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Who does Devi lose her virginity to

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Who does Devi lose her virginity to? – Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in Never Have I Ever (Image credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix) Those who saw the end of Never Have I Ever season 3 won’t be surprised to learn that Devi loses her virginity to Ben Gross. Unfortunately they both think the sex is so bad they can’t even discuss it afterwards.

Devi does try to text him, though, asking if they can meet up. But Ben misinterprets her texts and gives her a curt response saying he’s too busy, before coldly telling her to have a good summer. When Devi returns to school several weeks later, she learns that Ben is now in a relationship with Margot (Victoria Moroles).

A livid Devi shouts at Ben in front of everyone at school, provoking Margot to jump to his defense. Devi admits to her therapist Dr. Jamie Ryan (Niecy Nash) that she is jealous of Ben seemingly picking Margot over her. When she tells Ben that, though, he tells her they shouldn’t be together.

Who does Devi end up with NHIE Season 3?

Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched the final season of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever, After four seasons of back and forth, Never Have I Ever answered one of its biggest questions: Who does Devi end up with – Ben or Paxton? The Netflix series ended with Devi Vishwakumar ( Maitreyi Ramakrishnan ) getting into her dream college, Princeton, and with a new boyfriend in tow.

But was it Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison), her academic sparring partner at Sherman Oaks High, or Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet), the swim hunk with abs of steel? Though Devi had a brief fling in the final season with bad boy Ethan (guest star Michael Cimino), Devi ended up with Ben, as the couple was seen enjoying college life together in the series’ closing moments.

“I am Team Ben,” Ramakrishnan told ET’s Denny Directo, supporting Devi’s ultimate romantic choice. Early on in the show’s run, co-creator/showrunner Lang Fisher acknowledged the writers’ main goal with establishing the Devi-Ben-Paxton love triangle was to make it “50/50.” “My dream was that we could sell those relationships so well that people would be confused with who they were rooting for, because I don’t know who she should end up with at the end.

Truly, I don’t,” Fisher told ET after the first season. “I am not on either team. I want to let the story organically unfold. But I did purposefully want to make either side plausible.” And there were crucial moments of inflection in the final season that could have made Devi go in either direction. To argue Ben’s case, there was their awkward “one free boink” to open the season, followed by a far less awkward, ahem, sleepover later in the season.

And the similar life paths they were on as they both prepared to leave the familiarity of high school behind for college. To argue Paxton’s case, there was their unexpected kiss in the boys’ locker room closet that served as a reminder of how spicy they could be together.

  • But the stars didn’t align for Devi and Paxton to work out in the long run, as he dealt with his own identity crisis and figuring out his place and purpose after high school (and possibly even meeting a new love interest in fellow Sherman Oaks High teacher, Lindsay).
  • Netflix Ultimately, as Ramakrishnan explains it, Devi made the right choice.

“Team Ben because, remember when Paxton ditched Devi in season 2? I get it, he came back, that’s great. But I know me. If you’re embarrassed to be with me once, you’re embarrassed to be with me later because I’m only gonna be more of a hot mess,” the 21-year-old actress said.

Ben is also a hot mess, so it works. We know they push each other academically, but also I love banter. I’m a banter girl.” The Netflix star elaborated further, sharing that Ben is the guy who can keep up with Devi’s antics and off-the-cuff thoughts. “You have to keep up with me and I like seeing,” Ramakrishnan said, ” a fan, I need to see that banter.

I need to see them go off against each other and they get that.” Barnet acknowledged that, at the end of the day, all that’s important is that “people want to see Devi happy, and I think she does end up happy.” “There is a nice fade-out to the show,” the actor said, referring to Devi and Ben closing out the series.

  • But Barnet was grateful that through it all, Devi and Paxton got closure to their topsy-turvy relationship over the past four seasons and even ended it with a friendly handshake.
  • It was a nice little ending,” he agreed.
  • All good things come to an end,” Ramakrishnan said.
  • And it led Devi to the right person,” Lewison noted.

Netflix Never Have I Ever is streaming now on Netflix. RELATED CONTENT:

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Does Devi end up with Ethan

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Does Devi end up with Ethan? – In season 4, we learn that Ethan always went to Sherman Oaks but suddenly became hot over the summer. Both Devi and Eleanor take an interest in him but it’s Devi ends up dating him. At first, she loves being with Ethan. However, Devi’s friends warn her that he is not boyfriend material. Does Devi end up with Ethan in Never Have I Ever season 4? Picture: Netflix

Does Devi sleep with Ethan?

Never Have I Ever – liked a bad boy/ wrecked my future Season 4 Episodes 3 and 4 Editor’s Rating 4 stars Photo: Courtesy Of Netflix/Courtesy Of Netflix Throughout this series, Devi has had a rich fantasy life. So it’s no surprise when a sleeping Devi has what starts as a good dream about being bad with a shirtless, tatted Ethan.

  1. But it all goes awry when she’s reminded that she’s betraying her bestie.
  2. Talk about a mood killer.
  3. Speaking of sudden death, the Vishwakumars’ staircase is defective, so a Yelp-savvy Len refers Nirmala to a contractor.
  4. He shows up, and Nalini isn’t psyched, but goddammit, I sure am! It’s Margot’s babe-ly dad.

Having already met under not-so-ideal circumstances through their daughters, the two parents aren’t exactly chummy with each other. But as Devi takes an epic spill down the steps (kudos to the stunt actor), Nalini knows she can’t be choosy. At school, Devi fails to avoid Ethan — which somehow results in dick-punching — and then runs into another frequent guest in her dreams: Paxton! Turns out he has officially been hired as the school’s assistant swim coach.

  • Devi is skeptical about whether he truly gave ASU the old college try (thank you, thank you), but he’s defensive and points out that he’s an adult.
  • Bringing Paxton back is convenient because it keeps the show’s love-triangle element alive, but the character also serves as a reminder that life goes on after high school and not always in the ways you expect.

It’s nice how the series can use him to explore this kind of story line. Nalini comes home to find her house in disarray. According to Andres, a termite infestation has compromised the entire staircase. Nalini thinks he’s trying to upsell her, which he denies (and learns she’s a single mom in the process).

  1. Devi figures the best way to get Ethan off her mind is to get him and Eleanor together and render him officially off-limits.
  2. Yet despite Devi’s matchmaking efforts, he finds her outside his party later that night and proposes a game of tonsil hockey.
  3. Devi gives in, but the moment is cut short when Eleanor catches them.

Devi runs after Eleanor to explain her predicament, only to learn that Eleanor has a secret of her own: Ethan kissed her just 15 minutes earlier. Devi incredulously asks what kind of person leads on two people at the same party — a cheeky callback to her two-timing in season two.

