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How much does Anne Hegerty get paid for The Chase

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All Buzz Image from ITV. Chaser Anne Hegerty’s salary for appearing on the hit quiz show has been revealed. The Governess has earned nearly £550k (€642,000) from beating contestants on the ITV show according to The Sun, The 63-year-old who is one of the fan’s favourites has amassed a fortune appearing on The Chase and its various spin-offs. Image from ITV. Anne’s company – Frosty Knickers Ltd, reveals that she has earned £546,630 in cash and the firm is £486,912 in profit. The publication went onto reveal that over the financial year up, the company made £194k and paid £26,591 in “taxation and social security”. Image from ITV. Appearance fees for Chasers have never been released before – however, these figures have given an indication of how much The Governess earns per episode. According to IMDb – Anne appeared in 10 episodes of Beat The Chasers and one Celebrity Chase in the past financial year – with her salary working out at £17,636 per episode. Image from Getty. Speaking on Lewis Nicholls’ YouTube show in November 2020, Anne said that she had mixed feelings when a new Chaser would start on the show as it would mean more competition. “This is a tricky one because a lot of people, a lot of the public imagine that we are on the same sort of deal that Hollywood stars were in the 1930s.” she said.

They got paid a salary per month, per year. They were salaried employees of the studio and they’d find them things to do for that salary. That isn’t actually how it works. “The chasers and Bradley get paid a flat fee for every show that we do. So any show that I’m doing is a show for which I’m being paid and the other chasers aren’t and that applies to all of us.

“If you’re going to divide the shows by six rather than five, then do the maths. And it’s excellent if it means we get a bigger order of shows, then everyone’s money goes up.”

Why is Anne Hegerty left The Chase?

Anne Hegerty caught Covid-19, and will not be able to film The Chase spin-off series Beat the Chasers.

Who is the richest chaser on the chase?

Shaun Wallace ‘The Dark Destroyer’ – £3.7million – via ITV The Dark Destroyer, Shaun Wallace, should probably rename himself The Dark Horse – as he’s the richest of all the chasers. He’s made serious bank both on and off screen. After qualifying as a barrister in 1984, Shaun has taken part in hearings across England, Wales and Scotland.

Who is the highest paid chaser?

The Chase has been livening up our afternoons and TV screens for more than a decade. The premise is simple, a group of four strangers try to answer more questions than The Chaser, a professional quizzer, who they are paired up with for the episode and if they do that, they win a cash prize.

The Chase is currently in its 14th series with the show having aired more than 1,000 episodes over the years. The Chaser’s – Mark Labbett, Darragh Ennis, Anne Hegerty, Shaun Wallace, Jenny Ryan and Paul Sinha – have become familiar faces over the years, with their own nicknames and TV personalities. The amount each chaser earns on the show is unknown although due to the success of the series, it is assumed they are paid well.

On one day in January this year, the game show reportedly had a record-breaking audience with 5.05 million viewers, according to TVZone. Mark Labbett and Shaun Wallace have been on The Chase since the first series aired in 2009. While their individual pay is not known, Mark is reported to have a net worth of $2 million (£1.47 million). Mark became a chaser for the US version of the show (Image: ITV) Since finding fame on the UK version of the show, Mark took on the role of the only chaser in the US version of the series in 2013. Anne Hegerty, who joined The ITV game show in 2010, is also estimated to have a net worth in the millions. The Chase star Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan (Image: ITV) Away from her role on The Chase, Jenny surprised fans in 2019 with her voice as she appeared on The X Factor Celebrity. She has also appeared on other quiz shows including The Weakest Link as well as Mastermind. Paul Sinha on The Chase (Image: ITV) Paul Sinha known as The Sinnerman on the series has since confirmed this is not true on Twitter. In 2019 a fan of the show asked: “Paul my wife has asked if chasers get paid more if they win the final chase?” The Chase star later responded: “No they don’t.” The Chase airs weekdays on ITV.

Which chaser has the most money?

(Last updated 16/09/2023)

Chaser No. Of Episodes Total Prize Funds
Chaser Wins
Anne Hegerty 447 £5,704,649
Paul Sinha 415 £5,919,801
Jenny Ryan 227 £2,647,601

Which chaser is leaving The Chase?

Bradley Walsh shared his disappointment as his new ‘best friend’ exited the ITV game show. The Chase presenter welcomed four new quizzers onto the show on Monday, January 9. Mark Labbett took on Pete, Cleo, Laura and Colin as they tried to win a cash prize.

