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Who is Carly in Dancing on Ice 2023

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Carley Stenson latest to be axed from Dancing On Ice moments after injury There’s just a matter of weeks before the Dancing On Ice 2023 finale, but another skating pair missed out in the latest elimination on the ITV series Dancing on Ice: Carley Stenson axed from the show

  • star Carley Stenson broke down as she became the sixth competitor to be axed from the skating series.
  • The former Hollyoaks star was the latest on to bow out of the show, with it just weeks before the live final – and she left moments after sustaining a painful injury on the ice.
  • Host called for medics to check on Carley, who revealed her shoulder had “popped out” during her skate-off routine, causing her pain.
  • But the show carried on as Carley insisted she was fine, and that her shoulder had “popped back in”.
  • After another week of skating, it was actress Carley and singer Siva Kaneswaran who received the fewest public votes and had to compete in the dreaded skate-off.

Dancing On Ice 2023 star Carley Stenson has become the sixth competitor to be axed

  1. As the performances came to an end, both celebrities and their professional skating partners, Mark Hanretty and Klabera Komini, joined hosts and Phillip Schofield to find out their fates.
  2. It’s then that the panel Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, Ashley Banjo and Oti Mabuse all voted to save Siva couple, with Carley sent home.
  3. As the news was revealed Carley burst into tears, and confessed she was going to miss her skating partner Mark “so much”.
  4. As she praised her experience on the show, she had her injured arm behind Mark’s back but appeared to be okay.

It was actress Carley and singer Siva Kaneswaran who received the fewest public votes Speaking through the tears, she said: “It just got harder. I’m gonna miss this man. I really enjoyed it, this is all a bit of a blur right now. But I enjoyed it, thank you so much.” It comes as Darren Harriott was the fifth star to leave after a tense skate-off against Siva Kaneswaran.

I lasted a lot longer than I expected. I thought I’d be out before the show started,” Darren said. “Honestly, thank you, thank you to everyone. I’ve never skated before Everyone’s been so nice, all the pros and all the celebs.” He went on to praise professional partner Tippy and said: “I’ve never met anybody like Tippy.

Her enthusiasm!” Host Holly Willoughby called for medics to check on Carley, who revealed her shoulder had “popped out” ( ITV) Fans took to to say their goodbyes after watching Darren skate for the last time. “What a lovely genuine guy Darren seems, he did so well too! Great to see the progression especially when he’s never done anything like it before.” one person said.

  • Siva previously couldn’t perform due to an illness and said that he was “gutted” after being forced to pull out.
  • A week prior to Darren’s exit, star while Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu was voted off the week before.
  • Michelle Heaton and John Fashanu were the first stars to leave the current series in weeks two and three.
  • Dancing On Ice airs Sundays at 6:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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What happened to Carly in Dancing on Ice

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Carly Stenson suffered a painful exit from Dancing on Ice quite literally, after she sparked injury concerns in the skate-off, before crashing out of the competition in an unanimous result. Former Hollyoaks star turned West End leading lady Carly had been a consistent high scorer, alongside professional partner Mark Hanretty since week one and was a hot tip for the final in the eyes of many fans.

  • However, on a night when a number of couples got their highest score of the series so far, Carly and Mark found themselves in the risky position of being just below middle of the leaderboard, placing fourth out of six couples with the judges’ scores.
  • And their standing wasn’t enough to keep them out of the dreaded Dancing on Ice skate-off.

While bottom of the leaderboard pair, Molie and Sylvain got enough viewer votes to escape elimination, Carly and Mark had to battle for their place in the competition against Siva and Klabera. READ MORE : Phillip Schofield causes Dancing on Ice panic with elimination bombshell There were a few mistakes in Carly’s routine and, as the music ended and she joined Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, the actress admitted that the skate had been ‘painful’, thinking that her shoulder had ‘popped, whole assuring everyone she was OK.

  • The Wanted star Siva followed Carly onto the ice and delivered a cleaner performance, with all four judges choosing to put him through to the semi final at Carly’s expense.
  • A visibly tearful Carly looked gutted at being voted out and many Dancing on Ice viewers shared in her upset, with one tweeting: “Utter b***ocks! Sack the bloody judges.

