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Is Danni Menzies a model

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DANNI Menzies looks unrecognisable in modelling snaps before her big TV break. The Scots host, 33, is best known for being one of the presenters on the hit Channel 4 property show A Place in the Sun, 3 She was a model before her telly career Credit: Instagram/danni.menzies 3 Danni looks unrecognisable with pink hair Credit: Instagram/danni.menzies 3 Danni started presenting on the show in 2016 Credit: Instagram/danni.menzies The Perthshire-born star first appeared on the show back in 2016. She boasts a huge 92,000 followers on Instagram and regularly keeps fans up to date with the latest snaps from her adventures abroad,

  1. But before her telly career Danni studied Textiles at Loughborough University and was also a model.
  2. In throwback snaps, she looks unrecognisable with short platinum blonde hair before her TV break.
  3. And in another pic she is sporting short pink hair.
  4. Before she became a household name, she started off interviewing A-list celebs.

She worked for London Fashion Week, where she brushed shoulders with the likes of Olly Murs and Rita Ora. She is also a huge animal lover. Danni became involved in a family development business from an early age and helped build her own stables but always knew she wanted to be on TV.

What does Danni do?

‘Southern Charm’ Star Danni Baird Is a Mightily Talented Artist and Printmaker. What does Danni do on ‘Southern Charm’? When she is not busy making appearances on the ever-popular reality TV show, she focuses on her art.

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Where in Scotland does Danni Menzies live

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Despite having relocated to London, the Scots beauty is still a regular visitor to her family home at Mains of Taymouth Country Estate in Kenmore, Perthshire.

Is danni and gatsby still together?

Gatsby and Dani Imbert – Gatsby was set up on a date with Dani by their mutual friend Rem Larue on series 27 of TOWIE. The pair hit it off and went on to make their relationship official. They dated for ten months but split in December 2021. When they came face-to-face six months later on TOWIE’s 30th series, Dani accused Gatsby of “treating her like sh-t” throughout their relationship. 7 of 7 CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Have Danni and Liam split?

EXCLUSIVE TOWIE SPOILER: Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell reveals he intends to end things with Hannah Voyan as he doesn’t want to be ‘tied down’ – Published: 10:27 BST, 23 October 2022 | Updated: 14:53 BST, 23 October 2022 Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell has a heart to heart with pals Dan Edgar and James Diags about his relationship with Hannah Voyan.

The former professional footballer, 34, has been getting to know newcomer Hannah throughout the series following his split from Dani Imbert. In a MailOnline exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode of The Only Way Is Essex, Gatsby can be heard telling the boys he intends to end things with Hannah. Opening up: Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell has a heart to heart with pals Dan Edgar and James Diags about his relationship with Hannah Voyan Gatsby told the boys: ‘Me and Hannah, I think she’s a lovely girl but she’s just not the girl for me.’ Dan asked what happened between the pair, with Gatsby telling them: ‘Honestly just got too much going on, I just want to be on my own.

But listen I’ve been through a lot recently and I don’t want to get tied down into anything. ‘I feel like because it’s my birthday I’m 34, I feel like I just don’t want to waste any time. If I can’t see a future with someone then there’s no point wasting my time or her time but obviously I’ll have to tell her at some point.’ Romance: The former professional footballer, 34, has been getting to know newcomer Hannah throughout the series Gatsby was previously in a relationship with Dani Imbert but the pair went their separate ways at the end of 2021.

Having each unfollowed each other across social media platforms, Dani then erased every post including her ex on her accounts and Gatbsy made his own private. The couple first hit it off on a blind date before Dani joined the cast of TOWIE as Gatsby’s love interest. But a source told The Sun the couple found that their ‘romance had hit a brick wall’ so called it quits.

Honest: In a MailOnline exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode of The Only Way Is Essex, Gatsby can be heard telling the boys he intends to end things with Hannah Despite Liam being an Essex native, his mum Nikki lives out in Los Angeles – where he plans to relocate to.

