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What is AJ’s accent

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AJ Odudu is the new queen of TV, but she revealed her early experiences in the industry left her feeling ‘insecure’ and suffering from ‘imposter syndrome’ Video Loading Video Unavailable TV presenter AJ Odudu opens up about imposter syndrome These days AJ Odudu is one of the best British presenters on TV and is known and loved for her broad northern accent. But the Blackburn-born star has revealed that when she first moved to London at the age of 21 things were very different.

The now 35-year-old shot to fame hosting Big Brother ‘s Bit on the Side, Married At First Sight: Afters and Channel 4 ‘s revamped morning show, The Big Breakfast. She became a household name after appearing on the 2021 series of Strictly Come Dancing, but famously pulled out of the final with partner Kai Widdrington after injuring her ankle.

Although she’s massively successful now, AJ shared the way she speaks initially left her feeling “insecure” when she went for jobs. AJ is known for her broad Lancashire accent – but says TV bosses tried to change it ( Image: Instagram) This was after TV producers tried to give her elocution lessons in a bid to “soften” her Lancashire accent.

Writing an op ed piece for The i paper, AJ said the early experience led to her developing “imposter syndrome”. She wrote: “Reflecting personally, I think I struggled with what we now know to be called ‘imposter syndrome’ when I first moved to London from Blackburn aged 21 to pursue my television career.

“I’d been buzzing to get there and start achieving my dreams of taking over the telly for as long could remember, but when I started having meetings and doing auditions there was often an emphasis on my accent which became a source of insecurity for me early in my career.” AJ and Mo Gilligan hosted Channel 4’s revamped Big Breakfast ( Image: PA) Recalling one particular incident, AJ shared: “I remember a producer, who was trying to be genuinely helpful, said they could arrange some elocution lessons to ‘soften’ my northern accent.

“That stuck with me: all of my insecurities were being reinforced by the team that were meant to be supporting me and I started to believe that there was, in fact, something wrong with how I spoke.” These days, AJ says she “loves” her accent and says she had “learned to embrace” the things that make her stand out.

She added things that once made her feel inadequate in the past are now parts of herself she wouldn’t change, as they make her who she is. AJ made it to the Strictly finals, but was sadly forced to pull out due to injury ( Image: Guy Levy/BBC) Discussing her rise to fame in an exclusive interview with the Mirror last year, AJ revealed it was “tough” to get into TV because she’s “Black, northern and female”.

She said: “I found it tricky to navigate my way around a space that sometimes made me feel ‘other’. “My accent was a big thing, but what was confusing was there were other regional accents – Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac were on BBC Sounds. “It was more that I was Black and northern, rather than just northern.

It was hard for people to get over that. It was a lot being Black, female and northern all at once.” *AJ Odudu has teamed up with Young Women’s Trust and Galaxy Chocolate to shine a spotlight on imposter syndrome in their vlog series. Watch the episodes on Galaxy Chocolate UK’s YouTube channel Do you have a story to sell? Get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us direct 0207 29 33033

Who is the guy in the Google pixel 7 ad?

Google’s Pixel 7 Super Bowl commercial is full of stars and neat software tricks There are a whole bunch of things has gotten a lot better at over the past couple of years in the mobile hardware game, starting with. the actual hardware quality, but if we were to pick just one department where the search giant is playing on a level field with the likes of Apple and Samsung nowadays, that’s definitely advertising. The full ad is already up on the official “Made by Google” YouTube account before debuting on TV this Sunday in a presumably shortened version. Somewhat unexpectedly, the Pixel 7/7 Pro Super Bowl spot doesn’t feature any big football stars, instead enlisting seven-time NBA All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo, Grammy-winning rapper and singer Doja Cat, and Emmy-winning actress, comedian, and writer Amy Schumer to showcase the real-life utility of some of the neat software tricks up the two phones’ sleeves.

With Magic Eraser, Schumer (predictably) wipes all traces of her ex-boyfriends from old photos, while Giannis gets to hilariously dodge questions about his rare defending errors. Meanwhile, Doja Cat uses Photo Unblur to show off her flawless red carpet look, and a variety of “everyday” and owners (both human and feline) join the fun to demonstrate the incredible power and unrivaled versatility of the two camera-optimizing tools.

