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Which celeb left the jungle

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Which celeb has left the jungle?

  • While the African jungle can be tough, it is likely going to be tougher for those who have a make-up rider written into their contract.
  • This certainly proved to be the case for, who sent herself home after less than a week in the wilderness.
  • Kerri-Anne is the first celeb to leave the show, surprising contestants and fans alike.
  • Fondly known as KAK, Kerri-Anne chose to depart after refusing to participate in an eating challenge alongside, and Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson.
  • KAK’s reluctance to participate drew the ire of her teammate Dom, who said she’d “never met anyone so selfish in all my life”.
  • “If you don’t even try and (eat this), I tell you what, we’re gonna be like ‘we’ll evict Kerri-Anne,’ legit,” Dom told KAK.

“Trust me, I’ll evict myself. Don’t you tell me what I need to do,” Kerri-Anne returned. And that is precisely what happened!

  1. Kerri-Anne is the first contestant out of the jungle, opting to evict herself and head on home after only four days.
  2. WATCH: Woody Whitelaw talks fatherhood fears on ‘I’m A Celeb’
  3. After failing to participate in any of the trials for which she was nominated, Kerri-Anne and Domenica came to blows over a shared eating challenge.
  4. “I don’t see any point in eating a ball that could never have a result,” Kerrie-Anne told her fellow celebs back at camp.

“The abuse was quite overwhelming. To be called ‘the most self-centred bitch she’s ever met’ and ‘the contract queen’ time and time again. I would have finished if she would have finished, and it was never going to happen.

  • “That said, I’ve made a choice, and it was a hard choice because I would love to stay, but it’s never going to work.”
  • Kerri-Anne also added that she thought it was unfair that she’d been nominated for three trials in a row.
  • KAK’s chosen charity was Spinal Cure Australia, chosen for its connection to her who suffered a spinal injury.

How many people have left the jungle?

Contestants – As of series 22, 254 celebrities have competed. Model and TV personality Katie Price, who appeared as a contestant in the third and ninth series respectively, was the only celebrity to have competed in two separate series, until the South Africa “All-Stars” series in 2023 which featured the return of other former campmates.