  1. Fab encourages them to make a “besties before testes” pact and each vows to leave Ethan alone.
  2. When the Vishwakumars are left stairless for five days with no sign of Andres, Devi uses her Gen-Z tracking tactics to locate him.
  3. Nalini and Kamala head over, recording everything for a potential “Scambusters” segment.

Andres admits he delayed finishing the work out of spite for Margot’s sake (he’s also raising her as a single parent). He assures Nalini he’ll return to work on the stairs the next day. Ethan explains to Devi why he kissed her despite his dalliance with Eleanor: “I didn’t plan it.

  1. But I saw you sitting outside, and I was like, Damn, I kinda wanna kiss her right now.
  2. I guess the boy’s got serious rizz.
  3. Devi overhears that Margot never asked Ben to stop talking to Devi — he opted for the silent treatment himself.
  4. Feeling down, Devi heads to the parking lot to watch her crush, only to find Eleanor doing the same.

The girls engage in a self-pity face-off, arguing about who deserves a shot with the slacker. Eleanor’s reasoning? She called first dibs and just got dumped. But Devi points out that Eleanor got dumped by a loving boyfriend who wanted to marry her, while she’s getting over Ben, who hit it, quit it, and now won’t talk to her.

Unfortunately, a devastated Trent hears this exchange, particularly the part where Eleanor reveals she kissed Ethan. The whole thing brings Eleanor back to earth. She realizes she has been using the dreamy degenerate as a distraction from missing Trent. With Eleanor’s blessing to have some fun with Ethan, Devi agrees to hang with the skater boy but only once he promises to stop kissing other girls.

(He admits he got greedy once his growth spurt made him a hot commodity.) And that is how Devi begins dating a bad boy. If episode three is about a bad-boy fantasy, the fourth episode, ” wrecked my future,” gets into its reality. There are some inherent glaring issues: Ethan sucks at school, is straight-up rude to adults, and — worst of all — is a litterbug.

  1. But there are benefits, as Devi happily discovers.
  2. We see our girl lying in bed after having (safe) sex with Ethan, her hair tousled and cascading as if we’re seeing a brown Birth of Venus,
  3. He leaves, and she’s visibly ecstatic over what she just experienced: great sex! It seems Ethan has proved an ancient boy-band adage true.

In other exciting news, it’s College Fair Day at Sherman Oaks! This is Devi’s shot to impress Princeton’s admissions officer, but in the meantime, she feels obliged to defend her not-so-honorable boyfriend’s honor. Ms. Warner warns that bad boys can cloud one’s judgment and that Devi needs to keep her eye on the Princeton prize.

  1. Even her friends agree that Devi’s too blinded by her “sensual hornissance” to recognize that Ethan is deadweight and a liability.
  2. But our girl seems confident she can juggle landing a good school while dating a bad boy; besides, he’s just misunderstood.
  3. After arriving at the fair, Devi feels even better about her odds: the Princeton rep is Indian! Devi channels her inner Kool-Aid Man and busts through to the front of a long line of patient hopefuls, launching into her pick-me pitch.

But Akshara, the rep, is turned off by Devi’s selfish and try-hard approach, which sends Devi spiraling. Fabiola’s helicopter mom hijacks a college check-in meeting with Ms. Warner, saying Fab should apply early to an Ivy despite her desire not to. She insists Fab should consider all options, including Princeton, even though Devi’s gunning for it and it’s unlikely the prestigious college will accept two students early from Sherman Oaks.

  • I can’t get behind the dismissive approach of Fabiola’s mother, but I don’t think her reasoning is wrong.
  • She suggests Devi would probably love to go to college with Fab — an expectation that seems reasonable to me? Besides, Fab’s line of thinking reinforces an unhelpful, unhealthy scarcity mind-set.

What’s meant for you can’t be taken away! True to form, Ethan offers car-focused revenge tactics when he hears about Devi’s disastrous first impression with Princeton, but she opts for earnest groveling instead. Devi knows she came across as unlikable and emphasizes how attending this college is a deep-rooted dream of hers.

  1. Akshara cuts her some slack.
  2. As the two connect on Desi family dynamics, Ethan crashes their lunch and gives his own pro-Devi spiel, complete with an honor-roll list he snatched from the wall of the principal’s office.
  3. The move leaves Akshara impressed and Devi charmed.
  4. Amala is recovering from LASIK surgery (and Nirmala’s Grand Theft Auto– style driving) chez Vishwakumar, which Andres is still working on.

(Don’t worry, the stairs are long finished, but Nalini keeps finding other jobs for him to do. I wonder why?) Kamala awakens from a snooze to discover she’s alone in the house with Len and an uninvited female stranger — Nirmala was out shopping for vadai ingredients and ogling a shirtless Ranveer Singh (much like these ladies in Ram-Leela, I suspect).

And Ranveer’s not the only one going topless! When Ben is thrown by Margot’s suggestion that he make his Columbia speech more conversational, he stumbles into some wet paint. Devi spots him scrambling for a change of clothes, but he tries to get rid of her by citing Margot. Devi nonchalantly reveals she knows he’s actually the one who wanted to sever ties and then grabs a cami from her locker, dragging Ben into the bathroom with her.

She proceeds to take off her own dress shirt, and they switch tops (but not without Ben getting distracted by Devi in her bra!). She assures him this doesn’t make them friends and sends him back to the fair. And while Devi came to his rescue, it turns out Margot’s advice did too: Ben has a great meeting with the Columbia rep by being himself, sans a buzzword-filled sales pitch.

Elsewhere at the fair, Fabiola ends up chatting with Akshara, who’s keen to talk up Princeton’s robotics program. Speaking of Akshara, while jumping Ethan’s bones in the janitor’s closet, Devi discovers the rep’s wallet in his backpack. “Oh my God, you are a dirtbag,” she says to her sticky-fingered (soon-to-be ex-) boyfriend.

She thanks him for leading her through a sexual awakening but knows she needs to be with someone who has more integrity. At the risk of seeming like a stalker, Devi returns Akshara’s wallet in person. She explains what happened, and Akshara commends Devi for her courage and honesty.

Between helping Ben and this confession, our girl should feel pretty damn good about herself and her moral compass. Usually, we see Devi fixing shitshows she’s directly responsible for, yet this episode has her acting more independently and altruistically. But can she keep it up? The episode ends with Devi and Ben sending their early applications to their dream schools and Fabiola submitting her own application to Princeton in what could very well become a nightmare scenario.