All in all, what we’re looking at here is a fairly straightforward, conventional (in a good way), and effective ad that does a great job of emphasizing a key reason why a “normal” buyer would be interested in Google’s newest mobile devices. The video itself is not groundbreaking, but the technology behind Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur is clearly impressive enough to attract some attention during the upcoming “Big Game” between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Who are the celebrities in the pixel ad

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Google’s Pixel 7 Fixes Stars’ Photo Mishaps in Super Bowl Ad Doja Cat is one of three celebrities to feature in Google’s Super Bowl ad. Google Google is in Super Bowl 57 with an ad promoting the photo editing features of, featuring comedian Amy Schumer, rapper Doja Cat and NBA All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo. The 90-second spot titled “Fixed on Pixel” with will run during the second quarter and promote the phone’s ability to edit and fix pictures, even those taken on other devices.

What is AJ’s real name?

What is AJ Odudu known for? – AJ, real name Onatejiro Odudu, kickstarted her career as a reporter for BBC Blast at Radio Lancashire. She made her TV presenting debut in 2009 on the BBC Two series The Almost Perfect Guide to Life, and also fronted the online BBC series The 5:19 Show.

  • She would go on to appeared on shows such as Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Toys, before she landed a gig co-hosting coverage of the Isle of Wight Festival in 2012 on Sky Arts, the Mirror reported.
  • The budding presenter then shot to fame in 2013 after she joined Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, as well as appearing in Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Psych later that same year.

Just last year AJ Odudu took part in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and made it all the way to the final with partner Kai before having to withdraw with an ankle injuryl. Following the news of reality royalty Big Brother returning, AJ’s name has consistently appeared on the list of possible hosts.

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Is AJ Odudu a woman?

Who is AJ Odudu? – AJ Odudu was born Onatejiro Odudu on February 12, 1988. She was born in Blackburn, Lancashire, to Nigerian parents and is one of eight children. AJ graduated from Keele University with a degree in English and politics and then started her career as a reporter for BBC Blast at Radio Lancashire. Her first presenting role was in 2009 on BBC Two’s The Almost Perfect Guide to Life.

Is AJ Odudu a DJ?

Television presenter, influencer and host, Onatejiro ‘AJ’ Odudu is seldom away from our television screens. She is an incredibly sought after television host with a string of amazing TV credits to her name including the BBC, MTV, E4, and Channel 5. The fantastic Strictly Come Dancing contestant has a charming, warm personality and a growing fanbase.

  1. AJ is a hugely gifted and in-demand event host – she adds a dash of magic and excitement to every event whether as a host or a DJ.
  2. She started her career as a reporter at BBC Radio Lancashire, she then worked her way from radio to the television screen presenting BBC Two’s The Almost Perfect Guide to Life.

Her career took another upturn when she was selected to host Channel 5’s ” Big Brother’s Bit on the Side” and ” Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side” in 2013, She gained another level of popularity as the backstage host for “The Voice and The Voice Kids” for several seasons.

  1. More recently she has hosted the spinoff show to E4’s hit “Married At First Sight UK: Afters”,
  2. She has extensive experience on live television; she has featured as a guest for ” The One Show” on BBC ; for ITV she has hosted Don’t Rock the Boat alongside Freddie Flintoff and appears on Cooking with the Stars ; for Channel 4 she appears alongside Mo Gilligan for the revival of Big Breakfast live.

Not only is AJ brilliant on-screen as a presenter she is a great character and contestant, winning Celebrity Come Dine With Me on Channel 4 and competing on the special series ‘ Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins’, She is exceedingly popular but also has great depth to her character as seen in her documentary Manhunting with My Mum on Channel 4 which won critical acclaim.

  • Furthermore, she is a keen, popular writer having written for Vogue and Grazia magazine.
  • Music has always been a part of her life since her time on the Radio and AJ has never lost that passion she regularly DJ’s and has played sets for Ibiza Rocks and Sushi Samba,
  • Her ability to entertain an audience has no bounds.

AJ Odudu is a multi-faceted human being, she has incredible talent and energy and has an unmistakable style. A great professional with a reputation to match, she is a fantastic event host, brilliant on camera, fronts campaigns for the brands like Adidas and is an excellent choice for corporate events and award shows.

Does AJ Odudu wear wigs?

‘I feel a lot more confident with my hair and definitely have been a lot more experimental. I wear wigs a lot, be it short bob or long straight wigs. I went to the Fashion Awards in a blonde peroxide wig.

What type of phone does AJ Odudu have?

AJ Odudu on Instagram: ‘AD || Battery that lasts as long as my wig ➡️ @googlepixel phone. 😏🔋💛 #TeamPixel’

How many siblings does AJ Odudu have?