Winner – King or Queen of the Jungle/Castle
Third place


Series Celebrity Age Notability Status 1 Tony Blackburn 59 Radio DJ 1st – Winner Tara Palmer-Tomkinson 30 Socialite & TV presenter 2nd – Runner-up Christine Hamilton 52 Media personality 3rd – Third place Nell McAndrew 28 Model & TV presenter 4th – Eliminated Rhona Cameron 36 Comedian 5th – Eliminated Darren Day 34 Actor & singer 6th – Eliminated Nigel Benn 38 Boxer 7th – Eliminated Uri Geller 55 Paranormalist 8th – Eliminated 2 Phil Tufnell 37 Cricketer 1st – Winner John Fashanu 40 Footballer 2nd – Runner-up Linda Barker 41 Interior designer & TV presenter 3rd – Third place Wayne Sleep 54 Dancer & choreographer 4th – Eliminated Antony Worrall Thompson 51 Chef & TV presenter 5th – Eliminated Toyah Willcox 44 Singer & actress 6th – Eliminated Catalina Guirado 29 Model & TV personality 7th – Eliminated Chris Bisson 27 Actor 8th – Eliminated Danniella Westbrook 29 Actress 9th – Withdrew Siân Lloyd 44 TV presenter 10th – Eliminated 3 Kerry Katona 23 Singer 1st – Winner Jennie Bond 53 TV presenter 2nd – Runner-up Peter Andre 30 Singer 3rd – Third place Lord Brocket 51 TV presenter 4th – Eliminated Katie Price 25 Model 5th – Eliminated Alex Best 31 Ex-wife of George Best 6th – Eliminated John Lydon 47 Singer 7th – Withdrew Neil Ruddock 35 Footballer 8th – Eliminated Diane Modahl 37 Olympic middle-distance runner 9th – Eliminated Mike Read 56 Radio DJ 10th – Eliminated 4 Joe Pasquale 43 Comedian 1st – Winner Paul Burrell 46 Butler 2nd – Runner-up Fran Cosgrave 26 Nightclub manager 3rd – Third place Janet Street-Porter 57 Journalist 4th – Eliminated Sophie Anderton 27 Model 5th – Eliminated Antonio Fargas 58 Actor 6th – Eliminated Sheila Ferguson 57 Singer 7th – Eliminated Vic Reeves 45 Comedian & TV presenter 8th – Eliminated Nancy Sorrell 30 Model & TV presenter 9th – Eliminated Natalie Appleton 31 Singer 10th – Withdrew Brian Harvey 30 Singer 11th – Withdrew 5 Carol Thatcher 52 Journalist & daughter of Margaret Thatcher 1st – Winner Sheree Murphy 30 Actress 2nd – Runner-up Sid Owen 33 Actor 3rd – Third place Jimmy Osmond 42 Singer 4th – Eliminated Bobby Ball 61 Comedian 5th – Eliminated Antony Costa 24 Singer 6th – Eliminated Jenny Frost 27 Singer 7th – Eliminated David Dickinson 64 TV presenter 8th – Eliminated Kimberley Davies 32 Actress 9th – Withdrew Jilly Goolden 56 Critic 10th – Eliminated Tommy Cannon 67 Comedian 11th – Eliminated Elaine Lordan 38 Actress 12th – Withdrew 6 Matt Willis 23 Singer 1st – Winner Myleene Klass 28 Singer 2nd – Runner-up Jason Donovan 38 Actor & singer 3rd – Third place David Gest 53 Producer 4th – Eliminated Dean Gaffney 28 Actor 5th – Eliminated Jan Leeming 64 TV presenter 6th – Eliminated Malandra Burrows 41 Actress 7th – Eliminated Phina Oruche 34 Actress 8th – Eliminated Lauren Booth 39 Journalist & activist 9th – Eliminated Faith Brown 62 Comedian 10th – Eliminated Scott Henshall 30 Fashion designer 11th – Eliminated Toby Anstis 35 TV & radio presenter 12th – Eliminated 7 Christopher Biggins 58 Actor 1st – Winner Janice Dickinson 52 Model 2nd – Runner-up J Brown 31 Singer & rapper 3rd – Third place Cerys Matthews 38 Singer 4th – Eliminated Gemma Atkinson 22 Model & actress 5th – Eliminated Anna Ryder Richardson 43 Interior designer & TV presenter 6th – Eliminated Rodney Marsh 63 Footballer 7th – Eliminated John Burton-Race 50 Chef 8th – Eliminated Lynne Franks 59 Media personality 9th – Eliminated Katie Hopkins 32 Reality TV star 10th – Eliminated Marc Bannerman 34 Actor 11th – Eliminated Malcolm McLaren 61 Sex Pistols Manager 12th – Withdrew 8 Joe Swash 26 Actor 1st – Winner Martina Navratilova 52 Tennis player 2nd – Runner-up George Takei 71 Actor 3rd – Third place David Van Day 51 Singer 4th – Eliminated Simon Webbe 30 Singer 5th – Eliminated Nicola McLean 27 Model 6th – Eliminated Brian Paddick 50 Senior policeman & politician 7th – Eliminated Esther Rantzen 68 TV presenter 8th – Eliminated Timmy Mallett 53 TV presenter 9th – Eliminated Carly Zucker 24 Fitness trainer & fiancé of Joe Cole 10th – Eliminated Dani Behr 34 TV presenter 11th – Eliminated Robert Kilroy-Silk 66 Politician & TV presenter 12th – Eliminated 9 Gino D’Acampo 33 Chef & TV presenter 1st – Winner Kim Woodburn 67 TV presenter 2nd – Runner-up Jimmy White 47 Snooker player 3rd – Third place Justin Ryan 42 Interior designer & TV presenter 4th – Eliminated Stuart Manning 30 Actor 5th – Eliminated Sabrina Washington 31 Singer 6th – Eliminated George Hamilton 70 Actor 7th – Withdrew Joe Bugner 59 Boxer 8th – Eliminated Samantha Fox 43 Model & singer 9th – Eliminated Colin McAllister 41 Interior designer & TV presenter 10th – Eliminated Lucy Benjamin 39 Actress 11th – Eliminated Katie Price 31 Model & Businesswoman 12th – Withdrew Camilla Dallerup 35 Professional dancer 13th – Withdrew 10 Stacey Solomon 21 Singer 1st – Winner Shaun Ryder 48 Singer 2nd – Runner-up Jenny Eclair 50 Comedian 3rd – Third place Dom Joly 42 Comedian 4th – Eliminated Kayla Collins 23 Model 5th – Eliminated Aggro Santos 21 Rapper 6th – Eliminated Linford Christie 50 Olympic sprinter 7th – Eliminated Gillian McKeith 51 Nutritionist & TV presenter 8th – Eliminated Britt Ekland 68 Actress 9th – Eliminated Alison Hammond 35 TV presenter 10th – Eliminated Lembit Öpik 45 Politician 11th – Eliminated Sheryl Gascoigne 47 Ex-wife of Paul Gascoigne 12th – Eliminated Nigel Havers 59 Actor 13th – Withdrew 11 Dougie Poynter 23 Musician 1st – Winner Mark Wright 24 Reality TV star 2nd – Runner-up Fatima Whitbread 50 Olympic javelin thrower 3rd – Third place Antony Cotton 36 Actor 4th – Eliminated Willie Carson 68 Jockey 5th – Eliminated Crissy Rock 53 Actress 6th – Eliminated Emily Scott 28 Model 7th – Eliminated Jessica-Jane Clement 26 Model & TV presenter 8th – Eliminated Lorraine Chase 60 Actress 9th – Eliminated Pat Sharp 50 TV & radio presenter 10th – Eliminated Sinitta 48 Singer 11th – Eliminated Stefanie Powers 69 Actress 12th – Eliminated Freddie Starr 68 Comedian 13th – Withdrew 12 Charlie Brooks 31 Actress 1st – Winner Ashley Roberts 31 Singer 2nd – Runner-up David Haye 32 Boxer 3rd – Third place Eric Bristow 55 Darts player 4th – Eliminated Hugo Taylor 26 Reality TV star 5th – Eliminated Rosemary Shrager 61 Chef 6th – Eliminated Helen Flanagan 22 Actress 7th – Eliminated Colin Baker 69 Actor 8th – Eliminated Linda Robson 54 Actress 9th – Eliminated Limahl 53 Singer 10th – Eliminated Nadine Dorries 55 Politician 