  • The young businessman, who is reportedly ‘worth millions’, planned an American themed birthday party to announce his departure to the group.
  • And it’s no surprise that the bash was no expense spared, with the real estate broker often throwing events for the group.
  • The group enjoyed an array of activities during the day, including beer pong and water basketball – jumping in and out.

Meanwhile, things get emotional for Amber Turner as she starts to worry about what her future with Dan looks like. Elsewhere, Dani’s friends organise a gorgeous sleepover to take her mind off not being there on Gatsby’s birthday. Ella Rae Wise is all in with Jordan as she officially ends her ‘special friendship’ with Pete Wicks, and they get physical for their second date.

Did Danni date Shep?

What happens in Colorado, stays in Colorado. Unless you are the cast of Southern Charm and you take your friendship and relationship baggage with you everywhere you go. The majority of the cast is still on their pot-fueled vacation in Colorado and in between attempting to ski and dipping in hot springs, there is plenty of new drama to go around.

But whatever happened with Shep and Danni on Southern Charm could just be history repeating itself. Shep has been strongly against Madison and Austen’s relationship from the get go and whether it is because of jealousy over wanting to date Madison himself or jealousy over losing time with his friend, it hasn’t been a good look for him.

Either way, Shep’s interference and general bad attitude when it comes to Madison and Austen is getting in the way of their relationship and now, it is affecting the group’s vacation. In the preview for Wednesday’s episode, Madison and Shep are arguing yet again and she appears to drop some kind of bomb that sends waves through the house.

  • The next scene in the preview shows Danni crying outside and wondering why Austen would “even say that” about her.
  • It’s unclear what Madison told Shep, but it sounds like it has to do with both Shep and Danni and the drama just leveled up.
  • In a clip from Wednesday’s episode that was posted on Bravo’s website, Madison tells Kathryn that Shep “wanted to talk facts,” so she did and it set off Danni.
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It’s at this moment when Danni comes in the room and tells Madison, “You truly don’t know what you’re talking about.” Although the preview and sneak peaks have left the juiciest parts of the fight up for interpretation until the episode airs, it sounds like it has to do with Danni and Shep revisiting their past together.

  • Although Shep is considered to be Southern Charm ‘s resident bachelor and even had his own dating show back in 2017, aptly titled RelationShep, he dated Danni before Southern Charm was even a thing.
  • Season 1 of the show alluded to this and because they have a past together, it would make sense if they recently hooked up and Madison knew enough about it to bust out a truth bomb on him during their fight.

Since Madison is dating Shep’s best friend, who Shep would be mostly likely to confide in if there was a secret hookup, Madison would probably know what she’s talking about even if Shep had no idea Austen would have such loose lips. However, since no one from the cast has come forward to confirm as much right now, it’s all speculation.

It is the most logical explanation, though, for why Danni is so upset in the preview and why Madison seems almost giddy to have a secret about Shep to hold over his head before she lets it out and all hell breaks loose. It also wouldn’t be surprising because of Shep’s poor track record with women in general.

Depending on when Southern Charm Season 6 was filmed, it could have been hot off the heels of Danni’s 2018 breakup then then-fiancé Todd Baldree. At the time, she told The Daily Dish she was going to focus on her career for a while rather than jump back into dating.

What has Danni Menzies done to her face?

Danni was hit by a stolen moped last year which left her with facial scarring and out of work for up to four months – she’s now opened up to fans about the impact on her mental health.

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What accident did Danni from place in the sun have

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Danni Menzies has shared how she feared she would never work again following a moped crash. The A Place In The Sun presenter was hit by a stolen moped last year. It left the TV star battered and bruised, reports The Mirror, She claims she put her life on hold and thought she would never work again.

Danni said : “I had that accident last year and that kind of put life on hold for a little while and I had to kind of work my way through that. It was obviously quite traumatic so I had quite a lot of downtime so now, getting back to it and being on stage and being out filming, I’m actually so grateful and appreciative, I’ve got a new newfound appreciation and gratitude for being busy.” READ MORE Laura Hamilton shares injury from nasty fall ahead of filming new show “And also that worry of my face didn’t look very good, I was like ‘Am I going to work again? Is this going to get better?’ I was really worrying about it but luckily it healed up well and I’m busy again.” Reflecting on her recovery, Danni added: “I think definitely having a few months rattling around my house healing, I was like ‘Oh my God, I just want to be doing stuff.’ Speaking from the Ideal Home Show, Danni explained her initial worry, saying: “I’ve obviously got a scar on my face now which I’ve been getting a lot of treatment and having used a fringed cap to cover it.