• Is it just me, or do the boys of Never Have I Ever rip off their shirts in record timing? Are they taught this in school? Is it nature or nurture? I’m perplexed. • We meet Lindsay Thompson, the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed substitute teacher taking over for Dr.

  1. Eyes in episode three.
  2. It’s nice to know Paxton will have a young peer to interact with instead of just the high-school kids.
  3. While Lindsay has come to terms with her low-status position, Paxton is in denial and insecure over the optics of where he is, particularly when he’s the butt of the new Hot Pocket’s jokes.
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Luckily, a pep talk from good ol’ Trent has Paxton confronting his high-school bully while conveniently wielding staff privileges. • Nalini’s “That’s very rude” direct to camera — so funny. • I was worried in the previous recap that I might be getting my hopes up, but now it feels safe to predict Andres as a future love interest for Nalini.

Will Devi sleep with Ben?

Friends again – (Season 2, Episode 8 – Season 4, Episode 9): Ben and Devi are both shown to be supportive of each other and hanging out constantly. It is also implied that they both still have feelings for each other. In the season finale, Devi goes to Ben’s house and give him the “one free boink card”, leading to them having sex.

Does Devi sleep with Paxton Season 4?

‘Never Have I Ever’ star says this 1 moment gives away love triangle’s ending Warning: This post contains spoilers from the series finale of “Never Have I Ever.” Although the series finale of “Never Have I Ever” officially revealed Devi’s final choice between academic rival Ben Gross and jock-turned-swim coach Paxton Hall-Yoshida, the show actually confirmed her decision months ago.

Throughout Season Four, released to Netflix on June 8, fans watched Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and Paxton’s relationship slowly turned platonic. They share a kiss in Episode Seven, but then shut down any possibility of rekindling their romance. Paxton (Darren Barnet) says the sparks are gone, picking up on a stronger vibe between Devi and Ben (Jaren Lewison).

Plus, Devi spends most of the season secretly pining for Ben, wishing they would get back together despite their fiery arguments and sometimes poor communication. In the series finale, Ben, who already relocated to New York for the summer after getting accepted into Columbia University, rushes home to Sherman Oaks, California, and surprises Devi at her grandmother’s wedding.

  1. He professes his feelings and they exchange “I love yous.” With that, Team Ben has officially outlasted Team Paxton, but Ramakrishnan tells that she “wasn’t surprised” by the sweet moment because Devi made her choice a long time ago.
  2. I think it was Season Three,” she points to as the instant the love triangle actually ended.

“It was done Season Three. It was endgame.” Jaren Lewison as Ben Gross and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi in Episode 409 of “Never Have I Ever.” Netflix She recalls Paxton’s graduation speech at the end of the third season when he gave Devi a special shoutout. During the scene, narrator John McEnroe asks, “Where did Devi’s butterflies go?” Ramakrishnan says at that moment, she felt “the scales were tipping” in Ben’s favor and that Devi’s feelings for Paxton had faded.

You gotta have that spark that comes in to throw things off,” she explains, referring to Devi and Paxton’s brief kiss in Season Four. “But I’m happy with the way things ended.” The 21-year-old actor continues, “Obviously, Team Devi all the way. But, like, Team Ben, too.” She thinks Devi and Ben complement one another.

“They support each other very well. I think that it also just makes sense for their personalities. They’re both hot messes, in the right ways, for one another. I think the writers made a good call. They nailed it,” she praises. Barnet agrees the graduation scene was a hint that Devi’s interest in Paxton had dwindled. Darren Barnet as Paxton Hall-Yoshida and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi in Episode 407 of “Never Have I Ever.” Netflix “That’s something that I remember, my first crush from high school. And it’s something that carries with you,” he continues. “But I really think I started seeing it warm up then, so I wasn’t super surprised by the outcome of Season Four.”

Although Season Three set up the endgame, Lewison says there were moments from the beginning of the series that proved Devi and Ben understood each other better than Devi and Paxton. Lewison says, “I always say, like I’m biased, but I think even if you look back at Season One and you go through the series, like really comb through, in difficult moments, through their trials, tribulations, that adversity, they always find each other.”One scene that highlights their connection, Lewison says, comes in Season One, when Devi literally gives Ben the shirt off her back when he needs help.

“He’s always there and sometimes he is a little funky in the way that he goes about it. But he does love her. And I think that they do love each other,” he says. Poorna Jagannathan, who plays Devi’s mom Nalini, also commented on the love triangle. Jagannathan says she was “moved” by the moment Ben tells Devi he loves her, even though it was expected.

Obviously we saw it coming from like a mile. It’s very Mindy Kaling’s style,” she says. “It was very moving.” She says the declaration of love doubled as a great conclusion to Devi’s journey after beginning the show grappling with the death of her father. “I think we’re all in such (a) search of love, especially out of grief,” Jagannathan says.

“Devi’s really looking for love. To finally get that acknowledgement, to hear Ben say it, was really, really beautiful.” : ‘Never Have I Ever’ star says this 1 moment gives away love triangle’s ending

Does Devi end with Ben?

Netflix’s Never Have I Ever ended its fourth and final season with lead character Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) at her dream college, Princeton, and with the long-awaited resolution of the series-long love triangle between Devi, Paxton Hall-Yoshida ( Darren Barnet ) and Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison).

Devi ends the show with Ben, with the pair cuddling together in Devi’s dorm room. The enemies-turned-friends-turned-lovers start off the final season having sex but after the awkward experience, the first time for both of them, they don’t immediately get together, with Ben dating art student Margot (Victoria Moroles) and Devi having a fling with bad boy Ethan (Michael Cimino),

As their senior year progresses, Devi and Ben find themselves becoming friends again after not even speaking to each other for part of the fall, but it’s not until the final episode that the two finally couple up. In a When Harry Met Sally -esque moment, Ben races back from New York to Devi’s grandmother’s wedding, where he tells her that he loves her and she reveals she feels the same.

After a romantic night together, they decide to give their relationship a real shot, with Ben at Columbia and Devi at Princeton. While the ending to the series, created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, might be seen as a win for Team Ben and a disappointment for Team Paxton, the actors behind all corners of the love triangle seemed happy with the outcome.

“I do have my preferences. I am definitely Team Ben, so I’m happy with what the writers chose,” Ramakrishnan tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I’m happy for the two of them. Devi did find love. And that’s always fun. I was of course, for like the past year, always like, ‘Devi should end up with no one.’ But, hey, Devi, should live a little and why not, with your academic enemy turned rival turned friend back to enemy turned friend lover? They just had such a lovely roller coaster ride.