The Box Plus Network TV presenter AJ Odudu shares some of her top tips for healthy living and fitness – TV presenter AJ Odudu is perhaps best known for co-presenting the Channel 5 reality show spin-off Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. Now, the 28-year-old can currently be seen on our screens presenting Trending Live on the 4Music channel.

AJ also hosts her own YouTube channel in which she offers tips and advice on healthy living, nutrition and exercise. ©Image courtesy of Anna Mårtensson Q: Have you always had an interest in fitness and healthy living? AJ: Yes, definitely. I’m one of eight children – I’ve got five brothers and two sisters – and we all did some sort of sport.

My brothers and sisters were always winning medals and I became obsessed with the idea of winning one myself. That got me into sport and athletics as well as netball and football. I did all of these sports to get a medal but I never actually won one although I tried my hardest.

  • Now, every time I do a 10k run or a half marathon everyone gets a medal so I’m making up for lost time! Q: How do you ensure that you follow a healthy lifestyle? AJ: I have a really busy life so I have to exercise and keep healthy otherwise I get burnt out.
  • It’s really important for me to be able to function at my best.

In order to do that I make sure that I eat really well, get a good night’s sleep and exercise when I can. I’m originally from Blackburn in Lancashire and when I moved to London I didn’t know anyone at first. So going to the gym and joining running clubs was a good way to make friends.

I then took on a personal training course and became obsessed with it! That’s how I started documenting my fitness journey on YouTube and Instagram. Q: What is your daily diet like AJ: It really depends on how much time I’ve got but I always try to make sure I have a healthy mixture of protein, carbs and good fats.

I might have half an avocado on toast for breakfast or a couple of poached eggs. I always have a cup of tea in the morning – milk and one. I love my morning tea. Or I might have porridge made with protein powder and a little bit of water and milk. Hey presto – that’s a good brekkie! For lunch, if I’m on the go, I might have salmon teriyaki.

My parents are Nigerian so I’ve always eaten a lot of fish and chicken with black eyed beans. Q: Do you enjoy cooking? AJ: I do and I don’t. The thing is that, in London, everyone’s flat is so tiny – mine included – so my kitchen just gets really messy every time I cook. But I do enjoy cooking, to an extent.

It’s good when you can prepare your meals for the week ahead. When I do that I’m at my healthiest. For example, on a Sunday I might make three days’ worth of meals and lunches. Q: Do you like discovering new health foods or superfoods? AJ: Yes I do. I love things like quinoa, spirulina and kale.

  1. I think living in London it’s quite easy to walk into a coffee shop and get a matcha tea or some kale crisps.
  2. But every time I go back up north to my home town it’s not quite so easy as a lot of these healthy foods aren’t as readily available.
  3. Q: Do you take any vitamins or supplements AJ: I take iron tablets which I find helps me if I’m feeling a bit tired.

I take a daily multivitamin and I have a protein shake after I’ve done some exercise as they help with recovery. But I do tend to rely on my diet to get all the nutrients I need. It’s so important to eat a healthy diet because otherwise it affects your mood, your energy levels and your wellbeing in general.

I also steer clear of processed foods and sugar as much as I can. Q: Do you have any tips for new year detoxing and getting in shape? AJ: Well, firstly, I think it’s important to enjoy yourself over Christmas and not feel guilty in January. I think it’s good to take baby steps rather than jumping into a major detox.

My tips are to start by making sure you have a really healthy, high-protein breakfast. Then when you’ve got that sorted, start having a healthy lunch and then incorporate a healthy dinner and snacks. Just build up to it in stages. Also, watch what you drink as there are so many calories in drinks.

Try reducing the amount of sugar you have in your tea and coffee, don’t add cream to your hot chocolate and avoid fizzy drinks. If you stick to water and healthy teas you’ll save so many calories. Don’t load your plate up and scoff your food down. Eat more slowly, chew your food properly and stop when you’re full.

A big part of the digestive process happens in your mouth. Also, make sure you drink plenty of still water as a lot of people confuse thirst with hunger. Q: Tell us about your usual workout regime AJ: I work out at least three times a week. I like to do gym classes like Body Pump because it’s a good mix of cardio and resistance training.

It’s a good class for anyone, particularly women, who want to use weights but find the weight room in the gym a bit intimidating and male-dominated. I also love spinning classes as you can do a quick fat-burning workout for half an hour or 45 minutes. I also love yoga and Pilates. I do some outdoor running at least once a week.