11th – Eliminated Brian Conley 51 Comedian 12th – Withdrew 13 Kian Egan 33 Singer 1st – Winner David Emanuel 61 Fashion designer 2nd – Runner-up Lucy Pargeter 36 Actress 3rd – Third place Joey Essex 23 Reality TV star 4th – Eliminated Amy Willerton 21 Model 5th – Eliminated Rebecca Adlington 24 Olympic swimmer 6th – Eliminated Alfonso Ribeiro 42 Actor 7th – Eliminated Steve Davis 56 Snooker player 8th – Eliminated Matthew Wright 48 TV presenter 9th – Eliminated Vincent Simone 34 Professional dancer 10th – Eliminated Laila Morse 68 Actress 11th – Eliminated Annabel Giles 54 TV presenter 12th – Eliminated 14 Carl Fogarty 49 Superbike racer 1st – Winner Jake Quickenden 26 Singer 2nd – Runner-up Melanie Sykes 44 TV presenter 3rd – Third place Edwina Currie 68 Politician 4th – Eliminated Tinchy Stryder 28 Rapper 5th – Eliminated Kendra Wilkinson 29 Model & TV personality 6th – Eliminated Vicki Michelle 63 Actress 7th – Eliminated Michael Buerk 68 TV presenter 8th – Eliminated Nadia Forde 25 Model & singer 9th – Eliminated Jimmy Bullard 36 Footballer 10th – Eliminated Craig Charles 50 Actor 11th – Withdrew Gemma Collins 33 Reality TV star 12th – Withdrew 15 Vicky Pattison 28 Reality TV star 1st – Winner George Shelley 22 Singer 2nd – Runner-up Ferne McCann 25 Reality TV star 3rd – Third place Kieron Dyer 36 Footballer 4th – Eliminated Jorgie Porter 27 Actress 5th – Eliminated Tony Hadley 55 Singer 6th – Eliminated Duncan Bannatyne 66 Entrepreneur 7th – Eliminated Lady Colin Campbell 66 Socialite & author 8th – Withdrew Chris Eubank 49 Boxer 9th – Eliminated Yvette Fielding 47 TV presenter 10th – Eliminated Brian Friedman 38 Choreographer 11th – Eliminated Susannah Constantine 53 TV presenter 12th – Eliminated Spencer Matthews 26 Reality TV star 13th – Ejected 16 Scarlett Moffatt 26 Reality TV star 1st – Winner Joel Dommett 31 Comedian 2nd – Runner-up Adam Thomas 28 Actor 3rd – Third place Sam Quek 28 Olympic field hockey player 4th – Eliminated Wayne Bridge 36 Footballer 5th – Eliminated Martin Roberts 53 TV presenter 6th – Eliminated Larry Lamb 69 Actor 7th – Eliminated Carol Vorderman 55 TV presenter 8th – Eliminated Jordan Banjo 23 Dancer 9th – Eliminated Ola Jordan 34 Professional dancer 10th – Eliminated Lisa Snowdon 44 TV & radio presenter 11th – Eliminated Danny Baker 59 TV & radio presenter 12th – Eliminated 17 Georgia Toffolo 23 Reality TV star 1st – Winner Jamie Lomas 42 Actor 2nd – Runner-up Iain Lee 44 TV & radio presenter 3rd – Third place Jennie McAlpine 33 Actress 4th – Eliminated Amir Khan 30 Boxer 5th – Eliminated Dennis Wise 50 Footballer 6th – Eliminated Stanley Johnson 77 Politician & author 7th – Eliminated Vanessa White 28 Singer 8th – Eliminated Rebekah Vardy 35 Wife of Jamie Vardy 9th – Eliminated Kezia Dugdale 36 Politician 10th – Eliminated Shappi Khorsandi 44 Comedian 11th – Eliminated Jack Maynard 22 YouTuber and brother of Conor Maynard 12th – Withdrew 18 Harry Redknapp 71 Football manager 1st – Winner Emily Atack 28 Actress 2nd – Runner-up John Barrowman 51 Actor 3rd – Third place Fleur East 31 Singer 4th – Eliminated James McVey 25 Musician 5th – Eliminated Nick Knowles 56 TV presenter 6th – Eliminated Anne Hegerty 60 TV personality 7th – Eliminated