  • It’s so satisfying to see them come together.
  • So I think that’s pretty great.
  • Also, they’re both the same kind of crazy, so that works.” Though Lewison admits he’s “obviously biased,” he explains how his onscreen counterpart ending up with Devi “really does make sense.” “Devi and Ben have this, like, magnetism to them,” he says.

“Even in the first episode where Ben is so loud and obnoxious, you find out later that it’s really coming from a place of love. And for Ben, sort of like one of the only people in his life that sees him and allows him to open up to her later in the series. Ben (Jaren Lewison) and Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) in Never Have I Ever Courtesy Of Netflix And their banter, he argues, just shows how comfortable they are with one another. “Their banter is always so wonderful and everyone loves to see that, and the audience has really related to that.

I think when you look underneath that, which is a great connection in general, the reason why they’re able to do that is because they care so much about each other and they know that no matter what, they’re always going to be there for each other,” he says. “I don’t know if that makes them soulmates or if that means that they’re in love or whatever emotions those are, especially in your senior year in high school, but I think that it does show a really complex depth for their foundation of care.” While Lewison and Barnet admit that there are arguments for both Ben and Paxton, Barnet concedes that Devi and Ben have a bond she doesn’t have with Paxton.

“There’s something about Paxton that’s a whole opposites-attract thing,” Barnet tells THR, “But with her and Ben, I think they are the personality types who want someone who’s going to push them, and they push each other as well as push each other’s buttons.

  1. And that’s what keeps them excited and engaged in the relationship.” Paxton and Devi do spend some time together after Paxton quickly drops out of Arizona State and returns to Sherman Oaks High as the assistant swim coach.
  2. There’s an enormous ego death with him not being the coolest guy on campus anymore,” Barnet says of why Paxton left ASU so quickly.

“He was too used and accustomed to being the big man on campus, that top dog. He goes to a much bigger pond and he’s a much smaller fish. I don’t think an ego death is something he can handle, so that’s definitely what brings him back.” Though Paxton and Devi kiss, their romance appears to be in the past, particularly since Paxton is now part of the faculty.

But both Ramakrishnan and Barnet appreciate the characters’ supportive dynamic on display in season four. “There’s definitely love there. I’d say more platonic than not, but having a romantic history with anyone is never the most simple thing to deal with when you’re trying to maintain a friendship,” Barnet says.

“I think there’s always gonna be that mutual love and respect.” Ramakrishnan adds, “Devi and Paxton end on a beautiful, beautiful note of friendship. And I am always team platonic relationships are just as important as romantic. They end on such a beautiful friendship, and they’re so grateful for one another.” Instead, Paxton’s on his own journey in season four, ultimately realizing he wants to teach, and he returns to ASU with that goal in mind.

But Barnet isn’t sure if Paxton will stay. “It’s funny, even when he goes back to ASU at the end, I’m not sure, as the character of Paxton, if he’s going to stick it out this time,” Barnet says, adding that Paxton could end up “dropping out and going, ‘I’m going to teach surf lessons in Hawaii and live a happy life.'” As for what the future holds for Devi and Ben, Lewison isn’t so sure.

“The optimistic part of my brain says they’re soulmates, they always find each other; they’re meant to be. And even if they break off, maybe post-college, they’ll find each other again,” he says. “And then there’s another part of me that’s like, they’re still really learning who they are.

They’re both at really smart schools where they have diverse populations that will really challenge the way that they think and the way they view the world, and maybe that will bring them closer together and maybe that will bring them further apart, I don’t know. I would like to think that, in a perfect world, they both have worked on themselves and figured themselves out and are happy doing whatever that might be, whether Ben is about to go to law school or going to go get an MBA or some kind of entrepreneurial business that he’s starting, or whatever he’s doing.

And the same for Devi. But hopefully, it’s something they both have found a passion for and have found enjoyment in, and it winds up being successful for them.” Beyond the love triangle, the fourth season shows Devi, Ben and Paxton all dealing with anxiety about college, something the three actors behind those characters acknowledged felt true.

  1. I think it’s a very real thing.
  2. In terms of like, young adults and college students; you start thinking you to have it all figured out,” Barnet says.
  3. And people forget how young you are, that your whole life doesn’t need to be figured out.
  4. That you don’t need to get so down on yourself and feel like a failure if things crumble that were your original plan.” And Devi in particular experiences setbacks on her journey to Princeton, getting deferred and then waitlisted before finally getting in, which Ramakrishnan appreciated seeing.

“I mean, college post secondary, it’s not an easy route. But I think, in general, anything that you really, really want, there isn’t an easy, clear-cut path right to get there,” she says. “But it’s nice to see, not failure, it’s only just different paths that you didn’t expect to take to get to the same end destination.” For Devi, the final season also sees her continue to deal with the grief of losing her dad, who viewers discover, inspired her Princeton dream.

  1. As she’s getting ready to go to college, she sees her dad’s ghost and yells at him as she struggles to figure out what to pack, a moment that Ramakrishnan says reflects Devi’s ongoing grief.
  2. She still just misses him.
  3. She’s still in grief, but just in a different form,” she says.
  4. Grief comes in so many different ways.

So I think we’ve shown her in those different ways, how she’s grown to accept her dad’s loss and accept the person that she’s now going to become with his memory but not his presence.” It’s Devi’s mom who helps her pack and, earlier, supports Devi amid her Princeton setbacks, showing how their relationship has strengthened since the tension of season one.

  • It’s an empathetic relationship now, versus in the beginning when it was two people who just lived in the same house and were not communicating about their feelings.
  • By the end, they’re able to communicate way more and recognize that they’re both works in progress.
  • Devi recognizes, ‘Hey, my mom was going through it just as much as I am.’ And Nalini recognizes, ‘My daughter is a remarkable woman who’s really trying her best.’ So that’s really beautiful to see.” And it’s Devi’s personal growth, including her finding a way to “channel her anger in a way that isn’t self destructive or hurtful to others,” that Ramakrishnan feels like is “the real ending.” “I think the ending when she’s praying at the altar is the real ending, the ending that truly matters.

Because it’s showing the real growth. She has learned how to be so grateful for everything in her life and the blessings and people around her,” says Ramakrishnan, reflecting on her previously saying that what happens in the final season is what she hoped for her character,

  1. The thing I always wanted the most for her was that self love.
  2. And that self acceptance, where Devi could be at a point where she realizes, you know, she’s not perfect.
  3. And that’s okay.
  4. That she’s trying, and she’s not a bad person.
  5. She’s really trying to do good.” She adds, “I just wanted her to be proud of herself.
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I think at the end of the series, she gets to that point. I feel like every person deserves to have that moment of feeling truly, truly in love with themselves in a healthy way, so that’s what I wanted for Devi.”