That might range between 3k and 10k and I like picking routes that have a mixture of hills and flat bits. If I’m short on time I might pick a few of my favourite exercises such as burpees, push-ups, crunches and donkey kicks and I’ll do each exercise for one minute.

  • You then rest for a minute and repeat three times.
  • It’s a great all-over body workout that you can do in 10 minutes.
  • Q: Do you have any tips for how to keep motivated when you don’t feel like working out or eating healthily? AJ: My advice would be to incentivise all your workouts as that’s what I do.
  • So, for example, if there’s a really nice restaurant that I want to eat at or there’s some running shoes I really want, I’ll say, right, if I work out three times a week for a month then I can treat myself to those shoes or that meal.
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Another thing is to get your friends involved. Arrange to meet your friends in the park for a run or at the gym for a class. That way you get a good workout and you get to catch up on all the gossip at the same time. Also I find that a really motivating music playlist helps.

  1. Q: What plans do you have for the new year? AJ: I’ve got lots going on! I’m presenting Trending Live on 4Music every Monday to Thursday and I’m also DJ-ing out and about at various events.
  2. I’m continuing with my blog and my YouTube channel and I will soon be starting training to run the London marathon.

It’s going to be my biggest fitness challenge to date so I’m scared but really excited too! To keep up to date with all AJ’s news, visit, For more information on Trending Live visit Read other celebrity health articles here.

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What accent does Grace have

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Image source, Getty Images Image caption, Kingsley Ben-Adir has played Malcom X and Barack Obama on screen The latest Marvel project includes the likes of superstars Samuel L Jackson, Olivia Colman – and a Cardiff accent. Kingsley Ben-Adir, who plays Gravik in Secret Invasion, told Buzzfeed he looked to Butetown in Cardiff when developing the character.

  1. The actor said he learnt about Wales’ first black head teacher, Betty Campbell, too.
  2. There’s a mixed race community in Butetown, and I just thought that might be a nice way in,” Ben-Adir said.
  3. It’s a large Caribbean community with a military history too, so I started speaking to people from around there to figure out the character.” This Twitter post cannot be displayed in your browser.

Please enable Javascript or try a different browser. View original content on Twitter The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Ben-Adir, from London, said during his research he discovered a lot about Betty Campbell, “She was the first black head teacher in Wales.

  1. There was a wonderful podcast on the BBC about her, which I listened to a lot.
  2. So yeah, I just know about Butetown and then a bit about Cardiff too.” Ben-Adir has previously played Malcolm X and Barack Obama on screen.
  3. He will soon feature in Greta Gerwig’s acclaimed Barbie movie, and take on the title role of Bob Marley in a new biopic.

It is not the first time Wales has featured in the Marvel Universe. The Welsh flag appeared in a scene of the United Nations in the 2018 superhero film Black Panther.

What accent does Antony Starr have?

Antony Starr puts himself into TV’s most intriguing villain. Along with Trump and Obama There are those who idolize Homelander, the ultra-powerful, narcissistic supervillain on “The Boys.” To them, Antony Starr says, “You are missing the point entirely!” Sitting down with Antony Starr, who plays perhaps the most intriguing villain on current television as Homelander on Prime Video’s “The Boys,” is disconcerting.

  • Homelander is an Aryan super-sociopath, a gleaming Mr.
  • America with a license to kill.
  • Starr, human-sized and chummy, sports fashionable chin scruff, one pair of glasses on his face and one hanging on his T-shirt collar; out of his photo-shoot couture and into some shorts, his accent is pure New Zealand,

And most of all, he’s so, nice. You’re waiting for the trap to spring. He says, “What I didn’t realize was how much of myself I was putting into the role. Obviously, not in terms of flying and lasering,” When it’s pointed out that that’s exactly what somebody who secretly could do those things would say, he gives an actual mwah-ha-ha evil laugh.

“But without going into specifics of me, in terms of the emotional stuff, the closer I can make things to myself, the more I can tap into something that’s real.” In “The Boys,” a sprawling conglomerate with greedy fingers in pies from mainstream media to national defense creates and controls super-people.

Homelander and his team are seen as heroes thanks to omnipresent PR, but what they’re really defending isn’t truth or justice so much as rising share price. “There’s a very strange thing that’s happened with the character, though he is clearly not a good guy. Antony Starr’s portrayal of sociopathic Homelander has never been more effective, or terrifying than in Season 3. Showrunner Eric Kripke “has said many times, ‘He’s Trump!’ — if you made it too directly Trump, it becomes very two-dimensional,” Starr says.