Rita Simons 41 Actress 8th – Eliminated Sair Khan 30 Actress 9th – Eliminated Malique Thompson-Dwyer 20 Actor 10th – Eliminated Noel Edmonds 69 TV & radio presenter 11th – Eliminated 19 Jacqueline Jossa 27 Actress 1st – Winner Andy Whyment 38 Actor 2nd – Runner-up Roman Kemp 26 Radio DJ 3rd – Third place Kate Garraway 52 TV & radio presenter 4th – Eliminated Nadine Coyle 34 Singer 5th – Eliminated Caitlyn Jenner 70 Olympic decathlete & TV personality 6th – Eliminated Myles Stephenson 28 Singer 7th – Eliminated Ian Wright 56 Footballer 8th – Eliminated James Haskell 34 Rugby player 9th – Eliminated Cliff Parisi 59 Actor 10th – Eliminated Andrew Maxwell 44 Comedian 11th – Eliminated Adele Roberts 40 Radio DJ 12th – Eliminated 20 Giovanna Fletcher 35 Author & presenter 1st – Winner Jordan North 30 Radio DJ 2nd – Runner-up Vernon Kay 46 TV & radio presenter 3rd – Third place Shane Richie 56 Actor 4th – Eliminated Mo Farah 37 Olympic long-distance runner 5th – Eliminated AJ Pritchard 26 Professional dancer 6th – Eliminated Jessica Plummer 28 Actress & singer 7th – Eliminated Russell Watson 54 Singer 8th – Eliminated Victoria Derbyshire 52 Journalist & TV presenter 9th – Eliminated Beverley Callard 63 Actress 10th – Eliminated Ruthie Henshall 53 Actress & singer 11th – Eliminated Hollie Arnold 26 Paralympic javelin thrower 12th – Eliminated 21 Danny Miller 30 Actor 1st – Winner Simon Gregson 47 Actor 2nd – Runner-up Frankie Bridge 32 Singer 3rd – Third place David Ginola 54 Footballer 4th – Eliminated Matty Lee 23 Olympic diver 5th – Eliminated Adam Woodyatt 53 Actor 6th – Eliminated Louise Minchin 53 TV presenter 7th – Eliminated Naughty Boy 40 DJ & record producer 8th – Eliminated Snoochie Shy 29 Radio DJ 9th – Eliminated Kadeena Cox 30 Paralympic athlete & cyclist 10th – Eliminated Arlene Phillips 78 Choreographer & TV judge 11th – Eliminated Richard Madeley 65 TV presenter 12th – Withdrew 22 Jill Scott 35 Footballer 1st – Winner Owen Warner 23 Actor 2nd – Runner-up Matt Hancock 44 Politician 3rd – Third place Mike Tindall 44 Rugby Player 4th – Eliminated Seann Walsh 36 Comedian 5th – Eliminated Chris Moyles 48 Radio & TV presenter 6th – Eliminated Babatúndé Aléshé 36 Actor & comedian 7th – Eliminated Boy George 61 Singer 8th – Eliminated Sue Cleaver 59 Actress 9th – Eliminated Scarlette Douglas 35 TV presenter 10th – Eliminated Charlene White 42 TV presenter 11th – Eliminated Olivia Attwood 31 Model 12th – Withdrew South Africa Myleene Klass 44 Singer & presenter 1st – Winner Jordan Banjo 29 Dancer & radio presenter 2nd – Runner-up Fatima Whitbread 61 Olympic javelin thrower 3rd – Third place Phil Tufnell 56 Cricketer 4th – Eliminated Carol Vorderman 61 TV presenter 5th/6th – Eliminated Paul Burrell 64 Butler & author Dean Gaffney 44 Actor 7th/8th – Eliminated Helen Flanagan 32 Actress Joe Swash 40 Actor & TV presenter 9th – Eliminated Janice Dickinson 67 Model 10th – Withdrew Andy Whyment 41 Actor 11th/12th – Eliminated Georgia Toffolo 27 Reality TV star Amir Khan 35 Boxer 13th – Eliminated Gillian McKeith 63 Nutritionist & TV presenter 14th/15th – Eliminated Shaun Ryder 60 Singer
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Who has been sent out of the jungle?