“I was a bit worried about if people would want to have me on screens after that happened, especially straight after, it was pretty nasty for a while.” Moments after coming off stage at the show held at Olympia London, Danni said: “It’s been pretty good fun, it was really nice, I had a queue of people wanting to chat with me afterwards. Danni claims she put her life on hold and thought she would never work again. (Image: Instagram) READ NEXT

A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine Harman tells fans ‘don’t panic’ amid TV axe A Place in the Sun presenter Laura Hamilton speaks out after show taken off the air Jonnie Irwin family update sparks huge reaction from Jasmine Harman and Amanda Lamb A Place in the Sun taken off schedules as new series debuts on Channel 4 Jonnie Irwin’s wife shares fears of ‘becoming a widow’ amid cancer battle

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Do guys get chlamydia from girls?

DISCUSSION – To our knowledge, this study, which includes 290 dyads, is the largest study to date that investigates genital chlamydia infection within heterosexual partnerships. We found that 76% of males and 77% of females tested positive for chlamydia by NAAT when their partners tested positive.

  • Infection in males was significantly more likely when their female partner reported vaginal discharge or when their female partner had signs of cervicitis on physical examination.
  • In addition, males were less likely to be infected if their female partner had recently taken azithromycin or doxycycline—for any reason, presumably because treatment prevented transmission between some partners.

No factors were identified in males that predicted infection of their female partners. The rate of concordant chlamydial infection in this study is broadly consistent or somewhat higher than those reported in previous, smaller partner studies, Although our finding that male infection was more likely when female partners reported vaginal discharge or had clinical evidence of cervicitis that may be due to more recent transmission to the female, it also led us to hypothesise that women with vaginal discharge and cervicitis may have a higher chlamydia load leading to an increased probability of transmission to their male sexual partners,

  1. Higher C trachomatis loads in women with vaginal discharge and cervicitis have previously been demonstrated, particularly in studies using culture-based methods,
  2. In a study of 83 dyads, there were higher rates of partner infection when a partner tested positive by culture or direct fluorescent antibody testing compared with infections positive by NAAT alone (75% vs 45%),

It is likely that infections detected by NAAT alone contain lower organism burden than those detected by culture and therefore may be less transmissible. The NAAT may also detect nucleic acid from nonviable organism, including that after treatment, whereas culture requires viable organism.

  • A higher rate of concordant infection with culture-positive compared with NAAT-positive chlamydia was also found in a study by Schillinger et al,
  • In this study, 33.3% of male and 46.4% of female partners of those who tested positive by NAAT only were infected, compared with 78.6% of male and 77% of female partners of those who tested positive by culture.

Moreover, Schillinger et al were able to demonstrate a significantly higher C trachomatis load using qPCR in samples from women with concordant partner infections compared with those whose partners were uninfected. We performed qPCR on samples from a small proportion of participants and did not demonstrate a higher C trachomatis load among women with cervicitis.

  • Although we performed beta-globin testing to assess the adequacy of sampling, specimen collection was not standardized, and only small numbers were included, which limited our capacity to accurately explore this question in this cohort.
  • Although it is biologically plausible that higher organism load may be associated with increased transmission risk, other investigators have not consistently found an association between chlamydia load and partner infection,

Further research investigating the role of chlamydial organism load and other determinants of chlamydia transmission are warranted. In a previous study of patients presenting to our clinic who reported sex with a partner with chlamydia, 39.9% of females and 36.1% of heterosexual males tested positive for chlamydia,

  • The comparatively higher rates of chlamydia in the current study may reflect a number of potential factors.
  • First, in this study, chlamydia status was confirmed in each individual at a test taken in the clinic at presentation, whereas in the earlier study, the diagnosis of chlamydia was reported by a sexual partner and not verified.
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Second, because sexual partners presented together in this study, sexual contact and infection may have been more recent, although the frequency and timing of last sexual contact was not ascertained in this study. We did not find an association between duration of the relationship and chlamydia concordance within dyads.