Carly is more assured, technically, better, and far more adventurous. Ridiculous.” In agreement, a second reacted: “Don’t agree with that – Carly is much better,” while others were more concerned that Carly wasn’t in too much pain. READ NEXT: *Win a personalised Love Island merchandise bundle as new series final nears * Ant and Dec issue Wembley ‘battle cry’ to Newcastle as Takeaway ends *Loris Karius’ girlfriend Diletta Leotta wowed by Trafalgar Square scenes before ‘tough’ Wembley job *Win tickets for a tour of Emmerdale’s famous set *Brenda Blethyn confirms Vera return for ‘special’ episode Story Saved You can find this story in My Bookmarks.

Who is married to who on Dancing on Ice?

Frankie Poultney and David Seaman – Rex Ex-England goalkeeper David Seaman and establish Dancing On Ice professional Frankie Poultney were never actually skating partners, but met when they did the live tour together in 2008. Both had recently left their marriages and David’s dreadful skating skills – which included dropping a partner on her face – did nothing to put Frankie off.

  • In 2015, the couple married in a ceremony full of Dancing on Ice colleagues that included Jayne Torvill, Matt Evers, Vicky Ogden and Suzanne Shaw.
  • They later teamed up – incognito – on the 2022 series of The Masked Dancer,
  • Unfortunately after two dances as Pillar and Post, an ankle injury suffered by Frankie during rehearsals forced them to withdraw from the show.
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Dancing On Ice returns to ITV at 6.30pm on Sunday 15 January 2023.

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Who was ill on Dancing on Ice

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Siva Kaneswaran (Jonathan Brady/PA) — © Jonathan Brady Siva Kaneswaran said he is “gutted” to miss the latest episode of Dancing On Ice due to illness. The Wanted singer, 34, has been advised by the ITV show’s medical professionals to rest instead of competing on Sunday.

  1. Aneswaran, who is partnered with professional skater Klabera Komini, is set to return to the celebrity dancing show next weekend.
  2. He said: “I’m gutted that I won’t be performing this weekend but I picked up a bug earlier in the week which I haven’t been able to shake so I need to rest and get myself better.

“Good luck to all the contestants this weekend – I’m looking forward to watching everyone’s performances.” A Dancing on Ice spokesperson said: “Due to illness Siva will not skate in this weekend’s show. We look forward to welcoming him back next weekend.” During last week’s episode, Kaneswaran dedicated his emotional waltz, set to Three Times A Lady by Commodores, to the anniversary of his father’s death.

Omini and Kaneswaran scored 30 from the judges after he revealed the song was chosen due to it being the “first memory” he had of his father, who died when he was six. Following the performance, judge Christopher Dean said: “It’s simply your best skate. The skating was so lovely, so strong, so tender and masculine at the same time.” Over the course of four weeks, Kaneswaran has yet to face the dreaded skate-off.

Previously, the Irish singer revealed he joined Dancing On Ice after witnessing the “infectious” courage of his late bandmate Tom Parker. He added: “It reminded me that life was worth living and to take it all and to enjoy it.” Parker announced in October 2020 he had been diagnosed with stage four brain tumour glioblastoma and died in March 2022, aged 33.

Are any of the Dancing on Ice couples dating?

Kevin Kilbane and Brianne Delcourt: Engaged After meeting on the 2020 series, former footballer Kevin Kilbane and Canadian skater Brianne Delcourt confirmed they were dating in January, before Kevin popped the question in early February.

Are any of the Ice Dancers a couple?

Yes, there are many pairs skating/ice dancing skaters who are actually real couples. For example, the pairs couple Alexa Scimeca and Chris Knierim married in 2016, and in 20 years might actually be the first married couple to go to the Olympics.

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Who was the first person to leave Dancing On Ice 2023

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First elimination: John Fashanu – John is the first celebrity to skate away on Dancing on Ice 2023 (Picture: Matt Frost/ITV/Shutterstock) Ex-footballer John Fashanu, 60, was the first star sent home from the 2023 series, After a performance of Eat My Goal by Collapsed Lung, John and skating professional partner Alexandra Schauman were given just 19 out of 40 points by the judges, meaning they had to face Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu in the skate-off.

John and Alexandra performed a second routine, to Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit In The Sky. Ultimately, the judges decided to keep Ekin-Su, meaning John was the first star to leave the ice rink for good. ‘It’s been great,’ an upbeat John told hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield after being voted out.