Who has left I’m a Celebrity 2022 so far? Mike Tindall has become the eighth person to be voted off of, Hosts announced that the rugby player had failed to make it into the final at the end of Saturday’s (26 November) episode. His departure follows that of stand-up comic Seann Walsh the night before, DJ Chris Moyles on Thursday, and (23 November).

  1. The comedian lasted 19 days in the jungle.
  2. Aleshe’s departure Before them, Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver, broadcaster and A Place in the Sun presenter Scarlette Douglas were sent home.
  3. In his post-elimination interview, Walsh told Ant and Dec: “So many memories.
  4. So many amazing memories.
  5. I loved it.

It is tough, and I don’t know how that comes across on screen. “As soon as you said my name, all of the tough bit just goes, and now I’m left with absolutely incredible memories. I’m gonna need a long time to process.” The day before, Moyles had told Ant and Dec that he had “really struggled” to cope with Matt Hancock’s controversial involvement in the series. Access unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video Sign up now for a 30-day free trial Access unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video Sign up now for a 30-day free trial When actor Sue Cleaver left, she sang the praises of her “jungle husband” Mike Tindall and expressed her desire for Lioness football star Jill Scott to win the competition during her exit interview with Ant and Dec.

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During her time on the show, Cleaver told the extraordinary story of how she came to be The 59-year-old said that on her first day of production at a play in Manchester, she was approached by a fellow actor who said: “Oh my god, she’s the absolute double of my wife when I met her.” The man then asked for her date of birth.

Cleaver said the man then asked where she was born, and when she replied “Barnet”, the man rung his wife and he said: “I’ve found her.” Douglas, meanwhile, left on Sunday 20 November, and was visibly tearful on hearing that she had been eliminated. Her departure came just after she had been instrumental in securing the letters from home for her fellow campmates.

The star said she had wanted Aleshe, who she had become close with on the show, to win.During her time in the series, Loose Women presenter White – who had become camp leader – refused to share the RV with camp leader Matt Hancock because he is a “sitting MP” and she did not want anything to affect her role as an impartial journalist. White, however, said that she “got on well” with Hancock in day-to-day life. I’m a Celebrity continues nightly on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

: Who has left I’m a Celebrity 2022 so far?

Who was the 6th celeb to leave the jungle?

Chris Moyles is the sixth star to leave I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here! 24 November 2022, 22:30 | Updated: 24 November 2022, 22:54 The Radio X DJ was the first to enter the villa at the start of the new series. Picture: ITV/Shutterstock The Radio X presenter has left the jungle after 20 days in camp. Chris Moyles is the latest campmate to leave the jungle on I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here! Chris Moyles is the sixth campmate to leave I’m A Celebrity.

Get Me Out Of Here! after 20 days in the jungle. He told presenters Ant and Dec as he made his way out of camp: “On the day that I thought I’ve got this! I just said this morning, I really fancied doing the Cyclone.” The Radio X presenter said: “I’m scared of everything and I know that now. I’m an anxious scared man and I’m only comfortable in a radio studio.” “I’m gutted that Matt Hancock is more popular than me,” he went on.

“Why am I out and he’s still in? What the bejeesus is going on?” Chris admitted he had issues with the public figure of Matt Hancock, MP, but revealed that he respected Matt as a campmate. Asked who he’d like to win, Chris predicted: “Jill, Owen and Mike in the final three – and either Owen or Jill to win. Chris and Owen take on trial In his final episode, Chris joined forces with Hollyoaks star Owen Warner to play Savage Sorting Office, which saw Chris operating a crane blindfolded and Owen suspended through a harness, while sorting through “post” including offal, snakes and creepy crawlies.

Chris valiantly put himself forward for the trial and was backed by Jill, who said: “I think Chris should go as he wants to have a good memory of a Trial.” After Mike suggested Chris pick a partner, the DJ mused: “I’m tempted to pick Owen because of our amazing team work the other day. And, no offence, we’re both the best looking dudes in here.” Sadly, the pair were only able to secure one out of six possible stars during the trial, with Owen blaming himself for their overall performance.

Returning to camp, the actor and model declared to his celeb pals: “One star and I take full blame. It was my fault.” Chris, however, did manage to see the funny side, joking that they’d achieved one star: “Merely by the fact that I was just here” Chris Moyles shares his experiences with Elton John and John Cleese The Radio X presenter had an eventful time in the jungle, and was the first to enter the luxury villa at the start of the series. When presenters Ant and Dec revealed that viewers had been voting for one celebrity to become a Jungle VIP – Love Island star Olivia Attwood was told she would receive the special treatment and chose Chris as her partner to enjoy a luxury feast.

However, the pair were both tasked with parachuting out of a helicopter 10,000 feet above the Australian beach, an experience which prompted Chris to say: “I’m so happy to be on the ground. Seriously, I’ll eat a sheep’s anus any day rather than do that again.” He told Ant and Dec: It feels like a bizarre dream.

