over a period of time, Wednesday had become pretty sure about the fact that Xavier was the Hyde Monster, and she believed Dr.
  • Valerie Kinbott to be Laurel Gates, the one who was controlling Xavier.
  • Unable to find any sort of incriminating evidence, Wednesday planted it on her own, and Sheriff Galpin gladly took Xavier into police custody.

We say that, because deep down, he knew that Xavier was innocent, but he had an ulterior motive in putting the blame on him. Wednesday thought that she had caught the murderer and his master, but she was deceived. In the eighth episode, she shared an intimate moment with Tyler, totally oblivious to what she was going to witness after that.

As soon as she touched Tyler, she got one of her psychic visions, and she realized that Tyler was the Hyde Monster, and she was wrong in getting Xavier arrested. Together with the members of the Nightshade Society, Wednesday took matters into her own hands. She confined Tyler and was eager to take out every piece of information, even if it required taking harsh measures.

But Bianca and others turned on her and informed Principal Weems about it. Sheriff Galpin came to rescue his son, and the Hyde Monster was once again set free. In the police station, Tyler, finding an opportunity, almost threatened Wednesday and told her that she had no clue what was coming.

  1. Francois, Tyler’s mother, was also a Hyde, and the traits had been genetically transferred to him.
  2. But still, his savagery had to be unlocked by someone, and that’s where Marilyn Thornhill, a.k.a.
  3. Laurel Gates came into the picture.
  4. Laurel’s father, Ansel Gates, kept tabs on all the outcasts, and through him, she got to know that Tyler had similar traits to her mother.

That side of him, hidden somewhere inside his subconscious, was brought to the surface by a plant-derived chemical that was used by Laurel. Tyler had been in a very fragile state of mind after his mother passed away. The sheriff probably knew about this, which is why he was hoping that he could protect his son from the world.

Laurel manipulated him and told him that his mother was also a Hyde. Tyler was not a murderous monster from the beginning. He resisted his impulses. He told Laurel that he couldn’t be a part of the plan. But Laurel tied him in a cave for days and injected him with chemicals until he became her slave. The character of Tyler reminded us of the famous gothic novel, “Strange Case of Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Nobody could have ever imagined that Tyler was capable of such things if they had seen him serving coffee and talking to his customers in the coffee shop where he used to work. But just like Mr. Hyde, he did things that even he couldn’t have imagined in his sane mind that he was capable of doing.

His personality oozed goodness and innocence on the outside, but there was a devilish fervor hidden somewhere inside him. When he was tied in a cave, he experienced a conflict just like Dr. Jekyll, where he constantly tried to crush his evil impulses. If, for the time being, we kept the supernatural aspects aside, we would have believed that Tyler had created an alter ego that was in stark contrast with his own real personality.

Apart from the chemicals, the grief of losing a parent and the void that his father was unable to fill somehow aided in his transformation. Tyler had reached a stage where he had started deriving sadistic pleasure from killing people. He experienced an unrestrained power that he had over others, and the fear that he saw in the eyes of his victim made him even more greedy for blood.

Is Wednesday and Tyler actually dating in real life?

Hunter Doohan (Tyler Galpin) – In what comes as the biggest shock, Hunter Doohan, who stars as Wednesday’s love interest, Tyler, is also happily married! The 28-year-old (skincare routine, please!) tied the knot to his partner, Fielder Jewett, in June of 2022. If those wedding snaps are anything to go by, these two are very much in love.

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How old is Enid in Wednesday

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How old the stars of ‘Wednesday’ are compared to their characters Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in “Wednesday.” Matthias Clamer/Netflix, Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Wednesday.” The actors starring on Netflix’s breakout hit are older than their high-school characters. Hunter Doohan is 28 despite his character, Tyler, being in his late teens.

Wednesday Addams celebrates her 16th birthday during the events of the show. In real life, Jenna Ortega is 20. Wednesday turns 16 on episode six of the series’ first season. Matthias Clamer/Netflix, Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images Ortega plays the lead character on Netflix’s hit series about the Addams’ oldest child as she gets sent to the Nevermore Academy for monsters and outcasts. Her younger brother, Pugsley, is about 13 or 14 on the show. Actor Isaac Ordonez is 13 in real life. Isaac Ordonez is likely the closest in age to his fictional character. Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Gregg DeGuire/WireImage via Getty Images On the series’ pilot, Pugsley and Wednesday are shown attending the same public school. Since Wednesday is a sophomore, Pugsley is likely either in eighth or ninth grade, depending on how many grades are included in the school. Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair on “Wednesday.” Courtesy of Netflix, Michael Tullberg/FilmMagic via Getty Images Enid is a young werewolf on the series. Myers started acting at 16 and will next appear in Netflix’s upcoming film “Family Leave,” starring Jennifer Garner. Eugene Ottinger is likely 14 or 15 at the start of the series. Moosa Mostafa is actually 14. Moosa Mostafa as Eugene Otinger on “Wednesday.” Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Michael Tullberg/FilmMagi via Getty Images Eugene is one of Wednesday’s few friends and has the power to control bees. Wednesday becomes rather protective of Eugene, who reminds her of her younger brother, Pugsley. Hunter Doohan as Tyler Galpin on “Wednesday.” Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Marc Piasecki/WireImage via Getty Images Tyler’s a barista and the sheriff’s son who develops romantic feelings for Wednesday. Xavier Thorpe is supposed to be around 16. Percy Hynes White is 21. Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe on “Wednesday.” Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Frazer Harrison/WireImage via Getty Images Thorpe can bring his own works of art to life using his psychic abilities. He’s also a skilled archer. We know Xavier and Wednesday are around the same age because they both met when they were 10 at a funeral for Xavier’s godmother. When the series filmed, Joy Sunday was 25. Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Robin L Marshall/WireImage via Getty Images Barclay is Xavier’s ex-girlfriend and one of the most popular kids at Nevermore. Wednesday’s main rival during the season, Bianca’s a siren who can use her voice to manipulate others. Georgie Farmer as Ajax Petropolus on “Wednesday.” Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Gregg DeGuire/WireImages via Getty Images Ajax eventually becomes Enid’s boyfriend on season one and can turn others into stone. He wears beanies to hide the fact that his hair is made up of snakes. Yoko Tanaka is around 16 on the show while Naomi J. Ogawa is 23 years old. Though Yoko appears 16, she could be older, since she’s a vampire. Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Karwai Tang/WireImages via Getty Images Yoko’s close friends with Enid and is an immortal vampire. Read the original article on : How old the stars of ‘Wednesday’ are compared to their characters