‘Nevertheless, whatever happens, it has been wonderful.’ He also joked: ‘Oh yes! I shall carry on skating and who knows, I might even start teaching people.’

Does Dancing on Ice use real ice?

Dancing on Ice – behind the scenes – Of course, that is exactly what all the competitors are doing behind the scenes – continuously dancing on ice, practice after practice after practice. The technical set up for a spectacular television show like Dancing on Ice is extremely complex too and no part is more so than the creation of the ice itself.

The skaters need a second temporary rink on which to practice, the Dancing on Ice tours need separate rinks and a training rink, and the specification of the ice has to be just perfect all the time. That’s a lot of ice. Being responsible for delivering it and indeed for delivering temporary ice rinks in general is a very specialised premises management role but many of the tasks that Alan Albretti, Ice Operations Director for Cousins Entertainment, has to undertake are similar to those performed by many mangers in other, less esoteric, surroundings.

However, Alan has also been a specialist in another field as he has himself been an ice dance performer in the top flight before teaming up with Robin Cousins to spread the experience to as many of us as possible. Cousins Entertainment is one of the UK’s leading providers of seasonal temporary ice rinks as well as being a major international entertainment production company in the arena of ice dance spectacles.

Not only does Alan Albretti provide perfect ice but he finds the venues and negotiates with them, with the ice equipment suppliers and with the rink builders, with the transportation companies, the accommodation providers and sometimes the stars themselves. It’s an interesting juggling act. It may seem seasonal but the activity goes on all year.

The rinks are in situ and managed for about a third of the year, the tours of productions in the UK and abroad fill another third and the rest of the time is barely enough to get it all planned again for the next year. That’s one of the reasons why it’s essential to have great relationships with your suppliers.

Alan’s relationship with his ice providers is a particularly good example. Carrier Rental Systems has been supplying the rink-creating chiller equipment for almost ten years when the company was owned by Longville and called CRS. The ownership has passed to the Carrier Corporation, part of US technology giant United Technologies Corporation, along with brands like Otis, Sikorsky and Pratt and Witney.

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Alan says that the quality of service, of equipment and most of all the people, hasn’t changed and there is no sign that it won’t just go on improving as it always has. Alan demands very high levels of service from his suppliers and gets it. Carrier, for example, sends out a team to survey his sites and after discussing Alan’s rink requirements they design a system that will supply his ice needs and take into account the constraints of the venues.

  • At Elstree Studios where Dancing on Ice is filmed these are many and varied.
  • Where do you site the large chillers you need for the rinks – three in the case of the practice rink and two even larger ones for the main rink.
  • Fortunately, there is car park space that can be negotiated – if too much hasn’t already been taken up by the Big Brother house! Space is also needed for the generators that serve the chillers, and for the buffer tank for the refrigerant.

Luckily Carrier Rental Systems provides generators and a fuel management service as well as all the other equipment that is needed to form the rinks, such as the ice mats and the manifold sets. How is the ice created? It is frequently not understood that buildings with ice rinks in still have to be heated or they would turn into giant fridges.

  1. Heating is often by means of gas-fired hot air heaters, such is the case in the two studios used by Dancing on Ice.
  2. These have to be monitored and controlled or the heat and the cold will fight each other.
  3. The thermal blanket effect is very important to the management of the chillers as without it they would just go on chilling to cool the huge studio space but the presence of heat enables the chiller energy use to be limited.

For the practice rink Carrier Rental Systems supplied three 200 kW chillers with their own generators and a 2000 litre buffer tank for the glycol/water mix which does not freeze unless it reaches -25°C. This liquid refrigerant is circulated at between -6.5 and -7.5°C via large hoses to the manifold that feeds the ice mat where it is held at 1.9 bar.

  • The ice mat is laid within the structure of the rink which has to be insulated from the surface it is on to avoid accidental structural freezing.
  • The mat is made from ten kilometers of aluminium tubing held in a flexible matrix and the water is poured straight on top.
  • It takes 24 hours to freeze.
  • To remove the rink the process is reversed, with a boiler replacing the chillers, although sometimes they are specified as heat pumps and can be used in reverse mode.