I don’t like heights. But the free-falling bit was amazing.” Chris Moyles skydives into the jungle on I’m A Celeb During his time in the jungle, Moyles opened up about how he left his job at Radio 1 and started a new life with girlfriend Tiffany Austin and hosting the breakfast show at Radio X, plus the full story of his amazing weight loss journey. Chris Moyles talks about how he met his girlfriend Chris took part in a number of Bushtucker Trials, but only managed to take home one meal on the task Boiling Point, in which the presenter had to unscrew plastic stars located around a subterranean, underwater room. Chris Moyles gets a bit panicky during bushtucker trial Returning to camp Chris told the other celebrities: “It’s really not good news and I’m really sorry. This is so awkward. I didn’t and I’m not joking, I got one star.” When MP Matt Hancock entered the jungle with comedian Seann Walsh, Chris was initially quite light-hearted about the situation, asking the former Health Secretary: “You’ve got to get it out of the way for me. Chris Moyles admits he’s not buying Matt Hancock on I’m A Celeb However, Moyles had some issues with Hancock’s reasons for taking part in the show, later admitting to property expert and TV presenter Scarlette Douglas, “He said, ‘I think I’m here for forgiveness’. Chris Moyles is warming up to Matt Hancock : Chris Moyles is the sixth star to leave I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here!

Who got kicked out of the jungle tonight?

Mike Tindall was the eigth contestant to leave the jungle.

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Will there be a I’m a Celebrity 2023

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Get Me Out of Here will return to ITV1 in 2023. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what’s on.

Who was the 2nd person to leave I’m a celeb?

Scarlette Douglas – Scarlette Douglas ITV A Place in The Sun presenter Scarlette Douglas was the second celebrity to be voted out of the Jungle. On Sunday 20th November, Douglas left the ITV show after finding herself in the bottom two with Babatúndé Aléshé, “I’m absolutely gutted, I’m not even going to lie about it,” she said.

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Who was the 8th person out of the jungle

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I’m A Celebrity: Matt Hancock one step closer to being crowned king of the jungle after reaching final Matt Hancock has reached the final of this year’s I’m A Celebrity.Get Me Out Of Here! after former England rugby player Mike Tindall became the eighth person to be eliminated from the show.

  • The disgraced former health secretary joins Hollyoaks actor Owen Warner and former England midfielder Jill Scott in the final of the series on Sunday night, when the king or queen of the jungle will be crowned.
  • The MP for West Suffolk has defied expectations after facing fierce criticism for signing up for the show when parliament is sitting.
  • He joined the reality show as a late arrival alongside comedian, and received a mixed response from his fellow campmates.
  • But has managed to win over the public despite initial speculation he could be the first to be voted out as a result of his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Hours before his elimination, Tindall said the politician “clearly wants to win”.
  • Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, the 44-year-old sportsman said: “Matt’s making sure his T-shirt and his phone numbers are on display at all times.
  • “Matt clearly wants to win.
  • “I’m taking great pleasure in turning it around every time he leaves camp.”
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He joked: “Once a politician, always a politician. Always polling for votes.”

  1. Tindall later said to Walsh: “Have you noticed someone’s been advertising themselves?
  2. “Matt’s been putting all his stuff with ‘Matt’ and the phone number pointing at cameras.”
  3. Hancock has himself urged his supporters to vote for him under the hashtag #VoteMatt, and tweeted: “Huge thank you to everyone who has voted Matt through to the final” – referring to himself in the third person.

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player 0:58 Hancock drenched in slime

  • Saturday’s episode saw the final four face the iconic cyclone challenge, which sees the celebrities battle their way up a slippery slope blocked by obstacles to win stars for camp.
  • Hancock told of his delight at reaching the final challenge, telling his rivals: “I never thought I’d make it to the cyclone.
  • “It’s going to be absolutely brilliant, I can’t wait.”
  • Each of the celebrities were asked to embody a superhero persona, with Hancock wearing a pair of matching metallic hot pants after anointing himself as the “Bronze Bronco” and declaring “I am holding on for dear life”.
  • Speaking to hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, Hancock said: “This is the one trial you look forward to!”