“I understand exactly what Eric means, and was his ‘’ moment, 100%. But with the speechy stuff, if you want someone who can string a sentence together, who does that better than, Obama?” Homelander is an Übermensch perpetually in uniform as general-emperor of his own army. He smiles, unleashing those impossibly pearly whites for the cameras, speaking in his hard American accent of Freedom! Justice! But he’s always one minor disappointment away from that face darkening and those baby blues lighting up with lethal lasers.

And he has borderline-psychotic mommy and daddy issues. His isolation is immaculate. It’s almost perfect. — Antony Starr, on ‘Homelander’ “He’s the loneliest guy in the world. He’s got no one to relate to but himself,” Starr says, explaining that a disturbing scene in which Homelander looks in a mirror and sees a reflection of himself that proceeds to alternately comfort and berate him is a manifestation of an imaginary friend “Homie” concocted in his lonely youth as a lab subject.

“His isolation is immaculate. It’s almost perfect. He’s not stupid; he’s incredibly emotionally stunted.” The show is loaded with jaw-droppingly gonzo moments (Season 3 featured an episode called “Herogasm” and the title did not exaggerate), but that’s just the meth-laced icing on a socially and politically conscious cake.

As Kripke has described it, “The Boys” is “.” Starr wholeheartedly agrees. “You can take it however you want. If you want to just watch something that’s thoroughly entertaining, a little crazy, and you’ve got a stomach for it,” says the actor, “you can do that.

  1. But there’s so many details that are put in there, so many Easter eggs, so many conversation-starting episodes and moments, I think it’s a bit of an all-play.
  2. One of the things about the show that I’m really proud of is that we do unapologetically provoke conversation.” Homelander is hardly static.
  3. Although always ultra-powerful and dangerously detached, he starts the series as a still somewhat-controllable product.
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By Season 3, he’s shaken off his dampers. And after that public killing, he gets cheered. Antony Starr teases further developments with his Homelander character in Season 4. “We’ve always tried to keep our horrible, warped, twisted little baby growing.” “First of all, there’s that horrendous likening himself to, which is just gobsmacking,” Starr says of Homelander addressing the crowd afterward.

“But then he says,” and Starr suddenly transforms into Homelander, that hard American dialect oozing with murderous confidence, ” ‘I showed people the real me, and they love me for it.’ ” But then the nice New Zealander returns: “That was emancipation, unshackling from this very restrained version of himself; in Season 4, we’ll be negotiating both of those elements.

We’ve always tried to keep our horrible, warped, twisted little baby growing.” : Antony Starr puts himself into TV’s most intriguing villain. Along with Trump and Obama

What accent is Cary Grant?

Theatrical and cinematic use – When the 20th century began, classical training for actors in the United States explicitly focused on imitating upper-class British accents onstage. From the 1920s to 1940s, the “World English” of William Tilly, and his followers’ slight variations of it taught in classes of theatre and oratory, became popular affectations onstage and in other forms of high culture in North America.

  • The codification of a Mid-Atlantic accent in writing, particularly for theatrical training, is often credited to Edith Warman Skinner in the 1930s, a student of Tilly best known for her 1942 instructional text on the accent: Speak with Distinction,
  • Skinner, who referred to this accent as Good (American) Speech or Eastern (American) Standard, described it as the appropriate American pronunciation for “classics and elevated texts”.

She vigorously drilled her students in learning the accent at the Carnegie Institute of Technology and, later, the Juilliard School, It is also possible that a clipped, nasal, “all- treble ” acoustic quality sometimes associated with the Mid-Atlantic accent arose out of technological necessity in the earliest days of radio and sound film, which ineffectively reproduced natural human bass tones.

As used by actors, the Mid-Atlantic accent is also known by various other names, including American Theatre Standard or American stage speech, American cinema began in the early 1900s in New York City and Philadelphia before becoming largely transplanted to Los Angeles beginning in the mid-1910s, with talkies beginning in the late 1920s.