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Does Devi get a new boyfriend in Season 3

Answered By: Ryan Phillips Date: created: Dec 17 2022

As Season 3 begins, Devi and Paxton are officially dating.

Who will Devi end up with in Season 4?

Devi ends up with Ben in Never Have I Ever season 4.

Does Kamala break up with Prashant?

Breaking up with Prashant – After Kamala’s departure from Prashant’s engagement dinner, they decide to break up. Nirmala hosts a party to find a new fiancé for Kamala.

Does Paxton cheat on Devi with Haley?

Who Does Devi End Up With in Season 3 of Never Have I Ever ? Ben, Paxton, or Des? – Buckle up, folks. We’ve got a wild ride ahead. Season 2 ended with Devi and Paxton making their relationship official at the school dance, so Season 3 kicks off with them full-on dating.

  • It’s smooth sailing for two weeks until the Daxton bubble bursts and Devi’s haters creep in.
  • Once Devi starts noticing how classmates react to her and Paxton, she feels insecure and doubts Paxton’s feelings for her.
  • A group of mean girls assume that Paxton is only with Devi because she’s having sex with him, since they don’t think he’d be content taking things slow.

The rumors start messing with Devi’s head and she feels pressured to sleep with Paxton even though she’s not ready. Then, a troll anonymously DMs Devi to warn her Paxton isn’t who she thinks he is — as if she wasn’t stressed enough! Photo: Netflix Paxton tells Devi not to engage with the troll, but her curiosity gets the best of her and she seeks the girl out. She learns the messages are from Hailey, Paxton’s ex-BFF who tells Devi that Paxton slept with and then ghosted her. Not cool, bro! Devi tells Paxton she can’t be with him unless he apologizes to Hailey.

  1. After a brief separation, Paxton tells Hailey (and all the other girls in school he’s wronged) that he’s sorry, which makes Devi happy.
  2. But when Paxton and Hailey start getting close again, Devi gets jealous.
  3. Devi keeps pressing Paxton about why he wants to date her, and he finally has enough.
  4. He tells Devi, “I really like you, but I don’t think we can have a real relationship until you like yourself.” Ouch.

The two break up and shortly after their split Paxton gets a new girlfriend. Devi, still heartbroken, plans to attend a house party Paxton and his new girl will be at so she can act like their relationship doesn’t bother her. Devi’s mom Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan) tells her she can go to the party as long as she brings Des, the teenage son of her new friend Rhyah (Sarayu Blue). Photo: Netflix After a rocky ghosting sesh, Des and Devi start dating in secret. Unfortunately, Dev goes to a different school and whenever they’re together their moms are always hovering, so they rarely get alone time. To solve that problem, Devi tricks her mom into going out so she can invite Des and his friends over for a game night.

  • Thanks to Des’ friend Parker (Deacon Phillippe), the night takes a turn and Des leaves before he and Devi have time to hook up.
  • The next day, Des’ mom catches him and Devi making out in his room and calls Nalini over for backup.
  • But in a twist, Nalini gives Devi permission to date Des, so they make things official.

Des and Rhyah accompany Nalini to Devi’s orchestra concert, but before she takes the stage she thinks she sees her dad in the audience and flees. Rhyah finds her in the bathroom crying, and after the concert, she tells Des he needs to break up with Devi because she has too many issues. Photo: Netflix Ben overhears Rhyah talking smack after the concert and lets Devi know like the good friend he is. After Devi and Des break up, she fears she’ll be a virgin for life, so Ben hands her a coupon for “ONE FREE BOINK” and tells her if she’s still a virgin when she’s an old lady he’ll sleep with her.

  1. Speaking of Ben, he has quite the eventful Season 3 himself.
  2. His girlfriend Aneesa (Megan Suri) breaks up with him and he asks his art tutor on a date, all while secretly crushing on Devi.
  3. After Devi decides to spend her senior year at The Shrubland School in Colorado, Ben tells her he’ll miss her and the two share a moment.

Devi later decides to stay at Sherman Oaks, and with minutes left in the episode we see her knocking on someone’s door. Ben, fresh out of the shower, opens it and asks her what she needs. She hands him the “ONE FREE BOINK” coupon he gave her. They kiss, he shuts his bedroom door, and the end credits roll.

Does Devi hook up with anyone?

Do Devi and Paxton end up together in Never Have I Ever? – If you’re hoping to see Devi and Paxton together at the end of Never Have I Ever season 4, you might be disappointed to learn that the pair do not end up together in the end. Instead, it’s Ben who Devi ends up with as the series comes to a close.

Across the fourth and final season, Devi goes on yet another rollercoaster ride in the romance department. At the start of the season, we pick up right where season 3 left off with Ben and Devi having just hooked up. However, things take an awkward turn the morning after and the pair end up apart for most of the season hinting that they might not be endgame after all.

However, in the final episode of the season, Ben finally realizes how much he cares about Devi and finally proclaims his love to her. The pair then hook back up and keep their relationship going as college begins with Ben and Devi happy together as the series comes to a close.

  1. While Devi and Paxton might not end up together in the end, the pair do share some amazing scenes across the season and the show even hints that there could possibly be something still there between them.
  2. During episode 7, Devi and Paxton end up locked together in the swim team equipment closet and start kissing.

However, they later decide not to act on their feelings from that moment in realizing they work better as friends. Never Have I Ever season 4 is streaming now on Netflix !

Published on 06/08/2023 at 7:32 AM EDT Last updated on 06/08/2023 at 7:32 AM EDT

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Will Paxton be in season 4 Never Have I Ever

Answered By: Timothy Martin Date: created: Mar 18 2024

What will Never Have I Ever season 4 be about? – There are so many possibilities for the show’s final season. Aneesa and Fabiola dated briefly, so we may see Aneesa continue to explore her queerness in season 4, while Fab dates her new partner, Addison.

  1. Paxton is off to college at Arizona State University, while his bestie, Trent, failed his senior year at Sherman Oaks.
  2. That means Trent has another year to make it up and spend more time with his GF, Eleanor.
  3. Of course, Devi finally hooked up with Ben in the season 3 finale thanks to the “One Free Boink” card he jokingly (but, really, not jokingly) gifted her earlier in the school year.