After getting rugby tackled by Tindall during the challenge, Hancock added: “I just thought, walk straight up the middle. give the people what they want, a big target and they loved it. “And then I got landed on by Mike Tindall.” The challenge was “even more fun than it looks”, he added.

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Unfortunately we have been unable to verify if you have consented to Twitter cookies. To view this content you can use the button below to allow Twitter cookies for this session only. ‘An amazing journey’ After leaving the camp, Tindall was greeted by his wife, Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Tindall.

Who was the 2nd person to go out of the jungle?

TV presenter Scarlette Douglas was named on Sunday night (November 20) as the second celebrity to leave the jungle, following a vote by the public.

Who is the first celebrity to leave the jungle 22?

Charlene is heading back home(Picture: ITV/Shutterstock) The public has voted for the first time in I’m A Celebrity and they have decided to boot Charlene White off the ITV juggernaut series. Presenters Ant and Dec entered the jungle to reveal the Loose Women panelist would be sent back to the UK after nearly two weeks Down Under.

On leaving the Australian jungle, she told the Geordie duo: ‘This is really, really weird.’ When asked by the hosts about being the maternal figure in the camp, the journalist said: ‘Once you are a parent, you take on this role wherever you go.’ Charlene said she would like Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver or former rugby player Mike Tindall to win I’m A Celebrity.

It may come as a surprise as many had thought Matt Hancock would be the first to be given his marching orders. Hancock had caused widespread controversy for signing up to I’m A Celeb and has been slammed for abandoning his constituents during a cost-of-living crisis and by Covid-19 charities. Charlene said it was ‘really weird’ to be leaving (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock) But bookies had previously suggested that the disgraced politician would not be the first booted out despite the backlash. According to, Boy George was actually the favourite for first elimination, as his odds have ducked from 10/1 to just 3/1. Hancock is still in the jungle(Credits: ITV/Shutterstock) After Matt Hancock had been voted as camp leader earlier this week, and selected the Loose Women panelist to be his deputy, they were given the more luxurious sleeping arrangement. However, Charlene had refused to take I’m A Celeb up on the offer, which irked some viewers who accused her of ‘breaking the rules.’ Ant and Dec delivered the verdict(Credits: ITV/REX/Shutterstock) Even Ant and Dec had weighed in on the debate and emphasized kipping in the RV wasn’t an obligation, but a choice. On Twitter, the Geordie duo wrote: ‘The rules said that only the leader and deputy are allowed to stay in the RV, it didn’t state they HAD to’ Charlene doesn’t want to sleep next to Hancock because she’s an ‘impartial journalist'(Picture: ITV/Shutterstock) Speaking on Friday’s dramatic episode, Charlene explained her reasoning for not sleeping in the RV to Sue Cleaver. She said: ‘I’m an impartial journalist, I can’t be sharing a room with a sitting MP because that just doesn’t sit well with me impartiality wise.

  • And I just think, if he were ever to become minister again how can I sit and question him about anything when I’ve shared a room with him?’ I’m A Celebrity continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV.
  • Got a story? If you’ve got a celebrity story, video or pictures get in touch with the entertainment team by emailing us [email protected], calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we’d love to hear from you.

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Why did the celeb leave the jungle

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Most read in I’m A Celebrity – In an interview with the MailOnline, she explained that a routine blood test taken by the show’s medical staff revealed that she was “dangerously anaemic” – which is a fact that she said shocked her considering she was “feeling fine” despite being rushed to hospital,

  1. Olivia also described the whole ordeal as “scary”.
  2. I was like: ‘What the hell is wrong with me?’ They couldn’t give me an answer, they just told me that they had to get me to the hospital immediately,” she revealed.
  3. The results were really, really low when they put them into their reader, and they consulted with another doctor off site.

I had those bloods done in England before I left, and they were fine, so I was confused and of course very, very worried.” As well as anaemia, the medical tests also showed that Olivia had low levels of both sodium and potassium, so ITV staff decided to take the safe option and not allow her back into the jungle – which she said left her “absolutely devastated” and was like “a punch in the gut”.