  • The team were looking good as the first three players successfully made their way past the Beast and back to safety.
  • The Echo reports Colin was the final quizzer to have a go.
  • The 54-year-old was keen to get back to make it a full house in the final Chase.
  • Read more: Alan Carr brought in as new replacement judge on Britain’s Got Talent Colin hailed from Dufftown and worked in a whisky distillery, which impressed Bradley as he jokingly branded the player his “best friend”.

He added: “The man we all love to love. My best friend in the whole world. Colin is going through to the final and gonna win millions despite what we put on the table.” Bradley was eager to know more about Colin’s exciting career as the quizzer explained how he now plays a key role in the whisky’s maturation process.

Colin built up £4,000 in an impressive cash-builder before he took on The Beast. The two engaged in a nail-biting head-to-head, which ended in dramatic fashion as Colin accidentally pressed the wrong button. Colin exited the show after the blunder and earned sympathy from the Chaser who described the mistake as “the worst feeling in the world”.

Bradley shared his disappointment that Colin did not progress to the final as he introduced the Final Chase. He added: “Sadly not a full house as Colin is gone.” The team were competing for £14,000 and put in a superb performance to build up 18 steps.

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Which chaser has quit

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Beat The Chasers had a different line-up when it aired recently, May 16. The Governess Anne Hegerty was replaced by Australian Chaser Issa Schultz on The Chase spin-off after she contracted Covid. But Issa, dubbed ‘Supernerd’ in Oz, didn’t have the loudest debut on the show and often kept pretty quiet. Seven Speaking on This Morning, Issa spoke about the moment he was asked to replace former I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here contestant Anne. “I was settling down for bed at 1am and I had a call from a UK number and my Australian boss rang me and said I needed to take the call,” he said. ITV She announced at the time: “Unfortunately I’ve contracted Covid-19 so won’t be filming this series of #BeatTheChasers. The fantastic @Issa25 will be stepping in for me and I’m looking forward to watching the series when it’s on air later this year.

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Which chaser is the best

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The best Chaser on The Chase has just been revealed – and it’s pretty close between the top two We all have our favourite Chaser on the hit TV show The Chase, but who actually has the best record?

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Thanks to the One Question Shoot fansite, the numbers are in and you may be surprised by the results.Analysing success rates and the number of questions answered per minute in more than 1,800 episodes and 13 years since the show began, the quiz show newbie Darragh Ennis – aka ‘The Menace’ – is the best chaser of the six with an overall 80 per cent winning streak.However, he has only appeared in 40 episodes to date.

Hot on his heels is veteran Anne Hegerty, who has maintained an overall 79.7 per cent winning streak from 424 episodes. The 64-year-old also has the highest amount of clean sweeps, which is when a Chaser manages to not get a question wrong in the Final Chase.

  • Hegerty can answer an average of 21.55 questions in two minutes – which is why she’s so tough to beat when it comes down to that final chase.
  • READ MORE: • • But her colleagues aren’t far behind her; Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan is only 1.3 per cent behind ‘The Governess’ in her winning streak.
  • Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha comes in third place on the leaderboard, followed by Mark Labbett, known on the show as ‘The Beast’.

Meanwhile, Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace is at the bottom of the ladder, with an average of 69.4%. He can answer an average of 19.45 questions in two minutes, while the others can bank at least 21 in the same time. So what can we take away from this? Well, if you ever end up on The Chase, pray that you meet the Dark Destroyer.

Who is the least successful Chaser?

Alex Lim/Stuff The Chase is a TV phenomenon – but the best Chaser isn’t necessarily Kiwi viewers’ favourite. This story is featured on Stuff’s The Long Read podcast. Check it out by hitting the play button below, or find it on podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts,

We asked, and you told us: the Dark Destroyer is Stuff readers’ favourite Chaser. Our data interactive about massively popular UK quiz show The Chase, asked readers to choose a favourite among the six Chasers, who take turns trying to thwart contestants on each episode. The Chase UK has a huge following in New Zealand, with about 300,000 Kiwis tuning into each episode.

READ MORE: * The Chase UK: Host Bradley Walsh explains what makes a good Chaser * The Chase UK: What you need to do to win * Why are New Zealanders obsessed with The Chase? More than 35,000 people voted in our poll, with Shaun Wallace – nicknamed the Dark Destroyer – narrowly winning out over Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha.