Since season 4 is the final season, we could also see Devi, Eleanor, Fabiola, and the rest of the crew try to navigate all the drama while also applying for colleges and prepping for graduation. TBH, we can’t wait to see how this all unravels. // Netflix “We got the script the other day and, damn, that’s all I’m going to sayThere’s just so much. So much happens to these Sherman Oaks kids. They don’t catch a break,” leading lady Maitreyi Ramakrishnan told, Her co-star, Jaren Lewison, echoes her sentiment and calls season 4 the “perfect sendoff.” “I think the way the writers approached this fourth season has been with such care and with such tenacious and meticulous planning that I think we all feel comforted by the fact that it was a perfect sendoff.

This fourth season is perfect,” Jaren told Elle. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Jaren Lewison, and Darren Barnet dished on what viewers can expect in season four during Netflix’s 2022 TUDUM event. Maitreyi and Jaren were stunned when Darren confirmed that his character Paxton would be appearing in season 4. Darren also revealed that there will be a wedding this season, but Maitreyi confirmed that the nuptials won’t be between anyone the audience is expecting.

This content is imported from youTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Given that MAJOR cliffhanger of a, we, of course, cannot wait for the debut of Never Have I Ever season 4. How will how Devi and Ben’s relationship evolve next? While there is no set release date for the final season yet, series lead Jaren Lewison (aka Ben) recently hinted at the incredible dramz that’s about to unfold.

  • Whatever happens, whether they do or they don’t, it definitely will change their dynamic.
  • And Mindy always says stable relationships are boring,” he said in an interview with,
  • I know what happens because we’ve already shot the fourth season and it is killing me not to tell you.
  • But we’ll have to see.

We’ll have to see how they go about the aftermath of if they did or they didn’t.” OMG. Jaren continued to label season 4 “more special” and that we’ll see a lot more of Ben’s vulnerability and relatable side. “Regardless of whatever that outcome is, there’s going to be some tough conversations.

What episode does Devi lose her virginity to Ben?

Never Have I Ever Season 4 Episode 1 Review:,lost my virginity Thursdays on Netflix

  • Well, they did it!
  • The nerds finally had sex on, but it wasn’t all they thought it would be.
  • Sometimes you wait for something so long that the real thing will always disappoint.

Senior year was here, and there were a lot of changes. Sometimes change can be good, but other times, it drags someone out of their comfort zone, leaving them feeling lost. Devi’s life had some significant changes, but the biggest was that she’d lost her virginity to Ben Gross.

The version that had played out in her head saw the whole event happening like in the movies, or in her own words,, Yet, it was underwhelming. She didn’t expect to feel like she’d been used for the first time. But in Ben’s defense, he was also not an expert on the subject, and if it was worth anything, he felt bad about the whole affair.

Devi and Ben’s feelings for each other were a muddled mess building up over four years. First and foremost, they were academic rivals. Then they developed some love-hate feelings, which turned romantic. Even though they’d have preferred that it went differently, their first time together was what one would expect.

  1. It cleared up their tension with the constant It turns out they won’t.
  2. Taking advice from your girls, who are as experienced as you are, would not be advisable under any circumstances, but they were the only thing Devi had at the moment.
  3. Ben received advice from an unlikely source; even if it was not the best, it gave him some clarity.

With the sexual tension out of the way, Ben and Devi were set to focus on the most important issue: Getting into great colleges. Maybe the whole thing was a blessing in disguise as now they can team up and ace these tests, or knowing them, they’d remain competitive.

The previous season saw Paxton enter college, but what now? He’d wanted to prove that he could do it, and he’d done it. High school can be a weird place where people don’t see anything beyond that. They think the world will be modeled after their little high school in the middle of nowhere, but the reality is much different on getting out.

Many people stagnate in that mentality and can never escape it. They realize that they peaked in high school, barely a quarter into the rest of their life. This was the reality Paxton was experiencing, where he was the guy he used to make fun of. He was the butt of the joke.

Boy 1: Yo, Jackson. Who you talking to?Paxton: It’s, uh, Paxton.Boy 1: Your friend’s name is Paxton? -Shit, that rhymes with your name.Paxton: No, I I’m- It’s just a friend from home. What are you guys up to?Boy 1: It sucks, bro. The rager in my room is a no-go. My roommate has mono.Boy 2: Dude, that sucks.

Told you he was a pussy for getting mono.Paxton: We could do it here. I mean, I’d be cool with that. I used to party a lot in high school. I was, like, constantly getting invited to parties and stuff, soBoy 1: Yeah, okay. Sure you were. But all right. We can put the keg on your bed.

Boy 2: Damn, bro, that’s cold. College was a huge change for him. If he thought he didn’t care, some guys care less. If he thought he was a party animal, some other guys were party monsters. He wished for the life he’d left behind at Sherman Oaks, but some doors, once closed, cannot be reopened. He was feeling lost and longing for what was familiar, like playing stupid jokes with Trent.

Speaking of Trent, his act was over. It had been cute when he was younger, but now everyone was outgrowing him. Paxton was in college doing great things during, yet Trent was making fake boners as pranks. Eleanor’s future as an actress was looking better and better, and he had no place in it.

  • Cracks had started to develop in what was previously a great relationship.
  • Growing up would do that to you.
  • Eleanor realized that Trent had no goals or aspirations.
  • He was happy being the village, well, school clown.
  • And she didn’t see a future with him.
  • Eleanor: What’s your schedule like?Trent: Yeah, I’m super busy too, with classes.Devi: Oh, what are you taking? We’re all in BC Calc and AP Lit.

Trent: Oh, I wanted to take those classes, but they just sounded too easy for me, so I’m in BP Frigonometry. Trent might be stupid, but he did the smartest thing he’s ever done for once. He realized he was dragging Eleanor down with him. I mean, a proposal? Fabiola’s future was pretty much cemented because she’d get into a great college, but what would she be leaving behind? Robotics Club had been her haven in that chaotic place, and she wished she could make it the same for other Fabiola’s of the future.

  1. Her focus was making it the coolest club.
  2. And yes, it was cool, but the crowd it attracted left a lot to be desired.
  3. In 2023, girls should be empowered to pursue anything they want.
  4. Why weren’t they? Fabiola: Eric, everyone who showed up is a guy.
  5. Isn’t that kinda weird?Eric: Well, that’s probably because statistically men are more-Fabiola: Stop.
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I’m already offended by however you’re going to finish that sentence. Eric: Torres, guys just tend to like this stuff more than girls. That’s why it’s so cool you’re the only girl on the team. You’re special. It was a problem; if there was anything Fabiola was good at, it was solving problems.

A minor change in Devi’s life was that she had a car for at least half a day before someone vandalized it. Devi is driven by passion. She needs someone else to write her a recommendation letter and find whoever tagged her car. One academic motivation and the other pure anger. That’s what keeps Devi powered up.