The water is then just pumped away, while the refrigerant is reclaimed. Under cold external ambient conditions energy can be saved during operation and thanks to the glycol the chillers will be run less. There are three chillers in use to ensure complete system back up as permanent system uptime is critical in this application.

  • One chiller is needed for the rink and one for the buffer tank.
  • Alan explains that the design of the chillers with multiple compressors circuits provides added reliability and security.
  • As if he temporarily lost one or two it would make little difference.
  • The Dancing on Ice practice rink is in demand all the time – it was added last year, the second year of the show.

But it isn’t just ice Alan has to provide it is quality ice and show conditions. To produce the effect of white ice that the cameras need, and the skaters expect, the ice has to be painted using aluminium oxide powder paint and a specialist spraying machine.

This is the same paint as they use in the US National Hockey League (NHL). The quality of the initial ice surface – created by spraying, freezing and cutting back and spraying again – has to be good enough to paint, and then a thin layer of water is sprayed over again. The water quality affects the ice too and this has to be monitored and taken into account.

It has to be the right depth to look good and be safe to skate on. This needs constant maintenance. Alan and his team are on the ball but he needs to be able to rely on 24 hour support from Carrier Rental Systems to maintain the equipment. In the main rink he has to cope with the added heat from the TV lights and the audience – not forgetting the 250 technicians that help to put the show on! Everything is on a larger scale in the big ‘Star Wars’ studio with 450 kW chillers being used to produce the ice.

Is Dancing on Ice a real ice rink?

Dancing On Ice is filmed near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, on a rink at RAF Bovindgon. This was specially constructed for the show when it returned to screens in 2018. A number of other productions are also filmed at ITV Studios Bovingdon, including Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel and The Masked Singer.

Do ice skaters make a lot of money?

The salaries of Figure Skaters in the US range from $19,910 to $187,200, with a median salary of $44,680.

How old is Carley Stenson?

Carley Stenson ( born 22 September 1982 ) is an English actress and singer.

Who is Sylvain wife?

Armand Beasley talks to the stars whose hearts melted on an icerink about the new series of Dancing On Ice, classic Corrie, fitness and family It’s hard to believe Coronation Street actress Samia Longchombon has been on our screens as Maria, for nearly 23 years. Maria Connor, played by Samia, confronts far-right activist Griff Reynolds (Michael Condron) in the ongoing storyline tackling racism in Coronation Street (Image: ITV) Samia’s home life is far less dramatic – she’s blissfully happy with her husband, the ice skating pro, Sylvain Longchambon who she met 10 years ago when they were put together for the tv series Dancing On Ice, and children, Freya, 13, from her previous marriage and their seven-year-old son Yves Joseph.

  1. I caught up with the Wilmslow residents ahead of the new series of Dancing on Ice airing this month.
  2. Tell me about your childhood, Samia Well, I was born Samia Maxine Ghadie, in Eccles to my mum Patsy and dad Joseph, and I have a brother, Tariq.
  3. How did your parents meet? Mum sang in a group called Bubbles Levine and the Deep Emotions.
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How ’70s is that band name? She was performing in a hotel in Abu Dhabi when my dad, who is Lebanese and was there working on the rigs, came into the bar and saw her and that was it. But she couldn’t speak Arabic and he couldn’t speak English. They didn’t need words; no, they had the language of luuurve. Samia as Maria in Coronation Street, a role she has played for 23 years (Image: ITV) You’ve been in Corrie for nearly 23 years, what has been your favourite storyline so far? It’s a tricky question because I’ve been involved in some great ones. I loved all the classic stuff I did with Jack and Vera, like when Maria and Tyrone were together and we went to Blackpool.

  • You can see those episodes now on Classic Corrie in the afternoons.
  • I also really enjoyed the Maria, Carla and Liam love triangle storyline era.
  • I’m involved in a great storyline at the moment and I love working with Mikey North who plays Gary.
  • I’m really lucky.
  • You turned 40 in 2022.
  • How do you feel about the landmark birthday? I was dreading it in the lead-up.