Wallace had garnered 7508 votes to Sinha’s 7254 when Stuff ‘s data journalists checked results on Monday, July 25. And performance on the show seems to have nothing to do with who prevailed as the favourite. Wallace actually has the worst performance stats of all six Chasers, winning about 70% of the time, compared to an overall average of 76%.

Instead, longevity on the show was a big predictor of popularity: Wallace is one of the two original Chasers. The two most recent additions, Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan and Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis, had the best stats but received the lowest vote totals.

We also asked readers to answer three trivia questions about the show: how often the Chasers win (correct answer: 76%), how much prize money has been given away to the closest million British pounds (£9 million), and which Chaser had the most success (Jenny Ryan and Darragh Ennis were the two answers we accepted).

Out of more than 45,000 people who answered, about a quarter got at least one question right. People who indicated they were fans of the show were slightly more likely to get a question correct (27% versus 24% for those who said they weren’t familiar with the show).

Who is the most difficult Chaser?

Who is the hardest Chaser to beat? – Darragh Ennis has the highest win record out of all the Chasers (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock) For a long time, Anne Hegerty took the top spot as the hardest Chaser to beat, but now that could be changing as the newest Chaser, Darragh Ennis has beaten The Governess’s win record.

  • According to fan site One Question Shootout, who regularly crunch the numbers for The Chase, Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis has an impressive 83.3% win record while Anne Hegerty’s win record currently sits at 79.5%.
  • Hegerty’s win record used to sit at 82.4% but has dropped after the latest calculations.
  • However, although Ennis may have statistically won a higher percentage of his chases, he has only appeared in 36 episodes, winning 30 of them.

In contrast, The Governess has over a decade of history on The Chase, has appeared in 419 episodes and has had an impressive 333 wins. But contestants on this year’s Beat The Chasers don’t need to worry about Anne Hegerty as she won’t be appearing on the show, so it looks like Ennis is the one to watch.

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Do the chasers get paid if they lose

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(Image credit: ITV) Anne explains an extra chaser on The Chase could mean less money for her The Chase star Anne Hegerty has revealed how the chasers and host Bradley Walsh are paid on the ITV hit. The 62-year-old star, known as The Governess on the quiz show, says they get paid a flat fee per episode.

And that means she has mixed feelings about the fact that a new chaser, Darragh “The Menace” Ennis, has joined the series. Anne’s delighted that his arrival recently helped The Chase achieve record audience figures of nearly five million viewers, However, because they get paid per episode she points out that unless they film more shows a year each chaser will actually end up getting paid less money.

Asked on Lewis Nicholls’ YouTube show if she was in support of another chaser, Anne replied: “This is a tricky one because a lot of people, a lot of the public imagine that we are on the same sort of deal that Hollywood stars were in the 1930s. They got paid a salary per month, per year.

They were salaried employees of the studio and they’d find them things to do for that salary. That isn’t actually how it works. “The chasers and Bradley get paid a flat fee for every show that we do. So any show that I’m doing is a show for which I’m being paid and the other chasers aren’t and that applies to all of us.

“If you’re going to divide the shows by six rather than five, then do the maths. And it’s excellent if it means we get a bigger order of shows, then everyone’s money goes up. The problem is that Bradley is so in demand, is so good. He’s so superb at everything he does and he can do so many things.

And so of course he’s massively in demand. And there’s about 10 other things he’s doing beside the daytime Chase.” Anne went onto to say the combination of Bradley being so busy and the pandemic meant that they’d filmed less episodes than she’d have liked. Because Bradley was shooting Doctor Who last year, she said they only managed to make 93 shows.

Anne said they’d hoped to make more this year, but had been thwarted by the pandemic. “We hope we will catch up in the spring, but it all depends on whether Bradley is available. It depends a lot on whether one of these vaccines works out.” The Chase continues on ITV.

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Has 1 person ever beat the chaser?

14 April 2023, 08:16 | Updated: 14 April 2023, 08:33 The Chase contestant makes history with biggest solo win Bradley Walsh was speechless when a 20-year-old contestant on The Chase took home a whopping £75,000 in a record-breaking win. The Chase viewers were left in shock when a 20-year-old contestant won a record breaking £75,000 solo prize.