Senior year would be interesting, and they were not ready for it. With Ben and Paxton out of the way, Devi was free to set her sights on another guy. She had gone after the hottest guy, then her frenemy crush; getting someone new would be a walk in the park.

Ben: Look, I think we’re both just insecure and competitive, and we always manage to hurt each other. And as my close personal friend Dwight Howard said while we were hanging out the other day I need a girlfriend who makes me feel, I don’t know, more, like, at ease, or, like, happier with myself. I need that.

You should have that too.Devi: I can do that.Ben: No, you can’t. That’s why I’m staying with Margot. Devi: I accept that. “” was a great season premiere doing a great job setting up the season conflicts and making the show’s end feel real. The jokes were a hit, as always.

What did you think? Let us know in the comments section. Denis Kimathi is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. He has watched more dramas and comedies than he cares to remember. Catch him on social media obsessing over past, current, and upcoming shows or going off about the politics of representation on TV.

Follow him on, : Never Have I Ever Season 4 Episode 1 Review:,lost my virginity

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Why did Devi dump Ethan

Answered By: Kyle Stewart Date: created: Jan 11 2024

Never Have I Ever season 4 has finally been released on Netflix, and everyone’s watching it to see how the teen series comes to a close. This season, several new characters are introduced, but there’s one new character in particular who makes a lasting impression on Devi.

  1. That character is Ethan Morales ( Michael Cimino ).
  2. Spoilers ahead from Never Have I Ever season 4.
  3. Ethan Morales is a senior at Sherman Oaks High.
  4. Apparently, he’s been a student at the high school but had a significant transformation in his physical appearance over the summer, turning him into Sherman Oaks High newest heartthrob.

While Ethan initially catches the attention of a newly single Eleanor, Devi eventually becomes interested in him after he comes on to her. But she doesn’t want to betray Eleanor, so she tries to fight off the attraction. However, she ends up giving in and kisses him at his party.

Of course, Eleanor isn’t happy when she finds out, but to save their friendship, they both decide to stay away from Ethan. This doesn’t last long with both of them unable to stay away from the skater. They talk about it later, and Eleanor basically gives Devi permission to date Ethan. Later, Devi and Ethan talk about their feelings for one another, kiss, and officially become boyfriend and girlfriend.

But their honeymoon phase doesn’t last long. Once Devi and Ethan officially start dating, they begin sleeping together and making out all around Sherman Oaks High. But Devi’s friends and Ms. Warner ( Alexandra Billings ) warn Devi about being with Ethan.

Ms. Warren expresses her concerns about Ethan to Devi. She tells Devi she doesn’t want Ethan and his bad-boy ways to drag her down. However, Devi assures Ms. Warner that she has everything under control. She even tells Eleanor and Fabiola that Ethan is just misunderstood. Devi continues to ignore all the signs that Ethan isn’t good for her because she wants to be with him.

But once Ethan almost jeopardizes Devi’s chance at getting into Princeton by stealing the wallet of the Princeton admissions rep, she knows that she can’t be with him anymore. She breaks up with Ethan in the janitor’s closet at Sherman Oaks High. After the breakup scene, we don’t see Ethan again in the teen series.

Since Ethan doesn’t appear in the show again, I guess the reason why the writers wrote him into the scripts was so that he could be a distraction for Devi. Or, they just wanted Devi to have another short-lived romance. Although we don’t see Ethan again after the breakup scene, he’s most likely going around Sherman Oaks High, still committing crimes like keying teachers’ cars and slashing tires.

Never Have I Ever season 4 is streaming on Netflix,

Published on 06/09/2023 at 3:44 PM EDT Last updated on 06/09/2023 at 3:44 PM EDT

Why does Paxton like Devi?

Relationship Overview – Devi and Paxton at the dance Devi had harbored a crush on Paxton for the longest of times, notably sense grade school, and he may or may not have been aware of her feelings until addressed by her directly during Season 1, when she asked for them to have intercourse.

  • He didn’t return her feelings until later, however.
  • Paxton and Devi’s relationship can be described as somewhat chaotic, due to Devi’s unpredictable nature and Paxton’s tendencies to hide his emotions.
  • Despite this, the two seem to have a heavy amount of respect for each other, supporting each other through tough times.

For example, Paxton helped her in many acts such as supporting a sobbing Devi after she and Eleanor had a fight, whereas Devi helped Paxton to gain belief in his academic prowess, which in turn boosted his self-confidence. Paxton also evens out Devi’s ditzy personality with his stern and straightforward approach to things, which ultimately made Devi want to better herself in areas such as being a compulsive person.

Asked By: Bryan Baker Date: created: Dec 15 2022

Why does Devi choose Ben

Answered By: Connor Roberts Date: created: Dec 16 2022

Who Does Devi Choose in Never Have I Ever Season 4? – Coincidentally, the catalyst for Devi getting into Princeton is Ben. While they keep things platonic, he assuages her ego and clarifies that she has to rewrite her admissions essay. She’s got a second chance, and despite being rivals, he wants her to excel.

  • It’s truly selfless, which is why Devi realizes Ben is her true love.
  • Shockingly, he abandons a New York law internship and shows up in Bollywood style at her granny’s wedding before whisking her away like they’re in a fairytale.
  • They continue their romance down the line, as they’re a couple of hours apart in the time jump – he’s in Columbia while she’s in Princeton, making it easy to work a long-distance relationship.

This perfectly rounds out their journey together, fighting at first, then growing and truly understanding each other. They were always connected, and in time, Devi taught Ben to stop being nervous about life and embrace the present. At the same time, he taught her to fight through the difficult things.

Asked By: Gabriel Garcia Date: created: Sep 17 2023

Who gets married at the end of Never Have I Ever

Answered By: Christopher Perry Date: created: Sep 20 2023

Nirmala & Len Get Married – Nirmala’s dating a new character Len in Season 4, though Kamala is worried if he’s a gold-digger. Thankfully, he’s not – the couple just loves buying each other gifts, even if the show hid how Len spent his money. It’s done in humor, which leads to them getting married in the finale.

Asked By: Alejandro Walker Date: created: Jun 20 2023

Do Ben and Devi sleep together in Season 3

Answered By: Brian Nelson Date: created: Jun 22 2023

Ramakrishnan is finally able to reveal which “team” she’s on. Warning: This post contains spoilers from Never Have I Ever season 4, The love triangle has come to an end. In Never Have I Ever ‘s fourth and final season, Devi ( Maitreyi Ramakrishnan ) finds herself in the aftermath of her season 3 finale decision to sleep with Ben (Jaren Lewison).