But now I’m here, it’s ok. We’ve known each other for more than 20 years. In fact, I remember dancing with you at one of the charity balls for Kirsty Howard. We bonded on the dance floor to the Las Ketchup song. Samia dancing with fellow guest Armand at the wedding of her former Coronation Street acting colleague Cath Tyldesley to Tom Pitfield at Colshaw Hall in 2016 (Image: Alan Strutt) And I turned you into Toni Basil for your ’80s-themed 21st birthday bash at The Lowry Hotel.

  1. I was Pete Burns! Yes.
  2. I’ve got a great picture of me as Toni Basil.
  3. It was a joint 21st birthday for me and Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone.
  4. He was dressed as Freddie Mercury.
  5. Ten years ago you and Sylvain were partnered together for Dancing On Ice.
  6. What are your memories? It was the hardest thing but also in many ways the best thing.

I did at least two hours of training, five days a week. And then we had the show at the weekend. It’s tough but it’s doable and great to look back on. In fact, occasionally we’ll get the videos out and show the kids and say, “look, that’s us.” Sylvain, how did you get into ice skating? I started skating when I was seven years old.

  1. My mum took me and my brother to the ice rink in Lyon, where I’m from.
  2. We really enjoyed it so we would go once or twice a week to a skating club for a couple of years.
  3. Then one of the coaches from a local ice skating school asked my mum if I wanted to join the school as she thought I was good for my age.

So I did and I started competing from the age of nine and eventually joined the French National team and competed professionally until I was about 24. What’s been the highlight of your career Sylvain? Being chosen for Dancing on Ice, for sure. You are partnered with Coronation Street actress Mollie Gallagher (Nina Lucas) this year.

How is it going? When she started I wasn’t sure how it was going to go as it takes a little time to assess the celebrities. But in the past few weeks, she’s really improved and even though we are working very hard we are still having fun. Do you choreograph all the routines? I put some steps and tricks together before having a meeting with Dan Whiston and Karen Barber who are the two main coaches and between the three of us we create the routines.

You’re also a personal trainer at Hale Country Club. What’s your own fitness routine like? I train for an hour a day, usually Monday to Friday, and I take the weekend off. I tend to alternate between weights and high-intensity interval training and sometimes I will go for a little run on my treadmill that we have in the garage.

And I play padel two to three times a week, for fun. How do you keep fit, Samia? I’ve been doing yoga daily now for about four years and it’s been great for my physical and mental health. I’ve spoken before about suffering from anxiety, and yoga has helped me so much. It’s my therapy. I also use the treadmill and stick a Netflix show on for half an hour and have a little run.

Sylvain, what simple changes can people make to their lives to improve their fitness? Diet is key – make sure you’re eating well. Get seven to eight hours sleep a night Go for a walk. It’s a very underrated exercise and something you can do as a family.

  1. What will you do after this series has finished? I will go back to my personal training but also if I have any private skating clients I will be doing some teaching.
  2. What are your favourite beauty/grooming products? Sylvain: Kérastase Densifique Shampoo and Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for my hair.
  3. Clinique For Men range for my skin.

Samia: My facialist William Foley at One Aesthetics in Alderley Edge has been looking after my skin for about a year now. He’s got me on SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum, which is really pricey but I only use a little bit so it lasts a long time and it’s made such a difference.

  • I then use Elemis moisturiser over the top.
  • I love Tarte Shape Tape concealer – it’s amazing.
  • Samia, what exciting things have you got planned for 2023? As you know Armand, I’m not good at planning ahead as this interview has taken a year to organise.
  • But seriously, Syl and I have been together for 10 years now so I would love for us to have a really special holiday to celebrate.

I would love to travel more. Samia with daughter Freya, son Yves Joseph and husband Sylvain (Image: Samia and Sylvain Longchambon) How do you navigate your way through the pressures of fame? We don’t really go out that much and I’d rather do things like this, you know, catch up with a friend over breakfast or a coffee.

  • We tend to stay local and don’t really go to big showbiz parties.
  • We are really normal and that’s important for our children too because I don’t want my job to impact their lives in a negative way.
  • And my mum definitely keeps me grounded.
  • How do you spend your free time? We don’t really have much free time.

But when I do I love yoga, cooking with Sylvain and ironing. Where are your favourite places in Cheshire? We love going for walks on the Edge or to White Nancy in Macclesfield. Our favourite restaurant is Cibo in Wilmslow and Hale Country Club is great for lunch after the gym.