Listen on Global Player: Spencer & Vogue. Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams let you know what they’re doing, thinking, and disagreeing on every week

Eden, 20, made it through to the final round when he decided to opt for the highest prize in the cash builder. Bradley Walsh was over the moon when Eden won The Chase. Picture: ITV Despite being left alone in the final chase, Birmingham-born Eden fired through 18 correct answers and impressed Bradley. When it came to Darragh’s round, he failed to catch him which meant Bradley took home the record-breaking £75,000.

The Chase contestant tragically dies a week after show aired The Chase viewers furious over Bradley Walsh’s ‘harsh’ decision to reject answer The Chase fans praise Mark Labbett’s gesture to partially blind contestant

Bradley jumped in the air, telling Eden: “That is the highest ever single win in TV quiz show history – and you’re only 20!” That is brilliant for a 20 year old, amazing, you scored 18 – you have to be happy with that. Extraordinary. Well played.” After Darragh congratulated him, Bradley continued: “Congratulations, you have outrun the Chase. Eden won £75,000 on The Chase. Picture: ITV “Because this just does not happen on any other show. Come and have a go – if you think you are young, or you are clever, enough!” Eden told Darragh: “Thanks mate. Thanks,” to which Darragh added: “I would have got you if you had not got those pushbacks. Darragh failed to reach 18 points on The Chase. Picture: ITV Viewers at home were quick to comment, with one writing on Twitter: “What a legend! What a bloody legend! Yes, Eden! #TheChase @ITVChase.” Someone else said: “He was good for a young lad. @BradleyWalsh is dead right, #TheChase is the best quiz on TV.” A third added: “What an epidode, what a final Chase.

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How do the chasers get paid

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What do the Chasers earn? – The exact salary of the Chasers is unknown, however, Anne Hegerty previously revealed how she and how colleagues are paid. According to The Governess, they get paid a flat fee per episode, which means that because a new Chaser has recently joined, she might be paid less.

Speaking on Lewis Nicholls’ YouTube show, she explained how they don’t get a salary per month per year. She explained: “The Chasers and Bradley get paid a flat fee for which I’m being paid and the other Chasers aren’t and that applies to all of us. “If you’re going to divide the shows by six rather than five, then do the maths.

And it’s excellent if it means we get a bigger order of shows, then everyone’s money goes up. “The problem is that Bradley is so in demand, is so good. He’s so superb at everything he does and he can do so many things. And so of course he’s massively in demand.

Do The Chase contestants share the money?

Final Chase round – The remaining contestants now must work together to avoid being caught by the chaser. They blindly choose one of two question sets for themselves during the final commercial break, with the other set put aside for the chaser, and then have two minutes to answer as many questions as possible on the buzzer.

  • Each correct answer moves the team ahead one step, and they are given a head start of one step per contestant participating in the round.
  • Only the contestant who buzzes-in may answer or pass, and may not confer with their teammates; if a contestant responds without buzzing-in, the answer is automatically ruled wrong.

The buzzer is not used if only one contestant is in the Final Chase. The host will only ask a new question once someone has buzzed in and either answered or passed. Unlike the original British version, the chaser remains onstage to witness the team’s performance.

  1. The chaser then has two minutes to answer questions from the unused set, moving one step ahead per correct response.
  2. If the chaser passes or misses, the clock stops and the team is given a chance to discuss it and respond.
  3. A correct answer pushes the chaser back one step, or moves the team ahead by one if the chaser is at the starting line.

If the chaser catches the team before time runs out, the prize fund is lost and all four contestants leave with nothing. If the chaser fails to catch the team, the participating contestants split the prize fund equally.

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Who is the easiest chaser

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Every fancied taking on the chasers on ITV’s The Chase? Which chaser is best is often the subject of debate, as they never meet each other head to head in quiz battles. However, number crunchers and betting experts OLGB have looked back through every episode of the hit ITV game show, and have revealed the strongest and weakest of the famous quizzers, and the results make for very interesting reading.

  1. Read more: Whipsnade Zoo Dunstable: New Roald Dahl movie shutting roads near Bedfordshire zoo Based on each chaser’s win ratio we can definitively settle the question of where each chaser ranks among the others, and it’s the women out in front.
  2. Unsurprisingly as she is also by far the most intimidating, it’s the Governess who takes the top spot.

Enter your postcode for the latest news in your area A chaser since the show’s very inception, Anne Hegarty takes pride of place as the most winning chaser. Her record of 293 wins out of 370 gives her a win/loss ratio of 79.2 per cent, making her the most difficult chaser you can face. If you’re looking for a way to stay up to date with the latest breaking news from around Bedfordshire, the BedfordshireLive newsletter is a good place to start. We choose the most important stories of the day to include in the email, including crime, court news, long reads, traffic and travel, food and drink articles and more.