  1. Long story short, their one night does not bring Devi and Ben together.
  2. If anything, it does the opposite.
  3. For much of the season, they’re both off dating other people.
  4. And then there’s Paxton (Darren Barnet), the unbelievably attractive jock that first stole Devi’s heart in season 1 after she walked up to him and asked if he wanted to have sex.

(He said yes. They didn’t end up doing it.) But they did end up dating. for a bit. Now, Paxton’s a struggling high school graduate who finds himself spending most of Devi’s senior year working back at the high school. Never Have I Ever. (L to R) Darren Barnet as Paxton Hall-Yoshida, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi in episode 407 of Never Have I Ever. Darren Barnet and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan on ‘Never Have I Ever’ | Credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix In the end, Devi and Paxton share one final kiss, before agreeing that they’re better off as friends. Devi and Ben, however, make things official. As the series finale ends, we see Devi, now at Princeton, hanging out with her boyfriend Ben, who’s not far away at Columbia, and getting the happy ending she’s always wanted.

“I loved her whole journey, especially the difficulties around school,” Ramakrishnan tells EW. “I like that she like failed a little. I like that she struggled a bit and it wasn’t just like easy route. That’d be boring to watch. But also that’s kind of life, right? It’s okay to fail.” As for the love triangle, Ramakrishnan is excited to finally be able to share which “team” she’s on.

“I tweeted this, that I’d actually start telling people which team I’m on once it’s out,” she says, adding, “Team Ben. Paxton, you’re done. You’re outta here. You need to grow up. Ben and Devi have known each other for so long. They rival each other academically, they’re both stubborn, but in the best ways with one another. Jaren Lewison and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan on ‘Never Have I Ever’ | Credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix Walking away from Devi — her first acting role — after four years has taught Ramakrishnan a few things. “The biggest thing that I learned from her was that it’s okay to feel a lot of emotions and be this person that goes after what they want.

It’s okay to just feel, and I mean that in the all the ways. Like Devi, when she crushes on someone, she’s crushing hard, and that doesn’t make her an idiot. It just makes her human. When she’s mad, she’s pissed. And that also makes her human. It doesn’t make her a bad person. So Devi has really taught me how to feel as an actor.

Being that this is my first role as an actor, it definitely has let me explore emotions. But as a human being, it has helped me feel those emotions in those scenes and recognize it’s okay. Like, I’m not a hot mess. I don’t have my life any more or less together than someone who’s more calm, cool, collected.


TV Show




Does Devi end up with Paxton?

Do Devi and Paxton end up together in Never Have I Ever season four? – No, Devi and Paxton are strictly friends now. They try to rekindle their romance but it does not work out. Devi gets together with Ben, but he may take time to reciprocate. She then dates Ethan, but that romance is brief. Devi goes back to Ben. Meanwhile, Paxton is dating Miss Thompson,

Does Devi ever get a boyfriend?

Every Guy Devi Dated On ‘Never Have I Ever,’ In Order Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Never Have I Ever Season 4 follow. It’s no secret Devi Vishwakumar has had a few love interests on Never Have I Ever, from arch-nemesis-turned-boyfriend Ben Gross to the hottest guy at Sherman Oaks, Paxton Hall-Yoshida.

Devi has played the field, completing her mission of shedding the “UN” (unf*ckable nerd) title that Ben gave her. Devi and her two besties, Eleanor and Fabiola, blossom into young women as we watch their journey from awkward sophomores to confident seniors. But as the show went into, you might have had trouble keeping up with Devi’s love life and relationship history.

I’ve made a list to take a trip down memory lane and refresh your memory on all the guy’s Devi dated on NHIE in order, from her sophomore year until her senior year. Netflix Devi and Paxton have a rough start to their relationship. After vowing to shake off the nerd label, Devi eagerly attempts to lose her virginity to Paxton. In Season 1, we watch Devi scare Paxton away but get him back in Season 2 and become his girlfriend in Season 3.

Once Devi finally gets her “dream man,” she finds it hard to keep him due to insecurities about herself, ultimately causing Paxton to break things off. In the final season, the two come close to exploring their romantic relationship again after Devi gets a position with the swim team, assisting Paxton.

Their steamy moment quickly turns sour after Paxton is reprimanded and told he cannot be romantic with students as a faculty member. (Anirudh Pisharody) is the “Indian nerd” Devi’s mom, Dr. Nalini (Poorna Jagnnathan), sets her up with in Season 3. Des catches Devi talking about him behind his back, sparking a comical yet meaningful dialogue about,

  1. Des and Davi get past their rocky start and learn they are more alike than different.
  2. The two begin briefly dating before Des’ mother, Rhyah, tells Des to break up with Devi in the same season.
  3. Rhyah feels Devi is too emotionally unstable for her son after witnessing her panic attack in the bathroom at the first orchestra concert after Devi’s father’s death.

Ethan is Devi’s new bad-boy toy! Devi discovers he unknowingly vandalized her car in Season 4, and she confronts him. Ethan is impressed by Devi’s directness, which sparks their flirty tension. The two begin briefly dating, allowing Devi to explore her newfound confidence, but she ultimately decides Ethan isn’t the one after he struggles to shed his bad-boy tendencies. Lara Solanki/Netflix Ben and Devi have a complicated relationship. The chemistry between these two is undeniable, and they understand each other’s extreme behaviors. Throughout the series, Ben and Devi become complete enemies and lovers. Initially, their academic rivalry began in early childhood as they both grew up in Sherman Oaks, California.

  • Their constant battle comes from their high expectation of themselves and their need to outdo each other.
  • However, the two have managed to be each other’s support systems throughout the series, especially in Season 1 and Season 4.
  • After losing her virginity to Ben and realizing her real feelings for him, Devi accepts that she likes Ben more than a friend in Season 4.

Ben takes a little longer to believe his real feelings about Devi, and he tries to fight them by distancing himself from her. The distance away only made his heart grow fonder, ultimately leading to their big reunion. Ben flies back to Sherman Oaks from New York to surprise Devi at Nirmala’s wedding, where he decides to profess his love.

Why doesn t Devi end up with Paxton?

Hey. You were a really nice boyfriend, but honestly, you’re an even better friend.
— Devi to Paxton in “, said goodbye ”

Daxton ( D evi + P axton ), also known as Devi and Paxton, were a couple, with both of them attending Sherman Oaks High as students. They were in the same History and English classes together for years consecutively. The relationship was apart of the love triangle between Devi, Ben, and Paxton.

Does Devi get a new boyfriend in Season 3?

As Season 3 begins, Devi and Paxton are officially dating.