How old was Wednesday Addams when she died?

The actress died of a stroke, surrounded by her family, according to her agent and friends. Lisa Loring, who played the original Wednesday Addams in the 1960s Addams Family sitcom, died Saturday from a stroke, her rep confirmed to EW. She was 64. Chris Carbaugh of C and V Promotions, Loring’s agent, said that the actress passed away “surrounded by her family.” “Lisa was a very loving mother, grandmother, and friend with a lifetime of amazing stories and experiences,” he said.

  • She brought to life one of the most iconic characters in Hollywood history that is still celebrated today.
  • Lisa loved sharing her memories and meeting all her fans across the world.
  • She will be missed dearly.” Laurie Jacobson, a friend of Loring, also posted on Facebook, stating Loring’s stroke was “brought on by smoking and high blood pressure.” “She had been on life support for 3 days,” Jacobson wrote on Sunday.

“Yesterday, her family made the difficult decision to remove it and she passed last night. She is embedded in the tapestry that is pop culture and in our hearts always as Wednesday Addams.” THE ADDAMS FAMILY – “Fester Goes on a Diet” – Season Two – 1/14/66, Wednesday (Lisa Loring); Lisa Loring at arrivals for Child Stars – Then And Now Exhibit Opening Reception, The Hollywood Museum, Los Angeles, CA August 18, 2016. Lisa Loring, the original Wednesday Addams actress from ‘The Addams Family,’ died at 64. | Credit: ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images; Everett Collection Loring gained renewed cultural relevance in part due to Wednesday, the Netflix series starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams.

  1. Appearing on The Tonight Show in December, Ortega said she ” paid homage to Lisa Loring, the first Wednesday Addams” for her now-viral dance sequence on the show.
  2. I did a little bit of her shuffle that she does,” she said.
  3. Of course they cut out of camera when I did do it, but it’s there! I know it is!” That shuffle is “the Drew” frug dance, which has gained a new life of its own, thanks to clips of a young Loring performing it on The Addams Family on TikTok and other social media.

Having been a child model since the age of 3, Loring won the part of Wednesday when she was five years old. John Astin and Carolyn Jones played Gomez and Morticia Addams, Jackie Coogan played Uncle Fester, Ted Cassidy played Lurch, Ken Weatherwax played Pugsley Addams, Marie Blake played Grandmama, and Felix Silla played Cousin Itt on the black-and-white sitcom that ran from 1964-1966.

  1. In a clip from a video interview that’s resurfaced in light of Loring’s death, she says she couldn’t read at the time, but her signature “pout” sold the producers.
  2. The character of Wednesday Addams, as being a little girl, was sometimes difficult for me because she had to be morose,” Loring says.
  3. I was never allowed to smile.

The pout was the thing, and yet I worked with these people. who were so funny and so wonderful and I was just so happy.” Loring went on to appear in The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., Fantasy Island, Barnaby Jones, As the World Turns, Svage Harbor, Doctor Spine, and more.

Who is Enid’s mom in Wednesday?

Esther Sinclair is a werewolf who is the mother of Enid Sinclair and wife to Murray Sinclair. She’s a minor character in the Netflix Series Wednesday. She is part of the pack from San Francisco.

Who does Christina Ricci play in Wednesday reddit?

In Wednesday (2022), Marilyn Thornhill is played by Christina Ricci, the actress who played Wednesday in The Addams Family (1991)

Who plays Goody Addams in Wednesday?

Wednesday (TV Series 2022– ) – Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, Goody Addams – IMDb.

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How old was Christina Ricci while playing Wednesday

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Ookiness – Ricci played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family (1991) when she was ten years old and again in Addams Family Values (1993). She played Marilyn Thornhill in the Netflix TV show Wednesday (2022). Her casting in the latter role resulted in something rarely seen in media: an actor known for playing a particular character returning as an antagonist to a new version of that character.