  1. We’ll also send you alerts about important breaking news.
  2. Signing up to the newsletter is simple.
  3. All you have to do is to click here and type in your email address.
  4. But by far the easiest chaser you can face to make sure you bring home the cash is the Dark Destroyer Shaun Wallace.
  5. Although still impressive, his 244 wins in 353 appearances means his win ratio is just 69.1 percent giving you nearly a one in three chance of beating him.

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Which chaser has Parkinson’s?

10 August 2023, 14:33 Paul Sinha responds to Dirty Dancing question on Beat The Chasers The Chase star Paul Sinha has spoken about his Parkinson’s diagnosis. The Chase favourite Paul Sinah, 53, has opened up about how Parkinson’s disease has impacted his life, saying that his ‘time is running out’. Paul Sinha has opened up about his Parkinson’s diagnosis. Picture: Getty/ITV

Listen now: Paul Sinha chats to Richard Herring about his Parkinson’s on the RHLSTP podcast

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He added: “Without wishing to sound bleak, my time is running out. I don’t know to what degree my time is running out. It could be five years, it could be 10. I just want to go, ‘I’m enjoying myself’. I think it’s important to end your career with no regrets.” Paul Sinha has been a firm favourite on The Chase. Picture: ITV Paul revealed his Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2019 with an emotional blog post, The comedian wrote: “On the evening of Thursday May 30th, an experienced consultant neurologist calmly informed me that I had Parkinson’s disease.” He went on to describe how “behind the facade of the cheerful, late night comedy festival drunk was a man deeply scared about facing the truth when back in the UK.”

The Chase’s Mark Labbett charmed new TV presenter girlfriend in Toby Carvery The Chase lawyers forced to step in after Bradley Walsh blunder

Paul Sinha is also a stand-up comic. Picture: Alamy Many of Paul’s fans took to Twitter to share words of encouragement after The Chaser’s latest interview. One Twitter user sent their support saying: “Don’t give up, keep going because you are brilliant. Paul Sinha was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2019. Picture: Alamy

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Who is the most defeated chaser

Answered By: Bruce Roberts Date: created: Dec 15 2023

Which chaser gets the beaten the most? – Bradley Walsh hosts the ITV quiz show (Picture: ITV/REX/Shutterstock) If you’ve ever wanted to go on The Chase, you probably already have a good idea about which Chaser you would like to face – and which ones you would like to avoid. Date experts at fansite One Question Shootout have crunched the numbers to work out which Chaser is the easiest one to face, statistically speaking.

What syndrome does Anne Hegerty have?

Image source, Shutterstock Anne Hegerty is best known as her ruthless television alter-ego, The Governess, who regularly puts wannabe-quiz champions firmly in their place on The Chase. But the former journalist, who was diagnosed with autism later in life, reveals that while quizzing comes easily to her, she finds everyday tasks extremely difficult.

Every morning the chaser pours herself a large cup of coffee and sits down to complete 25 quizzes. She says it’s “the easiest part” of her day. “After that I do the difficult stuff, like going upstairs and having a shower and getting dry. And then putting some clothes on and making sure they are clean, and then actually getting myself out of the house.

“All of that is hard work,” she told the BBC Access All podcast, “It feels like a I’ve climbed a mountain.” Hegerty, 64, found a love for knowledge early on in life. “I was a nerdy child and I discovered that I could learn things off by heart,” she says of the skill she hasn’t lost.

“This morning I was trying to get back to sleep, so I decided to reel off American presidents working backwards. And by the time I got to Lincoln, I thoughtI obviously don’t want to sleep and I just got up.” Hegerty turned that skill into a profession when she joined the hit ITV quiz show The Chase in 2010 as The Governess, in a role which sees her alternately intimidate, deride and occasionally flirt with contestants to put them off their game.

Image source, Getty Images Her 12-year stint on the show led her to appearing on the 2018 season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Brain of Britain, Mastermind and the Australian version of The Chase. But she has faced huge challenges behind the gloss of her TV career.