Hollywood studios encouraged actors to learn this accent into the 1940s. Examples of actors known for publicly using this accent include Tyrone Power, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Laird Cregar, Vincent Price (who also went to school in Connecticut), Christopher Plummer, Sally Kellerman, Tammy Grimes, and Westbrook Van Voorhis,

Cary Grant, who arrived in the United States from England aged 16, had an accent that was often considered Mid-Atlantic, though with a more natural and unconscious mixture of both British and American features. Roscoe Lee Browne, defying roles typically cast for black actors, also consistently spoke with a Mid-Atlantic accent.

Humorist Tom Lehrer lampooned this accent in a 1945 satirical tribute to his alma mater, Harvard University, called ” Fight Fiercely, Harvard “. Actor and singer David Cassidy noted that his father, Jack Cassidy, used the Mid-Atlantic accent.

Who owns pixel?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Google Pixel

Developer Google
Manufacturer Various
  • Smartphones
  • tablets
  • laptops Reinwald
Release date February 21, 2013 ; 10 years ago
Operating system
  • ChromeOS
  • Android
Online services
  • Google Play (2015–present)
  • Chrome Web Store (2013–present)
Website pixel,google,com

Google Pixel is a brand of portable consumer electronic devices developed by Google that run either ChromeOS or the Android operating system, The main line of Pixel products consist of Android-powered smartphones, which have been produced since October 2016 as the replacement of the older Nexus, and of which the Pixel 7 is the current model.

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What is the song in the pixel commercial 2023

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Explore – See latest videos, charts and news See latest videos, charts and news “For years, our phones have captured our memories. Now it’s time to fix them,” the commercial starts, showing a montage of otherwise beautiful photos that are ruined by ill-placed bystanders in the background. Missy Elliott ‘s “We Run This” soundtracks the spot, which shows the Magic Eraser tool at work — comedian Amy Schumer gawks at the newfound ability to erase her ex from photos and basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo cleans up a photo of him impressively shooting a basket while at a press conference before a pink-haired Doja Cat appears on a red carpet and poses with a fan, who sadly snaps a blurry photo.

  1. The unblur tool, however, cleans up the picture easily.
  2. Oh, now it’s giving!” Doja says in the short.
  3. Doja joins a list of music stars appearing in 2023 Super Bowl commercials, including Diddy’s Uber One ad (which co-stars Kelis, Montell Jordan, Donna Lewis and Haddaway); Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ Donuts ad ; Jack Harlow with Missy Elliott and Elton John in a Doritos ad ; John Travolta in a T-Mobile ad ; Sarah McLachlan in a Busch Light ad ; and Metro Boomin in a Budweiser ad,

Watch Doja’s 2023 Super Bowl commercial for Google Pixel in the video above. Get weekly rundowns straight to your inbox Sign Up

Who started pixel?

Computer scientist, pixel inventor Russell Kirsch dead at 91 PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Russell Kirsch, a computer scientist credited with inventing the pixel and scanning the world’s first digital photograph, died Aug.11 at his home in Portland, Oregon, The Oregonian reported.

  • He was 91.
  • Pixels, the digital dots used to display photos, video and more on phone and computer screens, weren’t an obvious innovation in 1957, when Kirsch created a small, 2-by-2-inch black-and-white digital image of his son, Walden, as an infant.
  • That was among the first images ever scanned into a computer, using a device created by his research team at the U.S.

National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institutes of Science and Technology). This work “laid the foundations for satellite imagery, CT scans, virtual reality and Facebook,” said a 2010 Science News article about Kirsch, subsequently republished by Wired.

That first square image, that article said, measured a mere 176 pixels on a side — just shy of 31,000 pixels in total. Today, the digital camera on the iPhone 11 can capture roughly 12 million pixels per image. Though computers have become exponentially more powerful and can now fit in our pockets, science has ever since been coming to terms with the fact that Kirsch made his pixels square.

The square shape of the pixels meant that image elements can look blocky, clunky or jagged — just generally not as smooth as real life. There’s even a word for this effect: “pixelated.” “Squares was the logical thing to do,” Kirsch told the magazine in 2010.

Of course, the logical thing was not the only possibility but we used squares. It was something very foolish that everyone in the world has been suffering from ever since.” Kirsch later developed a method to smooth out images by using pixels with variable shapes instead of the squares. Born in Manhattan in 1929, Kirsch was the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia and Hungary.

He was educated at the Bronx High School of Science, New York University, Harvard and MIT and worked for five decades as a research scientist at the U.S. National Bureau of Standards. Russell Kirsch is survived by his wife of 65 years, Joan; by children Walden, Peter, Lindsey and Kara; and by four grandchildren.