  • It is notable that the studies by Quinn et al and Schillinger et al did not demonstrate an association between concordance and the number of sexual exposures to an infected partner.
  • Strengths of this study include the relatively large number of sexual partnerships included, and that the individuals within each dyad were tested contemporaneously.

However, our sample may have been biased towards concordant infection if there were factors related to their exposure that made it more likely that both individuals in the partnership would present to the clinic. There are a number of other limitations.

First, we could not ascertain the direction of transmission within concordantly infected partners or the probability of transmission per sexual act, limitations inherent to all previous chlamydia partner studies. Uncertainty over the direction of transmission may have reduced the strength of associations between variables examined and infection of partners.

Second, we did not perform chlamydia genotyping, and we have assumed that because the sexual partners presented together, they transmitted chlamydia to each other. We cannot exclude other scenarios, for example, where both individuals acquired chlamydia directly from a third person.

Schillinger et al found 96.2% genovar concordance within infected sexual partners. However, if there are multiple strains within the same genovar, or common genovars circulating, the same genovar in sexual parthers will not necessarily confirm transmission between individuals. Third, by performing NAAT testing only, we were unable to confirm whether the chlamydia detected was a viable organism capable of transmission or establishing infection.

Finally, the sensitivity of chlamydia detection is influenced by the sample type, adequacy of sampling, and the performance of the particular diagnostic assay, Although the diagnostic assay used throughout the period remained the same, specimen collection was not standardized because tests were performed as part of routine clinical care.

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How did I get chlamydia if neither of us cheated

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Despite what you may think, it is possible to get a sexually transmitted infection (STI) like chlamydia, gonorrhea, or herpes without your partner cheating on you. This could be due to a long-standing infection that was never diagnosed or one that is asymptomatic (symptom-free).

  • It is also possible for an STI treatment to fail, erasing the symptoms but not the underlying infection.
  • When dealing with an STI, the first and most important thing to do is get treated.
  • It is also important to know the source of the infection so that that person can get treated, too.
  • This article describes five scenarios in which a partner could have an STI even though there was no infidelity in the relationship.

PeopleImages / Getty Images

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What’s the longest someone has chlamydia

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What are the symptoms? – Symptoms can occur within 2-14 days after infection. However, a person may have chlamydia for months, or even years, without knowing it.

How does Danni Menzies pronounce her surname?

Danni Menzies fans have been saying name all wrong – were you getting it right? SCOTS BLUNDER

Published : 14:51, 22 Aug 2022 Updated : 14:51, 22 Aug 2022

DANNI Menzies fans have been saying her name all wrong – but were you getting it right? burst on screens in 2016, after bagging a presenting gig on,1 Danni Menzies fans have been saying her name all wrong Credit: Formula E With the Perthshire host making the move down to to peruse a career.

  • However the 32-year-old took to after an ongoing issue with her name.
  • And wrote: “After asking numerous times Fashion TV still can’t spell my name. Sigh.
  • Mingus or MENZIES #scotssayitweird.” With frustrated Danni confirming her surname is actually pronounced Mingus.
  • As baffled fans of the presenter took to social media.

One wrote: “What’s your name? Sounds like you say Danni Mingus! Can you confirm this? Lol.” Another said: “Why is Danni Menzies surname pronounced MINGUS???? I’m always bemused by mispronunciation.” And one asked: “How do you pronounce your surname? As on the Chris Moyles Show they were saying Mingus?”

Before she became a household name, Danni started off interviewing A-list celebs.She worked for London Fashion Week, where she brushed shoulders with the likes of and It comes after over a string of horrific sexual messages.The Former star took to to share the vulgar comments –

We pay for your stories and videos! Do you have a story or video for The Scottish Sun? Email us at or call 0141 420 5300 : Danni Menzies fans have been saying name all wrong – were you getting it right?