  1. Hegerty was diagnosed with autism aged 45, after she watched a TV programme about the developmental disability and recognised some of the traits in herself.
  2. She experiences sensory issues and struggles with loud noises when she’s tired or stressed.
  3. Daily chores take huge amounts of energy for her to complete and when she is feeling particularly stressed, she has to follow instructions which break down household tasks, step-by-step, like sorting out her washing.

“It’ll say ‘go upstairs, take washing bag, put on floor, sort out tights, put in this container, sort out hot wash, put in that container, take bag downstairs, put tights in washing machine’. “I have to just write it all out. I need a lot of time to kind of get all my neurons lined up and pointed at something before I do it,” she says.

  1. Before joining The Chase, Hegerty says she was “really struggling” having lost her job as a copy editor and proof-reader after two decades.
  2. I was good at the proofreading, but I was not good at actually getting the thing finished, parcelling it up and sending out an invoice,” she says.
  3. Her “low point” hit in 2008.

Hegerty was behind on rent, unopened bills littered her hallway and the bailiffs turned up.

What is the IQ of Anne Hegerty?

Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty – IQ score: 137 – Anne Hegerty Anne Hegerty has a catalogue of quiz shows she’s appeared on. Hegerty has participated on programmes such as Mastermind, Brain of Britain, Today’s the Day, Fifteen to One and Are You an Egghead?. The Chaser has not only ranked 55th in the world Quizzing Championships but she has also been crowned the Brain of Bolton, twice.

Is Anne Hegerty leaving the chase for good?

Will Anne Hegerty still be on The Chase? –

  • Anne is still on, but will not be appearing on season five of Beat The Chasers due to her isolating while filming takes place.
  • On Saturday, March 19, 2022, she shared a new health update with fans on Twitter.
  • Posting a picture of a lateral flow test, she revealed she was now recording a negative result.
  • Anne said: “#thechase #beatthechasers #lurgyfree #butstillselfisolating.”

: Why has Anne Hegerty left Beat The Chasers and who has replaced her?

How much weight has Anne Hegerty lost?

The Chase’s Mark Labbett and Anne Hegerty display their slimmed-down physiques at TV Choice Awards after losing 13 stone between them – Published: 14:25 BST, 15 November 2022 | Updated: 15:19 BST, 15 November 2022 They’ve both been open about their weight loss journeys.

And Beat The Chasers stars Mark Labbett and Anne Hegerty looked slimmer than ever as they glammed up for the TV Choice Awards in London on Monday. Anne, 64, has lost three stone in recent years while Mark, 57, has dropped 10. Beat The Waifers! Mark Labbett and Anne Hegerty displayed their slimmed-down physiques at the TV Choice Awards in London on Monday after losing 13 stone between them Clad in a figure-hugging navy gown, Anne highlighted her svelte waist with an eye-catching silver brooch.

She added to the look with a pair of nude heels and a metallic bronze clutch bag. During her time on I’m A Celebrity in 2018, Anne lost a stone due to the rigorous activities and limited diet of rice and beans. Since appearing the jungle she achieved even further weight loss, crediting ‘living healthily and drinking lots of water,’ with her success.

  • Throwback: Anne, 64, has lost three stone in recent years while Mark, 57, has dropped 10 (pictured in 2017) Meanwhile Mark displayed his trim figure in a fitted black suit, white shirt, and scarlet tie.
  • The quizzer has gone from a size 5xl to 2xl by cutting down on sugar and carbs, but said he ‘still has work to do’ on his figure.

It doesn’t look like he’ll be going on the I’m A Celebrity jungle diet anytime soon, however, having recently revealed he’s been rejected from the show four times because of his weight. Glamorous: Clad in a figure-hugging navy gown, Anne highlighted her svelte waist with an eye-catching silver brooch (pictured right in 2018) Trim: Mark has gone from a size 5xl to 2xl by cutting down on sugar and carbs, but said he ‘still has work to do’ on his figure (pictured right in 2017) It was a great night for The Chasers at the TV Choice Awards as they triumphed in the Best Daytime Show category – beating This Morning for the first time in nine years.

The Holly Willoughby, 41, and Phillip Schofield, 60, fronted show had their winning streak ended by the ITV quiz programme hosted by Bradley Walsh and his brain-boxer chasers. This year’s winners were announced at a glittering ceremony at The London Hilton on Park Lane, where TV’s biggest names gathered for the much-loved event, held live for the first time since 2019.

Congrats: It was a great night for The Chasers at the TV Choice Awards as they triumphed in the Best Daytime Show category – beating This Morning for the first time in nine years