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Is Danni Menzies Irish

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Danni Menzies

Danni Menzies is a TV presenter and model who currently presents Channel 4’s award-winning show A Place in the Sun, Danni joined the A Place in the Sun presenting team in 2016.Having grown up in the Scottish village of Kenmore, Danni loves nothing more than being up to her knees in mud surrounded by the beautiful countryside.

From an early age Danni was involved with her family business, which over the years grew with her. What started out as a caravan park and old farm buildings set on a 120 acre estate now boasts nearly 50 buy-to-let holiday houses, a golf course, riding stables (which Danni founded) a bar, restaurant and delicatessen.

Property development became a part of Danni’s life before she even knew it. She loves nothing more than brainstorming development ideas with her dad, or getting stuck into the interior design with her mum. As well as being involved in property development, Danni had her first home-buying experience age 21 in Edinburgh which was a valuable experience – especially as it didn’t go exactly to plan.

Since moving south of the border to pursue her presenting career, Danni has settled in south west London, where she hopes to invest in a new home in the near future. Danni has presented T-in the Park, London Fashion Week and hosted a Walk the Walk charity event to a live audience of 17,000 people! She has interviewed the likes of Rita Ora and Labyrinth, made pilots at Radio 1 and is the co-host of Car and Country,

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Is Danni Menzies Instagram

Answered By: Aidan Young Date: created: Feb 28 2024

D A N N I M E N Z I E S (@danni. menzies) Instagram photos and videos.

When did Dani and Dan get married?

We met Dan Reilly and Dani Wales 10 years ago on The Block. Here’s what they’re up to now. To catch up on all The Block recaps and gossip, check out Mamamia’s, and visit our The Block, When we met in 2012 on Australia was. obsessed. They argued passionately, designed their home beautifully and renovated their build to a high standard (despite having no prior experience).

  1. Whether they were liked or not was irrelevant – Dan and Dani were there to win and they made no apologies for that.
  2. Watch the trailer for The Block Tree Change.
  3. Post continues after video.
  4. By the end of the season, the couple took home a tidy $448,000 profit from the sale of their house.
  5. I have a one in four chance to win $100,000,” he said at the time.
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“This could potentially change our lives and set us up for life and I am going to give it my hardest and give it my all. The viewer does not have a chance to win this prize.” Dan and Dani were welcomed on again in 2013 during the all-star series of T he Block.

  • Right after wrapping up as a contestant, Dan became a Certified Master Builder and started running an interior design and construction business alongside Dani, called Manna Made.
  • In 2014, he joined The Block again and was referred to as ‘Foreboy Dan’ which meant he helped Foreman Keith look after the Block site.
  • However, Dan admitted he and Keith had not always gotten along.
  • “On The Block All Stars, I got a builder who caused a bit of friction between Keith and I and we had a few dust-ups,” he told

“It got verbal at times. We nearly went toe to toe at one stage. Later, we went for a beer at the local pub and said ‘what the heck were we doing?'” Foremen Dan and Keith with The Block host Scott Cam. Image: Nine. Dan added: “When you’re in that intense situation of The Block, the smallest issue in the world becomes really big. I was probably getting carried away a bit too much. We’re all good now.” Dan has just about wrapped up his eighth season on The Block.

  • He reflected on the remarkable journey, saying it’s a huge part of his and Dani’s life.
  • When you’re a contestant, it feels like it changes your life,” he told,
  • Doing that a few times and then coming back, it’s been a big part of my life, and also Dani’s – even though she’s not involved.” While Dan spent his time bossing the Block contestants around, Dani got her own TV gig as the co-host of the Channel 10 series Healthy Homes Australia.

The pair also kept their renovating and remodelling dream alive by having a go at it on their own with an old cottage, located in the Victorian suburb of Seddon. Slowly, they transformed the place into a modern retreat. In 2016, Dan and Dani listed the property for $1.1 million but managed to sell it for $1.3 million after auction. Dan and Dani with Walt Collins on their wedding day. Image: Instagram.

  1. For the last few years, Dan and Dani have also had a mini-series on Nine, called Dan V Dani, where they tour The Block contestant’s rooms every week and give their very honest and very brutal opinions.
  2. At the end of each walk-through, the pair award one team as the ‘champion’ of the week, and another as the ‘chump’.
  3. After all these years together, the pair have renovated numerous homes together, hosted a show together and are parents to two fur babies – Olive and Hazel.

Listen to The Spill, Mamamia’s daily entertainment podcast. Post continues after audio. Right now, they’re in the midst of building and designing in the Mornington Peninsula. While nothing in the future is ever certain, Dani says she can’t believe how far she and Dan have come.

“It’s still funny seeing him on the show,” she admitted to in 2017. “I never in a million years thought anything like that would end up happening – no way. “Actually, we talk about that a lot – way back when we did the show, Dan was really funny, and really engaging, but not so great when it was a ‘Solo Dan to Camera’ stuff.

But watching him develop has been really cool. I tell him every series, ‘I’m so proud of how far you have come’.” She added: “I have never really thought about what might have been all I can think about, if anyone asks, is that The Block absolutely changed our lives.

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Why did Danni and Preston break up

Answered By: Raymond Washington Date: created: Nov 18 2023

Tyler Perry’s Sistas’ Trinity Whiteside Says Preston Is Ready to Talk, But Is Danni Ready to Listen? If Danni and Preston’s relationship impasse on is frustrating you, actor feels your pain. The actor, who has been inspiring fans to root for the love between Danni and his character Preston ever since Season 2, says Preston is just as much to blame for the couple’s strife on the popular drama, which airs Wednesdays at 9/8c.

For starters, taking Tonya on a date and parading her around Karen’s salon, not once but twice, certainly didn’t help matters. “Unfortunately, Preston used Tonya as a bargaining chip with Danni,” Whiteside observes. “I don’t agree with his methods, but he wants Danni to see she’s not the only one checking for him, and it doesn’t seem to be working.

If anything, it backfired and upset Danni, and now she’s angry. That’s why he had to come clean about not liking Tonya and thinking about Danni the whole time he was with Tonya.” In a perfect world, Preston’s honesty would’ve encouraged Danni to be more honest, too, and admit she wasn’t going on a date but hanging out with her girls.

Instead, Danni doubled down on the lie and accused Preston of trying to make her his love expert. “They both play games, and I think that’s part of the problem,” Whiteside explains. “Now they’re in a situation where they’re going tit-for-tat with one another. It’s a lot of back-and-forth with them because the lack of communication is still a major issue between them.

They are not on the same wavelength, and that has been problematic from the start. Preston expressed to Danni that he does love her, but at this point, the love hasn’t been reciprocated.” “There’s too much of a gray area,” he continues. “No one is saying, ‘You are mine, and I am yours.’ If they were committed, things would be better. Preston wasn’t asking Danni to raise him up. He was telling her to show him how she needs to be loved, but she took it the wrong way.

Preston can’t read Danni’s mind. It’s good when men say, ‘Tell me what you want,’ because that doesn’t happen all the time.” Without revealing too much about what will happen next in Season 4, Whiteside says he’s rooting for a Danni and Preston reconciliation just as much as fans are. “Preston and Danni clearly have chemistry, and I think that’s why fans are so drawn to them,” Whiteside surmises.

“Both characters are likable, and Mignon and I have a great on-screen connection. Preston and Danni deserve love, and it needs to be reciprocal. I really hope they work things out. Every time we get scripts, I’m like, ‘OK. Let me see how this is going to go.'” Do you think Danni and Preston should be together? Or is it too late for them? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

Is Danielle from Towie married?

Danielle Armstrong & Tom Edney wedding suit Danielle Armstrong & Tom Edney wedding took place on 27thAugust 2022. Best known for appearing on TOWIE Danielle married her childhood best friend Tom. Tom is a Director of a construction company. The couple got married at Ashridge House in Hertfordshire,

What happened to Danni from Towie?

Danielle Armstrong was famed after appearing on reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex, with her storyline focusing mainly on her relationship with James Lock. The pair have since split and left the show, with Danielle going on to have a baby with current boyfriend Tom Edney. Their daughter, Orla Mae was born on May 26 2020.11:09, 23 SEP 2023